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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
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All Saints Churchyard
Kirby Cane, Norfolk County, England

Kirby Cane near Ellingham Norfolk England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 406.

Contributor's Index:

Abbott, Charlotte, d. 4 May 1834, age: 40yr, w/o William, [DO]
Abbott, Henry, d. 12 Jan 1812, (rapid consumption), age: 25yr, s/o William & Lorina, [DO]
Abbott, Maria, d. 10 Jun 1802, age: 17 Yts, d/o William & Lorina, [DO]
Abbott, William, d. 20 Feb 1814, age: 63yr, [DO]
Abernethy, Alexander, d. 2 Feb 1952, of Duncannon Ireland, age: 78yr, h/o Margaret Ellen, [DO]
Abernethy, Isobel Margaret, d. 4 Jan 2001, age: 87yr, w/o Revereand W M, [DO]
Abernethy, Margaret Ellen, d. 28 May 1968, age: 90yr, w/o Alexander, [DO]
Abernethy, Reverand W M, d. 24 Feb 1987, age: 74yr(Rector of this Parish 1945- 1953), h/o Isobel Margaret, [DO]
Alpe, Alice Mary, d. 6 Jan 1996, age: 94yr, w/o Archibald Raymond, [DO]
Alpe, Archibald Raymond, d. 21 Dec 1986, age: 88yr, h/o Alice Mary, [DO]
Alpe, Edith Maria, d. 7 May 1957, w/o Horace, [DO]
Alpe, Eveline Grace, d. 1971, age: 87yr, [DO]
Alpe, Horrace N M, d. 13 Aug 1936, h/o Edith Maria, [DO]
Alpe, Mildred May, d. 16 Jul 1955, age: 81yr, Sister of Eveleine Grace, [DO]
Alpe, Phyllis Marjorie, d. 23 Nov 1973, age: 67yr, [DO]
Aston, Cyril, b. 1893, d. 1976, [DO]
Aston, Maria M, b. 1894, d. 1970, [DO]
Bailey, Clifford Charles, d. age 25yr, [DO]
Bailey, Kathleen, d. 17 Sep 1949, w/o Charley, [DO]
Bailey, Maria, no dates, [DO]
Baker, James, d. 5 Sep 1871, age: 21yr, s/o George & Mary, [DO]
Baldry, Arthur, d. 9 Aug 1916, age: 28yr, s/o William & Rebecca, [DO]
Baldry, Edith May, d. 6 Mar 1963, age: 77yr, [DO]
Baldry, Edwin, d. 9 Aug 1939, age: 70yr, [DO]
Baldry, Eliza, d. 9 Aug 1959, age: 84yr, w/o Herbert, [DO]
Baldry, Ernest William, d. 5 Feb 1992, age: 100yr, h/o Esther Florence, [DO]
Baldry, Esther Florence, d. 9 Mar 1966, age: 73yr, w/o Ernest William, [DO]
Baldry, Herbert, d. 14 Feb 1970, age: 80yr, h/o Eliza, [DO]
Baldry, Samuel, d. 28 Mar 1888, age: 43yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Baldry, Sarah Ann, d. 19 Dec 1946, age: 82yr, [DO]
Baldry, Sarah, d. 4 Aug 1888, age: 4yr, d/o Samuel & Charlotte, [DO]
Balls, Caroline, d. 16 Feb 1917, age: 43yrs, w/o John Barber, [SS]
Balls, Edward, d. 7 Mar 1878, age: 26yr, h/o Emma Elizabeth, [DO]
Barnes, John, d. 20 Feb 1845, age: 75yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Barnes, Sarah, d. 22 Feb 1855, age: 81yr, w/o John, [DO]
Barnes, Sarah, d. 28 May 1799, age: 2yr, d/o John & Sarah, [DO]
Bemunt, John, no dates, [DO]
Benns, Beatrice, d. 15 Jul 1894, age: 21yr, [DO]
Benns, Eleanor Sarah, d. 13 Mar 1889, age: 18yr, [DO]
Benns, Emily Mary, d. 12 Jun ...., age: 22yr, d/o Philip & Harriet, [DO]
Benns, Harriet, d. 4 Sep 1895, age: 64yr, w/o Philip, [DO]
Benns, Philip, d. 26 Mar 1902, age: 79yr, h/o Harriet, [DO]
Berners, Henry Lord, d. 14 May 1893, [DO]
Betners, Elizabeth, d. 19 Dec 1845, age: 83yr, w/o Henry Lord, [DO]
Betners, Henry Lord, d. 26 Feb 1851, age: 88yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Bloomfield, Alfred John, d. 12 Aug 1974, h/o Alice Violet, [DO]
Bloomfield, Alice Violet, d. 26 Jul 1955, age: 67yr, w/o Alfred John, [DO]
Blundell, Hannah, d. 21 Mar 1882, age: 81yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Blundell, Thomas, d. 14 Sep 1882, age: 67yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Boggis, James, d. 21 Apr 1860, age: 79yr, h/o Rhoda, [DO]
Boggis, Rhoda, d. 8 Mar 1875, age: 84yr, w/o James, [DO]
Boggis, Richard, d. 10 Apr 1852, age: 4mo, s/o James & Charlotte, [DO]
Bonefellow, Edmund, d. 16 Jan 1866, Great Yarmouth, age: 90yr, [DO]
Bradnum, Rhoda, d. 1 Dec 1889, age: 60yrs, w/o Robert, [SS]
Brister, Charles Henry, d. 9 Apr 1972, age: 83yrs, h/o Emma Louise, [SS]
Brister, Ellen M, d. 19 Jan 1957, age: 63yr, [DO]
Brister, Emma Louise, d. 18 Jul 1971, age: 86yrs, w/o Charles Henry, [SS]
Brister, Frederick Charles Read, d. 3 Oct 1928, age: 20yrs, s/o Charles Henry & Emma Louise, [SS]
Brister, Jeremiah William, d. 30 Aug 1944, age: 33yr, Bur British Cemetery Montegohio Italy, s/o Charles & Emma, [DO]
Brown, Arthur A, d. 20 Mar 1939, age: 69yr, h/o Katherine, [DO]
Brown, Christopher Stanley, d. 21 Sep 1973, age: 39yr, [DO]
Brown, Katherine, d. 23 Feb 1951, age: 76yr, w/o Arthur A, [DO]
Brown, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jun 1891, age: 68yr, d/o Thomas & Charlotte Wittrick, w/o George Brown, [DO]
Browne, Edmund Dennis, d. 27 Apr 1880, age: 87yr, [DO]
Browne, Fanny Jane, d. 12 Aug 1867, age: 22yr, d/o Edmund Dennis, [DO]
Browne, Mary Ann, d. Mar 1909, age: 95yr, [DO]
Buck, Benjamin, d. 29 Apr 1853, age: 61yr, [DO]
Buck, George, d. 28 Feb 1910, age: 79yr, h/o Harriet, [DO]
Buck, Harriet, d. 17 Apr 1910, age: 73yr, w/o George, [DO]
Buck, John, d. 20 Nov 1883, age: 73yr, [DO]
Buck, Kathleen Doris, d. 20 Jun 2003, [DO]
Buck, Mary, d. 27 Nov 1813, of Broom, age: 21yr, d/o Robert & Mary, [DO]
Buck, Robert, d. 1 Feb 1809, age: 27yr, s/o Robert & Mary, [DO]
Buck, Robert, d. 16 Dec 1838, age: 90yr, [DO]
Buck, William, d. 8 Feb 1837, age: 54yr, [DO]
Bunn, Lucy, d. 12 Feb 1938, age: 62yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Carr, Rosa Victoria (Buck), b. 1918, d. 1989, [DO]
Cheel, Harriet, d. 20 Jan 1867, of Marleybone Middlesex, age: 53yr, w/o Charles Joseph, [DO]
Clare, Edward, d. 24 May 1911, age: 77yr, h/o Ellen, [DO]
Clare, Ellen, d. 4 Apr 1909, age: 56yr, w/o Edward, [DO]
Clark, Mary, d. 8 Oct 1726, [DO]
Clark, William, d. Aug 1725, age: 81yr, [DO]
Clarke, Arthur Hermon, b. 1893, d. 1975, h/o Dorothy Elizabeth, [DO]
Clarke, Dorothy Elizabeth, b. 1899, d. 1984, w/o Arthur Hermon, [DO]
Clarke, Maria Browne, d. 9 Jan 1903, age: 72yr, [DO]
Clee, Wilfred John (I, S, M,), b. 1907, d. 1971, [DO]
Collins, Eva, d. 12 Jan 2001, age: 95yr, [DO]
Cousans, Susan Eva, date faded, sister of the late Honourable Captain Henry Charles St Clair, & Widow of The Late ...ard Cousans, [DO]
Cowles, William, d. 30 Aug 1785, age: 21yr, [DO]
Crickmore, Alice, d. 29 Jan 1902, age: 36yr, w/o Jarvis, [DO]
Crickmore, Charles, d. 15 Dec 1929, age: 84yr, h/o Lucy, [DO]
Crickmore, Eliza, d. 2 Oct 1900, age: 80yr, w/o Henry, [DO]
Crickmore, Eliza, d. 7 Dec 1853, age: 23yr, w/o William, [DO]
Crickmore, Emily, d. 10 Oct 1908, age: 63yr, w/o Charles, [DO]
Crickmore, George, d. 10 Dec 1859, age: 75yr, s/o William & Mary Ann, [DO]
Crickmore, Harry, d. 4 Jun 1936, age: 61yr, [DO]
Crickmore, Henry, b. 29 Feb 1880, d. 26 Oct 1908, [DO]
Crickmore, Jarvis, d. 22 Jan 1931, age: 77yr, h/o Alice, [DO]
Crickmore, Mary Ann, d. 5....18....age: 32yr, , w/o William, (badly worn stone), [DO]
Crickmore, Sarah, d. 18 Jan 1909, age: 49yr, d/o Henry & Eliza Crickmore, [DO]
Crickmore, William, d. 30 Jun 1860, age: 44yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Crisp, Barbara Alexandra, b. 27 Jun 1908, d. 1 Aug 1986, w/o R J S, [DO]
Crisp, Dorothea Cara, d. 3 Nov 1970, age: 71yr, [DO]
Crisp, Ethel, d. 7 Mar 1951, age: 80yr, [DO]
Crisp, J S, b. 19 Jan 1937, d. 2 Jan 1997, of Kirby Cane Hall, [DO]
Crisp, John Francis, d. 10 May 1919, age: 54yr, [DO]
Crisp, John Robert, d. 10 Jul 1930, age: 63yr, [DO]
Crisp, R J S, b. 6 Apr 1897, d. 27 Nov 1966, h/o Barbara Alexandra, [DO]
Crowfoot, Martha, d. Mar 18 ..., w/o Robert, [DO]
Crowfoot, Sarah Ann, no dates, [DO]
CrowfootRobert, d. 22 May 1889, age: 78yr, h/o Martha , [DO]
Deane, Arthur Henry, d. 11 May 1961, h/o Louise, [DO]
Deane, Louise, d. 5 Jan 1975, age: 82yr, w/o Arthur Henry, [DO]
Dix, Robert, d. 22 Mar 1897, age: 42yr, [DO]
Doe, Alice Caroline, d. 27 Apr 1892, age: 16yr, d/o John & Caroline, [DO]
Doe, Bessie, d. 7 May 1892, age: 43yr, d/o John & Mary, [DO]
Doe, David, d. 29 Jun 1971, age: 76yr, [DO]
Doe, Job, d. 2 Nov 1863, age: 29yr, s/o John & Mary Ann, [DO]
Doe, John, d. 29 Apr 1895, age: 71yr, (for 28yr Rector and Warden of this Parish), [DO]
Doe, John, d. 9 Feb 1867, age: 74yr, [DO]
Doe, Mary Ann, d. 28 Nov 1861, age: 68yr, w/o John, [DO]
Doe, Mary, d. 8 Feb 2000, age: 99yr, [DO]
Durm.., Ann, d. 5 Apr 1729, age: 41yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Eggett, Charlotte, d. 12 Jun 1908, age: 77yr, w/o John, [DO]
Eggett, John, d. 15 Nov 1900, age: 75yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Elvin, Albert Edwin, d. 16 Jul 1947, age: 77yr, h/o Kate, [DO]
Elvin, Kate, d. 25 Aug 1951, age: 78yr, w/o Albert Edwin, [DO]
Fairchild, Janet & Horace, Reunited 29 Dec 2000, [DO]
Fairhead, Ezra Dan, d. 4 Jun 1937, age: 83yr, h/o Lucy, [DO]
Fairhead, Lucy, d. 28 Mar 1952, age: 94yr, w/o Ezra Dan, [DO]
Farman, Elizabeth, d. 12 Oct 1782, age: 51yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Farman, Elizabeth, d. 21 Dec 1796, age: 83yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Farman, Robert, d. 27 Jul 1811, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Fisher, Eliza Ann, d. 2 Dec 1911, age: 83yr, [DO]
Fisher, Eliza, d. 25 May 1884, age: 27yr, [DO]
Fisher, Mary, d. 11 Aug 1867, age: 86yr, w/o William, [DO]
Flower, Charlotte, d. 24 Jan 1862, age: 75yr, w/o John, [DO]
Flowers, John Baker, d. 21 Jan 1901, age: 85yr, [DO]
Flowers, John, d. 18 Jun 1845, age: 57yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Flowers, Lucy, d. 30 Dec 1917, age: 71yr, [DO]
Ford, Elizabeth, d. 16 Dec 1896, age: 76yr, [DO]
Forsdick, Hilda, d. 29 Apr 1915, age: 10yr, d/o James William & Jane, [DO]
Forsdike, James William, no dates, [DO]
Forsdike, Jane, d. 28 Jan 1946, age: 74yr, [DO]
Foster, Ellen, b. 1892, d. 1978, W/of Harold Charles, [DO]
Foster, Harold Charles, b. 1899, d. 1983, h/o Ellen, [DO]
Fowler, James, d. 29 Jun 1810, age: 66yr, [DO]
Fox, Euphemia Rebecca, d. 8 Dec 1917, age: 82yr, w/o Samuel WIlliam Darwin, [DO]
Fox, Samuel William Darwin, d. 31 Aug 1918, age: 78yr, h/o Euphemia Rebecca, [DO]
George, Alice Ruth, d. 6 Jul 1951, age: 83yr, [DO]
Gillies, Thomas, b. 7 Nov 1909, d. 19 Sep 1987, [DO]
Goddard, John, d. 22 Nov 18...age: 61yr, [DO]
Goddard, John, d. 26 May ....age: 69yr , [DO]
Gooch, Gordon Godfrey, b. 12 May 1933, d. 18 Feb 1999, [DO]
Gower, Agnes Annie, d. 10 Mar 1965, age: 72yr, [DO]
Gower, John William, d. 27 Nov 1957, age: 25yr, [DO]
Gower, Mildred Mary, d. 8 Mar 1979, age: 78yr, [DO]
Green, Alice Mary (Starston), d. 10 Jan 1882, age: 31yr, w/o George Green, d/o John & Mary Doe, [DO]
Grimmer, Benjamin, no dates, s/o George & Sarah Ann , [DO]
Grimmer, Eliza, no dates, d/o George & Sarah Ann, , [DO]
Grimmer, Emily, no dates, d/o George & Sarah Ann, , [DO]
Grimmer, George, d. 27 Oct 1871, age: 51yr, h/o Sarah Ann, [DO]
Grimmer, George, no dates, s/o George & Sarah Ann, , [DO]
Grimmer, Maria, no dates, d/o George & Sarah Ann, , [DO]
Grimmer, Samuel, d. 15 Feb 1870, age: 55yr, h/o Susan, [DO]
Grimmer, Sarah Ann, no dates, d/o George & Sarah Ann, , [DO]
Grimmer, Susan, d. 29 Jan 1900, age: 80yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Haigh, Ann, d. 20 Jan 1887, age: 59yr, [DO]
Hall, Charlotte, d. 6 May 1950, age: 80yr, [DO]
Hall, Emily Alice, d. 22 Oct 1933, age: 51yr, [DO]
Hall, John, d. 11 May 1897, age: 57yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Hall, William, d. 25 Jan 1951 age: 85yr, [DO]
Harvey, Agnes Maria, d. 15 Aug 1940, age: 69yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Harvey, Celia, d. 27 Jan 1925, age: 82yr, w/o John, [DO]
Harvey, John, d. 17 Jan 1912, age: 81yr, h/o Celia, [DO]
Harvey, Joseph, d. 9 Jun 1926, age: 61yr, h/o Agnes Maria, [DO]
Hawes, Hannah, d. 18 Jul 1861, age: 55yr, w/o William, [DO]
Hawes, William, d. 12 Jan 1875, age: 72yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Hembling, Frederick, d. 19 Sep 1990, age: 74yr, [DO]
Hewitt, Walter J J (Wally), b. 13 Jan 1913, d. 11 Mar 1989, [DO]
Hinsley, Ann, d. 21 Feb 1920, age: 85yr, [DO]
Hinsley, Benjamin George, d. 1 Feb 1950, age: 91yr, h/o Charlotte Eliza, [DO]
Hinsley, Charles Hubert, d. 23 Sep 1973, age: 77yr, h/o Violette Hortense, [DO]
Hinsley, Charlotte Eliza, d. 23 Mar 1943, age: 83yr, w/o Benjamin George, [DO]
Hinsley, Eric, b. 1919, d. 1993, [DO]
Hinsley, Flossie Maud, d. 10 Jan 1974, age: 77yr, w/o Reuben Richard, [DO]
Hinsley, Harold John, d. 18 Dec 1984, age: 83yr, h/o Olive, [DO]
Hinsley, Katherine, b. 1916, d. 1993, [DO]
Hinsley, Olive, d. 2 Sep 1977, age: 77yr, w/o Harold John, [DO]
Hinsley, Reuben Richard, d. 16 Feb 1963, age: 64yr, h/o Flossie Maud, [DO]
Hinsley, Violette Horstense, d. 2 Nov 1971, age: 80yr, w/o Charles Hubert, [DO]
Holland, Alice Bessie, d. 14 Oct 1950, age: 78yr, w/o Charles, [DO]
Holland, Charles, d. 19 Feb 1899, age: 27yr, h/o Alice Bessie, [DO]
Holland, James, d. 10 Mar ....., age: 75yr, [DO]
Howes, Elizabeth, d. 2 Mar 1823, age: 84yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Howes, John, d. 11 Mar 1894, age: 78yr, [DO]
Howes, Rebecca, d. 8 Feb 1871, age: 52yr, w/o Charles, [DO]
Howes, Sarah, d. 19 Jul 1855, age: 43yr, w/o Edward, [DO]
Howes, Thomas, d. 18 Oct 1815, age: 87yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Hunter, Gladys Marion, b. 23 Mar 1922, d. 19 Mar 1991, w/o William, [DO]
Hunter, William Simon, b. 25 May 1919, d. 24 Aug 1996, [DO]
Hurben, Richard Michael, d. 9 Nov 1954, (Afc Squadron Leader R A F), [DO]
Hurre, Hannah, d. 14 Apr ...., d/o Richard (rest of stone underground), [DO]
Ingate, Sarah, d. 9 Mar 1793, age: 37yr, w/o William, [DO]
Ingate, William, d. 24 Mar ...., age: 49yr, [DO]
Ingate, William, d. 26 Jul 1783, age: 74yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Iverson, John, d. 29 Dec 1797, (thrown from a horse), [DO]
Iverson, John, d. 6 Feb 1784, age: 66yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Iverson, Mary, d. 26 Sep 1825, age: 91yr, w/o John, [DO]
Iverson, Mary, d. 5 Aug 1782, age: 24yr, d/o John & Mary, [DO]
Ives, Eleanor, d. 14 Jun 1896, age: 74yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Ives, Maria, d. 25 May 1910, age: 58yr, [DO]
Ives, Martha, d. 1 Dec 1850, age: 5mo, d/o William & Elizabeth, [DO]
Ives, Robert, d. 1 Aug 1862, age: 50yr, h/o Eleanor, [DO]
Kemp, Maria, d. 22 May 1858, age: 33yr, d/o Thomas & Maria, [DO]
Kemp, Thomas, d. 12 May 1862, age: 66yr, h/o Maria, [DO]
Keppel, Thomas Robert Harvey , d. 26 Jul 1943, [DO]
Knights, Daniel, no dates, [DO]
Knights, Eliza, no dates, [DO]
Knights, George, d. 8 Sep 1902, [DO]
Knights, Mary Ann, d. 9 May 1903, [DO]
Lark, Meditation, d. Jun 1824, age: 59yr, w/o John, [DO]
Leech, Daisy Maud, d. 7 Dec 1967, age: 75yr, w/o Sidney James, [DO]
Leech, Russell Robert, d. 21 Dec 1996, age: 82yr, [DO]
Leech, Sidney James, d. 14 Mar 1966, age: 75yr, h/o Daisy Maud, [DO]
Leech, William Sidney Verdun, d. 2 Nov 1996, age: 80yr, [DO]
Liggins, Alfred , d. 4 Sep 1915, h/o Alice Cousans, [DO]
Logan, Emma, d. 1 Apr 1970, [DO]
Logan, John, d. 9 May 1956, h/o Emma, [DO]
Long, Daniel, d. 17 Jan 1845, age: 57yr, s/o John & Sara, [DO]
Long, Elizabeth, d. 13 Sep 1907, age: 75yr, w/o Mark, [DO]
Long, John, d. 26 Jul 1868, age: 88yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Long, Mark, d. 13 Jan 1910, age: 78yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Long, Sarah, d. 2 Jan 1853, age: 70yr, w/o John , [DO]
Long, Stephen, d. 8 Mar 1875, age: 77yr, h/o Susanna, [DO]
Long, Susanna, d. 2 Jan 1862, age: 64yr, w/o Stephen , [DO]
Long, William Humphreys, d. 16 Jun 1872, age: 34yr, s/o John & Sarah, [DO]
Long, William, d. 5 Jan 1883, Late of Burtgh St Peter, age: 74yr, [DO]
Loveridge, Louisa, d. 30 Dec 1964, age: 76yr, [DO]
Majoraham, Susan, d. 23 Dec 1839, age: 53yr, w/o James, [DO]
Mallow, Henry, d. 31 Aug 1864, age: 32yr, [DO]
Manning, Ann, d. 9 Jun 1734, w/o Peter, [DO]
Manning, John, d. 16 Apr 1728, age: 41yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Manning, Sarah, d. 5 Sep 1725, age: 42yr, w/o John, [DO]
Manthorp, Emma, d. 21 Oct 1871, age: 32yr, d/o Thomas & Sarah Long, of Kirby Green, [DO]
Mayes, Mary, d. 17 Dec 18..., age: 73yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Mayes, Thomas, d. 12 Apr 1892, age: 76yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Mickleburgh, Edmund, d. 12 Oct 1734, age: 57yr, [DO]
Moore, Monica Ruth Heyst, b. 19 Jun 1947, d. 1 Dec 1983, [DO]
Morris, Ellen Sarah, d. 23 Feb 1932, age: 91yr, w/o James, [DO]
Morris, Frederick James, d. 1963, age: 88yr, [DO]
Morris, James, d. 7 Mar 1918, age: 72yr, h/o Ellen Sarah, [DO]
Morris, Lucy Elizabeth, d. 31 Mar 1955, age: 76yr, [DO]
Morris, Mable Gertrude (Alpe), d. 12 Jan 1962, age: 81yr, w/o Frederick James, [DO]
Musk, Ann, d. 7 Nov 1885, age: 85yr, w/o John, [DO]
Musk, John, d. 9 Jan 1885, age: 84yr, h/o Ann, [DO]
Nash, John, d. 31 Dec 1843, age: 22yr, [DO]
Nobbs, Alice Mary, d. 27 Sep 1956, age: 66yrs, [SS]
Nobbs, Edgar William, d. 26 Dec 1973, age: 80yrs, [SS]
Norman, Frederick, d. 16 Apr 1905, age: 45yr, [DO]
Norman, Jane, d. 27 Jul 1949, age: 89yr, [DO]
Oldring, Edward, d. 1847, h/o Mary, [DO]
Oldring, Mary, d. 20 Dec 1832, w/o Edward, [DO]
Oldring, Samuel, d. 3 Jun 1852, age: 62yr, [DO]
Oliver, Joseph Youell , d. 8 Jul 1859, age: 4yr, s/o John & Mary Ann Oliver, [DO]
Olley, Eliza, d. 2 Nov 1857, age: 40yr, d/o Davy 7 Amelia, [DO]
Osborne, Albert, d. 27 Dec 1955, age: 85yr, [DO]
Osborne, Albert, d. 27 Sep 1895, age: 49yr, h/o Esther, [DO]
Osborne, Dennis Albert William, b. 1913, d. 1988, [DO]
Osborne, Esther, d. 3 Oct 1910, age: 59yr, w/o Albert, [DO]
Osborne, Lillian Elizabeth, d. 10 Apr 1977, age: 99yr, [DO]
Osborne, Margaret, b. 1914, d. 1991, [DO]
Pain, Charlotte, d. 9 Aug 1845, age: 87yr, w/o John, [DO]
Pain, John, d. 20 Aug 1846, age: 87yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Palmer, Harry James, d. 19 May 1998, age: 83yr, [DO]
Parkinson, Robert Nell, b. 18 Jun 1936, d. 30 Sep 1986, [DO]
Pepperell, Alan, b. 1912, d. 1996, [DO]
Pepperell, Hilda, d. 21 Apr 1979, age: 90yr, [DO]
Pigney, Harriet, b. 12 May 1835, d. 30 Dec 1901, w/o Robert, [DO]
Pigney, Robert, b. 13 Feb 1830, d. 2 Apr 1903, h/o Harriet, [DO]
Pitchers, Ellen, d. Feb 1846, age: 3 Weeks, d/o William & Hannah, [DO]
Pitchers, Hannah, d. 7 Feb 1898, Stoley Norfolk, age: 87yr, w/o William, [DO]
Pitchers, Thomas, d. 1 Jun 18 ..., age: 26yr, s/o William & Hannah, [DO]
Pitchers, William, d. 6 Sep 1883, age: 74yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Pleasance, Elizabeth, d. 1 Feb 1901, age: 82yr, [DO]
Pleasents, Mary, d. 24 Dec 1848, age: 81yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Pleasents, Robert, d. 26 Oct 1858, age: 58yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Primrose, Maria Hayne, no dates, [DO]
Primrose, Marion, no dates, rest of stone underground, [DO]
Primrose, Walter Gremer, d. 27 Jan 1924, [DO]
Pye, Ernest Charles, d. 19 Mar 1865, age: 79yr, [DO]
Pye, Mary Ella, d. 18 Nov 1964, age: 69yr, w/o Ernest Charles, [DO]
Rackham, Amy, d. 19 Oct 1888, age: 62yr, w/o George, [DO]
Rackham, John, no dates, s/o George & Harriet, (date underground), [DO]
Randlesome, Anna, d. 8 Dec 1955, age: 77yr, w/o Benjamin, [DO]
Randlesome, Benjamin, d. 12 Jun 1972, age: 84yr, h/o Anna, [DO]
Randlesome, Sarah, d. 2 May 1940, age: 73yr, w/o William, [DO]
Randlesome, William, d. 21 Mar 1938, age: 74yr, h/o Sarah , [DO]
Rayden, William, d. Aug 1955, [DO]
Read, Emma Priscilla, b. 26 Dec 1878, d. 19 Oct 1957, w/o George Edward, [DO]
Read, George Edward, d. 17 Aug 1971, age: 88yr, h/o Emma Priscilla, [DO]
Read, Rachel, d. 16 Mar 1939, age: 86yr, w/o William, [DO]
Read, Rachel, d. 16 Mar 1939, age: 86yrs, w/o William, [SS]
Read, William, d. 28 Sep 1931, age: 82yr, h/o Rachel, [DO]
Read, William, d. 28 Sep 1931, age: 82yrs, h/o Rachel, [SS]
Rees, Barbara G (Hewitt), b. 17 Oct 1914, d. 9 Sep 1991, [DO]
Robson, Marjorie, b. 19..2, d. 1997, [DO]
Rogerson, Elizabeth, d. 8 May 1873, age: 93yr, w/o John, [DO]
Rushmere, Joyce, b. 1920, d. 1987, [DO]
Sadd, Mary Ann, d. 29 Jul 1914, age: 82yr, [DO]
Sadd, William, d. 12 Feb 1907, age: 75yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Scarrett, Beatrice L, b. 1910, d. 2001, [DO]
Scott, Anna Mary, d. 28 May 1876, age: 29yr, w/o Edward, [DO]
Scott, Infant Son, d. age: 10 Months, s/o Edward & Anna Mary, [DO]
Scruton, William Richard, b. 1909, d. 1981, [DO]
Seaman, Alan Walter, d. 13 Aug 1970, age: 67yr, [DO]
Seaman, Anne, d. 1 Feb 1977, age: 83yr, [DO]
Shuldham, William, d. 9 Jan 1766, age: 66yr, [DO]
Sidebotham, George Edward, d. 13 Jan 1950, age: 81yr, [DO]
Sidebotham, George, d. 13 Jan 1990, age: 85yr, h/o Ruby Edna, [DO]
Sidebotham, Ruby Edna, d. 8 Feb 1985, age: 80yr, w/o George, [DO]
Sidebottom, Frances, d. 29 Jan 1956, age: 78yr, [DO]
Smith, Jemima, d. 14 Dec 1895, age: 32yr, w/o William, [DO]
Smith, Martha, d. 29 Dec 1924, age: 44yr, w/o Frank, [DO]
Snowden, Harry, b. 1886, d. 1961, [DO]
Snowden, Rachel, b. 1892, d. 1961, [DO]
Solder, Dora, b. 29 Oct 1901, d. 10 Aug 1996, [DO]
Sortwell, Eliza, d. 28 Dec 1894, age: 64yr, of Hackney Middlesex, d/o Late I & M Youell, w/o William Sortwell, [DO]
Sparkes, Benjamin, d. 16 Jan 1899, age: 89yr, h/o Harriet, [DO]
Sparkes, Harriet, d. 2 Apr 1889, age: 79yr, w/o Benjamin, [DO]
Sprunt, Fanny, d. 8 Mar 1947, age: 86yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Sprunt, James, d. 13 May 1896, age: 74yr, h/o Jane, [DO]
Sprunt, Jane, d. 25 May 1900, age: 68yr, w/o James, [DO]
Sprunt, Mary, d. 3 Oct 1919, age: 58yr, [DO]
Sprunt, Robert, d. 27 Nov 1909, age: 40yr, h/o Fanny, [DO]
Stannard, Amy, d. 12 Apr 1862, age: 74yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Stannard, Charlotte, d. 24 Mar 1863, age: 19yr, d/o Stephen & Phebe, [DO]
Stannard, Edna, d. 17 Sep 1864, age: 30yr, w/o David, [DO]
Stannard, Frederick, d. 25 Dec 1883, age: 6yr, [DO]
Stannard, George, d. 15 Jan 1909, age: 70yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Stannard, George, d. In Infancy, [DO]
Stannard, Mary, d. 25 Aug 1905, age: 69yr, w/o George, [DO]
Stannard, Phebe, d. 25 Sep 1861, age: 26yr, D/of Stephen & Phebe, [DO]
Stannard, Phebe, d. Jan 1854, age: 33yr, w/o Stephen , [DO]
Stannard, Stephen, d. 24 Oct 1850, age: 17yr, s/o Stephen & Phebe, [DO]
Stannard, Stephen, d. 28 Jun 1883, age: 76yr, [DO]
Stannard, Susanna, d. 17 Sep 1883, age: 70yr, Second w/o Stephen, [DO]
Stannard, Thomas, d. 26 Dec 1879, age: 93yr, h/o Amy, [DO]
Steele, Kenneth, d. 14 Aug 1973, age: 62yr, h/o Dorothy Annie, [DO]
Stoner, Ernest, b. 1916, d. 1982, [DO]
Storey, Edith Florence Mary, d. 20 Aug 1983, age: 70yr, w/o Stanley H, [DO]
Storey, Stanley H, d. 29 Oct 1974, age: 61yr, h/o Edith Florence Mary, [DO]
Tills, Albert, d. 6 Dec 1953, age: 84yr, [DO]
Tills, Aubrey Ernest, d. 28 Nov 1949, age: 50yr, [DO]
Tills, Edith, d. 30 Jan 1929, age: 60yr, [DO]
Tills, Gladys Elizabeth, d. 8 Mar 1987, age: 81yr, w/o Aubrey Ernest, [DO]
Tills, Kate Spurgeon, d. 12 Mar 1977, age: 82yr, w/o Victor Albert, [DO]
Tills, Victor Albert, d. 14 Mar 1974, age: 81yr, h/o Kate Spurgeon, [DO]
Tuffield, Charles, d. 19 Feb 1951, age: 56yr, [DO]
Tungate, John, d. 13 Apr 1864, age: 84yr, [DO]
Tungate, Sarah, d. 18 Oct 1890, age: 82yr, [DO]
Tungate, Sarah, d. 3 Aug 1868, age: 93yr, w/o John, [DO]
Upcher, Abbot Roland (M A), d. 25 Oct 1929, age: 80yr, s/o Rev Abbot Upcher (B A), [DO]
Upcher, Abbott, b. 25 Sep 1843, d. 17 May 1893, [DO]
Upcher, Mary Janes, d. 13 Jan 1857, age: 67yr, w/o Abbot, [DO]
Vincent, William, d. 23 Oct 1887, age: 89yr, [DO]
Vincent, William, d. 3 Jun 1897, age: 57yr, [DO]
Waddy, Richard Christopher Stacy, d. 30 Dec 1998, age: 62yr, [DO]
Walker, Charles Brown, d. 19 Jun 1893, age: 42yr, h/o Marice, [DO]
Walker, George, d. 12 Oct 1904, age: 83yr, h/o Susanna, [DO]
Walker, Susannah, d. 19 Mar 1906, age: 83yr, w/o George, [DO]
Ward, Elizabeth, d. 16 May 1839, age: 68yr, w/o William, [DO]
Ward, Mary Ann, d. 12 Oct ....w/o Robert, [DO]
Ward, Susan, d. 30 Sep 1808, w/o William, [DO]
Ward, William, d. 5 May 1842, age: 83yr, [DO]
Ward, William, d. Jun 1813, h/o Susan, [DO]
Warne, Cecil, no dates, [DO]
Warne, Dorothy, no dates, [DO]
Warnes, Arthur J E, d. 3 Jun 1993, age: 78yr, [DO]
Warnes, Ernest James, d. 3 Jan 1975, age: 69yr, h/o Mildred Rosamund, [DO]
Warnes, Gertrude Ellen, d. 18 Mar 1951, age: 81yr, w/o Jesse, [DO]
Warnes, Jesse, d. 29 Dec 1950, age: 87yr, h/o Gertrude Ellen, [DO]
Warnes, Mildred Rosamund, d. 19 Oct 1976, age: 76yr, w/o Ernest James, [DO]
Warnes, William & Hetty, Re United 1993, [DO]
Webb, Frederick C G , b. 27 Dec 1914, d. 22 Sep 1988, [DO]
Webster, David Frank, d. 12 Oct 1993, age: 93yr, [DO]
Webster, Henry, d. 13 Jan 1942, age: 75yr, h/o Rachel, [DO]
Webster, John Albert, d. 27 Nov 1978, age: 73yr, h/o Medora Mary, [DO]
Webster, Medora Mary, d. 28 Mar 1997, age: 88yr, w/o John Albert, [DO]
Wells, Meditation, d. 13 Jun 1854, age: 37yr, d/o Thomas & Meditation, [DO]
Wells, Thomas, d. 4 Jan 1862, age: 58yr, h/o Meditation, [DO]
West, Walter, d. 3 Jun 1918, age: 42yr, h/o Emma Elizabeth, [DO]
Westrip, Harriet, d. 16 Feb 1923, age: 87yr, w/o James, [DO]
Westrip, James, d. 26 Mar 1916, age: 81yr, h/o Harriet, [DO]
White, Edgar Charles, d. 17 Feb 1956, age: 78yr, [DO]
Wiltshire, William, b. 1908, d. 1981, [DO]
Wittick, Maria, d. 5 Aug 1909, age: 75yr, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, [DO]
Wittrick, Charlotte, d. 6 Feb 1891, age: 88yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Wittrick, Thomas, d. 5 Sep 1871, age: 70yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Wook, Elizabeth, d. 31 May 1848, age: 42yr, w/o William, [DO]
Wook, Walter, d. 18 Jun 1848, age: 4yr, s/o William & Elizabeth, [DO]
Youell, Joseph, d. 8 Feb 1890, age: 84yr, h/o Martha, [DO]
Youell, Laura Anna, b. 7 Feb 1860, d. 5 Jul 1945, [DO]
Youell, Martha, d. 3 Jun 1891, age: 86yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Youell, Martha, d. 4 May 1811, age: 9yr, d/o Joseph & Martha, [DO]
Young, Alementin, d. 10 Feb 1811, or 1814, age: 18yr, d/o J Young & Clementina, [DO]

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