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Rochdale Cemetery
Lancashire, England

Contributed by Dave Ollerton [david.ollerton@sky.com].
Hodgkinson, Alice, d. 23 Dec 1920, age: 74yr, w/ofHenry Thomas, and d/of James and Annie Howell
Hodgkinson, Annie, d. 19 Sep 1950, age: 75yr, w/of George Edward
Hodgkinson, Chris, d. 5 Sep 1999, age: 36yr
Hodgkinson, George Edward, d. 26 Aug 1946, age: 74yr, h/o Annie
Hodgkinson, Hilda, d. 21 Sep 1931, age: 21yr, d/o George Edward & Annie
Hodgson, Anne Isabel, d. 30 Jun 1990, , bur. 1990, w/of Richard Hodgson
Hodgson, Dorothy Mavis, d. 19 Nov 1925, age: 1 yr 8mo
Hodgson, Richard, d. 18 Nov 1984, cremated Nov 1984, husband of Anne Isabel
Holcroft, Emily, d. 27 Jan 1965, age: 57yr
Holcroft, F N, b. 10 Jan 1935, d. 18 Dec 1997
Holcroft, Frederick, d. 2 Jan 1966, age: 67yr
Holden, Albert, d. 16 May 1936, age: 58yr, h/of Lena
Holden, Alice, d. 13 Oct 1944, age: 71yr, w/of Auberon E
Holden, Annie, d. 6 Dec 1994, age: 85y, w/of Harry
Holden, Colin Peter, d. age: 1 day s/of Harry & Annie
Holden, Eleanor, d. 26 Mar 1886, age 1y 4 Mnths, Infant, d/of Henry & Martha Ann (Interred Royton Cemetery)
Holden, Ellen, d. 18 Nov 1948 At Abingdon, age: 87yr, d/of John and Jane
Holden, Harry, d. 16 Oct 1954, age: 60yr, h/of Elsie
Holden, Harry, d. 19 Jun 1973, age: 63y, h/of Annie
Holden, Henry, d. 11 Mar 1928, age 67y, h/of Martha Ann
Holden, Henry, d. 26 Jan 1957, age 69y, h/of Sarah Alice
Holden, Jane, d. 1 Dec 1894, age: 68yr, w/of John
Holden, John, b. 11 May 1821, d. 19 Aug 1898, h/o Mary
Holden, John, d. 26 May 1899, age: 74yr
Holden, John, d. 29 Mar 1895, age: 31yr
Holden, Lena, d. 13 Mar 1929, age: 56yr, w/of Albert
Holden, Maria Lenton, d. 18 Sep 1899, age: 15yr
Holden, Martha Ann, d. 15 Jan 1951, age 92y, w/of Henry
Holden, Martha Jane, d. 27 Nov 1923, age 71y, Sister of Sarah
Holden, Martha, d. 7 Dec 1925, age: 71yr, d/of Thomas and Sarah Ann
Holden, Martha, d. 7 Dec 1925, age: 71yr, w/of Thomas and Sarah Ann
Holden, Mary Alice, d. 4 Oct 1943, age: 69yr, w/of Zachariah
Holden, Mary Hannah, d. 16 Oct 1954, age: 65yr
Holden, Mary, d. 16 Mar 1907, age: 86yrs, w/o John
Holden, Mary, d. 25 Jan 1861, age: 17 Months, d/of John and Jane
Holden, Mary, d. 6 Mar 1932, age: 71yr, d/of James & Mary Dearden
Holden, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1901, age: 56yr
Holden, Mary, date underground, w/of William
Holden, Robert, d. 7 Apr 1908, age: 48yr, h/of Selina
Holden, Sarah Alice, d. 1 Sep 1973, age 85y, w/of Henry
Holden, Sarah, d. 25 Aug 1929, age 74y, Sister Of Martha Jane Holden
Holden, Selina, d. 15 Aug 1932, age: 69yr, w/of Robert
Holden, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1896
Holden, William, d. 29 Mar 1913, age: 52yr h/of Mary
Holden, Zachariah, d. 22 Sep 1917, age: 50yr, h/of Mary Alice
Holding, Ann, d. 26 Jul 1903, age: 75yr, w/of George
Holding, George, d. 23 Apr 1904, age: 70yr, h/o Ann
Holland, Ann, b. 10 Apr 1942, d. 3 Apr 2001
Holland, Ann, d. 24 Jan 1875, age: 52yr, d/of Samuel and Maria
Holland, Ellen, d. 28 Oct 1855, age: 25yr, d/of Samuel and Maria
Holland, Emma Wild, d. 2 Jul 1887, age: 52yr
Holland, George, b. 24 Feb 1923, d. 25 Jan 2002
Holland, Georgina Amelia, d. 4 Aug 1929, age: 57yr
Holland, John, d. 31 Aug 1882, age: 47yr
Holland, Maria Jane (May), d. 28 Aug 1909, age: 36yr, d/of John AndEmma
Holland, Maria, Relict of Samuel, d. 19 Feb 1869, age: 72yr
Holland, Martha, d. 16 Dec 1902, age: 76yr, d/of Samuel and Maria
Holland, Mary Alice Taylor, d. 15 Jun 1911, age: 50yr, Wid of William Robert Holland
Holland, Richard, d. 6 Dec 1868, age: 49yr, s/o Samuel and Maria
Holland, Samuel, d. 18 Mar 1862, age: 69yr
Holland, Samuel, d. 27 Sep 1858, age: 34yr, s/o Samuel and Maria
Hollingrake, Sarah, d. 13 Jul 1905, age: 17yrs, Adopted d/o John Joseph & Esther Ann Schofield
Hollingworth, Sarah Ann, d. 6 Oct 1902, age: 23yr, w/of William
Hollingworth, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 15 Feb 1899, age: 41yr
Hollingworth, William, d. 11 Jul 1906, age: 53yr
Hollinrake, Frances Alice, d. 27 Dec 1935, age: 88yr, w/of John
Hollinrake, John, d. 14 Nov 1922, age: 74yr, Deeplish, h/of Frances Alice
Hollows, Alice, d. 3 Dec 1913, age: 83yr, w/of James
Hollows, Arnold, d. age: 1 Week, no dates
Hollows, Edmund, d. 8 Jul 1907, age: 5yr, s/o Willliam and Mabel
Hollows, Eleanor, d. 16 May 1911, age: 61yr, formerly Wid/of Daniel Sutcliffe now wife of William Hollows
Hollows, Ernest, d. 17 Jun 1941, age: 72yrs, h/o Fanny
Hollows, Fanny, d. 15 Jan 1944, age: 76yrs, w/o Ernest
Hollows, Florrie, d. 7 Jun 1897, age: 4yrs & 11mths, d/o Ernest & Fanny
Hollows, James, d. 20 Jul 1897, age: 68yr, h/of Alice
Hollows, John, d. 20 Aug 1920, age: 18yr, s/o William and Mabel
Hollows, Mary Mabel, d. 4 Aug 1949, age: 73yr
Hollows, Maud, d. 18 Jan 1914, age: 21yr, w/of Harold
Hollows, Robert, d. 10 Aug 1866, age: 10 Months, s/o James and Alice
Hollows, Wiliam, d. 25 Aug 1917, age: 64yr, h/of Eleanor
Hollows, William, d. 26 Feb 1921, age: 51yr
Holme, Margaret, d. 6 Dec 2003, age: 87y
Holmes, Elizabeth, d. 9 Oct 1921, age: 70yrs, w/o Joseph
Holmes, John, d. 26 Jul 1907, age: 60yr
Holmes, Joseph, d. 15 Nov 1931, age: 82yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Holmes, Martha Pat, b. 1920, d. 1983
Holmes, Thomas, b. 1920, d. 1979
Holowackyj, Michael, d. 13 Aug 1959, age: 33yr, h/of Thelma
Holowackyj, Thelma, d. 16 Apr 1984, age: 69yr, w/of Michael
Holroyd, Abraham, d. 2 May 1856, age: 72yr, h/of Milcha
Holroyd, Ann, d. 15 Mar 1859, age: 48yr, w/of Charles Holroyd
Holroyd, Elizabeth, d. 9 Jan 1928, age: 68yr, d/of Thomas Stott
Holroyd, Jane, d. 28 Dec 1872, age: 55yr, w/of John
Holroyd, John, d. 20 Jun 1862, age: 45 yts, h/of Jane
Holroyd, Milcha, d. 2 Sep 1864, age: 69yr, w/of Abraham
Holt, Abraham, d. 8 Jun 1926, age: 59yr, h/of Emma
Holt, Ada, d. 23 Mar 1930, age: 62yr, w/of Robert
Holt, Albert, d. 28 Oct 1928, age: 72yr, h/of Sarah Alice
Holt, Alfred, d. 27 Apr 1864, age: 21yr
Holt, Alice, d. 12 Aug 1915, Smithy Bridge, age: 75yrw/of Edward
Holt, Alice, d. 13 Feb 1889, age: 58yr
Holt, Alice, d. 17 Dec 1941, age: 73yrs, d/o Edward & Jane
Holt, Alice, d. 21 Oct 1897, age: 3mo, d/of Herbert and Emily
Holt, Alice, d. 21 Sep 1914, age: 77yr
Holt, Alice, d. 28 Sep 1934, age: 62yr
Holt, Alice, d. in infancy, d/of James and Alice, no dates
Holt, Ann, d. 25 Dec 1897, age: 75yr, w/of James
Holt, Annie(Finn), d. 8 Jul 1996, age: 83yr
Holt, Annie, d. 11 Apr 1913, age: 42yr, w/of Henry
Holt, Arthur Travis, d. 7 Nov 1875, age: 10 Mnths, s/o William & Martha
Holt, Beatrice, d. 17 Feb 1963, d/of Charles and Jane
Holt, Benjamin, d. 19 Jun 1988, age: 83yr
Holt, Benjamin, d. 21 Jun 1873, age: 64yr, h/of Hannah
Holt, Benjamin, d. 31 May 1902, age: 72yr
Holt, Betsy, d. 31 Jul 1892, age: 27yr, w/of Charles
Holt, Betty, d. 11 Jan 1868, age: 34yr
Holt, Betty, d. 14 Feb 1907, age: 79yr, w/of John
Holt, Betty, d. 3 Apr 1926, age 66y, w/o Richard Henry
Holt, Charles, d. 11 Sep 1900, age: 34yr, h/od Betsy
Holt, Charles, d. 19 Dec 1922, age: 79yr
Holt, Clement, d. 4 May 1882, h/of Mary
Holt, Clementina, d. 16 Feb 1954,
Holt, Dorothy, no dates
Holt, Edith Alice, d. 18 Mar 1941, age: 61y, w/of Jackson
Holt, Edmund, d. 17 May 1916, age: 67yr, h/of Hannah
Holt, Edna, d. 12 Oct 1924, age: 9 Months, d/of Sidney and Clara Holt
Holt, Edward, d. 4 Oct 1873, age: 33yrs
Holt, Edward, d. 5 Mar 1886, age: 32yr
Holt, Edward, d. 6 Aug 1861, age: 72yr
Holt, Eliza, d. in infancy, d/of James and Alice, no dates
Holt, Elizabeth Annie, d. 14 Apr 1977, age: 87yr, w/of Herbert
Holt, Elizabeth Eleanor, d. 19 Jul 1889, age: 31yr, w/of Charles Holt
Holt, Elizabeth, d. 20 Jul 1837, age: 56yr, d/of Thomas and Hannah
Holt, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jan 1900, age 78y, w/of John
Holt, Ellen, d. 19 Jan 1915, Bamford, age: 56yr, w/of Enoch
Holt, Ellen, d. 25 Jul 1932, age: 76yr
Holt, Ellen, d. 25 May 1919, age: 46yr, w/of Frank A
Holt, Ellen, d. 4 Jul 1862, age: 12yr, d/of Thomas and Hannah Holt
Holt, Ellen, d. 6 Feb 1929, age:67yr, w/of William H Holt
Holt, Elsie, d. 1 Oct 1980, age: 58yr, w/of Jack Joseph Holt
Holt, Emily (Leech), d. 15 Dec 1941, age: 73yr, w/of Samuel Holt
Holt, Emily, d. 1 Apr 1968, age 90y, w/of William Edward
Holt, Emma, d. 28 Feb 1890, age: 33yr
Holt, Emma, d. 31 Jan 1875, age: 35yr, w/of James
Holt, Emma, d. 5 Jun 1926, age: 54yr, w/of Abraham
Holt, Emma, d. 6 Dec 1898, age: 18yr, d/of James & Sarah Jane
Holt, Enoch, d. 4 Mar 1939, age: 80yr, h/o Ellen
Holt, Eric, d. 21 May 1995, age 67y
Holt, Ernest, b. 15 Jul 1884, d. 6 Oct 1884, s/o Ann Elizabeth Holt
Holt, Ethel May, d. 21 May 1955, age: 48yr, d/of Albert and Sarah Alice
Holt, Frank A, d. 28 Oct 1927, age: 62yr, h/of Ellen
Holt, Frank, d. 3 Jan 1961, age: 47yr, h/of Eleanor Collinge
Holt, George Ernest, no dates
Holt, George, d. 8 Jun 1890, age: 58yr, h/of Kezia
Holt, Hannah, d. 1 Jul 1881, age: 67yr, w/of Benjamin
Holt, Hannah, d. 16 Aug 1916, age: 70yr, w/of Edmund
Holt, Hannah, d. 31 Mar 1832, age: 74yr, w/of Thomas
Holt, Hannah, d. 5 Oct 1919, w/of Ivan
Holt, Hannah, d. 6 Jan 1804, age: 17yr, d/of Thomas and Hannah
Holt, Hannah, d. 6 Nov 1890, age: 68yr, w/of Thomas Holt
Holt, Harold Tweedale, d. 21 Feb 1949, age: 42yr
Holt, Harold Whalley, d. 7 Sep 1951, age 60y, h/o Ethel, f/o Richard & Betty, s/o Richard Henry & Betty
Holt, Henrietta, d. 28 Mar 1905, age: 21yr, d/o Enoch & Ellen
Holt, Henry, d. 20 Dec 1927, age: 59yr
Holt, Henry, d. 4 May 1895, age: 50yrs
Holt, Herbert, d. 2 Jul 1875, age: 11yr, s/o Edward & Alice
Holt, Herbert, d. 29 Nov 1937, age: 60yr, h/of Elizabeth Annie
Holt, Isabella, d. 7 Jul 1918, age: 51yr, w/of James Thomas
Holt, Ivan, d. 3 Feb 1933, age: 45yr, h/of Alice J Holt
Holt, Jack Joseph, d. 24 Jan 1999, age: 78yr
Holt, Jackson, d. 17 Feb 1917, age: 36y, h/of Edith Alice
Holt, James C, d. 4 Dec 1963, age: 74yr, s/o Charles and Elizabeth
Holt, James Edmund, d. 10 Jul 1951, age: 77yr, s/o Edmund & Hannah, h/of Margaret
Holt, James Edward, d. 2 Feb 1872, age: 1 Week, s/o Edward & Alice
Holt, James, d. 10 Oct 1935, age 77y, h/of Mary
Holt, James, d. 19 May 1905, age: 50yr
Holt, James, d. 2 Dec 1883, age 85y
Holt, James, d. 22 Jan 1950, age: 61yr, h/of Doris Thorpe
Holt, James, d. 26 Jan 1887, age: 69yr, h/of Ann
Holt, James, d. 31 Dec 1888, age: 60yr
Holt, James, d. 6 Apr 1909, age: 70yr
Holt, James, d. in infancy, s/o James and Alice, no dates
Holt, Jane, b. 2 Oct 1838, d. 12 Jul 1912, w/of Charles
Holt, Jane, d. 10 Jan 1939, age: 65yr
Holt, Jane, d. 19 Feb 1888, age: 53yr, w/of Thomas
Holt, Jane, d. 23 Jul 1878, age: 5yrs, d/o Edward & Jane
Holt, Jane, d. 30 Oct 1916, age: 76yrs, Widow Of Edward
Holt, Jessie, no dates
Holt, John Thomas, d. 19 Sep 1913, age: 65yr, h/of Mary
Holt, John Thomas, d. 21 Mar 1856, age: 13mo, s/o Thomas and Jane
Holt, John Thomas, d. 29 Jan 1919, age: 59yr
Holt, John William, d. 25 Aug 1970
Holt, John, d. 31 Jan 1886, Or 1896, Or 1906, age: 60yr, h/of Betty
Holt, John, d. 5 Aug 1872, age 60y, h/of Elizabeth
Holt, John, d. in infancy, s/o James and Alice, no dates
Holt, Joseph W, d. in infancy no dates s/o William H Holt and Ellen
Holt, Joseph, d. 1 Mar 1914, age 57y, h/of Mary Eliza
Holt, Joseph, d. 18 Oct 1868, age: 17yr
Holt, Joseph, d. 26 Feb 1886, age: 73yr
Holt, Kezia, d. 23 May 1918, age: 82yr, w/of George
Holt, Lieut Wilfred, d. 3 May 1917, age 31y
Holt, Margaret Ellen, d. 10 Sep 1933, age 69y, w/of Sam H
Holt, Margaret Ellen, d. 23 Oct 1881, age: 29yr, w/of Thomas
Holt, Margaret, d. 30 Jul 1962, age: 86yr, w/of James Edmund
Holt, Marion, d. 2 Dec 2000, age: 95yr
Holt, Martha Ann, d. 4 Feb 1937, age: 66yr, w/of Joseph
Holt, Martha, d. 29 Jan 1924, age: 50yr, d/of William & Martha
Holt, Martha, d. 31 May 1897, age: 57yr, w/of William
Holt, Mary , d. 3 Oct 1935, age 77y, w/of James
Holt, Mary Alice, d. 8 Nov 1858, age: 3yr, d/of James and Alice
Holt, Mary Eliza, d. 19 Mar 1929, age 74y, w/of Joseph
Holt, Mary Ellen, d. 18 Mar 1944,
Holt, Mary Ellen, d. 24 Jun 1923, age: 39yr, Second Wife of Henry Holt
Holt, Mary Ellen, d. 26 Oct 1870, age: 16 Months, d/of Robert and Nancy
Holt, Mary Hannah, d. 20 Mar 1890, age: 18yrs, d/o Edward & Jane
Holt, Mary Jane, d. 25 Aug 1913 age: 48y, w/of William
Holt, Mary M, d. 7 Apr 1979, age: 85yr, w/of William Eric Holt
Holt, Mary, d. 15 Jun 1896, age: 44yr, w/of John Thomas
Holt, Mary, d. 24 Feb 1927, age: 72yr
Holt, Mary, d. 7 Sep 1871, age: 79yr, Sister of Edward
Holt, Mary, d. in infancy no dates, d/of James and Alice
Holt, Matilda, d. 21 Dec 1925, w/of John William
Holt, Nancy, d. 2 Jul 1918, age: 83yr, At Moston, w/of Robert
Holt, Nellie, d. 3 Mar 1889, age 15 Mnths
Holt, Peggy, d. 29 Feb 1832, age: 32yr, Sister of Thomas
Holt, Richard Henry, d. 24 Jun 1942, age 80y, h/o Betty
Holt, Robert W, d. 17 Mar 1944, age: 42yr, s/o William H Holt and Ellen
Holt, Robert, d. 15 Jul 1915, age: 52yr, h/o Ada
Holt, Robert, d. 23 Sep 1915, age: 84yr,
Holt, Robert, d. 24 May 1853, age: 13mo, s/o Thomas and Jane
Holt, Robert, d. 4 Sep 1916, age: 44yr, h/of Sarah Jane
Holt, Robert, d. 5 Nov 1916, killed in action France, Lance Corporal Royal Fusiliers, G/son Of James & Mary Ann Clarke
Holt, Ruby, d. 14 Nov 1999, age: 90yr
Holt, Samuel, d. 16 Feb 1924, age: 56yrs, h/o Emily, Bro/o Dorothy Robinson
Holt, Sarah Alice, d. 15 Oct 1941, age: 83yrs (cremated)w/of Albert
Holt, Sarah Jane, d. 25 Nov 1938, age: 65yr, w/of Robert
Holt, Sarah Jane, date underground, w/of James
Holt, Sarah, d. 12 Apr 1890, age: 76yr, w/of Joseph
Holt, Sarah, d. 16 Mar 1885, age: 31yr, d/of James & Ann
Holt, Sarah, d. 28 Nov 1883, age 85y
Holt, Thomas, d. 12 Jan 1848, age: 4mo, s/o Thomas and Hannah Holt
Holt, Thomas, d. 13 Apr 1885, age: 66yr, h/of Hannah
Holt, Thomas, d. 18 Nov 1863, age: 44yr, h/of Jane
Holt, Thomas, d. 22 Aug 1814, age: 62yr, h/of Hannah
Holt, Thomas, d. 8 Oct 1801, age: 18yr, s/o Thomas and Hannah
Holt, Thomas, d. in infancy, s/o James and Alice, no dates
Holt, Vincent, d. 1952, age 10mnths, s/o Eric
Holt, William Edward, d. 18 Nov 1945, age 66y, h/of Emily, s/o Joseph & Mary Eliza
Holt, William Eric, d. 22 Aug 1962, age: 68yr
Holt, William H, d. 23 Apr 1927, age: 62yr, h/of Ellen
Holt, William, d. 2 Jul 1911, age: 72yr, h/of Martha
Holt, William, d. 2 May 1860, age: 2yrs 2Weeks, s/o John and Betty
Holt, William, d. 22 Apr 1859, age 80y
Holt, William, d. 7 Jun 1906, age: 20yr, s/o James & Sarah Jane
Hope, Jane, d. 3 May 1980, age: 96y, w/of Herbert Chadwick
Hope, Sarah, d. 25 Nov 1897, age: 68yr, w/of John
Hopkins, Elizabeth, d. 29 Oct 1947, age: 96yr, w/of George
Hopkins, George, d. 16 Nov 1913, age: 66yr, h/of Elizabeth
Hopkinson, Charles Eric, d. 29 Dec 1974, age 79y, s/o James & Clara
Hopkinson, Charles, d. 26 Jun 1890, age 1y 8 Mnths, s/of Edwin & Sarah
Hopkinson, Clara Ann, d. 28 Apr 1944, age 63y, w/o James
Hopkinson, Edwin, d. 3 Aug 1900, age 50y, h/of Sarah
Hopkinson, Emily Rena, d. 13 Jul 1929, age 12y, d/o James & Clara
Hopkinson, Harriet, d. 9 Jul 1929, age 50y, Interred Hamilton New Zealand
Hopkinson, Harry, d. 6 Nov 1880, age 3y, s/of Edwin & Sarah
Hopkinson, James, d. 10 Dec 1959, age 82y, h/o Clara Ann
Hopkinson, Janey, d. 15 Dec 1888, age 2y 9 Mnths, d/of Edwin & Sarah
Hopkinson, Sarah, d. 23 Jun 1906, age 57y, w/of Edwin
Hopkinson, Thelma, d. 16 Feb 1996, age 84y
Hopwood, Alfred, d. 22 Jan 1937, age: 52yr, h/of Gertrude
Hopwood, Ann (Crossley), d. 12 Dec 1869, age: 61yr, w/of John
Hopwood, Ann, d. 12 Apr 1864, age: 4yr
Hopwood, Charles, d. 16 Jan 1921, age: 67yr, h/of Martha Ann
Hopwood, Gertrude, d. 28 May 1956, age: 69yr, w/of Alfred
Hopwood, Harold Ray, b. 1909, d. 1996
Hopwood, James William, d. 8 Sep 1944, age: 67yr
Hopwood, John, d. 23 Apr 1862, age: 56yr, Son in Law of Luke and Mary Crossley
Hopwood, Martha Ann, (Date Underground), w/of Charles
Hopwood, Sarah, d. 21 Apr 1868, age: 2yrs 7mo

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