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Boston Cemetery
Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Church St
Boston, Ont.

Contributed by Gloria Pare, Oct 29, 2002 [gloriapare@sympatico.ca]. Total records = 389.

The cemetery is located on Church Street in the town of Boston.

Boston Cemetery is no longer active although it appears that there may be the occasional burial of family that are already interred there.

There are many footstones in the cemetery and some may mark graves of those that do not have headstones.

d/o - daughter of
h/o - husband of
s/o - son of
w/o - wife of
p/w - plot with
s/w - stone with

- Gloria Pare

Adams, Jennett, d. 19 Jul 1924, aged 86ys, w/o Uriah Adams
Adams, Uriah, d. 30 Nov 1893, aged 79ys, h/o Jennett
Baker, Aandess, d. 1 Jun 1872, aged 22y 6ms, s/o Henry & Louisa M. Baker
Baker, Albert C., b. 1844, d. 1923, "Minister of the Gospel of Christ"
Baker, Anna, d. 7 Apr 1868, aged 57y 3m 13ds, w/o ? Baker
Baker, Burges, d. 31 Oct 1833, aged 63ys
Baker, Henry, d. 12 Dec 1872, aged 58y 8ms, h/o Louisa M.
Baker, Hosea, d. 17 Apr 1862, aged 24y 9ms, s/o Henry & Louisa M. Baker
Baker, Infants, d. 1 Jun 1869, two s/o William & Mary Baker
Baker, Louisa M., d. 7 Oct 1889, in her 74th yr, w/o Henry Baker
Baker, Maggie, d. 15 Feb 1876, aged 23y 7m 21ds, w/o Lewis H. Baker
Baker, Samuel, d. 11 Nov 1822, aged 67y 8ms
Baker, Susan (Rainey), b. 1876, d. 1942, w/o D. A. Baker
Barber, A. Ira, d. 9 May 1869, aged 19y 5m 12ds, s/o Ira & Mary Ann Barber
Barber, Aaron Philip, d. 7 May 1846, aged 18y 6ms, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth Barber
Barber, Aaron, Deacon, b. 9 Dec 1787, d. 2 Nov 1868, aged 77y 10m 22ds, h/o Elizabeth
Barber, Aaron, d. 30 Aug 1823, aged 1y 6m 5ds, s/o Elisha & Elizabeth Barber
Barber, Abigail M. (Johnson), d. 23 Jun 1883, aged 48y 7m 8ds, d/o Joseph & Hannah Johnson, w/o Elias Barber
Barber, Ashman P., d. 4 Jun 1850, aged 36y 7m 2ds
Barber, Ashman, d. 6 Aug 1844, aged 8m & 28ds
Barber, Elisha, d. 28 Dec 1836, aged 62y 7m 17ds, h/o Elizabeth
Barber, Elisha, d. 6 Jul 1832, in the 8th yr of his age, s/o Elisha & Elizabeth Barber
Barber, Eliza (Butler), b. 1859, d. 1886
Barber, Elizabeth, d. 16 Nov 1834, aged 32y 3m 7ds, w/o Elisha Barber
Barber, Elizabeth, d. 25 Sep 1869, aged 80ys, w/o Deacon Aaron Barber
Barber, Elizabeth, d. May 1823, aged 3ms
Barber, Elles Zerula, d. 8 Jan 1847, aged 1y, d/o Ashman P. & Sarah Barber
Barber, Elwin A., d. 29 Jan 1871, aged 9y 9m 7ds, s/o Elias & Abigail M. Barber
Barber, Emma E., d. 26 Mar 1869, aged 19y 1m & 14ds, w/o Lewis C. Barber
Barber, Fredy, d. 11 Apr 1872, aged 8m 21ds, s/o Ira & M. A. Barber
Barber, George W., d. 3 May 1873, aged 28y 6m 18ds, s/o Ira & Mary Ann Barber
Barber, George, d. 6 Jul 1836, aged 1y 29ds, s/o Ashman & Sarah Barber
Barber, Henry J., d. 13 Dec 1903, in his 84th yr, h/o Ursula Ann
Barber, Hiram, d. 1 Nov 1844, aged 25y 6ms
Barber, Ida Ursula, d. 27 Feb 1869, aged 16ds, d/o Lewis C. & Emma E. Barber
Barber, Infant, d. 1 Apr 1829, s/o M. & N. Barber
Barber, Infant, d. 8 Mar 1831, d/o M. & N. Barber
Barber, Infant, s/o M. & N. Barber, (no dates on stone)
Barber, Jacob Pettit, d. 17 Aug 1868, aged 20y 6m 13ds
Barber, Jacob, d. 25 Mar 1823, aged 3m 5ds, s/o Moses & Nancy Barber
Barber, Jacob, d. 3 Apr 1826, aged 29ys
Barber, Jane (Reddick), b. 1847, d. 1935, w/o Lewis C. Barber
Barber, Lewis C., b. 1847, d. 1935, h/o Jane Reddick & Emma E.
Barber, Louisa, d. 17 Apr 1883, in her 34th yr, w/o E. Barber, s/w William & Harriet Bishop
Barber, Martha C., b. 14 Nov 1816, d. 17 Jul 1876, w/o A. N. Barber
Barber, Martha, d. 3 Jun 1839, aged 7y 2m 28ds
Barber, Mary Ann, d. 4 Jul 1855, aged 33y 2m 22ds, w/o Ira Barber
Barber, Mary, d. 9 Apr 1837, aged 25y & 7ms, d/o Moses & Nancy Barber
Barber, Moses, d. 26 Jul 1843, aged 23ys, s/o Aaron & E. Barber
Barber, Moses, d. 27 Mar 1881, aged 91y 2m 29ds, h/o Nancy
Barber, Nancy, d. 27 Feb 1873, aged 80y 9ms, w/o Moses Barber
Barber, Patience, d. 12 Feb 1845, aged 10m 24ds, d/o Hiram & Lydia Barber
Barber, Samuel, d. 7 Oct 1837, in the 21st yr of his age
Barber, Samuel, d. Jan 1808, aged 6ms, s/o Aaron & E. Barber
Barber, Sarah M. C. (Robinson, Beal), d. 28 Oct 1914, aged 96y 7ms, w/o Ashman Barber & Peter Beal
Barber, Synthia, d. Oct 1814, aged 11ms
Barber, Ursula Ann, d. 4 Jan 1904, in her 81st yr, w/o Henry J. Barber
Bates, James, d. 22 Nov 1872, aged 17y 7ms, s/o Joseph H. & Phila Bates
Bates, Joseph Jr., d. 29 Jan 1868, aged 33y 1m 4ds
Bates, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1866, aged 25y 10ms
Bates, Phila, b. 26 Nov 1805, d. 4 Feb 1892
Beal, Alonzo, d. 11 Mar 1848, aged 3y 11ms 19ds, s/o Barzilla & Angeline Beal
Beal, Angeline, d. 22 Jun 1874, aged 58y 12ds, w/o Barzilla Beal
Beal, Barzilla, d. 15 Oct 1878, aged 69y 6m 9ds, h/o Angeline
Beal, Eddy, d. 15 Sep 1868, aged 1y 5m 25ds, s/o Ransom & Hannah Beal
Beal, Elizabeth, d. 18 May 1847, aged 41y 2m 25ds, w/o Peter Beal
Beal, Flora, d. 27 Aug 185?, aged 1m 25ds, d/o Hiram & Laura Beal, s/w Freddie Beal
Beal, Freddie, d. 6 Sep 185?, aged 2m 4ds, s/o Hiram & Laura Beal, s/w Flora Beal
Beal, Hannah B. (Barber), d. 8 Dec 1878, aged 34y 4m 22ds, w/o Lorenzo Beal, s/w Martha E. (Barber) Ward
Beal, Hannah Eliza, d. 26 Oct 1861, aged 12y 1m 11ds, d/o Barzilla & Angeline Beal
Beal, James, b. 26 May 1796 in Warren County, New York, d. 1 Aug 1870, aged 74y 2m 5ds
Beal, Joshua, d. 17 Mar 1858, aged 27ys
Beal, Lorenzo, d. 9 Sep 1832, in the 5th yr of his age, s/o James & Harriet Beal
Beal, Margaret, d. 6 Dec 1842, aged 72y 9m 3ds, w/o Barzilla Beal
Beal, Maryann (Read), d. 3 Feb 1828, aged 21y 7m, w/o Levart Beal
Beal, Maryann, d. 12 Feb 1836, aged 2y 6ms, d/o L. & Miriam Beal
Beal, Melvin M., d. 26 Mar 1866, aged 24y 4m 2ds, s/o Barzilla & Angeline Beal
Beal, Miriam (Shearer), d. 9 Oct 1838, aged 32y 11m 21ds, w/o Levart Beal
Beal, Peter, d. 17 Dec 1880, aged 74y 3m 21ds
Beal, Sarah Elona, d. ? 1867, aged 1y 5m 21ds, d/o Ransom & Hannah Beal
Beal, Susan (Blaney), d. 16 Feb 1843, aged 26y 7m 10ds, w/o Levart Beal
Beal, Wm. H., d. 22 Sep 1844, in the 18th yr of his age, w/o James & Harriet Beal
Birdsell, Alexander, b. 1822, d. 1906, h/o Mary Jane
Birdsell, Elizabeth, b. 1823, d. 7 Jun 1901, w/o Isaac Birdsell
Birdsell, Mary Jane, b. 1851, d. 1941, w/o Alexander Birdsell
Birdsell, Oscar J., b. 1892, d. 1988, h/o Phyllis A. Dubey
Birdsell, Phyllis A. (Dubey), b. 1909, d. 1996, w/o Oscar J. Birdsell
Bishop, Clarissa, d. 27 Dec 1870, in her 35th yr, d/o William & Harriet Bishop
Bishop, Harriett, d. 5 Feb 1881, in her 74th yr, h/o William Bishop
Bishop, Obedience, d. 10 Jun 1858, in her 17th yr, d/o William & Harriet Bishop
Bishop, William, d. 2 Mar 1882, in his 75th yr, h/o Harriett
Black, Martha (Miller), d. 24 Jun 1856, aged 28ys, w/o John Black
Black, Sarah A. (Johnson), d. 8 Oct 1878, aged 46y 1m 18ds, w/o William Black, d/o Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Black, Wm., b. 18 Apr 1824, d. 8 Oct 1892
Blalseslee, David, d. 31 Aug 1846, aged 2m 20ds, s/o Erastus & Lucinda Blalseslee
Blalseslee, Emily J., b. 2 Jun 1840, aged 16ms, (as on stone)
Blalseslee, Levi, d. 1 Apr 1843, aged 12ys, s/o Enos & D. Blalseslee
Blalseslee, Mary, b. 19 Nov 1835, aged 6y 7ms, (as on stone)
Bosagri, Ruth E. (Hunter), b. 1915, d. 1969, w/o Francesco
Bowbeer, Anson G., d. 18 Oct 1857, aged 16y 20ds, d/o Wm. & Mercy Bowbeer
Bowbeer, Anson, d. 10 Feb 1862, aged 11ms, s/o Jas. & Emma Bowbeer, s/w James Bowbeer
Bowbeer, James, d. 8 Feb 1862, aged 11ms, s/o Jas. & Emma Bowbeer, s/w Anson Bowbeer
Bradshaw, Jennie E., b. 1891, d. 1969, d/o George H. & Evalena M. Bradshaw
Bradshaw, Mary Evalyn, d. 2 Feb 1899, in her 35th yr, w/o George H. Bradshaw
Buchanan, Anthony, d. 13 Apr 1902, aged 58ys
Buchanan, Mary Ann, d. 22 May 1890, aged 43y 5m 15ds, s/o Anthony Buchanan
Calloway, David M., d. 13 Oct 1905, in his 72nd yr, h/o Harriett E.
Calloway, Eva Jane, b. 1870, d. 1955, w/o Oscar Calloway
Calloway, Harriett E., d. 14 Jul 1896, in her 68thyr, w/o David M. Calloway
Calloway, Oscar, b. 1860, d. 1928, h/o Eva Jane
Carles, Mary, d. 16 Oct 1840, aged 2ms, d/o George & Tryphenca Carles
Challen, Arthur W., d., 3 Oct 1884, aged 31y 10m 26ds, at Belleville, buried at St. Thomas, s/o John & Catherine Challen
Challen, Catherine (Pewtree), d. 13 Apr 1873, aged 58y 2m 23ds, w/o John Challen
Challen, Hattie Bell, d. 8 Aug 1869, aged 1y 7m 19ds, d/o John & Hannah L. Challen
Challen, John, b. 15 Sep 1812 Crelling, England, d. 2 Jun 1886 at Simcoe, h/o Catherine Pewtress
Challen, Joseph Wilmhurst, d. 13 Jun 1872, aged 17y 10m 8ds, s/o John & Catherine Challen
Challen, Samuel, d. 29 Nov 1872, aged 23y 5m 19ds, s/o John & Catherine Challen
Churchill, Mary, d. 21 Jul 1856, aged 48y 8m 2ds, w/o Isaiah Churchill
Churchill, Richard I., d. 15 Aug 1854, aged 14m 3ds, s/o Isaiah & Mary Churchill
Cline, Abram Wesley, d. 19 Aug 1856, aged 3y 2m 12ds, s/o John & Miriam Cline
Cline, Charley A., d. 6 Jul 1851, aged 1y 2m 20ds, s/o John & Miriam Cline
Cline, Emma (Hurssell), b. 1860, d. 1938, w/o Frank Cline
Cline, Frank W., b. 1861, d. 1940, h/o Emma Hurssel
Cline, John, b. 1796, d. 1863, h/o Miriam Barber
Cline, Julia A., d. 5 Jan 1842, aged 9m 23ds, d/o John & Miriam Cline
Cline, Miriam (Barber), b. 1816, d. 1913, w/o John Cline
Cline, Moses, b. 1847, d. 1919
Cole, Elias, d. 11 Oct 1876, aged 7ys, s/o Wm. & Elizabeth Cole
Coon, Loritta, d. 29 Dec 1843, in the 13th yr of her age, d/o Peter & Julia A. Coon
Cooper, David E., d. 12 Mar 1874, aged 11ys, s/o William C. & Hannah Cooper
Cooper, Enoch, d. 28 Mar 1870, aged 3ds, s/o William C. & Hannah Cooper
Cooper, George H., d. 25 Apr 1903, aged 1y 6m 26ds, s/o George O. & Margaret J. Cooper
Cooper, George O., b. 1867, c. 1939, h/o Margaret J. Townsend
Cooper, Hannah, d. 7 Feb 1866, aged 24y 11m 7ds, w/o William C. Cooper
Cooper, Margaret J. (Townsend), b. 1870, d. 19-(not cut), w/o George O. Cooper
Cooper, Martha Z., c. 23 May 1875, aged 15ms, d/o William C. & Hannah Cooper
Cooper, William C., d. 13 Jun 1874, aged 41ys, h/o Hannah
Corles, Cornelius H., d. 22 May 1831, in the 30th yr of his age
Corles, James, d. 31 Jan 1817, in the 63rd yr of his age
Corlis, Mahitable, d. 13 Feb 1862, aged 79y 10m 23ds
Corlis, Uriah, d. 6 Nov 1864, aged 82y 2m 28ds
Cunningham, Abigail Jane, d. 30 Dec 1843, aged 3m 16ds, d/o Rev. Henry & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Abigail, d. 12 Jul 1886, aged 65y, w/o George Cunningham
Cunningham, Ada M., d. 23 Dec 1887, aged 9y 9m 3ds, eldest d/o Emert & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Charity, d. 6 May 1862, aged 11m 10ds, d/o Joseph & Elenor Cunningham
Cunningham, George, d. 11 Apr 1884, aged 84y 5ms
Cunningham, George, d. 15 Oct 18-4, aged 35ys, (decade not cut on stone)
Cunningham, Henry, Rev., d. 19 Feb 1844, aged 42y 11m 6ds
Cunningham, Henry, d. 30 Oct 1859, aged 31ys
Cunningham, James, d. 4 Dec 1821, in the 5th yr of his age, s/o William & Sarah Cunningham
Cunningham, Martha Obedience, d. 30 Sep 1843, aged 2y 10m 27ds, d/o Rev. Henry & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Mary Ann, d. 26 Jan 1824, aged 17ms, d/o Rev. Henry & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Mary Jane, d. 9 Aug 1827, in the 3rd yr, of her age, d/o William & Sarah Cunningham
Cunningham, Mary Jane, d. ?, d/o George & Abigail Cunningham, (rest unradable)
Cunningham, Mary, d. 26 Nov 1846, in the 36 yr of her age, w/o Henry Cunningham
Cunningham, Moses, d. 1 Apr 1853, aged 16y 3m 22ds, s/o Rev. Henry & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Nancy M., d. 2 May 1861, aged 21y 3m, s/o George & Abigail Cunningham
Cunningham, Rachel, d. 27 Jan 18??, aged 24y ?m & 8ds, d/o William & Sarah Cunningham
Cunningham, Roy, d. 25 Feb 1888, aged 9ms, s/o Emert & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Sarah, d. 22 Jan 1834, in the 35th yr of her age, w/o William Cunningham
Cunningham, William, d. 21 Mar 1840, aged 45ys
Cunningham, William, d. 22 Oct 1834, aged 2ys, s/o William Cunningham
Davis, Alfred, d. 16 Apr 1890, aged 54y 10m 28ds, h/o Eliza
Davis, Eliza, d. 16 Nov 1893, aged 51y 11m 1d, w/o Alfred Davis
Davis, Mary Ann, d. 9 Jul 1908, aged 5ms, d/o Ernest & Edith Davis
Dunlop, Lilly Jane, d. 10 Sep 1875, aged 11m 2ds, d/o John & Jane Dunlop
Eadie, Lillies, d. 23 Aug 1864, aged 18ys, d/o James & Margaret Eadie
Elliot, Abram, d. 16 Oct 1878, aged 74ys, h/o Agnes Dixon
Elliot, Agnes, Dixon, w/o Abram Elliot, (rest of stone is missing)
Elliot, John, d. 3 Aug 1903, aged 82ys
Fairchild, Margaret, d. 21 May 1852, aged 2y 4m 10ds, d/o Peter & Sarah Fairchild
Fairchild, Peter, Elder, d. 26 Jun 1828, in the 66th yr of his age
Fairchild, Sarah (Fuller), d. 9 Mar 1817, aged 54ys, w/o Elder Peter Fairchild, d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Fuller
Fairchild, Sarah C., d. 21 Apr 1870, aged 32y 18ds, w/o Alvin Fairchild
Forbes, Levi, d. 21 Nov 1837, in the 33rd yr of his age
Ford, Ann E., d. 28 Sep 1865, aged 33y 8m 19ds, w/o Rev. H. E. Ford
Gavit, Mary Hellen, d. 1 Sep 1842, aged 5y 15ds, d/o ? & Asenelli Gavit
Girling, Charlotte (Worns), b. 1828, d. 1922, w/o Thomas Girling
Girling, James, b. 1857, d. 1931, h/o Sarah A.
Girling, Sarah A., b. 1872, d. 1930, w/o James Girling
Girling, Thomas, d. 17 Jun 1888, aged49ys, h/o Charlotte Worns
Grant, Damon L., d. 5 May 1873, aged 11y 10m 3ds, s/o Philip & Alice Grant
Gunston, Herbert, d. 13 Mar 1869, aged 4m 24ds, s/o John & Phebe J. Gunston
Harris, Ella, infant d/o John & Ethel Harris, s/w Samie Harris, (no dates on stone)
Harris, John Wm., d. 9 Jan 1841, aged 13y 9m 27ds, s/o the late Rev. John & Catharine Harris
Harris, Samie, infant child of John & Ethel Harris, s/w Ethel Harris, (no dates on stone)
Hazelton, Alonzo, d. 3 Aug 1856, aged 4m 1d, s/o John H. & Elizabeth Hazelton
Hazelton, Herman, d. 29 Sep 1841, aged 31y 5ms
Hazelton, Lewis, d. 30 Aug 1864, aged 34y 21ds
Hazelton, Sarah Jane, d. 31 Jan 1861, aged 10m 22ds, d/o Lewis & Rebecca Hazelton
Honey, Ida May, d. 10 Jun 1871, aged 10ms, d/o James & Mary Honey
Hoover, Harriet M. (Mathews), d. 21 Jul 1861, aged 26y 1m 2ds, w/o J. H. Hoover
Howey, Spencer, d. 27 Jan 1844, aged 21y 3m 8ds
Hunter, Evylena (Rogers), b. 1878, d. 1940, w/o Edward Hunter, s/w Ruth Hunter
Hunter, Ruth, b. 1915, d. 19--, (date not cut), s/w Evylena (Rogers) Hunter, (*see Bosagri, Ruth E. (Hunter)
Jenrow, Amanda M., d. 18 Feb 1874, aged 48ys, w/o L. N. Jenrow
Jenrow, Russell, d. 17 Dec 1878, aged 21y 6ds
Johnson, Abram, d. 4 Jan 1860, s/o Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Johnson, Hannah K., d. 29 Jun 1897, in her 88th yr, w/o Joseph Johnson
Johnson, Harriett M., b. 1852, d. 1912, w/o Jacob Benjamin Johnson
Johnson, Jacob Benjamin, d. 1857, d. 1939
Johnson, John Sr., d. 16 Jun 1832, aged 74ys, h/o Mary, s/w Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Johnson, John, d. 22 Nov 1859, aged 20y 11m 22ds, s/o Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Johnson, Joseph, d. 28 Oct 1899, aged 74ys, h/o Lizzie Mabbie
Johnson, Joseph, d. 26 Jan 1896, in his 88th yr, h/o Hannah K.
Johnson, Lizzie (Mabee), b. 1847, d. 1922, w/o Joseph Johnson
Johnson, Mary, d. 8 Sep 1859, aged 87ys, w/o John Johnson Sr.
Johnson, May M., d. 23 Mar 1893, in her 22nd yr, d/o J. B. & Matilda Johnson
Kew, Catherine, d. 18 Aug 1889, aged 53y 11m 1ds, w/o James Kew
Kew, James, d. 1 Mar 1916, aged 82ys, h/o Catherine
Kew, John, d. 15 Jan 1885, in the 86th yr of his age, h/o Lucy
Kew, Lucy, d. 23 Jan 1879, aged 41ys, w/o John Kew
Kew, Nathaniel, b. 14 Dec 1861, d. 27 Apr 1941, s/w James & Catherine Kew
Kitchen, Amelia, d. 29 Oct 1817, aged 1y 3m 6ds, d/o H. & H. Kitchen
Kitchen, Moses, d. 26 Feb 1873, aged 43y 7m
Lutes, Catherine, d. 24 Aug 1896, aged 62ys, s/w Walter & Mary C. Lutes
Lutes, Frances (Robinson), d. 12 Jun 1897, in her 70th yr, w/o Henry Lutes
Lutes, Mary C., d. 13 Dec 1873, aged 35y 11m 21ds, w/o Walter Lutes
Lutes, Walter, M.D, b. 12 Sep 1837, d. 1 Feb 1885, in Southern California, h/o Mary C.
Mabee, Samantha (Barber), d. 27 Oct 1847, aged 31y 4m 25ds, w/o Oliver D. Mabee, d/o Aaron & Elizabeth Barber
Malcolm, Mary (Cunningham), d. 25 Apr 1851, in the 47 yr of her age, w/o Peter Malcolm & widow of the late Elder Cunningham
Manson, Esther A., b. 11 Jun 1849, aged 1y 3m 23ds, (as on stone)
Martin, Norman S., d. 8 Sep 1860, aged 40ys
Masecar, Eli Clark, d. 10 May 1833, aged 1y 4m 3ds, s/o Abraham & Margaret Masecar
Masecar, Hannah, d. May 1825, in the 27 yr of her age, w/o Abraham Masecar
Matthews, Lenora, d. 10 Oct 1836, aged 6y 6ms, d/o Anson & Elenor Matthews
Matthews, Rosiley M., d. 27 Sep 1847, aged 3y 3m 4ds, d/o Anson & Elenor Matthews
McCool, Maria L., d. 1 Jun 1835, aged 21ys, w/o George McCool
McCready, John T., d. 7 Apr 1877, aged 33ys, s/o William & Eliza McCready
McIntosh, Amanda, d. 21 Apr 1847, aged 28ys, w/o Alex McIntosh
McIntyre, Alexander, b. 4 Feb 1837, d. 21 Nov 1901, h/o Amy
McIntyre, Amy, b. 17 Apr 1841, d. 24 Mar 1911, w/o Alexander McIntyre
McMichael, John, d. 15 Mar 1855, aged 22y 4m 15ds
Miller, Henry, d. 2 Jan 1843, aged 13ms, s/o John & Mary Miller
Nelles, Abram, Captain, d. 6 Jun 1879, aged 84y 2m 19ds, h/o Mary
Nelles, Mary, d, 22 Dec 1869, aged 76y 8m 13ds, w/o Captain Abram Nelles
Nellis, Infants, son & daughter of A. & M. Nellis, (no dates on stone)
Nellis, Joseph, d. 1823, in the 4th yr of his age, s/o A. & M. Nellis
Oliver, James Telfer, d. 6 Mar 1897, aged 84y 1m 19ds, "A Native of Scotland"
Oliver, Mary (McIntyre), d. 13 Sep 1901, in Buffalo, N.Y., aged 68y 4m 7ds, w/o J. T. Oliver, "A Native of Scotland"
Olmstead, Avaldo, d. 30 Nov 1868, aged 52y 5m 6ds, s/w Eliza Jane Woodley & children
Olmstead, Charles W., d. 8 Aug 1851, aged 2y 1m 13ds, s/o Avaldo & Mary Ann Olmstead
Olmstead, Elizabeth, w/o Simeon Olmstead, (rest of stone is missing)
Olmstead, Hulda, d. 23 May 1875, in her 24th yr, w/o Simon M. Olmstead
Olmstead, Israel, d. 25 Jun 1863, in his 81st, h/o Mary, s/w Simon M. Olmstead
Olmstead, James, who departed this life, (rest unreadable)
Olmstead, Jonas, d. 24 Nov 1819 (h/o Hannah Olmstead Phelps, stone no longer visible)
Olmstead, Lucinda, d. 6 Feb 1872, in her 48th yr, w/o Simon M. Olmstead
Olmstead, Maria, d. 27 Mar 1885, in her 67th yr, sister of Simon M. Olmstead
Olmstead, Mary, d. 27 Apr 1855, in her 67th yr, w/o Israel Olmstead
Olmstead, Sarah Ann (Doan), b. 13 Oct 1833, d. 1 Nov 1906, w/o Simeon Olmstead & John Doan
Olmstead, Simeon, d. 8 Feb 1870, aged 69y 4m 21ds, h/o Sarah Ann
Olmstead, Simon M., d. 1 Oct 1894, in his 71st yr, h/o Lucinda J. & Hulda
Omstead, ?, d. 1 Feb 1872, aged 2m 14ds, (name missing from stone)
Omstead, Abigail Jane (Barber), d. 28 Apr 1847, aged 23y 13ds, w/o William Omstead, d/o M. & N. Barber
Omstead, Almira, d. 26 Jun 1857, aged 8y 1m 22ds, d/o Harvey & Mary Omstead
Omstead, George, d. 25 Mar 1872, aged 62ys
Omstead, Hannah S., d. 4 Jun 1849, aged 35y 7m 3ds, w/o George Omstead
Omstead, John, d. 21 Nov 1866, aged 34y 7m 1d
Page, Andrew Morley, d. 7 Jul 1870, aged 1y 7ms, s/o Charles & Margaret Page
Phelps, Annie, d. 19 Aug 1885, aged 30y 4m 17ds, w/o Arthur Phelps
Phelps, David Wesley, d. 29 Nov 1852, aged 1m 8ds, s/o Champion J. & Phebe Ann Phelps
Phelps, David the 1st, d. 3 Aug 1833, aged 65y 4ms
Phelps, David, d. 16 Jun 1876, aged 67y 3ms, h/o Elizabeth
Phelps, Elizabeth, d. 29 Nov 1886, aged 72ys, w/o David Phelps
Phelps, Hannah (Olmstead), d. 20 Jan 1847, aged 60y 10ms, w/o David Phelps
Phelps, Lydia, d. 16 Aug 1856, aged 2m 13ds, d/o Champion J. & Phebe Ann Phelps
Phelps, Lyman N., d. 17 Sep 1856, aged 3m 14ds, s/o ChampionJ. & Phebe Ann Phelps
Phelps, Maria, d. ? 1839, d/o ? Phelps, (rest is unreadable)
Phelps, Mary, d/o ? Phelps, (rest is unreadable)
Phelps, Phebe Ann, d. 17 Aug 1857, aged 1m, d/o Champion J. & Phebe Ann Phelps, twin of & s/w Sarah Catherine Phelps
Phelps, Phebe Ann, d. 19 Jul 1857, aged 31y 9m 12ds, w/o Champion J. Phelps
Phelps, Roxy, d. 12 Sep 1832, in the 3rd yr of his age, s/o David & Hannah Phelps
Phelps, Sarah Catherine, d. 17 Aug 1857, aged 1m, d/o Champion J. & Phebe Ann Phelps, twin of & s/w Phebe Ann Phelps
Phelps, Solomon, d. 1 Sep 1855, aged 2m 10ds, s/o Champion J. & Phebe Ann Phelps
Pursley, Catharine, d. 20 may 1847, aged 1y 19ds, d/o Allen & Eliza Pursley
Pursley, Daniel, d. 14 Mar 1848, aged 5y 3ms, s/o Jonathan & Catharine Pursley
Pursley, Effie E., c. 25 May 1876, aged 5y 8m 16ds, d/o James & Harriet S. Pursley
Pursley, Infant, d. 4 Apr 1847, s/o James & Cynthia Pursley
Pursley, Julia Ann, d. 12 Sep 1862, aged 13y 5ms, s/o Allen & Eliza Pursley
Pursley, Martha A., d. 22 Jul 1862, aged 13y 1m 22ds, d/o James & Cynthia Pursley
Pursley, Matilda C., d. 5 Jun 1871, aged 10y 3m 17ds, d/o James & Harriet S. Pursley
Pursley, Silvan, d. 12 Oct 1862, aged 1y 9m 12dsm s/o Allen & Eliza Pursley
Pursley, William H., d. 10 Sep 1855, aged 11m 19ds, s/o Champion J. & Phebe Pursley
Pursley, William, d. 1 Mar 1848, aged 1m 15ds, s/o James & Cynthia Pursley
Rainey, Alfred, b. 1784, d. 1941, h/o Ella
Rainey, Ella, b. 1884, d. 1942, w/o Alfred Rainey
Rainey, Mary J. (Johnston), b. 1881, d. 1938, w/o William Francis Rainey
Rainey, William Francis, b. 1872, d. 1956, h/o Mary J. Johnston
Rees, Rachel, d. 8 Jun 1835, aged 36ys, w/o William Rees
Roackman, Jacob B., d. 29 May 1870, aged24y 2ms, first s/o Jacob & Rebecca S. Roackman
Robinson, Abram H., d. 22 Apr 1859, aged 4y 2m 16ds, s/o William & Catharine Robinson
Robinson, Elias, d. 12 Dec 1867, aged 41y 5m 21ds
Robinson, Emerson, d. 25 Dec 1857, aged 2y 3m 12ds, s/o Thomas & Sarah Robinson
Robinson, George, d. 21 Feb 1858, aged 85y 9m 17ds
Robinson, Hannah, d. 22 Sep 1854, aged 72y 2m 22ds
Robinson, Oscar, d. 27 Jan 1860, aged 11y 9m 1d, s/o William & Catharine Robinson
Robinson, Thomas, d. 12 Feb 1860, aged 15y 2m 11ds, s/o William & Catharine Robinson
Robinson, Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1876, aged 11m 18ds, s/o Thomas & Sarah Robinson
Robinson, Varshal P., d. 29 Jun 1851, aged 8m 7ds, s/o Thomas & Sarah Robinson
Rogers, Elizabeth, b. 18 May 1862, d. 22 May 1932, w/o Henry B. Rogers
Rogers, Emeline P., d. 14 Mar 1839, aged 7m 13ds, d/o Orrin & Rachel Rogers
Rogers, Hannah, d. 31 Jul 1835, aged 1y 4m 11ds, d/o Orrin & Rachel Rogers
Rogers, Harriet, d. 6 Feb 1873, aged 49ys, second w/o Orrin Rogers
Rogers, Henry B., b. 3 Dec 1855, d. 4 Sep 1916, h/o Elizabeth
Rogers, Lulah H., b. 28 Jun 1886, d. 8 Jan 1963, d/o Henry B. & Elizabeth Rogers
Rogers, Mary Jane, d. 10 Aug 1854, aged 13m 11ds, d/o Orrin & Harriet Rogers
Rogers, Orrin, d. 18 Nov 1891, aged 88ys, h/o Rachel & Harriet
Rogers, Rachel, d. 20 Mar 1845, aged 37ys, w/o Orrin Rogers
Rouse, Charles, d. 10 Jul 1855, aged 49y 8m 25ds, d/o Oliver & Elizabeth Rouse
Rouse, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jan 1868, aged 86y 5m 15ds, w/o Oliver C. Rouse
Rouse, Oliver C., d. 5 Jan 1895, in his 77th yr
Rusling, David, b. 1830, d. 1913, h/o Sarah A. Pursley
Rusling, John W., b. 1854, d. 1935, h/o L. Anne Dunlop, s/w David & Sarah Rusling
Rusling, L. Anne (Dunlop), b. 1855, d. 1941, w/o John W. Rusling
Rusling, Lewis L., d. 14 Feb 1874, in his 16th yr, s/o David & Sarah A. Rusling
Rusling, Maggie, d. 18 Feb 1868, aged 10m 4ds, first d/o John & Eliza Rusling
Rusling, Mary J., d. 16 May 1876, in her 16th yr, d/o David & Sarah A. Rusling
Rusling, Sarah S. (Pursley), b. 1834, d. 1913, w/o David Rusling
Ryckman, Harriet, d. 27 Sep 1856, aged 35y 1m 10ds, w/o Harmon Ryckman
Ryckman, Infant, d. 2 Oct 1856, aged 5ds, s/o Harmon & Harriet Ryckman
Schneider, Rhoda Ann, d. 8 Apr 1855, aged 16y 3m 17ds, w/o John H. Schneider
Scott, James W., d. 6 Feb 1905, aged 2ms, s/o J. W. & Ada Scott
Scott, James William, b. 1862, d. 1934
Scovell, Champion, Dr., d. 21 Oct 1821, in the 49th yr of his age
Scuwalm, Martha, b. 1836, d. 1916
Sheppard, Amanda, d. 17 Sep 1846, aged 3y 5m 13ds, d/o William & Amanda Sheppard
Sheppard, William, who departed this life, (rest of stone sunk into the ground)
Silverthorne, Gertrude, d. 25 Feb 1887, aged 1m, d/o R. & E. Silverthorne
Slaght, Benjamin, d. 28 Oct 1822, aged 11m 28ds, s/o Henry & Harriet Slaght
Slaght, John, d. Jun 1851, aged, (rest of stone sunk into the ground)
Slaght, Sarah, d. 26 Sep 184?, in the 54th yr of her age, w/o John Slaght
Sloat, Anna, d. 9 Dec 1898, in her 79th yr, w/o Elias W. Sloat
Smith, Aera E., d. 28 Nov 1883, aged 4y 6m 22ds, d/o W. B. & Eva Smith
Smith, Alice (Dennis), b. 1856, d. 1940, w/o Andrew J. Smith
Smith, Andrew J., b. 1852, d. 1912, h/o Alice Dennis, s/w Enoch & Nancy M. Smith
Smith, Calvin, d. 29 Jul 1833, aged 2y 10ms, s/o John & Catharine Smith
Smith, Cephase, d. 7 Mar 1873, aged 1y 7m 2ds, s/o William & Eliza E. Smith
Smith, Eliza E., d. 17 Apr 1875, aged 27y 7m 17ds, w/o William Smith
Smith, Enoch, b. 1814, d. 1905, h/o Nancy M. Prindle
Smith, Eva (Rogers), b. 1850, d. 1932, w/o William B. Smith
Smith, Infant, b. 17 Aug 1863, d. 17 Aug 1863, s/o ? Smith, s/w Urrena A. Smith
Smith, Infants, d. 28 Nov 1883, two s/o William B. & Eva Smith
Smith, Isabella, d. 15 Jan 1856, in her 79th yr
Smith, Lamira, b. 1850, d. 1933, sister of William B. Smith
Smith, Lewis E., d. 22 May 1878, aged 4m 22ds, s/o W. B. & Eva Smith
Smith, M. Marilla, b. 1883, d. 1976, d/o William B. & Eva Smith
Smith, Mary, d. 23 Oct 1847, aged 59y 4ms, w/o Oliver Smith
Smith, Minerva A., d. 23 Feb 1873, aged 4y 2ms, d/o John & Rosanne Smith
Smith, Nancy M. (Prindle), d. 20 Aug 1878, aged 61y 7m 28ds, w/o Enoch Smith, d/o Rev. Andrew Prindle
Smith, Urrena A., d. 23 Oct 1864, aged 3m 5ds, d/o ? Smith, s/w Infant son Smith
Smith, William B., b. 1838, d. 1916, h/o Eva Rogers
Southern, Elizabeth, w/o William Southern, (rest of stone missing)
Stevens, William R., d. 31 Jul 1864, aged 1y 3m 22ds, s/o Richard A. & Emily A. Stevens
Swain, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1858, aged 48y 3ms, w/o Samuel Swain
Swain, Samuel, d. 7 Sep 1872, aged 65y 2m 25ds
Tobin, Mary (Johnson), d. 20 Oct 1896, aged 68y 10ds, w/o Darby Tobin, s/w Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Townsend, Elmer A., d. 16 Sep 1851, aged 2y 13ds, s/o Robert & Elizabeth Townsend
Townsend, George A., d. 8 Feb 1869, aged 1y 21ds, s/o James A. & Mary Townsend
Townsend, Jeremiah, 13 Aug 1846, in his 65th yr
Townsend, John W., d. 17 Mar 1848, aged 13m 17ds, s/o James A. & Mary Townsend
Townsend, Mary Alberta, d. 27 Dec 1863, aged 3y 2m 2ds, d/o James A. & Mary Townsend
Townsend, Micha Y., d. 27 Apr 1847, in the 30th yr of his age, d/o Jeremiah & Mary Townsend
Townsend, Teressa M., d. 11 Jan 1864, aged 10y 3m 24ds, d/o James A. & Mary Townsend
Ward, Martha E. (Barber), d. 23 Apr 1874, aged 29y 9m 6ds, w/o W. Ward, s/w Hannah B. (Barber) Beal
Wheeler, Melvin Basil, d. 22 Oct 1905, aged 22m 6ds, s/o Roy G. & Isabel Wheeler
Wood, Mary, d. 27 Sep 1863, aged 73y 2m 12ds, s/o Samuel Wood
Woodley, Anna, d. 14 Jun 1849, aged 45y 2m 15ds, w/o George Woodley
Woodley, Arthur A., d. 7 Apr 1869, aged 2y 1m 17ds, s/o Abram & Eliza J. Woodley
Woodley, David, d. 6 Oct 1863, aged 40ys, h/o Frances Ann
Woodley, Elbert R., d. 14 Dec 1870, aged 1y 6m 10ds, s/o Abram & Eliza J. Woodley
Woodley, Eliza Jane, d. 20 Oct 1877, aged 26y 5m 24ds, w/o Abram Woodley
Woodley, Elizabeth (Pursley), d. 30 Jun 1850, aged ?y 4m 16ds, w/o Benjamin Woodley, d/o ? Pursley
Woodley, Frances Ann, d. 28 Mar 1888, aged 63ys, w/o David Woodley
Woodley, George, d. 28 Apr 1863, aged 68ys
Woodley, Harvy, d. 23 Feb 1852, aged 23y 4m 13ds, s/o John & Mercy Woodley
Woodley, Infant, d. 27 Sep 184(5 or 8), s/o Aaron & Rachel Woodley
Woodley, Infant, d. 28 may 1867, d/o Lewis & Mary Woodley
Woodley, John, d. 18 Jul 1838, aged 11ms, s/o John & Mercy Woodley
Woodley, John, d. 25 Jun 1867, aged 72y 4m 7ds, h/o Mercy
Woodley, Mary Jane (Johnson), d. 9 Jun 1848, aged 19y 2m 27ds, w/o Israel Woodley, s/o Joseph & Hannah Johnson
Woodley, Mathias, d. 20 Mar 1837, aged 16ys, s/o John & Mercy Woodley
Woodley, Mercy, d. 10 Aug 1850, aged 10wks, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Woodley
Woodley, Mercy, d. 20 Dec 1882, aged 82y 6ds, w/o John Woodley
Woodley, Nellie M., d. 17 Apr 1878, aged 1y 16ds, d/o Abram & Eliza J. Woodley
Woodley, Oscar A., d. 12 May 1852, aged 4y 10ds, s/o Israel & Mary Jane Woodley
Woodley, William Henry, d. 7 Mar 1851, aged 4y 2ms, s/o David & Frances Ann Woodley
Wordon, John, d. 21 Feb 1882, aged, (rest of stone is buried)
Young, Charlie, d. 15 Mar 1878, aged 3ms, s/o John & Martha Young

??, Celia Ada,
d. 1 Sep 1859, aged 3ms, s/w Clara Ida, (no surname on stone)
??, Clara Ida, d. 30 Aug 1859, aged 2m 26ds, s/w Celia Ada, (no surname on stone)
??, Ivy Estella, d. Nov ?, aged 8y 1m, d/o Anthony & ?, (rest is unreadable)
??, d. 1 Jun 1874, aged 67y 3m 5ds, (name missing from stone)
??, d. 11 Jan 1878, aged 42ys, (name missing from stone)
Adams, (bottom of stone only, rest missing)

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