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Saint Benedict Churchyard
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Saint Benedict Churchyard
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Saint Benedict Churchyard
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Saint Benedict Churchyard
Horncastle, Lincolnshire County, England

Scrivelsby, Horncastle, LN9 6AJ

Contributed by Shelley Clack, Jun 16, 2008, last edited Jul 02, 2008 [sclack@tiscali.co.uk]. Total records = 115.

This Saint Benedict churchyard is located at Scrivelsby, Horncastle, LN9 6AJ. It is on the land of the Scrivelsby Estate. To visit, take the A53 south from Horncastle and turn onto the B1183. You have to walk across a sheep field to access the church.

Please ensure you close the gate to the field. There are no legal parking areas in the vicinity of the churchyard, so permission should be obtained. The churchyard is reasonably maintained. Sheep have access to the land. Burials still occur at the site.

This is a list of all visible gravestones I acquired when I visited and recorded on Jun 13, 2008.

- Shelley Clack

Albones, Elizabeth, d. 28 Apr 1859, age 70 yrs, w/o and s/w William Albones
Albones, William, d. 5 Oct 1882, age 88 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Albones
Alston, Frank Simpson, b. 6 Dec 1863, d. 16 May 1935, 'Rector of Scrivelsby with Dalderby 1909 to 1927
Badley, Charles Edward, d. 6 Aug 1992, age 90yrs, s/w Ethel Badley
Badley, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1929, age 72 yrs, s/w Henry Badley
Badley, Ethel, d. 27 Feb 1995, age 90 yrs, s/w Charles Edward Badley
Badley, Henry, d. 16 May 1933, age 77 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Badley
Beverl??, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1834
Beverley, ??n, d. 23 Apr 1834
Beverley, Ann, d. 19 May 18?8, age 18 yrs, d/o Thomas and Ann Beverley
Beverley, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jun 1857, age 50 yrs, w/o John Beverley
Boynton, William, d. 23 Mar 1813, age 20(?) yrs, 'who was slain by a waggon passing over him'
Bryan, Ann, d.17 Apr 1787, age 50 yrs, w/o John Bryan
Bryan, Elizabeth, d. 11 May 1841, age 63 yrs, d/o John and Ann Bryan
Bryan, Elizabeth, d. 29 Dec 1856, age 87 yrs, w/o and s/w John Bryan
Bryan, Hannah, d. 21 Jun 1826, age 55 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Bryan
Bryan, John, d. 13 Jul 17?0
Bryan, John, d. 16 Mar 1814, age 52 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Bryan
Bryan, Thomas, d. 11 Dec 1841, age 71 yrs, 'Late of Horncastle', H/o and s/w Hannah Bryan
Bryant, Edith Lilian Louisa, d. 11 Apr 1997. Age 88 yrs, Nickname. Pete, s/w John Herbert Bryant Newbury
Burrell, G., d. 21 Oct 1917, age 21 yrs, '108443 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery'
Chapman, Charles Edward, b. 26 Aug 1860, d. 23 Aug 1901
Connington, Maria (nee Gilliat), d. 26 Jul 1908, age 85 yrs, d/o Adkin J. Gilliat, Twin sister of and s/w Augusta Floyer, s/w William Henry Gilliat
Dixon, William, d. 20 Nov 1842, age 79 yrs, s/w Mary Knewell Kent
Dymoke, ??, d. 18 Nov 1880, 'w/o Rev. John Dymoke The Honourable The Queens Champion'
Dymoke, Frances Anne, d. 23 Aug 1906, age 40 yrs, w/o F. S. Dymoke
Dymoke, Francis Scaman, d. 2 Jun 1893, age 64 yrs, 'The Honourable the Queens Champion', H/o and s/w Mary Ann Dymoke
Dymoke, Frank Scaman, b. 24 Jul 1862, d. 29 Aug 1945
Dymoke, George Henry Cilmore(?), d. 12 May 1896, age 36 yrs
Dymoke, Henry Lionel, d. 28 Dec 1875, age 42 yrs, 'The Honourable The Queens Champion'
Dymoke, Marion Royce, d. 25 May 1942, w/o Frank Scaman Dymoke
Dymoke, Mary Ann, d. 19 Sep 1922, age 91 yrs, w/o and s/w Francis Scaman Dymoke
Dymoke, Rachel Isabel, b. ?? May 19?0, d. 15 Jan 19??
Elliff, Elizabeth, d. 19 Sep 1754, age 73 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Elliff
Elliff, Thomas, d. 20 Feb 1722, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Elliff
Floyer, Augusta (nee Gilliat), d. 20 Jul 1903, age 80 yrs, d/o Adkin J. Gilliat of Scrafield, w/o J. Wadham Floyer late of Martin in ??, Twin sister of and s/w Maria Connington, s/w William Henry Gilliat
Frankland, Ann, d. Nov 1813, age 44 yrs, w/o Thomas Frankland
Frankland, Thomas, d. 21 Mar 1826, ?7 yrs
Franklin, Elizabeth Eleanor, d. 22 Dec 1909, Place of death. India, 'buried at Ootacamund', s/w Henry John Wiseman, Phillip Henry Franklin and Willingham Franklin
Franklin, Philip Henry, d. 26 Oct 1917, Place of death. Near Ypres, 'Second son…Lieutenant. The Royal North Lancashire Regiment' s/w Henry John Wiseman, Elizabeth Eleanor Franklin and Willingham Franklin
Franklin, Willingham(?), d. Jul 1916(?), Place of death. Battle of the Somme, 'Captain the Lincolnshire Regiment', s/w Henry John Wiseman, Phillip Henry Franklin and Elizabeth Eleanor Franklin
Freeman, Edward, d. 14 Jun 177?, age 7? yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Freeman
Freeman, Sarah, d. 16 Jun 1800, age 84 yrs, w/o Edward Freeman
Freeman, Sarah, d. Nov 1769, w/o and s/w Edward Freeman
Freeman, William, d. 20 Nov 1816, age 59 yrs, s/w Elizabeth ??
Frost, Edmund, d. 24 Dec 1848, age 77 yrs
Frost, John, d. 26 ??? 1???, age 78 yrs, 'after forty years (no readable) Keeper on the s (not readable)'
G??da?, Anna, d. 3 Mar 1841, age 20 yrs
Gilliat, Adkin J., d. 8 Oct 1879, age 86 yrs, 'Scrafield House', H/o and s/w Sarah Gilliat
Gilliat, Ann, d. 31 Jul 18?7, w/o George Gilliat
Gilliat, Elizabeth, d. 1830, age 7? yrs, 'of Horncastle'
Gilliat, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jul 1800, age 71 yrs
Gilliat, Emma Jollands, d. 23 Jul 1906, age 82 yrs, Youngest d/o William and Lucy Gilliat, s/w Lucy, William and Mary Ann Gilliat
Gilliat, Henry, d. 5 Feb 1832, age 30 yrs, s/w Samuel Gilliat
Gilliat, Lucy, d. 11 Jun 1858, age 70 yrs, w/o William Gilliat of Martin, s/w Emma Jollands, William and Mary Ann Gilliat
Gilliat, Mary Ann, d. 25 Aug 1838, age 13 yrs, d/o William and Lucy Gilliat, s/w Emma Jollands, Lucy and William Gilliat
Gilliat, Mary, age 90 yrs, w/o and s/w William Gilliat
Gilliat, Mary, d. 16 May 175?, age 51 yrs, w/o William Gilliat
Gilliat, Samuel, d. Dec 1814, age 4? yrs, 'Surgeon', s/w Henry Gilliat
Gilliat, Sarah, d. 30 Jul 1881, age 88 yrs, w/o and s/w Adkin J. Gilliat
Gilliat, William Henry, d. 28 May 1855, age ?3 yrs, 'of G?? Park, Surrey', s/w Maria Connington and Augusta Floyer
Gilliat, William, d. 1? Nov 18?5, H/o and s/w Mary Gilliat
Gilliat, William, d. 19 Feb 1865, age 70 yrs, Place of death. Martin, s/w Emma Jollands, Lucy and Mary Ann Gilliat
Gilliat, William, d. 25 Sep 1775
Goodin??, Mary, w/o Mr William Goodin??
Hartwell, Emma Jane, d. 1922, s/w Sir Francis Houlton Hartwell
Hartwell, Florence, d. Feb 1958, age 95 yrs, Sister of and s/w Mabel Hartwell
Hartwell, Francis Houlton, d. 26 Sep 1900, 'Sir', s/w Emma Jane Hartwell
Hartwell, Mabel, b. 8 May 1863, d. 22 Sep 1956, Sister of and s/w Florence Hartwell
Ironmonger, Hannah, d. ?8 Nov 1884, age 40 yrs, w/o William Ironmonger of Daldery
Jeffery, Alice Matilda, d. 11 Mar 1870 age 25 yrs, w/o and s/w William Jeffery
Jeffery, Elizabeth, d. 26 Feb 1872, Place of death. Horncastle, w/o Walls Jeffery
Jeffery, Isabel, b. 1873, d. 195?, Sister of and s/w Margaret Jeffery
Jeffery, John, d. 10 Oct 1889, age 59 yrs, H/o and s/w Sarah Emma Jeffery
Jeffery, Margaret, b. 1874, d. 1941, Sister of and s/w Isabel Jeffery
Jeffery, Sarah Emma, d. 2 Nov 1884, age 49 yrs, w/o and s/w John Jeffery
Jeffery, Sarah, d. Mar 18?4, Place of death. Horncastle
Jeffery, William, d. 28 Feb 1884, age 48 yrs, H/o and s/w Alice Matilda Jeffery
Kent, Mary Knewell, d. 18?8, s/w William Dixon
Lacey, Mildred, d. 26 Mar 1799, age 79 yrs
Leggett, William, d. 186?, 'Accidentally killed at Scrivelsby'
Lodge, Ele?? Co??ta?gt, b. 1?57, d. 4 Oct 1???
Lodge, George Edward, b. 1860, d. 5 Feb 1954
Lodge, Mary Beatrice, b. 28 Nov 1861 d. 17 Feb 1947, d/o Rev. Samuel and Mary Lodge
Lodge, Mary, b. 14 Sep 1824, Place of birth. Diss, Norfolk, d. 29 Feb 1916, Place of death. Woodhall Spa, w/o and s/w Rev. Samuel Lodge
Lodge, Samuel, b. 11 Feb 1829, d. 5 Sep 1897, 'Reverend. Prebendary of Lincoln and for thirty years Rector of this parish', H/o and s/w Mary Lodge
Lodge, Walter Magnamara(?), b. 11 Jul 1855, d. 12 Mar 1890
Melton, Charles David, d. 25 Mar 1978, H/o and s/w Daisy Melton
Melton, Daisy, d. 31 Mar 1969, age 67 yrs, w/o and s/w Charles David Melton
Newbury, John Herbert Bryant, d. 8 Jul 1987, age 69 yrs, s/w Edith Lilian Louisa Bryant
Nicholson, Thomas, d. 12 Jul 1829, age 39 yrs, F/o and s/w ?? ??
Oldham, Mary, age ?5 yrs, w/o Thomas Oldham, s/w Thomas and Thomas Oldham
Oldham, Thomas, ?? of Thomas and Mary Oldham, s/w Thomas and Mary Oldham
Oldham, Thomas, d. Nov 18?8, s/w Mary and Thomas Oldham
Rawson, El?a??th, d. 18?8, w/o and s/w Thomas Rawson
Rawson, Elizabeth, d. 26 May 1891, age 80 yrs, Place of death. Horncastle
Rawson, Susanna, d. 9 Jun 1877, age 72 yrs, Place of death Horncastle
Rawson, Thomas, d. 6 Jun 1840, age 75 yrs, s/w El?a??th Rawson
Ross, Carol Mary (nee Scholey), b 25 Dec 1944, Place of birth Home Farm, d. 12 Sep 2007
Scholey, Gladys (nee Parker), b. 5 Mar 1906, d. 17 Oct 1996, 'Who lived at Home Farm for 61 years'
Smith, Caroline, d. 21 Jan 1904, age 8? yrs
Smith, David, d. 9 Dec 1879, age 84 yrs
Smith, Mary, d. 11 Jan 1868, age 72 yrs, w/o David Smith
Smith, William, d. 21 Aug 1900, age 80 yrs
Steeper, Mary, d. 22 Feb 1875, age 69 yrs, Place of death. Roughton, w/o Samuel Steeper
Tasker, Richard, d. 2 Feb 1850, age 30 yrs 'Gamekeeper who was cruelly murdered. This stone was erected as a token of respect to his memory by his late master.'
Thacker, John, d. 1 Dec 18??, age 70 yrs
Vinter, Elizabeth, d. 3 Apr 1934, age 59 yrs, w/o and s/w William Vinter
Vinter, William, d. 4 Jul 1963, age 89 yrs, H/o and s/w Elizabeth Vinter
Wadkin, Bernard, d. 30 Sep 19?2, s/w Mary Elizabeth Wadkin
Wadkin, Mary Elizabeth, d. 9 Jun 1955, s/w Bernard Wadkin
Westoby, Joseph, d. 1?Apr 1874, age 64 yrs, Place of death, Horncastle
Wiseman, Henry John, b. 18 Sep 1841, d. 30 Sep 1908, 'M.A. Rector of Scrivelsby 1902to 1908, Assistant Master at Clifton College 1869 to1902', s/w Elizabeth Eleanor Franklin, Phillip Henry Franklin and Willingham Franklin
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 7 Aug 1913, age 79 yrs, Place of death. S???ness, 'Widow of John Burnett Wright, interred at Scrivelsby 11 Aug 1913'
Wright, John Burnett, d. 24 Mar 188?, age 53 yrs

31 not readable
??, ??, d. 1889
??, ??, d. 2 Aug 1???, aged 61 yrs
??, ??, d. 26 Sep 18?6, D/o an s/w Thomas Nicholson
??, ??, d. 6 Aug 1843, Place of death. Scrivelsby
??, ??, d. Nov, ?? Mary his ??
??, ??n, b. 7 Apr 1???, d. 1865, '?? of John and Sarah Maria ??
??, Elizabeth, (not readable)
??, Elizabeth, s/w William Freeman
??, Lionel, (not readable)
??, Moses, (not readable)
??n, Edward, (not readable)
?o???and, Edward, d. 1819
B???ll, Thomas, d. 28 Oct 1??5, age 68 yrs
Lin?a??, James, d. 20 Jun 188?, age 71 yrs, Ho and s/w Mary Ann Lin?a??
Lin?a??, Mary Ann, d. 1? ??? 1874, age 58 yrs, w/o and s/w James Lin?a??
P?a?lon, ??, W/o Mr Nicholas P?a?lon
Pe??ton, N??, d. 16 ??? 17?4

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