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Potts Family Cemetery
Norfolk County, Ontario

Woodhouse Concession 5 Road
Woodhouse Township, ON

Contributed by Gloria Pare, Jan 26, 2002 [gloriapare@sympatico.ca]. Total records = 40.

The monuments have all been mounted in a row on a concrete slab. There is also a memorial plaque that was erected in June 2000 to mark the bi-centennial of the Potts Family Settlement.
I read the cemetery 8 Oct 2001 and this is a record of the monuments.
- Gloria Pare

??, Phebe Ann, (rest of stone is broken off)
Austin, Ida Rosa, d. 25 Dec 1872, aged 10m 18ds, d/o Isaac & Georgenna Austin
Austin, Mary Alice, d. 21 Jul 1853, aged 10m 24ds, d/o Rev. Abraham & Hannah Austin
Austin, Mary, d. 3 Apr 1889, aged 79ys, w/o Philip Austin
Austin, Philip, d. 22 Apr 1881, aged 71ys, h/o Mary
Brewer, Lucinda, d. 9 July 1872, aged 60ys
Buck, James, d. 30 Nov 1854, aged 4y 3ms, s/w Peter Buck
Buck, Peter, d. 28 Jan 1890, aged 66ys, s/w James Buck
Chapman, Charles E., d. 11 Aug 1874, aged 2m 9ds, s/o Philip & Mary Ann Chapman
Chapman, Maria L., d. 11 Nov 1871, aged 11ds, d/o Philip & Mary Ann Chapman
Clark, Charles, d. (rest of stone is mounted in concrete)
Clark, Maria, d. 20 Dec 1876, aged 25ys, (broken stone)
Fares, Mary C., d. 1 Aug 1855, aged 19ds, d/o Wm. & Marg't Fares
Misner, Hannah, d. 7 Aug 1883, aged 75ys, w/o Jacob Misner
Misner, Jacob, d. 10 Aug 1873, aged 75ys 9m 23ds
Potts, Catharine, d. 30 Jan 1864, aged 81ys, w/o Rynard Potts
Potts, Catherine, d. 3 Nov 1853, in her 75th yr, s/w George Sr. & Mary Potts
Potts, Celista A., d. 4 Sept 1859, aged 1y, s/w Esther Potts
Potts, Charity, d. 25 Mar 1894, aged 88y 5m 7ds, w/o Jacob Potts
Potts, Edith E., d. 28 Oct 1888, aged 25y 5m 4ds, s/w Esther Potts
Potts, Esther, d. 28 Jan 1894, in her 60th yr, w/o Jeremiah Potts
Potts, George Sr., d. 5 July 1899, in his 85th yr, h/o Mary
Potts, Jacob, d. 11 Mar 1894, aged 88y 1m 6ds, h/o Charity
Potts, Mary, d. 20 May 1891, in her 75th yr, h/o George Potts Sr.
Potts, Rynard, b. 19 Jan 1785, d. 18 May 1869
Reece, Wm. H., d. 24 Nov 1883, aged 35y 9m 23ds
Steinhoff, Carrie, d. 25 Sep 1868, aged 19y 1m 9ds, d/o Jacob & Mary Steinhoff
Steinhoff, Elizabeth, b. 1813, d. 1910, w/o William Steinhoff
Steinhoff, Jacob, d. 5 Feb 1872, aged 69ys, (broken stone)
Steinhoff, Mary, d. 10 June 1872, aged 94ys, w/o Frederick Steinhoff
Steinhoff, William C., d. 9 Sep 1878, aged 64y 1m 7ds
Steinhoff, William, b. 1813, d. 1878, h/o Elizabeth
Steinhoff, William, b. 28 Mar 1840, d. 28 June 1875
Taylor, Margaret, d. 17 Aug 1860, aged 39y 3m, w/o George Taylor
Teller, Annie, d. 8 Apr 1871, aged 82y 10m 16ds, w/o Isaac Teller
Teller, Isaac, d. 10 Apr 186(1?), aged (11?)ys (6?)m 6ds, s/o Isaac & Annie Teller
Teller, Isaac, d. 25 Feb 1872, aged, (stone broken and mounted in concrete)
Teller, Sarah, d. 18 May 1862, aged 12y 4m 10ds, d/o Isaac & Annie Teller
Walmsley, Anna, d. 25 Mar 1908, aged 79ys, w/o George Walmsley
White, Lydia, d. 6 Oct 1869, aged 55y 5m 10ds, w/o Henry Winters White

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