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Carr Cemetery
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Carr Cemetery
Compton County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jun 28, 2005 [lnutbrown@bell.net]. Total records = 125.

From the town of Compton, take Hatley Road (Chemin Hatley) a couple of miles. The cemetery is on the right as you go up a little hill and it is surrounded by trees amidst farmland.

This small cemetery, maintained by the The Compton Historical Society, is known as the Carr Cemetery but other names appearing frequently are Hartwell Cemetery and Huntington Cemetery.

The cemetery was mowed and trimmed on the day of our visit but there is really no place to park and it's location on a hill makes it difficult to park along the roadside. A farmer's field access drive is nearby and served us well. The earliest headstone dates from 1839 and the latest burial was in 1973.

Susan Nutbrown and I visited this cemetery in June of 2005, and we have transcribed from all existing and legible tombstones or markers.

- Leslie Nutbrown

??, ??, b. 24 Nov 1806, d. 2? Nov 18?4
??, Mary, d. ??, dau of ? & Martha, stone lying flat on ground, hard to read
Ayer, Mary Ann, d. 18 May 185?, wife of Dan J. Ayer
Bailey, Lewis, d. 17 Apr 1847, age: 27yrs
Bailey, Nancy, d. 7 Mar 1855, age: 32yrs, wife of Lewis Bailey, & also wife of Levi H. Gustin
Bennet, Willis A., d. 29 Jun 1876, age: 14y 5m 9d, son of Frank & Sina Bennett
Brown, Alice S., d. 11 Nov 1872, age: 25yrs
Brown, James I., d. 8 Sep 1877, age: 24y 3m
Brown, James, d. 11 Oct 1867, age: 71y 6m
Brown, Mary, d. 12 Jan 1862, age: 48y 8m
Brown, Samuel, d. 6 Sep 1880, age: 82yrs
Burbeck, John H., d. 28 Aug 1853, age: 5y 8m, son of James & Elizabeth Burbeck
Burbeck, Lydia, d. 29 Sep 1891, age: 73y 9m 3d, wife of Israel Webster
Burbeck, Polly, d. 26 Apr 1852, age: 32y 6m, wife of Ward Burbeck
Burbeck, Sarah, d. 31 Mar 1882, age: 59y 11m 7d, wife of Rinaldo Webster
Burch, Lucinda D., b. 5 May 1822, d. 26 Apr 1875, s/w & wife of Rufus Hartwell
Carr, Albert, d. 4 Mar 1895, age: 77y 8m
Carr, Amelia S., b. 1849, d. 1853, dau of Francis & Susan Carr
Carr, Ernest A., b. 16 Oct 1852, d. 17 Oct 1914
Carr, Francis, b. 1813, d. 1894, s/w & husband of Susan Haines
Carr, Guy, b. 1861, d. 1935, s/w Francis & Susan Carr
Carr, Ira, b. 1827, d. 1903, s/w Lucy Cummings
Carr, Julia, d. 24 Sep 1837, age: 6d, dau of Parker & Sarah
Carr, Mary Ann, d. 21 Mar 1841, age: 2d, dau of Parker & Sarah
Carr, Moodie S., b. 1857, d. 1876, son of Francis & Susan Carr
Carr, Parker, d. 16 Jul 1848, age: 77yrs
Carr, Sarah Berenice, d. 6 Jul 1882, dau of Albert & Charlotte
Cummings, Anson, d. 31 Jul 1885, husband of Mary Hartwell
Cummings, Archelaus, d. 31 Dec 1843, age: 11d, son of Anson & Mary
Cummings, Lucy A. W., b. 1828, d. 1907, s/w & wife of Ira Carr
Fenton, Willis E., d. 3 Sep 1877, age: 1m 1d, son of Alfred & Lydia
Fields, Mary, d. 11 Jul 1869, age: 24yrs, wife of Edgar Henry
Foss, Emiline B., d. 2 Jun 1903, age: 64yrs, wife of Thomas Huntington
Hadlock, Alzina, d. 23 Mar 1857, age: 7y 7m, dau of John J. & Lydia
Hadlock, Cynthia, d. 10 Nov 1875, age: 2y 6m, dau of W. & E. Hadlock
Hadlock, Enos T., d. 25 May 1857, age: 23y 5m
Hadlock, Harriet P., b. , d. 15 Dec 1872, age: 31y 5m 18d, wife of Thomas Huntington
Hadlock, Jane, d. 26 Aug 1853, age: 2y 9m, dau of John & Lydia
Hadlock, John J., d. 22 Jun 1890, age: 85y 11m 2d
Hadlock, Lydia M., d. 26 May 1866, age: 3y 5m, dau of John J. & Lydia H.
Hadlock, Wellington M., b. 20 Jun 1845, d. 28 Jul 1907, s/w & husband of Emily Heath
Haines, Susan H., b. 1817, d. 1894, s/w & wife of Francis Carr
Hartwell, Amos B., b. 7 Feb 1825, d. 7 Nov 1905, s/w & husband of Julia A. Heath
Hartwell, Austin O., b. 10 Jul 1846, d. 14 Feb 1866, son of Rufus & Lucinda Hartwell
Hartwell, Bertha R., d. 10 Jul 1892, age: 3y 6m 14d, dau of George & Ruth Hartwell
Hartwell, Elmira, d. 11 May 1870, age: 26y 5m, wife of Alfred Sisco, s/w Rufus & Lucinda Hartwell
Hartwell, Ezra Leavitt, d. 11 Jan 1906, age: 7y 1m 7d, son of George & Ruth Hartwell
Hartwell, George E., b. 14 Oct 1868, d. 19 Sep 1935, s/w & husband of Ruth Leavitt
Hartwell, Henry L., b. 2 Mar 1857, d. 30 Dec 1890, son of Rufus & Lucinda Hartwell
Hartwell, Ira L., d. 4 Jul 1892, age: 5y 6m 14d, son of George & Ruth Hartwell
Hartwell, Jonathan, d. 14 Feb 1865, age: 78yrs, s/w & husband of Hannah Tyler
Hartwell, Lucy C., b. 9 Apr 1861, d. 26 May 1904, s/w & wife of Charles Leavitt
Hartwell, Mary, d. 21 Oct 1874, age: 65y 10m, wife of Anson Cummings
Hartwell, Rufus H., b. 20 Jun 1811, d. 6 May 1891, s/w & husband of Lucinda Burch
Hartwell, Wesley F., b. 3 Jan 1855, d. 1 Jan 1875, son of Rufus & Lucinda Hartwell
Heath, Almira F., d. 17 Apr 1839, age: 11m, dau of D. & C.
Heath, C. H., b. 5 Sep 1831, d. 10 Dec 1894, s/w & wife of Alex Kirkpatrick
Heath, Emily A., b. 11 Jun 1849, d. 4 Jan 1934, s/w & wife of Wellington Hadlock
Heath, Julia A., b. 18 Jul 1829, d. 27 Feb 1919, s/w & wife of Amos Hartwell
Heath, Mehitable, d. 21 Mar 1866, wife of Benjamin Huntington
Hicks, Emily, b. 14 Feb 1802, d. 18 Sep 1899, age: 97y 7m 4d, wife of Thomas Huntington
Huntington, Achsa, d. ??, wife of ??, stone difficult to read
Huntington, Benjamin, d. 23 Feb 1842, age: 70yrs
Huntington, Benjamin, d. 31 Dec 1846, age: 55y 8m 14d
Huntington, Bennie L., d. 24 Aug 1883, age: 15y 6m, son of Josiah & Louise
Huntington, C. C., d. 24 Apr 1903, age: 80y 3m, wife of Albert Carr
Huntington, Caroline, d. 1 Nov 1848, dau of Thomas & Emily
Huntington, Charles A., d. 20 Dec 1860, age: 23yrs, son of Thomas & Emily
Huntington, Charles E., d. 19 Jul 1863, age: 1y 3m, son of Josiah & Louise
Huntington, Charley E., d. 29 Dec 1883, age: 2y 6m 24d, son of Thomas & E. B.
Huntington, Charlotte A., d. 11 Aug 1853, age: 13y 9m, dau of Thomas & Emily
Huntington, Dennis C., d. 10 Mar 1879
Huntington, Esther C., d. no date, wife of Aaron Putney
Huntington, George A., d. 1 Apr 1866, son of Thomas & E. B.
Huntington, Ira A., d. 22 Jan 1865, age: 8m 15d, son of Josiah & Louise
Huntington, Josiah G., d. 21 Feb 1855, son of J. G. & L.
Huntington, Josiah, d. 8 May 1886, age: 54yrs
Huntington, Katharine, d. 2 Aug 1854, age: 75yrs, wife of Benjamin Huntington
Huntington, Levi, d. 26 Feb 1841, age: 7y 4m 10d, son of Thomas & Emily
Huntington, Lucinda S., d. 21 May 1842, age: 14m 9d, dau of Josiah & L.
Huntington, Lucy C., d. 6 Oct 1881, age: 4y 9m, dau of Josiah & Louise
Huntington, Marshall S., d. 27 Aug 1861, age: 27y 8m
Huntington, P. F., d. 1844
Huntington, Philip J., d. 3 Oct 1844, age: 12y 10m, son of Thomas & Emily
Huntington, Thomas, d. 24 Dec 1904, age: 70y 11m, husband of Harriet Hadlock & Emiline Foss
Huntington, Thomas, d. no date
Huntington, W. R., d. 15 Sep 1881, age: 47y 11m
Huntington, William, d. 30 May 1860, age: 7m, son of J. G. & L.
Kirkpatrick, Alex, b. 10 May 1820, d. 10 Dec 1894, s/w & husband of C. H. Heath
Kirkpatrick, Emma C., d. 10 Sep 1895, wife of W. S. Hawkins
Kirkpatrick, Julia E., b. 23 Dec 1876, d. 31 Aug 1900
Kirkpatrick, Lizzie C., d. 15 May 1859, age: 2y 4m, dau of A. & C. H.
Kirkpatrick, Lydia A., d. 4 Aug 1877, age: 12y 5m 14d, dau of Alex & Catherine
Kirkpatrick, Nelson A., d. 18 Oct 1865, son of A. & C. H.
Leavitt, Charles D., b. 8 Sep 1856, d. 19 Jun 1934, s/w & husband of Lucy Hartwell
Leavitt, Florence M., b. 1883, d. 1957
Leavitt, Julia K., b. 1885, d. 1973
Leavitt, Ruth S., b. 30 Aug 1862, d. 13 Feb 1944, s/w & wife of George Hartwell
Lord, Albert Leo, b. 25 Apr 1890, d. 3 Apr 1892, son of H. M. & Mary E.
McConnell, Betsey, d. 4 Jan 1843, age: 52yrs, wife of John H. Tyler
Parker, Lydia R., d. 10 Aug 1888, age: 72y 9m 24d, wife of J. J. Hadlock
Putney, Willis, d. 16 May 1859, age: 1m 22d, infant son of Aaron II & Achsah
Sisco, Eveline E., d. 17 Dec 1883, age: 20y 2m 18d, wife of L. R. Tabor
Spalding, Nancy Ann, d. 19 Mar 1844, age: 38yrs, wife of Elias G. Spalding
Thomas, Edwin F., d. 9 May 1855, age: 12y 1m 13d, son of Wm & Eliza
Thomas, Joel P., d. 31 Dec 1888, age: 52y 10m 15d
Thomas, Rosalia S., d. 22 Dec 1840, dau of Thomas & Eliza
Thomas, Sarah A., d. 9 Jun 1849, age: 15y 4m 1d, dau of Wm & Eliza
Thomas, Sarah, d. 25 Mar 1871, wife of Parker Carr
Thomas, William, d. 13 Nov 1862, age: 75y 10m 13d
Tyler, Hannah, d. 11 May 1853, age: 73y, s/w & wife of Jonathan Hartwell
Tyler, Susan M., d. 12 Apr 1876, age: 51y 6m, wife of Christopher Webster
Webster, Charles C., d. 19 Jan 1870, age: 26y 4m 16d, son of C. Webster
Webster, Christopher, d. 20 Sep 1901, age: 81y 2m 27d, husband of Susan Tyler
Webster, Eda P., b. 13 May 1848, d. 28 Sep 1913
Webster, Elsen, d. 26 Feb 1873, age: 4y 8m, son of L. Webster
Webster, Gracie A., d. 1882, age: 5y 8m 11d, dau of E. B. & S.
Webster, Herbert H., d. 14 Aug 1878, age: 26yrs, son of Rinaldo & Sarah
Webster, Israel, d. 22 Sep 1871, age: 64y 8m 4d
Webster, Israel, d. unclear, stone too difficult to read
Webster, Julia A., d. 5 Feb 1897, age: 53y 3m
Webster, Laura Ann, d. 2 Oct 1867, age: 20y 12d, dau of Susan & Christopher
Webster, Levi A., b. 9 Jul 1843, d. 12 Apr 1886
Webster, Lydia A., d. 10 Dec 1884, age: 28y 9m 7d, wife of Alfred J. Fenton
Webster, Rinaldo, d. 15 Dec 1873, age: 58y 9m

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