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Deloraine Cemetery
Meander Valley Council, Tasmania, Australia

There were two cemeteries in Deloraine, one in the grounds of Saint Matthew Church, and the other, this one, is on a hill outside of town. This is the town, where John Atkins Bonney made his mark. The hotel, he built, is still in business, and the dining room is well worth a visit to see the ornate mirrors, and sideboards. Next door is Bonney's Inn, the former family home, now operating as a B&B.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 19, 2007. Total records = 29.

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Cemetery Records

Bonney, Alban Arthur, d.23-1-1882, age:2y6m, [JB]
Bonney, Annie M, d.4-8-1939, [JB]
Bonney, Frances, d.3-7-1872, age:73, [JB]
Bonney, John Atkins, d.17-1-1875, age:75, [JB]
Bramich, Albert Frederick, d.16-2-1922, age:69, [JB]
Bramich, Alice Louisa, d.8-2-1861, b.5-1-1859, [JB]
Bramich, Ann, d.23-5-1899, age:88, [JB]
Bramich, Arnold Henry William, d.13-8-1864, b.19-7-1864, [JB]
Bramich, Barth, d.4-6-1925, age:80, [JB]
Bramich, Cyril S, d.28-10-1924, age:44, [JB]
Bramich, Elizabeth, d.6-9-1916, age:69, [JB]
Bramich, Ella Ada, d.4-2-1975, age:81, [JB]
Bramich, George, d.11-7-1866, age:22y6m, [JB]
Bramich, George Thomas, d.5-5-1868, age:1y3m14dys, [JB]
Bramich, Hubert Easton, d.29-5-1890, age:39, [JB]
Bramich, John, d.4-12-1881, age:71, [JB]
Bramich, Laura, d.20-9-1890, age:34, [JB]
Bramich, Leonard W.R., d.4-2-1903, age:20, [JB]
Bramich, Marion Barth, d.31-7-1869, age:61, [JB]
Bramich, Oscar R Theodore, d.28-12-1977, age:89, [JB]
Bramich, Walter, d.1-3-1953, age:51, [JB]
Bramich, William, d.20-11-1861, age:63, [JB]
Griffin, Marion, d.29-12-1911, b.23-4-1842, [JB]
Poole, Bertha H, d.3-5-1943, age:58, [JB]
Poole, Elton Bramich, d.10-12-1880, age:2, [JB]
Poole, Linley N, d.17-11-1952, age:70, [JB]
Poole, Marion Mary, d.1-12-1965, age:85, [JB]
Poole, May, d.25-6-1913, age:64, [JB]
Poole, Nathaniel, d.18-4-1917, age:71, [JB]

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