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Old Mandurah Cemetery
Mandurah City, Peel Region, Western Australia

Contributed by Jill Bickmore [jilbic@bigpond.com.au].

Keany, Frederick John, d. 09 Apr 1964
Keany, Rosina Amelia, d. 08 Apr 1964
Kesteven, Lily, d. 10 Apr 1963
Kesteven, Robert Sutton, d. 09 May 1955, age 68y, h/o Lily,
Key, Aurelia M, d. 27 Aug 1976 in loving memory of our daughter, mother of Desma, Diane & Julie
King, Elsie Theresa, b. 1892 Serpentine, d. 1974. Dtr of George Alexander & Maud Mary (Tonkin) Postans
King, Eva Louisa, d. 09 Apr 1972, age 64y, w/o Alfred, mother of John, Margaret, Peter & Anne
King, H. H. (Horace Henry), b. 30 Apr 1915 Marrinup, d. 21 Oct 1963, age 48y, No.38651 LDG Aircraftman Royal Aust. Air Force. Husband of Jessie Catherine & sons Robert & Peter, s/o Horace Henry & Elsie Theresa (Postans)
King, Horace Henry, b. 22 Jul 1890 Jarrahdale, d. 1970 Son of George & Eliza Emma (Riley)
King, Jessie Catherine, d. 03 Jan 1971, age 54
King, Leslie Illingworth, d. 24 Nov 1976, age 76y
King, Phyllis May, d. 06 Jan 1988, age 79y, w/o Leslie Illingworth
King, William James, b. 1888 Jarrahdale, d. 05 Mar 1965, age 77y, h/o Clara Louisa (Chuck), father of Harry Linda, Kenneth, Edwin, Edward, Rena & Ivan, s/o George & Eliza Emma (Riley)
Knight, Horace Cecil, d. 10 Apr 1979, age 78y, h/o Alma, father of Margaret, Michael, Kenneth & Ann
Lambert, Harry, d. 09 Dec 1968, h/o Belle. Each corner has names: Top left:Cam. Top right: Lisla, Jack & family. Bottom left: Marc, Jack & family. Bottom right: Trev & Eric
Lane, Helena (Dobrzynski), b. 02 Apr 1946, d. 28 Apr 1982, age 36y, w/o Eddie, Mother of Annette, Samantha & Janina
Last, John, d. 04 Aug 1972, age 73y, h/o May
Lee, Mary Anne, d. 18 Oct 1981, age 72y, mother of Allan, Daphne, Valma, Ronald, Max, Vern, Bob & Donald
Lee, Susan, d. 20 Feb 1994, age 37y
Lee, William George, b. 1900 Toodyay, d. 09 Jun 1982, age 81y, Son of Donald & Mary Ann (Wetherall)
Leeder, Alexis Leith, b. 1904 Northam, d. 1979, Son of Selby Cecil & Ethel Hepzabar (Martin)
Lefroy, Jocelyn O'Grady, b. 1903 Middle Swan, d. 13 Oct 1990, age 87 No.WX6316 Driver HQ.24 Infantry Brigade, h/o Mary, father of Diane
Lefroy, Mary J, b. 1910, d. 1997, age 87y, beloved, w/o Joss
Lippiatt, Reginald Stanley, b. 21 Oct 1930, d. 01 Oct 1982, age 52y, Son of Alice, brother of Louise & Sydney. Dearest friend of Evylene Barker
Little, Albert Andrew, d. 13 Jul 1972, h/o Eva May
Little, Eva May, d. 06 Jun 1995, mother of Allie, Lorna, Aileen (dec'd) Kath, Joyce, Len & families
Llewellyn, Mary, d. 27 Dec 1981
Llewellyn, William Griffiths, d. 10 May 1953, age 74y, husband & father
Maguire, Barbara, d. 24 Mar 2000
Maguire, Frank, d. 08 Dec 1984
Maidment, F. R, d. 26 Jun 1960, age 66 No.W18789 Sergeant, 5 Works Company, father of sons Lewis, Eric & Fernley
Mallinson, Thomas, d. 23 Jan 1982, h/o Winifred (dec'd)
Mallinson, Winifred Clara, d. 31 Aug 1979, w/o Thomas, Mother of Jennifer, Marjorie & Judith
Markey, Violet Sibil, d. 06 Jun 1967, age 66y, w/o Thomas, Mother of Haley, Lorraine, David & Allan. Love from Beverley & Colleen
Marshall, Elsie May, b. 1888 Perth, d. 1982, age 94y, from their loving family. Dtr of Herbert John & Eva Elizabeth (Barlow) Clarke
Marshall, John, b. 1878, d. 1950, age 72y, h/o Elsie May
Martin, Gaye Dale, d. 06 Nov 1969, age 25y, w/o Ron, mother of John, Glen & Jason, dtr of Ella & Ted Watson (dec'd)
Martin, Myrtle Irene, b. 1910, d. 1980 Mother of Barbara & Ronnie
McAllister, Alexander John, d. 21 Nov 1961, h/o Alice, father of Fred (dec'd), Gordon, Eileen, John, William & Veronica. Grandfather of 11
McBride, Monsignor Edward, d. 03 Jun 1972, age 60y, Ordained Priest 1st Aug 1937, Remembered by his fellow Priests & his lifelong friends the Bartlett family
McCarthy, Coralie Jean, d. 11 Jan 1991, w/o John Gerard, parents of Kevin, Brian, Michael, John, Coralie, Eric, Patricia, Kristine & Gerald
McCarthy, George Patrick, b. 1901 Mundaring, d. 28 Sep 1963, age 63, h/o Leonora, father of Terence & Austin, s/o Patrick & Hannah (Summers)
McCarthy, John Gerard, d. 10 Aug 1974, age 66y
McCarthy, Leonara Sarah Emily, b. 1901 Bayswater, d. 27 Jun 1977, age 77 Dtr of Henry George & Evalyn Harriette (Cross) Truman
McCauley, Joyce, no dates, In Memory of Mother
McClennan, Ian, b. 1912, d. 15 Jan 1986, h/o Joyce Francis Agnes
McDonald, Jack, d. 10 Apr 1975, age 66y, h/o Olive, father of John & Ken
McDonald, Olive, d. 24 Oct 1990, age 77y
McDonald, Roy, d. 29 Jun 1965, age 59y, h/o Vera, father of Neville & Julie
McKay, Herb, d. 21 Sep 1980, age 64y, h/o Rose, father of Trevor, Barbara, Laurel & Beryl
McKeever, Constance Violet, d. 12 Dec 1969, w/o Norman John, mother of Patricia, Brian & James
McMeekin, Elizabeth Teresa (Stone), d. 04 Nov 1947, w/o James
McMeekin, Ellen, d. 11 Jun 1967, age 78, w/o George
McMeekin, Frederick, d. 02 Jun 1995, age 88y, youngest son of James & Elizabeth
McMeekin, George, d. 02 Jul 1962, h/o Ellen. Husband & father
McMeekin, James, b. 29 Mar 1860 Ireland, d. 06 Oct 1949 Leederville, age 88y, husband of Elizabeth (Stone), Son of Alexander & Martha (Miller) McMeekin
McPhee, Ronnie, b. 1912, d. 1978, h/o Barbara, father of Pam, Sue, Veronica, Aubrey, Andrew, Robyn, Jacque & Chris
Merritt, Lillian, d. 17 May 1978, w/o Reginald
Merritt, Reginald, d. 11 Dec 1978, h/o Lillian
Millington, Harriett Clyde Victoria, b. 02 Sep 1890, d. 14 Jul 1993, age 102y
Millington, Simon Joseph, b. 23 Jun 1898, d. 15 Aug 1999, age 101y, Loved Mother & father of Enid, Mother-in-Law & father-in-Law of Max. Loved and Remembered Always
Mills, Elizabeth Jane, d. 08 Mar 1969 Mother
Mills, Madeline (Addie) Alice, d. 08 Jan 1976 wife &, mother of Arthur & family
Mitchell, Ada Ellen, d. 22 Aug 1984, age 81y, Mother & Grandmother
Mitchell, Robert (Bob), d. 21 Sep 1979, age 56y, h/o Dot, father of Robert, Margaret, John & Rosalind
Mitting, Charles Richard Frederick, d. 09 Sep 1978, age 62yrs 4mths, h/o Margherita
Mitting, Margherita Alvina, b. 24 Jun 1914, d. 21 Jun 1995, age 81y
Monaghan, Jess, d. 30 Jan 1985, age 68y, w/o John, mother of Ern, Bill & Trish
Monaghan, John Stephen, d. 16 Jun 1986, age 71y, h/o Jess, father of Ern, Bill & Trish
Moody, Ileine Elizabeth, b. 16 Aug 1914, d. 03 Nov 1980, age 66 wife, mother & nanna
Morfitt, Charles, b. 1876 Mandurah, d. 11 Dec 1942, age 66y, remembered by his brothers & sisters, s/o Henry & Matilda (Eacott)
Morfitt, Douglas Henry, b. 19 Feb 1917, d. 06 Mar 1986, age 69y, son of Edith & Richard
Morfitt, Eva Grace (Benson), b. 1892 Perth, d. 04 Dec 1983, age 91, w/o James. Dtr of John & Mary Ann (Finlay)
Morfitt, George, b. 1888 Banigup, d. 31 Aug 1956, age 68 5627 Private #28 Battalion. Husband of Becky, father of Gordon, Morris & Dennis, s/o Henry & Matilda (Eacott)
Morfitt, H. B, d. 20 Aug 1968, age 53 No.WX11302 Private 2/11 Infantry Battalion. Husband of Ivy, father of June, Trevor, Rod (dec'd), Ken & Robert
Morfitt, James, b. 1874 Mandurah, d. 06 Apr 1948, age 75y, h/o Eva Grace, Son of Henry & Matilda (Eacott)
Morfitt, Richard, b. 1885 Mandurah, d. 28 Dec 1956, age 71y, Erected by his sons & daughter, s/o Henry & Matilda (Eacott)
Munday, Bernice, d. 11 Nov 1969, age 69, mother of Phillip, Brian & Enid
Munday, Robert James, d. 18 Dec 1965, age 41y, Late 2/23 Batt. A.L.F, s/o Basil & Bernice
Murray, Elizabeth, d. 22 Nov 1964, age 92y, mother of Hilda, Edna & Fred
Murray, Herbert, d. 1932 Carnamah. Passed away result of War injuries
Nancarrow, Blanche Elizabeth, d. 24 Nov 1963, age 60y, w/o Hurtle, mother of Ivy, John & Jean
Nancarrow, John, d. 07 Jul 1972, age 79y, h/o Margaret, father of Elsie, Alma, Joyce, Beatrice, John & Coll
Nancarrow, Margaret Robinson, d. 24 Feb 1962, age 67, w/o John, mother of Elsie, Alma, Joyce, Beatrice, John & Coll
Nash, George Frederick, d. 16 Nov 1970 Pinjarra late of Benalla, Victoria & the Entrance NSW
Neave, Ethel Gertrude Eliza, no dates, wife of William Percy
Neave, Jessie, no dates, dtr of William & Ethel
Neave, William Percy, no dates, h/o Ethel Gertrude Eliza
Newborough, Henry, d. 04 Aug 1953
Newman, George Frederick, d. 06 Jan 1982
Noonan, Arthur Edward, b. 1892 Perth, d. 20 Apr 1973, age 81y, h/o Elsie, father of Herbert, Walter & Joan, s/o David & Elizabeth Emma (Sewell)
Noonan, Elsie Florence (Powell), b. 1895 Perth, d. 13 Jul 1985, age 90y, wife of Arthur. Dtr of George & Ellen (Deere)
Norrish, Alice Rose, d. 29 Jun 1979, w/o Joe
North, Gladys Mary, d. 1982, age 76y
North, Stephen, d. 28 Apr 1978, age 68y, h/o Gladys Mary
Norton, E. M. (May), no dates
Norton, H. W. (Bill), no dates
O'Loughlin, Florence Ethel, d. 04 Apr 1961, age 57y, beloved wife &, mother
O'Loughlin, John Joseph, b. 1903 Fremantle, d. 1980, h/o Dawn, father of Betty, Terry, Derise & Gary, s/o Edmond & Mary (O'Loughlin)
O'Loughlin, John Robert, b. 05 Oct 1949, d. 19 Oct 1949
O'Loughlin, Terence John, b. 07 Sep 1926, d. 08 Oct 1993, age 67y
Oakey, Edward John, d. 08 Apr 1980, age 31 In Loving Memory of our Beloved Son & Stepbrother
Oliver, George Matthew Thomas, b. 1896 Northam , d. 13 Jul 1974, age 77y, husband of Sylvia, father of Fay, Rex, Erle, Lyle, Ian & Yvonne, s/o Matthew & Harriet Ann (Mead)
Opperman, Albert Louis, d. 02 Nov 1958, age 80y
Opperman, Maud Mary, d. 21 Oct 1950, age 67
Parker, Anne Jane, d. 02 May 1985, age 64y
Parker, Florence Lucy, d. 08 Jul 1972, age 79, w/o Thomas, mother of Lloyd, Reg & Gilda
Parker, John Phillip, d. 28 Oct 1992, age 72y
Parker, Les, d. 02 Jan 1979, age 73, h/o Marj, father of Dawn, Beryl, Shirley & Kevin
Paterson, Alena Francis, d. 16 Feb 1977
Pearce, Phyllis May, d. 08 Oct 1977, age 68y, Erected by her loving family
Pember, Cecil Charles Frances (Lu), b. 23 Feb 1916, d. 08 Nov 1980, age 64y
Pember, Joan Mary, b. 21 Jul 1926, d. 29 Jun 1988, age 61yrs 11mths. Cherished memories always. Clive & Julie
Perkins, Robert, b. 1897 Albany 09 Sep 1974, age 77, h/o Ruby, s/o Edward William & Esther Margaret (Dodds)
Perkins, Ruby, d. 06 Apr 1975, age 69y, w/o Robert Perkins
Pini, Robert, d. 15 Aug 1981, age 26, h/o Wendy & father of Paul & Brian
Pitkin, Margaret, b. 13 Oct 1929, d. 24 Jun 1979, age 50y
Planken, Peter Dirk, d. 15 May 1976, age 23y, h/o Eileen, father of Jason
Plumridge, Evelyn, b. 20 Nov 1913, d. 20 Oct 1978, 64yrs 11mths
Pope, H. W, d. 23 Jul 1946, age 79y, No.520 Corporal Aust. Imperial Force, 10th Light Horse Regiment. Also a tribute from the Mandurah R.S.L
Postans, Berl, d. 11 Sep 2000, w/o Charles Joseph Postans
Postans, Charles Joseph, b. 1902 Greenbushes, d. 05 Oct 1972 Mandurah, age 70y, Treasured Memories of. Beloved parents of Freda, Charles, John, Val, Beryl & Frank, Together Again
Postans, Evelyn Selina Mary, b. 1899 Jarrahdale, d. 04 Aug 1978, age 78y, wife of Fred (dec'd), mother of Joyce (dec'd), Doreen, George, Edna, Thelma, Fred, Elsie, Alex, Alan & Margaret, Dtr of David Gaffin & Selina (Kemp)
Postans, Frederick (Fred) Alexander, b. 1893, Serpentine, d. 21 Aug 1976, age 83y, husband of Evelyn, s/o George Alexander & Maud Mary (Tonkin)
Potter, Elsie Maria, d. 06 Oct 1981 Mandruah, age 40y, Mother of Stephen
Primrose, John, d. 31 May 1952, age 70y
Quinn, Norma, d. 28 Feb 1984, age 59y, Loved son & dtr of Ben
Ramsay, John, d. 14 Jun 1977, age 89y, h/o Tabitha, father of Elsie & Norm (dec'd)
Ramsay, Norman Lee, d. 06 Dec 1971, age 52y, h/o Joyce, father o Judith, Allan, Robyn & Bruce
Ramsay, Tabitha, d. 10 Jun 1969, w/o John, mother of Elsie & Norman
Rees, Annie, d. 01 Oct 1964, age 66y, w/o the late Thomas Rees, mother of Tom, Jean, Norm. Dearest Ma of Bill, Anne & Janice
Reilly, Henry (Con), d. 30 Jul 1980, age 76y, husband & father
Renfrey, Ivy Hilda Lissette, b. 1888 Mandurah, d. 1974, w/o Samuel, mother of Lionel, Cyril, Nita & Thomas, Dtr of Thomas & Emily Maria (Edgar) Eacott
Renfrey, Samuel, b. 1885, d. 1959
Retell, Russell Wayne, d. 22 May 1952, age 7days, Baby son of Paul & Thelma
Reynolds, Raymond Keith, b. 1927, d. 1979 father of Karen & Debbie
Richards, Phil, b. 10 Apr 1906, d. 12 Jul 1995, age 89, h/o Phyllis, father of Elaine
Richards, Phyllis Mary (Mills), b. 01 Mar 1912, d. 09 Jan 2000, age 87y, loving wife, mother & nanna
Robartson, H, d. 02 Aug 1960, age 54y, Late WX918 Private 2/11 Infantry Batt, Husband of Mary, father of Mary, David & Malcolm
Roberts, Daphne, b. 1924, d. 1980, w/o Eric
Roberts, Deborah, d. 28 Sep 1963, age 5y, dtr of Vera & Don, loving sister of Jennifer, Sheryle & Garry
Roberts, Eric, b. 1921, d. 1984 father of Linda & Karen
Roberts, George, d. 27 Jun 1958, age 86y, h/o Violet
Roberts, Violet, d. 28 Aug 1973, age 89y, w/o George
Robertson, Ellen Eliza, d. 07 Apr 1941, age 66 Aunt of Louisa, Nell, Alicia & Lawrence
Robertson, William, d. 12 Mar 1953
Rogers, Ethel Charlotte, d. 14 Dec 1980, age 65y, w/o Frank, mother of Marlene, Hazel & Gary
Rogers, John Wilkes, b. 1898 Perth, d. 28 Feb 1963, age 64y, h/o Annie, father of Nancy, Peggy, Don & Colin, s/o John Wilkes & Eunice (Tapping)
Rogers, Nicole Patricia, b. 09 Apr 1980, d. 01 Jun 1980 Beloved dtr of Cheryl & Gary
Sanders, Lucy, d. 26 May 1960, age 69y, s/w Wm John
Sanders, William John, d. 28 Jan 1956, age 77y, h/o Lucy
Sanford, Alfred, d. 24 Mar 1966, age 78y, h/o Jean (dec'd), father of Jim & Marge, Reg & Jean, Les & Kit
Sasse, Marie, d. 02 Feb 1978 Our Mum
Scott, Catherine Ann, d. 27 May 1990, w/o Neil, mother of Grant & Lynette (dec'd)
Scott, Lynette Kay Lindley, no dates, age 15y, loving sister of Grant. Reunited with, mother.[Inscription placed on grave after death of, mother.]
Scott, Michelle Joan, b. 21 Apr 1967, d. 08 Sep 1985, age 18 died after the bravest battle. Dtr of Barbara & Keith, sister of Darrin. [photo on headstone]
Scott, Samuel W, d. 11 Nov 1942, age 50y, Late Gunn, 14th Field Artillery 1914-1918, father of Nellie French. Also a tribute from the Mandurah R.S.L
Scudds, Walter Oscar, d. 10 Jan 1953, age 61
Severin, Adrian Clifton, d. 10 Jan 1981, age 56 husband & father
Shaw, Reta, d. 22 Dec 1975, Mum
Sheen, Annie May, d. 14 Mar 1960, age 69, mother of Ivy, Raymond (dec) Edna, Dulce & Norma
Sheen, Frederick Henry, b. 1889 Toodyay, d. 28 May 1973, age 84yrs 6mths husband of Annie May, s/o William & Frances (Syred)
Shehan, Edith Mary, d. 27 Dec 1972, age 63y, w/o Doug
Shehan, William James Douglas, b. 1897 Toodyay, d. 03 Mar 1989, age 91y, father of Max, Merv, Val & Ken, s/o William & Bertha Jane (Peake)
Shepherdson, Charles Eric, b. 1904 Kalamunda, d. 20 Oct 1975, age 71y, h/o Elsie, father of Doreen, Betty, Roy, Reg & Aileen, s/o Robert Caleb S. & Sarah (Nelson)
Simmonds, Hilda Maud, d. 09 May 1974, age 77y
Simpson, Rita T.(Stodart), d. 07 Jan 1992, age 85 Reunited with Bill
Simpson, William James, b. 1899 Perth, d. 30 Mar 1973, age 74, h/o Rita, Son of James & Lena (Mead[e])
Skoda, Alison Diane, d. 06 Sep 1985, age 27y
Slater, Hughie, d. 22 Mar 1980, age 85y, h/o Eliza (dec'd), father of Evelyn, Muriel& Kevin
Smith, Isabel Amanda, b. 15 Aug 1969, age 49y
Smith, James Edward, b. 1910, d. 19 Aug 1989, age 79y
Smith, Johanna Augusta, b. 02 May 1973, age 84y, w/o William, mother of Joseph, Ralph, Antionette, Elsie & Hilda
Soper, Elva Frances, d. 21 Sep 1954, w/o Bill. Victim of Dread Cancer "Oh speed the day when this insidious foe to mankind shall be vanquished."
Spencer, Valda Ethel, b. 1905 Midland Junction, d. 22 Oct 1995, age 90y, Dtr of James William & Mary Eliza (Fuller) Williams
Spencer, William George, b. 1901 Northam, d. 14 Aug 1982, age 81y, h/o Valda Ethel, s/o George Clarence & Clara Edith (Morgan)
Spice, Ernest, b. 1885 Chittering, d. 27 Sep 1969, age 84y, Our Dad, s/o Frederick Samuel & Caroline (Morley)
Spiers, C. C, b. 1909, d. 1990 W/BDR. Late 19th Field Brigade B.E.F. 1929-1945
Spiers, Florence, d. 24 Jan 1979, age 72 wife, mother & grandmother
Squires, Jessie Flora, d. 31 Mar 1955, age 59y, w/o Walter
Squires, Walter, b. 1888 Cannington, d. 17 Oct 1959, age 71y, from Gil & Dick. Our beloved Parents, s/o John & Sarah (Gambling)
Steineck, Mary Hannah, b. 26 Oct 1919, d. 08 Sep 1980, w/o Henry, Mother of Glenice & Greg
Stemp, Olive Grace, no dates, Dearly loved sister
Stemp, Robert Charles Campbell, no dates, Brother-in-law of Nell & Harold, Loved Auntie & Uncle of Harold, Cheryl, Moya, Jason, Todd, Skye, Ashe, Sharon, Ryan & Kane
Stephen, Flora Annie, d. 25 Jun 1979 loving wife &, mother of Sandy (dec'd), Jim, Tom (dec'd), Alan, Grace, Norm & Bess
Stephenson, Mary Bridget, d. 01 Jul 1958, age 63y, w/o Henry, mother of Eric, Phyl & Ruth [photo on headstone.]
Stevens, Doris Mabel, d. 09 Mar 1976, age 62y, w/o William Murray, Nanna of 12
Stevens, William Murray, d. 12 Mar 1991, age 79y, father of Joy, Wally, Geoff, Colin & Anne, Grandad
Stewart, Caroline Jane, d. 24 Feb 1970
Stewart, Kenneth, d. 24 Sep 1983, age 73y, h/o Noel, father of Sheron, Alan & Julie
Stinton, Albert Edward, b. 1870 Mandurah, d. 18 Sep 1951, age 81, h/o Elizabeth Ann, s/o David & Elizabeth (Eacott)
Stinton, Elizabeth Ann, d. 26 Jun 1946, age 76y, w/o Albert Edward
Stinton, Roy Albert, b. 1898 Mandurah, d. 12 Jun 1944, age 46y, father & husband, Son of Albert Edward & Elizabeth Ann (Ward)
Stone, Alfred Charles, b. 1905 Fremantle, d. 07 Jul 1991, age 85 Son of Charles Hawes & Sarah Anderson (Lee)
Stone, Emily Frances, d. 08 Sep 1967, age 60, w/o Alf, mother of Joyce, Bill, Mary & Bob
Sundell, Bob, d. 04 Mar 1981, age 88
Sutton, Anthony (Tony) George, b. 09 Nov 1923, d. 20 Jan 1995, age 72 husband of Lois, father of Janice, George & Shane
Sutton, Lilian Evelyn, d. 28 Mar 1981, age 80y, wife &, mother, Sister of Dot & Laurie
Sutton, Michael Kenneth, d. 16 Nov 1963, age 62, h/o Lilian, father of Michael, Jill, Annette & Barbara, brother of Jean & Jack
Sweetman, Alfred James, b. 1900 Fremantle, d. 20 Dec 1979, age 79, h/o Dorothy Son of Arthur & Amy Eleanor (Thomas)
Sweetman, Dorothy, d. 12 Jul 1994, age 85, w/o Alfred, parents of Dorothy, Elsie, Shirley Alfred & Barry
Taffs, Harriett May, d. 07 Jan 1965, age 89y
Taffs, William, d. 01 Jul 1961, age 88y, h/o Harriett May
Taylor, George Willmot, d. 10 Jan 1993, age 89y, h/o Hilda Florence
Taylor, Hilda Florence, d. 01 Jul 1977, age 76y, w/o George Willmont
Tebbit, Ronald H, b. 27 Aug 1904, d. 17 Sep 1980y, h/o Thelma, father of Alma & Robert
Thompson, Ethel Lilly, b. 1916, d. 1980, w/o Ralph, mother of Ray, Hilary, Ron, Ralph & Keith
Thurley H. H, d. 07 Jul 1970, age 77 No.4720 Private. 16th Battalion, Husband of Ida, father of five sons
Thurley, Ida, d. 01 Aug 1977, age 81y
Thurston, C.G, d. 27 Jul 1958, age 79y, Sergeant 477-14th F.C.E. 1st A.I.F., remembered by Marjorie & Norman
Timmins, Alice Evelyn, d. 23 May 1984, age 70, mother of Judith, Robert & Stan (dec'd)
Timmins, Frederick John, d. 21 Feb 1982, age 81, h/o Alice Evelyn
Timmins, Stanley Ray, d. 04 Jul 1981, age 37
Tonkin, Arthur George, b. 1905 Northam, d. 15 Dec 1969, h/o Bernice, father of Graeme, Ian & Irma, s/o Walter George & Emma (Harrison)
Tonkin, Margaret Florence, b. 11 Jan 1940, d. 24 Nov 1988, age 48y, mother of Sheryl & Gavin, Granny of Glenn
Tonkin, Walter Graeme, b. 1930, d. 08 Aug 1995, age 65y, h/o Helen, father of Jenny, Jo & David
Trevorrow, Elizabeth A, d. 02 Jun 1965, age 69, w/o John, mother of Beatrice, Ron & Norma
Trevorrow, John, d. 03 Jun 1985, age 87
Trinidad, Lawrence, d. 12 Sep 1949, age 75y, beloved husband & father
Trinidad, Louisa Emma, d. 11 Mar 1965
Truarn, Albert Erskin, b. 1892, d. 04 Sep 1959, age 67 late of 32nd Battalion, AIF 1914-1918. Husband of, Hilda
Truarn, George Erskin, d. 25 Mar 1942, age 20y, W41356 Private, 44 Infantry Battalion, s/o Albert Erskin & Hilda Amy (Postans), Killed in WW2
Truarn, Hilda Amy, b. 1898, d. 1979 mother of Jean, George (dec'd), Sydney & Daryl. dtr of George Alexander & Maud Mary (Tonkin) Postans
Tuckey, Catherine Emily, d. 15 Oct 1954, age 76y, w/o George Melville
Tuckey, Cecil James, b. 1882 Mandurah, d. 22 Jan 1961, age 78y, late of 1st AIF, Our dear father, s/o Charles & Emma (Bell)
Tuckey, Doris, d. 18 Aug 1985, age 64y, wife of Arch (dec'd) Lancel
Tuckey, Dorothy, d. 24 Jul 1977, age 89y, w/o Cecil James
Tuckey, George Melville, d. 09 Dec 1949, age 73y, h/o Catherine Emily
Tuckey, Irene Daphne, d. 1995, age 82y
Tuckey, Kelvin Charles Howell, d. 1978, age 66y, h/o Irene Daphne
Underwood, Nell (Tuckey), d. 28 Jul 1981, age 70y, mother & gran of Don Arthur, Gordon, David, Gloria & familie, Sister of Millie & Colin
Virgo, W. J, d. 18 Aug 1982, age 62y, No.406906 Flying Officer Royal Aust. Air Force, h/o Kath, father & pop of Helen, Marie & families
Wackett, Enid L, b. 1907, d. 1999 Erected by her nephews Raymond & Desmond, Rest in Peace with Les
Wakefield, Jack, no dates, from your son John
Wakefield, Sydney E, b. 1903 Ledderville, d. 1977, age 73y, sadly missed by Linley & Denis & Carolyn, Robin & Leanne, s/o Edwin Henry & Charlotte (Bickley.)
Wallace, Anne-Marie, d. 26 Apr 1975, age 15y, beloved dtr of John & Ivy. Sister of Kathleen, Betty & Ian
Walsh, Margaret, d. 19 Jul 1998, age 91y
Walsh, Thomas Leslie, b. 1901 Perth, d. 16 Jun 1969, age 67y, h/o Margaret, Son of Thomas Patrick & Ellen (Faltham)
Ward, Beryl, b. 1902 Mandurah, d. 1998 father of May, Olive, Betty & Jeff, s/o Frederick & Celia Rosa (Eacott)
Ward, Ella, d. 06 Mar 1989, age 85y, mother of Colleen & Leslie
Ward, Herbert Frederick, d. 27 Aug 1996, age 92y
Ward, Lance Phillip, b. 10 Feb 1920, d. 03 May 1985, age 65y, son of Frederick & Celia
Ward, Lindley Seymour, b. 1900 Mandurah, d. 01 Apr 1971, age 70y, h/o Ella, s/o Seymour Alfred & Clara Eva (Walpole)
Ward, Marion, d. 04 Nov 1980, age 73y, w/o Herbert, mother of Darryl & Lloyd
Ward, Ross Allen, b. 1900, d. 1979 father of May, Olive, Betty & Jeff
Warnock, Elsie May, d. 05 Sep 1986, age 70y, devoted dtr of the late John & Tabitha Ramsay, sister of Norman
Warr, Edward R. R, d. 17 May 1965, age 52y, h/o Em, father of Terry
Warrick, Priscilla May, d. 31 Jul 1976, age 72y, mother of Lyall, Dorothy & Ronald. Wife of Roy F.H. Warrick
Warrick, Roy Federal Hamilton, b. 1901 Boulder, d. 31 Dec 1966, age 64y, h/o Priscilla, father of Lyall, Dorothy & Ron, s/o John & Mary Ellen (Martin)
Warrick, Roy, d. 07 Aug 1970, age 21 beloved only son of Clare & Lyall, Loved brother of Sandra, Patricia, Debra, Vicki & Jayne
Watson, Edward Henry, b. 1902 Sussex District, d. 10 Feb 1965, age 63y, h/o Ella, father of Ray, Glen & Gaye, s/o John James & Eliza (Wyatt)
Watson, Ella Alice, b. 28 Apr 1996, age 89y
Watson, Glen Edward, d. 23 Dec 1966, age 26y, Accidentally killed. (Late A.I.F.) Son of Ted (dec'd) & Ella, brother of Ray & Gaye
Watson, Lily, d. 27 Apr 1985, age 68y, w/o Maxwell, mother of Sheena, Maxwell & Michael (dec'd)
Watson, Michael, b. 22 Jul 1958 Elgin, Scotland, d. 06 Aug 1981, age 23y,Accidentally killed, s/o Lily & Max, brother of Sheena & Maxwell
Watt, Vera, d. 22 Feb 1985, age 69y, w/o Bryan, Mother of Terry, Sallie, Louis & Don
Watts, Clyde William James P, b. 1881 NSW, d. 11 Jul 1965, age 83y, h/o Maude Mary
Watts, Lenard Noel, d. 06 Dec 1981, age 60y, h/o Vita, father of Frank, Vic, Lyn, Janet, Rhonda (dec'd), Karen, Catherine & Raymond, s/o Clyde William James P. & Maude Mary (Postans)
Watts, Maude Mary, b. 09 Jul 1886 Serpentine, d. 06 Mar 1982, age 95y, wife &, mother, Dtr of George Alexander & Mary Maud (Tonkin) Postans
Watts, Rhonda May, d. 26 May 1974, age 16y, accidentally taken. Dtr of Len, Vita & family
Watts, Robert Henry, d. 13 Jun 1966, age 2yrs 4mths
Weeks, Leonard Arthur, no dates, 2nd Pioneer Battalion, father of Dorothy & Arthur, Uncle of Nellie French
Weeks, Walter William, b. 1902 Perth, d. no death date, In Memory of Our Brother, s/o Leonard Arthur & Eunia Anna (Baum)
Weston, Jim, d. 09 Jun 1982, age 69y, h/o Ellie
Wheeler, C.W., no dates, A Tribute from the Mandurah R.S.L
Whisson, Arthur Edwin, d. 29 Aug 1969, age 79y, h/o Elsie Merle
Whisson, Elsie Merle, d. 04 Aug 1975, age 80y, Mother of Max
White, Charles, no datesOur Dad
White, Frank, d. 19 Apr 1985, h/o Hazel
Whitelaw, Helen, d. 25 Apr 1990, age 79y
Whitelaw, James, d. 16 Aug 1980, age 70y, husband & father
Whitfield, Ryan Anthony, d. 04 Mar 1981, age 8days
Wickenden, Audrey June, d. 04 Jun 1974, age 47y
Wickenden, Augustus A, d. 24 May 1948, age 59y
Wickenden, Florence H.E, d. 15 Mar 1986, age 92y
Wignall, Mabel, d. 26 Jan 1975, age 70y, mother of Maylie, Hazel & Jim
Williams, B. H, d. 02 Feb 1965, age 78y, No.4314 Private 11th Batt, s/o the late John & Ellen Williams
Williams, Edward Morgan, b. 1891, d. 1971
Williams, H. H, d. 21 Mar 1976 No.46337 Corporal R.A.A.F., h/o Maud, father of Devon (dec'd), Cleve, Maureen & Julie
Williams, Leslie Neale, b. 1898 Blackwood, d. Dec 1966, age 68y, h/o Ruby Annie, father of Doreen, Margaret, Edith & Ruth, s/o George Mauder & Emma Annie (Judge)
Williams, Ruby Annie, d. 24 Dec 1950, age 57y, w/o Leslie Neale Williams
Williams, Sylvia Maud, d. ?? Sept ????, age 61y, mother of Leonard & Kath????[many of the letters are missing on this grave.]
Wilson, A., no datesA Tribute from the Mandurah R.S.L
Wilson, Alex, d. 12 Feb 1969, age 55y, h/o Beryl, father of Melv. & Pauline
Wilson, Everard Robert Charles, b. 20 Nov 1899 Mount Dick, d. 24 Mar 1968, age 68y, Son of Charles & Maud Elizabeth (Carter)
Woolhead, Ernest, d. 03 Mar 1975, age 62y, h/o Joyce Lorraine
Woolhead, Joyce Lorraine, d. 18 Jun 1980, age 62y, mother of Kevin, parents-in-law of Chris, Poppy & Nan of Craig & Kellie. [photo of couple on headstone.]
Wren, Edward Thomas, d. 30 Apr 1960, age 83y, h/o Ellen, father of Ben, Ern, Dorrie, Doug & Daph
Wright, J. V, d. 10 Sep 1962, age 56y, Late of 2/6 Field Regiment. R.A.A

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