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Trimdon Cemetery
Trimdon, Durham, England

"In Memory of the 74 men & boys who lost their lives by the explosion at Trimdon Grange Colliery on Thursday 16 Feb 1882."

The following 44 of whom are here interred:

Allison, John, age: 19yr
Bowen, Frederick, age: 23yr
Burke, Henry, age: 39yr
Burnett, George C, age: 19yr
Burnett, James W, age: 17yr
Burnett, Joseph W, age: 23yr
Clark, Thomas, age: 24yr
Dawe, Richard, age: 20yr
Dobson, George, age: 26yr
Docherty, Michael, age: 19yr
Dormand, Joseph, age: 14yr
Dormand, Thomas, age: 14yr
Edmunds, John, age: 16yr
Griffiths, David, age: 19yr
Hart, Michael, age: 45yr
Hyde, Joseph, age: 23yr
Jefferson, George, age: 14yr
Jefferson, William, age: 18yr
Jennings, William, age: 16yr
Jones, Cornelious, age: 16yr

Jones, John F, age: 38yr
Mcdonald, James Boyd, age: 13yr
Mchale, John, age: 16yr
Mchale, Michael, age: 21yr
Mchale, Thomas, age: 13yr
Mercer, Ralph, age: 18yr
Millar, Henry, age: 24yr
Peat, Thomas, age: 21yr
Priestly, Thomas, age: 29yr
Pryce, Thomas, age: 26yr
Richardson, Samuel, age: 17yr
Smith, Andrew, age: 23yr
Smith, John, age: 26yr
Spencer, Edward, age: 19yr
Symonds, George, age: 16yr
Wigham, George, age: 28yr
Williams, John, age: 31yr
Williams, William, age: 31yr
Wilson, John, age: 33yr

This monument erected by their fellow workmen and friends as a token of respect., [DO]


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