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Greenbanks Cemetery
Moriarty, Latrobe Council, Tasmania, Australia

This is a small overgrown cemetery on Bonney Lane,which was once a Methodist Cemetery. I suspect it was probably a private reserve. The nearby church is obviously not in use. The grass is long, and vicious briars lurk beneath.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 19, 2007. Total records = 35.

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Cemetery Records

Bonney, Andrew Clarence, d.6-11-1944, age:71, [JB]
Bonney, Annie, d.5-3-1967, age:90, [JB]
Bonney, Arthur James, d.18-3-1945, age:83, [JB]
Bonney, Barth, d.18-4-1940, age:64, [JB]
Bonney, Bertha Alice, d.1971, b., 1885, [JB]
Bonney, George Albert, d.16-1-1957, age:82, [JB]
Bonney, Maria, d.3-9-1921, age:80, [JB]
Bonney, Mildred Constance, d.16-2-1950, age:66, [JB]
Bonney, Ralph Sylvester, d.1947, b., 1883, [JB]
Bonney, Thomas, d.18-4-1890, age:64, [JB]
Bonney, Victoria, d.1-2-1935, age:71, [JB]
Edwards, Mary, d.5-5-1880, age:81, [JB]
Mitchell, Alexander H, d.5-12-1919, age:73, [JB]
Mitchell, Amelia, d.5-7-1978, age:83, [JB]
Mitchell, Amy F, d.20-5-1903, age:21, [JB]
Mitchell, Harry, d.13-2-1957, age:66, [JB]
Mitchell, Isabella , d.16-2-1946, age:92, [JB]
Mitchell, Laura Annie, d.31-5-1949, age:68, [JB]
Mitchell, Martha P, d.29-6-1942, age:90, [JB]
Mitchell, Robert Forbes, d.29-5-1959, age:69, [JB]
Mitchell, Victor C, d.4-6-1903, age:14, [JB]
Mitchell, Winnifred, d.19-5-1898, age:2, [JB]
Wescombe, Albert J.D., d.4-8-1929, age:46, [JB]
Wescombe, Amy Isobel, d.10-3-1897, age:27, [JB]
Wescombe, Donald, d.11-9-1883, age:67, [JB]
Wescombe, George Langdon, d.19-1-1931, age:75, [JB]
Wescombe, Gordon Edwards, d.1-11-1922, age:18, [JB]
Wescombe, Grace Lanella, d.8-1-1972, age:92, [JB]
Wescombe, James E, d.15-6-1949, age:82, [JB]
Wescombe, Jane Ann, d.28-10-1973, age:91, [JB]
Wescombe, Langdon Bonney, d.25-11-1949, age:71, [JB]
Wescombe, Mary Langdon, d.23-4-1919, age:92y10m, [JB]
Wescombe, Robert Edward, d.19-7-1973, age:91, [JB]
Wescombe, Robert Edwards, d.16-4-1952, age:46, [JB]
Wescombe, Tobias, d.19-11-1941, age:76, [JB]

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