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Jamestown Cemetery
Jamestown, Northern Areas, South Australia

Contributed by Leonard "Spike" Jones, Mar 10, 2001 [ekips@ozemail.com.au].

Dates are listed as: day/month/year

DALY, Catherine, age 79, bur. 02/04/1940, Plot: FG18, w.o. John.
DALY, Edmund Thomas., age 76, bur. 12/03/1959, Plot: FG14, p.o. Jack, Daphne, Von and Anne.
DALY, Elizabeth, age 72, bur. 03/03/1929, Plot: HE3
DALY, Francis Augustine, age 62, bur. 16/06/1930, Plot: HE10
DALY, Honora Imilda, age 50, bur. 04/05/1943, Plot: FG15, p.o. Jack, Daphne, Von and Anne.
DALY, John Bernard (Lulla), age 73, bur. 11/11/1992, Plot: EK19, h.o. Enid Margaret, f.o. Christopher, Helen, Bernard, David, Mary, Peter, Anne, Michael, Stephen and Louise.
DALY, John Patrick, age 1.5, bur. 13/09/1918, Plot: FG20, s.o. E.T. & H. accidentally drowned.
DALY, John Timothy, age 87, bur. 17/05/1984, Plot: EG2, Late 1st. A.I.F. s.o. Mortimer and Elizabeth.
DALY, John, age 42, bur. 12/07/1909, Plot: GB9
DALY, John, age 76, bur. 15/03/1923, Plot: FG17, h.o. Catherine.
DALY, Patrick, age 85, bur. 07/02/1972, Plot: HE4
DARBY, Annie, age 9.5, bur. 12/06/1902, Plot: AR11
DARBY, Sydney Victor, age 3, bur. 01/02/1903, Plot: AR12
DARING* A.K.A. JAMES KEW., William, bur. 26/03/1875, Plot: CL14
DARRAGH, Agnes Julia, age 76, bur. 14/07/1964, Plot: GH23, d.o. late Julia and George.
DARRAGH, Elizabeth Ann, age 4mo, bur. 01/02/1894, Plot: GG7, d.o. George and Julia
DARRAGH, George, age 76, bur. 21/09/1931, Plot: GG7, h.o. Julia. f.o. Mary Ann and Elizabeth Ann
DARRAGH, Julia, age 67, bur. 20/06/1920, Plot: GG7, w.o. George. m.o. Mary Ann and Elizabeth Ann.
DARRAGH, Mary Ann, age 7, bur. 07/05/1890, Plot: GG7, d.o. George and Julia
DARRAGH, Patrick Michael, age 74, bur. 05/10/1966, Plot: GH23
DARRAGH, Richard William, age 67, bur. 01/02/1948, Plot: GH22, Eldest s.o. George and Julia.
DAVEY, Mary, age 35, bur. 09/05/1902, Plot: GD20
DAVIDSON, Arthur, age 31, bur. 18/08/1916, Plot: FI11
DAVIES, Annie, age 13, bur. 19/02/1904, Plot: AR1, Date hdstn??, Twin d.o. William and Nannie.
DAVIES, Charles, age 59, bur. 28/11/1943, Plot: BF17, h.o. Eva. f.o. Beryl, John and Colin.
DAVIES, David Bancroft, age 66, bur. 09/02/1942, Plot: CF20, h.o. May.
DAVIES, Edward Howlett, age 70, bur. 30/09/1957, Plot: AK9, s.o. Maria and Harrison.
DAVIES, Edward, age 51, bur. 20/06/1917, Plot: AI13, h.o. Ellen
DAVIES, Ellen, age 84, bur. 27/12/1948, Plot: AI12, w.o. Edward
DAVIES, Harrison, age 70, bur. 22/12/1953, Plot: AK10, s.o. Maria and Harrison.
DAVIES, James, age 57, bur. 07/02/1905, Plot: AO12
DAVIES, Lulu, age 97, bur. 26/08/1997, Plot: DQ7, d.o. Maria and Harrison Davies.
DAVIES, Mabel Seymour, age 73, bur. 29/05/1967, Plot: AK9, d.o. Maria and Harrison.
DAVIES, Maria, age 58, bur. 23/08/1922, Plot: AK8, (nee HOWLETT) w.o. Harrison of Yongala Homestead.
DAVIES, May, age 83, bur. 24/08/1967, Plot: CF18, w.o. David Bancroft.
DAVIES, Nannie, bur. 27/03/1947, Plot: AR2, w.o. William. m.o. Annie.
DAVIES, Richard Seymour, Plot: EG19, s.o. Maria and Harrison DAVIES. of Yongala Homestead.
DAVIES, Seymour Frederick, age 80, bur. 15/04/1966, Plot: AK10, s.o. Maria and Harrison.
DAVIES, Thomas Albert, age 73, bur. 21/05/1973, Plot: DQ7, Youngest s.o. Maria and Harrison Davies.
DAVIES, Thomas Harrison, age 62, bur. 27/09/1913, Plot: AK7, Died at Yongala Estate.
DAVIES, Walter, age 93, bur. 29/09/1990, Plot: DQ7, s.o. Maria and Harrison Davies.
DAVIES, William, age 50, bur. 04/12/1912, Plot: AR2, h.o. Nannie f.o. Annie.
DAVILL, Howard Keith, age 76, bur. 28/04/1970, Plot: EC2, h.o. Ruby. f.o. Dalton and Rodney.
DAVILL, Ruby Lillian, age 90, bur. 06/11/1990, Plot: EC3, w.o. Howard, m.o. Dalton and Rodney.
DAVIS, Agnes Pearl, age 84, bur. 30/09/1995, Plot: DC7, w.o. Walter, m.o. Aggie, Dot, Charlie, Dawn, Allan, Dolly, Betty, Bruce, and Malc.
DAVIS, Allan Berry, age 19, bur. 06/01/1959, Plot: CD9, s.o. Agnes. b.o. Joan, Dot, Doug, Dawn Dolly, Betty, Bruce, Malcolm. b.in l. of Bob and Marcy.
DAVIS, Arthur Brian, age 14mo, bur. 08/05/1955, Plot: AB17, Son of Mannanarie school teacher, Leo DAVIS.
DAVIS, George Tilly, age 1, bur. 28/06/1885, Plot: BQ5, George Tilley
DAVIS, Inf, age Stlbn, bur. 20/05/1906, Plot: CR24
DAVIS, Infant twins of Geoff, age Stlbn, bur. 01/02/1953, Plot: DZ21
DAVIS, Margaret Ellen, age 2mo, bur. 13/01/1892, Plot: GG5
DAVIS, Sarah Elizabeth, age 38, bur. 08/07/1906, Plot: CR24, w.o. H.A. d.o. T.P. & E. AXFORD.
DAVIS, Walter James Frederick, age 70, bur. 12/10/1977, Plot: DC8, h.o. Agnes, f.o. Aggie, Dot, Charlie, Dawn, Allan, Dolly, Betty, Bruce, and Malc.
DAWES, Charles R., age 59, bur. 02/04/1940, Plot: GI1
DAWES, George, age 5, bur. 08/08/1886, Plot: GI1
DAWES, George, age 78, bur. 18/12/1928, Plot: GG5
DAWES, James, age 50, bur. 09/02/1940, Plot: GG5, Late 3rd. Light Horse. (One of the Noble Eight) Died at Renmark.
DAWES, John, age 2, bur. 07/02/1880, Plot: GI1
DAWES, Margaret Ann, age 64, bur. 07/06/1912, Plot: BT22
DAWES, Mary Ann, age 9, bur. 20/06/1896, Plot: GG5
DAWES, William Charles, age 10, bur. 22/02/1896, Plot: BT22
DAWES, William, age Stlbn, bur. 25/09/1884, Plot: GI1
DAY, Albert, age 12, bur. 23/11/1897, Plot: CM19
DAY, Effie, age 3wks, bur. 19/07/1883, Plot: CM20
DEAN, Mary Ann, age 57, bur. 14/01/1892, Plot: BS26
DEAR, Irena Isabel Emily, age 10mo, bur. 03/07/1908, Plot: AN9
DEER, Kenneth George, age 83, bur. 07/12/1998, Plot: C0
DEERING, Edward Roy, age 23, bur. 24/01/1948, Plot: BE28, s.o. F.A. & R.M. b.o. Ken and Audrey. Accidentally killed. (Saw mill Accident at Bundaleer Forest)
DEERING, Frederick Arthur, age 85, bur. 02/06/1979, Plot: BE27
DEERING, Ruby Myrtle, age 91, bur. 01/12/1981, Plot: BE27
DEGNER, Arthur John, age 73, bur. 17/08/1983, Plot: DD12, h.o. Barbara, f.o. Josephine, Christabel, Alan and Philippa, Tracy, Jody and Jonothon.
DEGNER, Tammy Eleanor, age Stlbn, bur. 02/02/1977, Plot: DD12
DELAMORE, William, age 66, bur. 18/02/1913, Plot: DO17, h.o. Susan. Uncle o. J. KENWORTHY. Pioneer of Broken Hill.
DELANEY, Inf., age Stborn, bur. 20/11/1881, Plot: 0
DELANEY, Olive Maggie, age 9mo, bur. 26/01/1889, Plot: GG10
DELANEY, William, age 11, bur. 16/08/1880, Plot: GH24
DEMPSEY, Andrew Thomas, age 79, bur. 05/05/1979, Plot: EE9, h.o. Evelyn, f.o. Drew.
DEMPSEY, Damian Andrew, age 1, bur. 02/04/1978, Plot: EE13, Inf. s.o. Mary and Drew, b.o. Joanne and Michelle.
DEMPSEY, Evelyn May, age 82, bur. 23/07/1988, Plot: EE10, w.o. Andrew Thomas. m.o. Drew.
DEMPSEY, James, age 70, bur. 10/04/1920, Plot: HA18
DENNING, Louisa, age 69, bur. 21/10/1883, Plot: GG19
DERMOTT, Ada Louise, age 33, bur. 19/05/1907, Plot: AM18, w.o. W.E.
DEVINE, Mary, age 87, bur. 08/04/1956, Plot: BD16, w.o. William interred in Quorn.
DICK, Emily, age 72, bur. 31/12/1939, Plot: DL22, w.o. James.
DICK, James, age 68, bur. 27/03/1930, Plot: DL21, h.o. Emily
DICKER, George Albert, age 41, bur. 14/01/1911, Plot: DR26
DICKER, Sarah Margaret, age 32, bur. 13/03/1912, Plot: DR25
DICKSON, Ada Sylvester, age 1, bur. 29/08/1898, Plot: GE16, sis.o. Arnold Patrick. Name Adelaide in Burial Record (Adelaide May born 1884)
DICKSON, Arnold Patrick, age 2yrs 6mo., bur. 16/12/1902, Plot: GE16, b.o. Ada Sylvester
DICKSON, Caroline, age 65, bur. 10/02/1927, Plot: DK26, w.o. John Sydney. (nee FLAVEL), m.o. Morgan James.
DICKSON, Emma, age 58, bur. 27/02/1949, Plot: DI28, w.o. Vincent Frederick Roy (nee ROSSER), w.o. (V.) F. R.
DICKSON, John Sydney, age 67, bur. 14/10/1924, Plot: GE22, h.o. Caroline
DICKSON, John, age 67, bur. 05/01/1896, Plot: CF4
DICKSON, Mabel Alberta, age 74, bur. 09/09/1955, Plot: DJ26, (nee CHARLES), w.o. Sydney. m.o. Phillis and Hazel.
DICKSON, Morgan James, age 48, bur. 27/12/1932, Plot: DK26, s.o. Amos and Emma DICKSON., s.o. Caroline.
DICKSON, Peter, age 9, bur. 02/09/1903, Plot: GE22, 7th. child.o. Amos and Emma DICKSON.
DICKSON, Sydney John, age 85, bur. 29/09/1967, Plot: DJ25, 1st child of Amos and Emma DICKSON., h.o. Mabel, p.o. Phillis and Hazel.
DICKSON, Vincent Frederick Roy, age 29, bur. 02/02/1920, Plot: CK1, h.o. Emma (nee ROSSER), Late 10 Batt. 9th. Light Horse Regmt.
DIGGINS, Infant Daughter, age Stlbn, bur. 23/06/1967, Plot: AQ4, Daughter of Clair.
DILLON, Anne Teresa, age 31, bur. 22/10/1952, Plot: HZ18, w.o. Ken. m.o. Helen, Michael and Paul.
DIXON, Gordon James, age Inf, bur. 08/11/1942, Plot: CF18, Mary Jane DIXON Age 50 died 1942, no record ??
DIXON, Jessie, age 14dys, bur. 06/03/1885, Plot: BO25
DIXON, Lilly, age 1dy, bur. 23/02/1885, Plot: BO25
DIXON, Margaret Jane, age 10mo, bur. 11/01/1897, Plot: CR4
DIXON, Mary Jane, age 44, bur. 21/07/1892, Plot: BR29, ??? Dates???, Erected by her Daughter.
DOHERTY, John, age 60, bur. 27/01/1901, Plot: EI24
DOHNT, Daisy Dardanella Jane, age 56, bur. 18/08/1975, Plot: DG11, w.o. Ronald (Dec.) m.o. 7 Children.
DOHNT, Ronald, age 38, bur. 04/07/1955, Plot: AD8, h.o. Daisy. f.o. 7 children.
DONALDSON, Hugh, age 2yrs 2mo, bur. 23/08/1878, Plot: BN15
DONELLY, ??, age 93, bur. 17/12/1913, Plot: GA19
DONNELL, James O., age 35, bur. 03/03/1898, Plot: CS4
DONNELLAN, Andrew Patrick, bur. 22/11/1977, Plot: EZ18, h.o. Margaret Eileen.
DONNELLAN, Carmel, age 1dy, bur. 27/04/1962, Plot: FH14, d.o. John and Dorrie.
DONNELLAN, Catherine, age 81, bur. 15/12/1966, Plot: FH22, p.o. John and Therese.
DONNELLAN, Margaret Eileen, age 61, bur. 13/07/1972, Plot: EZ17, w.o. Andrew.
DONNELLAN, Maria, age 92, bur. 21/10/1939, Plot: GB18, w.o. Patrick
DONNELLAN, Michael Joseph, age 63, bur. 21/09/1948, Plot: FH21, h.o. Catherine. f.o. John and Theresa
DONNELLAN, Olive May, age 4wks, bur. 01/12/1896, Plot: GE14
DONNELLAN, Patrick, age 64, bur. 14/01/1911, Plot: GB17, h.o. Maria. f.o. Patrick Worgan [Dec.]
DONNELLAN, Peter, age Stlbn, bur. 28/11/1955, Plot: FH14, s.o. John and Dorrie.
DONNELLAN, Terrence Mathew, age 58, bur. 29/11/1939, Plot: HH3, Date hdstn., Died at Bundaleer.
DONNELLAN, Veronica, age 4dys, bur. 17/03/1952, Plot: FH14, d.o. John and Dorrie.
DONNELLY, Inf., age 1dy, bur. 26/06/1914, Plot: 0, Thomas, s.o. Frank.
DONNELLY, John, age 59, bur. 28/10/1934, Plot: HD16
DONOHUE, Thomas L., age 65, bur. 09/02/1948, Plot: FH3
DONOVAN, Selma, age 60, bur. 28/08/1945, Plot: BE8, w.o. John. m.o. Leslie, Norma and Doreen.
DONOVAN, William John, age 79, bur. 25/01/1972, Plot: BE7, h.o. Selma f.o. Leslie, Norma and Doreen.
DOUGLAS, Donald, age 45, bur. 15/07/1890, Plot: FA5, f.o. Kenneth Gordon.
DOUGLAS, Kenneth Gordon, age 10mo, bur. 29/11/1883, Plot: BO15, Stone on FA05 with Donald DOUGLAS., s.o. Donald.
DOUGLASS, Elizabeth Winifred, age 80, bur. 17/09/1982, Plot: EG1, w.o. Marcus, Interred at Wudinna.
DOWD, Aloysia May, age 83, bur. 11/08/1957, Plot: FF20, w.o. John Albert.
DOWD, Andrew, age 64, bur. 23/08/1893, Plot: GF9, h.o. Elizabeth Ann.
DOWD, Charlotte Augusta, age 61, bur. 29/08/1924, Plot: FE13, w.o. David W.
DOWD, Daphne, age 18, bur. 30/06/1904, Plot: GD30
DOWD, David William, age 83, bur. 22/12/1941, Plot: FE14, h.o. Charlotte A.
DOWD, Elizabeth Ann, age 79, bur. 04/08/1911, Plot: GF10, w.o. Andrew. (Arthur ??? hdstn.)
DOWD, John Albert, age 60, bur. 07/03/1933, Plot: FF19, h.o. Alice.
DOWDY, Anna Maria, age 38, bur. 12/12/1886, Plot: GH8
DOWNEY, Hannah, age 52, bur. 23/08/1907, Plot: GG30
DOWNEY, John, age 17, bur. 21/11/1903, Plot: GG28
DOWNEY, Mary, age 3, bur. 15/08/1895, Plot: GG28
DOWNEY, Patrick, age 45, bur. 07/05/1933, Plot: GG29
DOWNEY, Patrick, age 79, bur. 07/10/1922, Plot: GG29
DOWNEY, Thomas, age 23, bur. 02/01/1918, Plot: GG29
DOWNIE, Maurice Joseph, age 13, bur. 11/02/1908, Plot: GG28
DOWNING, Leslie Robert, age 70, bur. 24/04/1980, Plot: DI3, h.o. Edie. f.o. Mary, Ross, Joyce and Walter.
DOWNING, Ross Leslie, age 59, bur. 30/09/1998, Plot: C75
DOYLE, William (Archdeacon), age 66, bur. 23/04/1929, Plot: HE18, The 40th. year of his Priesthood, a resident of Jamestown for 30 years.
DRage Emily Ada, age 74, bur. 29/07/1959, Plot: CD21, w.o. George.
DRage George Harold, age 78, bur. 13/08/1963, Plot: CD22, h.o. Ada.
DRENNAN, David, age 17, bur. 28/09/1909, Plot: DU19
DRENNAN, Pearl, age 17, bur. 27/03/1911, Plot: DR22
DRONEY, Austin, age 73, bur. 27/04/1921, Plot: HD1
DUBBERKE, Alwin Otto, age 70, bur. 31/12/1972, Plot: DD15, h.o. Clara, p.o. Mavis, Margaret, Dorothy, Norman Alwyn, Eileen and Phillis.
DUBBERKE, Clara Helena, age 84, bur. 02/04/1989, Plot: DD14, w.o. Alwin, p.o. Mavis, Margaret, Dorothy, Norman Alwyn, Eileen and Phillis.
DUBBERKE, Norman Frederick, age 50, bur. 24/03/1983, Plot: DD14, s.o. Alwyn and Clara.
DUKE, John William Francis, age 72, bur. 11/10/1992, Plot: EK5, h.o. Irene Elizabeth, f.o. Helen, Kathleen, Eileen, Bill, Frank+Karen, Bernadette+ Steve, Terry+ Angela, Paul+ Debra, and Gerard.
DUKE, William Henry (Harry), age 75, bur. 29/03/1995, Plot: EL15, h.o. Ida, f.o. Coral, Kevin, Valmai, Trevor and Rodney.
DUMAS, Frederick, age 42, bur. 15/07/1895, Plot: EI19
DUNDON, William, age 58, bur. 19/02/1954, Plot: FD22
DUNLOP, ??, age Stlbn, bur. 14/03/1923, Plot: AG9
DUNN, Daniel Leslie, age 83, bur. 13/02/1990, Plot: EJ27
DUNN, Edward, age 78, bur. 17/09/1942, Plot: EI26
DUNN, Irene Ethel, age 89, bur. 31/12/1997, Plot: EJ27, (Nee COUZNER)
DUNN, James, age 34, bur. 28/11/1902, Plot: EI21
DUNNING, Colin Hartley, age 7mo, bur. 31/12/1912, Plot: DO14
DUNNING, Pharis Phil, age 7, bur. 20/08/1907, Plot: AM5, Phil Paris
DUNSTAN OR DUNSTANE, Florence, age 29, bur. 04/10/1901, Plot: BN28
DUNSTAN, Amelia, age 9mo, bur. 24/04/1876, Plot: BN26, d.o. William and Julia.
DUNSTAN, Annie Elizabeth, age 71, bur. 10/07/1957, Plot: BF9, b. 05/07/1886.
DUNSTAN, Edward John, age 70, bur. 04/11/1947, Plot: BF8, b. 17th. Feb. 1877. h.o. Annie Elizabeth.
DUNSTAN, Edward, age 82, bur. 19/03/1924, Plot: BM25, h.o. Mary Jane and Elizabeth
DUNSTAN, Elizabeth, age 40, bur. 16/10/1890, Plot: BN26, Bur. Rec. shows BM26 hdsn on BN, 2nd w.o. Edward.
DUNSTAN, Elsie, age 68, bur. 10/03/1952, Plot: BN27
DUNSTAN, Emelia (Millie), age 3, bur. 21/11/1891, Plot: BM25, Gr.d.o. William and Julia. Memorial Stone on AR10
DUNSTAN, Julia, age 89, bur. 27/05/1919, Plot: AR10, w.o. William. m.o. Amelia.
DUNSTAN, Mary Emily, age 91, bur. 13/05/1948, Plot: CI22, w.o. William.
DUNSTAN, Thomas Lester, age 79, bur. 23/09/1965, Plot: BC12, h.o. Nellie p.o. Graham, Robert and Keith
DUNSTAN, William, age 71, bur. 11/09/1927, Plot: CI21, h.o. Mary Emily.
DUNSTAN, William, age 75, bur. 29/07/1902, Plot: AR7, h.o. Julia. f.o. Amelia. Gr.f.o. Millie.
DUNSTONE, Herbert Henry, age 3mo, bur. 25/06/1883, Plot: BN25
DUNSTONE, Mary Jane, age 32, bur. 19/05/1879, Plot: BN20
DYER, Jennifer Dawn, age 4dys, bur. 06/03/1947, Plot: CE20
DYER, Noel Francis, age 54, bur. 30/04/1998, Plot: B45, s.o. Ron and Vera, b.o. Thelma, Marlene, Lynette, Pauline, ianne, Ian, Beverly and Neil.
DYSTER, Inf., age 6dys, bur. 21/06/1940, Plot: AE2
EARLE, ??, bur. 06/11/1999, Plot: 0
EARLE, Eric Theodore, age 74, bur. 24/12/1982, Plot: EE7, h.o. Mary. f.o. Tony, Terry, Geraldine and Pauline.
EARLE, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 19/01/1940, Plot: FI12
EARLE, Mary Ursula, age 84, bur. 06/11/1999, Plot: EE8
ECKERT, Dora Annie, age 95, bur. 26/12/1991, Plot: AE11
ECKERT, Wilhelm Berthold, age 49, bur. 11/07/1945, Plot: AE11, h.o. Dora. f.o. Donald, George, Keith. Gilbert and Lyle.
EDGELOE, Clifton John, age 73, bur. 24/07/1984, Plot: DH7, b.o. Leonard, Victor and Phillis.
EDGELOE, Phillis Hope, age 81, bur. 10/01/1981, Plot: DH8, sis.o. Len, Vic and Cliff.
EDWARDS, Edward James, age 69, bur. 27/08/1932, Plot: CG20, Date??, h.o. Elizabeth Ann.
EDWARDS, Elizabeth Ann, age 95, bur. 08/01/1962, Plot: CG19, w.o. Edward James.
EDWARDS, Hartley Thomas, age 76, bur. 04/06/1980, Plot: EC9, h.o. alma Lillian, f.o. Anne and Helen.
EDWARDS, Lionel, age 24, bur. 08/10/1878, Plot: BO19, See Edwards Geo. (Headstone), h.o. Anna Maria Ottillia Lewis.
ELIX, Ida Mary, age 10dys, bur. 10/07/1885, Plot: GG15
ELIX, William, age 4, bur. 05/03/1884, Plot: GG21
ELIX, William, age 41, bur. 30/04/1896, Plot: GF18
ELLIOT, Alfred, age 40, bur. 25/01/1922, Plot: BH26
ELLIOTT, Esther Ann, age 39, bur. 04/11/1899, Plot: AS11
ELLIS, Beatrice May, age 76, bur. 19/01/1952, Plot: AZ9, w.o. Henry. m.o. Edna and Ivy. Gr.m.o. Mary.
ELLIS, Elsie May, age 47, bur. 13/11/1928, Plot: DQ14, h.o. Jonathan James.
ELLIS, Esther, age 37, bur. 10/11/1881, Plot: CP17, w.o. James.
ELLIS, Henry, age 88, bur. 19/07/1949, Plot: AZ8, h.o. Beatrice. f.o. Edna and Ivy. Gr.f.o. Mary.
ELLIS, Inf., age 1dy, bur. 05/02/1912, Plot: DQ14, Babe of Jonathan and Elsie.
ELLIS, James, age 86, bur. 30/09/1922, Plot: CP17, h.o. Esther.
ELLIS, Jonathan James, age 74, bur. 27/03/1957, Plot: DQ14, h.o. Elsie May.
ELLIS, Nancy Doreen, age 38, bur. 03/03/1965, Plot: EA8, w.o. Raeburn. m.o.Carolyn, Gloria and Trevor.
ELLIS, Raeburn Jack, age 82, bur. 13/07/1998, Plot: EA9
ERICKSON, Joan Eric, age 1, bur. 30/08/1896, Plot: BT25, Ivan John Eric
ERWIN, Ann Elizabeth, age 50, bur. 23/04/1902, Plot: GE3, w.o. Patrick.
ERWIN, Annie Penelope, age 76, bur. 29/05/1938, Plot: HE6, w.o. James. m.o. Gregory Francis.
ERWIN, Gregory Francis, age 29, bur. 29/12/1929, Plot: HE5, Date Hdstn Sep., s.o. James and Annie.
ERWIN, James Joseph, age 12hrs, bur. 26/03/1971, Plot: HE5
ERWIN, James, age 87, bur. 07/10/1940, Plot: HE6, Age 68 hdstn. Bn. 1853 ??, h.o. Annie Penelope. f.o. Gregory Francis.
ERWIN, John Aloysius, age 24, bur. 26/12/1911, Plot: GE4, s.o. Patrick and Annie Elizabeth. b.o. Margaret Teresa. [Dec]
ERWIN, John, age 48, bur. 29/04/1889, Plot: GF1
ERWIN, Margaret Teresa, age 18, bur. 13/09/1892, Plot: GE4, d.o. Patrick and Annie Elizabeth. sis.o. John Aloysius.
ERWIN, Martha Madeline, age 55, bur. 11/02/1942, Plot: GE4
ERWIN, Mary, age 15, bur. 05/03/1881, Plot: 0
ERWIN, Patrick Martin, age 26, bur. 28/05/1916, Plot: GE3
ERWIN, Patrick, age 45, bur. 28/08/1890, Plot: GE3, h.o. Annie Elizabeth. f.o. Margaret Teresa and John Aloysius.
EVANS, Benjamin Thomas, age 59, bur. 12/08/1948, Plot: CU6, Hdstn for Maria buried CK15, h.o Mary.
EVANS, Benjamin Thomas, age 62, bur. 20/03/1914, Plot: CU5, h.o. Maria.
EVANS, John, age 56, bur. 07/11/1892, Plot: DF22
EVANS, Maria, age 83, bur. 17/08/1935, Plot: CK15, Hdstn on CU06, Stone on CU06
EVANS, Mary, age 72, bur. 23/04/1969, Plot: CU6, w.o. Benjamin.
EVANS, Norman Llewellyn, age 10y 5mo, bur. 13/02/1897, Plot: CU5, Date?, 2nd. s.o. B.T & M.
EVANS, Ronald James, age 58, bur. 19/04/1980, Plot: DI5, h.o Dorothy Lorraine.
EYRE, Edmund John, age 67, bur. 01/12/1892, Plot: BU11
EYRE, Kale*, age 26, bur. 06/08/1893, Plot: BU12, Katherine Louise (KL??)
FAHEY, Brian Stephen, age 13dys, bur. 27/01/1943, Plot: CG15, s.o. Albert and Ida.
FAHEY, Edward, age 52, bur. 30/07/1921, Plot: HB18
FAHEY, Mary Jane, age 82, bur. 25/01/1973, Plot: FG12, m.o. Eugene, Justin and Desmond.
FAHEY, Patrick, age 49, bur. 30/12/1943, Plot: FG10, Of Ennisrale Spalding.
FAHEY, William, age 54, bur. 16/12/1943, Plot: FG12, f.o. Eugene, Justin and Desmond.
FAIRBEAD, ??, age Stlbn, bur. 15/04/1907, Plot: AN17
FALKENBERG, Johann F. Wilhelm, age 75, bur. 07/02/1961, Plot: BC18
FARRELL, Johanna E., age 27, bur. 17/12/1889, Plot: GG25, w.o. David. d.o. E. Silverthorn.
FARRELL, Mary Ellen, age 5mo, bur. 16/03/1885, Plot: GG24, d.o. David and Johanna.
FARRELL, William Francis, age 9mo, bur. 07/01/1887, Plot: GG24, s.o. David and Johanna. b.o. Mary Ellen.
FEIBIG, Emma Marie, age 79, bur. 30/08/1949, Plot: AZ11
FEINE, Eliza, age 12, bur. 28/05/1915, Plot: DN27
FERGUSON, ??, age Stillborn, bur. 12/06/1875, Plot: BN2
FERGUSON, Alexander Robert, age 77, bur. 21/06/1972, Plot: BT32, Uncle of Harry and Ida DUKE.
FERGUSON, David, age 4wks, bur. 24/08/1891, Plot: BR22
FERGUSON, Ellen Caroline, age 27, bur. 21/01/1917, Plot: BT29, d.o. George and Marie Louisa
FERGUSON, Emily, age 5mo, bur. 28/10/1896, Plot: BT26
FERGUSON, Evalina, age 34, bur. 28/05/1896, Plot: BR11, Evaline on hdstn.(nee Evaline MOGG), d.o. V.H. and M.A. Magg.
FERGUSON, George Mackintosh, age 1, bur. 11/05/1882, Plot: BN2
FERGUSON, George, age 73, bur. 17/11/1921, Plot: BT25, h.o. Marie Louisa. f.o. Isabel and Emily
FERGUSON, Helen, age 59, bur. 10/07/1896, Plot: BR22
FERGUSON, Isabella, age 2dys, bur. 29/07/1879, Plot: BT30
FERGUSON, Marie Louisa, age 81, bur. 19/01/1934, Plot: BT29, w.o. George. m.o. Isabel and Emily.
FERGUSON, Valentine David, age 1, bur. 30/10/1890, Plot: BR11, Buried with Evalina (Son??)
FERGUSON, William, age 43, bur. 12/11/1903, Plot: BT30
FERGUSON, William, age 45, bur. 14/12/1875, Plot: 0
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Elizabeth, age 70, bur. 07/03/1928, Plot: FE11, w.o. Patrick.
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 20/11/1939, Plot: HG8
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Jane, age 52, bur. 10/03/1890, Plot: GE1, w.o. William
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Mary Teresa, age 5dys, bur. 08/09/1927, Plot: GE1
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Mary, age Stlbn, bur. 18/08/1927, Plot: GE2
FETHERSTONHAUGH, Patrick, age 75, bur. 10/04/1939, Plot: FE10, h.o. Elizabeth.
FETHERSTONHAUGH, William, age 64, bur. 07/01/1898, Plot: GE2, h.o. Jane.
FIEBEG, John William Charles, age 3mo, bur. 01/11/1884, Plot: BO23
FIELD, Frank, age 74, bur. 29/05/1959, Plot: CD10
FIELD, Grace Hamilton, age 3wks, bur. 09/03/1884, Plot: BO19
FIELDING, Agnes Matilda, age 13mo, bur. 15/02/1879, Plot: CK24
FIELDING, Ellen, age 33, bur. 05/03/1886, Plot: BQ29
FIELDING, Francis Edmond, age 3wks, bur. 24/04/1879, Plot: CK15
FIELDING, William Joseph, age 6wks, bur. 03/02/1882, Plot: BO6
FISHER, Annie, age 74, bur. 05/08/1886, Plot: BQ11
FISHER, Gilbert William, age 88, bur. 12/03/1992, Plot: EK6, h.o. Doris. f.o. Bob and Phyllis.
FISHER, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 07/07/1908, Plot: GC25
FITZGERALD, James Francis, age 65, bur. 04/01/1930, Plot: HE12, Age 68 hdstn., h.o. Margaret.
FITZGERALD, Margaret, age 85, bur. 10/09/1953, Plot: HE11, w.o. James Francis.
FITZPATRICK, Bridget, age 35, bur. 11/05/1890, Plot: GF3
FLAVEL, Ada, age 3mo, bur. 26/04/1911, Plot: DR24
FLAVEL, Amos William, age 9, bur. 03/04/1880, Plot: CK1
FLAVEL, Gordon William, age 68, bur. 28/10/1975, Plot: DN5
FLAVEL, Isaac, age 37, bur. 03/12/1903, Plot: AR14
FLAVEL, Joseph George, age 52, bur. 26/01/1919, Plot: DR24
FLAVELL, Jessie Eva Jean, age 80, bur. 22/07/1994, Plot: EL23, w.o. Gordon.
FLEEGIE, Annie, age 8, bur. 19/02/1888, Plot: BQ25, Name FLUGGE
FLEMING, Andrew, age 62, bur. 07/01/1898, Plot: GD4
FLEMING, Donald, age 34, bur. 09/09/1902, Plot: GD21
FLEMING, Eva Blanch, age 85, bur. 09/02/1992, Plot: DN6
FLEMING, Frank Barton, age 58, bur. 10/10/1906, Plot: AN7
FLEMING, Jane, age 70, bur. 04/02/1901, Plot: GD5
FLEMING, John Angus (Jock), age 78, bur. 14/10/1975, Plot: DN7, h.o. Eva Blanche.
FLEMING, John, age 92, bur. 23/07/1955, Plot: GD5
FLOOD, David, age 6hrs, bur. 25/08/1947, Plot: AJ13
FLOOD, Mary, age 6hrs, bur. 25/08/1947, Plot: AJ13
FLOWER, Edith Gladys, age 88, bur. 18/07/1998, Plot: DU2
FLOWER, Ethelwyn, age 67, bur. 02/03/1942, Plot: BF32
FLOWER, Joseph, age 70, bur. 10/10/1944, Plot: BF31, h.o. Ethelwyn.
FLOWER, Rex Paul, age 61, bur. 26/06/1967, Plot: DU3, h.o. Gladys. f.o. David, Barbara. Isabel, Jack, Chris and Eunice
FORBES, John, age 5, bur. 26/09/1902, Plot: CE7
FOREMAN, Augers, age 20, bur. 23/12/1911, Plot: DR16
FOSTER, Laura Jessica, age 73, bur. 16/07/1947, Plot: CE21, m.o. Ken and Ivy DAVIES. G, m.o. Don and Judith.
FOULDS, Ellen, age Inf, Plot: 0
FRANCIS, Michael, age 5, bur. 24/04/1950, Plot: CE13
FRANCIS, Roma Jean, age 7mo, bur. 27/12/1941, Plot: CE13
FRANKE, Carl August, age 44, bur. 24/11/1892, Plot: BU10, Wooden cross covered with galv. iron. Paint very indistinct 1996.
FRASER, Alexander, age 67, bur. 05/01/1889, Plot: GF20
FRIEDRICHS, Nellie E., age 48, bur. 18/03/1911, Plot: DS26, Ellen, w.o. H.D.
FROST, Elizabeth, bur. 28/01/1942, Plot: GB2, w.o. James.
FROST, George, age 44, bur. 12/05/1908, Plot: GD2, h.o. Ellen.
FROST, James, age Adult, bur. 04/12/1909, Plot: GB1
FROST, Johanna (Anne), age 87, bur. 05/04/1987, Plot: EF26, d.o. Late James and Elizabeth, sis.o. William.
FROST, Johanna, age 56, bur. 21/03/1894, Plot: GF13, w.o. John.
FROST, Percival William, age 42, bur. 31/12/1936, Plot: DJ21, h.o. Mollie. p.o.Annette Norah, Bryan, Cynthia Lennox and William.
FROST, Thomas, age 28, bur. 22/05/1897, Plot: GD1
FROST, Thomas, age 37, bur. 26/03/1934, Plot: GB2, s.o. James and Elizabeth. p& b.o. Will and Annie.
FRY, Andrew, age Stlbn, bur. 14/11/1969, Plot: GZ3, Son of Margaret and Brian.
FUDGE, Sydney, age 14dys, bur. 06/08/1923, Plot: HC4
FULLER, Alice Myrtle, age 1, bur. 20/08/1894, Plot: BT18
FULLER, Robert, age 1dy, bur. 09/11/1937, Plot: DI19
FYFE, Fanny Mary, age 56, bur. 07/12/1973, Plot: DQ5, w.o. Max.
FYFE, Malcolm James, age 69, bur. 05/10/1948, Plot: BF4, h.o. Olive May. f.o. Sheila and Malcolm.
FYFE, Olive May, age 95, bur. 20/01/1981, Plot: BF3, w.o. Malcolm James, m.o. Sheila and Malcolm.
FYFE, Sheila Beryl, age 73, bur. 07/08/1981, Plot: BF4
Gage Horace Richard, age 6wks, bur. 16/08/1874, Plot: CM21
Gage Sarah Elizabeth, age 72, bur. 17/03/1906, Plot: CO23
Gage William, age 45, bur. 20/09/1879, Plot: CO24, See headstone year? age?
GAGHAN, Catherine, age 11mo, bur. 22/09/1901, Plot: GE21
GALE, Mark, age 90, bur. 21/02/1941, Plot: CF13, Wooden cross and painted plate.
GALLIOP*, Elizabeth, age 1dy, bur. 20/12/1893, Plot: BT15, GULLIDGE
GAMLEN, John, age 29, bur. 18/08/1876, Plot: BM23
GARDINER, Edward, age 43, bur. 19/11/1880, Plot: CO10
GARDINER, Elizabeth, age 46, bur. 04/02/1914, Plot: CS14
GARDINER, James, age 34, bur. 22/12/1879, Plot: CK7
GARNEY, Charles, age 78, bur. 11/12/1915, Plot: DN18
GARRIGHAN, Thomas, age 55, bur. 01/11/1900, Plot: EI22
GATES, ??, bur. 01/01/1907, Plot: AN13
GATES, Frederick, age 7, bur. 29/04/1914, Plot: DT21
GAY, Ivy, age 34, bur. 19/11/1936, Plot: DI23
GENTLE, Charles, age Stlbn, bur. 25/10/1900, Plot: AU7
GENTLE, Elsie Emily Ellen, age 3wks, bur. 21/06/1891, Plot: BR20
GENTLE, Jane, age 67, bur. 07/01/1900, Plot: CO6, w.o. William.
GENTLE, Roy W. G., age 3mo, bur. 05/08/1893, Plot: BR20, Roy William James. (SADI)
GEORGE, Laske Martin, age 34, bur. 11/12/1932, Plot: DK18
GEPPART, August, age 82, bur. 18/01/1910, Plot: GB11
GERKE, Carl Freidrich, age 41, bur. 18/12/1921, Plot: HB10, Accidentally drowned.
GERKE, Frederick Carl, age 84, bur. 21/01/1935, Plot: HB11
GERKE, Freidrich Carl, age 77, bur. 26/03/1928, Plot: HB11
GIBB, Doris Hannah, age 35, bur. 16/05/1934, Plot: CH7, w.o. Frank. m.o. Dudley and John.
GIBB, Robert, age 76, bur. 03/10/1950, Plot: CH8, s.o. James and Mary GIBB of Johnburgh.
GIBBONS, Albert George, age 64, bur. 25/08/1952, Plot: CZ3, h.o. Frances. p.o. Bryan, Alfred, Ruth, Morris, Margaret, Joan, Warren and Raymond.
GIBBONS, Alfred George, age 74, bur. 09/10/1996, Plot: EL5, p.o. Judy, Ian, Lynette, Paul, Craig, (Dec), and Fiona.
GIBBONS, Ann, age 72, bur. 22/02/1960, Plot: DZ6, w.o. Clarence, p.o. Clarice, Bill Alma, Clarey, Ron, Edna and Ern.
GIBBONS, Arthur John Lawrence, age 98, bur. 18/06/1935, Plot: AT18
GIBBONS, Clarence, age 72, bur. 31/05/1954, Plot: DZ5, h.o. Anna p.o. Clarice, Bill Alma, Clarey, Ron, Edna and Ern.
GIBBONS, Craig John, age Stlbn, bur. 29/11/1961, Plot: BC16, Inf. s.o. Shirley and Alf.
GIBBONS, Elizabeth, age 57, bur. 07/12/1901, Plot: AT17
GIBBONS, Frances Ruth, age 93, bur. 23/05/1990, Plot: CZ4, w.o. Albert. p.o. Bryan, Alfred, Ruth, Morris, Margaret, Joan, Warren and Raymond.
GIBBONS, Shirley May, age 64, bur. 02/12/1997, Plot: EL4, p.o. Judy, Ian, Lynette, Paul, Craig, (Dec), and Fiona.
GILBERT, Mary, age 11mo, bur. 28/03/1888, Plot: BQ27
GILES, Ralph Lonsdale, age 59, bur. 08/04/1921, Plot: CP21, h.o. F.G.
GILFILLAN, Esther Selina, age 77, bur. 14/03/1940, Plot: EA17, w.o. William.
GILFILLAN, Gordon James, age 66, bur. 18/09/1982, Plot: DG4, h.o. Catherine rebecca. f.o. Dianne, Janice, Grant and Rodney.
GILFILLAN, Rodney James, age 6, bur. 12/06/1950, Plot: EA16, Date 7/12 hdstn, s.o. Gordon and Catherine.
GILFILLAN, William, age 66, bur. 02/11/1921, Plot: EA18, h.o. Esther S.
GILLHAM, Alfred, age 65, bur. 14/09/1890, Plot: DE21
GILLIS, John Stanley, age 80, bur. 18/08/1955, Plot: CU15, h.o. Grace.
GILLOW, Francis, age 27, bur. 27/02/1901, Plot: CE5, Hdstn on AQ03
GILMORE, Alfred W., age 24, bur. 15/11/1917, Plot: DM27, 1104 Trooper, 9th. Light Horse.
GILMORE, Reginald, age 37, bur. 07/03/1929, Plot: HC15
GIPPERD, Johann, age 76, bur. 17/10/1908, Plot: GC27
GITLOF, Beatrice, age 15mo, bur. 29/10/1881, Plot: CO21, ORTLOFF
GLASSON, Alice Maud E., age 75, bur. 23/11/1954, Plot: BG26, w.o. John.
GLASSON, Desmond, age 5dys, bur. 03/03/1933, Plot: CR14
GLASSON, Elizabeth Ann, age 76, bur. 26/05/1929, Plot: AP13, w.o. William.
GLASSON, George Leonard, age 57, bur. 25/03/1970, Plot: DS4
GLASSON, Herbert Leslie, bur. 12/02/1881, Plot: CO16
GLASSON, Horace Milton, age 82, bur. 27/10/1955, Plot: BZ18, p.o. Irene, Vera and Keith
GLASSON, Ida Lois, age 6, bur. 30/07/1901, Plot: CO13, Hdstnon AP13
GLASSON, John, age 47, bur. 12/11/1924, Plot: BG25, h.o. Maud.
GLASSON, Leonard Keith, age 76, bur. 31/01/1990, Plot: EH9, h.o. Ruby. p.o.Desmond and Barry.
GLASSON, Mabel Beatrice, age 88, bur. 14/11/1969, Plot: AC15, p.o. Kath, Bill and Lois.
GLASSON, Mary Elsie, age 93, bur. 20/06/1978, Plot: AP14, m.o. Beryl, Howard and Arch.
GLASSON, Rosina Mary Ann, age 75, bur. 17/07/1950, Plot: BZ19, p.o. Irene, Vera and Keith
GLASSON, Ruby, age 83, bur. 21/03/1991, Plot: EH10, w.o Leonard Keith, . p.o.Desmond and Barry.
GLASSON, Sydney Dunstan, age 37, bur. 11/02/1919, Plot: AP14, h.o. Elise.
GLASSON, William Charles, age 87, bur. 27/05/1960, Plot: AC16, p.o. Kath, Bill and Lois.
GLASSON, William, age 53, bur. 20/08/1903, Plot: AP12
GLEBAUSKAS, Joseph, age 60, bur. 14/06/1982, Plot: DD19
GLOVER, Sarah Bertha, age 3mo, bur. 08/08/1885, Plot: BM22
GOLDSWORTHY, Elizabeth Jane, age 26, bur. 03/07/1876, Plot: CN5
GOODES, Annie Mildred, age 51, bur. 22/04/1934, Plot: BT1, w.o. Fred Clarence.
GOODES, Douglas James, age 50, bur. 23/01/1964, Plot: CC7, h.o. Susie p.o. Joan.
GOODES, Eleanor Ada, age 76, bur. 05/04/1958, Plot: AD17, p.o. Rita Ellie Rene and Bill
GOODES, Elizabeth, age 72, bur. 10/10/1951, Plot: CZ12, w.o. Stanley Cleaver.
GOODES, Elizabeth, age 75, bur. 09/11/1916, Plot: CS15, w.o. Thomas.
GOODES, Emily Rhodda, age 6mo, bur. 23/07/1894, Plot: BS3, GOODES plot BS3-4-5 etc.
GOODES, Emily, age 54, bur. 29/01/1893, Plot: BS2, Date? hdstn, w.o. James.
GOODES, Fred Clarence, age 45, bur. 23/01/1922, Plot: BS2, h.o. Annie Mildred.
GOODES, George William, age 23, bur. 06/12/1895, Plot: BS6, s.o. William and Mary.
GOODES, James William, age 82, bur. 24/08/1954, Plot: AD18, p.o. Rita Ellie Rene and Bill
GOODES, James, age 75, bur. 09/06/1911, Plot: BS1, h.o. Emily
GOODES, Jane Elizabeth, age 27, bur. 07/11/1894, Plot: BT3
GOODES, Lionel Prior, age 11mo, bur. 30/11/1883, Plot: BS5, Albert Lionel Prior, s.o. William and Mary.
GOODES, Lyla Jean, age 76, bur. 27/07/1994, Plot: DH3, w.o. Sydney Stanley, p.o. Marie, Janet, Graham and Christine.
GOODES, Stanley Claude, age 3wks, bur. 11/04/1880, Plot: BT1
GOODES, Stanley Cleaver, age 71, bur. 31/07/1952, Plot: CZ13, Stone on CZ03-04, h.o. Elizabeth.
GOODES, Sydney Stanley, age 66, bur. 11/09/1982, Plot: DH4, h.o. Lyla Jean. p.o. Marie, Janet, Graham and Christine.
GOODES, Thomas, age 58, bur. 08/06/1921, Plot: BT2
GOODES, Thomas, age 82, bur. 29/11/1923, Plot: CS16, h.o. Elizabeth.
GOODES, William Thomas, age 19, bur. 24/06/1897, Plot: CT15, s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth.
GOODRICH, Samuel, age 56, bur. 11/03/1882, Plot: BO7
GORDON, Annie, age 70, bur. 29/05/1934, Plot: EA13, w.o. Donald.
GORDON, Donald, age 66, bur. 19/02/1923, Plot: EA13, h.o. Annie.
GORDON, Elizabeth, age 84, bur. 02/11/1924, Plot: DU15, Date hdstn, w.o. William
GORDON, Harriett Hellewell, age 84, bur. 22/08/1951, Plot: CT7, p.o. Colin, Myrtle, Doreen, Elva and Clare.
GORDON, Ina, age 3, bur. 01/09/1899, Plot: CT8
GORDON, Thomas Campbell, age 83, bur. 17/12/1951, Plot: CT8, p.o. Colin, Myrtle, Doreen, Elva and Clare.
GORDON, William, age 75, bur. 12/12/1909, Plot: DU15, h.o. Elizabeth.
GOULD, William Pen, age 30, bur. 25/03/1877, Plot: CN23
GRABIA, Edwin Ernest, bur. 05/09/1979, Plot: EC23, h.o. Stella Pearl, p.o. Esme and Joyce.
GRABIA, Stella Pearl, age 79, bur. 25/11/1970, Plot: EC24, w.o. Edwin Ernest. p.o. Esme and Joyce.
GRAEFE, Edwin Ernst, age 77, bur. 17/07/1968, Plot: DT3
GRAEFE, Sylvia Mary Jane, age 71, bur. 31/05/1968, Plot: DT2
GRAHAM, ??, age 2, bur. 09/12/1906, Plot: CT19
GRAHAM, Alan Edward (Ted), age 56, bur. 15/04/1979, Plot: DJ5, Crushed while removing water filled tractor wheel., h.o. Patricia Maree. f.o. Jill, Robert and Peter.
GRAHAM, Andrew Lindsay, age 19, bur. 03/04/1913, Plot: CT17
GRAHAM, Arthur John, age 11mo, bur. 04/12/1878, Plot: BK3
GRAHAM, Jane, age 76, bur. 08/04/1886, Plot: CT19, Date? hdstn
GRAHAM, John Alick, age 90, bur. 01/11/1993, Plot: EK16, h.o. Clair Marguerite, f.o. Margaret, Barry and Kathryn.
GRAHAM, John, age 74, bur. 01/02/1881, Plot: CT20
GRAHAM, Lendrum, age 75, bur. 02/01/1928, Plot: CT18
GRAHAM, Robert Noble, bur. 21/09/1913, Plot: AR11
GRAHAM, Robert Telford, age 85, bur. 07/02/1975, Plot: CT20
GRAHAM, Winifred, age 95, bur. 27/08/1984, Plot: CT20
GRANT, Robert Deakin, age 1, bur. 24/03/1880, Plot: CK3, b. 24/10/1878
GRAY, Caroline A., age 88, bur. 04/07/1912, Plot: CQ1
GRAY, Emma Jane, age 3, bur. 19/02/1880, Plot: CK4
GRAY, Robert Eric, age 3mo, bur. 29/12/1895, Plot: BT21
GRAY, William, age 38, bur. 02/08/1894, Plot: CQ1
GREEN, Beryl Muriel, age 4y11mo, bur. 16/10/1925, Plot: BH11
GREEN, Harriett, age 84, bur. 24/02/1910, Plot: DS23
GREEN, William Henry, age 66, bur. 29/01/1919, Plot: DS24
GREEN, William, age 60, bur. 26/03/1904, Plot: AU17
GREGORY, Florence, age 8, bur. 10/08/1877, Plot: BO31
GREGORY, William John, age 84, bur. 14/06/1944, Plot: DG20, Also Rose
GREIG, David Ernest, age 64, bur. 30/03/1945, Plot: BE9, h.o. E. Annie E.
GREIG, Edith Annie E., age 83, bur. 26/02/1974, Plot: BE10, w.o. David.
GRENFELL, Isabella, bur. 12/04/1874, Plot: CL12, GRENFEL A.25yrs (SADI)
GREY, Charles, bur. 29/06/1876, Plot: CN4, A.54yrs. (SADI)
GRIBBLE, Rebecca, age 88, bur. 28/09/1982, Plot: ED7
GRIBBLE, Wesley Wycliffe, age 77, bur. 09/01/1970, Plot: ED6, h.o. Rebecca.
GRIFFIN, Infant of D., age Stlbn, bur. 17/01/1955, Plot: FZ24
GRIFFIN, Infant of Desmond, age 7hrs, bur. 15/12/1953, Plot: HG6
GRIMWOOD, Nellie, age 42, bur. 30/07/1946, Plot: BF18, w.o. Walter. m.o. Dorothy, Heather, June, Shirley, Coral and Deryl.
GROSSER, Andrew, age 68, bur. 13/05/1903, Plot: AU11
GROWDEN, Barry Allan, age 12dys, bur. 19/11/1963, Plot: CC9, s.o. Maureen and Allan.
GROWDEN, Catherine Munro, age 68, bur. 02/01/1926, Plot: BJ10
GROWDEN, Charles Henry, age 79, bur. 15/12/1936, Plot: BJ9, h.o. Catherine Munro.
GROWDEN, George, age 76, bur. 19/08/1876, Plot: BL25, Ann died 04/05/1884 At Walloway 62, on same stone
GROWDEN, Irene Rose, age 92, bur. 25/03/1996, Plot: ED5, w.o. John Keith, m.o. Colin, Joan, Ron, Les, Marjory and Allen.
GROWDEN, John Keith, age 70, bur. 16/08/1970, Plot: ED4, h.o. Irene Rose. f.o. Colin, Joan, Ron, Les, Marjory and Allen.
GROWDEN, Kenneth Charles, age 77, bur. 05/06/1974, Plot: DP1, h.o. Vera Lois.
GROWDEN, Leslie Munro, age 69, bur. 12/01/1997, Plot: EM4
GROWDEN, Vera Lois, age 74, bur. 02/05/1980, Plot: DP2, w.o. Kenneth Charles.
GROWDEN, Walter M., age 66, bur. 09/01/1959, Plot: BJ10, s.o. Catherine and Charles.
GRUNDE, Waldema, age 1, bur. 22/04/1878, Plot: GI19, Waldemar (SADI) s.o. Louis
GULAN, Mathew, bur. 08/10/1875, Plot: BL17
GULLIDGE, Elizabeth, age 68, bur. 14/06/1923, Plot: DQ15, Stone on DQ18, w.o. George.
GULLIDGE, Ernest, age 32, bur. 03/02/1929, Plot: DR19
GULLIDGE, George, age 80, bur. 30/06/1928, Plot: DQ19, Also Elizabeth Gullidge in DQ18, h.o. Elizabeth.
GULLIDGE, William George, age 34, bur. 22/08/1911, Plot: DR19, h.o.Emily. Eldest s.o. G. &E.D.
GUNDER, Bernhard Johannes, age 74, bur. 11/02/1972, Plot: DR1, h.o. Verline May. p.o. Donal, June, James and Aline.
GUNDER, Lesley Victor, age 55, bur. 15/08/1966, Plot: DC20
GUNDER, Verline May, age 88, bur. 17/07/1996, Plot: DR2, w.o. Bernard. p.o. Donal, June, James and Aline.
GUNN, Norah Mary, age 22, bur. 24/07/1898, Plot: GD9, With J. HOWLEY, w.o. S.R.
GURR, Alexander, age 83, bur. 30/12/1937, Plot: DI17
GUTTE, Johann Wilhelm, age 78, bur. 25/12/1937, Plot: DI18
GUY, Melita Joy, age 21, bur. 13/03/1974, Plot: EA3, w.o. Paul. d.o. Betty and George SCARFE. sis.o. Lynette(Dec) Anthea, Kingsley, Rohan and Perry.

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