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Boarshaw Cemetery and Crematorium
Middleton, Lancashire, England

Boarshaw Road Middleton M242NH
Telephone 0161 643 4321

From traffic lights at Stannycliffe Lane travel approx quarter of mile, turn left at Mini Roundabout. The cemetery is on your right.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. It is in relatively good condition and well kept.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Apr 20, 2006. Total records = 329.

Contributor's Index:

?? Ann, d. 2 Feb 1940, age 52y, (Faded Stone), [DO]
Ainsworth, William, d. 27 Jun 1934, age 61y, [DO]
Alcock, Margaret, d. 4 Oct 1927, age 1 Mnth, d/of Arthur & Alice, [DO]
Anderson, Ethel, d. 11 Sep 1965, age 62y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Anderson, George Walter, d. 26 Oct 1928, in his 77th Year, h/of Mary Alice, [DO]
Anderson, George, d. 12 Jun 1955, age 73y, S/of George Walter & Mary Alice, [DO]
Anderson, Mary Alice, d. 17 Aug 1918, age 71y, w/of George Walter, [DO]
Anderson, Thomas, d. 26 Jul 1953, age 51y, h/of Ethel, [DO]
Asbury, Oswald William Dester, d. 28 Jul 1944, age 28y, s/of Samuel Richard Dester Asbury & Florence May section d grave 1496, [DO]
Ashworth, Catherine, d. 1 Feb 1943, age 85y, w/of James, [DO]
Baker, Emma, d. 5 Jun 1982, age 83y, d/of Joseph Smithies, [DO]
Barfoot, Alice, d. 19 Mar 1950, age 64y, w/of James Henry, [DO]
Barfoot, James Henry, d. 6 Jun 1951, age 73y, h/of Alice, [DO]
Barker, Sarah, d. 6 Oct 1982, age 90y, w/of Late harry Barker, [DO]
Barlow, Ben, d. 25 Sep 1929, age 53y, h/of Susannah, [DO]
Barrett, Fred, d. 16 Jan 1961, age 88y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Barrett, Mary Ann, d. 6 May 1951, age 75y, w/of Fred, [DO]
Barrett, May, d. 15 Jul 1915, age 5y, d/of Fred & Mary Ann, [DO]
Belfield, Alice, d. 4 Nov 1997, age 86y, [DO]
Belfield, Edith, d. 18 Dec 1997, age 90y, [DO]
Belfield, Gertrude Isabella A, d. 11 Sep 1980, age 83y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Belfield, Mary Ellen, d. 12 Oct 1929, age 54y, w/of Robert Hyde, [DO]
Belfield, Mary, d. 30 Jan 1915, in her 6th year, d/of Thomas & Gertrude Isabella, [DO]
Belfield, Robert Hyde, d. 5 Apr 1927, age 51y, h/of Mary Ellen, [DO]
Belfield, Thomas, d. 20 Jul 1955, age 77y, h/of Gertrude Isabella, [DO]
Bell, Alfred Henry, b. 12 Mar 1866, d 10 Feb 1925, h/of Margaret, [DO]
Bell, Elizabeth Ann, d. 20 ... 1916, age 42y, w/of Alfred, [DO]
Bell, Margaret, d. 22 May 1919, w/of Alfred Henry, [DO]
Bennett, Milly, d. 1 Jun 1976, age 82y, w/of Walter, [DO]
Bennett, Walter, d. 5 Apr 1962, age 67y, h/of Milly, Father of Jim, [DO]
Bithell, Frederick James, d. 29 Nov 1944, R.A.F, age 22yrs, s/of Frederick James & Eveline, [DO]
Boutell, George, d. 30 Jun 1989, age 84y, s/of William & Mary Ellen, [DO]
Boutell, Hilda, d. 28 Nov 1914, age 5 Mnths, d/of William & Mary Ellen, [DO]
Boutell, Mary Ellen, d. 20 Dec 1977, age 96y, w/of William, [DO]
Boutell, William, d. 1 Apr 1933, age 23y, s/of William & Mary Ellen, [DO]
Boutell, William, d. 28 Jan 1952, age 70y, h/of Mary Ellen, [DO]
Bowers, Edward, d. 29 Dec 1927, age 44y, [DO]
Brian, Noel, d. 13 Jan 1940, age 20y, s/of Samuel & Elizabeth Alice, [DO]
Briggs, Emma, d. 8 Dec 1924, age 64y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Briggs, Henry, d. 25 Apr 1932, in his 72nd year h/of Emma, [DO]
Briscam, Eliza, d. 8 Apr 1940, age 81y, [DO]
Briscam, Ellis, d. 28 Sep 1917, age 4y, [DO]
Briscam, Florence, d. 16 Jan 1969, age 85y, [DO]
Briscam, Frederick, d. 28 May 1917, age 53y, [DO]
Briscam, Pte Fred, d. 9 Nov 1918, age 28y, [DO]
Briscam.Ellis, d. 11 Jan 1961, age 72y, [DO]
Brogden, Elizabeth Ann, d. 15 Nov 1957, age 77y, w/of Fred, [DO]
Brogden, Fred, d. 24 Dec 1956, age 73y, h/of Elizabeth Ann, [DO]
Brogden, Richard, d. 17 Aug 1944,, s/of Richard & Emma Brogden, H/of Eunice, [DO]
Brogden, T, d. 1 Dec 1917, s/of Fred & Elizabeth, [DO]
Butterworth, Ellen, d. 26 Jul 1956, age 68y, w/of Fred, [DO]
Butterworth, Fred, d. 29 Nov 1947, age 62y, h/of Ellen, [DO]
Carroll, Mary, d. 3 Sep 1921, age 64y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Cartner, Violet Norbertina Spencer, d. 19 Jul 1920, age 22y, [DO]
Cartner, Winifred Spencer, d. 30 Jul 1918, age in her 41st year, d/of Henry & Mary Ann Cartner, [DO]
Cassley, Beatrice, d. 31 Mar 1918, age 16yrs, [DO]
Cassley, Edith Ann, d. 22 Dec 1903, age 3 Mnths, [DO]
Cassley, Pte Ernest, d. 18 Nov 1917, France age 20y, [DO]
Cassley, Sarah Jane, d. 10 Apr 1952, age 81y, [DO]
Cassley, Thomas, d. 3 Aug 1943, age 79y.h.of Sarah Jane, [DO]
Cheetham, Fanny, d. 29 Jun 1942, in her 72nd year, w/of Frederick, [DO]
Cheetham, Frederick, d. 24 Mar 1934, in his 65th Year h/of Fanny, [DO]
Clark, Benjamin, d. 7 Jul 1921, age 53y, h/of Ellen, [DO]
Clark, Ellen, d. 2 Jul 1928, age 60y, w/of Benjamin, [DO]
Clarke, C, d. 28 Feb 1919, age 24y, s/of Samuel, [DO]
Clegg, Gladys Muriel, d. 17 Dec 1958, age 45y, [DO]
Collinge, Rachel, d. 28 Apr 1865, age 35y, w/of John Interned St Michaels Tonge, [DO]
Colson, R.J.E., d. 12 Nov 1918, age 53y, [DO]
Conley, Edith, d. 9 Dec 1942, age 75y, w/of William Albert, [DO]
Conley, William Albert, d. 17 Feb 1919, age 64y, h/of Edith, [DO]
Crompton, Sam Britland, d. 15 Oct 1920, age 55y, [DO]
Darby, Ivy Ethel, d. 4 Jun 1942, age 33y, w/of Albert E Darby, [DO]
Davies, Frances, d. 30 Jan 1953, age 78y, w/of James Thomas, [DO]
Davies, James Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1918, age 41y, h/of Frances, [DO]
Davies, Joseph, no dates, father of Kenneth Joseph No dates, [DO]
Davies, Kenneth Joseph, no dates, S/of Joseph, [DO]
Dawson, John William Shaw, d. 16 Jan 1924, age 69y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Dawson, Sarah, d. 23 Sep 1915, age 64y, w/of John William Shaw, [DO]
Dawson, William Bamford, d. 15 Feb 1949, age 69y, s/of John William Shaw Dawson & Sarah, [DO]
Dickinson, John, d. 8 May 1929, age 68y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Dickinson, Mary, d. 26 Dec 1921, age 60y, w/of John, [DO]
Dodsworth, Alice, d. 10 Oct 1939, age 75y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Dodsworth, Beatrice Annie, d. 1 Aug 1961, age 58y, [DO]
Dodsworth, George, d. 6 Jan 1966, age 79y, [DO]
Dodsworth, Henry, d. 1 Mar 1927, age 63y, h/of Alice, [DO]
Dodsworth, Joan, d. 5 Jun 1932, age 13 days, d/of John & Beatrice, [DO]
Eckersley, Ada, d. 16 Sep 1960, w/of Frederick, [DO]
Eckersley, Frederick, d. 15 Mar 1945, age 49y, h/of Ada, [DO]
Edwards, Eliza Ann, d. 12 Jul 1928, age 84y, [DO]
Elms, Robert, d. 10 Sep 1941, age 23y, s/of Robert & Eva Elms, G/son of F Filmer, [DO]
Fairbrother, Frank, d. 14 Feb 1957, age 45y, h/of Annie, [DO]
Fielding, Alfred, d. 28 Apr 1916, age 47y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Fielding, Sarah, d. 1 Apr 1929, age 62y, w/of Alfred, [DO]
Findlay, Lilian Jessie, d. 6 Feb 1929, W/of WD Findlay (JP) (M P), [DO]
Fish, Ida, d. 11 May 1982, age 61y, mother Of Stephen & Martyn, [DO]
Fitton, Honour, d. 2 Jun 1945, age 73y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Fitton, Lucy, d. 27 Nov 1931, age 29y, [DO]
Fitton, Mary, d. 10 Aug 1918, age 47y, w/of Honour, [DO]
Foulds, Martha, d. 5 Nov 1914, age 77y, w/of Benjamin, [DO]
Godson, Barbara Mary, d. 2 Jul 1938, age 19months, d/of Henry & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Godson, Henry, d. 9 Sep 1929, in his 67th year, h/of Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Godson, Mary Elizabeth, d. 7 Oct 1915, in her 53rd year, w/of Henry, [DO]
Gordon, George Edward, d. 13 Mar 1956, age 74y, [DO]
Greaves, Doris, d. 10 Jun 1982, age 76y, [DO]
Greaves, Emma, d. 15 Sep 1918, age 54y, w/of James, [DO]
Greaves, Fred, d. 11 Dec 1932, s/of James & Emma, [DO]
Greaves, Harold Edwin, d. 13 Jun 1966, age 87y, [DO]
Greaves, James, d. 21 Dec 1934, age 75y, h/of Emma, [DO]
Greenhalgh, Fanny, d. 26 Sep 1919, age 29y, w/of James, [DO]
Greenhalgh, Mary Jane, d. 6 Nov 1924, age 49y, w/of William, [DO]
Greenhalgh, William, d. 25 Mar 1919, age 41y, h/of Mary Jane, [DO]
Halliwell, Charles, d. 24 Dec 1934, age 77y, h/of Margaret B, [DO]
Halliwell, Eliza, d. 11 Nov 1918, age 18y, d/of Charles & Margaret Halliwell, [DO]
Halliwell, Margaret B, d. 12 Jan 1951, age 82y, w/of Charles, [DO]
Halliwell, William, d. 10 Nov 1943, age 19y, s/of James & Fanny, [DO]
Hammond, Ellen Maud Kate, d. 27 Feb 1915, age 54y, w/of Lionel, [DO]
Hammond, Lionel, d. 8 Dec 1914, age 47y, h/of Ellen Maud Kate, [DO]
Hardman, Ellen, d. 28 Nov 1918, age 27y, w/of Dick, [DO]
Hardman, Florence, d. 21 Oct 1926, in her 39th year, w/of Ernest, [DO]
Hardman, Jonathan, d. 27 Nov 1918, age 27y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Hardman, Sarah, d. 28 Nov 1917, age 27y, [DO]
Hardy, E, d. 26 Jun 1917, age 18y, s/of Mrs Elizabeth Hardy , [DO]
Harrison, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jun 1955, age 83y, Sister of Thomas Harrison, [DO]
Harrison, Harry Arthur, b. 31 Jan 1880, d20 Dec 1949, h/of Minnie Wroe, [DO]
Harrison, Minnie Wroe, b. 20 May 1883, d. 17 Apr 1968, w/of Harry Arthur, [DO]
Harrison, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1925, age 66y, [DO]
Heelan, Mary, d. 8 Jul 1919, age 27y, w/of William, [DO]
Hilton, Albert, d. 3 Dec 1954, age 76y, (O B E Mayor Of Middleton), h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Hilton, Emma, d. 8 Oct 1950, age 70y, [DO]
Hilton, Fred, d. 26 Nov 1931, age 68y, [DO]
Hilton, Henrietta, d. 7 Jun 1950, age 68y, w/of Albert, [DO]
Hilton, Mary Ann, d. 26 Dec 1925, age 47y, w/of Albert, [DO]
Holden, Rowland, d. In Infancy No Dates, [DO]
Holmes, David, d. 27 Feb 1917, age 47y, h/of Emily, [DO]
Holmes, Emily, d. 23 Apr 1945, age 73y, w/of David, [DO]
Horrocks, Annie, d. 19 Jun 1918, age 24y, d/of George & Annie, [DO]
Horrocks, Annie, Date Underground, [DO]
Horrocks, D R, d. 24 Aug 1916, age 19y, Killed In Action, [DO]
Horrocks, Effie, d. 18 Nov 1970, age 70y, [DO]
Horrocks, Elizabeth Ann, d. 21 Feb 1915, age 48y, w/of John, [DO]
Horrocks, George, d. 6 Oct 1917, age 27y, Killed In France, s/of George & Annie, [DO]
Horrocks, John, d. 15 Feb 1934, age 70y, h/of Elizabeth Ann, [DO]
Howard, Anne, d. 21 Oct 1995, age 90y, [DO]
Howard, Arthur, d. 18 Oct 1916, age 52y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Howard, Mary, d. 7 Jan 1924, age 57y, w/of Arthur, [DO]
Howard, Pte Dick, d. 12 Oct 1917, age 23y, Killed In Action, [DO]
Howard, Pte William, d. 12 Oct 1915, age 23y, Killed In Action France, [DO]
Howarth, Alice, d. 4 Oct 1922, age in her 67th year, w/of William, [DO]
Howarth, Annie, d. 26 Oct 1915, in her 25th Year, d/of Wilton & Mary Alice, [DO]
Howarth, Mary Alice, d. 2 Mar 1933, age 73y, w/of Wilton, [DO]
Howarth, Wilton, d. 5 Jun 1933, age 78y, h/of Mary Alice, [DO]
Jackson, Alice, d. 14 Feb 1979, age 56y, d/of Harry & Minnie , [DO]
Jackson, Annie, d. 26 Mar 1957, age 82y, w/of James, [DO]
Jackson, Elizabeth, d. 24 Jan 1916, age 66y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Jackson, Harry, d. 14 Jul 1941, age 58y, h/of Minnie, [DO]
Jackson, James, d. 27 Jul 1946, age 69y, h/of Annie, [DO]
Jackson, Minnie, d. 29 Aug 1958, age 71y, w/of Harry, [DO]
Jackson, Thomas, d. 24 Sep 1916, age 65y, H/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Jefferies, Herbert Spencer, d. 28 Nov 1940, age 61y, h/of Minnie Shaw, [DO]
Jefferies, Mary, d. 10 Nov 1952, age 55yrs, W/of Herbert Spencer, [DO]
Jefferies, Minnie Shaw, d. 22 Feb 1928, age 46y, w/of Herbert Spencer, [DO]
Johnson, Sophia, d. 18 Nov 1918, age 54y, w/of James Watson Johnson, [DO]
Jones, Charlotte, d. 8 Jul 1921, age 72y, w/of William, [DO]
Jones, Emily Jane, d. 24 Oct 1949, age 76y, w/of Fred, [DO]
Jones, Fred, d. 21 Nov 1935, age 61y, H/of Emily Jane, [DO]
Kay, Alan, d. 7 Aug 1943, age 24y, s/of Bennie & Jane Kay, H/of Mabel, [DO]
Keefe, James, d. 2 May 1918, Lancashire Fusiliers 09977 Serjeant, age 50yrs, s/of Patrick & Mary Keefe, H/of Catherine, [DO]
Kenyon, Annie, d. 3 May 1956, age 76y, d/of Samuel & Emma, [DO]
Kenyon, Emma, d. 26 May 1921, age 74y, w/of Samuel, [DO]
Kenyon, Helena, d. 27 Jun 1977, age 84y, [DO]
Kenyon, Samuel, d. 4 Feb 1928, age 81y, h/of Emma, [DO]
Kershaw, Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb 1984, age 81y, [DO]
Kershaw, James Samuel, d. 24 Sep 1929, age 57y, h/of Mary Ellen, [DO]
Kershaw, Mary Ellen, d. 8 Jul 1934, age 71y(, Interned Middleton Old Cemetery), w/of James Samuel, [DO]
Laing, Hannah, d. 19 Mar 1946, age 70y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Laing, Janet Ida, d. 30 Dec 1965, age 64y, d/of Robert & Hannah, [DO]
Laing, Robert, d. 28 Jun 1930in his 56th yr, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Lancashire, Annie, d. 25 Jun 1957, age 63y, w/of Herbert, [DO]
Lancashire, Herbert, d. 9 Feb 1956, age 80y, h/of Annie, [DO]
Lancashire, Jane, d. 15 Jan 1923, in her 49th year, d/of Jeffrey & Eliza Lancashire, [DO]
Lane, Bertha, d. 9 Jan 1975, age 83y, sister of Eleanor Smithies, [DO]
Lee, George, d. 13 Jun 1934, age 35y, [DO]
Lee, Harry, d. 6 May 1941, age 23y, s/of Harry & Annie, [DO]
Lee, James William, d. 12 Jun 1924, in his 61st year, h/of Margaret, [DO]
Lee, James, d. 4 Feb 1926, age 41y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Lee, John, d. 25 Dec 1921, age 32y, h/of Amy, [DO]
Lee, Joseph, d. 10 Oct 1917, age 24yrs, s/of James William & Margaret, [DO]
Lee, Margaret, d. 31 May 1932, in her 69th year, w/of James William, [DO]
Lee, Margaret, d. aged 3 Months, d/of George & Winifred, [DO]
Leicester, John, d. 4 Jun 1961, age 32y, [DO]
Lindsay, Elizabeth, d. 21 Oct 1929, age 80y, w/of Lawrence, [DO]
Lindsay, Lawrence, d. 31 Mar 1931, age 85y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Lindsay, Lawrence, d. 7 Feb 1956, age 83y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Lindsay, Maria, d. 17 Dec 1949, age 73y, w/of Lawrence, [DO]
Lindsay, Marjorie Sinclair, d. 12 Oct 1916, age 8y, d/of Lawrence & Maria, [DO]
Logon, Pte Douglas Alexander, d. 10 Apr 1919, age 24 yrs, Killed In Action Salonica, son in Law of William Albert &Edith Conley, [DO]
Lord, Annie, d. 8 Aug 1959, age 66y, w/of Tom, [DO]
Lord, Bryan, d. 19 Oct 1931, age 7y, s/of Thomas & Annie, [DO]
Lord, Fred, d. 10 Dec 1929, age 63y, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Lord, Hannah, d. 3 May 1934, age 72y, w/of Fred, [DO]
Lord, Tom, d. 4 Nov 1965, age 69y, h/of Annie, [DO]
Lucas, Doris, d. 17 Jul 1939, age 41y, w/of John, [DO]
Marsh, William Henry, d. 8 Apr 1929, age 26y, [DO]
Mather, Annie, d. 22 Apr 1952, age 65y, w/of James Arthur, [DO]
Mather, James Arthur, d. 1 Apr 1951, age 66y, [DO]
McCondach, J, d. 5 Nov 1918, age 21y, s/of William & Elizabeth McCondach of Aberdeen Scotland, [DO]
Morley, Gertrude, d. 9 Sep 1914, age 18y, d/of Henry & Mary Morley, [DO]
Morley, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1945, age 77y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Morley, Nora, d. 31st Mar 1928, in her 21st year, d/of Henry & Mary Morley, [DO]
Morries, Ada Ann, b. 1868, d 1922, [DO]
Newton, Emma, d. 31 Dec 1932, age 59y, w/of John Jackson, [DO]
Newton, J, d. 5 Nov 1945, age 43y, (Sick Berth Attendant D/SBR X7494 Royal Navy Auxiliary Sick Birth Reserve), s/of John Jackson Newton & Emma, [DO]
Newton, James, d. 2 May 1921, age 70y, [DO]
Newton, John Jackson, d. 3 Feb 1921, age 50y, h/of Emma, [DO]
Oldham, Jane, d. 5 Nov 1932, age 78y, w/of Josiah, [DO]
Parkinson, Richard, d. 18 Mar 1947 age 46y, Pioneer Corps, S/of Richard & Lily, H/of Florence, [DO]
Partington, Alice, d. 26 Dec 1942, age74y, w/of James, [DO]
Partington, Hannah, d. 25 Dec 1917, age 92y, w/of James, [DO]
Partington, James, d. 31 Aug 1920, in his 55th year, h/of Alice, [DO]
Partington, Lena, d. 23 Jun 1937, age 35y, w/of Frank, [DO]
Penney, Henry, d. 22 Apr 1931, age 64y, [DO]
Pickup, Alice, d. 18 Nov 1918, age in her 15th Year d/of James & Frances, [DO]
Pickup, Colin Frederick Tuer, b. 17 Oct 1928, d 15 Oct 1929, g/son of Joseph & Ann Tuers, [DO]
Pickup, Emma, d. 24 May 1976, age 68y, [DO]
Pickup, Frances, d. 27 Jul 1970, age 89y, w/of James, [DO]
Pickup, Fred, d. aged 76yrs, h/of Nora, [DO]
Pickup, Harry, d. 27 Jan 1983, age 73y, [DO]
Pickup, James, d. 29 Jun 1943, agein his 65th Year h/of Frances, [DO]
Pickup, Nora, b. 1897 d 1989, w/of Fred, [DO]
Pollard, Emily, d. 18 Dec 1946, age 73y, w/of Hargreaves, [DO]
Pollard, Hargreaves, d. 25 Apr 1926, age 55y, h/of Emily, [DO]
Pownall, James, d. 30 Sep 1921, age 61y, [DO]
Pratt, George H, d. 21 Aug 1931, age 65y, h/of Isabel, [DO]
Pratt, Isabel (Belle), d. 13 Jan 1930, age 53y, w/of George H, [DO]
Pratt, Kenneth Gordon, d. 1 Mar 1972 in his 62nd year, h/of Edith, [DO]
Rattigan, Pte William, d. 29 Oct 1940, South Lancashire Regt, [DO]
Richards, John, no dates, age 76y, [DO]
Richards, Lily, no dates, aged 91yrs, [DO]
Richards, Marie, no dates, age 61y, [DO]
Richardson, William H, d. 5 Jun 1916, age 44y, [DO]
Rigsby, Harriett Annie, d. 7 Nov 1956, W/of Geoffrey, [DO]
Rowan, Alfred, d. 1 Jan 1902, age 2y 3 Mnths, s/of Gerald & Elizabeth, [DO]
Rowan, Alfred, d. 15 Feb 1963, in his 57th year, s/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Rowan, Elizabeth, d. 31 Oct 1947, age 79y, w/of Gerald, [DO]
Rowan, Gerald, d. 24 Feb 1915, Killed In France, in his 22nd Year, s/of Gerald & Elizabeth, [DO]
Rowan, Gerald, d. 25 Sep 1915, age 50y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Rowan, Harry, d. 17 Jan 1972, age 67y, [DO]
Rowan, James, d. 20 Aug 1916, age 30y, Killed In France, s/of Gerald & Elizabeth, [DO]
Roydes, Gertrude, d. 21 Jun 1929, age 55y, w/of Richard, [DO]
Roydes, James Alexander, d. 13 May 1979, age 69y, h/of Nora, Father of Sandy, [DO]
Roydes, Percy, d. 10 May 1975, age 71y, h/of Lily, [DO]
Roydes, Richard, d. 21 Sep 1961, age 88y, h/of Jennie, [DO]
Rushton, James, d. 6 Aug 1929, age 65y, [DO]
Schofield, William Edward, d. 23 Apr 1917, Killed In France, age 27y, s/of William & Prudence, [DO]
Schofield, William, d. 16 Sep 1927, age 66y, [DO]
Shaw, Arnold, d. 8 Jan 1953, age 74y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Shaw, Maria, d. 24 Jan 1922, age 46y, w/of Arnold, [DO]
Smethurst, Arthur, d. 6 Dec 1978, age 82y, [DO]
Smethurst, Martha Ann, d. 7 Feb 1919, age 65y, [DO]
Smethurst, William, d. 23 Oct 1927, age 77y, [DO]
Smith, Ellen Louisa, d. 22 Aug 1931, age 78y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Smith, Mabel, Date Underground, W/of Percy, [DO]
Smith, Percy, d. 8 Nov 1941mage 55y, h/of Mabel, S/of Thomas & Ellen Louisa, [DO]
Smith, Thomas, d. 23 May 1920, age 67y, h/of Ellen Louisa, [DO]
Smithies, Ann, d. 13 Oct 1919, age 48y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Smithies, Eleanor, d. 19 Jul 1950, age 68y, w/of Stephen, [DO]
Smithies, Joseph, d. 25 Feb 1951, age 78y, [DO]
Smithies, Mary, d. 7 Jun 1916, age 7y, d/of Stephen & Eleanor, [DO]
Smithies, Stephen, d. 18 Dec 1964, age 85y, h/of Eleanor, [DO]
Spragg, Harry, d. 22 Nov 1918, age 25y Lancashire Fusiliers, s/of James & Emma , [DO]
Stafford, Levi, d. 26 Feb 1923, in his 73rd year, h/of Ruth, [DO]
Stafford, Ruth, d. 26 May 1915, age 57y, w/of Levi, [DO]
Stanhope, Emily, d. 10 Dec 1918, age 40y, w/of Nicholas, [DO]
Stanhope, Nicholas, d. 14 Mar 1929, age 49y, h/of Emily, [DO]
Taylor, Alice, d. 15 Jan 1933, age 53y, d/of James & Mary Taylor, [DO]
Taylor, Emily, d. 1 Oct 1948, age 72y, [DO]
Taylor, Gordon, d. 14 May 1944, age 22y, Highland Light Infantry 13th Battalion, s/of Harold & Frances Mary Taylor, [DO]
Taylor, Helen Sharpe, d. 5 Nov 1916, age 65y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Taylor, James, d. 26 May 1923, age 71y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Taylor, John, d. 27 Aug 1918, age 59y, [DO]
Taylor, Mary Alice, d. 12 Nov 1940, age 78y, w/of John, [DO]
Taylor, Mary, d. 9 Sep 1915, age, 61y, w/of James, [DO]
Taylor, May, d. 1 Aug 1962, age 45y, [DO]
Taylor, Thomas, d. 23 Apr 1915, age 65y, H/of Helen Sharpe, [DO]
Tetlow, Annie, d. 23 Jun 1921, age 32y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Tetlow, Annie, d. 3 Feb 1918, age 35y, d/of Joseph & Isabella, [DO]
Tetlow, Edna, no dates (date Underground), [DO]
Tetlow, Isabella, d. 9 Sep 1927, age 66y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Tetlow, James, d. 11 may 1943 East lancashire Regt Age 27y, s/of Frank & Clara Tetlow, [DO]
Tetlow, Joseph, d. 13 Feb 1930, age 70y, h/of Isabella, [DO]
Triplett, Frank, d. 30 Sep 1944, age 23 yrs R.A.F, S/of Mr And Mrs W Triplett Of Chadderton, [DO]
Tuers, Ann, d. 20 Apr 1958, age in her 89th year, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Tuers, Joseph, d. 25 Feb 1919, of Hebers, age 52y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Wagstaff, Albert James, d. 10 Jun 1929, age 59y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Wagstaff, Ann, d. 10 Feb 1928, age 64y, w/of Albert James, [DO]
Wagstaff, Henry, d. 27 Jul 1918, age 27y, Killed In Action France, s/of Albert James & Ann, [DO]
Wakefield, George, d. 25 Oct 1918, age 24y, s/of Joseph & Annie, [DO]
Wardle, Jennifer, d. 20 Feb 1979, age 33y, [DO]
Wardle, John Charles, d. 21 Feb 1959, age 54y, h/of Frances K, [DO]
Waterfield, Ada, d. 21 Feb 1945, age 56y, [DO]
Watson, George Thomas, d. 13 Nov 1916, age 56y, h/of Mary Emma, [DO]
Watson, James, d. 25 Jul 1937, age 73y, [DO]
Watson, Mary Emma, d. 5 Mar 1945, age 75y, w/of George Thomas, [DO]
Watson, Pte James, d. 10 Feb 1917, age 19y, d. of Wounds France, [DO]
Watson, William, d. 20 Jun 1918 Durham Light Infantry 23 Battalion, [DO]
Webster, Fanny Louisa, b. 8 Sep 1856, d. 9 Sep 1936, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Webster, Thomas, b. 24 Aug 1858, d 21 May 1930, h/of Fanny Louisa, [DO]
Wellens, Arthur, d. 9 Aug 1940, age 65y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Wellens, Mary Ann, d. 26 Feb 1914, age 36y, w/of Arthur, [DO]
Whalley, Frank, d. 6 Jun 1921, in his 12th Year S/of John & Mary, [DO]
Whalley, John, d. 1 Feb 1954, age 79y, h/of Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Whalley, Mary Elizabeth, d. 3 Aug 1969, age 84y, w/of John, [DO]
Whitworth, Ernest, d. 18 Nov 1950, age 63y, h/of MargaretMay, [DO]
Whitworth, Margaret May, d. 19 Nov 1950, age 64y, w/of Ernest, [DO]
Wild, Alfred, d. 22 May 1955, age 54y, s/of Thomas & Eliza Crane, [DO]
Wild, Child, d. in infancy, Child of Thomas & Eliza Crane, [DO]
Wild, Child, d. In Infancy, Child of Thomas & Eliza Crane, [DO]
Wild, Eliza Crane, d. 21 Aug 1947, age 75y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Wild, Thomas, d. 5 Jun 1922, age 56y, h/of Eliza, [DO]
Williams, John, d. 20 Aug 1945, age 37y, Sapper Royal Engineers, S/of Sam & Sarah Anne, h/of Annie, [DO]
Wood, Annie Elizabeth, b. 22 Jun 1859, d 3 Jan 1927, w/of Walter, [DO]
Wood, Emma Jane, b. 10 Dec 1862, d 6 Dec 1929, w/of John Henry, [DO]
Wood, Fanny Eliza, d. 9 Jan 1934, age 71y, [DO]
Wood, John Henry(JP), b. 21 Apr 1863, d29 Aug 1931, [DO]
Wood, Walter, b. 17 Oct 1849, d 18 Aug 1923, h/of Annie Elizabeth, [DO]
Woodcock, Robert, d. 12 Nov 1942, Royal Army Service Corps T10678100 s/of John & Zillah, h/of Annie, [DO]
Wroe, Alice, d. 16 Aug 1953, age 64y, [DO]
Wroe, Horace, d. 9 Jun 1962, age 34y, [DO]
Wroe, Wendy, d. 3 Dec 1960, age 17 Mnths, [DO]

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