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Salmon Bay Cemetery
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Salmon Bay Cemetery
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Salmon Bay Cemetery #2
Bonne Esperance, Duplessis, Quebec

Contributed by Charles Gravel, Feb 03, 2006, last edited Feb 17, 2006. [charles_gravel@hotmail.com]. Total records = 13.

This is one of two old side by side cemeteries, both located at the entrance of Salmon Bay.

This is situated on a site where a little community of seal hunters lived many years ago. Inhabitants of the region still often visit this site during summer.

These cemeteries aren't used anymore, but family members of the deceased still take care of the graves. Cemeteries can only be reach by boat, and if you want to go there, I strongly suggest that somebody who knows the place well, comes with you.

I would like to thank Mr Claude Roberts for bringing me to the site in 2002.

I compiled this transcription in June of 2002.

- Charles Gravel

Buckle, Alfred George, d. 6 Jul 1900, age: 9yr, s/o Buckle, James P. & Margaret A.
Buckle, Edward Francis, b. 23 Sep 1900, d. 29 Aug 1916, s/o Buckle, John & Helen
Buckle, Edward James, d. 01 Mar 1895, age: 19yr
Dunn, D S, d. 8 Jul 1909, age: 2yr 6mo, s/o Dunn, Edward & Mary Joe
Dunn, Jeremiah Sr., d. 30 May 1891, age: 74yr, h/o Mennee, Mary, stone lying down
Dunn, Mary J., d. 8 May 1928, age: 53yr, w/o Dunn, Edward, in memory of my mother
Dunn, Mrs Denis, b. 12 May 1896, d. 30 Jan 1947, stone lying down
Dunn, Richard, d. 12 Aug 1955, age: 57yr
Dunn, Richard, d. 13 Apr 1879, age: 26yr, stone lying down
Maney, Mary, d. 02 Jul 1898, age: 74yr, h/o Dunn, Jeremiah Sr.
McAllister, Mary Ann, d. 5 May 1904, d/o McAllister, Laurence & Mary Ann
Nearen, Mary, d. 10 Nov 1885, age: 26yr, w/o Dunn, Jeremiah Jr.
Roberts, Joseph, b. 1879, d. 1957

1 wooden cross, no inscriptions
1 wooden cross, no inscriptions, probably a child, area surrounded by a fence

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