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Bunbury Cemetery
Bunbury, South West, Western Australia

Lat: -33°20', Lon: 115°38'

The port city of Bunbury is located approximately 175 kilometres south of Perth, in Western Australia. The Bunbury cemetery is the responsibility of the Bunbury Cemetery Board, which has an office at the crematorium in Hale Street, Bunbury (postcode 6230). They can be contacted by phone on (08) 9721 3191, which is suggested before a visit. The cemetery site is located about 5 minutes drive away from the crematorium.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 115.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Akland, Katie, daughter of C [or G] and M Akland, d. 13 Apr 1913, aged 13 years 10 months, [SS]
Allen, Jane, Our dear mother, d. 12 Oct 1932, aged 76 years, erected by her loving family [Contact me for further info on family], [SS]
Alting, Agnes May, beloved wife of John Manus Alting and mother of Gertrude Marion, d.27 Apr 1904, aged 30 years 11 months, [SS]
Alting, Constance Marie, d. 7 Dec 1907, aged 8 years 3 months, [SS]
Anderson, Alexandrina, widow of the late James Anderson of Newham????, who died at ???? 22nd[?] ?? 1906, [SS]
Anderson, Andrew, d. 2 Oct 1930, aged 61 years, s/w Louisa Anderson, [SS]
Anderson, Louisa, d. 27 Aug 1954, aged 87 years, At rest, s/w Andrew Anderson, [SS]
Ashford, Thomas, d. 27 Oct 1873, In the 61[?] year of his age he was ?? of Bunbury, Western Australia, ?? of 30 years and during that time had aquired the respect and esteem of all who knew him in the ?? of the ?? in death, [SS]
Auger, George, Beloved son of A & A Auger, d. 12 May 1925, aged 17 years, Weep not for me my mother dear I am not dead but sleeping hear [sic], God called me home he thought it best to be wi him and be at rest, [SS]
Barber, Grace Hannah, Our dear mother, d. 28 Oct 1935, aged 75 years, erected by her sons, Allan, Rollo, and Keith, [SS]
Beigel, Eddie, b. 3 Aug 1901, d. 27 Jan 1904, s/w Mary Emeline Beigel and Herman Max Beigel [sep headstone to Eddie, but shared dbl grave], Only child of HM & ME Beicel, [SS]
Beigel, Herman Max, d. 20 Aug 1933, [SS]
Beigel, Mary Emeline, d. 5 Aug 1932, My wife, s/w Herman Max Beigel, and on sep. headstone but same dbl. grave, Eddie Beigel, [SS]
Benckendorff, Frederick Oscar, dearly beloved husband of Eleanor Hauteville Benckendorff, d. 25 Feb 1913, aged 44 years, at rest, [SS]
Best, Elizabeth, Beloved wife of Eli William and mother of CH, J, S, CG, MA, and RG Best, d. 4 Feb 1929, aged 79 years, Rest perfect rest, [SS]
Black, Frances Margaret, the beloved wife of WJ Black, d. 19 Aug 1908, aged 30 years, So he give his beloved sleep, [SS]
Blyth, Fanny, Dearly beloved wife of Josephine [?] Blyth, d. 16 Jun 1934, aged 84 years, At rest. s/w William Jones, s/w Mary Ann Jones [separate headstone from William and Mary, but shared double grave plot], [SS]
Brown, Dickson Loftus Dickson, of Henley Park, Picton, d. 9 Oct 1898, aged 38 years, [SS]
Chapman, John, My dear husband, called home 19 Apr 1901, in his 35 year, Wi Christ, [SS]
Clifton, Charlie, Dearly beloved husband of Matilda Louisa Clifton, d. 11 Sept 1912, aged 49 years, Peace perfect peace, [SS]
Cotton, Edward Herbert Stapleton, d. 18th Jan 1896, aged 6 mths, Son of WT & EK Cotton, Perth, [SS]
Davis, Charles, d. 3 Jan 1928, aged 72 years, s/w Johanna Davis, [SS]
Davis, Johanna, Beloved wife of Charles, d. 18 Dec 1931, aged 73 years, erected by their loving son Victor, s/w Charles Davis, [SS]
Duncan, George O, ???[headstone broken-unreadable along one line], ?? Hawthorn, Victoria, d. 13 Feb 1907, aged 45[?] years, [SS]
Edwards, Henry Herbert, b. at Hawthorn, Victoria, 25 Jun 1869, d. 23rd June 1914, Veterinary Surgeon, son of Margaret and the late Edward William Edwards V.S., [SS]
Fordyce, John, b. 15 Apr 1858 [?] [Much of inscription buried in the dirt, thus unreadable], [SS]
Foreman, Arthur Robert, b. 15 Nov 1898, d. 6th Jun 1983, s/w Frank Hayward Foreman, & on same dbl. plot Arthur Robert Foreman, Sophia Ellen Foreman & Jack Foreman, [SS]
Foreman, Arthur Robert, d. 6th Feb 1938, aged 72 yrs, Beloved husband of SE Foreman, Beloved by all, s/w Sophia Ellen Foreman & Jack Foreman, sep. headstone but same dbl. plot wi Arthur Robert Foreman & Frank Hayward Foreman, [SS]
Foreman, Frank Hayward, b. 29 Oct 1900, d. 20 Jul 1961, Sons of the above [Arthur Robert and Sophia], s/w Arthur Robert Foreman, shared dbl grave wi Arthur Robert Foreman, Sophia Foreman and Jack Foreman, [SS]
Foreman, Jack, d. 22nd May 1901, aged 8 yrs 4 mnths, Dearly loved son of AR & SE Foreman, At rest, s/w Arthur Robert Foreman & Sophia Ellen Foreman, dbl grave plot shared wi Arthur Robert Foreman & Frank Hayward Foreman, [SS]
Foreman, Sophia Ellen, d. 9 May 1948, aged 81 yrs, Wife of Arthur Robert Foreman, s/w Arthur Robert Foreman, Jack Foreman, [sep headstone, same dbl grave] Arthur Robert Foreman & Frank Hayward Foreman, [SS]
Gray, George, d. 18 Sept 1901, aged 69 years, [SS]
Grimm, Henry, Uncle Harry, who died 8 Jan 1914, aged 59 years, Short and sudden was the call of him so dearly loved by all, his memory still is ever dear for oft we shed a silent tear, [SS]
Harrington, Thomas Henry, d. 2nd Jun 1898, aged 24 years, Dearly beloved son of Richard & Mary Jane Harrington of Diamond Creek, Victoria, [SS]
Hayward, Catherine, d. 5 Sep 1915, aged 88 yrs, Beloved wife of Thomas, Blessed is the memory of the just, s/w Thomas Hayward [d. 1915] & Robert E Hayward, [SS]
Hayward, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 18 Sept 1951, Wife of George Henry Hayward, aged 89 years, s/w George Henry Hayward, [SS]
Hayward, George Henry, d. 28 Jun 1908, aged 40 years, Beloved husband of Nellie Hayward, s/w Ellen Elizabeth Hayward. [Grave next to one shared by Catherine, Thomas & Robert E Hayward], [SS]
Hayward, Matilda Louisa, d. 22 Jan 1920, aged 28 yrs, s/w Thomas Hayward [d. 1920], [SS]
Hayward, Robert E, d. 26 Nov 1875, aged 6 yrs, s/w Catherine Hayward & Thomas Hayward [d. 1915], [SS]
Hayward, Thomas, d. 23 Sep 1915, aged 83 years, s/w Catherine Hayward, [SS]
Hayward, Thomas, d. 3 Oct 1920, aged 55 years, s/w Matilda Louisa Hayward, [SS]
Hill, Vic, Dear little Vic, beloved son of C and J Hill, d. 21st Jun 1900, aged 1 year 7 months, so dearly loved, so deeply mourned, [SS]
Illingworth, Louie, d. 11 March 1935, aged 68 years, s/w Bertha May Pasmore and Catherine J Pasmore, [SS]
Jones, ??vid [David?] Edward, Beloved son ?? & EM Jones, aged 7 1/2 months [headstone broken and part missing], s/w Ethel Mary Jones, [SS]
Jones, Emily, Wife of Henry, 1859, d. 1943, s/w Henry Jones, [SS]
Jones, Ethel Mary, d. 8 Aug 191? [1910 or 1919], Dearly beloved wife of MR [or MP] Jones, One of the best that God could send, faithful wife, mother and sincere friend, [Headstone broken and fallen over] s/w on sep. headstone ??vid [David?] Edward Jones, [SS]
Jones, Henry, 1851, d. 1916, s/w Emily Jones, [SS]
Jones, Mary Ann, wife of William Jones and mother of Owen, d. 29 Jun 1952, aged 86 years, Re-united, s/w William Jones, s/w Fanny Blyth, [SS]
Jones, William, Beloved husband of Mary Ann Jones and loved father of Owen, d. 14 Feb 1926, aged 65 years, At rest, s/w Mary Ann Jones, Fanny Blyth, [SS]
Le Froy, Gerald D Courcy, d. 15 Dec 1878, Thy will be done, [SS]
Lockhart, William, d. 4 Nov 1903, aged 65 years, erected by his loving wife and children, gone but not forgotten, a precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our midst which never can be filled, [SS]
Maddren, Edna, Our darling, Eldest daughter of JH and N Maddren, who fell asleep in Jesus 28 Jul 1906, aged 6 1/2 years, [SS]
Martin, Ann Jane, d. 6 Nov 1909, aged 84 years, Thy will be done, [SS]
Martin, Ebenezer, d. 4 Jun 1910, aged 77 years, Thy will be done, [SS]
Maskell, Ivy Sarah, b. 8/8/1899, d. 3/8/1971, Loved wife of Edward Henry (dec), fond parents of James (dec), Noreen, Bob, Don and Keith (dec), RIP, [SS]
Maxwell, Frederick PJ, d. 27 Apr 1910, aged 16 years, erected by their loving parents, At rest. s/w Robert W Maxwell, [SS]
Maxwell, Robert W, d. 24 Jun 1906, aged 5 days s/w Frederick PJ Maxwell, [SS]
Mcleod, Rachael, b. Framlingham [?], Eng, 22nd Jan 1840, d. 25 Apr 1926, A patient sufferer at rest, s/w Emma Spruhan, [SS]
Meade, Dorothea, In loving memory of our dear mother and father, d. 28 Apr 1913, aged 35 years, s/w George Meade, [SS]
Meade, George, d. 6 Jan 1944, aged 75 years, At rest, s/w Dorothea Meade, [SS]
Miller, Catherine, Dearly loved wife of Frederick James Miller, d. 6 Jun 1928, aged 64 years, Faithful toiler thy work is done God give thee rest, s/w Frederick James Miller, [SS]
Miller, Frederick James, Beloved husband of Catherine Miller, d. 4 Aug 1915, aged 53 years, erected by his loving wife and family, s/w Catherine Miller, [SS]
Morris, Walter, d. 10 Jul 1925, aged 51 [or 57] years, Beloved husband of Harriett [?] Elizabeth Morris, s/w Walter Morris [Pte], [SS]
Morris, Walter, Pte [Private] 761 ?, D Company, 44 Battalion, Son of Walter [above], Killed in action 1st Aug 1917, aged 22 years, s/w Walter Morris, [SS]
Painter, Aw (Bert), A tribute to the memory of our dear and only son, 16/48 Batt. [Battalion] AIF, killed in action, France, Pozieres, 6 Aug 1916, aged 25 years, s/w John Painter, [SS]
Painter, John, d. 4 Apr 1923, aged 78 years, At rest, s/w AW Painter, [SS]
Parkinson, Edith, My beloved wife, mother of Ralph and Roy, promoted to glory 25 Dec 1936, aged 49 years, s/w Olive Parkinson, [SS]
Parkinson, Olive, 10 Oct 1930, aged 3 days, Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life, s/w Edith Parkinson, [SS]
Pasmore, Bertha May, Eldest daughter of John and Catherine J Pasmore, d. 27 Oct 1903, aged 20 years, At rest, s/w Catherine J Pasmore and Louie Illingworth, [SS]
Pasmore, Catherine J, Mother of the above, d. 29 Apr 1928, aged 63 years, s/w Bertha May Pasmore and Louie Illingworth, [SS]
Paynter, Marian, Beloved wife of Thomas D, d. 4 May 1942, aged 85 years, United, s/w Thomas D Paynter, [SS]
Paynter, Thomas D, d. at Brunswick 28 May 1921, aged 74 years, Gone but not forgotten, Suddenly just in a moment the Lo of life did come and lifted him out of the cloudland into the light of home, s/w Marian Paynter, [SS]
Powell, Nancy Meg, b. 23 Nov 1910, d. 28 May 1911, the beloved son and only daughter of William and Helen Powell. [I have no reco of this headstone referring to a sons name or dea date], [SS]
Roberts, Ann, Our dear mother, born at Shropshire, England, d. 2nd Jan 1911, aged 66 years, erected by her loving children, [SS]
Roberts, Isabella Jenkin, the beloved wife of William Jenkin Roberts of Bunbury WA, d. 9 Aug 1875, aged 76 years. [Metal headstone], [SS]
Roberts, Mary Ann, wife of Thos [Thomas] Roberts of Rosemore, d. 11 Sept 1913, aged 65 years, Abide wi me, [SS]
Roberts, Thomas, Beloved husband of Mae Roberts, d. 29 Oct 1907, aged 70 years, Nearer my god to thee, [SS]
Rogers, Josias B, d. 9 Jul 1910, aged 64 years, RIP, s/w Sarah Hannah Rogers, [SS]
Rogers, Sarah Hannah, Loving wife of Josias B Rogers, d. 15 Oct 1930, aged 88 years, Peacefully sleeping, freed from all pain, ever remembered by us all, s/w Josias B Rogers and Charles Rose, [SS]
Rose, Charles, 1884, d. 1977, s/w Josias B Rogers & Sarah Hannah Rogers, [SS]
Scott, Catherine, d. 18 Jan 1923, aged 90 years, Peace perfect peace, s/w John Scott (junior), [SS]
Scott, John, jun [Junior], d. 11 Feb 1880, aged 59 years, s/w Catherine Scott, [SS]
Smith, Harry, of SS Redbridge, Erected by the public of Bunbury in recognition of his bravery at the Mesina Earthquake, [SS]
Smith, James, d. 10 Jul 1916, aged 84 years, s/w Kate Smith, [SS]
Smith, Jean Ethel, Beloved wife of Harry Smith, Fond mother of Gloria, d. 4 Nov 1928, aged 20 years, At rest, [SS]
Smith, Kate, Dear wife of James, 28 Aug 1917, aged 76 years, erected by their loving family, s/w James Smith, [SS]
Snell, Alfred James, d. 21 Mar 1936, aged 72 years, s/w Caroline Amelia Snell and on sep. plaque, same grave, Alfred Snell, [SS]
Snell, Alfred, Loving son of Arthur James and Caroline Amelia Snell, beloved husband of Martha, d. 13 Jul 1971, aged 82 years, s/w on sep. headstone Alfred James Snell and Caroline Amelia Snell, [SS]
Snell, Caroline Amelia, d. 18 Sep 1935, aged 76 years, s/w Alfred James Snell & Alfred Snell, [SS]
Snell, Charles, A tribute of love to our dear son, of Harvey, who died from wounds received in action at Pozieres 22nd Jul 1916.[Next to grave of Caroline Amelia Snell and Alfred James Snell], [SS]
Spencer, Edna Marjorie, beloved daughter of CC and Clara Spencer, d. 6 Jan 1901, aged 11 months, [SS]
Spruhan, Emma, d. 25 Jul 1938, aged 63 years, s/w Rachael McLeod, [SS]
Thomas, William Lmen, b. Kilmore, Victoria 25 Sept 1872, died Bunbury 13 july 1921, [SS]
Thompson, Alice Yelverton, beloved daughter of John and May Thompson, d. 11 May 1905, aged 2 1/2 years, Juppy, [SS]
Trigwell, Josephine C, d. 24 Sept 1920, aged 61 years, Lead kindly light, erected by her loving children, [SS]
Tuxford, John James, d. 14 Jun 1900, aged 35 years, [SS]
Tuxford, Ronald William, d. 24 Jun 1894, aged 4 months, s/w Stuart Stirling Tuxford, [SS]
Tuxford, Stuart Stirling, d. 18 Jun 1897, aged 15 months, Suffer little children to come unto me, s/w Ronald William Tuxford, [SS]
Tweedie, Janet Stevenson, Daughter of Margaret C & Robert Tweedie, d. 29 Mar 1982, aged 88 years, Peaceful sleeping, s/w but on sep. stone Margaret Cuthbertson Tweedie & Robert Tweedie, [SS]
Tweedie, Margaret Cuthbertson, b. Paisley, Scotland, d. 5 Oct 1947, aged 90 [?] years, s/w Robert Tweedie and on sep. stone Janet Stevenson Tweedie, [SS]
Tweedie, Robert, b. Carnwarth, Scotland, d. 1? [17th?] May 1917, aged 57 years, Peace perfect peace, s/w Margaret Cuthbertson Tweedie and on sep. headstone but same dbl. grave Janet Stevenson Tweedie, [SS]
Tyrrell, Margaret, Beloved wife of Thomas Tyrrell, fond mother of George, Lottie, Norman, May, Florence, Lilly and John, d. 28 Apr 1937, aged 59 years, s/w Thomas Tyrrell and Norman Charles Tyrrell [sep headstone, same double plot], [SS]
Tyrrell, Norman Charles, Beloved second son of Thomas and Margaret Tyrrell, d. 15 Jul 1925, aged 19 years, His life was all unselfishness, his end was perfect peace, s/w [Same double grave plot, sep headstone] Margaret Tyrrell, [SS]
Tyrrell, Thomas, Margaret's beloved husband and our fond father, 11 Jun 1959, aged 82 years, At rest. s/w Margaret Tyrrell and same double plot as Norman Charles Tyrrell, [SS]
Warton, Winifred Mary Amethyst, dearly loved child of Laurence and Nellie Warton, d. 9 Feb 1912, aged 1 year, He give his beloved sleep, [SS]
West, Bertha Milby, Loving wife and mother, d. 12/3/1967, aged 66 years, s/w Robert Albert Alexander West and Gladys West, [SS]
West, Gladys, Our dear daughter and sister, d. 27 Dec 1927, aged 3 years 9 months, One of Gods fairest flowers, s/w Bertha Milby West, Robert Albert Alexander West and on sep. headstone William Thomas West, [SS]
West, Robert Albert Alexander, d. 20/9/72, aged 78 [?] years, Loving father, s/w Bertha Milby West, Gladys West and on sep. headstone William Thomas West, [SS]
West, William Thomas, b. 1901, d. 1973, a devoted husband and father, s/w but on sep. headstone Bertha Milby West, Gladys West, and Robert Albert Alexander West, [SS]
Williams, Arthur, of Portreath, Cornwall, d. 9 Jul 1904, aged 24 years, Peace perfect peace, [SS]
Williams, Dave [David], In Loving memory, d. 19 Oct 1921, aged 48 years, Dad. [Contact me for further info on this family], [SS]
Withers, Cora Matilda, Died in infancy, Deeply lamented, s/w Esther Withers, [SS]
Withers, Esther, wife of E.H Withers, d. 7 Nov 1896, aged 40 years, and of their children comfort Esther, s/w Cora Matilda Withers, [SS]
Withers, Ronald Pearce, Nona, d. 28th Apr 1902, aged 2 years 9 months, only darling of JJ and Eva Withers, [SS]
Witton, Joseph Benjamin, Dearly beloved husband of Selina Witton, d. 10 May 1910, aged 68 years, at rest, [SS]

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