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Saint Clement Churchyard
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Saint Clement Churchyard
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Saint Clement Churchyard
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Saint Clement Churchyard
Rowston, Lincolnshire County, England

Contributed by Shelley Clack, Jun 30, 2008, last edited Jul 13, 2008 [sclack@tiscali.co.uk]. Total records = 94.

Saint Clement Churchyard is located at Church Lane, Rowston, Lincolnshire, LN4 3LT. The main access road is the B1188.

The churchyard is well maintained. Burials are primarily to the front of the church, with a few at the back. The churchyard is no longer used for burials.

This is a full listing of all visible gravestones. It was recorded on Aug 19, 2007. There are several unmarked graves.

- Shelley Clack
Allen, Albert, d. 28 Jul 1918, age 66 yrs, s/w Herbert Allen
Allen, Herbert, d. 2 Sep 1918, age 75 yrs, s/w Albert Allen
Blackbourn, Charles, 8 Dec 1874, age 62 yrs
Blackbourn, Charles, age 17 yrs
Blackbourn, George, d. 17 Apr 1890, age 20 yrs, Place of death. Lincoln
Blackbourn, George, d. 18 Jan 1848, age 30 yrs
Blackbourn, John, d. 2 Apr 1867, age 64 yrs
Blackbourn, John, d. 23 Jun 1886, age 45 yrs, 'Who died at sea', Eldest s/o and s/w John Blackbourn
Blackbourn, John, d. 24 Mar 1894, age 84 yrs, Place of death. Heckington, 'of Rowston', F/o and s/w John Blackbourn
Blackbourn, Sarah, d. 16 Aug 1860, age 50 yrs, d/o John and Sarah Blackbourn 'of Rowston'
Blackbourn, Sarah, d. 7 Jan 1878, age 42 yrs, w/o Charles Blackbourn
Bradshaw, Freeman, d. 13 Mar 1888, age 24 yrs, Place of death. Lincoln
Bristow, George, d. 9 Sep 1852, age 67 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Bristow
Bristow, Mary, d. 13 May 1860, age 59 yrs, w/o and s/w George Bristow
Coulson, Sarah, d. 15 Ju? 18?4, age 21 yrs, w/o William Coulson
Doughty, John, Not readable
Doughty, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1890, age 55 yrs
Foston, Joseph, d. 7 Jul 1873, age 64 yrs
Foston, Sophia, d. 18?4, age ?5 yrs, 'of ? Grange'
Franklin, Sarah, d. 15 May 1921, w/o John G Franklin
Gill, Ann, age 7? yrs
Gill, Ann, d. 27 Jun 1863, age 58 yrs, w/o and s/w John Gill
Gill, John, d. 1 Oct 1873, age 72 yrs, h/o and s/w Ann Gill
Gill, Judith, d. 20 Oct 1863, age 36 yrs, 'who died at S???by'
Herd, David, d. 26 Jan 1855, age 23 yrs, s/o William and Mercey Herd, s/w John and Mary Herd
Herd, John, age Infant, s/o William and Mercey Herd, s/w David and Mary Herd
Herd, Mary, age Infant, s/o William and Mercey Herd, s/w David and John Herd
Herd, Mercy, d. Apr 1860(?), age 73 yrs, w/o William Herd
Herd, Robert, d. 12 Jul 1838, age 22 yrs, s/o and s/w William Herd
Herd, William, d. 31 Dec 1840, age 60 yrs, F/o and s/w Robert Herd
Hole, James, b. 31 May 1790, d. 16 Oct 1849
Hole, Sarah, b. 21 May 1797, d. 23 Oct 1875
Holt, George, b. 6 Aug 1832, d. 6 May 1890
Jessup, ?, age. Infant, s/w William, William, Copping and Ann Jessup
Jessup, Ann, age Infant, s/w William, William, Copping and ? Jessup
Jessup, Charles, d. 5 Jan 1894, age 76 yrs, Place of death. Lincoln
Jessup, Copping, d. 3 Sep 1846, s/w William, William, Ann and ? Jessup
Jessup, Sarah, d. 2? Nov 1895, age 64 yrs, 'of Rowston'
Jessup, William, d. 17 Jan 1842, age 28 yrs, s/w William, Copping, Ann and ? Jessup
Jessup, William, d. 2 Apr 1848, age 74 yrs, s/w William, Copping, Ann and ? Jessup
Lewty, ? Alice, unreadable
Lewty, Emily, d. 19?0, w/o Walter Lewty
Lewty, Ha?, d. 1878
Lewty, Thomas ?, 'Vicar of this parish 38 years'
Lewty, Walter, age 78 yrs, 'Vicar of this parish 1907-1949
Love, Sarah Jane, b. 11 Mar 1841, d. 10 Mar 1???
Lunn, Emma Jane, d. Aug 1857, age 4 mths, d/o William and Mary Lunn
Lunn, Emma, d. 1? Oct 1850, age 11 mths, d/o John Lunn, Sister of John ? Lunn and Sarah Ann Lunn, s/w all
Lunn, John M, d. May 1849, age 7 mths, d/o John Lunn, B/o Sarah Ann Lunn and Emma Lunn, s/w all
Lunn, John, d. 29 Jul 1851, age 28 yrs, F/o and s/w Sarah Ann Lunn, John ? Lunn and Emma Lunn
Lunn, Sarah Ann, d. 2? Jan 18??, age 5 mths, d/o John Lunn, Sister of John ? Lunn and Emma Lunn, s/w all
Lunn, Sarah Jane, d/o William and Mary Lunn
Mackinder, ?, d. 20 Aug 178?, age 68 yrs, w/o John Mackinder
Mackinder, Charles, age Infant, s/o and s/w Hunter Mackinder
Mackinder, Draper, d. 19 ??? 1799, age 47 yrs
Mackinder, Elizabeth, d. 4 Mar 1832, age 71 yrs, w/o Draper Mackinder
Mackinder, Hunter, d. 9 Aug 1829, age 36 yrs, F/o and s/w Charles Mackinder
Mackinder, Jane, d. Aug 1839, age 63 yrs, w/o John Mackinder
Mackinder, John, age 70 yrs
Mackinder, John, b. 4 Aug 1831, d. 18 Dec 1910
Mackinder, John, d. 17 Feb 1777, age 64 yrs
Mackinder, Sarah, d. 12 Dec 1884, age 80 yrs, w/o and s/w William Mackinder
Mackinder, William, d. 4 Dec 1882, age 87 yrs, h/o and s/w Sarah Mackinder
Marriner, ?olisa, d. 1915, w/o and s/w George Taylor Marriner 'of Rowston Manor'
Marriner, George Taylor, b. 26 ??? 1872, d. 19??, h/o and s/w ?olisa Marriner
Marriot, Mary, w/o Richard Marriot
Marshall, Ann, d. 22 May 1817, age 60 yrs, w/o William Marshall, s/w 3 infant children
Marshall, Freeman, d. 14 Feb 1875, age 82 yrs
Marshall, Mary, b. 15 Jul 1797, d. 11 Oct 1884, w/o Freiman(?) Marshall
Marshall, Sarah, d. 26 May 1846, age 63 yrs, w/o Freeman Marshall
Marshall, William, d. 21 Mar 1829, age 77 yrs
Mitton, Lavina, d. 8 Mar 1845, age 13 yrs, d/o William and Sophia Mitton
Mitton, Sophia, d. 10 Jun 1881, age 77 yrs, w/o and s/w William Mitton
Mitton, William, d. 13 Jul 1886, age 83 yrs, Place of death. Digby, h/o and s/w Sophia Mitton
Ogden, Betsy, d. 22 Aug 1930, age 75 yrs, w/o and s/w Charles Ogden
Ogden, Charles, d. 1936, h/o and s/w Betsy Ogden
Phillips, Ann Rebecca, d. 17 May 190?, age 61 yrs, w/o and s/w Mark Phillips
Phillips, Mark, d. 16 Apr 19?1, age 68 yrs, 'of Sheffield House Rowston', h/o and s/w Ann Rebecca Phillips
Phillips, Mary, d. 29 Jan 1877, age ?3 yrs, s/w William Phillips
Phillips, William, d. 11 Jun 1865, age 65 yrs, s/w Mary Phillips
Sewards, Elizabeth Mackinder, d. 29 Jan 1847, age 12 yrs
Sewards, George, d. 20 Oct 1872, age 72 yrs
Sewards, William Hardy, b. 6 Mar 1838, d. 23 Jul 1909, 'Youngest and surviving s/o George and Susannah Sewards of Billingborough'
Sharp, Mary (nee Smith), d. 1 Jan 1883, age 47 yrs, w/o Isaac Sharp, d/o James and Frances Smith
Sharpe, Mary, d. 24 Nov 1862, age 57 yrs, w/o and s/w Samuel Sharpe
Sharpe, Samuel, d. 1? Nov 1886, age 6 yrs, 'of Ashby De La Launde', h/o and s/w Mary Sharpe
Smith, James, d. 16 Jul 1894, age 81 yrs, 'Fell asleep'
Sutton, Donald Phillips, B. 13 Sep 1894, d. 16 Mar 1895
Sutton, Frederick, d. 22 Mar 1906, age 44 yrs, 'of Rowston Top'
Taylor, George, d. 1900, age 7? yrs, h/o and s/w Hannah Taylor
Taylor, Hannah, d. 5 Apr 1903, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w George Taylor
Twinberry, Hannah, d. 10 Nov 1845, age 87 yrs, w/o William Twinberry
Twinberry, William, d. 10 Nov 1829, age 77 yrs
Wallis, Eleanor, d. 19 Aug 1852, age 6? yrs, d/o Draper and Elizabeth Mackinder


24 Unreadable
??, George, Unreadable
??, Sheila, urn only has first name
??vill, ?, d. 18?8, age 73 yrs
?a??ch, John, d. 1?20, h/o and s/w Mary ?a??ch
?a??ch, Mary, d. 1?22, age 8? yrs w/o and s/w John ?a??ch
M, L., d. 1845
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