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Mudgett Cemetery
Sutton, Brome County, Quebec

Contributed by Marilyn Davis, Oct 16, 2003 [davismarilyn@axion.ca]. Total records = 36.

Mudgett Road leads off Highway 139, on the outskirts of Sutton, Qc, Brome County. The cemetery is situated near to the road (dirt) in a very pretty setting.

No signs or information whatsoever other than (No Hunting).

This cemetery is ill kept, stones badly in need of repair, a couple of new burials in recent years.

You can see by the dates that this is a very old cemetery, which probably explains the condition of the cemetery.

Marjorie-Anne Smith and I compiled this from all existing tombstone inscriptions in the August of 2003.

- Marilyn Davis

??, Maria, dates illegible, d/o Sabina
Brown, Mary Bronson, d. 19 Oct 1875, age: 50y's, w/o Edward Brown
Burnham, Amanda Spencer, d. 21 Aug 1833, w/o Stephen Burnham
Burnham, Armand, d. 1 Aug 1856
Burnham, Betsey, d. 30 Nov 1848, age: 24y's 4m's 10d's, d/o S. & Amanda Burnham
Burnham, Daniel M., d. 28 feb 1856, age: 12 days, s/o Thomas & Hannah Burnham
Burnham, Elias, d. 27 Nov 1825, age: 69y's
Burnham, Harriet, d. 16 Jun 1842, age: 22y's 3m's 9d's, d/o S. & Amanda Burnham
Burnham, Jerusha, d. 5 Jun 1826, age: 27y's, d/o Elias & Sarah Burnham
Burnham, Maranda, d. 9 Mar 1835, age: 54y's 5m's 19d's, d/o S. & Amanda Burnham
Burnham, Patty, d. 18 Jun 1837, age: 54y's
Burnham, Sarah, d. 21 Sep 1838, age: 81y's, w/o Elias Burnham
Burnham, Stephen M., d. 19 Apr 1870, age: 80y's
Chambers, Zacharias, d. 10 Aug 1841, age: 3y's, s/o Uel & Elizabeth Chambers
Cullins, Ruth, d. 17 Nov 1818, age: 36y's, consort of Andrew Cullins
Derrick, Jacob, d. 6 May 1892
Forge, Rachel, d. 7 Feb 1876, age: 69y's 5m's 24d's, w/o Jacob Derrick
Mudget, Gordin, d. 2 Nov 1879, age: 34y's 6m's 16d's
Mudgett, ?? Jane, d. 3 Mar 1826, age: 18y's, d/o ____ & Betsey Mudgett
Mudgett, Benjamin G., d. 30 Apr 1873, age: 73y's 10m's 26d's
Mudgett, Benoni, b. 1760, d. 1842
Mudgett, Douglas, b. 1916, d. 2002
Mudgett, Eliza Cooey, d. Nov 1883, age: 70y's 7m's 25d's, w/o Benjamin Mudgett
Mudgett, Gordon, d. 6 Mar 1922, age: 81y's
Mudgett, Helen Shuttleworth, b. 1919, d. 2000, w/o Douglas Mudgett
Mudgett, Mary, d. 13 Oct ????, age: illegible, consort of Benjamin Mudgett
Olin, John, d. Jan 1866, s/o ?? Olin
Olin, Sylvina A., d. 5 Apr 1861, age: ae: 81y's, w/o John S. Olin
O'Reid, Lorenzo, d. 14 Oct 1874, age: 49y's 3m's
Sandsworth, Charles C., no dates, s/o Wealtha & Chester Sandsworth
Sandsworth Chester, d. 19 Jul 1863, age: 30y's
Shufelt, Adam Addison, d. 27 Mar 1878, age: 6y's 1m 15d's, s/o Wm. H. & Sarah C. Shufelt
Shufelt, Ann, d. 7 Jun 1861, age: 20y's
Shufelt, Charlie J., d. 28 Aug 1893, age: 17y's 9m's, s/o Jacob & Janet Shufelt
Shufelt, Franz, d. 18 Mar 1887, age: 1yr 9m's, s/o Wm. H. & Sarah C. Shufelt
Shufelt, Zacharias, d. 3 Apr 1875, age: 83y's 9m's


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