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Culross-Teeswater Cemetery
Culross Twp, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Contributed by Mary Lou Green [mladgreen@cabletv.on.ca].

Adams, Mrs Beatrice (Keith), d. 1/1/1982, F, bur. Sec. N-54-2
Agnew, Margaret, d. 11/3/1869, F, bur. Sec. O-184-5
Agnew, Mary Ann, d. 4/16/1875, F, bur. Sec. O-184-1
Aitchison, Hope Stovell, d. 1/1/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-190-3
Aitken, Jessie (McLean), d. 7/10/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-194-5
Aitken, John Abram, d. 8/27/1943, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-2
Aitken, Josephine Florence (Campbell), d. Oct 22, 2005, bur. Sec. O Lot 327, grave 2
Aitken, Mrs. T. B., d. 12/4/1971, F, bur. Sec. NC-23-4
Aitken, Robert M., d. 5/26/1977, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-1
Aitken, Robert, d. 6/15/1987, M, bur. Sec. O-194-4
Aitken, Thomas B., no dates, bur. Sec. NC-23-5
Aitken, Thomas Kenneth, b. 10/8/1917, d. 8/22/2001, M, bur. Sec. NC-23-3
Alexander, David, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-228-4
Alexander, Jane, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-228-5
Alexander, John, b. 1/1/1907, d. 1/1/1924, M, bur. Sec. O-283-3
Allen, Joe, d. 11/1/1970, bur. Sec. N-257-4
Allison, James, d. 12/5/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-69-1
Allison, Jane (McAllister), b. 1/1/1834, d. 1/1/1920, F, bur. Sec. O-69-4
Allison, Thomas, b. 1/1/1836, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-69-5
Anderson, Charles A., d. 1/31/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-178-2
Anderson, Eliza (Forsythe), b. 1/1/1835, d. 1/1/1914, F, bur. Sec. O-132-1
Anderson, Evelyn, d. 2/9/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-178-1
Anderson, John George, b. 1/28/1912, d. 11/26/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-16-2
Anderson, Mary Edna, d. 10/25/1994, F, bur. Sec. N-16-1
Arkell, Alice Hedge, d. 3/30/1964, F, bur. Sec. NC-20-4
Arkell, Annie Margaret, d. 10/13/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-27-2
Arkell, Elizabeth, d. 7/29/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-27-5
Arkell, Helen Kathleen, b. 2/20/1908, d. 9/19/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-151-3
Arkell, Henry, d. 3/23/1902, M, bur. Sec. O-27-4
Arkell, Herbert, d. 1/31/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-151-1
Arkell, Lillis Glenna (Kerr), b. ","Apr 1, 1921, d. Aug 29, 2020, Circle Lot 20, Grave 1
Arkell, Lottie Eveline, d. 9/12/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-27-1
Arkell, Mrs. Peter, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-224-4
Arkell, Peter, d. 1/1/1980, M, bur. Sec. NC-20-2
Arkell, Peter, d. 11/8/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-224-5
Arkell, Wm. H., d. 9/18/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-151-5
Armstrong, Anne, d. 1/4/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-170-3
Armstrong, Bert, d. 1/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-21-5
Armstrong, Charlotte, d. 10/21/1939, F, bur. Sec. N-16-5
Armstrong, Donald, d. 9/3/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-265-4
Armstrong, Douglas, M., b. Jul 2, 1926, d. Apr 23, 2006, bur. Sec. N, lot 192, grave 2
Armstrong, Effie (Goodfellow), b. 1/1/1868, d. 1/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-298-4
Armstrong, Elsie Thompson, d. 7/25/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-19-1
Armstrong, Euphemia, d. 10/24/1952, F, bur. Sec. N-21-4
Armstrong, Florence, d. 9/10/1953, F, bur. Sec. N-160-4
Armstrong, G. Watson, b. Aug 20, 1931, d. Dec 25, 2006, bur. Sec. N, Lot 266, grave 2
Armstrong, Geo. B., d. 4/21/1949, M, bur. Sec. N-19-2
Armstrong, George K., d. 5/17/1965, M, bur. Sec. N-160-5
Armstrong, Hugh Robert, d. 1/24/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-21-1
Armstrong, Irene Sharpe, b. 1/1/1899, d. 10/16/1963, F, bur. Sec. N-192-4
Armstrong, James Goodfellow, b. 1/1/1895, d. 9/17/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-298-2
Armstrong, Jenny (Watson), d. 1/1/1974, F, bur. Sec. N-265-3
Armstrong, John McDonald, d. 9/29/1929, M, bur. Sec. O-101-4
Armstrong, John S., b. 1/1/1865, d. 8/1/1942, M, bur. Sec. O-298-5
Armstrong, John Stewart, b. 1/1/1921, d. 9/3/1931, M, bur. Sec. O-298-3
Armstrong, Lisa Marie, b. 10/5/1965, d. 8/21/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-265-1
Armstrong, Llewella E. Pletch, d. 10/27/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-21-2
Armstrong, Mary (Thompson), b. 1/1/1900, d. 1/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-298-1
Armstrong, Nancy, b. 4/18/1848, d. 4/14/1926, F, bur. Sec. N-145-4
Armstrong, R. Cormach, d. 10/25/1982, M, bur. Sec. N-265-2
Armstrong, Robert James, b. 1/1/1899, d. 10/8/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-192-5
Armstrong, Robert, d. 1/18/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-19-5
Armstrong, Wm., d. 1/27/1942, M, bur. Sec. N-18-5
Arscott, Caroline, d. 3/13/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-69-4
Arscott, Robert, d. 3/1/1933, M, bur. Sec. N-69-5
Attwood, Amos, d. 1/11/1988, M, bur. Sec. N-206-5
Attwood, Harriet Ruth, b. 8/5/1929, d. 9/24/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-206-2
Attwood, Pearl Elizabeth, d. 8/26/1956, F, bur. Sec. N-206-4
Atwell, Ann, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-41-5B
Austin, John, d. 9/6/1891, M, bur. Sec. O-7-1
Babb, Aurelias Moses, d. 12/10/1940, M, bur. Sec. N-131-5
Babb, Jean, d. 10/5/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-131-2
Babb, Mrs. Annie McQuarrie, d. 9/27/1946, F, bur. Sec. N-131-4
Baker, Harry, b. 1/1/1861, d. 1/1/1927, M, bur. Sec. N-144-5
Ballagh, Alexander, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-45-4
Ballagh, Annie, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-208-4
Ballagh, Arthur, d. 2/28/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-129-5
Ballagh, Calara Mildred, d. 7/2/1901, F, bur. Sec. O-133-3
Ballagh, Elizabeth (Hall), d. 12/1/1944, F, bur. Sec. O-274-3
Ballagh, Elsie Clara, d. Feb 17, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 126, grave 3
Ballagh, Evelyn May, d. 10/8/1950, F, bur. Sec. N-129-4
Ballagh, Fleming Alexander, d. 8/20/1950, M, bur. Sec. O-208-3
Ballagh, Fleming Sr., d. 11/19/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-134-2
Ballagh, Hamilton Hugo, d. 1/23/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-24-1
Ballagh, Hamilton, d. 6/12/1901, M, bur. Sec. O-48-3
Ballagh, Henry, d. 3/4/1991, M, bur. Sec. N-273A-1
Ballagh, James, b. 1/1/1847, d. 1/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. O-133-2
Ballagh, John Lloyd, d. 12/19/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-24-2
Ballagh, Katie S. (Rowland), b. 1/1/1859, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-133-1
Ballagh, Lavonne Nelda, d. 1/26/1997, F, bur. Sec. N-28-2
Ballagh, Lina J. (Jeffary), d. 3/20/1900, F, bur. Sec. O-133-5
Ballagh, Mabel, d. 11/1/1982, F, bur. Sec. O-274-2
Ballagh, Margaret (McDaniel), d. 12/23/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-134-1
Ballagh, Marie, d. 6/16/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-47-1
Ballagh, Mrs. Ann, d. 10/16/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-48-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Annie (Rowland), d. 5/18/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-88-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Fleming (Margaret), d. 12/10/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-134-3
Ballagh, Mrs. Mary (Hyslop), d. 2/28/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-207-5
Ballagh, Mrs. Rowland, b. 1/1/1901, d. 11/19/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-28-4
Ballagh, Mrs. Wilhelmina, d. 6/1/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-126-2
Ballagh, Mrs. William (Jane), d. 5/30/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-207-1
Ballagh, Robert, b. 1/14/1849, d. 6/19/1938, M, bur. Sec. O-274-4
Ballagh, Roland, d. 10/24/1984, M, bur. Sec. N-28-5
Ballagh, Sarah Ann (Wylie), b. 1/1/1859, d. 8/5/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-254-4
Ballagh, Sarah J., d. 5/9/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-57-1
Ballagh, Walter Hall, d. 1/2/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-126-3
Ballagh, William J., d. 9/25/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-254-5
Ballagh, William, d. 11/20/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-207-2
Ballagh, William, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-208-5
Ballagh, Wm. John, d. 9/13/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-24-5
Balser, Leverett Dean, M., b. Aug 1, 1923, d. Jun 1, 2006, bur. Sec. E 1, grave 60
Balser, Velma Catherine (Scott), b. 3/29/1917, d. 5/29/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-187-1
Bannerman, George, d. 10/13/1969, M, bur. Sec. O-163-2
Bannerman, Midford, d. 4/9/1977, M, bur. Sec. O-164-4
Bannerman, Mrs. George (Caroline), d. 7/20/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-163-1
Bannerman, Mrs. Winnifred (Sims), b. 1/1/1897, d. 1/1/1976, F, bur. Sec. O-164-2
Bannerman, Wm. E., b. 9/5/1895, d. 1/26/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-164-3
Baptist, Eileen, d. 10/28/1983, F, bur. Sec. N-188-5
Baptist, James, d. 10/20/1918, M, bur. Sec. N-95-5
Baptist, Maggie, d. 11/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. N-95-2
Baptist, Mary Elizabeth, d. 11/14/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-202-4
Baptist, Russell, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-188-4
Baptist, Willard, d. 6/22/1952, M, bur. Sec. N-188-1
Baptist, Wm., d. 5/29/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-202-5
Barbour, Elizabeth (Overholt), b. 1/1/1832, d. 1/1/1922, F, bur. Sec. O-260-3
Barbour, Robert, b. 1/1/1829, d. 1/1/1914, M, bur. Sec. O-260-5
Bartlett, Elsie Irene, d. 2/25/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-83-1
Bates, Arthur William, b. 3/8/1919, d. 3/1/2003, M, bur. Sec. N-247-1
Bates, Jessie Helen Jenkins, b. 3/3/1922, d. 8/14/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-247-2
Bates, Robert, d. 9/4/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-247-5
Battershell, F., d. 10/13/1984, U, bur. Sec. O-220-4
Battershell, Mildred, d. 8/17/1989, F, bur. Sec. O-220-4B
Beaumont, Hipsy, b. 10/1/1861, d. 7/18/1911, U, bur. Sec. O-2-4
Becking, Agnes, d. 12/19/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-106-1
Becking, Emma Anna Marie (Doepel), d. 4/3/1934, F, bur. Sec. O-241-2
Becking, Harold George, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-241-1B
Becking, Hugh, d. 5/9/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-106-5
Becking, John, d. 2/9/1939, M, bur. Sec. N-106-2
Becking, John, d. 6/22/1919, M, bur. Sec. O-241-4
Becking, Margaret Alice, d. 2/9/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-106-4
Becking, Mrs. John (Margaret), d. 12/18/1898, F, bur. Sec. O-241-5
Becking, Vera E., d. 9/2/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-241-1
Becking, William, d. 11/3/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-241-3
Bell, Agnes (Shaw), b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1883, F, bur. Sec. O-229-5
Bell, Clara Annie Alexy, b. 17/06/1909, d. 2/11/2004, F, bur. Sec. O-109-2
Bell, Donald, d. 10/16/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-293-5
Bell, Douglas Morell, b. Sep 16, 1930, d. Jan 3, 2010, Sec.O, Lot 174, Grave 2
Bell, Eliza Jane, b. 1/1/1853, d. 1/1/1932, F, bur. Sec. N-9-3
Bell, Eliza Jane, d. 9/12/1883, F, bur. Sec. O-100-1
Bell, Elva (Lamont), d. 6/23/1965, F, bur. Sec. N-205-1
Bell, Eramus, b. 1/1/1831, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-229-4
Bell, George, d. 10/1/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-109-4
Bell, George, d. 12/6/1922, M, bur. Sec. O-100-4
Bell, Irene M. (Hanna), b. 1/1/1902, d. 1/1/1975, F, bur. Sec. O-174-1
Bell, Jeremiah, d. 5/16/1890, M, bur. Sec. O-100-2
Bell, Mary (stewart), d. 7/13/1917, F, bur. Sec. O-100-5
Bell, Mathew, b. 1/1/1910, d. 1/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-101B-2
Bell, Morrell, d. 2/19/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-174-3
Bell, Mrs. Jeremiah (Francis), d. 9/28/1892, F, bur. Sec. O-100-3
Bell, Mrs. Mary, d. 3/14/1964, F, bur. Sec. O-109-5
Bell, Mrs. Wm., d. 1/1/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-205-4
Bell, Samuel, d. 4/29/1967, M, bur. Sec. N-205-2
Bell, Wm., d. 8/13/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-205-5
Benedict, Adeline May, b. Jan 19, 1928, d. Nov 29, 2010, Sec. AO, Lot 71, Grave 2
Benedict, Ian Beverly, b. Mar 02, 1926, d. Dec 11, 2007 bur. Sec. AO, Plot 71, grave 1
Betts, Jean (MacLeod), d. 10/24/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-224-1B
Betts, Lorne, d. 8/5/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-224-1
Binner, Janet, d. 1/24/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-258-5
Bird, Mrs. Margaret, d. 10/30/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-218-3
Birkmeyer, Anne (Sewers), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-221-1B
Birkmeyer, Frederick, d. 7/17/1968, M, bur. Sec. O-221-2
Blackwell, Earl, d. 4/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-253-4
Blackwell, Harry, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-253-2
Blackwell, Jean Isabel, d. 3/22/1997, F, bur. Sec. N-253-1
Blackwell, John Glenn, b. 4/20/1930, d. 8/9/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-254-1
Blackwell, Mary, d. 4/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-253-3
Blair, Archibald, d. 5/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-112-5
Blair, Mary Edna (Whiteman), b. 12/24/1907, d. 3/6/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-112-4
Blair, Mrs. Janet (McDonald), d. 3/6/1935, F, bur. Sec. NC-14-2
Blair, Mrs. Mary Bell (Robertson), b. 7/13/1867, d. 3/4/1927, F, bur. Sec. NC-14-4
Blair, Samuel Blair, d. 8/28/1937, M, bur. Sec. N-112-3
Blair, Samuel, d. 8/22/1956, M, bur. Sec. NC-14-5
Bloomfield, Fred, b. 1/1/1922, d. 7/9/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-278-1
Bloomfield, Mary Ester, d. 2005, bur. Sec. O Lot 278, grave 1
Bolton, Ms, no dates, U, bur. Sec. N-1-1
Booth, Robert, d. 6/18/1864, M, bur. Sec. O-195-1
Bowin, Ermine J., d. 2/21/1948, U, bur. Sec. O-213-5
Boyd, Elizabeth, d. 7/24/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-121-4
Boyd, James, d. 10/16/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-121-5
Boyd, John James, d. 7/20/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-121-3
Braden, Samuel, b. 7/19/1863, d. 7/13/1921, M, bur. Sec. NC-4-1
Bragg, Joyce Louise Donalda, b. Aug 27, 1935, d. Aug 25, 2007, bur. Sec. O, Lot 75, grave 1
Brasjen, Jan, d. 12/11/1985, M, bur. Sec. O-254A-1
Brasjen, Klaase (Kaye), d. 2/19/1995, F, bur. Sec. O-254A-2
Breadley, Annie Louise, d. 11/21/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-63-4
Brill, Louisa E., b. 5/15/1910, d. 10/10/2001, F, bur. Sec. O-66-2
Brill, S. R., date unknown, U, bur. Sec. O-66-5
Brink, L. A., no dates, U, bur. Sec. O-31-3
Brooks, Beatrice, F., b. Sep 15, 1924, d. Mar 12, 2006, bur. Sec.N lot 311 grave 1
Brooks, William, b. 2/4/1920, d. 6/9/1998, M, bur. Sec. N-311-2
Brown, Albert, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-185-5
Brown, Alfred P., b. 1/1/1856, d. 1/1/1913, M, bur. Sec. O-185-4
Brown, Ann, d. 11/2/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-48-2
Brown, Bonnie Lee, d. 7/19/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-94-3
Brown, Eleanor Gordon, d. 12/25/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-163-2
Brown, Elizabeth (Ronson), b. 1/1/1816, d. 1/1/1890, F, bur. Sec. O-185-2
Brown, Hanna H., d. 6/8/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-72-3
Brown, James R., b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-185-2B
Brown, James Wallace, d. Jul 20, 2008, bur. Sec. N, Plot 158, grave 3
Brown, James, d. 5/29/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-138-3
Brown, Mary Ann (Chisholm), d. 1/19/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-138-4
Brown, Mary Ann, b. 1/1/1829, d. 1/1/1907, F, bur. Sec. N-3-3
Brown, Mrs. Wm. (Ann), d. 4/1/1872, F, bur. Sec. O-138-5
Brown, Percy, b. 3/29/1922, d. 1/25/2000, M, bur. Sec. O-247A-1
Brown, Peter B., b. 1/1/1816, d. 1/1/1874, M, bur. Sec. O-185-1
Brown, Sarah J., b. 1/1/1856, d. 1/1/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-185-3
Brown, Yvonne Eleanor, b. 6/19/1931, d. 6/19/2003, F, bur. Sec. AO-247-2
Bruder, Irene, d. 8/30/1982, F, bur. Sec. N-71-4
Buie, Alma, d. 2/27/1960, F, bur. Sec. N-199-4
Bullard, Abraham, d. 7/28/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-205-5
Bullard, Mrs. Abraham (Jane), d. 9/9/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-205-4
Bunton, Elizabeth (Bayley), d. 1/25/1893, F, bur. Sec. O-212-2
Bunton, Ellen (Hooey), d. 1/17/1917, F, bur. Sec. O-212-4
Bunton, John, d. 5/31/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-212-1
Bunton, Mathew W., d. 7/25/1893, M, bur. Sec. O-212-5
Bunton, Nellie, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-212-3
Burns, Jessie (McKay), b. 1/1/1903, d. 1/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-189-2
Butchart, Mrs.W. J.(Margaret H.), b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-181-2
Butcher, Edna & Llola, d. 8/30/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-8-3
Butcher, Elizabeth, d. 2/7/1955, F, bur. Sec. O-8-1
Button, Annie May, d. 11/18/1966, F, bur. Sec. NC-22-3
Button, Cecil, b. 1/1/1901, d. 7/14/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-268-3
Button, Charles, d. 10/19/1967, M, bur. Sec. O-159-2
Button, Charles, d. 7/25/1919, M, bur. Sec. O-160-2
Button, Charloute H. (Smith), d. 7/26/1910, F, bur. Sec. O-160-4
Button, Elizabeth May, b. 1/1/1877, d. 1/1/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-160-5
Button, George, d. 3/2/1943, M, bur. Sec. NC-21-5
Button, Inez M. (Sacerty), b. 1/1/1917, d. 9/22/1988, bur. Sec. O-268-4
Button, Isabel Tennant, d. 9/9/1943, F, bur. Sec. NC-22-1
Button, James, d. 7/23/1932, M, bur. Sec. NC-22-5
Button, Mary Jane, d. 2/19/1944, F, bur. Sec. NC-21-4
Button, Mrs. Wm. (Mary Ann), d. 11/27/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-159-4
Button, Murray, d. 7/28/1954, M, bur. Sec. O-160-1
Button, William, d. 10/12/1879, M, bur. Sec. O-159-5
Cameron, Alex., d. 4/20/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-113-3
Cameron, Alexander, d. 10/20/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-13-2
Cameron, Kenneth, d. 4/17/1861, M, bur. Sec. O-13-4
Campbell, Alexander, d. 6/19/1883, M, bur. Sec. O-155-1
Campbell, Catherine (McLennan), b. 1/1/1843, d. 1/1/1916, F, bur. Sec. O-191-4
Campbell, John, b. 1/1/1844, d. 1/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. O-191-5
Campbell, John, d. 6/20/1866, bur. Sec. O-285-5
Campbell, Midford, d. 9/3/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-23-1
Campbell, Mrs. Alex. (Margaret), d. 2/24/1902, F, bur. Sec. O-155-2
Campbell, Mrs. John (Ann), d. 9/13/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-91-3
Campbell, Mrs. Midford S, d. 4/9/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-23-2
Campbell, Robert, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-85-4
Carmichael, Donald, d. 12/29/1869, M, bur. Sec. O-206-4
Carson, Isabella, d. 2/15/1899, F, bur. Sec, O-195-2
Carson, Isabella, d. 2/15/1899, F, bur. Sec. O-195-2
Carson, James, d. 12/27/1899, M, bur. Sec. O-195-3
Carter, Millicent, d. 12/30/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-258-5
Case, Adam, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-61-4
Case, Charlotte, d. 10/14/1954, F, bur. Sec. N-184-4
Case, Eliza (McNaughton), d. 2/12/1963, F, bur. Sec. O-250-2
Case, George, b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1866, M, bur. Sec. O-250-5B
Case, Georgina, b. 1/1/1866, d. 1/1/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-236-1
Case, John M., b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-250-1
Case, John, d. 11/11/1956, M, bur. Sec. N-184-5
Case, Margaret (McIntyre), b. 1/1/1864, d. 1/1/1916, F, bur. Sec. O-250-4
Case, Mrs. Adam, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-61-5
Case, William, d. 6/3/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-250-5
Caslick, Elizabeth (Grant), d. 7/11/1941, F, bur. Sec. O-149-2
Caslick, Jane Agnes (Harkness), d. 10/4/1954, F, bur. Sec. O-269-4
Caslick, John, b. 1/1/1873, d. 1/1/1960, M, bur. Sec. O-269-5
Caslick, John, d. 8/27/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-149-3
Caslick, Robert, d. 5/14/1951, M, bur. Sec. N-165-3
Caslick, Vera May, d. 1/1/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-269-3
Cerson, Albert, d. 2/15/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-229-5
Cerson, Calvin W., d. 8/31/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-175-3
Cerson, Douglas James Calvin, d. May 6, 2009, bur. Sec. N, Plot 175, grave 2
Cerson, Kenneth, d. 6/13/1965, M, bur. Sec. N-175-4
Cerson, Mrs. Hanna, d. 5/24/1988, F, bur. Sec. N-229-4
Chadwick, D. K., d. 1/26/1892, U, bur. Sec. O-97-5
Chadwick, Nina Mary (Barker), d. 7/15/1953, F, bur. Sec. O-97-4
Chafe, Wayne, d. 12/21/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-141-3
Chaffe, Ernest, d. 1/1/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-141-5
Chapman, Agnes, d. 3/17/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-275-2
Chapman, Fanny, d. 7/29/1976, F, bur. Sec. N-166-4
Chapman, Jannett (Henderson), d. 12/6/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-275-1
Chapman, John, b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1923, M, bur. Sec. O-275-5
Chapman, Mrs. John (Sophia Krohn), b. 1/1/1843, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-275-4
Chapman, Mrs. Robert (Goodfellow), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-82-4
Chapman, Robert, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-82-5
Chapman, Wm., d. 8/3/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-166-5
Chapple, Mrs. Spencer, d. 1/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-293-1
Chapple, Spence, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. O-293-2
Chisholm, Bertha, d. 8/17/1949, F, bur. Sec. O-3-4
Chisholm, James, d. 2/22/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-3-2
Chisholm, Sarah, d. 6/10/1861, F, bur. Sec. O-3-1
Chittick, Andrew William, b. Apr 14, 1868, d. Jun 06, 1948, M, bur. Sec. N-62-5
Chittick, Ellen (Manser), b. Nov 21, 1868, d. Mar 23, 1949, bur. Sec. N-62-4
Chittick, Leonard Bailey, b. Nov 12, 1902, d. Jul 12, 1950, bur. Sec. N-62-3
Church, Mrs. W. G., d. 12/17/1972, F, bur. Sec. O-125-5
Church, W. G., b. 1/1/1900, d. 9/23/1969, M, bur. Sec. O-125-4
Clark, Emma (Smith), d. 9/1/1945, F, bur. Sec. NC-4-4
Clark, John McIntyre, d. 5/31/1931, M, bur. Sec. NC-4-5
Clark, Peter, b. 1/1/1827, d. 1/1/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-57-1
Clayton, Elmer, b. 1/1/1910, d. 4/10/1989, M, bur. Sec. N-171B-1
Clayton, Mrs. Elmer, d. 1/1/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-171B-2
Clements, Eugene Conrad, M., d. Dec. 4,2005, bur. Sec E 1 grave 18
Clydsdale, David, d. 1/16/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-155-3
Clydsdale, William, d. 4/24/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-155-5
Collison, Joseph Clarence, b. 6/16/1939, d. 6/16/2003, M, bur. Sec. N-312-1
Colvin, Andrew R., d. 1/4/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-244-2
Colvin, Christena (McKenzie), d. 9/17/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-273-1
Colvin, David, d. 1/24/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-68-4
Colvin, Donald, d. 7/6/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-281-3
Colvin, Elda Irene, b. 1/1/1893, d. 1/17/1970, F, bur. Sec. O-273-3
Colvin, Fanny (Johnston), d. 8/5/1932, F, bur. Sec. O-215-5
Colvin, Fleming, d. 11/25/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-57-4
Colvin, Fred, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. O-182-4
Colvin, George, d. 1/18/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-243-2
Colvin, Gladys (Pletch), d. 3/22/1987, F, bur. Sec. O-273-5
Colvin, Harland, b. 1/1/1906, d. 1/1/1963, M, bur. Sec. N-236-5
Colvin, James S., d. 1/8/1897, M, bur. Sec. O-244-1
Colvin, John McCullough, d. 6/30/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-68-5
Colvin, John, d. 3/12/1987, M, bur. Sec. O-273-4
Colvin, John, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. O-182-2
Colvin, John Duffy, b. Jan 19, 1930, d. Nov 9, 2011, bur. N236, grave 2
Colvin, Krista Ann, b. Jan 3, 1976, d. Jan 3, 1976, bur. O273, grave 3A
Colvin, Margaret (Smith), b. 1/1/1841, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-243-4
Colvin, Margaret Jones, d. 5/27/1940, F, bur. Sec. N-57-3
Colvin, Margaret, d. 12/3/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-68-2
Colvin, Margaret, d. 6/30/1863, F, bur. Sec. O-68-1
Colvin, Mary (Rice), d. 3/5/1863, F, bur. Sec. O-243-1
Colvin, Mrs. Freda, b. 1/1/1902, d. 10/5/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-236-4
Colvin, Mrs. John (Sara Jane), d. 3/3/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-182-1
Colvin, Robert, d. 2/5/1944, M, bur. Sec. O-273-2
Colvin, Robert, d. 8/31/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-68-3
Colvin, Velma Florence, b. Feb 27, 1931, d. Jan 20, 2007, bur. Sec. N, Lot 281, grave 5
Colvin, Wm. R., d. 4/27/1936, M, bur. Sec. N-57-2
Comber, Mary, d. 4/15/1934, F, bur. Sec. O-39-3
Comrie, Rita Myrtle Dickison, d. 7/12/1998, F, bur. Sec. N-217-4
Cook, Susanna, b. 5/28/1826, d. 4/15/1900, F, bur. Sec. O-2-3
Cooke, Mrs. Flo, d. 12/1/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-76-4
Cooney, S. E., d. 7/24/1875, U, bur. Sec. O-38A-5
Cosgrove, George, d. 1/29/1877, M, bur. Sec. O-294-1
Couch, George and Tuck, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-44-2
Couch, James H., d. 5/13/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-44-5
Cox, George M., b. Nov 23. 1938, d. Sep 12, 2007, bur. Sec. AO. Lot 67, grave 1
Cronin, Robert J., b. 4/28/1927, d. 10/24/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-229-1
Curran, Robert, d. 5/31/1908, M, bur. Sec. N-76-5
Curran, Thomas, b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-141-1
Currie, John Alexander, d. 2/12/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-262-5
Currie, Mrs. Rev. Peter (Jessie), b. 3/20/1867, d. 12/4/1931, F, bur. Sec. O-262-1
Currie, Rev. Peter, d. 4/29/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-262-3
Currie, Robertson, d. 1/19/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-262-4
Dagg, Birdie June, d. 3/2/1951, F, bur. Sec. N-158-4
Dagg, Ernest M., d. 3/5/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-158-5
Dagleish, Mary Ann, d. 10/2/1941, F, bur. Sec. N-94-4
Dalmer, Horace Arthur, d. 4/1/1981, M, bur. Sec. N-274-3
Dalmer, Mrs. Annette E. (Hardy), b. 5/14/1914, d. 7/27/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-274-3B
Davidson, Garnet John, b. 10/17/1929, d. 3/18/2002, M, bur. Sec. N-98-1
Davidson, Jane, d. 4/26/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-125-4
Davidson, John, d. 4/22/1862, M, bur. Sec. N-124-3
Davidson, Peter Allan, b. Mar 16, 1955 (stillborn) bur. Sec. N., Plot 98, grave 4
Davidson, Thomas, d. 5/25/1910, M, bur. Sec. N-124-5
Davidson, Vernon Alfred, d. 9/30/1934, M, bur. Sec. O-128-2
Davis, Harold, d. 1/11/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-253B-1
Davis, Mary Lou (Wall), b. 8/12/1954, d. 3/16/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-245A-1
Davis, Mrs. Harold, d. 10/14/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-253B-2
Daw, Bessie Lavina (Willie), b. 12/22/1912, d. 9/25/1992, F, bur. Sec. O-75A-2
Daw, Fred, b. 1/1/1906, d. 12/4/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-75A-1
Day, Emma, d. 3/20/1947, F, bur. Sec. N-119-5
Day, Isabella McKenzie, d. 11/16/1942, F, bur. Sec. N-119-1
Day, Myrtle, d. 1/1/1978, F, bur. Sec. N-119-4
Day, Walter, d. 12/24/1943, M, bur. Sec. N-119-2
DeBoerr, Peter, b. 1/1/1925, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. O-243A-2
Dellow, Dorothy (Chaffe), d. 12/21/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-141-4
Deneau, James, d. 9/10/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-219-3
Detheridge, Kelvin V., d. 9/20/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-227-1
Dever, Frank C., d. 1/1/1000, M, bur. Sec. N-113-5
Dever, Mary Ann (Reynolds), d. 10/31/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-177-4
Dever, Mary, d. 1/1/1000, F, bur. Sec. O-177-2
Dever, William, d. 1/6/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-177-3
Dezeeuw, Lloyd George, b. 1/13/1993, d. 1/13/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-2
Dezeeuw, Pieter Jan Ernest, b. 9/9/1993, d. 9/9/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-262A-2B
Dick, John, d. 1/1/1000, M, bur. Sec. O-251-2
Dick, Mrs. John (Mary), d. 7/24/1940, F, bur. Sec. O-251-1
Dick, Norman, b. 1/1/1902, d. 1/1/1903, M, bur. Sec. O-251-5
Dickison, Baby, d. 10/12/1958, U, bur. Sec. N-23-3
Dickison, Charles, d. 1/9/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-141-2
Dickison, Emily (Day), b. 1/1/1894, d. 10/24/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-201-4
Dickison, Evelyn Marie (McInnes), b. 3/15/1921, d. 10/28/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-200-2
Dickison, Glen, d. 5/2/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-201-3
Dickison, Gordon J., d. 1/30/1989, M, bur. Sec. O-85-1
Dickison, James, d. 12/28/1962, M, bur. Sec. N-217-5
Dickison, Joseph, b. 1/1/1886, d. 3/20/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-201-5
Dickison, Mrs. Mary, d. 10/23/1972, F, bur. Sec. N-141-1
Dickison, Mrs. Thirza (McBurney), b. 4/24/1904, d. 4/17/2000, F, bur. Sec. O-85-2
Dickison, William Earl, b. Jul 4, 1919, d. Oct 23, 2006, bur. Sec N Lot 200 Gr #1
Dickson, Gordon J., b. 1/1/1921, d. 1/22/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-200-4
Dillon, Susanna Agnes Lucinda (Harris), b. Mar 18, 1942, d. Dec 14, 2010, bur. N164, grave 2
Dobson, Alice Gertrude, b. 5/8/1912, d. 8/17/1999, F, bur. Sec. N-140-4
Dobson, Elizabeth, d. 2/11/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-140-1
Dobson, Frank, d. 7/28/1993, M, bur. Sec. N-70-5
Dobson, Howard, d. 4/30/1966, M, bur. Sec. O-35-2
Dobson, Ida May (Edgar), d. 6/5/1964, F, bur. Sec. N-70-4
Dobson, Jean Marie, d. 4/5/1931, F, bur. Sec. N-70-3
Dobson, Margaret, d. 6/4/1895, F, bur. Sec. O-36-1
Dobson, Melvin, d. 2/28/1962, M, bur. Sec. O-35-1
Dobson, Robert John, d. 2/18/1936, M, bur. Sec. O-36-2
Dobson, Robert John, d. 5/26/1967, M, bur. Sec. O-35-4
Dobson, Roy, d. 5/17/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-140-3
Doede, Mary Anne Doreen, b. Dec 8, 1940, d. Oct 21, 2010, Sec. E. Row 1, Grave 61
Doede, Ronald Carl, b. Nov 27, 1942, d. Sep 02, 2005, bur. Sep 07, 2005
Donahue, Chris, b. 12/25/1854, d. 4/30/1914, M, bur. Sec. N-49-5
Donahue, Margaret, d. 1/3/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-49-1
Donahue, Mel, d. 5/24/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-49-2
Donahy, James, d. 7/27/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-60-5
Donahy, Mary, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-60-1
Donaldson, David, b. 10/1/1856, d. 2/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. N-121-5
Donaldson, David, d. 8/4/1981, M, bur. Sec. O-83-3
Donaldson, Donald, d. 4/30/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-64-2
Donaldson, Edna, d. 1/1/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-153-3
Donaldson, Elizabeth Campbell, d. 7/30/1946, F, bur. Sec. N-121-1
Donaldson, James Kenneth, b. Jun 6, 1925, d. Jul 01, 2005, bur. Sec. N 13,3
Donaldson, Jennie Elliott, d. 9/18/1941, F, bur. Sec. N-121-4
Donaldson, Mable, d. 12/22/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-25-4
Donaldson, Mrs. Robert, d. 9/1/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-64-4
Donaldson, Robert Douglas, b. Feb 3, 1942, d. May 8, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 300, Grave 1
Donaldson, Robert, b. 1/1/1884, d. 7/3/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-121-2
Donaldson, Robert, d. 9/1/1969, M, bur. Sec. N-64-3
Douglas, Andrew, d. 1/16/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-246-1
Douglas, Velda Margaret (Thornton), b. Dec 20, 1918, d. Jul 17, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 246, Grave 2
Downing, John, d. 4/13/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-143-5
Downing, Mary Ann, d. 2/22/1948, F, bur. Sec. O-143-4
Drehmann, George, b. 9/7/1912, d. 9/5/2000, M, bur. Sec. O-168-2
Drehmann, Sadie Marguerite (Reta) F., d. Dec. 11, 2005, bur. Sec.O, lot 168, grave 1
Dubeau, Dorothy Christine, b. May 18, 1930, d. Sep 9, 2006, bur. Sec BN 98 Gr #2
Duck, Douglas Valentine, b. 1/1/1929, d. 4/25/1992, M, bur. Sec. O-70A-1
Duck, Nadine Mildred, b. 4/20/1932, d. 4/20/2004, F, bur. Sec. AO-70-2
Duffy, Cora (Becking), b. 3/1/1901, d. 3/1/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-244-4
Duffy, Herbert, b. 12/12/1908, d. 3/18/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-244-5
Duffy, Jack, d. 5/2/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-244-2
Duggan, Annie Robena, b. 9/10/1877, d. 9/10/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-164-5
Dunbar, Nathaniel, b. 1/1/1837, d. 1/1/1921, M, bur. Sec. N-37-5
Dunbar, Nathaniel, d. 5/29/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-37-1
Dunlop, Mary Eileen, b. May 27, 1928, d. Jul 16, 2008, bur. Sec. AO, Plot 72, grave 2
Edgar, Albert, d. 6/5/1958, M, bur. Sec. O-54-2
Edgar, Bonita, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-54-3
Edgar, Charles, b. 1/1/1828, d. 9/28/1914, M, bur. Sec. O-53-3
Edgar, David, d. 12/22/1930, M, bur. Sec. N-61-5
Edgar, Frances, d. 8/6/1937, F, bur. Sec. N-14-4
Edgar, George, d. 6/6/1873, M, bur. Sec. O-53-5
Edgar, Harvey H., b. 7/10/1896, d. 5/12/1904, M, bur. Sec. N-14-3
Edgar, Henrietta, b. 8/26/1853, d. 5/29/1919, F, bur. Sec. N-80-2
Edgar, James E., b. 5/5/1854, d. 6/25/1918, M, bur. Sec. N-14-5
Edgar, James, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-61-3
Edgar, Julia, d. 3/16/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-144-4
Edgar, Mrs. Henry, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-54-5
Edgar, Mrs. Mary, d. 12/15/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-61-2
Edgar, Sarah, d. 12/27/1940, F, bur. Sec. N-61-4
Edgar, Wilma Eileen, b. Sep 23, 1923, d. Dec 30, 2008, bur. Sec. N, Plot 274, grave 2
Elliot, Bella, d. 7/14/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-141-2
Elliot, Leroy, d. 10/9/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-93-1
Elliott, Harold, d. 10/1/1971, M, bur. Sec. N-252-4
Elliott, Helen (Welsh), d. 3/9/1912, F, bur. Sec. O-141-4
Elliott, James A, b. 1/1/1860, d. 1/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-93-5
Elliott, Jean, d. 3/22/1910, F, bur. Sec. N-30-2
Elliott, Mrs. Leroy, d. 1/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-93-2
Elliott, Mrs. Robert, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-142-1
Elliott, Phronie, d. 6/21/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-252-5
Elliott, Thomas, d. 6/3/1864, M, bur. Sec. O-141-5
Emmit, Jane Anne (Moffat), d. 2/26/1943, F, bur. Sec. O-28-1
Erwin, E. W., d. 10/14/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-281-4
Erwin, Elizabeth, d. 10/24/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-281-5
Ewing, Ann Fallon, d. 7/15/1939, F, bur. Sec. NC-12-3
Ewing, Charles Sinclair, d. 10/30/1937, M, bur. Sec. NC-17-5
Ewing, Donald, b. 9/8/1909, d. 3/26/1988, M, bur. Sec. NC-17-3
Ewing, Louise Belle, b. 1/1/1869, d. 1/1/1937, F, bur. Sec. NC-17-1
Ewing, Mrs. Alice, d. 12/2/1939, F, bur. Sec. NC-12-4
Ewing, Mrs. Mary, d. 3/31/1967, F, bur. Sec. NC-17-4

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