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Boulder Cemetery
Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Goldfields Region, Western Australia

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 82.

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Cemetery Records

Headstones: (A)=Anglican (SA)=Salvation Army (M)=Methodist

Allen, William, dearly Loved son of William & J.H. Allen. Fell asleep, 26/10/1916 aged 3yrs. (A), [JC]
Andresen, Edward, My Dear Husband & Dada...who died through injury received at the Great Boulder Gold Mine 24/3/1915 aged 41yrs. Erected by wife and Son. (More on this headstone, as in wording if anyone belongs to this family, I can get it) (A), [JC]
Benck John, d. 25/1/1928 aged 84yrs (A), [JC]
Benck, Annie L, d.29/8/1920, aged 65yrs, s/w John F., [JC]
Benck, John Ferdinand, who died from injuries received on the Horseshoe Gold Mine 11/2/1919 aged 41yrs., [JC]
Black, Charles, b. 1864, d. 24 Aug 1915, [EM]
Black, Margaret Ann, b. 14 Apr 1867, d. 3 Jun 1908, dau Edward and Ann Willis, wife of Charles Black, [EM]
Black, Margaret Sadie, b. Jun 1908, d. 29 May 1909, dau. Charles and Margaret Black, [EM]
Blyth, William, b.1866, d.1919, beloved only son of the late James and Catherine Blyth of North Fitzroy, Victoria. Beloved brother of Mary and Agnes., "Thy will be done" (A), [JC]
Castlehow, Stephen W, d. 27 April 1921 Aged 45yrs. (A), [JC]
Chisholm, Francis Clarence Darling, Loving Son of W & J C Chisholm, Northhampton d. 17/8/1917 Aged 23yrs. (A), [JC]
Claves, William, Late of Penarth, South Wales, England, My Beloved Son, Accidently Killed Great Boulder Mine, 15 June 1915, Aged 24yrs., Erected by his Loving Friends Mr & Mrs Winson. Though lost to sight, to memory dear. (A), [JC]
Cronk, George, who died 28/7/1916 Aged 68, In Loving Memory, dearly beloved husband of Harriet, Erected as a token of Love to our dear parents., stone with Harriet (A), [JC]
Cronk, Harriet, who departed this life 23rd July 1920 aged 68yrs, Erected as a token of Love to our dear parents, stone with George (A), [JC]
Daniell, Mary Ann Maria, d. 17/10/1911, Aged 75yrs. (A), [JC]
Davey, William (Bud) In Loving Memory, d. 16/3/1912 aged 46yrs., Erected by Loving wife Susan. (A), [JC]
Edwards, William Hilton, born at Maryborough, Victoria., Departed this life 25 Sep 1928, aged 48yrs. Erected by his sisters & brothers. (A), [JC]
Elder, Henry d. 26/1/1948, aged 66yrs (A), [JC]
Elder, Thomas, son of the William. d.18/11/1911 aged 18 months., s/w Wm. (A), [JC]
Elder, William John who was accidentally killed on the South Kalgurli Gold Mine 9/10/1911 aged 24yrs, Erected by his loving wife and children. (A), [JC]
England, Joseph Henry, d. Aug 2nd 1913 Aged 58yrs, also our beloved mother Elvira d. June 29th 1938 Aged 82yrs. (A), [JC]
Fairclough, Private J W, 11th Batt 5696, 18th May 1955, aged 57. Emma. (A), [JC]
Fraser, Charles, d. 23/9/1912, aged 33yrs. (A), [JC]
Georgeson, Charles Lester, accidently killed at Great Boulder Mine, 12/11/1928, aged 49yrs. Erected by wife & children. Also Robert Lester, [JC]
Georgeson, Child son of above, died 13/3/1930 aged 15yrs. (A), [JC]
Gray, Annabella, d. 29 March 1969, wife of James, dau. of William and Margaret Norquoy, Scotland, [AL]
Gray, James, d. 11 Jun 1943 aged 52 years, husband of Annabella (nee Norquay) son of John and Robina Gray (Scotland), [AL]
Gray, William James, d. 2 May 1973, son of James and Annabella, [AL]
Gregory, Mary Jane, d. 21/4/1921, aged 63yrs. (A), [JC]
Harris, Jane, departed this life 23rd Oct 1923 aged 41yrs.(A), [JC]
Hewett, Lily, Sacred to the memory, Dearly beloved wife of Charles Hewett, who fell asleep 27/10/1911, aged 42yrs. (A), [JC]
Howells, Elizabeth, b. 1864, d. 1903, w/o Henry Howells, d/o John and Janet Mc Kenzie No 99 Presbyterian Sec, [HH]
Huggett, Susanna, Devoted Wife and Loving Mother, d. 16/3/1919 (A), [JC]
Jackson, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine Ann Jackson and son of the late D & E JACKSON of Parkville. Born at Coburg, Victoria, Died at Boulder 23/2/1909 aged 47yrs. Erected by wife & daughter. (A), [JC]
Johnston, Caroline, d. 23 December 1912 aged 43yrs (wife of George), [JC]
Johnston, George, who died through injuries received at the Great Boulder Gold Mine. Died 12/11/1915 Aged 56yrs. (A), [JC]
Kellow, Mary Maria, Our Darling Babe, d. Jan 16, 1913 Aged 1 yr.(A), [JC]
Kirwan, Mavis, d. 21/8/1918 aged 4yrs, Dearly beloved daughter of F and the Late J. Kirwan, who was killed in Action 3/5/1917.(A), [JC]
Knowles, R.J, d. 5 April 1919, Erected by Maisie.(A), [JC]
(Next four buried in same grave)
Lee, Ernest Albert, d. 9/1/1904 Aged 7yrs, [JC]
Lee, Frederick William, d. 8/1/1904 Aged 10yrs, [JC]
Lee, Percy Henry, d. 8/1/1904 Aged 6yrs, [JC]
Lee, Ruby Edna, d. 21/5/1904 Aged 5 months.(A), [JC]
Letts, William Stephen, In Memory, d. 1st August 1927, aged 58yrs. (Headstone broken in half)(A), [JC]
Lyons, William, the beloved husband of Frances Lyons, late of Sebastian, Bendigo, Victoria who was killed at Lake View Consolidated Gold Mine19/11/1902 aged 27yrs and 5 months. Erected by his loving wife. (Nice Headstone and more writing if needed)(A), [JC]
Mcfadden, Louisa, d.17/11/1939, Loving Wife of Michael, aged 80yrs.(A), [JC]
Mcfadden, Michael, d.19 Aug, 1933 aged 75yrs. Erected by his loving wife and family., [JC]
Morgan, George Robert, who was killed on the Eclispe Mine Boulder on Nov 1, 1904 Aged 53yrs. Erected by Wife and children.(A), [JC]
Patterson, Andrew, beloved husband of Jane Sharp d. 21/8/1916 aged 65yrs., [JC]
Piper, Mary Jane, d. 3 June 1952, aged 85yrs.(A), [JC]
Piper, William Thomas, d. 29 July 1946, Aged 81yrs (A), [JC]
Radley, John, son of Mary & William Radley of California, U.S.A, Died at Boulder, Jan 24, 1907 aged 41yrs. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. At Rest. Erected by his sister May.(A), [JC]
Renton, Adelaide Lila Muriel, beloved wife of James, nee Eaton, d. 1970, stone with James (SA), [JC]
Renton, Donald Lesley, d. 09 September 1992 aged 74yrs, loved husband of Esme Mary Renton nee: Beamont (SA), [JC]
Renton, Frances Edith, d. 1911 aged 1yr, dau of John & Emma (M), [JC]
Renton, Francis Emma, d.08 February 1950, nee: Reynolds (M), [JC]
Renton, James Henry George, d. 10 June 1958 aged 49yrs, killed tragically in the Mines (SA), [JC]
Renton, John Henry, d. 29 December 1939, Boulder, Methodist, Grave 353, Loving husband of Francis Emma, stone with wife and daughters (M), [JC]
Renton, John William, d. 25 September 1968 aged 56yrs, loved husband of Ula Renton, nee: Riley(SA), [JC]
Renton, Margaret Joan, nee: Mercer, loving wife of Thomas Daniel, d. 18 September 1985 aged 61yrs., "Tired eyes are sleeping, Weary hands at rest, Let nothing disturb thee", From their loving children Glenice, Tommy, Roderick (dec) Ronald (dec) William, Peter, Daniel, Donna, Joseph & Julie (SA), [JC]
Renton, Ronald James, d. 14 December 1982 aged 35yrs, taken so tragically in a Rock fall in Kambalda. Loved partner of Colleen and loving father of Ronald Jnr. Loved son of Tom & Margaret Renton (above) (SA), [JC]
Renton, Thelma Jean, d. 1933 aged 7yrs, dau of John & Emma (M), [JC]
Renton, Thomas Daniel, d. 11 November 1987 aged 65yrs, "Tired eyes are sleeping, Weary hands at rest, Let nothing disturb thee", From their loving children Glenice, Tommy, Roderick (dec) Ronald (dec) William, Peter, Daniel, Donna, Joseph & Julie (SA), [JC]
Reynolds James Henry, d. 1920 Loving husband of Mary Shaw Reynolds nee:Harvey(M), [JC]
Reynolds, James Henry, son of above d. 1907 Brown Hill (M), [JC]
Sharp, Jane Sharp, died 21 June 1918 aged 33yrs., [JC]
Sharp, John Edward, beloved husband of Ada and loved son of the above, [JC]
Sharp, Robert Corbet, b. 1865, d. 18 Aug 1910, Son of John Sharp & Anne Mitchell, husband of Elizabeth Florence James, [MS]
Smith, Albert, d. 19/1/1890 (child of Above William)(A), [JC]
Smith, Alice, d.13/11/1882 wife of William(A), [JC]
Smith, Frederick, d. 20/10/1888 (child of Above William) (A), [JC]
Smith, Maria Louisa, d. Perth 27/12/1940 aged 88yrs. Beloved Wife of Albert(A), [JC]
Smith, William Henry, d. 6th Sep 1927 aged 75yrs.(A), [JC]
Strachan, Ronald James, son of A & D Strachan of Artarman, NSW., Killed Mine Accident 11/6/31 aged 24yrs.(A), [JC]
Swainston, Hannah, d. 18/11/1913, Aged 39yrs, Erected by Loving Son & Daughter.(A), [JC]
Swainston, Robert Tom, accidently killed on the Horseshoe Mine 5/11/1917 aged 42yrs. Erected by Loving Son & Daughter.(A), [JC]
Swainston, Tom Clyde, d. 25/7/1922 aged 24yrs.(A), [JC]
Truscott, Gordon Redford Buller, d.11/12/1919 aged 20yrs. Beloved Son of JC.H & N Truscott (A), [JC]
Truscott, Ruby Victoria, d.7/12/1913 Aged 20yrs, Beloved Daughter of JC.H & N Truscott, s/w Gordon (A), [JC]
Willis Charles, d. 21/8/1922 Aged 46yrs Erected by Loving wife Elizabeth and daughter Jean.(A), [JC]
Willis, Edward, b. 1834, d. 6 Dec 1903, son of Robert and Joanna Willis, [EM]
Willis, Ronald, beloved son of C & E Willis, d.9/5/1918 aged 10 months., s/w Charles(A), [JC]

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