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Chadderton Cemetery
Greater Manchester, England

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Taylor, Alfred Hugh, d. 29 Sep 1984, age: 81yr, [DO]
Taylor, Alfred, d. 15 Jan 1928, age: 73yr, h/o Mary Hannah, [DO]
Taylor, Alice Ann, d. 16 Aug 1960, age: 91yr, w/of George, [DO]
Taylor, Alice Ann, d. 9 Jul 1904, age: 40yr, d/o Edmund & Sally, [DO]
Taylor, Alice, d. 1 Oct 1906, age: 83yr, w/of Edmund, [DO]
Taylor, Ann Elizabeth, d. 14 Jul 1973, age: 91yrs, w/o John Samuel, [DO]
Taylor, Annie, d. 18 Nov 1967, age: 64yr, [DO]
Taylor, Annie, d. 9 Jan 1883, age: 2yr, d/o Edmund & Sally, [DO]
Taylor, Arthur, d. 7 Jan 1940, age: 73yr, [DO]
Taylor, Beatrice, d. 7 Jun 1953, [DO]
Taylor, Betty, d. 21 Apr 1915, age: 71yr, [DO]
Taylor, Charles Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1934, age: 72yr, A.R.I.B.A., [DO]
Taylor, Charles, d. 9 Dec 1865, age: 2 Yrs & 9mths, s/o James & Sarah, [DO]
Taylor, Doris Miriam, d. 6 Feb 1985, age: 80yr, [DO]
Taylor, Edmund, d. 11 Oct 1889, at Werneth, age: 54yr, h/o Sally, [DO]
Taylor, Edmund, d. 14 Jul 1943ham Lancashire, age: 79yr, [DO]
Taylor, Edmund, d. 30 Apr 1889 Atham, age: 66yr, h/o Alice, [DO]
Taylor, Edwin, d. 17 Aug 1887, age: 21yr, [DO]
Taylor, Elizabeth Ellen, d. 22 Jun 1997, age: 81yr, [DO]
Taylor, Ellen, d. 15 Feb 1922, age: 71yr, w/o John, [DO]
Taylor, Emily, d. 5 Apr 1952, age: 86yr, [DO]
Taylor, Emma, d. 3 Nov 1944, age: 75yr, [DO]
Taylor, Ethel, d. 12 Feb 1961, age: 70yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Taylor, Fanny, d. 16 Jan 1931, age: 88yr, w/o George, [DO]
Taylor, Frank Domakin, d. 13 Oct 1980, [DO]
Taylor, George Peel, d. 27 Sep 1911, At Coppice, age: 44yr, h/o Alice Ann, [DO]
Taylor, George, d. 27 Oct 1907, age: 51yr, h/o Fanny, [DO]
Taylor, Harry, d. 27 Dec 1962, age: 61yr, [DO]
Taylor, Helen Ogden, d. 2 Jun 1947, age: 75yr, [DO]
Taylor, Hildred (nee Mills), d. 25 Aug 1944, age: 39yrs, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Taylor, Hubert, d. dec 1902, gs/o John Kinder & Jane Ann Smethurst, [DO]
Taylor, Jack, d. 6 Jul 1983, age: 66yr, [DO]
Taylor, James Edwin, d. 28 Aug 1911, age: 69yr, [DO]
Taylor, James, d. 21 Sep 1861, age: 4mths, s/o James & Sarah, [DO]
Taylor, James, d. 9 Mar 1895 at Coppice, age: 64yrs, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Taylor, John Lees, d. 31 May 1909, age: 41yr, [DO]
Taylor, John Samuel, d. 24 Jan 1916, age: 35yrs, h/o Ann Elizabeth, [DO]
Taylor, John, d. 8 Jan 1901, age: 57yr , h/o Ellen, [DO]
Taylor, Joseph Hartley, d. 26 Mar 1967, age: 75yr, [DO]
Taylor, Joseph, d. 25 Jun 1860ham Lancashire, age: 47yr, [DO]
Taylor, Mary Hannah, d. 6 Feb 1936, age: 78yr, w/of Alfred, [DO]
Taylor, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1946, age: 70yr, w/of Willie, [DO]
Taylor, Mary, d. 9 Apr 1881, age: 69yr, [DO]
Taylor, Nangy, d. 19 Jan 1973, age: 59yrs, d/o John Samuel & Ann Elizabeth, [DO]
Taylor, Roger, d. Dec 1902, Gs/o John Kinder & Jane Ann Smethurst, [DO]
Taylor, Sally, d. 25 Jan 1892, age: 54yr, w/o Edmund, [DO]
Taylor, Sarah A, d. 23 Apr 1960, age: 67yr, [DO]
Taylor, Sarah Green, d. 11 Nov 1940, age: 78yrs, [DO]
Taylor, Sarah Jane, d. 10 Oct 1882, age: 20yr, d/of James Edwin and Betty, [DO]
Taylor, Sarah, d. 31 Dec 1899, age: 66yrs, w/o James, [DO]
Taylor, Violet, d. 12 May 1932, age: 61yr, d/o Edmund & Sally, [DO]
Taylor, William, d. 4 Aug 1950, age: 76yr, [DO]
Tetlow, Jane, d. 1 Oct 1907, age: 34yr, w/o Prosser, d/o William and Betty Wild, [DO]
Thompson, Harold, b. 21 Nov 1897 Middleton, d. 14 Jul 1977 Chadderton, h/o Maggie, [SS]
Thompson, Margaret (Maggie), b. 18 Apr 1898, Oldham, d. 23 Nov 1980, Chadderton, w/o Harold, d/o Richard & Mary Ann Ollerton, [SS]
Thornley, Mary Hannah, d. 26 Nov 1916, age: 51 Yrs, w/of James William, and d/of Thomas and Sarah Newall, [SS]
Thwaites, Charlotte, d. 11 Aug 1943, age: 64yr, w/o Willox Coookson, [SS]
Thwaites, Willox Cookson, d. 1 Aug 1927, age: 58yr, h/o Charlotte, [SS]
Timperley, Joseph, b. 24 Jun 1817, d. 4 Apr 1894, h/o Mary, [SS]
Timperley, Mary, d. 21 Dec 1914, age: 79yrs, w/o Joseph, [SS]
Tither, Ann, d. 4 Jul 1861, age: 16yrs, d/o John & Hannah, Interred St Pauls Royton, [DO]
Tither, Eliza, d. 17 Mar 1935, age: 75yrs, w/o Robinson, [DO]
Tither, Hannah, d. 11 Jan 1904, age: 81yrs, w/o John, [DO]
Tither, Hannah, d. 21 Feb 1897, age: 51yrs, w/o Robinson, [DO]
Tither, John, d. 11 Oct 1882 at Oldham, age: 61yrs, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Tither, Robinson, d. 13 Feb 1904, age: 62yrs, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Toppin, Dinah Anne, d. 9 Dec 1930, age: 80yr, w/of William, [DO]
Toppin, Edith Mary, d. 15 Oct 1960, age: 85yr, [DO]
Toppin, Lizzie, b. 12 Sep 1873, d. 11 Dec 1914, [DO]
Toppin, William, d. 4 Jan 1913, age: 69yr, h/o Dinah Anne, [DO]
Travis, Arthur, d. 17 Jul 1953, age: 52yr, [DO]
Travis, Casenia, d. 28 Dec 1931, age: 75yr, w/o James, [DO]
Travis, Elizabeth, d. 12 Mar 1958, age: 76yr, [DO]
Travis, Eva, d. 21 Dec 1954, age: 74yr, d/of James and Mary Ann, [DO]
Travis, Hannah Knight, d. 26 Jun 1947, age: 67yrs, w/o James, d/o Benjamin & Mary Jane Cudger, [DO]
Travis, James, d. 27 Mar 1935, age: 81yr, [DO]
Travis, James, d. 6 Nov 1930, age: 85yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Travis, Martha, d. 16 Mar 1947, age: 76yr, [DO]
Travis, Mary Ann, d. 13 Apr 1920, age: 74yr, w/of James, [DO]
Travis, May, d. 17 Jan 1976, age: 72yr, [DO]
Travis, William, d. 14 May 1914, age: 42yr, [DO]
Travis, William, d. date Underground, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Trickett, Aleander, d. 23 Jul 1884, age: 72yrs, h/o Mary, [DO]
Trickett, James, d. 4 Jan 1897, age: 43yrs, s/o Alexander & Mary, [DO]
Trickett, Mary, d. 13 Jun 1892, age: 76yrs, w/o Alexander, [DO]
Trickett, Sarah, d. 2 Mar 1932, age: 80yrs, d/o Alexander & Mary, [DO]
Turner, Ann, d. 23 Dec 1879, age: 18yr, [DO]
Turner, Arthur, d. 10 Jul 1934, age: 74yr, [DO]
Turner, Edith Annie, d. 9 Jun 1929, age: 63yr, w/of Arthur, [DO]
Turner, Isaac, d. 19 Jul 1905, age: 25yr, h/o Alice Ann, s/o Isaac and Mary Ann, [DO]
Turner, Isaac, d. 24 May 1906, age: 63yr, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Turner, Jane Ann (Jennie), d. 3 Jun 1975, w/of Percy Robinson Turner, [DO]
Turner, Mary Ann, d. 14 Sep 1913, age: 74yr, w/o Isaac, [DO]
Turner, Norris, d. 28 Nov 1969, age: 65yr, [DO]
Turner, Percy Robinson, d. 28 Feb 1959, age: 68yr, h/o Jennie, [DO]
Waddington, Florence, d. 1 May 1985, age: 91yr, w/of Granville, [DO]
Waddington, Granville, d. 14 Jul 1953, age: 60yr, h/o Florence, [DO]
Wale, Hannah, d. 8 May 1910, age: 57yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Wale, Samuel, d. 27 Aug 1912, age: 62yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Walker, Benjamin T, d. 8 Dec 1951, age: 79yr, h/o Emily, [DO]
Walker, Emily, d. 6 Mar 1961, age: 84yr, w/of Benjamin, [DO]
Waller, Mary Jane, d. 1 Mar 1906, age: 89yr, Relict of Abraham, [DO]
Watts, George John, d. 20 Feb 1909, age: 74yr, h/o Maude, [DO]
Watts, Maude, d. 19 Nov 1907, age: 68yr, w/o George John, [DO]
Weeder, Amy Hurst, d. 21 May 1956, age: 75yr, [DO]
Weeder, John A, d. 6 Mar 1982, age: 80yr, h/o Nancy, [DO]
Weeder, John Robert, d. 20 Nov 1909, age: 31yr, [DO]
Weeder, Joseph Hurst, d. 26 Jan 1948, age: 66yr, [DO]
Westwood, Emma Jane, d. 4 Feb 1962, age: 84yr, [SS]
Westwood, George Henry, d. 30 Aug 1952, age: 72yr, [SS]
Whalley, Emma, d. 19 Jun 1891, age: 54yr, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Whalley, Margaret, d. 11 Sep 1947, age: 86yr, [DO]
Whalley, Thomas, d. 30 May 1897, age: 66yr, h/o Emma, [DO]
Whalley, William, d. 30 Nov 1886 Werneth Lancashire, age: 21yr, s/o Thomas and Emma, [DO]
Wheeler, Albert, b. 17 Feb 1863, d. 25 May 1863, [DO]
Wheeler, Amy, b. 11 Oct 1872, d. 14 Apr 1874, [DO]
Wheeler, Arthur, b. 25 Oct 1861, d. 27 Oct 1861, [DO]
Wheeler, Clara, b. 9 Jul 1864, d. 3 Jan 1866, [DO]
Wheeler, Mary, b. 23 Jan 1836, d. 30 Nov 1911, [DO]
Wheeler, Thomas (Tom), b. 13 Mar 1860, d. 15 Feb 1879, [DO]
Wheeler, Thomas, b. 10 May 1832, d. 2 Jan 1890, [DO]
Whiehead, Edmund, d. 6 Dec 1912, age: 86yrs, h/o Isabella, [DO]
Whitehead, Ann, d. 14 Mar 1957, age: 89yr, [DO]
Whitehead, Eda, d. 15 Nov 1953, age: 78yr, [DO]
Whitehead, Ethel, d. 13 Feb 1912, age: 19yrs, d/o John & Ruth, [DO]
Whitehead, Hannah, d. 2 Aug 1960, age: 90yr, sister of Eda, [DO]
Whitehead, Harriett Hannah, d. 16 Apr 1906, [DO]
Whitehead, Henry, d. 1 Dec 1894, h/o Jane, [DO]
Whitehead, Henry, d. 12 May 1895,, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Whitehead, Henry, d. 6 Jul 1907, age: 22yrs, s/o John & Ruth, [DO]
Whitehead, Isabella, d. 10 Mar 1916, age: 87yrs, w/o Edmund, [DO]
Whitehead, John Edward, d. 25 Apr 1900, age: 16mths, s/o John & Ruth, [DO]
Whitehead, John Robert, d. 20 Jan 1932, age: 59yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Whitehead, John, d. 29 Nov 1900, age: 46yrs, h/o Ruth, [DO]
Whitehead, Miles, d. 8 Nov 1913, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, [DO]
Whitehead, Olive, d. 27 Aug 1910, age: 72yr, [DO]
Whitehead, Ruth, d. 27 Jun 1918, age: 61yrs, w/o John, [DO]
Whitehead, Samuel Wesley, d. 15 Dec 1974, age: 87yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Whitehead, Sarah Ann, d. 23 Sep 1934, d/of John and Emma, [DO]
Whitehead, Sarah, d. 13 Sep 1934, age: 84yrs d/o Edmund & Isabella, [DO]
Whitehead, Sarah, d. 8 May 1946, age: 58yr, w/o Samuel Wesley, [DO]
Whitehead, Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1931, age: 65yrs, s/o Edmund & Isabella, [DO]
Whiteley, Ada, d. 12 Jul 1944, age: 65yr, w/of Isaac, [DO]
Whiteley, Catherine, d. 19 Nov 1914, age: 60yr, w/of Richard, [DO]
Whiteley, Isaac, d. 13 Aug 1911, age: 33yr, h/o Ada, [DO]
Whiteley, Richard Holroyd, d. 30 Jul 1928, age: 75yr, [DO]
Whittaker, Alice Allerton, d. 25 Jan 1889, age: 9yr, d/of William Thomas and Annie, [DO]
Whittaker, Annie, d. 23 Mar 1947, age: 92yr, w/of William Thomas, [DO]
Whittaker, Edward, d. 25 Sep 1903, age: 38yr, [DO]
Whittaker, William Thomas, d. 28 Oct 1914, age: 65yr, h/o Annie, [DO]
Whitworth, Caroline, d. 29 Dec 1888, age: 72yrs, Second wife Of Robert, [DO]
Whitworth, James, d. 9 Jan 1900, age: 48yrs, s/o Robert & Mary, [DO]
Whitworth, Mary, d. 30 Jun 1875, age: 69yrs, w/o Robert, [DO]
Whitworth, Robert, d. 2 Jul 1894, age: 79yrs, [DO]
Wideall, Clara, d. 12 Dec 1878, age: 42yrs, d/o John & Esther, [DO]
Wideall, Esther, d. 25 Oct 1893, age: 55yrs, [DO]
Wild, Betty, d. 13 Aug 1904, at Oldham, age: 67yr, w/o William, [DO]
Wild, Betty, d. 15 Mar 1907, age: 42yr, w/of Robert, [DO]
Wild, Booth, d. 4 May 1913, age: 49yr, h/o Ruth, [DO]
Wild, David, b. 20 Mar 1830 Lancashire, d. 5 Apr 1914 Blackpool Lancashire, [DO]
Wild, Elizabeth, d. 11 Aug 1928, age: 81yr, w/of John, [DO]
Wild, Esther, d. 2 Jun 1962, age: 58yr, w/of John Lord Wild, [DO]
Wild, Fred, d. 8 Nov 1941, age: 63yr, h/o S.A. Wild, s/o William and Betty, [DO]
Wild, Harold, d. 1 Nov 1936, age: 49yr, h/o Iphis, [DO]
Wild, Iphis, d. 10 Mar 1942, age: 47yr, w/of Harold, [DO]
Wild, James Edward (Ted), d. 9 Mar 1915, age: 53yr, [DO]
Wild, James Harry, d. 5 Aug 1917,ham, age: 42yr, h/o Lavinia, [DO]
Wild, John Lord, d. 28 Jan 1966, age: 61yr, [DO]
Wild, John, d. 15 Sep 1927, age: 70yr, h/o Mary Louisa, [DO]
Wild, John, d. 16 Mar 1918,ham, age: 71yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Wild, Lavinia, d. 5 Dec 1947, age: 72yr, w/of James Harry, [DO]
Wild, Mary Jane, b. 19 Feb 1853, d. 5 Jul 1856(Interred St Marys Parish Churchham Lancashire), [DO]
Wild, Mary Louisa, d. 12 Apr 1929, age: 65yr, w/o John, [DO]
Wild, Robert, d. 9 Nov 1933,ham, age: 68yr, h/o Betty, [DO]
Wild, Ruth, d. 12 Mar 1912, age: 48yr, w/of Booth, [DO]
Wild, Sarah, b. 30 Apr 1820, d. 17 Feb 1903, [DO]
Wild, Thomas Riley, d. 9 Mar 1898, age: 3yr, s/o John & Mary Louisa, G/son of John & Eliza Worthington, [DO]
Wild, Walter, b. 29 Nov 1856ham, d. 21 May 1926 Blackpool Lancashire, [DO]
Wild, William, d. 11 Feb 1924, age: 83yr, h/o Betty, [DO]
Williams, Sarah, b. 28 Aug 1818, d. 21 Sep 1894, Relict Of the Late Thomas Williams, [DO]
Wilson, Edgar, d. 21 Mar 1894, age: 31yrs, s/o Frank & Martha, [DO]
Wilson, Frank, d. 18 Aug 1908, age: 73yrs of Southport, h/o Martha, [DO]
Wilson, Martha, d. 12 Apr 1897, age: 59yrs, w/o Frank, [DO]
Winterbottom, Elizabeth, d. 14 Mar 1924, age: 75yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Winterbottom, Pte Frank, d. In Action 10 Dec 1918, age: 41yr, Kings Own Royal Lancs, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, [DO]
Winterbottom, Robert, d. 10 Jul 1908, Oldham, age: 60yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Wolstenholme, Mary, d. 28 May 1929, age: 60yr, [DO]
Wood, Ada, d. 23 Feb 1884, age: 4yr, d/of John and Emma, [DO]
Wood, Ada, d. 26 Aug 1899, age: 29yr, d/o William & Sally, [DO]
Wood, Albert, d. 14 Dec 1912, age: 73yr, [DO]
Wood, Alfred William, d. 31 May 1868, age: 10mo, s/o Joseph and Sarah, [DO]
Wood, Alice Evelyn, b. 9 May 1891, d. 12 Oct 1923 Crumpsall Lancashire, d/of Rev Joseph and Alice Wood, [DO]
Wood, Alice, d. 27 Oct 1943, age: 83yr, w/of Rev Joseph, [DO]
Wood, Amanda, d. 19 Jan 1946, age: 67yr, w/of John Thomas Wood, [DO]
Wood, Ann, d. 14 May 1874, age: 27yrs, w/o James, [DO]
Wood, Annie, d. 16 Sep 1948, age: 76yr, w/of James, [DO]
Wood, Charles Henry, d. 31 May 1901, age: 35yr, [DO]
Wood, Charles, d. 10 Nov 1905, age: 32yr, h/o Margaret Ann, [DO]
Wood, Edwin, d. 19 Jul 1871, age: 27yr, [DO]
Wood, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jun 1879, age: 7yr, [DO]
Wood, Hannah, d. 7 Jul 1883, age: 81yr, w/of William, [DO]
Wood, James Taylor B A, b. 9 May 1891, d. 6 Jul 1939, [DO]
Wood, James, d. 21 Jan 1926, age: 78yrs, h/o Ann, [DO]
Wood, James, d. 22 Apr 1890ham Lancashire, age: 65yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Wood, Jane, d. 5 Mar 1937, age: 87yrs, Second Wife Of James Wood, [DO]
Wood, John Thomas, d. 11 Jul 1961, age: 87yr, [DO]
Wood, John, d. 25 Aug 1880, age: 55yr, [DO]
Wood, Joseph MD, d. 25 Jul 1901, age: 35yr, s/o Albert and Caroline, MD Durham University, [DO]
Wood, Joseph, d. 25 May 1907, Hollinwood Lancashire, age: 77yr, [DO]
Wood, Margaret Ann, d. 29 Dec 1922, age: 53yr, w/of Charles, [DO]
Wood, Mary Ann, d. 17 Jul 1860, age: 29yr, [DO]
Wood, Mary Ann, d. 3 Feb 1876 Hollinwood, age: 52yr, [DO]
Wood, Mary, d. 16 Oct 1904, age: 82yr, w/of James, [DO]
Wood, Rev Joseph, d. 12 Feb 1935, age: 78yr, [DO]
Wood, Robert Kay, d. 5 Apr 1909, age: 48yr, h/o Sarah Ann, [DO]
Wood, Robert Travis, d. 18 Sep 1906, age: 51yr, [DO]
Wood, Sally, d. 23 Jan 1913, age: 74yr, w/o William, [DO]
Wood, Sarah Ann, d. 28 Apr 1918, age: 58yr, w/of Robert Kay Wood, [DO]
Wood, Sarah, d. 20 Jul 1907, age: 73yr, [DO]
Wood, Thomas, d. 16 May 1866, Hollinwood, age: 39yr, [DO]
Wood, William Henry, d. 5 Oct 1872, age: 31yr, [DO]
Wood, William, d. 4 Jan 1911, age: 3yr, s/o Charles Andrew & Miriam, g/son of William & Sally, [DO]
Wood, William, d. 4 Nov 1910, age: 73yr, h/o Sally, [DO]
Wood, William, d. 9 Jun 1866 Hollinwood Lancashire, age: 65yr, h/o Hannah, [DO]
Woodcock, Elsie, d. 16 Feb 1958, age: 66yr, d/of Samuel and Jane, [DO]
Woodcock, Jane, d. 24 Dec 1947, age: 84yr, w/of Samuel, [DO]
Woodcock, John, d. 23 Feb 1944, age: 59yr, s/o Samuel and Jane, [DO]
Woodcock, Samuel, d. 23 Jun 1938, age: 76yr, h/o Jane, [DO]
Wormold, Joshua, b. 10 Oct 1858, d. 26 Jun 1942, h/o Mary Ann, [DO]
Wormold, Mary Ann, b. 6 Apr 1852, d. 21 May 1914 Ascencion Day, w/o Joshua, d/o Thomas & Sarah Williams, [DO]
Worthington, Eliza, d. 9 Mar 1885, age: 53yr, w/o John, [DO]
Worthington, Fred, d. 4 Aug 1963, age: 74yr, s/o George Alfred and Sarah, [DO]
Worthington, George Alfred, d. 6 Jul 1932, age: 74yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Worthington, John, d. 1 May 1908, age: 76yr, h/o Eliza, [DO]
Worthington, Sarah, d. 25 Dec 1935, age: 72yr, w/of George Alfred, [DO]
Wright, Alice, d. 24 Dec 1940, age: 60yr, w/o Nathaniel, [DO]
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb 1892, age: 69yr, [DO]
Wright, Ellen Graham, d. 1 Oct 2000, age: 104yr d/o John & Sarah Dronsfield, [DO]
Wright, Joseph, d. 12 Dec 1893, age: 73yr, [DO]
Wright, Mary, d. 1 Feb 1899, age: 70yr, w/of Robert, [DO]
Wright, Nathaniel, d. 13 Sep 1945, age: 72yr, [DO]
Wright, Robert, d. 29 Mar 1878, age: 51yr, s/o John Wright, [DO]
Wrigley, Beatrice Alice, d. 21 Oct 1888, age: 18mo, d/of John and Mary, [DO]
Wrigley, Ellen, d. 7 Apr 1901, age: 80yr, w/of William, [DO]
Wrigley, John, d. 14 Jul 1896ham, age: 53yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Wrigley, Joshua James Hall, d. 10 May 1891, age: 6mo, [DO]
Wrigley, Marion, b. 13 Jul 1897, d. 24 Nov 1974, [DO]
Wrigley, Mary, d. 4 Jun 1905ham, age: 50yr, w/of John, [DO]
Wrigley, Thomas Reditt, d. 12 Sep 1897, age: 33yr, s/o William and Ellen, [DO]
Wrigley, William JP, d. 16 Jul 1890ham Lancashire, age: 76yr, h/o Ellen, [DO]
Yardley, Betsy, b. 27 Nov 1852, d. 18 Aug 1922, w/of John Thomas, [DO]
Yardley, Ethel, b. 11 Apr 1882, d. 17 Apr 1931, d/of John Thomas and Betsy, [DO]
Yardley, John Thomas, b. 21 Apr 1905, d. 1 May 1905, [DO]
Yardley, John Thomas, b. 23 Apr 1852, d. 14 Nov 1901 Lancashire, h/o Betsy, [DO]
York, Elizabeth, d. 30 Apr 1940, age: 82yr, w/of Frederick, [DO]
York, Frederick, d. 9 Nov 1920, age: 67yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
York, Mabel, d. 5 Dec 1943, age: 49yr, w/of F S York, [DO]


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