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Heaton Cemetery
Greater Manchester, England

Heaton, Bolton, Greater Manchester England
(Tel.01204 334499 Overdale crematorium)

This cemetery backs right onto the Overdale Crematorium.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 71.

Contributor's Index:

Barnes, Phylis, d. 22 Oct 1915, d/OF Thomas L And Letitia Barnes, [DO]
Brown, Eliza, d. 22 Sep 1893, Age 49 Yrs Old, [DO]
Brown, Elizabeth A, d. 24 Apr 1956, Age 78 yrs old, D/of Thomas And Eliza Brown, [DO]
Brown, Jane "Jennie", d. 17 Nov 1936, Age 53 yrs old, D/of Thomas And Eliza Brown, [DO]
Brown, Robert, d. 4 Aug 1938, Age 86 yrs old, [DO]
Brown, Thomas, d. 17 May 1885, Age 40 Yrs Old, H/of Eliza Brown, [DO]
Crompton, Richard E, d. 22 Aug 1921, Grave reference, 3gi, Ch17, private 62610, [DO]
Cooper, Alice, d. 2 Nov 1884, Age 26 Yrs Old, [DO]
Cooper, Dionysius, b. 16 Jul 1855, d. 30 Sep 1938, Age 83 yrs old, S/Of Thomas And Alice Cooper, [DO]
Cooper, Ethel, d. 19 Feb 1948, Age 56 yrs old, [DO]
Cooper, Fred, d. 12 Mar 1889, Age 5 yrs old, [DO]
Cooper, Nancy Jane, d. 11 Dec 1932, Age 72 yrs old, [DO]
Crook, Alice, d. 1 May 1910, Age 27 Yrs Old, youngest D/of Thomas Taylor Crook and Mary, [DO]
Crook, Amelia Mary, d. 10 Nov 1960, Age 85 yrs old, W/of Walter Crook, [DO]
Crook, Ebenezer, d. 15 Sep 1912, Age 55 yrs old, H/of Elizabeth Crook, [DO]
Crook, Elizabeth, d. 1 Nov 1952, age 93 yrs old, W/Of Ebenezer Crook, [DO]
Crook, Henry, d. 2 Oct 1895, Age 31 yrs old, H/Of Margaret Crook, [DO]
Crook, John, d. 27 Oct 1914, Age 23 yrs old, S/of Henry And Margaret Crook, [DO]
Crook, Kate, d. 3 Jan 1875, Age 14 Months Old, D/of Thomas Taylor Crook, [DO]
Crook, Margaret, d. 3 Sep 1905, Age 43 yrs old, W/of Henry Crook, [DO]
Crook, Margaret, d. 8 Apr 1954, Age 83 yrs old, Eldestdaughter of Thomas Taylor Crook, [DO]
Crook, Mary, d. 16 Jul 1922, Age 83 yrs old, W/of Thomas Taylor Crook, [DO]
Crook, Nellie, d. 12 Dec 1916, Age 36 yrs old, W/of Thomas A Crook, [DO]
Crook, Rose Edith, d. 9 Jul 1980, Age 77 yrs old, [DO]
Crook, Thomas A, d. 14 Dec 1968, Age 89 yrs old, Wid/of Jean Reid Crook, [DO]
Crook, Thomas Herbert Victor, d. 27 Jan 1942, Age 41 yrs old, [DO]
Crook, Thomas Taylor, d. 25 Jan 1897, Age 55 Yrs Old, H/of Mary Crook, [DO]
Crook, Walter, d. 30 Apr 1960, Age 84 yrs old, H/of Amelia Mary, [DO]
Crook, William Herbert, d. 16 Nov 1950, Age 81yrs old, H/of Rose Edith, S/Of Thomas And Mary Crook, [DO]
Duxbury, Annie, d. 10 Mar 1942, Age 67 yrs old, W/of William Duxbury, [DO]
Duxbury, Catherine, d. 7 Aug 1884, Age 51 yrs old, W/of Henry Duxbury, [DO]
Duxbury, George William, d. 11 Jan 1921, Age 49 yrs old, H of Mary Duxbury, [DO]
Duxbury, Sarah Ann, d. 25 Mar 1915, Age 37 yrs old, W/of Adam Duxbury, [DO]
Duxbury, William, d. 18 Apr 1907, Age 68 yrs old, [DO]
Duxbury, William, d. 30 Dec 1928, Age 54 yrs old, H/of Annie Duxbury, [DO]
Flitcroft, Elizabeth, d. 20 Apr 1941, age 88 yrs old, [DO]
Flitcroft, Martha Elizabeth Rosaline "Rosie", d. 7 Apr 1936, Age 4 Days old, [DO]
Flitcroft, Mary, d. 19 Oct 1899, Age 73 Yrs old, W/of Seth Flitcroft, [DO]
Flitcroft, Seth, d. 24 Nov 1881, age 56 yrs old, H/of Mary, [DO]
Hampson, Ellen (Bullough), d. Apr 13, 1886, bur. Apr 17, 1886 in consecrated ground, wife of James, [JS]
Hampson, Joshua, d. Nov 17, 1884, son of James and Ellen, [JS]
Holt, Ellen, d. 28 Aug 1936, age 81 yrs old, W/of John Holt, [DO]
Holt, John, d. 8 Apr 1900, Age 46 Yrs old, Occupation Councilor for East ward, H, Of Ellen Holt, [DO]
Holt, Mary Ellen Hellie, d. 4 Aug 1899, age 9 yrs old, [DO]
Jean Reid Crook, d. 25 Jul 1938, Age 45 yrs old, Wife of Thomas A Crook, [DO]
Knowles, Alfred, d. 6 Dec 1895, Age 69 Yrs Old, [DO]
Knowles, Alice Ann, d. 5 Oct 1928, Age 70 Yrs Old, [DO]
Knowles, Annie Lizzie, d. 15 Aug 1895, Age 33 Yrs Old, D/of Alfred And Elizabeth Knowles, [DO]
Knowles, Elizabeth, d. 6 Dec 1905, Age 74 yrs old, [DO]
Ollerton, Raymond, d. 15 Apr 1945, Age 21 yrs old, Flight Seargent 1523074 pilot, Son of Joseph And Jane Ollerton Of Great Lever Bolton, [DO]
Orrell, Albert, d. 9 Apr 1957, Age 60 yrs old, S/of Joseph And Ellen Orrell, [DO]
Orrell, Alice, d. 22 Jan 1895, Age 14 Months Old, [DO]
Orrell, Ellen, d. 15 Jan 1946, Age 83 yrs old, W/of Joseph Orrell, [DO]
Orrell, Hannah, d. 3 Apr 1888, age 5 Months Old, [DO]
Orrell, Joseph, d. 25 Mar 1935, Age 78 yrs old, H/of Ellen Orrell, [DO]
Orrell, Mary, d. 21 Aug 1887, Age 9 months old, [DO]
Orrell, Mary, d. 7 Aug 1903, Age 73 yrs old, W/of Samuel Orrell, [DO]
Orrell, Samuel, d. 13 Oct 1897, age 64 yrs old, H/of Mary Orrell, [DO]
Smith, Alice, d. 4 Apr 1918, Age 9 Yrs Old, D/of Frank And Mary Jane Smith, [DO]
Smith, Stanley, d. 28 Feb 1919, Age 6 yrs, S/of Frank And Mary Jane Smith, [DO]
Thomason, Susannah, d. 6 Feb 1894, Age 33 yrs old, W/of John Thomason, [DO]
Tonge, Edward, d. 6 Apr 1893, Age 56 yrs old, H/of Martha, [DO]
Tonge, Martha, d. 26 Feb 1919, Age 80 yrs old, W/of Edward Tonge, [DO]
Turner, Eleanor, d. 12 Oct 1907, Age 89 yrs old, W/Of Robert Charles Turner, [DO]
Turner, James, d. 23 Dec 1895, age 54 yrs old, H/of Mary Jane Turner, [DO]
Turner, Joseph, d. 22 Jul 1887, Age 19 Yrs Old, S/of Joseph And Mary Jane Turner, [DO]
Turner, Mary Jane, d. 17 Dec 1895, Age 57 yrs old, W/of James Turner, [DO]
Turner, Robert Charles, d. 15 Mar 1885, Age 60 yrs old, Occupation New Connection Methodist Minister, H, of Eleanor Turner, [DO]
Whittle, Mary Jane, d. 31 May 1904, Age 49 Yrs Old, W/of William Whittle, [DO]
Whittle, William, d. 12 Feb 1907, Age 62 Yrs Old, H/of Mary Jane Whittle, [DO]
Whitworth, Mary Ann, d. 23 Jan 1910, age 50 yrs old, [DO]

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