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St. George Anglican Church Cemetery
Town of Georgina, York County, Ontario

Sibbald Point, Town of Georgina, York County Ont

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 14.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, Ann Achibella, b. May 24, 1852, d. Oct. 12, 1888, ground vault with Rev. Canon William Ritchie & family, [GP]
Coles, Muriel Isobel, b. Mar 5, 1910, d. Feb. 18, 1980, w/o Raymond Scofield Coles, [GP]
Coles, Raymonc Scofield, b. May 29, 1910, d. 1996, h/o Muriel Isobel, [GP]
Evans, Charles David (rest of stone is broken off), [GP]
Evans, Geo. Wm., d. Jul 17, 1843, aged 6ms, s/w Wm. Evans, [GP]
Evans, Wm., d. Apr 15, 1810?, aged 4ms, s/w Geo. Wm. Evans, [GP]
Leacock, Stephen Butler, 1869, d. 1944, Stephen's final resting place, There is a plaque erected here in his honor, [GP]
Ritchie, Anne (Sibbald), b. Jul 16, 1812, d. April 17, 1888, w/o Rev. Canon William Ritchie, [GP]
Ritchie, James M., aged 33ys, died in British Columbia, s/o Rev. Canon Ritchie, [GP]
Ritchie, Rev. Canon William, b. Sep 12, 1799, d. Mar 21, 1885, 28 years incumbent of Georgina, h/o Anne Sibbald, [GP]
Sibbald, family, There is an area beside the church surrounded by black wrought iron fence which encloses the graves of the immediate Sibbald family of Eldon Hall, [GP]
Thompson, Clifford Freeman, b. 1928, d. 1983, h/o Hope Sibbald Seale, [GP]
Thompson, Danny, s/o Clifford & Hope Thompson, (no dates cut), [GP]
Thompson, Hope Sibbald (Seale), w/o Clifford Freeman Thompson, (no dates cut), [GP]

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