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Rawtenstall Cemetery
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Rawtenstall Cemetery
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Rawtenstall Cemetery
Rossendale, Lancashire, England

Burnley Road, Rawtenstall
Rossendale, Lancashire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Aug 20, 2006. Total records = 189.

Contributor's Index:

??, Mary Alice, d. 31 Jan 1955, age 68y, sis/o Margaret Ann Whittaker, [SS]
Ashworth, Emma, d. 14 Feb 1941, age 73y, w/of James Cunliffe, [SS]
Ashworth, Harry, d. 29 Aug 1948, age 55y, h/o Eliza, [SS]
Ashworth, James Cunliffe, d. 5 May 1941, age 78y, h/of Emma, [SS]
Ashworth, Robert H, d. 2 Sep 1932, age 51y, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Ashworth, Stanley, d. 7 Apr 1942, age 21y, s/o Harry & Eliza, [SS]
Atkinson, George, d. 4 Apr 1941, age 76y, [SS]
Barlow, Doreen, d. 28 Sep 2001, age 88y, [SS]
Barrett, Alan, d. 28 Oct 1995, age 61y, s/o Benjamin & Edith, h/of Alice, [SS]
Barrett, Alice, d. 22 Jul 1988, age 52y, w/of Alan, [SS]
Barrett, Edith, d. 28 Aug 1963, age 64y, [SS]
Barrett, Jean Winifred, d. 16 Jul 1941, age 7y, d/of Benjamin & Edith, [SS]
Bellamy, Eliza, d. 27 Dec 1935, age 55y, w/o William, [SS]
Bellamy, William, d. 20 Sep 1959, age 72y, h/o Eliza, [SS]
Blackledge, James, d. 2 Mar 1934, age 57y, h/o Pollie, [SS]
Blackledge, Mary, d. 20 Dec 1960, age 79y, d/o James, [SS]
Blackledge, Pollie, d. 23 Jan 1951, age 74y, w/o James, [SS]
Booth, George Edmund, d. 11 Mar 1932, age 70y, [SS]
Bridge, Hazel, d. 25 Oct 1986, age 55y, d/of Wilfred & Lily Watkins, [SS]
Byrne, James, d. 3 Feb 1981, age 49y, h/of Louisa, [SS]
Byrne, Louisa, d. 23 Jun 1981, w/of James, [SS]
Cardwell, Alice, d. 25 Mar 1953, age 73y, w/of Fred, [SS]
Cardwell, Fred, d. 26 Feb 1944, age 66y, h/of Alice, [SS]
Castle, George Henry, d. 5 Oct 1938, age 72y, h/o Sarah Ann, [SS]
Castle, Sarah Ann, d. 26 Oct 1940, age 70y, w/o George Henry, [SS]
Chatwood, Elizabeth, d. 23 Jan 1998, age 77y, [SS]
Chatwood, William Edward, d. 29 May 1968, age 49y, [SS]
Coates, John Milton, d. 14 Aug 1937, age 40y, [SS]
Cole, Mary, d. 30 Jul 1936, age 68y, w/of Thomas, [SS]
Cole, Thomas, d. 19...4 date faded h/of Mary, [SS]
Cooper, Alice, d. 29 Jan 1936, age 71y, w/of James H, [SS]
Cooper, James H, d. 25 Mar 1937, age 73y, h/of Alice, [SS]
Cowpe, Amy, d. 24 Feb 1957, age 75y, w/o Harry, [SS]
Cowpe, Harry, d. 16 Dec 1941, age 60y, h/o Amy, [SS]
Cowpe, Harry, d. 26 Feb 1945, age 27y, s/o Amy & Harry, killed in action, Fusilier 4198674, 6th battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers, [SS]
Crook, James, b. 1899, d. 1942, [SS]
Crook, Louisa Ann, b. 1875, d. 1947, [SS]
Crook, Mary Jane Nee Hewitt, b. 1902, d. 1968, [SS]
Dickinson, David, d. 15 Aug 1975, age 80y, h/of Ellen, [SS]
Dickinson, Ellen, d. 30 Aug 1977, age 81y, w/of David, [SS]
Dickinson, John, d. 14 May 1937, age 14y, s/of David & Ellen, [SS]
Dixon, A. L., d. 13 Sep 1940, age 22y, T/155411Private Royal Army Service Corps, [SS]
Dobbs, Mary, d. 5 Oct 1930, age 66y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Dobbs, Thomas, d. 12 Apr 1932, age 79y, h/o Mary, [SS]
Duddington, Doris Rosina, d. 1910, in Infancy, d/of Ernest W & Harriet Bertha, [SS]
Duddington, Eileen, d. 19 Feb 1933, age 7 y, d/of Ernest W & Harriet Bertha, [SS]
Duddington, Eliza Ann, d. 29 Mar 1936, age 83y, [SS]
Duddington, Harriet Bertha, d. 26 Apr 1965, age 78y, w/of Ernest W, [SS]
Fields, Dorothy Emma, b. Nov 1901, d. Feb 2001, age 99y, w/o Walter, d/o James Robert & Grace Ruston, [SS]
Fields, Walter, d. 18 Aug 1983, age 82y, h/o Dorothy Emma, [SS]
Fisher, George William, b. 4 Sep 1886, d. 27 Dec 1942, [SS]
Fisher, Martha, b. 30 Oct 1886, d. 5 Mar 1903, [SS]
Gonvine, John Thomas, d. 31 Jul 1936, age 55y, h/o Sarah, [SS]
Gonvine, Sarah, d. 29 Nov 1943, age 66y, w/o John Thomas, [SS]
Grime, Fred, d. 4 Apr 1934, age 14y, s/of John & Norah, [SS]
Grime, John, d. 20 Aug 1948, age 63y, h/of Norah, [SS]
Grime, Norah, d. 9 Dec 1956, age 74y, w/of John, [SS]
Hall, Eveline, d. 15 Aug 1950, age 75, w/o Harry William, [SS]
Hall, Harry William, d. 16 Aug 1941, age 67y, h/o Eveline, [SS]
Hardingham, Charles Archer, d. 9 Jan 1943, age 63y, h/o Elizabeth Ann, [SS]
Hardingham, Elizabeth Ann, d. 3 Aug 1936, age 60y, w/o Charles Archer, [SS]
Harker, Bessie, d. 26 Sep 1932, age 4y, d/o Alice & Rowland, [SS]
Hartley, Arthur, d. 21 Oct 1945, age 50y, h/of Doris, [SS]
Hartley, Doris, d. 3 Dec 1987, age 72y, w/of Arthur, [SS]
Hartley, George, d. 21 Sep 1965, age 77y, h/o Maggie, [SS]
Hartley, James Charles, d. 26 May 1944, age 23yrs, s/o George & Maggie of Rawtenstall, Killed in action Leading aircraftman RAF Volunteer reserve No, 1431017, grave no; 5704, [SS]
Hartley, James Siddle, b. 6 Sep 1923, d. 28 Jun 1930, [SS]
Hartley, Ruth Ann, d. 4 Sep 1952, age 73y, w/o Thomas, [SS]
Hartley, Thomas A, d. 11 Sep 1939, age 59y, h/o Ruth Ann, [SS]
Haworth, Alice, d. 23 Jul 1989, age 90y, w/o Frank, [SS]
Haworth, Frank, d. 17 Aug 1948, age 50y, [SS]
Hollows, Arthur S, d. 6 Oct 1959, age 85y, [SS]
Hollows, Elizabeth, d. 31 Jan 1940, age 70y, w/o Frederick James, [SS]
Hollows, Frederick James, d. 22 Jun 1945, age 75y, h/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Hollows, Lucas, d. 28 Apr 1938, age 59y, [SS]
Hollows, Sarah E, d. 8 Dec 1950, age 76y, [SS]
Howarth, Alice, d. 8 Jan 1941, age 72y, w/of Joseph Thomas, [SS]
Howarth, Joseph Thomas, d. 11 Aug 1948, age 82y, h/of Alice, [SS]
Ingham, Derek, d. 19 Spr 1985, age 60y, h/o Margaret, [SS]
Ingham, John Derek, d. 3 Feb 1984, age 32y, h/o Susan, eldest s/o Derek & Margaret, [SS]
Ingham, Matthew, d. 2 Jul 1959, infant s/o Derek & Margaret, [SS]
Jackson, Elizabeth Jane, d. 12 Jun 1948, age 71y, w/o James, [SS]
Jackson, James, d. 16 Sep 1938, age 69y, h/o Elizabeth Jane, [SS]
Jervis, Annie, d. 7 Mar 1948, age 53y, w/of Fred, d/of Joseph Thomas & Alice Howarth, [SS]
Kelly, Laura, d. 29 Nov 1948, age 73y, [SS]
Knowles, Evelyn, d. 25 Aug 1946, age 48y, d/of John Henry & Martha, [SS]
Knowles, John Henry, d. 4 Aug 1932, age 67y, [SS]
Knowles, Martha, d. 30 Dec 1936, age 67y, [SS]
LeRoy, Enid Judith, d. 1 Jun 1998, w/of George F H, [SS]
LeRoy, George F H , d. 9 Mar 1991, age 77y, [SS]
Lightfoot, Alan, d. 22 May 1975, age 29y, h/of Angela, killed on Active Service, [SS]
Lightfoot, Angela, d. 2 Oct 1978, age 29y, w/of Alan, [SS]
Lupton, Annie, d. 2 Nov 1953, age 65y, w/o Tom, [SS]
Lupton, Tom, d. 22 Jun 1940, age 53y, h/o Annie, [SS]
Luty, James William, d. 5 Jun 1956, age 69y, h/o Lilian Ruth, [SS]
Luty, Lilian Ruth, d. 10 Dec 1944, age 53y, w/o James William, [SS]
Mckay, Alexander, d. 7 Apr 1934, h/of Jean, [SS]
Mckay, Jean, d. 15 Dec 1936, w/of Alexander, [SS]
Mckay, Phebe, d. 27 Dec 1956, d/of Alexander & Jean, [SS]
McSharrigan, Bertha, d. 15 Feb 1969, d/of Charles Henry & Mary, [SS]
McSharrigan, Charles Henry, d. 24 Sep 1942, age 66y, h/of Mary, [SS]
McSharrigan, Mary, d. 18 Nov 1960, age 84y, w/of Charles Henry, [SS]
Melia, Amy, d. 9 Jan 1983, age 78y, w/o Giles, d/o Edmund James & Mary Ann Watts, [SS]
Melia, Giles, d. 17 Feb 1984, age 81y, h/o Amy, [SS]
Michell, George Thomas, d. 12 Jun 1941, age 28y, [SS]
Midgley, Frances, d. 1 Mar 1951, age 79y, w/of John Thomas, [SS]
Midgley, John Thomas, d. 22 Dec 1935, age 63y, h/of Frances, [SS]
Mitchell, Arthur, d. 13 Apr 1936, age 74y, h/of Mary Ann, [SS]
Mitchell, Elizabeth, d. 23 Dec 1935, age 52y, w/of Frederick, [SS]
Mitchell, Elsie Mary, d. 4 Mar 1940, age 6y, G/d/of Arthur & Mary Ann, [SS]
Mitchell, Ethel, d. 13 Jun 1959, age 67y , w/of Tom, [SS]
Mitchell, Frederick, d. 10 Jan 1943, age 58y, h/of Elizabeth, [SS]
Mitchell, Mary Ann, d. 18 Aug 1938, age 77y, w/of Arthur, [SS]
Mitchell, Tom, d. 29 Jun 1962 age 71y, h/of Ethel, [SS]
Nuttall, Ethel May, d. 24 Jan 1993, w/of George, [SS]
Nuttall, George, d. 6 May 1941, age 43y, h/of Ethel May, [SS]
Oldfield, Betsy, d. 23 Jun 1955, age 79y, w/o George, [SS]
Oldfield, George, d. 3 Jan 1941, age 54y, h/o Betsy, [SS]
Oldham, Doris Mary, d. 6 Aug 1960, age 64y, w/of Harold, [SS]
Oldham, Frederick Howard, d. 3 Feb 1979, age 53y, h/o Vyvyan, s/of Harold & Doris, [SS]
Oldham, Harold, d. 18 Nov 1976, age, 80y, f/Of Howard & Margaret, [SS]
Palmer, Harry, d. 26 May 1930, age 46y, h/o Martha, [SS]
Palmer, Jack, d. 16 Apr 1954, age 42y, s/o Harry & Martha, [SS]
Palmer, Martha, d. 8 Dec 1930, age 49y, w/o Harry, [SS]
Place, Florence, d. 18 Oct 1934, age 43y, w/of Harry, [SS]
Poole, Alfred, d. 22 Dec 1972, age 81y, h/o Margaret Ann, [SS]
Poole, Alfred, no dates, s/o Alfred & Margaret Ann, [SS]
Poole, Elizabeth, no dates, d/o Alfred & Margaret Ann, [SS]
Poole, Margaret Ann, d. 9 May 1975, age 90y, [SS]
Poole, William, no dates, s/o Alfred & Margaret Ann, [SS]
Rainbow, William, d. 10 Jun 1953, age 52y, [SS]
Ratcliffe, Eva, b. 31 Jan 1903, d. 25 Jun 1931, w/of James Henry, [SS]
Ratcliffe, James Henry, d. 28 Dec 1970, age 79y, [SS]
Robson, Catherine, d. 18 Jun 1937, age 63y, w/o William J, [SS]
Robson, William J, d. 8 Mar 1939, age 66y, h/o Catherine, [SS]
Roote, Ada, d. 1 Sep 1940 Waterfoot, age 58y, w/ofTheophilus Frank, [SS]
Roote, Theophilus Frank, b. 3 May 1883, d. 29 Dec 1948, h/of Ada, [SS]
Ruston, Grace, d. 21 Jun 1973, age 94y, w/o James Robert, [SS]
Ruston, James Robert, d. 24 Jul 1933, age 54y, h/o Grace, [SS]
Sadler, Herbert, d. 5 Mar 1938, age 65y, [SS]
Scaife, Emily (Hopkinson), b. c1888, d. 24 Dec 1971, bur. 30 Dec 1971, age 83yrs, w/o Walter James, [SS]
Scholes, Bernard, d. 4 Jul 1989, age 51y, [SS]
Scholes, Margaret, d. 8 Apr 1994, age 82y, [SS]
Sellers, Rhoda Alice, d. 26 Apr 1972, age 70y, w/of Edwin, [SS]
Shackleton, Lily, d. 3 Nov 1948, age 40y, w/o William H, [SS]
Shoesmith, Reginald Neil, d. 8 Apr 1988, age 57y, [SS]
Shoreman, Clara Annie, d. 9 May 1949, age 42y, d/o George & Betsy Oldfield, [SS]
Sparks, Alice, d. 31 Aug 1930, age 66y, w/of James, [SS]
Sparks, James, d. 4 Jun 1953, age 83y, h/of Alice, [SS]
Sparks, John, d. 5 Dec 1974, age 73y, s/of James & Alice, [SS]
Staples, Amy, d. 15 Nov 1942, age 76y, w/of Walter, [SS]
Staples, Walter, d. 3 Feb 1946, age 81y, h/of Amy, [SS]
Stott, Margaret A, d. 6 Jan 1947, age 59y, [SS]
Stuart, Jeannie H, d. 14 Aug 1933, age 79y, w/o J S of Aberdeen, [SS]
Stuart, John Paton, d. 17 Aug 1945, age 59y, MBC MB, elder s/o J S & Jeannie H, [SS]
Sutcliffe, Doris, d. 22 Jan 1933, age 25y, w/of Harold, [SS]
Sutcliffe, Ethel, d. 24 Feb 1953, age 58y, w/o James, D/o George Henry & Sarah Ann Castle, [SS]
Sutcliffe, James, d. 24 Mar 1954, age 59y, h/o Ethel, [SS]
Tattersall, Annie, b. 1884, d. 1931, w/of William, [SS]
Tattersall, William, b. 1882, d. 1941, h/of Annie, [SS]
Taylor, Joseph, d. 4 Jun 1941, age 72y, [SS]
Timlin, Amy, d. 23 Jun 1964, age 68y, w/of Michael, [SS]
Timlin, Michael, d. 4 Jul 1946, age 58y, h/of Amy, [SS]
Tims, Martha, d. 31 Jan 1930, age 84y, w/o Charles, [SS]
Trickett, Thomas, d. 1 Aug 1929, age 94y, [SS]
Upton, Jackie, d. 12 Aug 1979, age 17y, [SS]
Waller, James Henry, d. 21 Aug 1956, age 81y, h/of Sarah Ellen, [SS]
Waller, Sarah Ellen, d. 14 Aug 1931, age 56y, w/of James Henry, [SS]
Walsh, Emily, d. 28 Oct 1937, age 72y, w/of James Richard, [SS]
Walsh, James Edward, d. 20 Jul 1936, age 57y, h/of Mary Alice, [SS]
Walsh, James Richard, d. 30 Nov 1938, age 78y, h/of Emily, [SS]
Walsh, Mary Alice, d. 26 May 1955, age 82y, w/of James Edward, [SS]
Watkins, Lily, d. 2 Feb 1963, age 49y, w/of Wilfred, [SS]
Watkins, Wilfred, d. 2 Mar 1969, age 54y, h/of Lily, [SS]
Watts, Edmund James, d. 24 Feb 1950, age 76y, h/o Mary Ann, [SS]
Watts, Mary Ann, d. 29 May 1938, age 63y, w/o Edmund James, died at Cloughfold, [SS]
West, Maud, d. 16 Nov 1983, age 77y, w/o Robert L, [SS]
West, Robert L, d. 29 Nov 1966, age 81y, h/o Maud, [SS]
White, Harriet Ann, d. 19 Sep 1952, age 77y, w/of William Robert, [SS]
White, William Robert, d. 26 May 1935, age 74y, h/of Harriet Ann, [SS]
Whitehead, John Gordon, d. 23 Jun 1933, age 1y 9m, [SS]
Whittaker, Charles, d. 15 Jan 1942, age 73y, h/of Clara, [SS]
Whittaker, Clara, d. 30 Sep 1948, age 76y, w/of Charles, [SS]
Whittaker, Margaret Ann, d. 11 Jan 1936, age 47y, w/o Walter, [SS]
Whittaker, Mary, d. 26 Apr 1939, age 50y, w/of Jack, [SS]
Wilkinson, Annie, d. 12 Jun 1931, age 42y, [SS]
Wilkinson, Herbert Hayes, d. 24 Mar 1975, age 89y, [SS]
Wilkinson, Leslie, d. 27 Feb 1962, age 37y, [SS]
Wiseman, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jul 1940, age 82y, died in London, [SS]

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