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Saint Chad Church and Churchyard
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Saint Chad Church and Churchyard
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Saint Chad Church and Churchyard
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Saint Chad Church and Churchyard
Welbourn, Lincolnshire County, England

Submitted by Shelley Clack, Jun 16, 2008, last edited Jul 03, 2008 [sclack@tiscali.co.uk]. Total records = 623.

Saint Chad Church and churchyard is located at North End, Welbourn, Lincolnshire. The village is often also spelt as Welbourne. To visit take the A15 from Lincoln. At Bracebridge Heath turn onto the A607. From Grantham follow the A607.

The churchyard is well maintained and is still used for burials. This list also contains burials from inside the church, these are identified with (IC) and people whose ashes have been scattered in the churchyard, these are identified as (ashes).

This is a full listing of all visible gravestones and was recorded on Jun 11, 2008.

- Shelley Clack

Abbott, Annie M., d. 31 Jan 1956, age 80 yrs
Aldridge, Harriet, d. 5 Aug 1896, age 51 yrs, W/o Tom Aldridge of Retford
Allars, H. C., b. 1907, d. 1980, (ashes)
Allars, Sybil, b. 1906, d. 1991 (ashes)
Allen Emily, d. 22 May 1914, age 51 yrs, D/o and s/w William and Mary Ann Allen
Allen, Frederick Freeman, d. 29 Dec 1888, Place of death. Hermitage at Tunbridge Wells in Kent, 'Surgeon General. C.B., Q. H. P., Late of the second Goorkhas Bengal Army', B/o and s/w Robert Marshall Allen, (IC)
Allen, Hannah, d. 18 Jul 1904, age 75 yrs
Allen, John, d. 28 Mar 1874, age 88(?) yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Allen
Allen, Mary Ann, d. 16 Jan 1910, age 70 yrs, W/o and s/w William Allen, M/o and s/w Emily Allen
Allen, Mary, d. 30 Sep 1863, age 75 yrs, W/o and s/w John Allen
Allen, Robert Marshall, d. 17 Mar 1893, Place of death. Welbourn, 'Inspector General. A.M.D, F.R.A.S, Late of the 3rd Dragoon Guards', B/o and s/w Frederick Freeman Allen (IC)
Allen, William, d. 14 May 1910, H/o and s/w Mary Ann Allen, F/o and s/w Emily Allen
Allin, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1856, age 4 yrs, S/w William Allin
Allin, William, d. 7 Jan 1837, age 6 yrs, S/w Mary Allin
Almond, Rebecca, d. 4 Sep 1858, age 85 yrs, W/o and s/w William Almond
Almond, William, d. 28 Jan 1832, age 31 yrs, S/o William and Rebecca Almond
Almond, William, d. 7 May 1860, age 84 yrs H/o and s/w Rebecca Almond
Andersen, Norman J. T., d. 5 Aug 1960, age 42 yrs
Andrews, Floss, b. 30 Sep 1921, d. 28 Aug 2001, S/w Wilf Andrews
Andrews, Mark Daniel, d. 26 Mar 1984, age 8 mths
Andrews, Wilf, b. 30 Jun 1918, d. 4 Nov 2005, S/w Floss Andrews
Appleby, William, d. May 1854, S/w ??
Asher, Anthony, d. 1943
Asher, C., b. 1881, d. 1965, (ashes)
Asher, Charles Eric, b. 1922, d. 1991 (ashes)
Asher, Cyril, b. 1912, d. 1985 (ashes)
Asher, Emma, d. 4 Feb 1954, age 64 yrs, S/w Leslie Asher
Asher, Leonard Edward, b 1927, d. 1994 (ashes)
Asher, Leslie, d. 9 Sep 1943, age 18 yrs 'accidentally killed, S/o Charles and Emma Asher', S/w Emma Asher
Atkinson, Eliz., d. 12 Jun 1705, age 22 yrs, D/o John Atkinson of West Retford in Nottinghamshire, (IC)
Atkinson, Sarah, d. 28 Feb 1889, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w William Atkinson
Atkinson, William, d. 29 Jan 1879, age 64 yrs, 'of Welbourn', H/o and s/w Sarah Atkinson
Audley, Mercy, d. 1702(?), D/o and s/w Robert Audley (IC)
Audley, Robert, d. 12 Feb 1702, age 79 yrs, F/o and s/w Mercy Audley, (IC)
Bacon, C. W., b. 1915, d. 1962, (ashes)
Bailey, Alice, d. 7 Dec 1877, age 32 yrs, W/o William Bailey
Bailey, Ann Catherine, d. 11 Aug 1923, age 82 yrs, W/o and s/w William Bailey
Bailey, Annie, d. 21 Mar 1931, age 83 yrs, Sister of and s/w James Bailey
Bailey, Fred, d. 4 Jan 1888, age 17 yrs, S/o W. Bailey, B/o and s/w Sarah Bailey
Bailey, James, d. 7 Dec 1918,age 82 yrs, B/o and s/w Annie Bailey
Bailey, John Thomas, d. 18 Sep 1949, age 65 yrs
Bailey, Lucy (nee Brothwell), d. 26 Feb 1934, age 68 yrs, D/o and s/w Elizabeth Brothwell
Bailey, Sarah, d. 28 Feb 1890, age 86 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Bailey, S/w Susannah Bailey
Bailey, Sarah, d. 9 Oct 1901, age 26 yrs, Sister of and s/w Fred Bailey
Bailey, Susannah, d. 1 Mar 1885(?), S/w Thomas and Sarah Bailey
Bailey, Thomas, d. 15 Mar 1878, age 72 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Bailey, S/w Susannah Bailey
Bailey, William, d. 18 Feb 1917, age 78 yrs H/o and s/w Ann Catherine Bailey
Bainton, Mabel, d. 15 Jul 1934, 'Who resided in this parish for 25 years',(IC)
Baker, John William, d. Friday 6 Nov 1908, age 23 yrs, Grandson of William and Ann Horton
Baker, Minnie, d. 16 Jul 1907, age 48 yrs, W/o and s/w Samuel Henry Baker
Baker, Samuel Henry, d. 3 Aug 1891, age 36 yrs, H/o and s/w Minnie Baker
Balmfort, Gladys May, b. 1913, d. 1984
Barber, Dorothy Ellen, d. 2003, M/o and s/w Margot Frances Walker Smith
Barber, Ellen, d. 9 Jun 1923, W/o and s/w Samuel Barber
Barber, Samuel, d. 28 May 1898, H/o and s/w Ellen Barber
Barker, James, d. 19 Dec 1916, age 68 yrs
Barker, Jane, d. 6 Apr 1923, age 72 yrs
Barker, Oswald, d. 11 Jul 1882, age 11 mths, S/o George and Mary Barker
Barker, William, d. 21 Sep 1975, S/w John Fred and Alice Clarke
Barnes, Charlotte, d. 26 Apr 1861, age 76 yrs, W/o Richard Barnes
Barnes, Richard, d. 4 Feb 1835, age 53 yrs
Bartholomew, Mary Elizabeth (nee Ward), d. 3 Apr 1916, age 83 yrs
Battersby, Richard, d. 28 Feb 1869, age 80 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Battersby
Battersby, Sarah, d. 13 Oct 1865, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w Richard Battersby
Bavin, Ann, d. 19 Mar 1825, age 67 yrs, W/o William Bavin
Begg, Patricia, b. 1928, d. 1998
Bemrose, Ann, d. 21 Jul 1805, age 61 yrs, W/o and s/w Joseph Bemrose
Bemrose, Elizabeth Fil, age 59 yrs, ?? of Joseph Bemrose
Bemrose, Joseph, d. 3 Dec 1812, age 72 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Bemrose
Bennett, Eileen Phoebe, b.4 Jun 1938, d. 9 Sep 2007
Blaney, Elizabeth, d. 14 Mar 1856, age 70 yrs, W/o George Blaney
Blaney, George, d. 23 Jun 1832, age 71 yrs, 'Yeoman of this Parish..a conscientious member of the Church of England..He cultivated the same fields which is ancestors had done for three centuries before him…here his bones rest with his Fathers'
Blaze, Mary H., d. 18 Dec 18??, age 78 yrs
Bonnett, Robert C., d. 12 Feb 1882, age 28 yrs
Bonnington, Annie Maria, d. 21 Dec 1936, age 85 yrs (Surname might be Ronnington)
Bools, William, d. 12 Dec 1957, age 80 yrs, H/o Ellen Bools
Booth, John, d. 30 ??? 1987, age 78 yrs, S/w Elsie and Violet ??
Brackenbury, Gertrude, d. 31 Mar 1957, age 71 yrs, S/w Joseph Brackenbury
Brackenbury, Joseph, d. 8 Dec 1950, age 61 yrs, S/w Gertrude Brackenbury
Bramley, Mary, d. 25 Dec 1882, age 76 yrs, Sister of and s/w Hannah Preston, S/w William Preston
Brannan, Edward Eaton, b. 1886, d. 1957, H/o and s/w Flory Brannan
Brannan, Flory, b. 1891, d. 1973, W/o and s/w Edward Eaton Brannan
Brannan, Peter Arthur, b. 13 Dec 1926, d. 1 Dec 1994
Bray, Charles Henry, b. 1926, d. 2006
Bringeham, ??, d. May 178?, age ?7 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Bringeham, F/o and s/w Edward Bringeham
Bringeham, Ann, d. 19 Jan 17??, W/o and s/w ?? Bringeham, M/o and s/w Edward Bringeham
Bringeham, Edward, d. Jun 1???, age ?3 yrs, Second s/o and s/w Ann and ?? Bringeham
Bringman, Septimus, d. 1809
Bristow, Eliza Ann, d. 6 Feb 1920, age 64 yrs, W/o Charles Bristow
Broadbent, Joyce Florence Ann, d. 2 Jun 2006, age 69 yrs
Brothwell, Ann, d. 31 Oct 1877,age 59 yrs, W/o and s/w William Brothwell
Brothwell, Elizabeth, d. 12 Feb 1930, age 85 yrs, W/o George Brothwell, M/o and s/w Lucy Bailey
Brothwell, William, d. 29 De 1890, age 62 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Brothwell
Brown Francis, d. 24 May 1850, Place of death. Welbourn, F/o and s/w George, Francis, Elizabeth and Ann Brown, (IC)
Brown, Ann, d. 19 Jan 876, age 75 yrs, D/o Francis and Mary Brown, S/w Francis, George, Elizabeth and Francis Brown (IC)
Brown, Audrey Irene, d. d. 4 Nov 1973, age 73 yrs, S/w Gladys Mary Brown and Frederick Brown
Brown, Charles, d. 10 Apr 1942, age 76 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Brown
Brown, Elizabeth, age. Child, S/o Francis Brown and Frances Conington, S/w Francis, Francis, George and Ann Brown, (IC)
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 19 Aug 1771, age 10 yrs, D/o ?lo..t and Mary Brown, (IC)
Brown, Francis, age. Child, S/o Francis Brown and Frances Conington, S/w Francis, George, Elizabeth and Ann Brown (IC)
Brown, Frederick, d. 11 Feb 1979, age 78 yrs, S/w Audrey Irene Brown and Gladys Mary Brown
Brown, George, age. Child, S/o Francis Brown and Frances Conington, S/w Francis, George, Elizabeth and Ann Brown (IC)
Brown, Gladys Mary, d. 29 Dec 1956, age 60 yrs, S/w Audrey Irene Brown and Frederick Brown
Brown, John, age Infant, S/w Thomas Brown, (IC)
Brown, Mary (nee Green), d. 21 Sep 1807, age 27 yrs, D/o John Green Gent., W/o Francis Brown Esq., M/o and s/w Mary Holland
Brown, Mary, d. 29 Mar 1803, age 9 mths, D/o Francis and Mary Brown
Brown, Matilda Caroline (nee Rainsford), d.4 May 1843, age 28 yrs, Place of death. Leonards On Sea, 'D/o the late William Rainsford of Elm Park, County Dublin. S/o Charlotte Augusta, W/o Captain F. Brown (IC)
Brown, Sarah, d. 20 Nov 1943, age 88 yrs, W/o and s/w Charles Brown
Brown, Thomas, d.1752, age. Infant, S/o George and Mary Brown, S/w John Brown, (IC)
Burness, Marjorie Alice, b. 24 Feb 1894, d. 31 Dec 1972, W/o and s/w Thomas Pennycuick Napier Burness
Burness, Thomas Pennycuick Napier, b. 10 Oct 1889, d. 6 Oct 1959, S/w Marjorie Alice Burness
Burton, Dorothy Mabel, b. 1899, d. 1998, S/w Kathleen Margaret Burton
Burton, Kathleen Margaret, b. 1907, d. 2000, S/w Dorothy Mabel Burton
Burtt, Emma Lees, b. 12 Jul 1866, d. 21 Feb 1953, W/o and s/w Joseph John Burtt
Burtt, Hazel Mary Vyvyan, b. 27 May 1913, d. 25 Jun 2005, S/w John Bindloss Burtt
Burtt, John Bindloss, b. 20 Oct 1902, d. 27 Mar 1981, 'of Welbourn', H/o and s/w Hazel Mary Vyvyan Burtt
Burtt, Joseph John, b. 2 Mar 1857, d. 15 Mar 1915, 'of Welbourn', H/o and s/w Emma Lees Burtt
Bush, Robert, d. 3 Sep 1875, age 84 yrs
Canham, Elizabeth, d. Jan 18??, W/o and s/w William Canham and Elizabeth Graves
Canham, William, d. 14 Jun 1878, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Canham, S/w Elizabeth Graves
Cannon, Bertie Ernest, b. 1912, d. 1991, H/o and s/w Dorothy Cannon
Cannon, Dorothy, b. 1911, d. 2004, W/o and s/w Bertie Ernest Cannon
Challans, Robert, d. 3 Oct 1785, age 71 yrs
Chambers, Annie, d. 20 Apr 1973, age 77 yrs
Chambers, Elizabeth, d. 25 Nov 1880, age 76 yrs, W/o Joseph Chambers, Grandmother of and s/w Thomas William Dales
Chambers, Frank Henry, d. 5 Jun 1957, age 63 yrs
Chambers, Henry, d. 18 Jun 1915, age 62 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Chambers
Chambers, Jane, d. Sep 1???, age 4? Yrs
Chambers, Sarah, (Not readable)
Chambers, Sarah, d. 2 Mar 1915, age 60 yrs, W/o and s/w Henry Chambers
Charlesworth, Mary, d. 7 Jun 1907, age 83 yrs, W/o and s/w William Charlesworth
Charlesworth, William, d. 16 Sep 1898, age 77 yrs, W/o and s/w Mary Charlesworth
Chatterton, Keturah Ann, d. 7 Feb 1951, age 83 yrs, W/o Robert Chatterton
Chatterton, Mary Keturah, d. 1 Sep 1963, age 54 yrs
Chatterton, Robert, d. 17 May 1954, age 91 yrs, H/o Keturah Ann Chatterton
Cheslel(?), J. W., d. 8 Jul 1907, age 16 yrs
Claricoats, Alfred Charles, d. 25 Oct 1890, age 23 yrs, S/o Richard and Elizabeth Claricoats of Welbourn
Claricoats, Elizabeth, d. 11 Aug 1912, age 80 yrs, W/o and s/w Richard Claricoats
Claricoats, Richard, d. 17 Jun 1916, age 90 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Claricoats
Clarke, Alice, d. 12 Dec 1973, W/o and s/w John Fred Clarke, S/w William Barker
Clarke, Douglas Montague, d. 11 Aug 1960, age 39 yrs, S/w Esther Margaret Clarke
Clarke, Esther Margaret, d. 30 Sep 1980, age 84yrs, S/w Douglas Montague Clarke
Clarke, Fred C., d. 21 Apr 1931, age 64 yrs, F/o and s/w George A. Clarke
Clarke, George A., d. 8 Nov 1930, age 41 yrs, S/o and s/w Fred C. Clarke
Clarke, John Fred, d. 30 Dec 1965, age 70 yrs, H/o and s/w Alice Clarke, S/w William Barker
Clarke, Mary, d. 10 Jan 1914, age 85 yrs, W/o the late Charles Clarke of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
Clarke, Phyllis, d. 12 Apr 1927, age 20 yrs
Clarkson, Ivy Edith Alberta, d. 27 Dec 1983, age 81 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Chevallier Clarkson
Clarkson, Thomas Chevallier, d. 25 Aug 1964, age 65 yrs, 'Priest', S/w Ivy Edith Alberta Clarkson
Clawson, Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb 1912, age 69 yrs, W/o Christopher Clawson of Mansfield
Clawson, Martha, d.?6 Oct 1869, age 49 yrs, W/o George Clawson, S/w Thomas Clawson and Annie ??
Clawson, Mary, d. 8 May 1894, age 71 yrs
Clawson, Thomas, S/w Martha Clawson and Annie ??
Clifton, Mary Annie, d. 26 Jan 1934, age76 yrs, W/o and s/w Robert Clifton
Clifton, Robert, d. 11 Jan 1949, age 87 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Annie Clifton
Close, Alice M. M., d. 17 Mar 1956, age 84 yrs, S/w Thomas Close
Close, Esme Marguerite, b. 1904, d. 1991
Close, Hugh Nicholas, b. 1904, d. 1998
Close, Simon Howard, b. 1961, d. 2007, 'Athlete and linguist', S/o David and Stephanie, B/o Oliver
Close, Thomas, d. 20 Feb 1959, age 8? Yrs, S/w Alice M. M. Close
Comins, Rebecca, d. 30 Nov 1849, age 34 yrs, W/o Robert Comins
Conington, Frances (nee Handley), d. 28 Mar 1860, age 73 yrs, W/o Francis Brown late of Welbourn, D/o Benjamin Handley Esq of Sleaford, M/o and s/w Frances Handley Wickham and Charlotte Handley Way
Cook, Eleanor (nee Pick), d. 17 Nov 1987, age 83 yrs, W/o and s/w James William Cook, Sister of and s/w John Austen Pick
Cook, James William, d. 3 Feb 1980, H/o and s/w Eleanor Cook, Brother-in-law of and s/w John Austen Pick
Cooper, Doris Florence (nee Kirk), b. 26 Oct 1907, d. 14 Jan 1999, W/o and s/w Douglas Harry Cooper
Cooper, Douglas Harry, b. 11 Jun 1905, d. 6 Aug 1993, H/o and s/w Doris Florence Cooper
Cox, Edward, d. 22 Jan 1907, age 74 yrs
Crane, Thomas, d. 12 Sep 1805, age 73 yrs
Creek, Charles George Coburn, d. 31 Aug 1948, age 67 yrs, H/o and s/w Lily Creek
Creek, Lily, d. 18 Oct 1947, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w Charles George Coburn Creek
Crosby, Annie Elizabeth, b. 5 Oct 1865, d. 3 Nov 1950, W/o and s/w Frank Crosby
Crosby, Eliza, d. 25 Jun 1913, age 73 yrs, W/o and s/w George Crosby
Crosby, Elizabeth, age. Infant, S/w Sarah and Rebecca Crosby
Crosby, Fanny, d. 6 Dec 1889, age 22 yrs, Second d/o George and Eliza Crosby of Welbourne, S/w Mary Ann and Lizzie Crosby
Crosby, Frank Edmondson, d. 30 Aug 1981, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Ruby Crosby
Crosby, Frank, b. 20 Apr 1865, d. 2 Jul 1937, H/o and s/w Annie Elizabeth Crosby
Crosby, George Victor, d. 15 Mar 1964, age 76 yrs, H/o and s/w Gertrude Lucy Crosby
Crosby, George, d. 10 Feb 1937, age 74 yrs
Crosby, George, d. 3 Dec 1916, age 81 yrs, 'buried 6 Dec 1916', H/o and s/w Eliza Crosby
Crosby, Gertrude Lucy, d. 27 Dec 1970, age82 yrs, W/o and s/w George Victor Crosby
Crosby, Lizzie, d. 26 Dec 1884, age 21 yrs, S/w Fanny and Mary Ann Crosby
Crosby, Mary Ann, d. 22 Sep 1884, age 14 yrs, S/w Lizzie and Fanny Crosby
Crosby, Mary, b. 1903, d. 1985
Crosby, Rebecca, age. Infant, S/w Sarah and Elizabeth Crosby
Crosby, Richard, d. 21 Jan 1885, age 68 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Crosby
Crosby, Ruby, d. 13 Oct 1988, age 86 yrs, W/o and s/w Frank Edmondson Crosby
Crosby, Sarah, d. 10 Dec 1896, age 75 yrs, W/o and s/w Richard Crosby
Crosby, Sarah, d. 16 Oct 1879, age 22 yrs, D/o Richard and Sarah Crosby, S/w Elizabeth and Rebecca Crosby
Crosby, Stanley Victor, b. 1910, d. 1992, (ashes)
Curley, Donald, b. 1890, d. 1955, H/o and s/w May Curley
Curley, May, b. 1898, d. 1960, W/o and s/w Donald Curley
D'Arcy, Ann, d. 1 Nov 1889, age 68 yrs, W/o Richard D'Arcy
D'Arcy, Annie Maria, d. 7 Apr 1889, age 32 yrs, D/o Richard and Ann D'Arcy
D'Arcy, Richard, d. 20 Oct 1899, age 77 yrs
Dales, Annie, d. 30 Jul 1931, age 78 yrs, Niece of and s/w Jane Dales
Dales, Jane, d. 29 Nov 1917, age 82 yrs, Aunt of and s/w Annie Dales
Dales, Thomas William, d. 24 Apr 1876, age 20 yrs, Grandson of and s/w Elizabeth Chambers
Davy, William, d. 1915, age 26 yrs, W/o and s/w Gladys Muriel Kennington
Daws, Elizabeth, d. Sep 1923, W/o and s/w Robert Daws
Daws, George, d. 15 Aug 1900, age 21 yrs, 'S/o Robert and Elizabeth Daws who died in the ?omanry Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa of Enteric Fever while serving his country with the fourth Queensland Imperial Bushmen…interred in the Soldiers Cemetery, Pretoria until the day breaks and the shadows flee'.
Daws, Robert, d. Aug 1951, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Daws
Dawson, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jul 1907, age 81 yrs, 'of Easton, Stamford who died suddenly at Welbourn Mills'
Dimbleby Charles Brian, d. 21 Jan 1940, age 4 yrs
Disbrowe, Augustus, d. 20 Oct 1828, age. Infant, S/o and s/w Elizabeth Disbrowe (IC)
Disbrowe, Elizabeth Henrietta, d. 25 Dec 1861, age 38 yrs, D/o and s/w John Henry Disbrowe (IC)
Disbrowe, Elizabeth, d. 5 Oct 1829, W/o Rev. H. J. Disbrowe, M/o and s/w Augustus Disbrowe (IC)
Disbrowe, Henry John, d. 24 Feb 1867, age 72 yrs, 'Reverend. Rector of Welbourn' (IC)
Disbrowe, John Henry, d. 6 Sep 1861, age 40 yrs, S/o Elizabeth and Henry John Disbrowe, F/o and s/w Elizabeth Henrietta Disbrowe (IC)
Dodsworth, Sarah Ann, W/o and s/w Tom Dodsworth
Dodsworth, Tom, d. 20 Nov 1943, age 77 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Ann Dodsworth
Doughty, Annie M., d. 10 Apr 1946, age 67 yrs, M/o and s/w Herbert John Doughty
Doughty, Herbert John, d.7 Mar 1943, S/o and s/w Annie M. Doughty
Doughty, Letitia, d. 29 Sep 1879, age 54 yrs, W/o George Doughty
Dowler, Emily, d. 28 Jun 1954, W/o and s/w John William Dowler
Dowler, John William, d. 13 Mar 1924, age 53 yrs, H/o and s/w Emily Dowler
East, William Ashley, d. 13 Jun 1984, age 68 yrs
Elkington, John, d. 3 Jan 1859, age 49 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Elkington
Elkington, Mary, d. 23 Apr 1859, age 47 yrs, W/o and s/w John Elkington
Elkington, Robert, d. ?5 ??? 18??, age 28 yrs, H/o Mary Elkington
Ellerby, Charles, d. 18 Mar 1986, age 85 yrs, H/o and s/w Margaret Ellerby
Ellerby, Margaret, d. 21 Jan 1966, age 61 yrs, S/w Charles Ellerby
Evans, Ione Merle, b. 17 Mar 1919, d. 8 Mar 2007
Fenwick, Fred, d. 18 Jan 1934, age 64 yrs, H/o and s/w Rose Fenwick
Fenwick, Rose, d. 31 Mar 1939, age 76 yrs, W/o and s/w Fred Fenwick
Fisher, Alice Bertha, d. 17 Jul 1956, age 65 yrs
Fisher, Mary (nee Maw), d. 27 Jun 1930, age 80 yrs, W/o Richard Fisher, D/o Thomas and Susan Maw
Fisher, Richard, d. 7 Apr 144, age 92 yrs, H/o Mary Fisher
Fletcher, Edith May, d. 20 Jul 1965, age 46 yrs
Fowler, Mary Ann, b. 4 Nov 1839, d. 13 Apr 1913, W/o Willoughby Fowler
Franklin, Ann, d. 5 Apr 1950, age 83 yrs, W/o and s/w J. William Franklin
Franklin, Herbert, d. 10 Feb 1965, age 82 yrs, H/o and s/w Minnie Franklin
Franklin, Horace, d. 29 ??? 1?11, S/o J. W. and A. Franklin
Franklin, J. William, d. 18 Feb 1952, age 64 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Franklin
Franklin, Minnie, d.25 Feb 1964, age 82 yrs, W/o and s/w Herbert Franklin
Garner, Walter, d. 14 Jul 1995, age 72 yrs
Garro?, Matilda, (not readable)
Garrod, Hannah (nee Foster), b. 4 Nov 1782 Place of birth. Brodsworth near Doncaster, d. 10 Feb 1855, Place of death. Welbourne, D/o George and Elizabeth Foster
Gash, Ellen, d. 12 Sep 1984, age 90 yrs, S/w John Thomas Gash
Gash, John Thomas, d. 24 Aug 1952, age 61 yrs, S/w Ellen Gash
Gaunt, Mary Holmes, d. 21 Nov 1897, age 13 yrs, D/o William and Mary Gaunt
Gavins, John H., b. 1906, d. 1977
Gavins, Myra H. S., b. 1908, d. 1991
Good, Elsie, b. 1893, d. 1991 (ashes)
Goulsbra, Ruby Evelyn, d. 3 Mar 1971, age 54 yrs, W/o and s/w Samuel Goulsbra
Goulsbra, Samuel, d. 15 Nov 1988, age 73 yrs, H/o and s/w Ruby Evelyn Goulsbra
Goulson Albina, d. 29 Nov 1955, age 73 yrs, W/o Frank Goulson
Goulson, Frank, d. 16 Dec 1914, H/o Albania Goulson
Graves Sarah, d. 24 Nov 1864 age 85 yrs
Graves, Amy, d. 21 Dec 1927, age 58 yrs, W/o Edward Barney Graves
Graves, Ann (nee Blaney), d. 27 Apr 1855, D/o George and Elizabeth Blaney
Graves, Ann, d. 18 Mar 1895, age 81 yrs, S/w George Graves
Graves, Charles, ? of William and Sarah Graves
Graves, Edith, d. 17 Apr 19?5
Graves, Elizabeth, d. 25 Oct 1903, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Graves
Graves, Elizabeth, d. Nov 18??, age 2 yrs and ? mths, S/w William and Elizabeth Canham
Graves, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 3 Dec 1885, age 21 yrs, D/o William and Sarah Graves
Graves, George Blaney, d. 15 May 1891, age 73 yrs
Graves, George, d. 21 Jun 1897, age 7? Yrs, S/w Ann Graves
Graves, Henry, d. 7 Jul 1890, age 67 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Graves
Graves, Julia Ann, d. 20 Jun 1940, age 76 yrs, Third d/o William and Sarah Graves
Graves, Mary, d. 9 Nov 1884, age 62 yrs W/o and s/w Henry Graves
Graves, Sarah, d. 3 Jan 1907, age 79 yrs, S/w William Graves
Graves, Thomas, d. 18 Sep 1904, age 79 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Graves
Graves, William, d. 2 Mar 1898, age 70 yrs, S/w Sarah Graves
Graves, William, d. 7 Jan 1??5, age 63 yrs
Green, Ann, d. 10 May 1826, age 86 yrs
Green, Ann, d. 26 May 1785, age 76 yrs, W/o Mr. William Green
Green, Elizabeth, d. 10 Apr 1965, age 89 yrs, W/o and s/w Robert H. Green
Green, Ethel, d. 15 Sep 1965, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w Jesse Green
Green, Hilda May, d. 13 Sep 1984, age ?5 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Henry Green
Green, Jesse, d. 30 Dec 1976, age 84 yrs, H/o and s/w Ethel Green
Green, John, d. 1? Mar 1810, age 7? yrs
Green, Robert H., d. 11 Aug 1937, age 64 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Green
Green, Robert, d. 12 Jul 1799, age 64 yrs
Green, Thomas Henry, d. 7 Oct 196?, H/o and s/w Hilda May Green
Green, William, d. 18 Oct 1788, age 54 yrs, S/o William and Ann Green
Green, William, d. Feb 1746, (IC)
Hall, Benjamin, d. 5 Mar 18??
Hallam, Ann, d. 24 May 1895, age 73 yrs, W/o and s/w John Hallam
Hallam, Daisy, d. 20 Dec 1922, age 16 yrs, D/o George and Mary Hallam of Welbourn, S/w George and Elizabeth Hallam
Hallam, Elizabeth, d. 12 Apr 1955, age 88 yrs, W/o and s/w George Hallam, S/w Daisy Hallam
Hallam, George, d. 30 Aug 1941, age 79 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Hallam, S/w Daisy Hallam
Hallam, John, d. 10 May 1902, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Hallam
Hallam, Letitia, d. 7 Mar 1875, age 95 yrs, W/o and s/w William Hallam
Hallam, William, d. 26 Jun 1874, age 8? Yrs, H/o and s/w Letitia Hallam
Harness, George, d. 11 Jun 1977, age 74 yrs, H/o and s/w Nellie Harness
Harness, Nellie, d. 28 Feb 1978, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w George Harness
Harris, Enid Rowan, b. 1908, d. 2001
Harris, J. E., b. 1911, d. 1982 (ashes)
Harris, John Ward, d. 1982
Hart, Valerie, d. 9 Dec 1992, age 48 yrs
Harvey, Matthew, d. 18 Mar 1910, age 81 yrs, 'H/o Sarah Harvey who was interred at Birmingham, she died 20 Nov 1930, aged 103 yrs'
Harvey, Samuel, d. 25 ??? 1875, age 75 yr, H/o Ann Harvey
Heath, Edward, d. 2 Jan 1904, age 4? yrs
Heath, Lillian C., d. 5 Jan 1935, age 37 yrs, D/o Rebecca and the late Edward Heath
Herron, Elsie, d. 7 Aug 1994, age 81 yrs
Hill, Dorothy Louisa, d. 13 Apr 1969, age 70 yrs, W/o George Hill
Hill, Thomas Henry, b. 24 Sep 1940, d. 17 Oct 1998
Hilto?, Elizabeth (nee S??), d. 22 Jul 1???, age 59 yrs, W/o Thomas Hilto? of Boothby Bagnall, D/o William and Elizabeth S??
Hodson, Elizabeth, d. 18?0, D/o John and Mary Hodson
Hodson, Geo, s/o and s/w George and Harriot Hodson
Hodson, George Robert, d. 5 Jan 1954, age 72 yrs, S/w ?? ??
Hodson, George, S/w Harriot Hodson, F/o and s/w Geo Hodson
Hodson, Harriot, S/w George Hodson, M/o and s/w Geo Hodson
Hodson, Mary, W/o John Hodson
Hodson, Sarah, d. 25 Aug 186?, age 7 yrs, D/o John and Sarah Hodson
Holland, Mary (nee Brown), d. 19 Aug 1840, Place of death. Norton, W/o Reverend William Holland Rector of Cold Norton, Essex, D/o and s/w Mary Brown, (IC)
Holmes, Annie Maria, d. 3 Jan 1952, age 80 yrs, W/o and s/w Joseph Holmes
Holmes, Joseph, d. 10 Mar 1942, age 70 yrs, H/o and s/w Annie Maria Holmes
Holmes, Laurie, b. 6 Jan 1937, d. 1 Feb 1937, S/o and s/w Lawrence and Miriam Holmes
Holmes, Lawrence, d. 30 Jan 1981, age 77 yrs, F/o and s/w Laurie Holmes, H/o and s/w Miriam Holmes
Holmes, Miriam, d. 28 Nov 1994, age 89 yrs, W/o and s/w Lawrence Holmes, M/o and s/w Laurie Holmes
Holvey, John William, d. 9 Oct 1951, age 74 yrs, B/o and s/w Sarah Elizabeth Holvey
Holvey, Joseph, d. 19 Aug 1926, age 77 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Ann Holvey
Holvey, Mary Ann, d. 23 May 1910, age 63 yrs, W/o and s/w Joseph Holvey
Holvey, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 24 Oct 1954, age 73 yrs, Sister of and s/w John William Holvey
Horton, Ann, d. Wednesday 6 Sep 1910, age 78 yrs, W/o and s/w William Horton
Horton, William, d. 22 Feb 1907, age 74 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Horton
Howard, Bob, F/o Edna and Keith, H/o and s/w Olive Howard
Howard, Laura, d. 14 May 1962, age 82 yrs, S/w Robert Charles Howard
Howard, Olive, d. 6 Apr 2004, W/o and s/w Bob Howard
Howard, Robert Charles, d. 1 Aug 1943, S/w Laura Howard
Johnson, Henry, d. 4 Aug 1948, age 8? Yrs, S/w Isabella Johnson
Johnson, Isabella, d. 24 Dec 1953, age 87 yrs, S/w Henry Johnson
Jones, David, d. 17 Jul 2001, age 80 yrs
Jones, Eva Jane, d. 6 Jul 1964, age 74 yrs
Jones, Hilda, d. 18 Oct 2005, age 79 yrs
Kennington, Gladys Muriel, d. 25 Jul 1963, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w William Davy
Kent, Sarah Ann, Only d/o the late James and Mary Kent of Falmer, Sussex
Keyworth, Jane, d. 18 Jan 1895, age ?0 yrs, W/o and s/w William Keyworth
Keyworth, Rebecca, d. 16 Aug 1887, age 23 yrs, D/o William and Jane Keyworth
Keyworth, William, d. 14 Jan 1897, age 64 yrs, H/o ad s/w Jane Keyworth
King, Eva, b. 1920, d. 19??
King, Jane, d. Jul 1?1?, age 7? Yrs, S/w Robert King
King, John, (not readable)
King, Robert, b. 19 Jun 1834, d. 19 Sep 1909, S/w Jane King
Kinson, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jan 1800, S/w William Kinson, M/o and s/w Sarah Kinson
Kinson, Sarah, d. 1 Dec 178?, age 10 yrs, D/o and s/w Elizabeth and William Kinson
Kinson, William, d. 4 Jun 1793, age 57 yrs, S/w Elizabeth Kinson, F/o and s/w Sarah Kinson
Kirk, John, d. 25 Jan 1813, age 66 yrs
Kirk, John, d. May 182?, age 6? Yrs
Kirk, Rebecca, age 86 yrs
Kirk, William, (Not readable)
Kirkby, Emily, d. 22 May 1927, age 61 yrs, S/w George Kirkby
Kirkby, George, d. 17 Mar 1949, age 82 yrs, S/w Emily Kirkby
Kitchen, Thomas, d. 19 Apr 1899, age 68 yrs, H/o Mary Kitchen
Knights, Edward, d. 14 Jun 195?, H/o Ma?? Knights
Knights, Willie, d. 21 Feb 1906, age 15 yrs 6 mths, S/o William and Alice Knights
Knowles, Ivy, d. 11 Jun 1999, age 90 yrs, S/w Sidney Robert Knowles
Knowles, Sidney Robert, d. 29 Dec 1996, age 89 yrs, S/w Ivy Knowles
Laing, Jane, b. 1956, d. 2003
Lamb, Anne (nee Norris), d. 28 Mar 1882, age 4? Yrs, W/o William Thomas Lamb, D/o George and Melicent Norris, S/w Charles Lamb, George Lamb, Melicent Norris and George Norris
Lamb, C. E., d. 19 Jan 1917, age 25 yrs, '26604 Lance Cpl, Lincolnshire Regiment'
Lamb, Charles, b. 21 Apr 1865, d. 3 Jul 1897, Place of death. Brisbane, Australia, S/w George Lamb, Anne Lamb, Melicent Norris and George Norris
Lamb, Elizabeth, b. 5 Dec 1840, d. 16 Feb 1928, Second w/o and s/w William Thomas Lamb
Lamb, Fanny, d. 3 Oct 1891, age 20 yrs, Eldest d/o Thomas and Alice Lamb
Lamb, George, b. Mar 18?6, d. 4 May 18??, Place of death. Winnifed(?), Canada, S/w Charles Lamb, Anne Lamb, Melicent Norris and George Norris
Lamb, William Thomas, b. 14 Mar 1838, d. 24 Apr 1887, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Lamb
Land, Mary June, b. 1869, d. 1947, S/w Tom Burril Land
Land, Tom Burril, b 1870, d. 1945, S/w Mary June Land
Larder, Fred, d. 29 Aug 1893, age 7 yrs, S/o Charles and Annie Larder
Laud, C. H., d. 22 Jan 1941, H/o and s/w Harriett Laud, S/w Charles R. Laud
Laud, Charles R., d. 1917, 'Killed in action in France', S/w C. H. and Harriett Laud
Laud, Harriett, d. 4 Sep 1932, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w C. H. Laud, S/w Charles R. Laud
Levinge, Evelyn Hugh Jenoyr, b. 1915, d. 1981, 'Priest. Chaplain Royal Navy', S/w Sheila Joy Rosina Levinge
Levinge, Sheila Joy Rosina, b. 1924, d. 1992, S/w Evelyn Hugh Jenyor Levinge
Lowth, Thomas, d. 14 Oct 1851
Lunn, Thomas, d. 3 Dec 184?, age 55 yrs
Lunn, William, d. Dec 1865, age 87 yrs
Lunt, Joyce Emily (nee Musson), d. 10 Jan 1940, age 21 yrs, W/o Harry Lunt, D/o Arthur and Rhoda Musson
Mabbott, Charles, d. 15 ??? 1???, S/o and s/w Richard Mabbott, B/o and s/w William and Rebecca Mabbott
Mabbott, Joseph, d. 16 May 1862, age 22 yrs
Mabbott, Rebecca, d. 7 Apr 1836, age 6 mths, D/o and s/w Richard Mabbott, Sister of and s/w William and Charles Mabbott
Mabbott, Richard, d. 31 Mar 1857, age 56 yrs, F/o and s/w Rebecca, William and Charles Mabbott
Mabbott, William, d. 18 Aug 1846 age 9 yrs, S/o and s/w Richard Mabbott, B/o and s/w Rebecca and Charles Mabbott
Mandry, Dorothy, b. 1923, d. 2002, W/o Frederick
Mandry, Frederick Arthur, b. 1926, d. 1995
Mansfield, Connie, b. 1912, d. 2002
Marriott, William, d. 2 Mar 1909, age 57 yrs
Marshall, Francis William, d. 7 Apr 1973, age 64 yrs, S/w Lucy Marshall
Marshall, Lucy, d. 20 Jun 1967, age 79 yrs, S/w Francis William Marshall
Mason, Annie Elizabeth, d. 5 Jul 2007, age 97 yrs, 'MBE', W/o and s/w John Kenneth Mason
Mason, John Kenneth, d. 7 Sep 1984, H/o and s/w Annie Elizabeth Mason
Maw, John, d. 17 Mar 1?49 age 3? Yrs
Maw, Susan, b. 10 Aug 1865, d. 11 May 1882, W/o Thomas Maw
Maw, Thomas, d. 30 Jun 1862, age ?5 yrs
Maw, William, d. Apr 18?9, S/o Thomas and ? Maw
Meggitt, Ada Lily, d. 19 Jun 1?15, age 40 yrs, Place of death. Norwich, D/o and s/w George and Elizabeth Meggitt
Meggitt, Elizabeth, d. 15 Apr 1911, age. 61 yrs, Place of death. Norwich, M/o and s/w Ada Lily Meggitt, W/o and s/w George Meggitt
Meggitt, George, d. 9 Feb 1907, age 60 yrs, F/o and s/w Ada Lily Meggitt, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Meggitt
Mellor, George, d. 15 Aug 1950, age 7 yrs, 'Tragically killed', S/o Walter and Hilda Mellor
Mellor, Hilda, d. 9 Jun 1973
Mellor, Walter, (No date)
Melville, Douglas Montagu Leslie, b. 12 Feb 1886, d. 26 Apr 1886
Melville, Frederick Abel Leslie, b. 17 Sep 1838, d. 14 Apr 1908, age 70 yrs, 'S/o Honourable A. Leslie Melville, Branston Hall. Reverend. Canon of Lincoln Cathedral and for 41 years rector of Welbourn'
Merrin, Ann (nee Lunn), d. 31 Dec 1864, age 65(?) yrs, W/o John Merrin of Elston, Eldest d/o William and Jane Lunn
Metheringham Gladys, d. 1 Oct 1993, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w Herbert Metheringham
Metheringham, Arthur Hilton, d. 27 Jan 1972, age 79 yrs, H/o and s/w Freda Fanny Metheringham
Metheringham, Freda Fanny, d. 8 Apr 1991, age 92 yrs, W/o and s/w Arthur Hilton Metheringham
Metheringham, Herbert, d. 9 Jan 1999, age 74 yrs, H/o and s/w Gladys Metheringham
Miller, Harriett, d. 21 Mar 1961, age 72 yrs
Minnitt, Frances, d. 26 Mar 1854, age 78 yrs
Minnitt, George, d. 22 Jun 1847, age 73 yrs
Minnitt, Henry, d. 21 Dec 1884, age 74 yrs, H/o Elizabeth Minnitt
Minnitt, Maria, d. 18??, age 41 yrs, W/o Henry Minnitt
Minnitt, Sarah, d. 1??1, D/o ?? and Sarah Minnitt
Minnitt, Sarah, d. 30 Nov 1857, age 41 yrs, W/o George Minnitt
Minnitt, William, d. 2 Jan 1841, age 28 yrs
Mitton, Catherine, d. 16 Mar 1863, age 60 yrs, W/o Robert Mitton
Mitton, Elizabeth, d. 20 Jul 1819, age 82 yrs, W/o and s/w John Mitton
Mitton, John, d. 11 Oct 1816, age 77 yrs, 'Late of Doddington in this county', H/o and s/w Elizabeth Mitton
Mitton, Robert, b. 31 Aug 1801, d. 14 Dec 1878
Mitton, William, d. 26 Feb 1856, age 83 yrs
Morley, Eleanor, d. 24 Mar 1828, age 60 yrs, W/o Joseph Morley, Surgeon, M/o and s/w Mary Brown Morley, (IC)
Morley, Mary Brown, d. 12 Oct 1805, age 7 mths, D/o and s/w Eleanor Morley, (IC)
Musson, Alice, d. 11 Oct 1953, age ?5 yrs, W/o and s/w William Thomas Musson
Musson, Arthur, d. 2 Jan 1973, age 42 yrs, H/o and s/w Dorothy Musson
Musson, Betsy, d. 15 Oct 1925, age 87 yrs, W/o and s/w William Musson
Musson, Dorothy, d. 29 Jan 1994, age 90 yrs, W/o and s/w Arthur Musson
Musson, Dorothy, d. 8 Dec 1948, age 52 yrs, W/o and s/w William Musson
Musson, Emily, d. 16 May 1911, age 32 yrs, D/o William and Betsy Musson
Musson, Margaret, d. 16 May 1893, age 31 yrs, W/o William Musson
Musson, William Thomas, d. 29 Sep 1947, H/o and s/w Alice Musson
Musson, William, d. 10 Mar 1937, age 41 yrs, H/o and s/w Dorothy Musson
Musson, William, d. 14 Mar 1914, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Betsy Musson
Muxlow, Ann, d. 25 Feb 1902, age 80 yrs, W/o and s/w James Muxlow
Muxlow, James, d. 1 Jun 1899, age 82 yrs, 'of Welbourne', H/o and s/w Ann Muxlow
Muxlow, Olive, d. 17 Feb 1959, age 92 yrs, W/o and s/w Rueben Muxlow
Muxlow, Reuben Thomas, d. 26 Dec 1959, age 65 yrs
Muxlow, Rueben ?o??, d. 11 Feb 1908
Muxlow, Rueben, d. 10 Jul 1949, age 86 yrs, H/o and s/w Olive Muxlow
Need, Rachel, d. 2 Sep 1929, (IC)
Newton, Arthur, d. 14 May 1973, age 73 yrs
Newton, Mary (nee Birkell), d. 19 Oct 1834, age 33 yrs, W/o Thomas Newton, D/o Richard and Elizabeth Birkell of Barnby
Norris, Annie, d. 26 Dec 2003, age 92 yrs, W/o and s/w Gerald Arthur Norris
Norris, George, d. Jan 18??, H/o and s/w Melicent Norris S/w Charles Lamb, Anne Lamb and George Lamb
Norris, Gerald Arthur, d. 25 Sep 1984, age 75 yrs, H/o and s/w Annie Norris
Norris, Melicent, d. May 18??, W/o and s/w George Norris S/w Charles Lamb, Anne Lamb and George Lamb
Norton, David, b. 1875, d. 1950, H/o and s/w Eliza Norton
Norton, Edward, d. 10 Feb 1875, age 38 yrs, H/o Ann Norton
Norton, Eliza, b. 1872, d. 1948, W/o and s/w David Norton
Norton, Susannah, d. 17 May 18??, age 70 yrs, W/o John Norton
O'Neill, Robert Daniel, d. 16 Feb 1988, age 63 yrs
Overton, Harold Stanley, b. 1930, d. 1987, (IC)
Palin, Frances (nee Crosby), d. 9 Dec 856, age 24 yrs, W/o John Palin, D/o Benjamin and Mary Palin
Palin, John, d. 25 May 1833, age 75 yrs
Patchett, Louisa, d. 30 Oct 19?5, age 87 yrs, W/o William Patchett
Peckard, J., d. Aug 1765, age 76 yrs, 'Rector' S/w M. and P. Peckard (Stone is in foreign language) (IC)
Peckard, M., d. 4 Jul 1757, age 58 yrs, S/w J and P Peckard (Stone is in foreign language) (IC)
Peckard, P., d. 1790, (Stone is in foreign language) (IC)
Pick, Eleanor Mary, d. 18 Feb 1963, age 84 yrs, W/o and s/w John Pick
Pick, John Austen, d. 2 Dec 1968, age 56 yrs, Brother-in-law of and s/w James William Cook, B/o and s/w Eleanor Cook
Pick, John, d. 28 Mar 1946, age 70 yrs, S/w Eleanor Mary Pick
Picker, George, d. 23 Feb 1914, age 82 yrs, H/o and s/w Jane Picker
Picker, Jane, d. 18 May 1901, age 61 yrs, W/o and s/w George Picker
Pickerin, Charlotte, d. 21 May 1?35, age 8? yrs
Pickerin, George, d. 17 Mar 18??, age 85 yrs, S/w Charlotte Pickerin
Pimblett, Charles Bradburn, b. 18 Jan 1866, d. 28 Jun 1949, 'M. A. Priest', H/o and s/w Edith Ann Pimblett
Pimblett, Edith Ann, b. 8 Sep 1972, d. 2 Dec 1954, W/o and s/w Charles Bradburn Pimblett
Po?ter, Ernest E. W., (not readable)
Preston, Ella May, d. 31 Dec 1971, age 77 yrs, W/o and s/w Ernest Preston
Preston, Ernest, d. 31 ??? 19?7, age 8? Yrs, H/o and s/w Ella May Preston
Preston, Hannah, d. 1 Jan 1886, age 73yrs, W/o and s/w William Preston, Sister of and s/w Mary Bramley
Preston, William, d. 1 Sep 1877, age 68 yrs, H/o and s/w Hannah Preston, S/w Mary Bramley
Priestley, Catherine, d.4 Jun 1829
Priestley, Charles, b. 1916, d. 1997
Puckridge, Jonathan S., d. 17 Mar 1?38, 'of this parish'
Randall, Jonathan, d. 8 Aug 1886, age 75 yrs
Randall, Susan, d. 12 Aug 1891, age 68 yrs, W/o and s/w William Randall
Randall, William, d. 8 Aug 188, age 72 yrs, H/o and s/w Susan Randall
Richardson, Benjamin, d. 8 Jan 1967, age 89 yrs, S/w Miriam Richardson
Richardson, Kenneth Charles, b. 1925, d. 2002, H/o Gladys
Richardson, Miriam, d. 21 Nov 1961, age 85 yrs, S/w Benjamin Richardson
Ridghillam, John, d. 31 Dec 181, 'Rector of Welbourne', H/o and s/w Millicent Ridghillam, (IC)
Ridghillam, Millicent, d. 4 Aug 1817, age, W/o and s/w John Ridghillam, (IC)
Riley, Henrietta, d. 3 Jan 1696, W/o Robert Riley of Welbourn,(IC)
Rinder, Arthur, d. 16May 1871, age 18 yrs, Place of death Para?? Bra?il, Eldest S/o Joseph and Sarah Rinder, S/w Reginald Toynbee Rinder
Rinder, Reginald(?) Toynbee, d. 25 Dec 1868, S/w Arthur Rinder
Robert, Sidney, d. 7 Dec 1947, age 22 yrs
Roberts, Leslie John, d. 17 Sep 1993, age 73 yrs, S/w Olga May Roberts
Roberts, Olga May, d. 18 Jan 1993, age 69 yrs, S/w Leslie John Roberts
Roberts, William Edward, d. 11 Nov 1943, age 89 yrs
Robertson, Ann Dexter, d. 16 Jan 1893, age 63 yrs, S/w Thomas Charles and Susan Georgina Robertson
Robertson, Susan Georgina, d. Feb 1874, age 4 yrs, D/o T. and ? Robertson, S/w Ann Dexter and Thomas Charles Robertson
Robertson, Thomas Charles, d. 26 Dec 1903, S/w Ann Dexter and Susan Georgina Robertson
Robertson, William Robert, b. 29 Jan 1860, Place of birth. Welbourn, d. 12 Feb 1933, 'Baronet, GC.B, GCMG, GCVO, D.S.O, DCL, OXON, LLD, CANTAB, This tablet representing a portion of a memorial fund raised by Lincolnshire men and old comrades and friends in all parts of the British Empire, is here place to perpetuate the remembrance of a great soldier, who by his own indomitable energy, resource, skill and judgement accomplished the distinction of rising from a Trooper in the 16th Lancers to the rank of Field Marshall. His varied and distinguished service included: the North West frontier of India 1895: South Africa 1899-1900: Commander of the staff college 1910-1913: In the Great War QuaterMaster General and Chief of the Genera Staff 1914-1915: and Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1915-1918: also General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Army of the Rhine 1919-1920', Interred at Brookwood Cemetery
Robins, Major Noel Bendor, b. 1914, d. 1996, Nickname. Ben
Robinson, Laura, d. 9 Mar 1960, W/o Eric Robinson, S/w William Eric Robinson
Robinson, Susan, d. 30 Aug 1956, age 80 yrs, S/w William Robinson
Robinson, William Eric, d. 18 Sep 1960, age 56 yrs, S/w Laura Robinson
Robinson, William, d. 25 Dec 1922, age 48 yrs, S/w Susan Robinson
Rook, Charlotte Ann, d. 3 Jun 1959, age 78 yrs, S/w John William Rook
Rook, Ernest William, d. 22 Jul 2004, age 90 yrs
Rook, John William, d. 19 Apr 1963, age 86 yrs, S/w Charlotte Ann Rook
Rossington, Charles Henry, d.21 Apr 1887, age 18 yrs, S/o Richard and Martha Rossington of Welbourn, S/w Martha Rossington
Rossington, Letitia, d. Nov 18?5, age 5 yrs, W/o Richard Rossington
Rossington, Martha, d. 8 Nov 1894, age 50 yrs, W/o Richard Rossington, S/w Charles Henry Rossington
Rossington, Mary, d. 16 ??? 18?6, age 72 yrs, S/w William Rossington
Rossington, Richard, d. 29 Sep 1883, age 70 yrs, 'H/o Elizabeth Rossington of Welbourn
Rossington, William, age 82 yrs, S/w Mary Rossington
Rowen-Harris, Enid, b. 1908, d. 2001, (ashes)
Rowson, Dolly, b. 1898, d. 1980
Sandale, Sarah, d. 4 May 1851, age 76 yrs, H/o and s/w Thomas Sandale
Sandale, Thomas, d. Jan 1822 age 44 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Sandale
Sayer, G. Allan, b. 11 Aug 1941, d. 6 Nov 1990, 'Never forgotten, Dot, Carl, Russel, Martin'
Scott, Emily, d. 20 Sep 1961, age 75 yrs, W/o and s/w John Scott
Scott, John, d. 27 Oct 1958, age 76 yrs, H/o and s/w Emily Scott
Selby, Doris Margaret, b. Nov 1922, d. Aug 2004
Selby, John Richard, d. 1920, d. 24 Oct 1998
Sewards, Ann, d. 6 May 1906, age 65 yrs, W/o and s/w George Sewards
Sewards, Fanny, d. 23 Oct 1866, age 13 yrs, Eldest d/o Henry and Mary Elizabeth Sewards, S/w three sons of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Sewards who died in infancy
Sewards, George, d. 31 Aug 1918, age 76 yrs, H/o and s/w Ann Sewards
Sewards, Mary, d. 26 Sep 1847, age 78 yrs, W/o and s/w Robert Sewards
Sewards, Robert, d. 30 Dec 1836, age 77 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Sewards
Sharpe, Joseph, d. 28 Jun 1914, age 66 yrs, Place of death. Leadenham, H/o Mary Ann Sharpe
Sharpe, Lizzie, d. 27 Mar 1903, age ?7 yrs, D/o Joseph and Mary A. Sharpe
Sharpe, St??, d. 2? May 18??
Sharpe, William Gretton, d. 8 Jan 1968, age 79 yrs
Shaw, David, b. 26 Dec 1815, Place of birth. Welbourn, d. 13 May 1876, Place of death. St Bartholomew Hospital, London
Shaw, Drusilla, b. 3 Nov 1819, Place of birth. Dunsby, d. 5 Feb 1881, Place of death. Welbourn, 'Erected by her son W. D. Shaw of Redfern N.S.W. Australia', M/o and s/w William Shaw
Shaw, Elizabeth, d. 29 Apr 1869,age 88 yrs, W/o William Shaw
Shaw, Emma, d. 1? Sep 1856, age 38 yrs, D/o William and Elizabeth Shaw, S/w Thomas Shaw
Shaw, Frederick, d. 27 Aug 1847,age 23 yrs, Place of death. Blyth, Northumberland, S/w William Shaw
Shaw, Thomas, d.5 Nov 18?7, age 37 yrs, Place of death. Bidwells Bar, California, S/w Emma Shaw
Shaw, William, d. 31 Aug 1921, Place of death. Sydney N.S.W, Elder s/o and s/w Drusilla Shaw
Shaw, William, d. 4 Sep 152, age 43 yrs, S/o William and Elizabeth Shaw, S/w Fredrick Shaw
Shepherd, Edna Mary, d. 3 Dec 1976, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w John Shepherd
Shepherd, Elizabeth, d. 4 Aug 1895, age 75 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Shepherd
Shepherd, John, d. 1 Oct 1980, age 81 yrs, Nickname. Jack
Shepherd, Mary, d. 16 Jan 1837, age 47 yrs, W/o Thomas Shepherd, S/w William Shepherd
Shepherd, Thomas, d. 20 Nov 1886, age 64 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Shepherd
Shepherd, William, d. 4 May 1848, age 27 yrs, S/w Mary Shepherd
Sibcy, Robert, d. Sep 1826, age 65 yrs
Sibcy, Sarah, W/o Robert Sibcy
Slater, Sarah, d. 13 Dec 1905. Age 57 yrs, W/o and s/w William Slater
Slater, William, d. 8 Feb 1894, age 53 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Slater
Smith, Alfred D., d. 14 Aug 1941, age 74 yrs, H/o and s/w Clara Alice Smith
Smith, Clara Alice, d. 24 Dec 1951, age 81 yrs, W/o and s/w Alfred D. Smith
Smith, Eliza (nee Barker), d. 26 May 1898, age 25 yrs, Place of death. Welbourn, D/o James and Jane Barker
Smith, Lucy, d. 26 Aug 1964, age 77 yrs, W/o and s/w William T. Smith
Smith, Margot Frances Walker (nee Barber), D/o and s/w Dorothy Ellen Barber
Smith, William T., d. 16 Oct 1956, age 71 yrs, H/o and s/w Lucy Smith
Snowden, Elizabeth, d. 7 May 1882, age 68 yrs
Snowden, William, d. 22 Dec 1867, age 23 yrs, 'of Wellingore'
Sowter, Hannah, d. 25 Jun 1946, W/o and s/w William Sowter
Sowter, William, d. 26 Mar 1936, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Hannah Sowter
Stansfield, Henry Nutter, b. 1907, d. 1990, S/w Marion Stansfield
Stansfield, Marion, b. 1910, d. 2006, S/w Henry Nutter Stansfield
Steevens, Francis, d. 6 Sep 1709, age 34 yrs, 'Late rector of this church', (IC)
Stone, Pal, b. 1920, d. 1957
Storer, Edna, b. 1908, d. 1988
Streeter Mabel Lillie, b. 1916, d. 2002, S/w Harry Streeter
Streeter, Harry, b. 1911, d. 1999, S/w Mabel Lillie Streeter
Strong, Frederick William, d. 24 Mar 1983, age 6? yrs, H/o and s/w Margaret Mary Strong
Strong, Margaret Mary, d. 1 Apr 1980, age 68 yrs, W/o and s/w Frederick William Strong
Swaby, Marjorie, b. 1903 d. 1986, (ashes)
Taylor, Susan, d. 1 Jan 1???
Thacker, George, d. 11 Sep 1827, age 68 yrs, H/o and s/w Jane Thacker
Thacker, Jane, d. 24 Nov 1864, age ?9 yrs, W/o and s/w George Thacker
Thompson, Arthur, b. 13 Feb 1937, d. 22 Apr 2006
Thompson, Elizabeth, S/w Mary Thompson
Thompson, George, d. 28 Jun 186?, age 58 yrs
Thompson, George, d. 28 May 1890, Place of death. Wellingore, age 61 yrs,
Thompson, Mary, age ?4 yrs, W/o George Thompson, S/w Elizabeth Thompson
Thompson, Mary, age. Infant, D/o and s/w Rebecca Thompson
Thompson, Mary, d. 15 Jul 186?, age 77 yrs 'Late of Caythorpe'
Thompson, Rebecca, d. 5 Jul 1800, age 26 yrs, W/o George Thompson, M/o and s/w Mary Thompson
Topham, Elizabeth, d. 22 Apr 1948, age 90 yrs, W/o and s/w Walter Topham
Topham, Newcombe, d.17 Jun 1911,age 89 yrs, W/o and s/w William Topham
Topham, Robert, d. 4 May 1883, age 70 yrs
Topham, Walter, d. 16 Dec 1914, age 54 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Topham
Topham, William, d. 3 Sep 188, age 68 yrs, H/o and s/w Newcombe Topham
Townsend, Harry, (No dates on memorial)
Tunnard, Harriet Maria, d. 29 Apr 1883, D/o Charles and Frances Maria Tunnard
Wakefield, Albert, d. 24 Jan 1990, age 84 yrs
Wakefield, Lucy, d. 5 Jan 1980, age 68 yrs
Walden, Kathleen, b. 1926, d. 1990
Ward, Christiana, d. 22 May 1879, age 73 yrs
Ward, Dennis William, d. Jul 1936, age 3 or 8 yrs
Ward, Elizabeth, d. 18 Dec 1825, W/o and s/w Richard Ward
Ward, George William, d. 24 Sep 1943, age 83 yrs, H/o and s/w Maria Ward
Ward, John, d. 1?57, age 69 yrs, H/o and s/w Mary Ward
Ward, Maria, d. 5 Feb 1932, age 69 yrs, W/o and s/w George William Ward
Ward, Mary Ann, d.2 Oct 1975, W/o and s/w Thomas Henry Ward
Ward, Mary, d. Nov 1878, age 88 yrs, W/o and s/w John Ward
Ward, Richard, d. 2 Jun 1837, age 88 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Ward
Ward, Stanley B., d. 18 Apr 1968, age 49 yrs, H/o Ann Ward
Ward, Thomas Henry, d. 8 Oct 1970, H/o and s/w Mary Ann Ward
Ward, Thomas, d. 2 Mar 1873, age 25(?) yrs, Nephew of Samuel and Ann Harvey
Ward, William, d. 4 Feb 18??
Warner, Reginald, d. 22 Jun 1949, age 37 yrs
Way, Charlotte Handley, d. 4 Feb 1859, Place of death. St. Austle, Cornwall, W/o John Way Esq. M.B., D/o Francis Brown and Frances Conington, S/w Frances Conington and Frances Handley Wickham (IC)
Welby, Ann, d. 28 Oct 1804, Second d/o and s/w Richard Welby, (IC)
Welby, Ann, d. 3 Nov 1805, age 78 yrs, W/o Richard Welby (IC)
Welby, Richard, d. 8 Mar 1780, age 67 yrs, F/o and s/w Ann Welby, (IC)
Wells, Albert, d. 1965
Wells, Fountain, b. 20 Jan 1868, d. 15 Feb 1920, S/w R?? ??
Wickham, Frances Handley, d. 12 May 1868, Place of death. Batcombe, Somersetshire, W/o Henry T. Wickham, D/o Francis Brown and Frances Conington, S/w Frances Conington and Charlotte Handley Way, (IC)
Wilberforce, Enid, d. 6 Feb 1979, age 67 yrs
Wilkinson, Albert, b. 1897, d. 15 Jan 1986, age 88 yrs, '40 years verger and bellringer of this church', S/w Muriel Mabel Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Arabella, d. 26 Apr 1945, age 85 yrs, W/o and s/w Thomas Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Edwin Guy, d. 8 Jul 1999, age 77 yrs
Wilkinson, Edwin Ivan, d. 12 Dec 1981, age 86 yrs, H/o and s/w Olive Gladys Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Elizabeth, d. 21 Dec 1849, age ?9 yrs, W/o William Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Muriel Mabel, d. 2 Feb 1974, age 66 yrs, S/w Albert Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Olive Gladys, d. 10 Apr 1980, age 85 yrs, W/o and s/w Edwin Ivan Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Thomas, d. 7 Mar 1937, age 78 yrs, H/o and s/w Arabella Wilkinson
Williams, Catherine, b. 1938, d. 1991
Williams, Sylvia, b. 1921, d. 1993
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 23 May 1955, age 82 yrs
Wilson, Esther, d. 11 Jun 1902, age 86 yrs, W/o and s/w John Wilson
Wilson, John, d. 26 Jan 1897, age 85 yrs, H/o and s/w Esther Wilson
Woodthorpe,John George, d. 27 Oct 1879, age 18 yrs
Woodward, C., b. 1907, d. 1984 (ashes)
Woodward, W. K., b. 1908, d. 1980, (ashes)
Woolfitt, Frances, W/o Richard Woolfitt
Woolfitt, John, d. 19 Feb 18?9, age 35 yrs
Woolfitt, Richard, d. Jul 1???
Woolfitt, Thomas, d. 8 Oct 182?
Woolfitt, William, d. 20 Jul 1806, age 24 yrs, S/o Richard and Frances Woolfitt
Woolmer, James Lawrence, d. 28 Jan 1963, age 38 yrs
Wyles, Arthur Lesley, b. 1915, d. 1999, S/w Doris Margaret Wyles
Wyles, Doris Margaret, b. 1914, d. 1991, S/w Arthur Lesley Wyles


64 not readable

??, ??, d. 1965, S/w George Robert Hodson
??, Annie, d. 8 Mar 1876, age 92 yrs, S/w Martha and Thomas Clawson
??, Doris, S/w Les ??
??, Elizabeth, d.186?, age ?3 yrs, W/o and s/w ?? ??n ??kin
??, Elsie, S/w John Booth and Violet ??
??, Frances, d. Aug 187?
??, Fred, (Not readable)
??, Henry, (Not readable)
??, James, (Not readable)
??, Jennie, (Rest of stone is buried)
??, John, (IC) (Not readable)
??, Les, S/w Doris ??
??, Mary, d. Sep 18??, W/o ?? ??
??, R??, d. 15 Aug 1951, S/w Fountain Wells
??, Violet, d. Jul 198?, S/w John Booth and Elsie
??kin, ?? n, d. 18??, H/o and s/w Elizabeth ??
??mr?son, George, d. 1832
??tton, William, d. Feb 1???
C. F., d. 1889
C. L., d. 1884
C., E., d. 1913
C., F., d. 1859
C., G., d. 1916
C., M. A., d. 1884
Cha??, Richard, d. 17??
Elso?, John, (not readable)
F., C. G., d. 1993
F., I. S., d. 1993
F., W. H. R., d. 1993
Ha??am, Elizabeth, d. 16 Jul 1833, age 8 yrs, W/o William Ha??am
Harr??, E??ia, d. 13 Feb 1???
M??, Jane, d. Apr 1???, age 76 yr, W/o Benjamin M??
Maw, ??, d. 27 Sep 1???
N. H., d. 1878
S., G., 1895
T., W., d. 1894

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