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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
Horsey, Norfolk County, England

Binsley Close Horsey Norfolk England

Submitted by Susan Scaife, Oct 12, 2003 [JOHD.SCAIFE@sky.com]. Total records = 101.

This small graveyard seems to still be active and is well maintained.

Transcribed from all legible surviving gravestones, read by myself and David Ollerton in July of 2003, when we visited this burial site.

- Susan Scaife

Allaert, Francios, no information
Andrews, Emily, d. 21 May 1909, age: 27yrs, d/o Richard & M A of Horsey
Andrews, Mary Ann, d. 17 Sep 1937, age: 92yrs, w/o Richard
Andrews, Richard Fountain, d. 1902, age: 25yrs
Andrews, Richard, d. 21 Dec 1911, age: 73yrs, h/o Mary Ann
Andrews, Robert Hugh, d. 27 Apr 1917, age: 32yrs
Andrews, Ruth Mary Ann, no information
Andrews, Sarah Salmon, d. 26 Mar 1902, age: 19yrs Stone underground
Bane, Ellen Maud (Chettleburg), d. 20 Jan 2002, age: 82yrs, w/o Walter Robert
Bane, Evelyn Maud , d. 26 Aug 1916, age: 13mths, Second C/o Walter Robert & Ellen Maud
Bane, Walter Robert, d. 14 Jan 1987, age: 79yrs, h/o Ellen Maud
Beck, Christine Ann, d. 26 Sep 1988, age: 43yrs
Beckett, Harriet, d. 20 Jan 1891, age: 13yrs, d/o John & Metitia
Beckett, William John, d. 24 Dec 1901, age: 22yrs, s/o John & Metitia
Beckett, William, d. 11 Feb 1900, age: 17yrs, s/o William & Alice
Bowles, Bernard, d. Jun 180?, age: 28yrs, s/o John & Mary, Grand, s/o Thomas Stone
Bowles, John, d. 6 Feb 1792, age: 64yrs, h/o Mary
Bowles, Mary, d. 1Sep 1824, age: 79yrs, w/o John
Boxton, Anthony, b. 1881, d. 1970
Bradshaw, Harad Chalton (CBE), b. 1893, d. 1943
Brady, Alice Kathleen, d. Jun 2000, age: 89yrs
Burton, Fernilech Audrey, b. 30 May 1907, d. 24 May 1916, d/o John Henry & Kate Ellen
Burton, Walter George, d. 16 Jan 1933, age: 73yrs
Caley, Donald F, d. 16 Feb 1955, age: 25yrs
Chamberlain, Edgar Charles, d. 1914-1918 War
Cory, Jane, b. Apr MDCCIV........Died Dec MDCCCIV...., d/o Robert & Esther of Great Yarmouth
Crych, ??, d. 3 Aug 1813, age: 59yrs, C/o Moses & Elizabeth
Dawson, Elizabeth, d. 20 Apr 1823, age: 32yrs
Durrant, John, b. 29 Jun 1834, d. 9 Sep 1904
Fourny, Emile Hector, d. 5 Nov 1860 Drowned at Horsey, age: 33yrs, Master of The Rapide of Ostend
Frederick, ??, d/o George S & Emily C
Fuller, Robert, d. Jun 1944, killed in action
Gedge, Ann, d. 30 Oct 1881, age: 80yrs, w/o John
Gedge, George, d. 23 May 1874, age: 20yrs, h/o Emma
Gedge, John George, d. 27 Jul 1871, s/o William & Susannah
Gedge, John, d. 17 Jun 1871, age: 70yrs, h/o Ann
Goose, Beatrice Thirza, d. 14 Nov 1961, age: 85yrs
Goose, Edward John, d. 10 Sep 1911 Drowned at Sea, age: 20yrs
Goose, Frederick Robert, d. 1 Mar 1929, age: 63yrs
Goose, John, b. 20 Aug 1835, d. 9 Jul 1879, h/o Margaret
Goose, Margaret, d. 27 May 1923, age: 89yrs, w/o John
Goose, Reginald, d. 31 Oct 1913 at Kamloops Canada, age: 19yrs
Goose, Thomas, d. 14 Dec 1877 (Late Steward of R Rising Esq; For 50yrs a trusted servant and friend), age: 76yrs
Hart, Emily Susan, b. 1881, d. 1962, w/o Richard Gilbert Kepple
Hart, Richard Gilbert Kepple, b. 1879, d. 1966 ( 27yrs Rector of Horsey), h/o Emily Susan
Hewitt, William, died in 1914-1918 War
Johnson, Caroline Amelia, d. 30 Dec 1931, age 68yrs, w/o John
Johnson, John Frederick, d. 1914-1918 War
Johnson, John, d. 8 Apr 1941, age: 83yrs, h/o Caroline Amelia
King, Ernest George, d. 10 Feb 1985, age: 86yrs, h/o Mabel Louisa
King, Mabel Louisa, d. 17 Jul 1990, age: 85yrs, w/o Ernest George
Lacey, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1883, age: 74yrs, w/o Robert
Lacey, Elizabeth, d. 9 Mar 1874, age: 49yrs, w/o Charles
Lacey, Robert, b. 24 Oct 1804, d. 3 mar 1882, h/o Elizabeth
Laws, Elizabeth, d. 4 Jul 1869, age: 3mths, d/o James & Lydia
Laws, Emily, d. 13 Sep 1868, age: 1yr 9mths, d/o James & Lydia
Laws, Frederick, d. 16 Sep 1868, age: 9yrs, s/o James & Lydia
Lawson, John Redvers, b. 5 Sep 1925, d. 18 Apr 2000
Linford, Florence Alice, d. 25 Feb 1977, age: 88yrs
Manning, Ann, d. 30 Apr 1803, age: 77yrs, d/o William & Susan
Manning, Susannah, d. 26 Dec 1768, age: 78yrs, w/o William
Manning, Susannah, Date underground, d/o William & Susan
Manning, William, d. 10 Apr 1755, age: 73yrs, h/o Susannah
Meal, Harriet Sarah, d. 24 Oct 1967, age: 70yrs
Meal, Henry John, d. 27 Dec 1976, age: 79yrs
Myhill Martha, b. 6 Jul 1870, d. 28 Oct 1945, w/o Walter Barty, d/o John & Martha Durrant
Myhill, Freda Blanche Frances, d. 14 Apr 1913, age: 3yrs 11mths, Only c/o Bertie & Laura
Myhill, Harry George, d. 3 Sep 1904, age: 3days, Infant, s/o William & Emma
Neale, Edward (Revd), d. 1871
Neale, Jane Kinderley, b. 19 Jan 1800, d. 25 Jul 1887
Newson, Rosemary Ida, b. 7 May 1946, d. 10 Jan 2002
Nudd, Jimmy, d. 13 Jul 1935, age: 16yrs, motor accident, Elder, s/o Reginald & Ida
Parish, Elizabeth, b. Jan MDCC...IV, d. Dec MDCCI..V, w/o Charles Compton Parish Esq, d/o Robert & Esther Cory Of Great Yarmouth
Parish, Harriet Maria, b. 1 May 1824, d. 11 Apr 1874
Perowne, Alsa Ann, d. 2 Dec 1834, age: 70yrs, w/o William, 2nd d/o the late Benjamin Cubbitt of Stalham
Perowne, William, d. 23 Jul 1842 of Stalham, age: 88yrs, h/o Alsa Ann
Pointer, Ada, d. 19 Sep 1983, age: 92yrs, w/o Francis Robert
Pointer, Francis Robert, d. 27 Jan 1961, age: 69yrs, h/o Ada
Preston, Elizabeth, b. 1775, d. 1859, w/o George
Rising, Catherine Ursula, b. 22 Aug 1847, d. 8 Dec 1890
Rising, Catherine Ursula, b. 22 Aug 1847, d. 8 Dec 1890, w/o Captain Charles C Rising (RN), d/o Edward H Reynard of Sunderlandwick East Yorkshire (Cross erected by her sorrowing mother)
Rising, Cyril, no dates, Infant s/o Thomas Alfred & Kate
Rising, Elizabeth, b. 13 Apr 1807, d. 10 Jul 1882, w/o Robert of Stalham
Rising, Robert, Esq, b. 7 Sep 1801, d. 8 Mar 1855, JP Barrister at Law for 43yrs Squire of this Parish), h/o Elizabeth
Rous, Robert, d. 14 May 1911, age: 35yrs, s/o Robert & Elizabeth
Rouse, Robert:, d. 26 Apr 1899, age: 59yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Self, George Frederick, d. 10 Mar 1937, age: 73yrs, h/o Emily
Self, George Frederick, d. 26 Sep 1922, age: 52yrs
Self, Walter Frederick, died in 1914-1918 War
Stone, Eliza, d. 2 Apr 1926, age: 76yrs, w/o George
Stone, George, d. 19 May 1938, age: 97yrs, h/o Eliza
Stone, Thomas, d. 13 Apr ?? of Great Yarmouth, age: 73yrs
Thain, James Robert, d. 17 Nov 1979, age: 74yrs
Thain, Kate Louisa, d. 16 Dec 1967, age: 94yrs
Thain, Sidney Ernest, d. 25 Jan 1960, age: 87yrs
Thirtle, Christopher, d. 1914-1918 War
Tubby, Walter James, d. 7 Dec 1997, age: 85yr
Varley, Jeffrey, d. 21 Feb 1986
Watts, Sarah, d. Nov 1868, age: 83yrs, w/o William
Watts, William, d. 14 Oct 1852, age: 77yrs, h/o Sarah
Webster, Mary, b. 16 Dec 1829, d. 20 Jun 1904, w/o William
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