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Congregational Church Graveyard
Hemsby, Norfolk County, England

Yarmouth Road, Hemsby England

Submitted by Susan Scaife, Oct 11, 2003 [JOHD.SCAIFE@sky.com]. Total records = 58.

This small graveyard seems to not be used anymore, or at least not often and is left with little if any care.

Transcribed, from all legible gravestones, read by myself and Timothy Scaife on 9th Oct 2003, when we visited this burial site.

- Susan Scaife

Acus, Elizabeth, d. 2 Nov 1873, Age 60yrs, W/o William G
Acus, Mary Ann, d. 5 Sep 1875, Age 87yrs, W/o William
Acus, William, d. 13 Jun 1868, Age 83yrs, H/o Mary Ann
Amis, Sarah Ann, d. 28 Mar 1871, Age 30 or 50yrs, Stone faded
Beales, William, d. 5 Mar 1924, Age 80yrs
Beech, John, d. 14 May 1894, Age 70yrs, H/o Mary
Beech, Mary, d. 28 Jn 1911, Age 86yrs, W/o John
Capp, Frances, d. 29 Apr 1888, Age 95yrs, W/o Robert
Chaney, Eliza Ann, d. 15 Jul 1882, Age 15yrs, D/o John & Jane
Chaney, Jane Elizabeth, d. 12 May 1871, Age 52yrs, W/o John, D/o Stephen Hewett
Chaney, John Futter, d. 10 Jan 1884, Age 52yrs, H/o Jane Elizabeth
Chaney, Stephen Hewett, d. 11 Mar 1863, Age 6yrs
Chaney, Stephen Hewett, d. 11 Nov 1882, Age 13yrs, Drowned At Sea, S/o John & Jane
Cooper, Marjorie, b. Dec 1922, d. 1954, W/o Frederick
Cowan, Willie, b. 9 Nov 1863, d. 12 Nov 1863
Dyble, John James, b. 26 Dec 1870, Drowned At Sea 3 Feb 1892, S/o Keziah
Farman, Elizabeth Rebecca, d. 4 Apr 1929, Age 65yrs, W/o James
Farman, James, no dates, H/o Elizabeth Rebecca Interred at Grimsby
Farman, Ruth Dawkins, d. 6 Dec 1983, Age 91yrs, D/o James & Elizabeth Rebecca
Foot, Bert, b. 31 Oct 1922, d. 14 Dec 1987
Gedge, Jonathan, d. 23 Sep 1895, Age 80yrs (Late of 1st Life Guards)
Gowen, Ellen Maria, b. 1862, d. 1944
Groom, Agnes Jane, d. 30 Jun 1942, Age 73yrs, W/o Philip Arthur
Groom, Philip Arthur, d. 18 Apr 1940, Age 72yrs, H/o Agnes Jane
Hewett, Alfred Stephen, d. 5 Jun 1881, Age 52yrs, H/o Maria
Hewett, Ann, d. 11 Jan 1898, Age 95yrs, W/o Stephen
Hewett, Maria, d. 10 Aug 1882, Age 54yrs, W/o Alfred Stephen
Hewett, Stephen, d. 21 Jan 1902, Age 94yrs, H/o Ann
Ives, Arthur James, d. 28 May 1945, Age 77yrs, H/o Edna
Ives, Edna, d. 22 Aug 1946?, Age 72yrs, W/o Arthur James
Ives, Ellen Leonora, d. 16 Jan 1969, Age 82yrs
Ives, Sidney Arthur, d. 9 Oct 1936, Age 49yrs
King, Alice Margaret, d. 7 May 1962/4, Age 65yrs, W/o Arthur James
King, Arthur James, d. 1 May 1949, Age 35yrs, H/o Alice Margaret
Knott, Emma Elizabeth, b. 1898, d. 1975, W/o Sidney Jesse
Knott, Sidney Jesse, b. 1897, d. 1963, H/o Emma Elizabeth
Littlewood, Harriot, d. 9 Oct 1865, Age 17yrs, D/o David & Matilda
Lovell, Jane Elizabeth, d. 10 Mar 1992, Age 87yrs
Nichols, Elsie Mildred, d. 13 Aug 1957, Age 59yrs
Russell, Edwin, b. 21 Aug 1898, d. 14 Sep 1973, H/o May Marion Kate
Russell, May Marion Kate, b. 29 May 1898, d. 15 Dec 1988, W/o Edwin
Spinney, Ellen Mary, d. 26 Dec 1929, Age 61yrs
Starling, Anna Dameris, d. 30 Aug 1916, Age 58yrs, W/o Austic Wallace
Starling, Austic Wallace, d. 15 Mar 1933, Age 78yrs, H/o Anna Dameris
Starling, Emma Elizabeth, d. 30 Jun 1936, Age 72yrs, W/o Julius
Starling, George Davey, d. 7 Apr 1916, Age 91yrs, H/o Tryphena Maria
Starling, Julius, d. 8 Jun 1937, Age 74yrs, H/o Emma Elizabeth
Starling, Tryphena Maria, d. 13 Apr 1884, Age 61yrs, W/o George Davey
Symonds, Harriott, d. 9 Feb 1867, W/o John
Symonds, John, d. 11 Oct 1885, Age 83yrs, H/o Harriett
Thomas, James (Revd), d. 31 Jul 1927
Thurtle, Robert, d. 22 Jan 1986, Age 72yrs, F/o Norma
Woolston, James, d. 30 Jun 1881, Age 19yrs, S/o Luke Mark & Rebecca
Woolston, Luke Mark, d. 17 Mar 1878, Age 58yrs, H/o Rebecca
Woolston, Martha, d. 10 Jan 18.., Age 6yrs, D/o Luke Mark & Rebecca
Woolston, Rebecca, d. 20 Nov 1873?, Age 55yrs, W/o Luke Mark
Wyatt, Alice Ethel, b. 1897, d. 1974, W/o Robert
Wyatt, Robert, b. 1886, d. 1974, H/o Alice Ethel
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