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Latrobe Cemetery
Latrobe Council, Tasmania, Australia

This is a large reserve bridging a ridge in Latrobe. This is in the central north of Tasmania, west of Launceston.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 19, 2007. Total records = 28.

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Cemetery Records

Allen, Annie, d. 24-2-1907, age:76y11m, [JB]
Allen, Edward, d. 19-11-1887, age:56, [JB]
Allen, Edward, d. 20-11-1872, age:8m, [JB]
Bartlett, Bessie Gladys, d. 13-10-1900, age:2y7m, [JB]
Bartlett, Eva May, d. 19-12-1888, age:10y5m, [JB]
Bartlett, William Lee, d. 18-6-1905, age:68, [JB]
Bonney, Amy, d. 6-6-1967, [JB]
Bonney, Andrew, d. 1-8-1910, [JB]
Bonney, James, d. 12-4-1890, age:62, [JB]
Bonney, James, d. 25-4-1874, age:20, [JB]
Bonney, Maria, d. 19-3-1878, age:46, [JB]
Boss, Frances (Bonney), d. 14-8-1874, age:37, [JB]
Bramich, Barth, d. 21-3-1913, age:47, [JB]
Bramich, Basil Claude, d. 17-7-1969, age:81, [JB]
Bramich, Clara, d. 17-3-1935, age:70, [JB]
Bramich, Emma, d. 3-11-1886, age:51, [JB]
Bramich, George, d. 4-4-1937, age:72, [JB]
Bramich, Marion, d. 29-9-1964, age:95, [JB]
Bramich, William, d. 25-2-1904, age:73, [JB]
Cole, Henry, d. 14-3-1934, age:81, [JB]
Cole, Thomas Henry, d. 10-1-1903, age:23, [JB]
Morrison, Allan, d. 15-7-1896, age:38, [JB]
Morrison, Fanny L, d. 18-4-1941, age:80, [JB]
Taylor, Edward, d. 5-9-1897, [JB]
Taylor, Mary Ann, d. 8-1-1929, [JB]
Wescombe, Caroline Jane, d. 3-3-1965, age:69, [JB]
Wescombe, James Edward, d. 19-5-1975, age:81, [JB]
Wescombe, Keith, d. 13-12-1946, age:28, [JB]

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