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Grove Hill Cemetery
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Grove Hill Cemetery
Sawyerville, Compton County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jul 16, 2005 [lnutbrown@bell.net]. Total records = 389.

From Main Street (rue Principale) in Sawyerville, cross the bridge and you will see a waterfall on your right. Continue on this road for about a mile. At the junction of Flanders Road and Grove Hill Road, follow Grove Hill Road. The cemetery is only a short distance on this road on your right. There is no parking area but the road is gravel and traffic is light.

This small rural cemetery was in use from the 1830s until the 1950s. It is a cemetery on a hill with a good view of the valley, but it is not easy walking. It is fenced with a gate and mowed regularly although there is no sign. Most stones are legible.

Susan Nutbrown and I visited this cemetery in Jun of 2005, and we have transcribed from all existing and legible tombstones or markers.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ??, d. 20 Sep 1877, age: 44y 1m 14d, wife of Alex Johnson
Allen, Jerusha, d. 1 Mar 1863, age: 80yrs, s/w & wife of Asaph Williams
Annable, Abigail, d. 2 Feb 1835, dau of Charles & Catherine Annable
Annable, Abigail, d. 26 Jun 1860, age: 80yrs, wife of Ansel Annable
Annable, Ansel Jr., d. 8 Oct 1844, age: 35yrs
Annable, Ansel, d. 4 Mar 1845, age: 68yrs
Annable, C. G., b. 2 Mar 1833, d. 28 Feb 1913, s/w & husband of Emily Farwell
Annable, Deacon Charles, d. 24 Sep 1881, age: 77yrs, husband of Catherine Holmes
Annable, Edgar, d. 1841, son of Charles & Catherine Annable
Annable, Eliza Jane, d. 14 Nov 1832, dau of Ansel & Abigail
Annable, Infant, d. 5 Sep 1865, dau of C.G. & Emily
Annable, J. M., b. 1814, d. 1869, s/w Eunice Bean
Annable, Lucinda, d. no date, wife of Dea. James Munn, stone broken
Annable, Mary, d. 26 Mar 1848
Annable, Persis, b. 1831, d. 1894, s/w & wife of Lorenzo Munn
Annable, Sarah, d. 14 Jun 1846, dau of Charles & Catherine Annable
Ayer, Tirzah, d. 24 Apr 1894, age: 75y 4m 19d, wife of Cyrus O. Rice
Bagley, Deliverance, d. no date, wife of William Bagley
Bagley, William, d. 5 May 1865, age: 84y 7m
Banks, Abigail, b. 1872, d. 1909, wife of Thomas O. Cromwell
Barber, Aba L., d. 7 Apr 1874, wife of William Nason
Barber, William, d. 20 Oct 1887, age: 82yrs, s/w Charlotte More
Barber, Willie Henry, d. 30 Sep 1874, age: 9y 10m 11d, son of J. C. & E. F. Barber
Barlow, Cemantha A., d. 16 Nov 1873, age: 12y 6m 14d, dau of George & Ann Barlow
Barlow, George I., d. 1 May 1895, age: 87y 8m 17d, s/w & husband of Ann Williams
Bayne, Amia, d. 3 Sep 1866, age: 84yrs, wife of John Blodgett
Bean, Eunice, b. 1813, d. 1869, s/w J. M. Annable
Beatie, Mary Ann, d. 24 Nov 1875, age: 49yrs, wife of William Lister
Bennett, Caroline Charlotte, b. 14 May 1857, d. 16 Dec 1914, s/w & wife of Robert Graham
Birch, A. Carl, b. 8 Sep 1891, d. 8 May 1910
Blodgett, John, d. 5 Feb 1881, age: 81yrs, husband of Amia Bayne
Bowker, Douglas L., b. 24 Oct 1925, d. 26 Oct 1925, son of Elwin & Minnie
Bowker, Elwin L., b. 27 Jun 1884, d. 25 Nov 1959, s/w & husband of Minnie Smith
Bowker, Esther A. J., d. 12 Aug 1879, age: 3y 10m
Bowker, Herbert T. R., b. Dec 1857, d. 16 May 1950, s/w & husband of Jennie Draper
Bowker, Hubbard W., d. 21 Jan 1895, age: 71y 7m
Bowker, Joseph A., d. 14 Aug 1879
Bowker, L. J., b. 5 Jul 1853, d. 22 Mar 1924, s/w & husband of G. L. Harvey
Bowker, Lewis, d. 16 Feb 1905, age: 83y 3m 18d, s/w & husband of Lucy Hurd
Bowker, Lucy, d. 11 May 1867, age: 81y 1m, wife of John Lyon
Bowker, Lyman, d. 1 Dec 1867, age: 73y 11m, s/w & husband of Betsey Merrill
Bowker, Sarah Jane, d. 1873, wife of W. R. Hodge
Bowker, Thomas, d. unclear, cannot read stone
Boyd, Joseph, d. 7 Oct 1892, age: 74yrs
Bradley, Lovisa, d. 16 Mar 1880, age: 74y 10m, wife of Allanson Harvey
Bright, Joseph, d. 21 Jun 1874, age: in 90th yr, s/w & husband of Hannah Wellington
Bright, Mrs. Caroline, b. 1823, d. 1918, wife of John Currier
Brownlow, Elizabeth, d. 14 Sep 1873, age: 43y, wife of William Percival
Bryant, Effie M., b. 1869, d. 1896, wife of Thomas O. Cromwell
Bryant, Jane, d. 3 Oct 1879, age: 85y 8m, wife of William French
Buck, Mary J., d. 20 May 1876, age: 6y 3m 15d, dau of George & Minnie Buck
Buck, Minnie E., b. 1896, d. 1899, dau of F. W. & Luella Buck
Burwash, Emma Maud Adah, d. 11 Apr 1897, age: 9y 7m, dau of Rev. A. & C. Burwash
Cairns, Eleanor A., d. 3 Jun 1889, age: 1yr, s/w Robert & Mary Cairns
Cairns, Ella E., d. 6 Jan 1872, age: 17y 9m, dau of William & Lucina Cairns
Cairns, James A., d. 30 Apr 1889, age: 7yrs, s/w Robert & Mary Cairns
Cairns, Jessie A., d. 30 May 1889, age: 9y 6m, s/w Robert & Mary Cairns
Cairns, Julia A., d. 3 Jun 1889, age: 9y 6m, s/w Robert & Mary Cairns
Cairns, L. M., b. 22 Apr 1865, d. 10 Apr 1918, s/w & wife of Demmon Munn
Cairns, Mary A., d. 15 Jan 1889, age: 13yrs, s/w Robert & Mary Cairns
Cairns, Robert S., d. 15 Mar 1915, age: 81y 4m, s/w & husband of Mary G. Smith
Cass, John A., d. 31 Mar 1906, age: 80y 4m 25d
Chandler, Marian, d. 19 Apr 1897, age: 86yrs, s/w & wife of Silas Harvey
Clough, William M., d. 3 Oct 1896, age: 68y 1m 17d, s/w Hannah Darling
Clough, William, d. 28 Mar 1880, age: 7m 6d, son of C. L. & A. J.
Colvin, Catherine, d. 25 Feb 1906, age: 65yrs, s/w & wife of John Macrae
Colvin, Ellen, d. 8 Mar 1922, age: 85y 6m, s/w & wife of John Cooper
Colvin, Esther, b. 1825, d. 1891, s/w & wife of Joseph Mackey
Cooper, Charles W., b. 23 May 1875, d. 9 May 1896
Cooper, Emily, b. 1861, d. 1918, s/w & wife of Willis Smart
Cooper, John, b. 8 Oct 1870, d. 23 May 1873
Cooper, John, d. 20 May 1911, age: 76y 6m, s/w Ellen Colvin
Craigie, Elizabeth, d. 13 Mar 1909, age: 68yrs, wife of Mark Falloon
Croft, Hannah, d. 30 Jun 1896, age: 96y 3m, s/w & wife of John Jordan
Cromwell, Henry H., d. 13 Jan 1883, age: 4y 6m 3d, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Cromwell
Cromwell, Lila Fern, b. 1900, d. 1912, dau of Thomas & Abigail Cromwell
Cromwell, Mildred V., b. 1898, d. 1912, dau of Thomas & Abigail Cromwell
Cromwell, Thomas, d. 25 Aug 1899, age: 67yrs, s/w & husband of Elizabeth J. Kinnear
Cromwell, William A., d. 22 Oct 1915, age: 49yrs, s/w & husband of Eliza Riddle
Cromwell, William Alexander, b. 1870, d. 1872, son of Wm & Rebecca Cromwell
Cromwell, William Henry, b. 1886, d. 1887, s/w Wm & Rebecca Cromwell
Cromwell, William, b. 1844, d. 1888, s/w & husband of Rebecca Hill
Cross, Maria R., d. 10 Nov 1857, age: 45y 5m, wife of John Cross
Currier, Amanda M., d. 23 Nov 1885, wife of Hubbard Bowker
Currier, Fitzhenry, d. 26 Jun 1861, age: 11y 3m, son of J. & C. Currier
Currier, John, d. 24 Oct 1888, age: 64y 3m
Currier, Luella, b. 1853, d. 1934, dau of John & Caroline
Currier, Miriam B., d. 17 May 1908, age: 69y 3m, s/w & wife of Willis Phelps
Currier, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1899, age: 75yrs, husband of Isabella Lowd & Eliza McCurdy
Darling, Hannah B., d. 1 Jan 1869, age: 72yrs, wife of Richard Fisher, s/w William Clough
Donald, Annie, b. 25 Dec 1846, d. 13 Dec 1920, s/w & wife of William Smith
Draper, Jennie G., b. 29 Dec 1862, d. 27 Apr 1929, s/w & wife of Herbert Bowker
Duncan, Walter A., d. 24 Apr 1894, age: 30y 28d
Falloon, Mark, b. 11 Aug 1842, d. 22 Jan 1901
Farnsworth, Sinda G., d. 17 Jan 1897, age: 35y 7m 18d, wife of Herbert R. Bowker
Farwell, Emily, d. 23 Nov 1902, age: 68y 9m, s/w & wife of C.G. Annable
Flaws, James, d. 28 Nov 1881, age: 66y 2m 19d
French, Elis, b. 1822, d. 1905, s/w & wife of James McGee
French, William, d. 24 Dec 1880, age: 95yrs, husband of Jane Bryant
Gillies, Esther, b. 17 Apr 1848, d. 2 Sep 1905, dau of Rev. A. & Lucy Gillies
Gillies, Lucy M., b. 18 Jun 1840, d. 3 Jan 1901, wife of Rev. A. C. Baker
Gillies, Mary L., d. 26 Jan 1861, age: 5y 7m 16d, dau of Rev. A. & Lucy I. Gillies
Gillies, Rev. Arch, b. 15 Jul 1812, d. 16 May 1889, native of Argyle, Scotland, s/w & husband of Lucy Ives
Glidden, Sophia A., d. 18 Jul 1879, age: 37yrs, wife of Hollis B. Williams
Goodhue, Anne S., d. 6 Jun 1859, age: 61yrs, wife of Asha Goodhue
Graham, Charles Wesley, b. 4 Jan 1877, d. 7 Oct 1891, son of Robert & Carry Graham
Graham, Edward, d. 1 Oct 1906, age: 73yrs
Graham, Elizabeth A., d. 29 Dec 1895, age: 34y 11m 3d
Graham, John R., d. 13 May 1900, age: 25y 4m 10d
Graham, Richard George, b. 9 Oct 1859, d. 27 Jun 1891
Graham, Robert, b. 9 May 1846, d. 7 Jul 1926, s/w & husband of Caroline Bennett
Hall, Jane P., b. 17 Dec 1847, d. 26 Apr 1920, also wife of George Statton, s/w & wife of Melvin Nash
Hall, Polly, d. 22 May 1864, age: 77y, s/w & wife of Peter Sawyer
Halliday, Mary A., d. 29 Apr 1886, age: 50y 2m 11d, wife of Edward Annable
Hamilton, Mary J., d. 21 Aug 1888, age: 51y 5m, wife of Joseph Parker
Harvey, Allanson, d. 10 Mar 1873, age: 74y 1m 15d, husband of Lovisa Bradley & Huldah Huntington
Harvey, G. L., b. 9 Apr 1853, d. 6 Nov 1919, s/w & wife of L. J. Bowker
Harvey, Galon, d. 14 Feb 1842, age: 33y 3m 12d
Harvey, Infant Children, d. no date, children of Edmund & Louisa Harvey
Harvey, Newell, d. 1 Apr 1841, age: 3m 5d
Harvey, Rodolphas, d. 12 Sep 1886
Harvey, Sarah J., d. 29 Oct 1874, age: 74y 7m 20d
Harvey, Silas, d. 3 Aug 1883, age: 88yrs, s/w Marian Chandler
Harvey, Thurzah P., d. 22 Jan 1838, wife of William Harvey
Harvey, Viletta M., d. unclear, dau of Allanson & Lovisa
Haseltine, Hiram H., d. 8 Aug 1883, age: 74y 9m
Hawley, Persis H., d. 16 Sep 1879, wife of G. W. Williams
Heard, Samuel, d. 28 Jul 1881, age: 76y 2m 14d, husband of Sophronia Williams
Hibbard, G. E., d. 27 Dec 1871, age: 33yrs
Hill, Rebecca, b. 1845, d. 1902, s/w & wife of Wm Cromwell
Hinckley, Alice, d. 3 May 1890, age: 81y 4m, s/w & wife of Russell Williams
Holmes, Catherine, d. 24 Feb 1886, age: 73y 3m, wife of Deac. Charles Annable
Holmes, Esther, d. 6 Nov 1883, age: 47y 2m 26d, wife of C. H. Harvey
Holmes, Samuel, d. 27 Dec 1871, age: 61yrs
Huntington, Huldah, d. 7 Mar 1836, age: 31yrs, wife of Allanson Harvey
Hurd, Alice C., d. 24 Sep 1865, age: 30yrs, wife of Samuel Goodhue
Hurd, Lucy M., d. 4 Aug 1897, age: 72y 8m, s/w & wife of Lewis Bowker
Hurd, Phineas N., d. 2 Nov 1883, age: 21y 9m
Hurd, Samuel Newell, d. 20 Oct 1907, age: 71y 8m
Ives, Lucy, b. 1 Mar 1819 Magog, P.Q., d. 1 Mar 1890, s/w & wife of Rev A. Gillies
Jordan, John, d. 4 Jan 1885, age: 92y 11m, s/w & husband of Hannah Croft
Jordan, Robert, d. no date
Jordan, William, d. 8 May 1891, age: 56y 8m
Kinnear, Elizabeth J., b. 23 May 1838, d. 11 May 1926, s/w & wife of Thomas Cromwell
Lebourveau, George, b. 1836, d. 1911, s/w & husband of Elvira Lyon
Lebourveau, Luella, b. 1871, d. 1899, wife of F. W. Burke
Lister, William, d. 22 Mar 1904, age: 83yrs, husband of Mary Ann Beatie
Longmoore, Margaret, d. 14 Apr 1902, age: 64y 2m, s/w & wife of Duncan Matthew
Lowd, E. Isabella, d. 7 Mar 1882, age: 57y 11m 6d, wife of Thomas Currier
Lowd, Emma F., d. 15 Aug 1893, age: 64y 5m 15d, wife of J. C. Barber
Lowd, Henry A., d. 11 Oct 1858, age: 27y 7m 11d
Lowd, Nancy W., d. 6 Aug 1915, age: 77y 1m, s/w & wife of Wm Thomas
Lyon, Eliphalet, d. 29 Jun 1878, age: 69y 2m 25d, husband of Jane Tillotson
Lyon, Elvira, b. 1847, d. 1885, s/w & wife of George Lebourveau
Lyon, Lucy, d. 16 Sep 1846, age: 4y 4d, dau of Eliphalet & Jane Lyon
Lyon, Mary Amanda, d. 11 Jul 1876, age: 4y 10m, dau of Levi & Lucy S. Lyon
Lyon, Nelson, d. 25 Mar 1866, age: 30yrs
MacKay, Joseph, b. 1823, d. 1876, s/w & husband of Esther Colvin
Mackey, Christina, b. 1874, d. 1876
Mackey, Thomas J., d. 11 Mar 1891, age: 26y 10m 3d
Macrae, Christine, d. 23 Jul 1879, age: 11y 4m, s/w John & Catherine Macrae
Macrae, James E., d. 10 Jul 1879, age: 8y 7m 13d, s/w John & Catherine Macrae
Macrae, John, d. 15 Jan 1931, age: 88yrs, s/w Catherine Colvin
Macrae, Luella, d. 9 Jul 1879, age: 7y 2m 8d, s/w John & Catherine Macrae
Macrae, Mary A., d. 6 Jan 1888, age: 70yrs, dau of J. Cromwell, s/w & wife of William Macrae
Macrae, Mary Jane, d. 4 May 1873, age: 18yrs, dau of Wm & Mary A. Macrae
Macrae, William, d. 7 Aug 1879, age: 5y 8m, s/w John & Catherine Macrae
Macrae, William, d. 9 Jul 1887, age: 71y 10m, s/w & husband of Mary (Cromwell) Macrae
Maguire, Margaret, d. 13 Apr 1880, age: 41y 6m, wife of Dudley Williams
Mason, Martha, b. 1826, d. 1910, s/w & wife of Caleb Smart
Matthew, Duncan, d. 28 Sep 1928, age: 89y 8m, s/a & husband of Mary Longmoore
McCormick, E., d. 23 Dec 1914, age: 88yrs
McCurdy, Eliza J., d. 29 Oct 1903, age: 75yrs, wife of Thomas Currier
McGee, James, d. 27 Aug 1882, age: 78yrs, s/w & husband of Elis French
McKeage, Pansy Louise, d. 30 Aug 1907, age: 1y 4m 19d, dau of David G. & Mary E. McKeage
Merrill, Betsey, d. 23 Sep 1861, s/w & wife of Lyman Bowker
Miller, Howard, d. 8 Jan 1888, age: 19yrs
Miller, Thomas, d. 30 Jun 1884, age: 28y 2m, son of William & Esther Miller
Miller, William, d. 18 May 1886, age: 52y 4m, s/w & husband of Esther Westgate
More, Charlotte, d. 27 Sep 1876, age: 66y, s/w & wife of William Barber
Munn, Alva M., d. 25 Aug 1881, age: 18y 9m 6d, son of D. & A Munn
Munn, Dea. James, d. 12 Mar 1874, age: 74y 7m 20d
Munn, Demmon, d. 3 Apr 1902, age: 66y 3m 5d, s/w Abigail Phelps
Munn, Edwin E., d. 10 Apr 1900, age: 34y 5m 25y, son of D. & A Munn
Munn, Effie M., d. 20 Sep 1881, age: 13y 6m 27d, dau of D. & A Munn
Munn, Esther M., d. 7 Feb 1880, age: 19yrs, dau of L. & E. Munn
Munn, James, d. 12 Jul 1886, age: 58y, brother of D. Munn
Munn, Lorenzo, d. 25 Apr 1911, age: 80yrs, s/w & husband of Eliza Phelps & Persis Annable
Munn, Mary L., b. 30 Oct 1851, d. 9 Jan 1893, s/w & wife of Wm Williams
Munn, Ruth M., d. 20 Apr 1898, age: 20yrs, dau of L. & E. Munn
Munn, Willie E., d. 14 May 1871, age: 2yrs, son of L. & E. Munn
Nash, Eunice A., d. 16 Jul 1871, age: 21y 9m, wife of Robert Barber
Nash, Melvin C., b. 23 Jan 1847, d. 14 Jul 1900, s/w & husband of Jane P. Hall
Nash, Pliny, d. 10 Mar 1875, age: 88y 9m 5d
Nash, William P., b. 6 Oct 1884, d. 12 Aug 1958
Ord, Susan Amanda, b. 6 Feb 1844, d. 12 Jun 1926, s/w & wife of Carl Sundberg
Orr, Emily R., d. 26 Aug 1881, age: 41yrs, wife of Thomas Hood
Parker, Joseph, b. 20 Mar 1834, d. 17 Sep 1910, husband of Mary J. Hamilton
Parker, Mary Ann, d. 30 Oct 1877, age: 42yrs, wife of Orrin Rines
Percival, Charles S., d. 27 Apr 1889, age: 62y 2m
Percival, Cora L., b. 26 May 1864, d. 22 Oct 1935
Percival, Josephine I., b. 27 May 1863, d. 26 Sep 1950
Percival, Julia S., b. 1867, d. 1949
Percival, Mary Eda, b. 4 May 1866, d. 7 Mar 1944
Percival, Paul, d. 16 Mar 1861, age: 69y 6m
Percival, William, d. 16 Jan 1902, age: 78yrs
Peterson, Beulah, d. 3 Dec 1875, age: 82y 10m 10d, wife of Zacharian Thomas
Phelps, Abigail, d. 7 Sep 1881, age: 41y 6m 6d, s/w & wife of Demmon Munn
Phelps, Aylmer, d. 2 Nov 18?2, son of Paul Phelps
Phelps, Eliza A., d. 17 Apr 1890, age: 56yrs, s/w & wife of Lorenzo Munn
Phelps, Elizabeth A., d. 11 Apr 1859, age: 46y, wife of Paul Phelps
Phelps, Henry J., b. 21 Jan 1870, d. 11 Dec 1948, s/w & wife of Nellie Wheeler
Phelps, Lucina, d. 27 Sep 1901, age: 74yrs, wife of William T. Cairns
Phelps, Mary Philena, d. 24 Jan 1881, age: 20y 4m, dau of Willis & Miriam Phelps
Phelps, Mary, d. 12 Feb 1872, age: 79y, wife of Paul Percival
Phelps, Willis, b. 9 Sep 1836, d. 17 Jan 1924, s/w & husband of Miriam Currier
Piper, Ann, d. 25 ? 1857, wife of Rodolphas Harvey
Rand, Artemas, d. 7 Oct 1837, age: 75yrs
Rand, Henry Willard, d. 8 Dec 1891, age: 34y 11m 12d
Rand, Louisa, d. 23 ? 185?, wife of Artemas Rand
Reinhardt, Jane, d. 29 Sep 1889, age: 46y 8m 5d
Rice, Cyrus O., d. 17 Jan 1898, age: 81y 13d
Riddle, Eliza J., d. 28 Jun 1903, age: 36y 19d, s/w & wife of Wm Cromwell
Rogers, Barnard, d. 8 Jun 1874, age: 41y 11m, s/w & husband of Emily Williams
Sawyer, B. Perkins, d. 23 Nov 1877
Sawyer, Eddie, d. 15 Nov 1867, son of J. & M. Sawyer
Sawyer, Emma A., d. 29 Mar 1870, dau of Charles & Hannah Sawyer
Sawyer, Flora, d. no date, dau of ? and Almira
Sawyer, Peter G., d. 2 Jul 1867, age: 84yrs, s/w & husband of Polly Hall
Sawyer, Rev. Calvin R., d. 22 Feb 1879
Scott, Donald, d. 2 Apr 1901, son of B. G. & M. J.
Simons, Lizzie, d. 28 Jul 1898, age: 54y 8m, wife of L. H. Williams
Smart, Caleb, b. 1821, d. 1875, s/w & husband of Martha Mason
Smart, Willis, b. 1860, d. 1913, s/w & husband of Emily Cooper
Smith, Captain William, b. 21 Aug 1810, d. 11 Jun 1884
Smith, Daniel G., d. 4 Mar 1882, age: 24y 1m 4d, son of Capt. William Smith
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 28 Sep 1898, age: 93y 3m
Smith, Mary G., b. 22 Jun 1849, d. 12 Apr 1925, s/w & wife of Robert Cairns
Smith, Minnie A., b. 24 Jul 1885, d. 14 Jan 1941, s/w & wife of Elwin Bowker
Smith, William, d. 27 Aug 1914, age: 74y 1m, s/w & husband of Annie Donald
Stone, ??, d. 8 Aug 1864, age: 34y 4m
Stone, Edwin, d. 26 Dec 1873, age: 14y 11m, son of David & Sophia Stone
Stoughton, Ann, d. 21 Aug 1880, age: 57y 2m 26d, wife of James Flaws
Sundberg, Carl J., b. 12 Nov 1835, d. 9 Jun 1909, s/w & husband of Susan Ord
Sundberg, John, d. 16 Dec 1883, age: 21y 7m 22d
Sundberg, Josephine A., b. 10 Dec 1878, d. 7 Mar 1879
Taylor, Jane, d. 19 Aug 1889, wife of ?? Jordan
Thomas, Mira Adelaide, d. 13 Aug 1874, age: 12y 2m 22d, 2nd dau of William & Nancy Thomas
Thomas, William, d. 29 Mar 1891, age: 63y 8m 15d, s/w & husband of Nancy Lowd
Tillotson, Jane, d. 26 Dec 1881, age: 70y 4m 10d, wife of Eliphalet Lyon
Vail, Homer H., d. 19 Sep 1894, son of Herbert & Harriett Vail
Waldron, Emily R., d. 19 May 1867, age: 32y 6m 26d, wife of Isaac Waldron
Waldron, Isaac H., d. 19 Aug 1900, age: 68y 2m 3d
Wellington, Hannah, d. 10 May 1867, age: 83yrs, s/w & wife of Joseph Bright
Westgate, Esther, b. 1834, d. 1913, s/w & wife of William Miller
Westman, Martha J., d. 14 Jan 1929, age: 75yrs, wife of Hollis B. Williams
Wheeler, Nellie T., b. 26 Apr 1874, d. 12 Jul 1946, s/w & wife of Henry Phelps
Wiggins, ??, d. 14 Apr 1874, age: 70y 26d, wife of Thomas Wiggins
Williams, Alice M., d. 21 Aug 1906, age: 7y 3m, dau of J. F. & D. G. Williams
Williams, Ann Marian, d. 2 Apr 1907, age: 83y 10m, s/w & wife of George Barlow
Williams, Asaph W., d. 26 Nov 1882, age: 61yrs
Williams, Asaph, d. 19 Apr 1850, age: 70yrs, s/w & husband of Jerusha Allen
Williams, Dudley, d. 26 Apr 1900, age: 64yrs
Williams, Edson L., d. 5 Jan 1921, age: 55yrs
Williams, Elwyn H., d. 27 Oct 1878, age: 7m, son of L.H. & E. J. Williams
Williams, Emily A., d. 3 Aug 1896, age: 60y 10m, s/w & wife of Barnard Rogers
Williams, Emily E., d. unclear, cannot read stone
Williams, Gilbert P., d. 6 Aug 1857, age: 56yrs
Williams, Granville W., d. 25 Jun 1914, age: 81y 16d
Williams, Hilda, d. 2 Mar 1908, dau of J. F. & D. G. Williams
Williams, Hollis B., d. 18 May 1914, age: 75yrs, husband of Martha Westman & Sophia Glidden
Williams, Ida Lillian, d. 11 Jun 1876, dau of G.W. & P.H. Williams
Williams, L.H., d. 1 Dec 1913, age: 76y 1m
Williams, Louisa M., d. date unclear, wife of A. H. Williams
Williams, Perkins G., b. 22 Sep 1840, d. 7 Sep 1919
Williams, Persis O., d. 16 Jan 1897, age: 58y 11m, wife of Samuel N. Hurd
Williams, Phebe J., d. 29 Nov 1836, age: 1y 3m, dau of Russell & Alice Williams
Williams, Rosalinda, d. 24 Sep 1865, age: 62yrs, wife of Gilbert Williams
Williams, Russell, d. 21 Apr 1867, age: 62yrs, s/w & husband of Alice Hinckley
Williams, Sophronia, d. 30 Mar 1873, age: 66yrs, wife of Samuel Heard
Williams, Sternie E., d. 20 Sep 1893, age: 8y 5m 20d, son of H. B. & M. J.
Williams, William B., b. 10 Nov 1842, d. 3 Mar 1929, s/w Mary L. Munn

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