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Kingsey Falls Cemetery
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Kingsey Falls Cemetery
Kingsey Falls, Drummond County, Quebec

Lat: 45° 50' 57"N, Lon: 72° 03' 05"W

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Aug 18, 2007, last edited Nov 02, 2007 [lnutbrown@videotron.ca]. Total records = 45.

From Richmond follow route 243 to 255 which will take you to Kingsey and then to Kingsey Falls. From Danville, take route 255 or route 116. At the western edge of town you will see a small dead end road called Chemin Corriveau. The cemetery is a short distance on this road on your right.

This small cemetery is well maintained with a fence, gate and sign. It appears to have begun in the 1850s and is used today for an occasional burial of the areas remaining English speaking residents.

Susan Nutbrown, Julia MacDonald and I walked and read this cemetery on Aug 11, 2007 and made a complete recording from all legible tombstones.

- Leslie Nutbrown

s/w = shares a stone with

??, Donald G., d. 7 Dec 1882, age: 5y 28d
Atkinson, Eliza, d. 20 Apr 1888, age: 40y, wife of Robert Brown
Bailey, Charlie L., d. 21 Aug 1896, age: 17days, son of Charles & Ann
Bailey, Edith Adelia, d. 15 Sep 1905, age: 22y, s/w Martha
Bailey, George, d. 14 Oct 1882, age: 8y, son of John & Rosalie
Bailey, Hazel Pearl, d. 6 Jan 1902, age: 3y, daughter of Charles & Ann
Bailey, John B., b. 1850, d. 1926, s/w & husband of Mary Prunier
Bailey, John F., b. 5 Jul 1877, d. 16 Nov 1904
Bailey, Lucy, b. 1834, d. 1888, wife of Frank Brown
Bailey, Martha A., d. Feb 1895, age: 9y 6m, s/w Edith
Bailey, Sarah, d. 2 Nov 1882, age: 3y 4m, daughter of John & Rosalie
Bailey, Thomas S., d. 4 May 1895, age: 50y
Brooks, Minnie Ann, d. 17 May 1876, age: 2y, daughter of John & Harriet
Brooks, Sarah, d. 4 May 1876, age: 21y 10m 13d
Brooks, Thomas, d. 13 Jan 1876, age: 20y 11m 14d, s/w & husband of Fanny Doying
Brown, Lilly Ruth, d. 28 Apr 1888, age: 11days, daughter of P. & E. Brown
Cameron, Allen, b. 1834, d. 1908, s/w & husband of Elvira Pope
Cameron, Samuel, b. 8 Feb 1792 Montgomery Co. N.Y., d. 25 Sep 1877 Kingsey Falls, P.Q., a veteran of 1812-15
Casady, Judson T., d. 5 Oct 1827, age: 20y 10m 21d
Cassady, M. Ella, d. ?, daughter of Lucy & Judson
Craig, Annie, d. 14 Apr 1906, age: 33y, wife of Charlie Bailey
Doying, Fanny, d. 19 Apr 1877, age: 23y 3m, s/w & wife of Thomas Brooks
Draper, Fanny Eva, d. 26 Jul 1875, age: 4m, daughter of D. & E. Draper
Gabil, Annie M., b. 1 Aug 1882, d. 20 Sep 1905, wife of James W. Smith
Gould, Irene Wright, d. 9 Sep 1890, age: 79y 11m 19d, wife of Winslow Pope Jr.
Grosset, Little Josie, d. 14 ? 1877, son of Alex & Anet
Hancock, Jacob, d. 1878, age: 5?y 7m 20d
Jarvis, Adeline P., d. 3 May 1899, age: 53y 2m, wife of George Jarvis
Johnson, John Tart, d. 24 Dec 1878, age: 35y, of Gore Briuge, Gomburgh, Scotland. Killed by a boiler explosion at the paper mill in this village
Judd, Adaline, d. 24 May 1875, age: 1y 6m, daughter of George & Jane
Judd, Phebe E., b. 14 Jul 1826, d. 19 Mar 1908, wife of Z. Plumtree
Laverdiere, Emma, d. 24 Nov 1907, daughter of Pierre & Mary
Mastine, Stanley Edward, b. 1927, d. 2000, s/w & husband of Ethel St. James
McLaren, Henrietta, b. 26 Aug 1861, d. 20 Jan 1897, wife of James W. Smith
McLean, Allan, d. 8 Aug 1879, age: 78y
Pope, Elvira A., b. 1838, d. 1904, s/w & wife of Allen Cameron
Pope, Winslow, d. 3 Jan 1884 Kingsey Falls, age: 69y 4m
Prunier, Mary R., b. 1850, d. 1924, s/w & wife of John Bailey
Richmond, Charlotte, d. 8 Mar 1884
Ridley, George, d. 14 Apr 1861, age: 45y
Smith, Henrietta, b. 24 May 1905, d. 20 Jun 1905, infant daughter of J. &.E.
Smith, Wilson, b. 2 Feb 1885, d. 2 Apr 1885, son of J. & H. Smith
St. James, Ethel, b. 1928, d. no date, s/w & wife of Stanley Mastine
Truesdell, J. W., b. Vestal Center, NY, d. 27 May 1874 Warwick, P.Q.
Young, Matilda, d. 3 Sep 1896, age: 43y, wife of J. Perkins

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