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Rochdale Cemetery
Lancashire, England

Contributed by Dave Ollerton [david.ollerton@sky.com].
Nall, Mary, d. 2 Dec 1931, age: 76yr, w/of Simon
Nall, Simon, d. 31 Mar 1915, age: 61yr, h/of Mary
Nash, Mabel, d. 7 Jul 1934, age: 28yr, w/of Alexander, (Rudd)
Naven, Mary Ann, d. 25 Feb 1970, age: 78yr, w/of Matthew
Naven, Matthew, d. 15 Jun 1958, age: 66yr, h/of Mary Ann
Naven, William, d. 2 Oct 1978, age: 61yr
Naylor, Ernest, d. 4 Sep 1972, age: 57yr
Neadham, Florence Bessie, b. 1922, d. 1998
Neale, Edith, d. 26 May 1950, age: 61y, d/of Mary Ann & G H
Neale, Mary Ann, d. 3 Dec 1923, age: 58y, w/of G H Neale Of Smethwick
Needham, Ellen, d. 6 May 1911, age: 46yr, d/of Joseph and Jane
Needham, Jane, d. 30 Jun 1893, age: 56yr, w/of Joseph
Needham, Joseph, d. 1 Dec 1903, age: 65yr, h/of Jane
Neile, George, d. 23 Mar 1925, Syke, age: 55yr, h/of Lavinia
Neile, Lavinia, d. 5 Mar 1949, age: 80yr, w/of George
Nelson, Beatrice Alice, d. 15 May 1941, age 35y, w/of Herbert C
Nelson, Charles, d. 5 Jun 1946, age 79y, h/of Sarah Elizabeth
Nelson, Herbert C, d. 18 Apr 1958, age 59y, h/of Beatrice Alice
Nelson, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 22 Oct 1927, age 59y, w/of Charles
New, Philip Percy, b. Evesham Worcestershire, d. 21 Sep 1909, age: 61yr
Newall, Ellen, d. 19 Aug 1915, age: 77yr, w/of John
Newall, John, d. 25 May 1902, age: 72yr, h/of Ellen
Newall, Mary (Knight), d. 14 Feb 1922 age 84yr, d/of Edmund and Betty Knight
Newill, William, d. 11 Nov 1896, age: 67yr
Nichol, Elizabeth, d. 18 Sep 1922, age 82y, w/of John
Nichol, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jun 1958, age 85y, w/of Hiram Chadwick
Nichol, Hiram Chadwick, d. 19 Oct 1929, age 52y, h/of Elizabeth
Nichol, James Robert, d. 7 May 1897, Greenbooth, age: 19yr, s/o James & Ruth
Nichol, James, d. 18 Jan 1922, Norden, age: 82yr
Nichol, John, d. 11 Mar 1938, age: 73yr, h/of Sarah Alice
Nichol, John, d. b 17 Feb 1843, d 10 May 1918, h/of Elizabeth
Nichol, Ruth, d. 21 Dec 1915, Greenbooth, age: 76yr, w/of James
Nichol, Sarah Alice, d. 4 Feb 1938, age: 76yr, w/of John
Nicholl, Jane, d. 3 Oct 1888, age: 11 Months, d/of James and Martha Nicholl
Nicholl, Mary Ellen, d. 27 Jun 1925, age: 54y, w/of Robert Maxfield
Nicholl, Robert Maxfield, d. 19 Jan 1950, , Cremated23 Jan 1950, age: 77y, h/of Mary Ellen
Nicholls, A, d. 27 Mar 1915, age: 21yr, The Rifle Brigade
Nicholls, Charles Arthur, d. 3 Aug 1905, age: 24yr, s/o John Henry & Sarah
Nicholls, Eric Swain, d. 19 Aug 1907, age: 5yr, s/o George & Mabel Elizabeth
Nicholls, George, d. 5 Feb 1943, age: 67yr, h/of Mabel Elizabeth
Nicholls, John Henry, d. 12 Jan 1919, age: 77yr, h/of Sarah
Nicholls, John William, d. 1 Mar 1895, age: 23yr, s/o John Henry & Sarah
Nicholls, Joseph, d. 10 Nov 1885, age: 8yr, s/o John Henry & Sarah
Nicholls, Mabel Elizabeth, d. 6 Jan 1931, Of Flixton, age: 58yr, w/of George
Nicholls, Margaret, d. 23 Jan 1930, age: 82yr, w/of John Henry
Nicholls, Sarah, d. 1 Mar 1900, age: 55yr, w/of John Henry
Nichols, Elizabeth Ann, d. 17 Sep 1968, age: 91yr
Nicholson, Annie, d. 26 Mar 1951, age: 86yr, w/of Randolph
Nicholson, Catherine, d. 7 May 1892, age: 52yr ?
Nicholson, Joseph, d. 26 Jul 1855 Macclesfield, age: 52yr, h/of Lucy
Nicholson, Lucy, d. 4 Dec 1877, age: 65yr, Relict Of Joseph
Nicholson, Randolph, d. 6 Oct 1910, age: 45yr, h/o Annie, Sin Law/of Alfred & Elizabeth Taylor
Nield, James, d. 29 Jun 1966, age: 53yr, h/of Ada
Niewodniczyk, Jan, d. 3 Feb 1959
Nightingale, Ellen, d. 12 Mar 1892
Nightingale, Frank, d. 16 Jul 1896, age: 42yr
Nightingale, Sally, d. 3 Dec 1904, age: 18yr
Nightingale, Sarah Ann, d.19 Dec 1991, age: 92yr, (Crossley)
Nixon, Anita, b. 13 Nov 1939, d. 10 May 2003
Nixon, Edith Gertrude, d. Oct 1883, Infant/d/of Robert & Juliana
Nixon, Elizabeth, d. 17 Aug 1898, age: 64yrs, w/o William
Nixon, Ethel , d. 18 Aug 1964, age 80y, d/of Robert & Juliana
Nixon, George, d. 16 Sep 1920, age: 53yrs, s/o William & Elizabeth
Nixon, Juliana, d. 13 May 1931, age 84y, w/of Robert
Nixon, Robert, d. 22 Nov 1921, age 75y, h/of Juliana
Nixon, William, d. 14 Feb 1903 Castleton, age: 70yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Noblitt, Ann, d. 1 Dec 1861, w/of John
Noblitt, John, d. 25 Dec 1865, age: 67yr, h/of Ann
Norcliffe, Eleanor, d. 15 Feb 1926, age: 58yr, w/of Major Edward
Norcliffe, Frank, d. 11 Nov 1917, age: 23yr, s/o Major Edward and Eleanor
Norcliffe, John William, d. 2 Apr 1898, age: 9yr, s/o Major Edward and Eleanor
Norcliffe, Major Edward, d. 9 Jan 1908, age: 51yr, h/of Eleanor
Norris, Dixon, d. 20 May 1926, age: 70yr, h/of Agnes
Norris, George Barnard, d. 2 Mar 1899, age: 18yr, s/o Dixon and Hannah
Norris, George, d. 5 Apr 1861, age: 39yr
Norris, Hannah, d. 28 Dec 1893, age: 35yr, w/of Dixon Norris
Norris, Margaret, d. 5 Aug 1861, age: 36yr
Nowell, Mary, d. 19 Oct 1882, age: 69yr
Nuttall, Alice, d. 19 Dec 1900, age: 69yr
Nuttall, Alice, d. 22 Oct 1891, age: 31yr
Nuttall, Alice, d. 7 Apr 1895, age: 86yr, Relict Of Samuel
Nuttall, Ann, d. 19 Feb 1891,
Nuttall, Edna, d. 18 Nov 1903, Weaste Manchester, w/of Thomas
Nuttall, Edwin, d. 2 Jul .....age 30yr, (Stone broken year unknown)
Nuttall, Elizabeth Ann, d. 14 Feb 1901, age: 28yr, d/of Charles & Mary
Nuttall, Fred, d. 24 Aug 1916, age: 21yr, Adopted s/o Chris & Martha, A B Fletcher, (8th Battalion Kings Royal Rifles, killed in action ag Delville Wood France
Nuttall, Fred, d. 24 Aug 1916, killed in action at Delville Wood France, age: 21yr, Adopted s/o Chris & Martha, A B Fletcher, (8th Battalion Kings Royal Rifles)
Nuttall, Henry, d. 24 Mar 1856, age: 3yr, s/o John and Mary
Nuttall, James, d. 1 Oct 1917, age: 69yr, h/of Ruth
Nuttall, James, d. 2 Apr 1885, age: 58yr, h/of Jane
Nuttall, Jane Ann Standring, d. 14 Sep 1911, age: 40yr, d/of Joseph and Mary Standring and w/of John E Nuttall
Nuttall, Jane, d. 12 Feb 1886, age: 62yr, w/of James
Nuttall, Jane, d. 12 Jan 1912, 81yr, w/of John
Nuttall, John E, d. 8 Nov 1920, age: 50yr, h/of Jane Ann
Nuttall, John, d. 10 Dec 1883, age: 57yr, h/of Ann
Nuttall, John, d. 10 Mar 1904, h/of Jane
Nuttall, John, d. 22 Feb 1847, age: 43yr, h/of Rachel
Nuttall, Joseph Edmund, d. 12 Jul 1916, h/of Alice
Nuttall, Joseph, b. 14 Aug 1838, d. 3 Nov 1874, h/of Luicy
Nuttall, Lawrence, d. 15 Jan 1909, age: 72yrs, h/o Sarah Ann
Nuttall, Luicy Hope, d. 26 Jan 1883, age: 49yr, w/of Joseph
Nuttall, Mary Jane, d. 17 Jan 1884, age: 32yr, w/of Samuel
Nuttall, Mary, d. 25 Feb 1909, age: 63yr
Nuttall, Rachel, d. 9 Dec 1875, age: 66yr, w/of John
Nuttall, Ruth, d. 18 Apr 1931, age: 84yr, w/of James
Nuttall, Samuel, d. 7 May 1861, age: 42yr, h/of Alice
Nuttall, Sarah Ann, d. 22 Sep 1906, age: 72yrs, w/o lawrence
Nuttall, Sarah, d. 4 Dec 1916, age 93y
Nuttall, Thomas, d. 25 Dec 1934, 80yr
Nutter, David, d. 3 Oct 2003, age: 60yr, h/of Irene
Nutter, George, d. 4 Jan 1913, age: 67yr, h/o Mary Ellen
Nutter, Gilbert, d. 15 Jun 1907, age: 22yr, s/o George & Mary Ellen
Nutter, Mary Ellen, d. 24 Nov 1927, age: 76yr, w/of George
O, Boyle, Ellen (Brannan), b. 27 Oct 1916, d. 9 Feb 2001
Oakley, Frederick, d. 21 Oct 1931, age 75y, h/o Grace
Oakley, Grace, d. 9 Nov 1941, age 85y, w/o Frederick
Oakley, Mary Jane, d. 24 Dec 1979, age 84y, d/o Frederick & Grace
Oates, Fred, d. 1 Aug 1887, age: 5yr
O'Connell, Bridget, d. 21 Jan 1906, age: 70yr, d/of Catherine Beaver
Oddy, Alderman Robert Walter, d. 24 Nov 1925, age: 74y, h/of Sarah Alice
Oddy, Frank R, d. 25 Jan 1957, age 66y, s/o James & Mary Ann
Oddy, James, d. 19 Jul 1935, age 90y, h/of Mary Ann
Oddy, Mary Ann, d. 14 Mar 1917, age 69y, w/of James
Oddy, Robert Atkinson, d. 12 Mar 1925, age: 36y, h/of Sarah Etta
Oddy, Sarah Alice, d. 12 Mar 1928, age: 74y, w/of Alderman Robert Walter
Oddy, Sarah Etta, d. 25 Apr 1961, age: 74y, w/of Robert Atkinson
Odgen, Robert, d. 2 Dec 1874, age: 58yr, h/of Sarah
O'Doherty, Bridget Elizabeth, d. 30 Dec 1892, age 46y, Sister of Charles O'Doherty
O'Doherty, Charles, d. 13 Jan 1881, age 34y
O'Doherty, Edward Kierby, d. 1 Mar 1925, age 52y, s/of Charles & Elizabeth
O'Doherty, Elizabeth, d. 31 Dec 1916, age 70y, w/of Charles
O'Doherty, Emily, d. 18 Apr 1946, age 71y
Offord, Edith, d. Jul 1940, age 75yrs
Offord, James Edward, d. May 1932, age: 67yrs
Ogden, Alderman Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1917, age 71y, of Passmonds, h/of Emma
Ogden, Alice Ann, d. 8 Jun 1929, age 68y, w/of Samuel
Ogden, Ann, d. 18 Mar 1903, age: 49yr, w/of Charles Ogden
Ogden, Bertha, d. 19 Mar 1938, w/o Richard
Ogden, Betty, d. 22 Jul 1925, age: 84yr, w/of John
Ogden, Charles, d. 22 Jun 1926, age: 81yr, M. R. C. S. LRGP
Ogden, Edmund, b. 16 Sep 1843, d. 7 Dec 1895, s/o Robert and Sarah
Ogden, Edmund, d. 29 Aug 1871, age: 79yr
Ogden, Edward, d. 31 Jul 1957, age 82y, h/of Mary A
Ogden, Elizabeth Ann, d. 10 Jun 1922, age: 52yr
Ogden, Elizabeth, d. 26 Nov 1925, age: 76yr, w/of Thomas
Ogden, Elizabeth, d. 28 Nov 1938, age: 82yrs
Ogden, Ellen, d. 13 Jul 1924, age: 77yr, d/of Robert
Ogden, Ellen, d. 26 Dec 1907, age: 67yr, w/of William
Ogden, Emma, d. 26 Oct 1925, age 80y, w/of Alderman Thomas Ogden
Ogden, Emma, d. 6 Dec 1956, age 76y, w/of Fred
Ogden, Frank, d. 24 Aug 1896, age 5 Mnths, s/o Richard & Martha Ann
Ogden, Fred (J.P.), d. 9 Jun 1966, age 89y, h/of Emma
Ogden, Frederick, d. 27 Feb 1948, age: 74yr, Eldest, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth
Ogden, Gertrude, d. ???, d/of John & Mary Chadwick, w/of C S ? Ogden
Ogden, Hannah, d. 12 Jan 1926, age 51y, w/of Edward
Ogden, Hannah, d. 25 Jul 1898, age: 48yr, w/of Charles Ogden M, R, C, S
Ogden, Henry, d. 24 Oct 1887, age: 48yr, s/o Edmund
Ogden, Israel, d. 31 Jan 1872, age: 61yr, h/of Lydia
Ogden, James, d. 27 Sep 1870, age: 53yr, Brother of John
Ogden, Jane Ellen, b. 27 May 1874, d. 8 Feb 1920, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Ogden, John, d. 19 Sep 1870, age: 40yr, h/of Mary
Ogden, John, d. 30 Sep 1903, age: 63yr, h/of Betty
Ogden, Lavinia, d. 30 Oct 1883, age: 6yr, d/of Charles and Hannah Ogden
Ogden, Lilly, d. 30 May 1967, age 89y, w/of William
Ogden, Lydia, d. 11 Jun 1882, age: 70yr, w/of Israel
Ogden, Maria Ellen, d. 5 Mar 1974, age 92y, w/of Percy
Ogden, Martha Ann, d. 14 Mar 1912, age: 51yrs, w/o Richard
Ogden, Mary Ann, d. 30 Dec 1924, age: 69yr, w/of James
Ogden, Mary Ann, d. Jun 1897
Ogden, Mary Louisa, d. 2 Dec 187(9) ?, w/of Thomas, age: 24yr
Ogden, Mary, d. 10 Apr 1922, age: 64yrs, w/o Richard
Ogden, Mary, d. 9 Feb 1904, age: 73yr, w/of John
Ogden, Norah, d. 2 Dec 1958
Ogden, Percy, d. 13 Aug 1956, age 74y, h/of Nellie
Ogden, Richard Lucas, b. 4 Aug 1899, d. 15 Sep 1899
Ogden, Richard, d. 1 Dec 1936, age: 75yrs
Ogden, Richard, d. 9 Mar 1909, age: 76yr
Ogden, Samuel, d. 5 Sep 1917, age 59y, h/of Alice Ann
Ogden, Sarah Dearden, d. 13 Feb 1940
Ogden, Sarah, d. 25 May 1870, age: 55yr, w/of Robert
Ogden, Thomas, d. 17 Dec 1885, age: 40yr, s/o Israel and Lydia
Ogden, Thomas, d. 17 May 1899, age: 59yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Ogden, Thomas, d. 3 Feb 1914, age: 72yr, h/of Elizabeth
Ogden, William, d. 11 Apr 1901, age: 53yr, s/o Israel and Lydia
Ogden, William, d. 15 Jan 1938, age 65y, h/of Lilly
Ogden, William, d. 3 Mar 1895, age: 56yr, h/of Ellen
O'Hagan, Joseph, b. 6 Jun 1929, d. 14 Oct 2002, age: 73y
O'Hara, Amy Edith, d. 1 Mar 1906, age: 26yr
Oldfield, Anna, d. 5 Mar 1922, age: 45yr, w/of Samuel
Oldfield, Clara, d. 13 Nov 1959, age: 74yr
Oldfield, David, d. 23 Nov 1956, age: 73yr, h/of Ellen
Oldfield, Ellen, d. 20 Apr 1964, age: 88yr, w/od David
Oldfield, Hannah, d. ...Dec .., w/of John (rest of stone sunk underground)
Oldfield, Jane, d. 18 Nov 1846, age: 7yr, d/of Samuel and Sarah (Interned new burial ground Rochdale)
Oldfield, John, d. 25 Jan 1879, age: 31yr
Oldfield, John, d. 7 Nov 1919, age 69y, h/of Hannah
Oldfield, Matilda Ellen, d. 9 Dec 1925, age: 76yr
Oldfield, Samuel, d. 10 Jan 1951, age: 73yr, h/of Anna
Oldfield, Samuel, d. 30 Dec 1885, age: 74yr, h/of Sarah
Oldfield, Sarah, d. 15 Apr 1883, age: 74yr, w/of Samuel
Oldham, Alice Emily, d. 2 Nov 1934, age: 53yr, d/of Jno Thomas and Emily
Oldham, Alice, d. 25 Jul 1948, age: 88yr, w/of Simon
Oldham, Ann, b. 13 Mar 1824, d. 25 Jun 1897, w/of Thomas
Oldham, Ann, d. 21 Apr 1868, age: 28yr
Oldham, Ann, d. 22 Apr 1901, age: 64yr, w/of Thomasham
Oldham, Ann, d. 23 Aug 1867, age: 79yr, Relict Of Richard
Oldham, Archibold, d. 14 Nov 1880, age: 39yr
Oldham, Arthur, d. 24 Mar 1867, age: 6 Weeks
Oldham, Charles Henry, d. 21 Nov 1906, age: 42yr, h/o Mary Alice
Oldham, Clifford, d. 6 Nov 1988
Oldham, Cornelius, d. 22 Oct 1962, Ag 65yr, h/of Sarah Ann
Oldham, Edmund, d. 4 Mar 1890(faded) s/o Archibold and Sarah, age: 14yr
Oldham, Emily, d. 29 Jun 1897, age: 39yr, w/of John Thomas
Oldham, Isabella (Sheran), d. 22 Feb 1912, age: 32yr, w/of Ben, d/o George & Jane Sheran
Oldham, John Thomas, d. 24 May 1909, age: 54yr, h/of Emily
Oldham, Joseph Melling, d. 20 Jan 1968, age: 56yr, h/of Nora
Oldham, Mary Alice, d. 1937, w/of Charles Henry
Oldham, Ronnie, d. 11 Sep 1992, age: 71yr
Oldham, Sarah Ann, d. 25 Dec 1967, age: 74yr, w/of Cornelius
Oldham, Sarah, b. 9 Feb 1841, d. 12 Feb 1867, age: 26yr, w/of Archibaldham
Oldham, Sarah, d. 22 Sep 1928, age: 84yr, Widow
Oldham, Sarah, d. 4 Jan 1893, age: 60yr, w/of James
Oldham, Simon, d. 24 Feb 1940, age: 72yr, h/of Alice
Oldham, Thomas, b. 9 Dec 1822, d. 21 May 1891, h/of Ann
Oldham, Thomas, d. 23 Aug 1897, age: 61yr, h/of Ann
Oliver, Ada, b. 9 Sep 1828, d. 2 Aug 1910, d/of Royston & Mary Anne
Oliver, Amy, d. 1 Feb 1990, age 102 yrs
Oliver, Capt Richard Edward, d. 9 Apr 1938, age 55y, D S C M, S, M, H/of Amy
Oliver, Harold, d. 15 Jun 1942, age 57y
Oliver, Harriett Ann, d. 8 Jul 1923, age 60y, w/of John
Oliver, Jessica Mary, d. 8 Mar 1967, age 65y, w/of Norman S
Oliver, John, d. 5 Mar 1922, of Stubley Hall Littleboro, age 59y, h/of Harriett Ann
Oliver, Mary Anne, d. 9 Feb 1861, age 54y, w/of Royston
Oliver, Mathew Joseph, b. 3 Feb 1990, d. 4 Feb 1990, s/o Philip and Karen Oliver
Oliver, Norman S, d. 22 Jul 1983, age 85y
Oliver, Royston, d. 3 May 1884, age 79y, h/of Mary Anne
Oliver, Russell, d. date underground, s/o Thomas & Nellie
Ollerton, Beatrice, d. 6 Nov 1988, cremated 10 Nov 1988, w/of Charles Henry Ollerton Occupation Mill Worker Retired
Ollerton, Charles Henry, d. 30 Jan 1989, cremated 2 Feb 1989, Occupation Retired Hgv Driver, husband Of Beatrice
O'Malley, Graham, no dates
O'Malley, Paul, no dates
O'Malley, Peter, no dates
Ormandy, Ron, d. 3 Feb 2001, age: 91yr
Ormerod, Ada Doris, d. 4 Aug 1920, age: 20yr, d/of Albert and Kate
Ormerod, Albert Edward, d. 18 Mar 1956, age: 47yr, s/o Albert and Kate
Ormerod, Albert, d. 14 May 1943, age: 76yr, h/of Kate
Ormerod, Albert, d. 31 Sep 1868, age: 1yr 7 Months, s/o Henry and Rebecca, (Interred St Clements Churchyard Spotland)
Ormerod, Ann, d. 20 Jan ....(faded), age 78yr, w/of Peter
Ormerod, Benjamin George, d. 3 Feb 1878, age: 19yr, s/o Henry and Rebecca
Ormerod, Bertha, d. 29 Jul 1961, age: 74yr, w/of Samuel PilkingtonOrmerod
Ormerod, Betty, d. 13 Mar 1881, age: 66yr, d/of Thomas and Martha
Ormerod, Edmund, d. 14 Sep 1917, age: 66yr, h/of Mary Hannah
Ormerod, Henry, d. 18 Apr 1890, age: 73yr, h/of Rebecca
Ormerod, Kate, d. 30 Oct 1952, age: 85yr, w/of Albert
Ormerod, Martha, d. 21 Jul 1863, age: 74yr, w/of Thomas
Ormerod, Mary Hannah, d. 16 Oct 1922, age: 62yr, w/of Edmund
Ormerod, Mathew, d. 5 Sep 1893, age: 69yr, At Whitworth
Ormerod, Peter, d. 2 Dec 1891, age: 62yr, h/of Ann
Ormerod, Rebecca, d. 4 Jan 1896, age: 69yr, w/of Henry
Ormerod, Samuel Pilkington, d. 13 May 1941, age: 54yr, h/of Bertha
Ormerod, Thomas, d. 13 Feb 1857, age: 68yr, h/of Martha
Ormerod, Thomas, d. 22 Jan 1889, age 49y
Orrell, Annie Maria, d. 4 Apr 1891, age: 27yr, First, w/of James
Orrell, Bessie, d. 2 Nov 1935, age: 61yrs, w/o Walter Walsh
Orrell, Clara, d. 31 Dec 1964, age: 86yr, Second, w/of James
Orrell, James, d. 21 Aug 1937, age: 78yr, h/of Clara
Orrell, Walter Walsh, d. 5 Sep 1943, Interred at Streetly-On-Thames, h/o Bessie
Osbaldeston, Avriel, d. 28 Nov 1938, age: 2yr, G/dau Of Richard & Sarah Elizabeth
Osbaldeston, Edith, d. 24 Nov 1961, age: 54yr, Mother Of Joan & Avriel
Osbaldeston, Hannah, d. 13 Jul 1927, age: 73yr, w/of Joseph
Osbaldeston, John Willie, d. 10 Dec 1961, age: 54yr
Osbaldeston, John, d. 29 Mar 1932, age: 2yr, G/son Of Richard & Sarah Elizabeth
Osbaldeston, Joseph, d. 30 Jun 1922, age: 69yr, h/of Hannah
Osbaldeston, Richard, d. 28 Nov 1918, age: 42yr, h/of Sarah Elizabeth
Osbaldeston, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 10 Feb 1930, age: 52yr, w/of Richard
Ostafijczuk, Czeslaw, b. 12 Jul 1956, d. 31 Jan 1959
Ostovic, Frances, d. 7 Jul 1960, age: 46yr
Oswald, Marie, b. 23 Jun 1953, d. 19 Apr 2001
Otterwell, Charles, d. 29 May 1928, age 74y, h/of Eliza
Otterwell, Eliza, d. 20 Mar 1929, age 77y, w/of Charles
Otterwell, William Henry, d. 29 Mar 1915 Rochdale, age 28y, s/oCharles & Eliza
Ousey, Jack, d. 22 Feb 2001, age: 80y, h/of Brenda
Owen, Elizabeth, d. 7 Sep 1929, age: 79yr
Owen, Ellen, d. 12 Sep 1866, age: 42yr, w/of Thomas
Owen, Elsie Coppoch, d. 27 May 1894, age: 18mths, d/o Herbert
Owen, Herbert, d. 6 Mar 1911 ofaham, age: 51yrs
Owen, Thomas, d. 6 Mar 1874, age: 55yr, h/of Ellen

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