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Blanchard Cemetery
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Blanchard Cemetery
Stanstead County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, May 10, 2006 [lnutbrown@videotron.ca]. Total records = 6.

To get to the Blanchard cemetery, from the village of Ways Mills, take Isabelle Road to Provencher Road. The cemetery is on Provencher Road on your left very near a farm house.

You will have to be observant as the tiny cemetery could be hidden from the road by field growth depending on the time of year. I stopped at the farm (French speaking family) and asked to go to the cemetery and there was no problem as it is only a short walk from the road.

This small family cemetery is one of several rural cemeteries in this county that is surrounded by a farm. The cemetery is maintained by the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Corporation.

I walked and read this cemetery in in May, 2006.

- Leslie Nutbrown

Blanchard, Artemus, d. 28 Feb 1832, son of Jared F. & Lydia
Blanchard, Bertrand J., d. 15 Mau 1876, son of G. E. & S. L.
Blanchard, Emily A., d. 12 Aug 1835, dau of G. E. & S. L.
Blanchard, Infant, d. 18 Mar 1837, age: 1m 10d, dau of Jared & Lydia
Blanchard, Lydia, d. 8 Feb 1860, age: 55y 3m, wife of Jared
Foss, Calista E., d. 9 Nov 1881, age: 42y 7m, dau of Jared & Lydia

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