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Gilroes Cemetery
Leicester, Leicesterhire County, England

gilroes cemetery
Gilroes Cemetery

GPS: 52.654914, -1.172253

Groby Rd,
Leicester LE3 9QG, UK

Published: August 12, 2016
Total records: 828

Gilroes Cemetery is owned and operated by Leicester City Council.


Gilroes Cemetery opened in 1902. Since then, the cemetery has seen more than 130,000 burials. It's crematorium is now one of the busiest in the country, carrying out more than 3,000 cremations a year.

Jewish Burials at Gilroes

Records below represent an index of burials at the Jewish section of Gilroes Cemetery. The index was produced by members of the Leicester Hebrew Congregation. More details on these burials may be found by visiting their website at: http://jewish-gilroes.org.uk/

, d. 24-May-1959
ABRAHAMS, Solomon, d. 15-Sep-1947
ALBERT, David, d. 15-Feb-1969
ALCULUMBRE, Daniel, d. 26-Feb-1953
ALCULUMBRE, Judith, d. 06-Dec-1975
ALDRICH, Miriam (Ena), d. 05-May-1978
ALDRICH, Nathan, d. 12-Nov-1982
ALEXANDER, Alfred David, d. 10-Jan-1953
ALEXANDER, HENRY, d. 02-Apr-1949
ALEXANDER, Lena, d. 28-Aug-1961
ALEXANDER, Michael, d. 27-Oct-1954
ALLURED, Annie, d. 15-Aug-1927
ALLURED, Benjamin Abraham, d. 15-Apr-1928
ALLURED, Kate, d. 24-Oct-1946
ALLURED, Male Child, d. 15-May-1912
ALLURED, Rosie, d. 15-Apr-1909
ALOUF, Jacob, d. 01-Dec-1943
ALOUF, Margaret, d. 05-Feb-1991
ALOUF, Mentesh, d. 24-Nov-1968
ALT, Arnold, d. 15-Oct-1944
ALTMAN, Abraham , d. 07-Jan-1973
ALTMAN, Maurice, d. 30-May-1907
ALTMAN, Sarah, d. 22-Apr-1976
ALTON, Barnett, d. 25-Jan-1966
ALTON, Edith, d. 18-Oct-1942
ALTSCHUL, Julia, d. 23-Jun-1969
ALTSCHUL, Robert, b. 30-Aug-1877, d. 30-Nov-1948
APPLE, John, d. 21-Jul-1979
APPLEBAUM, Hetty (Polly), d. 09-Jan-1945
ARNOLD, Marion , d. 11-Aug-1944
ARNOLD , Alfred Hart, d. 11-Aug-1944
ARSHAVSKY, Mary Hilda, d. 29-Nov-1940
ASCHNER, Fanny, d. 15-Mar-1959
BABAD, Elza Dvorah, b. 12-Mar-1898, d. 26-Nov-1969
BABAD, Josef Chaim, d. 01-Mar-1966
BABAD, Leon, b. 10-Oct-1921, d. 15-Sep-1995
BAGEL, Morris, d. 22-Nov-1914
BAGEL, Toby Theresa, d. 15-Dec-1906
BARMAN, Hyman, d. 15-May-1976
BARNETT, Bernard, d. 09-May-1988
BARNETT, Florence, d. 05-Dec-1956
BARNETT, Lily, d. 16-Aug-1963
BARNETT, Louis, d. 09-Oct-1961
BARNETT, Marcus, d. 29-Dec-1947
BARNETT, Reva, d. 22-Apr-2014
BARZILAY, Leah, d. 05-Feb-1944
BAUM, Andre, d. 22-May-1950
BAUM, Morris (Harry), d. 17-Jun-1950
BEITH, Caecilie, d. 03-May-1943
BELGARD, Hans Joachim, d. 16-Feb-1987
BENDER, Leon, d. 02-May-1943
BEREZIN, Isaac, d. 19-Nov-1940
BEREZIN, Sinaida, d. 19-Nov-1940
BERG, Edith, d. 21-Apr-1968
BERGER, Nina Rosina, b. 01-Jan-2014, d. 17-Jul-1902
BERMAN, Jack, d. 24-Mar-1991
BERMAN, Phyllis, b. 02-Mar-1922, d. 04-Oct-2015
BERNSTEIN, Israel, d. 30-Dec-1991
BERNSTEIN, Lily, d. 03-Jun-1971
BERNSTEIN, Myer, d. 15-Aug-1977
BERNSTEIN, Rebecca, d. 07-Jun-1948
BERNSTEIN, Solomon, d. 15-Sep-1940
BESBRODE, Alfred, d. 04-Jun-1979
BESBRODE, Clare Agnes, d. 16-Mar-1993
BESBRODE, Doris, d. 15-Jun-1988
BESBRODE, Maurice, d. 15-Jun-1972
BESBRODE, Sandra Evelyn, b. 05-Oct-1940, d. 13-Jan-1989
BLACKER, Freda, d. 01-Oct-1979
BLACKER, Jacob, d. 16-Sep-1978
BLACKER, Raye, d. 15-Nov-1974
BLAHY, George Raul, d. 06-Sep-1959
BLAHY, Ida, d. 15-Jun-1966
BLASKEY, Isaac, d. 22-Nov-1940
BLASS, Samuel, d. 20-May-1941
BLOOM, Ada, d. 21-Feb-2006
BLOOM, Sidney, d. 29-Nov-2000
BOGUSH, Essie, d. 05-Sep-1994
BOGUSH, Morris Aaron, d. 22-Apr-1976
BOLTS, Stillborn of Andrea
BRAHAM, Lily (Leah), d. 09-Jun-1969
BREINER, Regina, d. 15-Jan-1941
BREUER, Karl (Charles) & Marianne, b. 01-May-1882, d. 07-Aug-1946
BROWN, Anne Echla, d. 15-Aug-1909
BROWN, David, d. 20-Apr-1936
BROWN, Dora, d. 15-May-1904
BROWN, Fanny, d. 17-Aug-1945
BROWN, Hezechiah/Hezekiah, d. 15-Aug-1902
BROWN, Rachel, d. 23-Nov-1935
BROWN, Solomon, d. 06-Aug-1975
BROWN, Woolf, d. 18-Feb-1944
BUCKS, Geoffrey Maurice, d. 10-Sep-1981
BUCKS, Harold, d. 26-Apr-1998
BUCKSTEIN, Max, d. 17-Jun-1946
BYER, Ilse Sophie, d. 16-May-2003
BYER, Israel, d. 26-Oct-1980
CAMLETT, Abraham (Choc), d. 12-Jul-1953
CAPPIN, John, d. 22-Jun-2016
CASH, Myer, d. 26-Sep-1949
CASSADY, Myrtle Peace, d. 01-Oct-2007
CASSADY, Soloman, d. 11-Mar-1998
CATER, Abraham, d. 15-Nov-1950
CEMMEL, Isaac, b. 11-Mar-1913, d. 03-Oct-1992
CEMMELL, Barnet (Barney), d. 27-Mar-2004
CEMMELL, Betty, d. 22-Mar-1975
CEMMELL, Gertrude, d. 17-Sep-1969
CEMMELL, Jackson, d. 15-May-1936
CEMMELL, Sarah, d. 05-Jan-1998
CHALK, Bernard, d. 04-Mar-1968
CHALK, Riva Betty, d. 31-Dec-2000
CHAZEN, Jennie, d. 03-May-1942
CHEYETTE, Bernard, b. 29-Jun-1930, d. 03-Sep-2007
CHEYETTE, ESTELLE, d. 02-Jun-2014
CHEYETTE, Jack Keith, d. 28-Jan-1994
CHEYETTE, Nicola Ann, b. 18-Mar-1920, d. 10-Dec-2013
CHILTON, Rebecca, b. 15-Aug-1906, d. 28-Aug-2002
CHOPP, Bertha, d. 21-Aug-1966
CITRON, Lewis, d. 01-Jan-1961
CLEPS, Jeffrey, d. 08-Apr-2011
CLEPS, Marion June
CLINE, Fanny, d. 31-Jan-1981
COHEN, Ada, d. 15-Feb-1968
COHEN, Annie, d. 18-Feb-1937
COHEN, Anthony Graham, d. 26-Aug-1943
COHEN, Aubrey, b. 26-Oct-1927, d. 22-Nov-2010
COHEN, Benjamin, d. 15-Jan-1958
COHEN, Bertha, d. 22-May-1945
COHEN, Bertha, d. 01-Feb-1992
COHEN, Carrie, d. 10-Mar-1976
COHEN, Daniel, d. 28-Sep-1980
COHEN, David, d. 12-Jul-1974
COHEN, Fanny, d. 30-Jun-1967
COHEN, Freda, d. 22-Apr-1933
COHEN, Harold Myer, d. 08-Feb-1974
COHEN, Harris Joseph, d. 12-Dec-1950
COHEN, Isaac, d. 12-Dec-1947
COHEN, Isaac Barnett, d. 23-Aug-1915
COHEN, Isiah, d. 15-Mar-1963
COHEN, Jacob, d. 15-Jan-1954
COHEN, Lena, d. 12-Feb-1971
COHEN, Lionel Henry, d. 19-Nov-1940
COHEN, Lona (Helene Ella), d. 15-Feb-1982
COHEN, Maurice, d. 21-Dec-1972
COHEN, Sarah, d. 31-Dec-1963
COHEN, Simon, d. 07-Oct-1948
COHEN, Solomon (Sydney) Isaac, d. 08-Aug-1993
COHEN, Stella, d. 27-Jan-1978
COHEN, Victoria Aboav, d. 29-Jul-1948
COLEMAN, Esther, d. 15-Aug-1939
COLEMAN, Fanny, d. 24-Apr-1948
COLEMAN, Gilda, b. 17-Jan-1920, d. 18-May-1998
COLEMAN, Henry Lewis, b. 08-Apr-1913, d. 06-May-2000
COLEMAN, Isaac, d. 17-Aug-1982
COLEMAN, Maurice Aaron, b. 23-Jun-1921, d. 06-Jun-2006
COLEMAN, Rachel, d. 12-Sep-1968
COLEMAN, Sarah (Sally), d. 15-Aug-1976
COLEMAN, Simon, d. 25-Mar-1954
COLEMAN, Stillborn of Rachael, d. 15-Nov-1927
COLLINS, Harry Hyman, d. 15-Jan-1970
COLLINS, Jack, d. 05-Dec-1980
COLLINS, Muriel, d. 05-Sep-1973
COMPTON, Lena, d. 27-Apr-1938
COMPTON, Solomon, d. 01-Mar-1941
CONN, Alfred, d. 17-Feb-1968
CONN, Marie, d. 17-Feb-2013
COOKLIN, Barnett, d. 20-Jan-1980
COOKLIN, Fay, d. 09-Dec-1973
COOKLIN, Fay (Fanny), d. 02-May-1971
COOKLIN, Gerald, d. 23-Sep-2008
COOKLIN, Isadore, d. 03-Feb-1976
COOKLIN, John, d. 15-Jan-1967
COOPER, Rebecca, d. 17-Sep-1967
COOPER, Rose, d. 15-Jan-1959
COOPER, Stillborn of Ethel, d. 15-Dec-1937
CORDOVER, Henry, d. 15-Jan-1962
CORDOVER, Maurice, d. 15-Jan-1962
CORDOVER, Nathan, d. 10-Jul-1984
CORRY, Charles, d. 27-Oct-1983
CORRY, Dolly V, d. 18-May-1991
CORRY, Dorris, d. 07-Mar-1993
CORRY, Samuel, d. 23-Aug-1989
CORTES, Marco, d. 17-Oct-1946
CORTES, Victoria, d. 02-May-1956
COSTA, Raphael, d. 01-Oct-1977
COTTEN, Henry Max, b. 09-Dec-1914, d. 29-Apr-1984
COTTON, Amelia, d. 24-Oct-1918
CRAMMER, Bernard, d. 05-Sep-1944
CRAMMER, Betty, d. 24-Oct-1953
CRAMMER, Hyman, d. 11-Jun-1963
CUTNER, Elizabeth, d. 10-Jan-1918
DAVIDSON, Herrmann, b. 16-Feb-1868, d. 10-Dec-1934
DAVIS, Doris (Dolly), d. 01-Nov-1989
DAVIS, Elizabeth, d. 20-Dec-1969
DAVIS, Frances, d. 17-Sep-1998
DAVIS, Gordon, d. 02-Oct-1985
DAVIS, Harris, d. 09-Nov-1931
DAVIS, Lewis, d. 03-Jun-1974
DAVIS, Mary Ann, d. 15-Mar-1926
DAVIS, Rose, d. 31-Jan-1954
DAVIS, Sidney David, d. 03-Oct-1969
DE SOLLA, Bessie, d. 28-Oct-1963
DE SOLLA, Godfrey Victor, d. 12-Aug-1957
DEANE, Benjamin, d. 17-May-1972
DELVALLE, Harry, d. 29-May-1966
DELVALLE, Harry (Haim Horace), d. 28-Mar-1977
DELVALLE, Josephine, d. 17-Oct-2006
DELVALLE, Rose, d. 05-Mar-1981
DENGEL, Lily, d. 15-May-1944
DENNING, Frances, d. 19-Apr-2011
DENNING, Joseph, d. 17-Nov-1977
DENNINGBERG, Cyril Solomon, d. 16-Feb-1987
DIAMOND, Rachael, d. 15-Jan-1942
DIAMONT, Samuel/Salomon, d. 16-Aug-1935
DOBRINS, Stillborn of Kitty, d. 15-Oct-1941
DOCKTOFSKY, Mary (Miriam), d. 15-Jan-1941
DORMAN, Janie, d. 18-Oct-1913
DOVE, Millie, d. 03-Jan-1925
DOVE, Rachel, d. 17-Jul-1929
DRIBBON, Newman Aron, d. 15-Mar-1950
DUB, Dr. Isidor (Izio), b. 11-Dec-1907, d. 28-Jan-2007
DUB, Trude (Gertrude), b. 10-Dec-1910, d. 10-Feb-2002
DWORKIN, Esther, d. 24-Jan-1951
EPSTEIN, Benjamin, d. 22-Sep-1943
EPSTEIN, Rosa Helene, d. 15-Aug-1916
ESTRIN, Alan Kenneth, d. 28-Dec-1993
ESTRIN, Eva, d. 10-Dec-1999
ESTRIN, Michael, d. 23-Apr-1972
ESTRIN, Stephen, b. 30-Oct-1946, d. 07-Dec-1947
ESTRIN, Victoria Lynn (Vicki), d. 29-Nov-1995
FALLMAN, John, d. 15-Nov-1940
FELSTEIN, Deborah (Dolly), d. 14-Sep-1908
FELSTEIN, George Leon, d. 15-Mar-1967
FELSTEIN, Gerty (Hettie), d. 11-Oct-1973
FELSTEIN, Louis, d. 23-Feb-1968
FELSTEIN, Neville, d. 24-Mar-1999
FELSTEIN, Pauline Lady, b. 01-Jan-1922, d. 01-Dec-2005
FENIGER, Jacob, d. 02-Aug-1949
FERN, Sidney, d. 14-Feb-1992
FINE, David Lionel, d. 10-Mar-1974
FINE, Harry, d. 07-Jun-1993
FINE, Jeannie, d. 09-Dec-1964
FINE, Joseph, d. 25-Dec-1966
FINE, Sidney, d. 07-Oct-1962
FIRESTEIN, Lewis, d. 04-Nov-1982
FIRESTEIN (FIRST), Zelda, d. 02-Mar-1994
FIRST, Minnie, b. 16-Sep-1911, d. 14-Jan-1994
FISCHL, Oskar, b. 05-Aug-1896, d. 06-Apr-1964
FISHER, Alice, d. 06-Sep-1987
FISHER, Bessie, d. 06-May-1984
FISHER, Golda, d. 30-Nov-1989
FISHER, Philip, d. 18-Oct-1969
FLAMBERG, Rachel, b. 01-Jan-1885, d. 01-Oct-1941
FRANKLIN, Annie, d. 02-Dec-1959
FRANKLIN, Daniel, d. 01-Mar-1982
FRANKLIN, Gerald, d. 21-Aug-1982
FRANKLIN, Israel, d. 27-Jun-1943
FRANKS, Barry Barnett, d. 07-Jun-1993
FRAZER, Hyman, d. 10-Jan-1985
FRAZER, Yetta, d. 14-May-1995
FREEDMAN, Cecil Steve, d. 11-Dec-2013
FREEMAN, Arthur, d. 06-May-1970
FRIEDE, Fay, d. 20-Jun-1965
FRIEDE, Morris, d. 28-Nov-1960
FRIEDMAN, Anne Leah, d. 31-Mar-2014
FRIEDMAN, Betty, d. 15-Apr-1985
FRIEDMAN, Charles, d. 05-Mar-2016
FRIEDMAN, Israel, d. 15-Jul-1976
FRUMPKIN, Minnie, d. 15-Oct-1980
GABEL, Cyril Solomon, d. 15-Jun-1972
GABRIEL, Joseph, d. 15-Mar-1903
GALINSKY, Ernest, d. 2001-00-01
GERMAINS, Adolph Zalkin, d. 15-Jul-1908
GIBSON, Shirley, d. 01-Jan-2015
GINZBURG, Sarah, d. 07-Jun-1942
GOLD, Alexander, d. 03-Aug-1960
GOLD, Kitty, d. 05-Nov-1961
GOLD, Lionel, d. 20-Dec-1962
GOLDBERG, Abraham, d. 22-Feb-1966
GOLDBERG, Deborah, d. 31-Mar-1910
GOLDBERG, Eva, d. 20-Nov-1984
GOLDBERG, Hannah, d. 22-Feb-1947
GOLDBERG, Jack Isaac, d. 28-Mar-1998
GOLDBERG, Kitty, d. 30-Nov-1993
GOLDBERG, Minnie, d. 15-Oct-1971
GOLDBERG, Rachael, d. 30-Jun-1927
GOLDEN, Amelia, d. 22-Sep-1936
GOLDEN, Emanuel, d. 15-Mar-1967
GOLDEN, Harris Israel, d. 25-Dec-1932
GOLDEN, Stanley, d. 07-Aug-1961
GOLDENBAUM, Elias, d. 15-Dec-1963
GOLDENBAUM, Franziska, d. 14-Oct-1968
GOLDING, Deborah, d. 23-Mar-1963
GOLDMAN, Henry, d. 21-Apr-1929
GOLDRING, Joseph, d. 16-Jan-1980
GOLDRING, Marianne, d. 05-Jun-1996
GOLDSMITH, Mac, b. 07-Mar-1902, d. 05-May-1983
GOLDSMITH, Ruth, b. 03-Aug-1916, d. 20-Nov-2010
GOLDSTEIN, Ettie, d. 14-Jul-2004
GOLDSTEIN, Isaac, d. 15-Nov-1941
GOLDSTEIN, Isaac, b. 22-Feb-1911, d. 16-Aug-1988
GOLDSTONE, Alexander, d. 14-Mar-1991
GOLDSTONE, Augusta, d. 04-Dec-1933
GOLDSTONE, Harris, d. 17-Jun-1933
GOLDSTONE, Ivy, d. 05-Mar-1998
GOLDSTONE, Phillip, d. 06-Jun-1994
GOLDSTONE, Selina, d. 17-Jun-1933
GOODMAN, Barnett, d. 23-Aug-1948
GOODMAN, Emily, d. 15-Jul-1948
GOODMAN, Esther (Essie), d. 25-Jul-1992
GOODMAN, Mathilde, d. 03-Dec-1951
GOODMAN, Percy (Perry), d. 31-May-1994
GOODMAN, William, d. 15-Nov-1921
GORDON, Eve Fanny, d. 19-Jan-1997
GORDON, Harold, d. 05-Sep-1998
GORDON, Rose, d. 24-Jun-2002
GORDON, Samuel David, d. 30-Aug-1971
GORONOFSKY, Peter, d. 15-Nov-1941
GOSTINSKIE, Solomon, d. 15-Apr-1905
GOULD, Myer, d. 22-May-1953
GOULSTINE, Netta, b. 10-Jan-1903, d. 04-Jan-1995
GREEN, Harry (Hyman), d. 02-Oct-1967
GREEN, Teresa, d. 06-Jan-2001
GREENBERG, John, d. 15-Feb-1924
GREENFIELD, Marcus, d. 15-Mar-1946
GROSS, Rebeka Gina, d. 15-Dec-1978
GUTTMANN, Leni (Ellen), d. 16-Nov-1944
HALPERIN, Lazarus, d. 07-Sep-1942
HALPERIN, Ray, d. 25-May-1970
HAMBURGER, Hyman, d. 18-Feb-1954
HANNA, Marie, d. 20-Jan-1955
HARRIS, Aaron Joseph, d. 13-Dec-1968
HARRIS, Abraham, d. 10-May-1986
HARRIS, Benee, b. 18-Mar-1920, d. 10-Dec-2002
HARRIS, Dorothy, d. 15-Dec-1983
HARRIS, Ethel, d. 13-Dec-1986
HARRIS, Leah, d. 15-Jan-1946
HARRIS, Miriam Violet (Mulie), d. 06-Dec-1993
HARRIS, Saul, b. 07-Jun-1918, d. 14-May-2005
HAYWOOD, Sadie Davis, d. 15-Apr-1996
HEILBRON, Jacob, d. 15-Jul-1903
HEILBRUNN, Olga, d. 30-May-1970
HEILBRUNN, Willy, b. 16-Oct-1877, d. 27-Dec-1947
HEINEMANN, Julius, d. 12-Apr-1972
HEINEMANN, Lea, b. 15-Sep-1906, d. 30-Jun-1999
HENIG, Gertrude, d. 09-Oct-1957
HENIG, Harry, d. 18-Nov-1969
HENIG, Lady Grace, d. 27-Aug-2012
HENIG, Mark, d. 30-Jan-1979
HENIG, Montague, d. 25-May-1999
HENIG, Vera, d. 30-Dec-2006
HORNSTEIN, Rose, d. 14-Jan-1942
HOUTMAN, Elias, d. 04-Dec-1947
HOUTMAN, Rika, d. 18-Nov-1944
HUGHES, Susie Sophia
HURWICH, Jack (Jacob), d. 07-Sep-1945
HURWICH, Priscilla Evelyn, d. 27-Apr-1975
HURWITZ, Rachael, d. 20-Jan-1942
HYMANS, Lily, d. 15-Jan-1973
JACKSON, Gerald, d. 02-Jul-1987
JACKSON, Regina, d. 15-Jan-1977
JACOB, Dora Rayner, d. 05-May-1966
JACOB, Myer, d. 27-Nov-1977
JACOBS, Anne, d. 20-Nov-1975
JACOBS, Bena, d. 08-Dec-1993
JACOBS, Benjamin, d. 04-Jul-1974
JACOBS, Cecil, b. 03-Jul-1911, d. 15-Nov-2000
JACOBS, David, d. 23-Dec-1972
JACOBS, Deborah, d. 16-Sep-1993
JACOBS, Jack, d. 04-Aug-1987
JACOBS, Jack, b. 22-Mar-1951, d. 23-Jan-2013
JACOBS, Jack, b. 26-Jan-1929, d. 14-Oct-2013
JACOBS, Judith Patricia, d. 01-Jan-2015
JACOBS, Maurice, d. 03-Apr-1966
JACOBS, Michael Joseph, d. 15-Oct-1961
JACOBS, Sadie, d. 12-May-1980
JACOBS, Samuel Harry, d. 25-Apr-1943
JACOBS, Sarah Yetta, d. 28-May-1966
JARISLOWSKY, Flora, d. 29-Jul-1955
JELLINEK, Bernard, d. 15-Apr-1945
JESSENER, Janet Rosalind, b. 05-Jul-1937, d. 21-Jan-2014
JOACHIMSTHAL, Maria, b. 28-Aug-1877, d. 30-Dec-1957
JOLLINGER, Hermine, d. 15-Sep-1959
JONAS, Joseph, b. 21-Dec-1876, d. 10-Dec-1945
JOSEPH, Stillborn of Beatrice, d. 15-Dec-1920
KACHER, Stanley, b. 12-Jul-1929, d. 20-Feb-2006
KALB, Mendel, d. 29-Nov-1971
KALB, Sara Itte, d. 16-Aug-1957
KALMUS, Clara, d. 15-Sep-1987
KALMUS, Saul Gordon, d. 15-Mar-1991
KANANOVITCH, Milcah, d. 15-Sep-1906
KARGER, Gabriel, b. 09-Sep-1872, d. 22-Mar-1950
KARGER, Martha, b. 10-Nov-1884, d. 28-Mar-1964
KARPELES, Paul, d. 15-Apr-1984
KASHNER, Stillborn of Lillian, d. 15-Jan-1946
KASS, Benjamin Bernard, d. 15-Dec-1971
KATZENSTEIN, Bertha, d. 30-Aug-1947
KAUFMANN, Bernard, d. 16-Jan-1958
KAY, Aaron Joshua, d. 10-Aug-2013
KEIZER, Phylis, d. 15-Oct-1949
KINDLER, Philip, d. 15-Nov-1937
KING, Emanuel, d. 24-Feb-1923
KLEIN, Sarah, d. 13-Feb-1944
KLOOS, Clara, d. 12-Sep-1989
KLOOS, Isaac Alfred, d. 09-May-1975
KOFFMAN, Berel (*Bert) Barnett, d. 29-Aug-1964
KOFFMAN, Pasha Riva, d. 08-Aug-1973
KOSINERS, Stillborn of Freda, d. 15-Oct-1944
KOSKY, Eve, d. 03-Nov-1970
KOSKY, Frank, d. 06-Nov-1970
KREBS, Lisbeth, d. 09-Apr-1984
KREBS, Martin, d. 02-Jun-1978
KRETT, Doris, d. 14-Mar-1962
KRETT, Gertrude, d. 23-Aug-1985
KRETT, Maurice Edward, d. 02-Sep-1988
KUPFERBERG, Fritz (Fred), d. 21-Aug-1948
KUTTNER, Therese, d. 29-Jan-1950
LAIKIN, Fay (Fanny), d. 14-Dec-1971
LAMBERT, Maurice, d. 07-Oct-1976
LAMBERT, Rose, d. 30-Apr-1994
LANGFORD, Greta, d. 28-Aug-1991
LANGFORD, Maxwell, d. 03-Dec-1995
LAZARUS, Sofie, d. 25-Jun-1951
LE ROITH, Gillian Ann, d. 11-Nov-2002
LEBENS, Bernard, d. 04-Feb-1969
LEBENS, Eddie (John Edward), d. 10-Jul-1986
LEBENS, Edith Edna, d. 19-Aug-1945
LEBENS, Marjorie, d. 03-Dec-2000
LEBENS, Rosa, d. 03-Aug-2015
LECHNER, Josef, d. 02-Mar-1948
LEFCOVITCH, Golda, d. 01-Oct-1941
LEFCOVITCH, Miriam, d. 15-Sep-1956
LEIGH, Jenny, d. 15-Apr-1981
LEIGH, Joseph, d. 08-Jun-1976
LEIGH, Kenneth, b. 05-Dec-1920, d. 07-Jun-2005
LEIGH, Sylvia
LEITCH, Alan, d. 31-Jan-1957
LENTEN, Edna Sarah, d. 21-Dec-1999
LENTEN, Jacob (Jack), d. 27-Jan-1988
LENTIN, Henry Louis, d. 30-Aug-1975
LENTIN, Ivy Gwendolyn, d. 03-Apr-1993
LEONARD, Lily, d. 28-Nov-1993
LESSER, Catherine, d. 11-Jul-1986
LESSER, Joseph, d. 25-Sep-1985
LESTER, Solomon, d. 15-Jun-1990
LEVENE, Lewis, d. 19-Jun-1941
LEVENSON, Eric Cyril, d. 15-Nov-1908
LEVI, Abraham, d. 29-Apr-1960
LEVI, Jack, d. 11-Jul-1972
LEVI, Michael, d. 21-Feb-2007
LEVI, Rosie, d. 29-Jan-1968
LEVIN, Alexander Mordicai, b. 15-Mar-1869, d. 21-Oct-1922
LEVIN, Minnie Zelma, b. 04-Jan-1873, d. 04-Sep-1936
LEVIN, Montague, d. 15-May-1915
LEVIN, Sidney/Sydney Augustave, d. 15-Dec-1911
LEVIN, Zalma Cecil, d. 15-Jan-1923
LEVINE, Simon, d. 14-Jul-1943
LEVINSON, Doris, d. 22-Apr-2002
LEVINSON, Maurice, d. 28-Feb-1976
LEVY, Betsy, d. 17-Apr-1964
LEVY, Elie, d. 23-Jan-1976
LEVY, Grete, b. 11-Dec-1890, d. 16-Jun-1971
LEVY, Jack, d. 05-Aug-1995
LEVY, Jean, d. 24-Aug-1996
LEVY, Joshua, d. 13-Sep-1997
LEVY, Julian, d. 10-May-2016
LEVY, Lily, d. 03-Apr-1974
LEVY, Lydia, d. 26-Jan-2011
LEVY, Martin, b. 13-Nov-1883, d. 20-May-1970
LEVY, Maurice, d. 04-May-1977
LEVY, Monty, b. 03-Nov-1910, d. 03-Nov-2002
LEVY, Morris, d. 31-Dec-1951
LEVY, Otto, d. 03-Oct-1977
LEVY, Patricia Mary
LEVY, Rose Phoebe, d. 20-Oct-2005
LEVY, Sigman, d. 18-Sep-1947
LEVY (PRUIM), Hannah, d. 16-Dec-2009
LEWIS, Amelia, d. 15-Mar-1967
LEWIS, Louis, d. 15-Dec-1961
LIDIKER, Esther, d. 01-Apr-1981
LIDIKER, Lazar, d. 08-Jul-1947
LIPTON, Sarah Bertha, d. 02-Jun-1948
LISSACK, Samuel, d. 15-Jan-1967
LOUIS, Geoffrey, d. 24-Aug-2000
LOVELL, Ada, d. 26-Jan-1954
LOVELL, Anne, d. 16-Dec-2000
LOVELL, Isaac, d. 15-Mar-1981
LOVELL, Theo, d. 13-Oct-1969
LOWY, Adele, d. 09-Jan-1970
LOWY, Greta, d. 02-May-1902
LOWY, Paul, d. 16-Oct-1963
LOWY, Semi, d. 25-Oct-1952
LUSACK, Rosalind, d. 19-Aug-2011
LYONS, Abraham Herbert, d. 11-Jul-1963
LYONS, Freda, d. 18-Dec-1987
LYONS, Julia, d. 19-Jul-1962
MAIER, Margit, d. 10-Oct-1981
MALIN, Ettie, d. 20-Aug-1956
MANNING, Jeffery Chyam
MARKHAM, Dora, d. 29-Aug-1971
MARKHAM, Harold Montague, b. 14-Jun-1931, d. 04-Jan-2001
MARKHAM, John (Jack), d. 14-Apr-1989
MARKHAM, Joseph, b. 08-Aug-1927, d. 13-Mar-2007
MARKS, Aaron Gompertz, d. 25-Apr-1949
MARKS, Alfred Jacob, d. 15-Aug-1977
MARKS, Alice (Stillborn), d. 15-Mar-1914
MARKS, Alice Louise, d. 07-Sep-1934
MARKS, Benjamin, d. 23-Sep-1971
MARKS, Catherine, d. 20-Apr-1914
MARKS, Elizabeth Josephine, d. 17-May-1996
MARKS, Ellen Rebecca, b. 24-Apr-1909, d. 17-May-1996
MARKS, Emile, d. 20-Jan-1958
MARKS, Frances, d. 01-May-1942
MARKS, Iris, d. 20-Nov-1940
MARKS, Isaac, d. 02-Dec-1931
MARKS, Judah, d. 18-Jul-1945
MARKS, Leopold, d. 15-Jun-1967
MARKS, Phillip, d. 15-Jan-1968
MARLOWE, Judith Rosalie, d. 01-Jan-2015
MARSDEN, Esther Hilda, d. 19-Nov-1940
MARSDEN, Nathaniel, d. 19-Nov-1940
MARTIN, Sadie, d. 04-Aug-1988
MAY, Elizabeth, d. 19-Dec-1955
MAY, Jacob, d. 16-Apr-1935
MAY, Rachel, d. 23-Mar-1991
MAY, Samuel, d. 06-Apr-1961
MELTZER, HOWARD IAN, b. 22-Mar-1951, d. 23-Jan-2013
MENDELBAUM, Esther, d. 04-Jan-1942
MENDOZA, Sarah, d. 15-Mar-1966
MICHAELSON, Celia (Cissie), d. 31-Dec-1974
MICHAELSON, Jack, d. 25-Jun-1991
MICHAELSON, Maisie, d. 24-Mar-1993
MICHAELSON, Rosa, b. 01-Jan-1909, d. 01-Jan-1998
MICHAELSON, Sam, b. 01-Jan-1904, d. 01-Mar-2002
MILLER, Isaac, d. 15-Nov-1920
MILLER, Meyer, d. 09-Sep-1938
MILLER, Minnie, d. 10-Mar-1945
MILLER, Morris/Maurice, d. 15-Dec-1917
MILLER, Rose, d. 15-Jun-1986
MILLER, Samuel, d. 15-Apr-1925
MILLER, Samuel, d. 07-Dec-1937
MILLET, Gertie, d. 05-Jun-1931
MILLETT, Esther Hannah, d. 20-Mar-1920
MILLETT, Pinchas/Peter, d. 04-Dec-1928
MIZRAHI, Jack, d. 24-Aug-1958
MIZRAHI, Marie, d. 21-May-1979
MIZRAHI, Mary, d. 11-Apr-1945
MORRICK, Moses Aaron, d. 26-May-1986
MORRICK, Rebecca (Poupee), d. 29-Apr-2004
MORRIS, Cecilia, b. 30-May-1920, d. 19-Oct-2009
MORRIS, Samuel Teddy, b. 29-Oct-1915, d. 17-Feb-1994
MORRISON, Sadie, d. 24-Jul-1995
MORRISON, Wolfe, d. 07-Nov-1986
MOSCOVITCH, Myrna, d. 15-Dec-1940
MOST, Abraham, d. 22-Apr-1981
MOST, Rachael, d. 12-Mar-1970
MOUNTCASTLE, Diana, b. 14-Jun-1922, d. 18-Jul-2006
MULLER, Robert, d. 17-Aug-1949
MULLER, Wally (Valerie), d. 20-Jul-1950
MUNZER, Friedel, d. 10-Oct-1996
MUNZER, Kurt, b. 08-Jan-1908, d. 13-Oct-2008
MUSAPHIA, Lillian, d. 15-Jan-1980
MYER, Charles Ezra, b. 26-Nov-1933, d. 18-Oct-1996
MYERS, Hetty, d. 06-Mar-1949
MYERSON, Benjamin Maurice, d. 07-Apr-1953
MYERSON, Max, d. 18-Apr-1990
MYERSON, Pauline, d. 22-Oct-1998
MYERSON, Phyllis, d. 19-Dec-1994
NADELREICH, Sheindel, d. 15-Feb-1909
NEUSTADT, Ilya, b. 21-Nov-1915, d. 26-Feb-1993
NEWMAN, Abraham, d. 26-Mar-1945
NEWMAN, Adeline, d. 05-May-1941
NEWMAN, Bernice Freda, d. 04-Jan-2013
NEWMAN, Ilse (Elizabeth), d. 06-Nov-1986
NEWMAN, Thomas Israel, d. 15-Jan-1968
NIMAN, Ian Lester, d. 05-Aug-1961
NIMAN, Shelia Joy, d. 23-Mar-1959
NOCHOMOVITZ, Benjamin, d. 27-Feb-2014
NOCHOMOVITZ, Myra, d. 10-Oct-1994
NORTON, Karl, b. 27-Oct-1892, d. 20-Jan-1982
NORTON, Marianne, d. 06-Mar-1989
NORTON-WAYNE, Leonard, d. 11-Dec-2007
NYMAN, Ivan Mostyn, d. 28-Apr-2008
OAKFIELD, Margarete Dina, d. 23-Mar-1970
OAKFIELD, Patricia Claire, d. 05-Jul-1983
ODZE, Paul Pinches, d. 30-Jun-1948
OKEN, Kate(Goldie), d. 27-May-1961
OKEN, Rebecca, d. 09-Jan-1945
OKEN, Sidney/Solomon, d. 18-Jul-1953
OPPENHEIMER, Alfred Paul, b. 10-Oct-1922, d. 17-Jul-2012
OPPENHEIMER, Evelyn Rhoda, b. 04-Oct-1927, d. 05-Jul-1994
ORDELL, Bernard, d. 15-Dec-2007
PALLATT, Harry Tobias, d. 12-Apr-1975
PAUL, Bessie, d. 02-Mar-1994
PAUL, Freda, d. 30-May-1989
PAUL, Jack, d. 10-Jan-1993
PAUL, Samuel, d. 18-Oct-1972
PEARLMAN, David, d. 15-Mar-1983
PEARLMAN, Sophie, d. 30-Sep-1996
PERTZIN, Joseph, d. 19-Nov-1940
PETERKOSKY, Harry, d. 29-Oct-1941
PETERS, Grace Evelyn (Evi), b. 31-Oct-1940, d. 26-Dec-2006
PFEFFER, Ernst, d. 15-Aug-1944
PINCUS, Enoch Isaac, d. 08-Jan-1959
POMERANCE, Alfred, d. 04-Dec-1964
POMERANCE, Annie, d. 07-Apr-1990
POMERANCE, Jacob (Jack), d. 21-Jun-1956
RAPHAEL, Piza Isaacs, d. 15-Dec-1982
REES, Sophia, d. 02-Jun-1939
RICH, Charles, d. 13-Oct-1977
RICH, Martha, d. 24-Aug-1989
RITTER, Abraham Isaac, d. 23-Jan-1941
ROBERTSON, Hermoine, d. 15-Apr-1980
ROCKLIN, Michael Alan
ROGERS, Hannah, d. 13-Feb-1949
ROGERS, Pinkus
ROSE, Frances/Fanny, d. 28-Aug-1937
ROSE, Nathan, d. 21-Apr-1971
ROSEFIELD, Geoffrey, d. 15-Dec-1983
ROSEN, Henry, d. 27-Mar-1955
ROSEN, Jack (Jacob), d. 26-Dec-1932
ROSEN, Louis, d. 20-Oct-1911
ROSEN, Marianne, d. 17-Mar-1938
ROSEN, Maurice, d. 01-Aug-1927
ROSEN, May, d. 09-Mar-1916
ROSEN, Minnie, d. 01-Oct-1968
ROSEN, Philip, b. 16-Sep-1927, d. 19-Nov-2010
ROSEN, Phillip, d. 14-Mar-1932
ROSEN, Reuben Leopold, d. 04-Feb-1991
ROSEN, Solomon, d. 15-Jul-1904
ROSENBAND, Stillborn of Yetta, d. 15-Aug-1941
ROSENBAUM, Israel, d. 20-Dec-1957
ROSENBERG, Maurice, d. 21-Mar-1972
ROSENBERG, Nathan, d. 15-May-1906
ROSENBERG, Nathan, d. 04-May-1951
ROSENBERG, Pearl, d. 26-Apr-1994
ROSENTHAL, David, d. 10-Apr-2016
ROSENTHAL, Else, d. 29-Jun-1969
ROSENTHAL, Felix E, d. 02-Aug-1952
ROSS, Arthur, d. 15-Jan-1969
ROSS, Josephine, d. 15-May-1941
ROTHMAN, Levi, d. 15-Jan-1977
ROTHMAN, Polly, d. 05-Feb-1998
SALEM, Arno, b. 07-Mar-1922, d. 26-Dec-2010
SALEM, Brenda, b. 30-May-1931, d. 27-Sep-2007
SALEM, Irene, d. 25-Apr-1956
SALEM, Joseph, d. 23-Jun-1949
SALEM, Maurice, d. 30-Dec-1947
SALEM, Violette, d. 01-Jan-1954
SALISSE, Joseph, d. 15-Sep-1911
SALOMON, Henry, d. 13-Sep-1932
SALOMON, Reca (Rebecca), d. 28-Jan-1933
SANANES, Ines, d. 28-Nov-2015
SANANES, Isaac, d. 18-Jun-2001
SANANES, Julie, d. 15-Sep-1985
SANANES, Solomon Isaac, d. 18-Jun-2001
SANDEROVITCH, Etta, d. 22-Apr-1962
SANDEROVITCH, Solomon, d. 25-May-1947
SANDROVE, Mark, d. 30-Mar-1960
SANDROVITCH, Etta, d. 07-Jul-1982
SANDROVITCH, Jack, d. 10-Aug-1975
SCHATZBERG, Dr. Samuel, d. 10-Jun-1944
SCHLOCHAUER, Elsbeth nee Wallach, b. 25-Jan-1876, d. 02-Jan-1949
SCHMERZLER, Neche, d. 03-Jul-1952
SCHNEIDER, Liebe, d. 20-Dec-1908
SCHNEIDER, Nicholas, d. 25-Jan-1912
SCHOEN, Robert, d. 17-Apr-1948
SCHONFELD, Alfred, d. 11-Aug-1960
SCHONFELD, Regina, d. 10-Aug-1965
SCHWAB, Ernst, d. 03-Feb-1966
SEEMANN, Ella, b. 21-Jan-1889, d. 16-Jan-1987
SEFF, Max, d. 01-Aug-1927
SEGAL, Jenny Leah, d. 13-Nov-1980
SEGAL, Phyllis, d. 15-May-1942
SEGAL, Solomon, d. 27-Nov-1960
SEIDENWURM, Maurycy, d. 15-Nov-1991
SEPEL, Abraham, d. 13-May-1963
SEPEL, Sarah, d. 01-Nov-1969
SETTON, Linda, d. 15-May-1990
SHATCOFSKY, Sophia, d. 03-Mar-1962
SHATKOFSKY, Myer, d. 15-Jan-1967
SHECTER, Harry, d. 10-Dec-1992
SHERATSKY, Esther, d. 27-Apr-1941
SHIEFF, Edward
SHIEFF, Nancie
SHINE, Abraham, d. 22-Dec-1988
SHINE, Bernard Jack, d. 08-Nov-2009
SHINE, Sarah, d. 20-Mar-1992
SHUSTERMAN, Abraham (Jack), d. 11-Aug-1950
SIETZ, Leah, d. 19-Nov-1940
SIGLER, Fay, d. 03-Sep-2001
SIGLER, Willi Wolf, d. 06-Aug-1981
SILBERBERG, Alfred, b. 11-Aug-1906, d. 21-Mar-1984
SILVER, Angel (Alf), d. 25-Oct-1979
SILVER, Lily, d. 11-Sep-1995
SILVERMAN, Esther, d. 26-Jun-1958
SILVERMAN, Hyman, d. 29-Aug-1943
SIMMONS, Anne, d. 11-Sep-1997
SIMMONS, Beatrice, d. 12-Feb-1970
SIMMONS, Morris, d. 09-Jun-2008
SIMMONS, Nathaniel Samuel Hart, d. 02-Jan-1947
SIMONS, Bertha, d. 07-Dec-2003
SIMONS, Darren Philip, d. 20-Jul-1995
SIMONS, Deborah Dorothy (Doris), d. 15-Feb-1987
SIMONS, Doris Deborah, d. 09-Jul-1984
SIMONS, Eli, d. 21-Jan-1993
SIMONS, Else, d. 09-May-1961
SIMONS, Henry, d. 16-Dec-1940
SIMONS, Herman, d. 03-Apr-1978
SIMONS, Hyman, d. 27-Nov-1940
SIMONS, Kitty, d. 06-Oct-2002
SIMONS, Lionel Alexander, d. 16-Mar-1941
SIMONS, Ludwig, d. 16-Apr-1968
SIMONS, Peter John, d. 05-Jul-1958
SIMONS, Phyllis, b. 22-Jul-1908, d. 22-Jul-2006
SIRKIN, Abraham, d. 20-Oct-1975
SIRKIN, Benjamin (Benny), b. 03-Aug-1905, d. 27-Feb-1916
SIRKIN, David, d. 30-Oct-1963
SIRKIN, Dora, d. 01-Mar-1947
SIRKIN, Elsie, b. 12-May-1908, d. 06-Oct-2009
SIRKIN, Marjorie, d. 06-May-2002
SIRKIN, Morris, d. 02-May-1982
SKELTON, Roger Jack, d. 15-Dec-1946
SKLAR, Hettie, d. 12-Mar-1944
SKLAR, Max, d. 02-Aug-1966
SLOTAR, Solomon, d. 02-Jul-1954
SMITH, Liebe Royceina, d. 13-Jan-1984
SOFER, Martin, d. 01-Nov-1995
SOHN, Leslie, b. 23-Aug-1919, d. 18-Mar-2013
SOLLOFE, Max, d. 21-Apr-1989
SOLOMON, Fanny Jane (Daisy), d. 17-May-1916
SOLOMON, Louis B, d. 12-Apr-1918
SOLOMONS, Harry, b. 11-Dec-1920, d. 05-Apr-2008
SOLOMONS, Pearl, d. 19-Sep-1983
SPANIER-POPPERS, Sophie, d. 16-Jan-1943
SPEKTOROV, Ita Gitta, d. 06-Feb-1942
SPERLING, Hetty, d. 13-Jul-1964
SPERLING, Woolf, d. 20-Dec-1952
SPIEGL, Elsa, d. 16-Jul-1973
SPIEGL, Ida, d. 15-Jan-1949
SPIRO, Annie Rebecca, d. 20-Nov-1940
SPIRO, Gerald, d. 20-Nov-1940
SPIRO, Gordon Beresford, d. 20-Nov-1940
SPIRO, Montague, d. 02-Sep-1962
SPIRO, Rose, d. 20-Nov-1940
STEIN, Ernst Bernhard, d. 24-Mar-1944
STEIN, Tilde (Matilde) ("Gaggy"), b. 24-Jul-1906, d. 12-Dec-1991
STEINBERG, Rebecca, d. 19-Nov-1940
STERN, Recha, d. 15-Nov-1950
STINNERMAN, David, d. 28-Dec-1977
STINNERMAN, Lewis, d. 24-Aug-1981
STINNERMAN, Rita, d. 13-Feb-1978
STONE, Ralph, d. 04-Jan-1938
STRICKER, Woolf, d. 10-Sep-1942
SUGARMAN, Esther, d. 11-Nov-2007
TATE, Michael, d. 19-Nov-1940
THOMAS, Eugenie Beatrice, d. 03-Dec-1942
THOMAS, Isaiah Cyr, d. 22-Jan-1939
TOWNSON, Barbara, d. 15-Oct-1936
TUCKER, Abraham, d. 23-May-1990
TUCKER, Anita Josephine, d. 17-Apr-1963
TUCKER, Anne, d. 16-Jul-1981
TUCKER, Ernie, b. 23-Jul-1928, d. 13-Jul-2007
TURK, Henryk, d. 06-Mar-1956
URBACH, Elsa Lydia, b. 23-Aug-1905, d. 01-Mar-1993
URBACH, Friedrich (Frederick), d. 14-May-1952
VEDEN, Raymond
VERNON, Marie, d. 15-Aug-1966
VOORZANGER, Jacob, d. 15-Jan-1969
WACKS, Clara, d. 30-Jul-1913
WACKS, Joseph Braham, d. 05-Mar-1979
WACKS, Julia, d. 17-Jan-1959
WACKS, Leopold, d. 08-Apr-1937
WACKS, Sophia, d. 08-Jan-1982
WACKS, Winifred, d. 15-Jan-1903
WAINER, Sidney Mayer, d. 05-Mar-1987
WALBROOK, Fay, d. 16-Apr-2014
WALBROOK, Haydn Blair, b. 30-Jun-1944, d. 23-Mar-2001
WALLIS, Benjamin, d. 15-Oct-1964
WALLIS, Dora, d. 11-Feb-1960
WALMAN, Mark, d. 01-Jul-2004
WARTENBERGER, Rudi Wilhelm, d. 15-Oct-1976
WASSERMAN, Sidney, d. 27-Jan-1941
WATERMAN, Harold, d. 01-Nov-1989
WATERMAN, Hyman, d. 01-May-1956
WATERMAN, Lily, d. 16-Aug-2002
WATERMAN, Sylvia, d. 19-Mar-1982
WEINBAUM, Hans Herbert, d. 15-Dec-1962
WEINBAUM, Irene, d. 15-Mar-1984
WEINBAUM, Peter Klaus, d. 28-Sep-1997
WEINER, Fanny, d. 15-Dec-1989
WEINER, Harry, d. 07-Sep-1983
WEINTHROP, Annie, d. 15-Dec-1940
WEISNER, Herbert, d. 01-Dec-2006
WEISS, Johann, d. 15-Oct-1976
WEISS, Oswald, b. 31-Dec-1907, d. 30-Nov-1985
WELTERVEDEN, John, d. 03-Sep-1969
WELTERVEDEN, Ray, b. 11-Oct-1914, d. 23-Mar-1999
WETHERILL, Ada, d. 15-Jan-1953
WILLIAMS, Marjorie
WINTERSGILL, Mark Ernest, d. 25-Jun-2012
WISEMAN, Stillborn
WOLF, Ernst, d. 03-Jan-1957
WOLF, Helene, d. 04-Apr-1972
WOOLF, Abraham, d. 19-Apr-1953
WOOLFSON, Tillie, d. 20-Feb-1997
WOOLRICH, Bernard, d. 01-Mar-2004
WOOLRICH, Phylis, d. 14-Nov-2003
WORMS, Leah, d. 22-Oct-1967
WORMS, Moses Harry, d. 24-Feb-1969
WUNDSCH, Maria, d. 14-Jan-1978
ZARA, David Selim, d. 20-Mar-1992
ZARA, Jean Monica, d. 14-Mar-1990
ZARA, Leon, d. 08-Nov-2006
ZARA, Rosie, d. 09-Mar-1999
ZEFFE, Barnett, d. 15-Apr-1930
ZEIGLER, Alfred, d. 23-Jul-1960
ZIMBLER, Rose, d. 12-Sep-1968
ZUCKER, Harry, d. 04-May-1971
ZUCKER, Jose, d. 15-May-1989
ZUCKER, Vernon Stephen, b. 30-Apr-1943, d. 09-Jun-2007

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Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.