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Stranton Grange Cemetery
Hartlepool, Durham, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Ainslie, Mary, d. 15 Jan 1996, age: 75y, [DO]
Aisbitt, David William and Dulcie, reunited 11 Jun 1996, [DO]
Aisbitt, Eunice Victoria (Glue), d. 28 Nov 1947, bur. 2 Dec 1947, age: 70yr, w/o William James Aisbitt, [DO]
Aisbitt, George William, bur. 24 Feb 1947, age: 3da, Grave no Plot 1 18 div C 580 s/o Thomas Henry and Leah Ann Aisbitt, [DO]
Aisbitt, John William, bur. 19 Mar 1940, grave no plot 16 div c 1301, age: 9mo, [DO]
Aisbitt, Leah Ann, bur. Jan 1992, wid/o Thomas Aisbitt, [DO]
Aisbitt, Thomas, bur. Oct 1978, h/o Leah Ann Aisbitt, [DO]
Akers, Mary Rose, d. 11 Oct 1931, [DO]
Allen, Joseph, d. 30 May 1996, age: 53y, [DO]
Andrew, Doris, d. 3 Dec 1937, age: 43yr, w/o Frank Andrew, [DO]
Andrew, Frank, d. 2 Mar 1980, h/o Doris, [DO]
Andrew, John Basil, d. 26 Jan 1981, s/o Frank and Doris, [DO]
Appleton, Charles, d. 2 Sep 1924, age: 56yr, [DO]
Appleton, Mary Ann, d. 9 Jul 1905, age: 37yr (Interred Newchurch Lancashire), [DO]
Armstrong, John George, d. 11 Jun 1933, age: 68yr, [DO]
Armstrong, Louisa, d. 16 Dec 1942, age: 46yr, w/o Arthur, [DO]
Arrowsmith, James Robert, bur. 10 Mar 1936, age: 68yr, Widow
Atkinson, Audrey, d. 17 Apr 1992, age: 61yr, [DO]
Atkinson, Frederick George, d. 27 Jun 1977, age: 48yr, [DO]
Atkinson, Neil Michael, d. 23 Mar 1997, age: 23y, [DO]
Atkinson, Susan, d. 21 Dec 1957, [DO]
Austrin, Beart Beaumont, d. Mar 1915, age: 33yr, [DO]
Ayre, Pte A, d. 6 Dec 1916, age: 25yr, 3rd Dragoon Guards, killed in action, [DO]
Bage, Catherine, b. 1929, d. 1946, [DO]
Bage, Ronald, b. 1937, d. 1998, [DO]
Bain, Alice Ann, bur. 1986, Widow of Stanley Bain, [DO]
Bain, Annie, d. 15 Jun 1923, age: 74yr, w/o George, [DO]
Bain, George, d. 10 Oct 1938, age: 90yr, h/o Annie, [DO]
Bain, Jacqueline, bur. 6 Jul 1959, age: 2yr, child of Stanley and Alice Ann Bain, Grave No B 1036, [DO]
Bain, Stanley, b. 15 Aug 1947, bur. 26 Nov 1947, age: 3mo, s/o Stanley and Alice Ann Bain, Grave No Plot 10 Div B 1036, [DO]
Bain, Stanley, Cremated Oct 1966, h/o Alice Ann Bain, [DO]
Bainbridge, Margaret, d. 21 Nov 1946, age: 78yr, [DO]
Bainbridge, Martha, d. 24 Oct 1956, age: 58yr, [DO]
Bainbridge, Thomas Henry, d. 26 Aug 1953, age: 55yr, [DO]
Bainbridge, William, d. 3 Oct 1945, age: 88yr, [DO]
Barclay, Ada, d. Nov 1930, age: 7yr, [DO]
Barff, Edna, d. 27 Feb 1954, [DO]
Barff, Eric G, d. 6 Mar 2000, age: 46y, [DO]
Barff, William Thomas, d. 1 Jan 1989, age: 68yr, [DO]
Barkas, Amy Muriel, d. Mar 31, 1958, w/o Pallister, bur. B4 #522, [RP], [DO]
Barker, Albert Henty, bur. 25 Nov 1971, grave no b 534, age: 79yr, Widower, [DO]
Barker, Edith Mary, d. 5 Jan 1996, age: 64y, w/of John, [DO]
Batt, Albert William, d. 26 Aug 1970, age: 67yr, [DO]
Battle, Margaret, bur. 13 Feb 1950, age: 71yr, grave no plot 1 div b 534, [DO]
Beavis Doreen Ada (Robinson), d. 01 Aug 2002, age 72yr, d/o Frances Leonora Robinson, [AR]
Begley, John, no dates, [DO]
Begley, Sarah, no dates, [DO]
Bianco, Anneris, d. 20 Aug 1957, age: 46yr, [DO]
Bilton, John, d. 23 Jun 1924, h/o Isabel, [DO]
Birbeck, Elizabeth Ann, d. 28 Jul 1990, age: 83yr, w/o George William, [DO]
Birbeck, George Birley, bur. 10 Jul 1969, Grave no B 421 widower, age: 90yr, [DO]
Birbeck, George William, b. 14 Oct 1900, d. 6 Jul 1965, age: 64yr, h/o Elizabeth Ann, [DO]
Birbeck, Tom, d. 29 Apr 1978, age: 73yr, h/o Vi, [DO]
Birbeck, Vi, d. 25 Jan 1992, age: 86yr, w/o Tom, [DO]
Blackett, Alice, bur. 20 Nov 1948, age: 83yr, Widow grave no plot 10 div b B1089, [DO]
Blackett, Margaret, d. 10 Nov 1918, age: 63yr, w/o William Of Bishop Middleham, [DO]
Blair, Archibald Hunter, d. 8 Apr 1935, age: 68yr, h/o Margaret A Blair, [DO]
Bleasby, Arthur, d. 10 Jan 2000, age: 81y, [DO]
Bluckert, George, d. 18 Apr 1918, age: 4 Yrs 10mo, s/o Alfred and Isabel, [DO]
Bolton, Catherine Emily, d. 5 Dec 1993, age: 87yr, [DO]
Bolton, Clara, d. 13 Feb 1940, w/o John, [DO]
Bolton, John William, d. 28 Aug 1933, age: 31yr, Lieutenant R.A.O.C., s/o John and Clara Bolton, [DO]
Bolton, John, d. 9 Feb 1954, [DO]
Bowes, Arthur R H, d. 26 Feb 1943, age: 3yr, s/o C and J Bowes, [DO]
Bowes, Evelyn, d. 6 Feb 1998, age: 89y, [DO]
Bowes, Norman, d. 15 Oct 1997, age: 89y, [DO]
Boyd, Arthur, d. 23 Aug 1916, [DO]
Boyd, Ethel My, d. 22 Jan 1958, age: 61yr, [DO]
Boyd, James John, d. 16 Dec 1947, [DO]
Boyd, John Oliver, d. 23 Jan 1976, age: 83yr, [DO]
Boyd, Mary Ellen, bur. Jul 1997, widow Of Benjamin Frederick Boyd, [DO]
Boyd, Mary Margaret, bur. 15 Apr 1936, age: 24yr
Boyd, Nora Agnes, d. 21 Apr 1984, [DO]
Brackstone, Albert Leicester, bur. 28 Mar 1928, grave no plot 14 div c 1437, age: 14mo, [DO]
Brackstone, Alfred, b. 24 Nov 1915, d. 4 Jun 1996, age: 80yr, h/o Sophia, [DO]
Brackstone, Charlotte, d. 17 Dec 1973, age: 79yr, w/o Harvey, [DO]
Brackstone, Elizabeth, no dates, w/of Walter, [DO]
Brackstone, Frances, d. 8 Feb 1946, age: 73yr, w/o Harvey Archibald, [DO]
Brackstone, Harvey Archibald, d. 20 Feb 1940, age: 76yr, h/o Frances, [DO]
Brackstone, Harvey, b. 9 Aug 1894, d. 17 Oct 1974, age: 80yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Brackstone, Sophia, d. 31 Aug 1979, age: 60yr, w/o Alfred, [DO]
Brackstone, Walter, no dates, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Bradley, Arthur Ernest, bur. 16 Sep 1936, age: 53yr, h/o Mary Jane
Bradley, Arthur Ernest, bur. May 1993, h/o Elizabeth Bradley, [DO]
Bradley, Edna May, d. 15 Mar 1929, age: 6 1/2yr, [DO]
Bradley, Elizabeth Eleanor, d. 24 Jun 1994, age: 81yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Bradley, Florence Annie,, w/o Henry Bradley, bur. 20 Jan 1949, age: 29yr Grave no plot 18 c 784 div c, [DO]
Bradley, Frederick, bur. 25 Oct 1966, h/o Ruth Bradley, age: 38yr, Grave No B318, [DO]
Bradley, Jennie, d. 25 Mar 1975, age: 61yr, w/o John Robert, [DO]
Bradley, John Robert, d. 15 Jul 1961, age: 50yr, h/o Jennie, [DO]
Bradley, John Robert, d. 27 Apr 1967, age: 84yr, h/o Sarah Elizabeth, [DO]
Bradley, Joseph, d. 26 Dec 1975, age 65yr, h/o Elizabeth Eleanor, [DO]
Bradley, Joseph, d. 26 Dec 1975, age: 65yr, h/o Elizabeth Eleanor, [DO]
Bradley, Margaret Joyce, d. 19 Dec 1981, age: 52yr, [DO]
Bradley, Mary, d. 1 Sep 1972, age: 50yr, [DO]
Bradley, Patricia, bur. 25 Sep 1930, grave no plot 2 div c Rc 580, age: 8mo, [DO]
Bradley, Patricia, d. 15 Jan 1953, age: 3yr, d/o Arthur Ernest and Elizabeth Bradley, [DO]
Bradley, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 11 Oct 1960, age: 76yr, w/o John Robert Bradley, [DO]
Bradley, Thomas, d. 5 Feb 1979, Cremated 8 Feb 1979, age: 60y, h/o Ruth, [DO]
Bramley, Mary Doreen, d. 11 Dec 1998, age: 74y, w/of Richard, [DO]
Bramley, Richard, d. 11 Nov 1999, age: 77y, h/o Mary Doreen, [DO]
Briggs, Ann, d. 9 Jun 2000, [DO]
Briggs, Margaret Alice, d. 8 jan 1952, age: 77yr, [DO]
Briggs, Thomas, d. 21 Dec 1929, age: 61yr, Of Greatham, [DO]
Broadbent, Herbert, d. 23 Jun 1939, age: 62yr, h/o Ada E, [DO]
Brockett, Mary Hannah, d. 4 Oct 1935, age: 63yr, d/o Robert and Elizabeth, [DO]
Brockett, Susannah Frances, d. 24 Apr 1941, age: 56yr, d/o Robert and Elizabeth, [DO]
Brotherton, Don, d. 10 Jun 1998, age: 74yr, Cremated 16 Jun 1998, h/o Pat, [DO]
Broughton, Elizabeth, d. 21 Jun 1922 ?, [DO]
Broughton, Henry, d. 23 Nov 1938, age: 61yr, h/o Annie, [DO]
Broughton, Henry, d. 7 Aug 1917, age: 72yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Brown, David, d. 7 Mar 1996, age: 60y, h/o Pauline, [DO]
Brown, Henry Snowdon, d. 25 Aug 1936, age: 35yr, [DO]
Brown, James, d. 9 May 1957, age: 50yr, h/o Jane F, [DO]
Brown, Jane Frances, d. 12 Mar 2001, age: 90yr, [DO]
Brown, John, d. 18 Dec 1954, age: 82yr, [DO]
Brown, Pauline, d. 19 May 1997, age: 59y, w/of David, [DO]
Brudenell, John Alfred, b. 7 Oct 1888, d. 9 Aug 1947, [DO]
Buchanan, Elizabeth, d. 24 Sep 1942, w/o James Archer, [DO]
Buchanan, James Archer, d. 16 May 1928, age: 68yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Buckley, Lucia Kathleen, d. 12 Jun 1974, age: 77yr, w/o William Henry, [DO]
Buckley, Peter Henry, d. 16 Nov 1950, age: 21yr, [DO]
Buckley, William Henry, d. 11 Feb 1959, age: 61yr, h/o Lucia Kathleen, [DO]
Burgon, Catherine, d. 19 Dec 1971, age 56yr, w/o James, [DO]
Burrows, Amelia, d. 28 Dec 1912, age: 59yr, [DO]
Burton, Nora Alice, d. 27 Mar 1940, age: 57yr, w/o Thomas Wilfred, [DO]
Burton, Thomas Wilfred, d. 6 Oct 1950, age: 74yr, h/o Nora, [DO]
Burton, William, d. 9 Feb 1932, age: 76yr, H, of Rose Eleanor Burton, Con 10/B941, [DO]
Busfield, Ada, d. 7 Jul 1943, age: 61yr, w/o Samuel Busfield, Con/10/B1158, [DO]
Busfield, Samuel, d. 18 Aug 1917, killed in action in France, age: 32yr, h/o AgaBusfield, Con/10/B1158, [DO]
Bush, Robert, d. 3 Dec 1924, age: 65yr, [DO]
Bush, Robert, d. 3 Dec 1924, age: 65yr, Con/14/B17, [DO]
Butcher, Arthur, d. 1 Mar 1990, age: 88yr, [DO]
Butcher, David, d. 25 Oct 1999, age: 62yr, [DO]
Butcher, Edna, d. 7 Dec 1998, age: 92yr, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth A, d. 28 Sep 1934, age: 65yr, Con/12/C850, [DO]
Butcher, Freda Annie, d. 19 May 1975, age: 71yr, [DO]
Butcher, George W, d. 5 Sep 1952, age: 80yr, h/o Selina Butcher, Con10/B980, [DO]
Butcher, John William, d. 4 Jan 1935, age: 60yr, h/o May, [DO]
Butcher, Margaret, d. 17 Jan 1975, age: 81yr, [DO]
Butcher, Mary, d. 12 Jun 1974, age: 76yr, [DO]
Butcher, May, d. 6 May 1958, age: 78yr, w/o John William, [DO]
Butcher, Robert, d. 24 Aug 1991, [DO]
Butcher, Selina, d. 12 Jan 1943, age: 68 Yrs, w/o George W Butcher, Con10/B980, [DO]
Butler, Alfred, bur. 9 Dec 1966, grave no b 1338, married man, age: 78yr, h/o Annie, [DO]
Butler, Alfred, d. 6 dec 1966, age: 78yr, RC1 B1338, [DO]
Butler, Ann Nesbit, bur. 5 Apr 1947, Single, [DO]
Butler, Ann, d. 2 Apr 1947, Rc1, B398, [DO]
Butler, Ann, no dates, [DO]
Butler, Annie, bur. 18 Mar 1994 widow of John William Butler, age: 94yr, Grave No 22b C 1018, [DO]
Butler, Annie, bur. Oct 1961, Grave No B1198, wid/o Thomas William Butler, [DO]
Butler, Annie, d. 5 Dec 1961, age: 72yr, w/o Thomas Butler, RC1, b1198, [DO]
Butler, Annie, d. 5 Dec 1967, age: 72yr, w/o Thomas William, [DO]
Butler, Bernard, b. 15 Mar 1936, d. 10 Jan 1985, age 48yr, s/o Thomas William and Annie, [DO]
Butler, Brian, bur. 24 Sep 1957, age: 6 Hours old child, [DO]
Butler, Daniel, b. 23 Mar 1924, d. 9 Dec 1971, age 47yr, s/o Alfred and Annie, [DO]
Butler, Dorothy Jane, d. 15 Jan 1940, bur. Jan 1940, age: 65yr, Wife Of William Butler, [DO]
Butler, Ellen Widow, bur. 2 Aug 1960, Grave no Rc b 544, age: 78yr, [DO]
Butler, Ellen, d. 11 Jun 1972, age: 52yr, d/o William P and Ellen Butler, RC1/A117, [DO]
Butler, Ellen, d. 29 Jul 1960, age: 78yr, w/o William Butler, [DO]
Butler, Freda, bur. 23 Jan 1937, age: 28yr, [DO]
Butler, Harry, bur. 18 Aug 1948, grave no b 551, age: 12yr, [DO]
Butler, Hilda, d. 13 Sep 1986, age: 73yr, [DO]
Butler, Honor Stamp, bur. 3 Mar 1931, w/o Moses Butler, age: 45yr, Grave No C 563, [DO]
Butler, Honor, bur. 17 Sep 1925, child of Moses and Honor Butler, age: 4yr, Grave No Plot 14 Div C 663, [DO]
Butler, Ian A, d. 14 Nov 1992, age: 39yr, [DO]
Butler, Ian Albert, bur. 23 Nov 1992, age: 39yr, married man, [DO]
Butler, James Benjamin, bur. 6 Apr 1922, age: 1yr Grave no Plot 2 Div C 242, s/o Alfred and Annie Butler, [DO]
Butler, James F, no dates, [DO]
Butler, James, b. 27 Sep 1925, d. 18 May 1995, age: 69yr, h/o Peggy, [DO]
Butler, James, bur. 15 Jul 1929, grave no plot 2 div c 495 RC, age: 4da, [DO]
Butler, James, d. 7 Dec 1967, age: 64yr, h/o Sarah Ann Butler, RC1/A117, [DO]
Butler, Jane Elizabeth, bur. 8 Sep 1970, Grave no B119Rc, married, age: 86yr, [DO]
Butler, Jessie, d. 1 Jun 1973, age: 68yr, D/ Of T Butler and MargaretButler, Con 8B124, [DO]
Butler, John (Mick), d. 12 Jul 2001, age: 71y, [DO]
Butler, John, b. 18 Dec 1923, d. 6 Apr 1982, age: 58yr, s/o Thomas William and Annie, [DO]
Butler, John, bur. 6 Sep 1917, child of Moses and Honor Butler, Grave No Plot 14 Div c 663, age: 16mo, [DO]
Butler, John, d. 14 Mar 1990, age: 74yr, [DO]
Butler, Joseph Frederick, bur. 6 Mar 1929, s/o Alfred and Annie Butler, age: 2yr, Grave no Plot 2, [DO]
Butler, Joseph Henry, bur. 8 mar 1958, age: 51yr h/o Minnie Matilda Butler Grave no Plot 16 Div c 1331, [DO]
Butler, Joseph Thomas, d. 7 Mar 1986, age: 76yr, [DO]
Butler, Margaret Elizabeth, bur. 3 Jun 1993, w/o James Butler, age: 67yr Grave no Rc 9b 917, [DO]
Butler, Margaret, d. 12 Sep 1967, age: 84yr, w/o T Butler, con 8/B124, [DO]
Butler, Mary Ann, bur. 17 Jul 1918, w/o William, age: 69yr, [DO]
Butler, Mary Jane, d. 13 Feb 1961, age: 87yr, w/o WilliamButler, Uncon/17/C162, [DO]
Butler, Maud, d. 13 Dec 1954, age: 67 Yrs, w/o Thomas Butler, RC3/C305, [DO]
Butler, Michael Anthony, no dates,, [DO]
Butler, Moses, bur. 7 Dec 1944, Grave No c 563, age: 66yr, w/o Honour Stamp Butler, [DO]
Butler, Nora, d. 5 Feb 1994, age 65yr, [DO]
Butler, Robert Henry, bur. 7 Mar 1929, age: 4mo old Grave no plot 14 div c 1714 s/o John William and Annie Butler, [DO]
Butler, Rosanna, bur. 10 Jul 1958 Grave No B 398A, Single, age: 82yr, [DO]
Butler, Sarah Ann, bur. 24 Mar 1960, age: 57yr, age: 57yr, [DO]
Butler, Stephen James, bur. 13 Sep 1955, grave no c108 Rc, age: 3mo, [DO]
Butler, T, d. 28 Sep 1918, age: 38yr, h/o Margaret Butler, Con8 B124, [DO]
Butler, Tereasa Ann, bur. 7 Sep 1996, age: 61yr grave no Rc 3c 108, wife Of Derek Butler, [DO]
Butler, Thomas William, bur. 27 Sep 1960, age: 57yr, Grave no B1198 Plot 1, h/o Annie, [DO]
Butler, Thomas, b. 12 Oct 1921, d. 7 Apr 1977, age: 55yr, h/o Peggy Lilian, [DO]
Butler, Thomas, b. 28 May 1922, d. 21 Dec 2000, age 78yr, s/o Alfred and Annie, [DO]
Butler, Thomas, bur. 7 Jun 1956, widower, grave no c305 RC, age: 72yr, [DO]
Butler, William P, d. 6 Feb 1950, age: 71yr, h/o Ellen Butler, RC1/B544, [DO]
Butler, William, bur. 17 Jun 1998, age: 82yr, [DO]
Butler, William, bur. 22 Mar 1941, age: 36yr, Grave No Plot 12 Div c 563, s/o Moses and Honor Butler, [DO]
Butler, William, bur. 30 Dec 1914, h/o Mary Ann, age: 65yr, [DO]
Butler, William, d. 17 Jul 1937, age: 68yr, h/o Mary Jane Butler, Uncon/17/C162, [DO]
Butler, William, d. 21 Nov 1940, bur. Nov 1940, wid/o Dorothy Jane Butler, age: 71yr Grave no 10B 174 Consecrated, [DO]
Buttaress, Ronald Bailey, d. 25 Apr 1922, age: 1mo, Con/8/B275, [DO]
Buttery, Caroline, d. 9 Feb 1945, age: 62yr, w/o Samuel Buttery, [DO]
Buttery, Catherine, d. 2 Mar 1942, age 2yr, d/o Dorothy, [DO]
Buttery, Dorothy, d. 8 Dec 1960, age: 64yr, RC4, C373, [DO]
Buttery, Samuel, d. 11 Mar 1937, age: 69yr, h/o CarolineButtery, Con/10/B465, [DO]
Cable, James Henry, d. 20 Feb 1938, age: 44yr, Con 8, A 44, h/o Elizabeth Darling Cable, [DO]
Caden, Annie, d. 2 Feb 1975, age: 82yr, w/o Henry Caden, RC1/B1259, [DO]
Caden, John James, d. 11 Apr 1920, age: 57yr, h/o Sarah Ann, [DO]
Caden, Sarah Ann, d. 14 Mar 1934, age: 69yr, w/o John James, [DO]
Caldwell, Henry Fergus, b. 1902, d 7 Apr 1972, cremated 10 Apr 1972, age 70y, h/of Olive, s/of John Johnson Caldwell & Sarah Ann, [DO]
Caldwell, Henry Fergus, d. Oct 1928, s/o Olive, [DO]
Caldwell, Leslie, d. 10 Dec 1997, age: 63yr, [DO]
Caldwell, Muriel, d. Nov 1935, d/o Olive, [DO]
Caldwell, Olive, d. 11 Jun 1986, age: 83yr, w/of Henry Fergus, d/of William & Ada Louisa Walker, bur. 16 Jun 1986, [DO]
Caldwell, Olwen, d. 22 Jan 1999, age: 65yr, [DO]
Calvert, Doris, d. 2 Jan 1974, d/o Robert A Mackenzie And Clara, [DO]
Calvert, Eleanor, d. 8 Sep 1996, age: 61yr, [DO]
Calvert, Frances Mary, d. 12 Apr 1927, age: 36yr, [DO]
Calvert, Herbert, d. 20 Mar 1931, age: 52yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Calvert, Robert, d. 10 Oct 1972, age: 61yr, [DO]
Calvert, Ruby Doris, b. 25 May 1906, d. 31 May 1982, w/o Frederick Albert Calvert, [DO]
Calvert, Ruby Doris, d. 31 May 1982, age: 76yr, [DO]
Calvert, William, bur. 27 Jan 1945, age: 51yr
Campbell, John William, d. 31 Mar 1953, age: 59yr, h/o Bridget, [DO]
Carberry, James, d. 24 Nov 1960, age: 64yr, [DO]
Carberry, Joseph, d. 16 Dec 1958, age: 78yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Carberry, Joseph, d. 27 Feb 1954, age: 49yr, [DO]
Carberry, Morris, d. 5 Mar 1955, age: 92yr, [DO]
Carberry, Sarah, d. 31 Mar 1967, age: 83yr, [DO]
Carey, Elias, d. 12 Sep 1924, age: 41yr, [DO]
Carey, Matilda, d. 28 Aug 1965, age: 77yr, [DO]
Carr, Bernard, b. 12 Jun 1885, d. 13 Mar 1941, [DO]
Carr, Catherine, b. 10 Oct 1898, d. 23 Jan 1989, w/o Bernard, [DO]
Carr, Charles Edward, d. 2 Dec 1990, cremated 6 Dec 1990, age 60y, [DO]
Carr, Elizabeth, d. 30 Dec 1928, age: 71yr, [DO]
Carr, Jonathan, d. 14 May 1913, age: 59yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Carrick, Margaret, d. 3 Nov 1941, age: 73yr, [DO]
Carrick, William Henry, d. 24 Dec 1925, age: 58yr, [DO]
Carroll, Agnes Amelia, bur. 4 Sep 1943, age: 20yr
Carroll, Agnes, b. 1922, d. 1943, [DO]
Carroll, Agnes, d. 21 Oct 1987, age: 81yr, [DO]
Carroll, Catherine, d. 14 Aug 1981, age: 78yr, [DO]
Carroll, Edward Coward, b. 21 Sep 1928, d, 21 Jun 2002, Cremated 27 Jun 2002, age: 73yr, h/o Joan, [DO]
Carroll, Edward, d. 11 Feb 1965, age: 65yr, [DO]
Carroll, Edward, d. 24 Mar 1964, age: 16yr, [DO]
Carroll, Edward, d. 25 Oct 1969, age: 63yr, h/o Agnes, [DO]
Carroll, Elizabeth, d. 9 Jan 1961, age: 81yr, w/o William, [DO]
Carroll, Eveline, d. 22 Oct 1948, age: 45yr, w/o William Gilhespy Carroll, [DO]
Carroll, William Gilhespy, d. 24 Mar 1938, age: 40yr, h/o Eveline, [DO]
Carroll, William, d. 14 May 1946, age: 67yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Carroll, William, d. 14 May 1946.age: 67yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Carter, Michael, d. 3 Dec 1998, age: 39y, [DO]
Cartwright, Olive Camilla, d. 30 Dec 1972, age: 75yr, [DO]
Casey, Thomas, b. 1925, d. 2002, [DO]
Cave, Catherine, d. 23 Oct 1965, age: 74yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Cave, Joseph, d. 8 Jan 1966, age: 75yr, h/o Catherine, [DO]
Chambers, Emily, d. 31 Nov 1931, age: 57yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Chambers, Margaret Ellen, d. 25 May 1956, age: 74yr, [DO]
Charles, Anna, d. 24 Jan 1934, age: 65yr, w/o Robert George, [DO]
Charles, John William, d. 13 Nov 1918, age: 23yr, [DO]
Charles, Robert George, d. 7 Jul 1918, age: 18yr, [DO]
Chesney, Peter, d. 9 Nov 1995, age: 55y, [DO]
Chisholme, Archibold, d. 14 Jun 1976, age: 72yr, [DO]
Chisholme, Lois Frances, d. 15 Aug 1965, age: 58yr, (Grant), [DO]
Clark, John William, d. 5 Nov 1937, age: 75yr, [DO]
Clark, Mary, d. 28 Jan 1934, age: 69yr, [DO]
Clarke, Camilla, d. 4 Jun 1957, w/o Frederick Harold, [DO]
Clarke, Frances Mary, bur. Dec 1991, w/o George Clarke, age: 67yr, [DO]
Clarke, Frederick Harold, d. 26 Feb 1948, age: 67yr, h/o Camilla, [DO]
Clarke, George, bur. Dec 1985, age: 67yr, h/o Frances Mary Clarke, [DO]
Clarke, Michael, d. 11 Dec 1988 Libya, age: 46yr, [DO]
Close, Anthony, bur. 28 Nov 1936, age: 70yr, [DO]
Close, Bob, d. 1 Dec 2000, age: 65yr, [DO]
Close, Maureen (Faulkner), d. 30 Nov 1997, age: 46y, w/of Kevin, [DO]
Coates, Eliza, bur. 23 Nov 1943, age: 77yr, Widow<, [DO]
Coates, Nora, d. 25 Jul 1954, age: 70yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Coates, Robert, d. 6 Jan 1937, age: 56yr, h/o Nora, [DO]
Cockell, Edward Seaton, b. 7 Aug 1858, d. 21 Apr 1934, [DO]
Colarossi, Guiseppe(Carl), d. 18 Nov 1982, h/o Maria, [DO]
Colarossi, Maria, d. 13 Mar 1986, age: 79y, w/of Guiseppe, [DO]
Collin, Kevin, d. 21 Aug 2000, age: 51y, [DO]
Collins, Barbara, d. 19 May 1996, age: 59y, [DO]
Comb, Alexander, bur. 12 Jan 1925, h/o Rebecca Marshall Comb, age: 61yr, Grave no Plot 8 DIV B 382, [DO]
Comb, Arthur, bur. 19 Feb 1926, grave no plot 8 div b 428, age: 47yr married man, [DO]
Comb, James Alexander, bur. 29 Dec 1959, age: 47yr, Grave no B1124, wid/o Violet, [DO]
Comb, Mathew, bur. 25 Nov 1925, wid/o Rose Comb, age: 56yr plot 5 div b 186, [DO]
Comb, Nellie Williamson, bur. 22 May 1922, Grave no plot 15 div A 226, age: 27yr, married woman, [DO]
Comb, Rose, bur. 6 Feb 1924, w/o Mathew Comb, age: 54yr, Grave no plot 5 div b 186, [DO]
Comb, Sarah Ann, bur. 24 Jun 1943, age: 62yr, Widow, [DO]
Comb, Violet,, bur. 17 Jul 1949, w/o James Alexander Comb, Grave no B1124 age: d 48yr, [DO]
Connelly, Mary, age: : 90yr, Widow grave no plot 1 div b 231, [DO]
Connor, Eillen, d. 10 Jul 1996, age: 43y, [DO]
Connor, Frank, d. 1 Aug 1991, [DO]
Connor, Graham, d. 8 Feb 1992, h/o Jacqueline, [DO]
Connor, Joseph, d. 17 Jan 1975, age: 76yr, [DO]
Connor, Margaret, d. 5 Jan 1978, age: 76yr, [DO]
Cooper, Emma, d. 27 Aug 1913, age: 38yr, w/o Charles William, [DO]
Cope, Billy, d. 30 Aug 2001, [DO]
Corbett, Agnes Eva, d. 4 Jun 1978, age 67yr, w/o John Henry, [DO]
Corbett, Albert Edward, d. 30 Jul 1988, cremated 4 Aug 1988, age 65y Widower, [DO]
Corbett, Albert, d. 27 Nov 1988, cremated 1 Dec 1988, age 77y, h/of Gertrude, [DO]
Corbett, Charlotte A, d. 2 Jun 1941, age: 70yr, w/o Daniel, [DO]
Corbett, Daniel S, d. 6 Feb 1944, age: 77yr, h/o Charlotte, [DO]
Corbett, Daniel, bur. 8 Feb 1944, age: 77yr, Widow, [DO]
Corbett, Elizabeth, d. 17 May 1938, age: 70yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Corbett, George, d. 9 Oct 1990, cremated 12 Oct 1990, age 72y, [DO]
Corbett, Gertrude, b. 24 Mar 1912, d 11 Sep 1984, w/of Albert, d/of William & Ethel May Fisk Hamston Nee Read, [DO]
Corbett, Herbert, d. 16 May 1969, age: 72yr, h/o Mary Jane, [DO]
Corbett, John Henry, d. 9 Jun 1992, age 87yr, h/o Agnes Eva, [DO]
Corbett, Mary Ellen, bur. 21 Jan 1945, age: 74yr, [DO]
Corbett, Mary Jane, d. 8 Dec 1987, age: 84yr, w/o Herbert, [DO]
Corbett, Samuel, d. 17 Apr 1939, age: 70yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Corbett, Samuel, d. 22 Jul 1981, cremated 27 Jul 1981, age: 78y, [DO]
Corbett, William Hugh, bur. 20 May 1947, age: 79yr, Widow, [DO]
Corfield, Maud (Carr), d. 22 Feb 1929, age: 36yr, w/o Jack, [DO]
Corigan, Bernard, b. 25 Aug 1921, d. 9 Mar 1947, age: 25yr, s/o William and Ethel, [DO]
Corner, Charles Arthur, d. 4 Feb 1972, age: 53yr, [DO]
Corner, Daisy, d. 3 Jun 1935, age: 47yr, w/o Frederick George Wells, [DO]
Corner, Frederick George Wells, b. 29 Oct 1884, d. 10 Dec 1954, age: 70yr, s/o Henry Mead Corner And Elizabeth, h/o Daisy, [DO]
Corner, Mary Jane, bur. 6 Jun 1946, age: 81yr, Widow, [DO]
Corrigan, Alfred, b. 3 Sep 1913, bur. 21 Aug 1936, age: 22yr, Grave No Plot 2 Div C 995 R, C, s/o Bernard and Sarah Ann Corrigan
Corrigan, Bernard Alfred, bur. 3 Oct 1923, age: 2da, s/o Bernard and Anna Corrigan, Grave No Plot 2 Div c Rc 275, [DO]
Corrigan, Bernard, bur. 12 Mar 1947, Grave No Rc B402, age: 25yr, [DO]
Corrigan, Bernard, bur. 22 Oct 1926, age: 30yr, Grave No Plot 2 Div C rC 333, [DO]
Corrigan, Bernard, bur. 23 Sep 1957, grave no plot 22 B 690, Child, age: 4yr, [DO]
Corrigan, Bernard, bur. 26 Aug 1992, age: 65yr, h/o Joyce Corrigan, Grave No Rc 9b 1029, [DO]
Corrigan, Bernard, bur. Aug 1947, h/o Sarah Ann Corrigan, Grave No Rc 1B424, age: 75yr, [DO]
Corrigan, Ethel, d. 4 Oct 1980, age: 82yr, w/o William, [DO]
Corrigan, Mary Ann, d. 3 Aug 1984, Ccremated 7 Aug 1984, age 96y, [DO]
Corrigan, Sarah Ann, bur. 10 Feb 1949, wid/o Bernard Corrigan, age: 73yr, Grave No Rc1 B424, [DO]
Corrigan, William, b. 5 Aug 1897, d. 24 Dec 1962, s/o Bernard and Sarah Ann Corrigan, h/o Ethel, age: 65yr, [DO]
Corrigan, William, b. 8 Apr 1924, d. 30 Nov 1976, age: 52yr, [DO]
Cosgrave, Michael, d. 18 Nov 1967, age: 64yr, [DO]
Cosgrave, Robert, bur. 23 Jan 1957, age: 81yr, [DO]
Cosgrove, Eleanor, d. 7 Nov 1958, age 51yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Cosgrove, Robert, d. 12 Apr 1989, age 81yr, h/o Eleanor, [DO]
Coulso, Catherine, d. 25 Nov 1946, age 4 yr, d/o Ann Isabel Coulson, [AR]
Coulson, Thomas Edward, b. 1908, d. 1 Aug 1989, h/o Ann Isabel Coulson (Low), [AR]
Coulson, Ann Isabel (Low), d. 11 Apr 1995, age 79y, w/o Thomas Edward Coulson, [AR]
Coulson, Charles Henry, d. 7 Dec 1993, h/o Winnie Coulson, [AR]
Coulson, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1884, d. Nov 23 1945, age 61yr, w/o John, [AR]
Coulson, Jimmy Michael, b. 1914 d. Apr 24 2002, age 87yr, [AR]
Coulson, John William, b. 1911 d. Oct 3 1957, age 46yr, [AR]
Coulson, John, b. 1880 d 22 Nov 1916, age 36yr, bur Somme France, 2nd Bn Yorkshire regiment, [AR]
Coulson, Winnie, d. 7 Jan 2003, cremated, w/o Charles Henry Coulson, [AR]
Court, Dorcus Winifred, d. 26 Oct 1998, age: 81yr, w/o Albert, [DO]
Cowan, Robert Anthony, d. 10 Feb 1996, age: 54y, [DO]
Craven, Debbie Ann, d. 26 Feb 1998, age: 32yr, w/o Simon, [DO]
Craven, George Henry, d. 1 Jan 1991, age: 61yr, h/o Ada, s/o George Henry Craven, [DO]
Craven, George William, d. 19 Nov 1959, age: 63yr, [DO]
Craven, Mary Catherine, d. 4 Apr 1968, w/o Albert Edward, [DO]
Croft, Agnes Maud, d. 25 Mar 1940, age: 59yr, w/o James, [DO]
Croft, James, d. 20 Oct 1946, age: 74yr, h/o Agnes Maud, [DO]
Crompton, Ada Ann,, age: 79yr, widow, grave no plot 10 div c B963, [DO]
Crompton, Ann, d. 12 Mar 1969, age: 26yr, [DO]
Crompton, Arthur, bur. 3 Jan 1947, age: 39yr, Grave No Plot 18 Div B 597, [DO]
Crompton, Arthur, bur. 4 May 1993, Divorced, age: 54yr, grave no 18c 597 ashes casket, [DO]
Crompton, Edna, bur. 23 Feb 1949 age: d 30yr, w/o John William, Grave no B 1154, [DO]
Crompton, Jessie, bur. 22 Jun 1960, w/o Harold, Grave no B 959 age: d 70yr, [DO]
Crompton, John William, bur. 19 Dec 1941, Grave No A 286 age: d 54yr, [DO]
Crompton, John William, bur. 8 Jun 1955, age: d 37yr, Grave no x plot 7 Div A286, wid/o Edna, [DO]
Crompton, Leah Ann, bur. 9 Jun 1936, wid/o Robert, Grave No Plot 14 Div C 529, [DO]
Crompton, Robert, bur. 31 Mar 1917 age: d 50yr, h/o Leah Plot 14 Div C 529, [DO]
Crompton, Thomas, b. 1920, d. 15 Sep 1975, age: 55yr, h/o Margaret, [DO]
Crompton, Thomas, d. 9 Sep 1976, age: 73yr, [DO]
Cullen, Albert, d. 9 May 1998, age: 72y, [DO]
Cuthbertson, Ebenezor, d. 24 Jan 1927, h/o Mary, [DO]
Cuthbertson, John Bowie, d. 10 Nov 1974, [DO]
Cuthbertson, Mary, d. 15 Nov 1949, w/o Ebenezor, [DO]
Cuthbertson, Wilhelmina Jane, d. 15 Mar 1975, [DO]


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