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West Saint Modeste Cemetery
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West Saint Modeste Cemetery
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West Saint Modeste Cemetery
West Saint Modeste, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Lat: 51° 37' 19"N, Lon: 56° 42' 50W

Submitted by Charles Gravel, Aug 10, 2006 [charles_gravel@hotmail.com]. Total records = 70.

The village of West Saint Modeste, also known as Semadet, is located about 50 km from Saint Barbe (Newfoundland), Blanc Sablon (Quebec) ferry on the 510 East.

West Saint Modeste was founded by Mr. Pierre Constantin, a French who conducted there fishing activities. English settlers came to West Saint Modeste a little while after.

Around 1970, West Saint Modeste has seen a significative increase in its population when surrounding little village as l'Anse au Diable closed. Today the population of West Saint Modeste arises 350 people living mainly from fishing and tourism.

I visited and read this cemetery in Sep of 2001. It includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Charles Gravel

Beals, Francis, b. 18-04-1915, d. 4/12/1989
Beals, Honora, b. 26-11-1880, d. 19-01-1978
Beals, Margaret, b. 19-07-1921, d. 22-03-1975, w/o Beals, Francis
Beals, Paul C., b. 1931, d. 1985, age: 54y
Beals, Stephen R., b. 30-06-1933, d. 9/4/1981
Bolger, John T., d. 27-11-1974, age: 84y
Bolger, Lucie M., b. 1903, d. 1986
Bolger, Nancy Mary, b. 9/2/1931, d. 14-06-2001
Bolger, Rita Ann, b. 6/6/1909, d. 14-08-1994, w/o James
Buckle, Sharon, b. 13-10-1961, d. 28-05-1976, age: 14y, d/o Edward & Sylvia
Butt, Donald, b. 2/5/1930, d. 22-07-1981, h/o Butt, Gloria
Butt, Eben, b. 10/11/1909, d. 12/12/1988
Butt, Isabella, b. 9/6/1905, d. 8/11/1990, age: 85y 5m, w/o Butt, Joseph
Dooley, Minnie Jane, b. 15-09-1892, d. 10/4/1977, age: 84y
Dorey, Maud, b. 7/9/1912, d. 16-05-1998
George, Hannah E., d. 27-04-2000, age: 93y
Hawco, Gertrude, b. 1900, d. 1984
Hawco, Martin J., b. 9/2/1900, d. 24-06-1976, age: 72y, s/o Patrick & Agnes
Hawco, William, d. 19-07-1982, age: 81y, h/o Gertie
Hudson, Arthur, b. 13-12-1898, d. 16-10-1992
Hudson, Gordon P., b. 31-08-1932, d. 12/8/1987, his brothers James, George & Geoffrey
Hudson, James A., b. 7/2/1947, d. 14-07-1996
Hudson, James W., b. 1920, d. 1999, h/o Marshall, Violet
Hudson, Napoleon G., b. 26-08-1975, d. 5/10/1993
Hudson, Napoleon, b. 13-08-1929, d. 26-06-1987
Lee, Kent M., b. 13-02-1987, d. 15-03-1987, s/o Lionel & Leona
Lee, Lucia Patricia, b. 15-03-1940, d. 30-09-1996
Letemplier, Albert Eugene, b. 15-09-1919, d. 26-02-1986, age: 66y, h/o Ann
Letemplier, Stanley Benedict, b. 2/5/1955, d. 15-01-1988
Lowe, Annie, b. 3/6/1917, d. 2/1/1982, w/o Lowe, Thomas
Lowe, John Sr., b. 17-07-1900, d. 11/5/1986
Lowe, Peter, b. 1909, d. 1986
Lowe, Thomas, b. 1/1/1912, d. 29-07-1980, age: 68y, h/o Annie
Marshall, Minnie May, b. 16-05-1919, d. 16-06-1990, w/o O'Dell, Cyril I.
McDonald, Ann Mary, b. 26-01-1931, d. 7/10/1998, w/o Letemplier, ?
McDonald, Godfrey Thomas (captain), b. 14-07-1967, d. 11/1/1994, age: 26y
McDonald, Helen, b. 5/6/1901, d. 26-02-1987, his 2 sons and 2 daughters
McDonald, Henry, b. 2/1/1920, d. 5/7/1995, h/o Susanne
McDonald, James Francis, b. 17-08-1918, d. 22-11-1984, age: 65y
McDonald, Martha, b. 21-07-1896, d. 2/2/1990
McDonald, Mary, b. 14-05-1940, d. 13-04-1998
Murphy, Eillen, b. 1904, d. 1990
O'Brien, Margaret, b. 22-09-1897, d. 20-08-1980
O'Dell, Aloysius Michael, b. 3/9/1969, d. 20-07-1980, age: 10y
O'Dell, Aloysius, b. 15-04-1925, d. 8/9/2001
O'Dell, Clarence Patrick, b. 5/6/1954, d. 7/9/1993
O'Dell, Colin, no dates, age: 17y, wooden cross, no inscriptions
O'Dell, Edward F., b. 20-02-1902, d. 14-12-1989
O'Dell, Howard Edward, b. 20-09-1926, d. 3/6/1999
O'Dell, Juanita Joy, b. 1/9/1952, d. 22-07-1000, w/o Frederick
O'Dell, Mary Eleen, b. 27-08-1870, d. 5/6/1978
O'Dell, Maud, b. 01-12-1893, d. 15-06-1980
O'Dell,Thomas, b. 1929, d. 1986
Pike, Alexander, b. 1937, d. 1988
Pike, Christa, b. 1/6/1984, d. 8/10/1999, d/o O'Brien, Claudia & Maurice
Pike, Christine, b. 9/8/1916, d. 1/1/1992
Pike, Gerard, b. 24-06-1925, d. 1/1/1977, age: 51y, s/o Mark & Mary
Pike, James, d. 3/8/1979, age: 85y
Pike, Lawrence Mark, b. 13-10-1917, d. 24-12-1991, h/o Margaret
Pike, Michael, b. 26-10-1913, d. 28-06-1995
Pike, Samuel Patrick, b. 17-03-1911, d. 19-04-1986
Pike, William A., b. 17-06-1907, d. 16-08-1973, age: 66y, h/o Cabot, Christine
Ryan, James, b. 1917, d. 1995
Spearing, Michael, d. Dec 1989
Thomas, Eileen, b. 26-09-1940, d. 6/12/1983, w/o Pike, Thomas
Tracey, Elias J., b. 1907, d. 1989
Tracey, John Albert, b. 1930, d. 1992
Tracey, Katherine, b. 06-10-1892, d. 17-07-1978
Tracey, Lawrence, no dates, wooden cross, illegible
Tracey, William, b. 26-03-1892, d. 15-10-1978, age: 86y, h/o Katherine, married 07-01-1928
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