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Moora Cemetery
Moora Shire, Wheatbelt, Western Australia

Located in a rural farming community, Moora is situated approx 180 kms north of Perth. The actual cemetery is located on the Dandaragan Road, approx 2kms from the centre of the town.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited May 04, 2009. Total records = 137.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Anderson, Bessie, d. 11 Dec 1952, Moora, age: 33yr, bur. RC 47 Native, Rec #33, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Emma, d. 30 Jan 1956, M D Hosp, age: 90yr, bur. C of E 263, Rec #697, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Hilda, d. 1 Dec 1914, Moora, age: 14½yr, bur. RC, Rec #102, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Anderson, Infant, d. 8 Dec 1956, M D Hosp, age: SB, bur. Native, Rec #710, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, James, d. 4 Aug 1954, Moora, age: 48yr, bur. N RC 32, Rec #669, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, John Thomas, d. 7 Jul 1990, Herne Hill, age: 34yr, bur. CE 94, Rec #1229, Res. Gnangarra, [RW]
Anderson, Joseph Kitchener, d. 21 Jan 1990, Moora, age: 71yr, bur. CE 93, Rec #1224, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Joy Elaine, d. 1 May 1946, M D Hosp, age: 10 mth, bur. Native 11, Rec #551, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Kate, d. 20 May 1920, Dandaragan, age: 23yr, bur. RC, Rec #182, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Anderson, Maitland Neil, d. 10 Feb 1980, Moora, age: 42yr, bur. RC 196, Erica Morden, Rec #1081, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Mervyn John, d. 27 Apr 1954, Moora, age: 13mth, bur. Native 31, Rec #663, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Anderson, Philomena Jean, d. 4/7/1879, Moora, age: 52yr, bur. N 18, Rec #1062, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Private J A, d. 15 Mar 1943, Moora, bur. RC 3, Rec #494, Res. Moora, [RW]
Anderson, Salvik ?, d. 9 Jun 1963, M D Hosp, age: 63yr, bur. RC 71, Rec #827, Res. Coorow, [RW]
Anderson, Veronica Jean, d. 13 Jun 1951, M D Hosp, age: 8mth, bur. Native 18, Rec #613, Res. Miling, [RW]
Bishop, Clarence, d. 6 Feb 1987, SCGH, age 85, crem Mem Wall, Moora. Res. Subiaco, [ID]
Borinelli, Umberto, d. 8 Jan 2002, Moora, age: 60yr, bur. CW 92, Rec #1987, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Alfred John, d. 7 Nov 1965, Cervantes, age: 55yr, bur. Meth 107, Rec #863, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Annie Jane, d. 30 Dec 1997, Moora, age: 85yr, bur. U 108, Rec #1344, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Ashni George, d. 20 Sep 1982, Carlisle, age: 70yr, bur. RC 132, Henry Joseph Brown, Rec #1120, Res. Carlisle, [RW]
Brown, Dennis, d. 13 Mar 1978, Muchea, age: 55yr, bur. RC 183, mary 1009, Rec #1055, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Donald George, d. 29 Dec 1995, Nedlands, age: 65yr, bur. CE 136, Rec #1316, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Eliza, d. 23 Sep 1954, Moora, age: 83yr, bur. C of E A56, Rec #677, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Harry, d. 8 Jan 1974, Nedlands, age: 84yr, bur. RC 197, Rec #985, Res. Nedlands, [RW]
Brown, Henry Joseph, d. 11 Oct 1954, Three Springs, age: 84yr, bur. RC 121, Michael John Brown, Rec #678, Res. Mingenew, [RW]
Brown, Infant, d. 8 Jun 1961, Moora, age: SByr, bur. Anglican, Infant of R C Brown, Rec #786, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Infant, d. 8 Oct 1963, M D Hosp, age: SByr, bur. RC, Infant of M J Brown, Rec #834, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Johanna, d. 11 Nov 1942, M D Hosp, age: 74yr, bur. RC 109, Rec #491, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Linda, d. 14 Aug 1976, M D Hosp, age: SByr, bur. Anglican A193, Rec #1035, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Mary Ann, d. 22 Sep 1950, Three Springs, age: 77yr, bur. RC 132, Ashni George Brown, Rec #597, Has HS, Res. Gunyidi, [RW]
Brown, Mary, d. 10 Sep 1919, Moora, age: 75yr, bur. RC 22 , Rec #164, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Mary, d. 24 Mar 1975, RPH, age: 53yr, bur. RC 183, Dennis 1055, Rec #1009, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, May Maud, d. 17 Jul 1978, RPH, age: 75yr, bur. A A37, Gordon Riddle 1247, Rec #1063, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Merle Edith, d. 17 Jan 1936, Creslow, age: 4 11/12yr, bur. C of E 227, Rec #415, Res. Creslow, [RW]
Brown, Michael John, d. 26 Apr 1987, Moora, age: 89yr, bur. RC 121, Mary Ann Brown, Rec #1182, Res. Moora, [RW]
Brown, Nathan, d. 18 Mar 1989, Carnamah, age: 8yr, bur. CE 62, Rec #1205, Res. Carnamah, [RW]
Brown/Harley, Doris May, d. 1 Mar 1980, Moora, age: 67yr, bur. RC 229, Rec #1083, Res. Moora, [RW]
Davies, Frances Evelyn Beatrice, d. 22 Nov 1999, SCGH, age 61yr, w/o Ivor, bur. Anglican 54 Res: Subiaco, [ID]
Dodd, James May Dodd, d. 4 Oct 1955, Mt Lawley, age: 89yr, bur. C of E 160A, Mary Jane Dodd 404, Rec #688, has HS, Res. Mt Lawley, [RW]
Dodd, Margaret, d. 7 Oct 1919, Moora, age: 39yr, bur. A 69, Rec #166, has HS, Res. Moora, [RW]
Dodd, Mary Jane, d. 12 Apr 1935, Watheroo, age: 65yr, bur. C of E 160A, James May Dodd 688, Rec #404, has HS, Res. Watheroo , [RW]
Dodd, Thomas Joseph, d. 18 Dec 1953, Moora, age: 88yr, bur. C of E A10, Rec #657, Res. Moora, [RW]
Egan, Joyce, d. 15 Jun 1996, Moora, age: 61yr, bur. CE 187, Rec #1323, Res. moora, [RW]
Flowers, Alice, d. 9 May 1959, Moora, age: 46yr, bur. Ang 50, Rec #759, Res. Moora, [RW]
Flowers, Darryl Hector, d. 19 Dec 1961, M D Hosp, age: 4 mth, bur. Ang 67, Rec #800, Res. Moora, [RW]
Flowers, Donald Rodrick, d. 20 Oct 1975, Mullewa, age: 59yr, bur. N 50, Rec #1024, Res. Mullewa, [RW]
Halligan, Edward George, d. 9 May 1959, Perth Hwy, bur. M 79, resulting from accident ?, Rec #Res. New Norcia, [RW]
Harley, Allan James, d. 10 Jun 1964, Moora, age: 27yr, bur. Anglican A188, Rec #844, Res. Moora, [RW]
Headland, Amy, d. 13 May 1983, Sir Charles Gardiner, age: 68yr, bur. CE 6, Rec #1126, Res. Moora, [RW]
Headland, Melanie Pearl, d. 1 May 1996, Miling, age: 15yr, bur. CE 194, Rec #1319, has HS, Res. Moora, [RW]
Headland, Pearl Veronice, d. 24 Feb 1974, Moora, age: 50yr, bur. RC 71, Isabella Yappo 1276, Rec #988, Res. Moora, [RW]
Headland, Reginald, d. 25 Feb 1977, Miling, age: 67yr, bur. Anglican A 120, Rec #1043, Res. Miling, [RW]
Maher, Agnes, d. 22 Jan 1972, Dalkeith, age: 35yr, bur. RC 198, Maureen Maher 990, Rec #958, Res. Moora, [RW]
Maher, child of Jack, d. 9 Feb 1952, Moora, age: SB, bur. N 3, Rec #626, Res. Moora, [RW]
Maher, Mary Louise, d. 1 Dec 1920, Moora, age: 1yr, bur. Anglican, Rec #195, Res. Moora, [RW]
Maher, Maureen, d. 2 Apr 1947, Moora, age: 42yr, bur. RC 198, Agnes Maher 958, Rec #990, Res. Moora, [RW]
Maher, Sandra Rose, d. 11 Apr 1984, RPH, age: 31yr, bur. C E 15, Rec #1139, Res. Gnangarra, [RW]
Martin, Margaret, d. 10 Oct 1983, Rossmoyne, age: 95yr, bur. M 90, Rec #1134, Res. Rossmoyne, [RW]
Martin, Rennie Leith, d. 10 May 1985, Eaton, age: 70yr, bur. U 83, Rec #1153, has HS, Res. Eaton, [RW]
Martin, Robert Ronald, d. 7 Aug 1960, Moora, age: 5yr, bur. M 82, Rec #774, Res. Moora, [RW]
Martin, Septimus Rennie Giege, d. 17 Apr 1963, Midland, age: 77yr, bur. M91, Rec #823, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Charles, d. 20 Jul 1972, Middle Swan, age: 76yr, bur. C o E A21, Rec #961, Res. Dandaragan West, [RW]
McVee, Dorothy Irene, d. 15 Jul 1966, M D Hosp, age: 44yr, bur. Anglican A 20, Rec #873, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Dorothy Jane, d. 3 Apr 1933, Moora, age: 19yr, bur. Anglica 151, Rec #376, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Gussie, d. 3 Feb 1965, St Ritas Hosp, age: 78yr, bur. Anglican A21, Rec #853, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Leonard Edward, d. 23 Apr 1971, Wongan Hills, age: 64yr, bur. C of E 151, Rec #950, Res. Wongan Hills, [RW]
McVee, Rennie Gough, d. 8 Jul 1941, M D Hosp, age: 2dys, bur. Anglican 207, Rec #472, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Susanna, d. 1 Jul 1941, Moora, age: 81yr, bur. Anglican 222, Rec #471, Res. Moora, [RW]
McVee, Vera, d. 23 Jun 1920, Moora, age: SB, bur. Anglican 62, Rec #185, Res. Dandargan, [RW]
Morden, Erica, d. 26 Oct 1973, Moora, age: 52yr, bur. CE 196, Maitland N Anderson 1081, Rec #Res. Moora, [RW]
Morton, Ivy Ethel, d. 1 Dec 1991, Gunyidi, age: 80yr, bur. CE 111, Rec #1244, has HS, Res. Gunyidi, [RW]
Morton, James Arthur, d. 2 Jan 2001, Moora, age: 78yr, bur. CE111, Rec #1362, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Morton, William, d. 16 Aug 1992, Moora, age: 67yr, bur. CE 121, Rec #1265, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Ponton, William John Lawrence, d. 9 Oct 1910, Moora, age: 8 mth, bur. Anglican, Rec #38, Res. Moora, [RW]
Riddle, Gordon, d. 1 Jan 1992, Moora, age: 69yr, bur. RC 228, Mary Maud Brown 1063, Rec #1247, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Anthony Peter, d. 1 Dec 1967, M D Hosp, age: 3yr, bur. RC 187, S.B, Rec #892, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Anthony, d. 9 Mar 1963, Native Reserve, age: 35yr, bur. RC 69, Rec #820, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Catherine, d. 1 Jun 1933, Koojan, age: 66yr, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #379, Res. Koojan, [RW]
Ryder, Charlie, d. 12 Oct 1941, M D Hosp, age: 42yr, bur. RC 74, Rec #477, Res. Koojan, [RW]
Ryder, Colin Frazer, d. 4 May 1986, RPH, age: 45yr, bur. CE 53, Rec #1116, Res. Gnangarra, [RW]
Ryder, Edward, d. 28 May 1980, Armadale, age: 47yr, bur. RC 186, Edward Ryder, Rec #1086, Res. Perth, [RW]
Ryder, Edward, d. 3 Jan 1970, M D Hosp, age: 53yr, bur. RC 186, Edward Ryder, Rec #925, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Florrie, d. 12 Oct 1927, Walebing, age: S.B, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #294, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Ryder, Henry, d. 31 Aug 1926, Walebing, age: S.B, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #277, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Ryder, Lucy, d. 5 May 1931, Walebing, age: 9d, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #342, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Ryder, Maria, d. 30 May 1960, M D Hosp, age: 4mth, bur. RC 15, Rec #841, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Mark, d. 4 Jul 1925, Dalaroo, age: 6mth, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #253, Res. Dalaroo, [RW]
Ryder, Peter, d. 23 Jun 1929, Walebing, age: S.B, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #314, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Ryder, S/B Infant of Darryl, d. 23 May 1970, M D Hosp, age: S.B, bur. RC 187, Anthony Peter, Rec #930, Res. Moora, [RW]
Ryder, Unknown, d. 22 Jul 1939, Walebing, age: 20min, bur. Aboriginal 5, Rec #454, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Ryder, Valeria Ethel Grace, d. 4 Mar 1959, Perth Highway, age: 7mths, bur. RC 37, Rec #749, Res. Moora, [RW]
Sheay, James Joseph, d. 11 Jan 1918, Koojan, age: 11/2 hr, bur. RC, Rec #143, Res. Koojan, [RW]
Sheay, Margaret Mary, d. 7 Mar 1982, Como, age: 72yr, bur. RC 239, Rec #1113, Res. Belmont, [RW]
Sheay, Nora, d. 11 Jan 1918, Koojan, age: 30yr, bur. RC, Rec #144, Res. Koojan, [RW]
Taylor, Andrew, d. 7 Jan 1997, Nth Bridge, age: 36yr, bur. CW 9, Rec #1330, Res. Karrinyup, [RW]
Taylor, Angelina Rose, d. 21 Feb 1958, PMH, age: 8 mth, bur. RC 40, Rec #734, Res. New Norcia, [RW]
Taylor, David John, d. 1 Feb 1958, M D Hosp, age: 13mth, bur. RC 41, Rec #733, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Taylor, Derek William, d. 10 Jun 1988, Bagingarra, age: 16yr, bur. CE 68, Rec #1198, Res. Badgingarra, [RW]
Taylor, Gabriel, d. 22 Jan 1978, RPH, age: 37yr, bur. RC 220, Rec #1053, Res. Midvale, [RW]
Taylor, Laura, d. 10 Dec 1961, M D Hosp, age: 81yr, bur. M 81, Rec #804, Res. Bindi Bindi, [RW]
Taylor, Lewis, d. 6 Apr 1975, Moora, age: 48yr, bur. Native 40, Rec #1010, Res. Armadale, [RW]
Taylor, Trevor Steven, d. 5 Jan 1993, Perth, age: 36yr, bur. CE 56, Rec #1272, Res. Midvale, [RW]
Taylor, William James, d. 2 Sep 1933, Moora, age: 14mths, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #381, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Wright, Christy Marie, d. 15 Dec 1987, PMH, age: 11day, bur. CE 63, Rec #1191, Res. Swan Districts, [RW]
Wright, George Malcolm, d. 4 Apr 1962, Moora, age: 82yr, bur. U 102, Rec #805, Has HS, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wright, George Martin, d. 28 Jun 2000, Subiaco, age: 63yr, bur. CW 90, Rec #1368, has HS, Res. Mt Claremtont, [RW]
Wright, Malcolm George, d. 1 Jun 1905, Moora, age: 68yr, bur. U 138, Rec #1072, has HS, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wright, Raye Lillian, d. 26 Nov 1991, Moora, age: 66yr, bur. CE 109, Rec #1243, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wright, Wilhemena Margaret, d. 5 Nov 2000, Como, age: 84yr, bur. CW 89, Rec #1373, has HS, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Ada Eva Francis, d. 5 Mar 2013, Moora, age: 34yr, bur. RC, Rec #73, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Ada, d. 11 Oct 2010, Moora, age: 11 dys, bur. RC, Rec #39, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Alice Louisa, d. 16 Sep 1932, M D Hosp, age: 48yr, bur. Anglican 148, Rec #363, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Arthur, d. 16 Jul 2020, Moora, age: 5m, bur. RC, Rec #187, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Carmen, d. 21 Mar 2027, Walebing, age: SB, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #283, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Wyatt, Charlotte Willagen, d. 25 Jun 1944, Moora, age: 84yr, bur. RC 77, Rec #528, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Wyatt, Chas, d. 16 Sep 1938, M D Hosp, age: 22yr, bur. M 44, Rec #448, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Wyatt, Errington, d. 13 Dec 2009, Dandaragan, age: 10dys, bur. Anglican, Rec #26, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Wyatt, Evelyn, d. 5 Mar 2013, Moora, age: 1y5m, bur. RC, Rec #74, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Frances Martha, d. 9 Nov 1912, Moora, age: 4 yrs, bur. RC, Rec #70, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, Fredrick Willham, d. 3 Mar 1959, Laz House Geraldton, age: 48yr, bur. M 77, Rec #748, Res. Geraldton, [RW]
Wyatt, Fredrick William, d. 16 Oct 1906, Moora, age: 10mth, bur. RC, Rec #6, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Wyatt, Henry James, d. 19 Feb 1938, M D Hosp, age: 17½yr, bur. Aboriginal 4, Rec #442, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, James, d. 31 Aug 1959, M D Hosp, age: 19yr, bur. M 96, Rec #763, Res. Dandaragan, [RW]
Wyatt, Patrick George, d. 9 May 1959, Perth Hwy, age: 42yr, bur. M 78, Accident See bottom, Rec #755, Res. Moora, [RW]
Wyatt, S B, d. 24 Dec 1932, Walebing, age: SB, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #370, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Wyatt, Suzanne Milicent, d. 7 Jul 1912, Moora, age: 14yrs, bur. Anglican, Rec #64, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Benedict, d. 20 Jun 1920, Moora, age: 19mth, bur. A 62, Rec #184, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Eileen Margaret, d. 20 Oct 1916, Moora, age: 14mth, bur. Rec #133, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Florrie, d. 22 Aug 1960, Claremont, age: 30yr, bur. RC 61, Rec #777, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Harry, d. 14 Mar 1934, Watheroo, age: 10mth, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #388, Res. Watheroo, [RW]
Yappo, Isabella, d. 13 Apr 1993, Perth, age: 75yr, bur. RC 185, P V Headland 988, Rec #1276, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Joseph, d. 25 Mar 1974, Moora, age: 55yr, bur. RC 185, Rec #989, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Lewis, d. 17 Feb 1977, RPH, age: 54yr, bur. RC 4, Rec #1045, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Peter Paul, d. 13 Dec 1914, Moora, age: 18yr, bur. Rec #104, Res. Moora, [RW]
Yappo, Peter, d. 17 Jul 1929, Moora, age: 14 day, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #315, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Yappo, Robert Kevin, d. 9 Sep 1928, Walebing, age: 5mth, bur. Aboriginal, Rec #307, Res. Walebing, [RW]
Yappo, Samual, d. 1 Dec 1923, Moora, age: SB, bur. Rec #233, Res. Moora, [RW]

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