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Killarney General Cemetery
Warwick Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Karyn Findlay [stephenb@hypermax.net.au].

Inglis, Eric William, d. 28 Aug 1911, age: 2yrs
Inglis, Harold Leslie, d. 12 Apr 1948, age: 63yrs
Inglis, John, d. 28 Sep 1933, age: 67yrs, s/w Mary Inglis
Inglis, Mary, d. 18 Jun 1953, age: 89yrs, s/w John Inglis
Jeffrey, Herbert Denwiddy, b. Oct 1902 Cardiff, Wales, GB, d. 24 Aug 1959 Killarney
Jeffrey, Kenneth Hamilton, d. 21 Nov 1986, age: 68yrs, s/w Phyllis Joan Jeffrey
Jeffrey, Phyllis Jean, d. 8 Feb 1967, age: 38yrs, s/w Kenneth Hamilton Jeffrey
Jenner, Cyril James, d. 7 Jan 1984, age: 55yrs
Jenner, Edward, d. 21 Sep 1938, age: 68yrs, s/w Elizabeth Jenner
Jenner, Elizabeth, d. 21 May 1970, age: 91yrs, s/w Edward Jenner
Jenner, James, d. 29 Nov 1986, age: 95yrs 11mths
Jenner, Rose May, d. 15 Sep 1939, age: 79yrs
Jensen, Ernest, d. 8 Nov 1983, age: 58yrs
Jensen, Jens Christian, d. 28 Aug 1977, age: 87yrs, s/w Mary Mathilde Jensen
Jensen, John, b. 1877, d. 1942, s/w Mary Jensen
Jensen, Kenneth Ronald, d. 6 Mar 1976, age: 41yrs
Jensen, Knud W, d. 11 Nov 2964, age: 80yrs, s/w Mary E Jensen
Jensen, Knud Wognsgaard, b. 1851, d. 1930, s/w Kristina Martina Jensen
Jensen, Kristina Martina, b. 1856, d. 1930, s/w Knud Wognsgaard Jensen
Jensen, Mary E, d. 19 Sep 1979, age: 82yrs, s/w Knud W Jensen
Jensen, Mary Mathilde, d. 20 Sep 1966, age: 75yrs, s/w Jens Christian Jensen
Jensen, Mary, b. 1881, d. 1975, s/w John Jensen
Jones, Editha Marjory Agnes, b. 29 Jun 1899, d. 10 May 1988, s/w William Benjamin Jones
Jones, George Thomas, d. 4 Jun 1967, age: 48yrs, s/w James G H Jones, Sybil M Jones
Jones, James G H, d. 15 Jul 1946, age: 59yrs, s/w Sybil M Jones, George Thomas Jones
Jones, James, d. 17 Nov 1906, age: 49yrs
Jones, Jean Sybil, d. 15 Jan 1933, age: 13 1/2 yrs
Jones, Lily, d. 6 Feb 1922, age: 33yrs, w/o Alexander E Jones
Jones, Louisa E, d. 31 Mar 1949, age: 88yrs, s/w Thomas Jones
Jones, Mary, d. 25 Jun 1892, age: 59yrs, s/w Mary Elizabeth Lamb
Jones, Sybil M, d. 15 Apr 1975, s/w James G H Jones, George Thomas Jones
Jones, Thomas John, d. 11 Oct 1936, age: 11mths, s/o W & M Jones
Jones, Thomas, d. 11 Jun 1945, age: 87yrs, s/w Louisa E Jones
Jones, William Benjamin, d. 1 Sep 1968, age: 78yrs, s/w Editha Marjory Agnes Jones
Joyce, Enid, d. 10 Jul 1954, age: 36yrs
Joyce, Robert Peterkin, d. 25 Jul 1954, age: 69yrs
Kelleher, Margaret Mullins, d. 15 Jun 1914, age: 23yrs, w/o Michael Kelleher
Keppel, Clarence Victor, d. 13 May 1947, age: 39yrs
Kerlin, Betty, d. 16 May 1935, age: 2yrs, d/o P & E Kerlin
Kerlin, Eileen, d. 1 Oct 1994, age: 91yrs
Kerlin, Patrick, d. 30 Nov 1952, age: 54yrs
Kerslake, Eva, d. 25 Nov 1976, age: 91yrs
King, Joseph, d. 23 Apr 1960, age: 83yrs, s/w Mary Ann King
King, Mary Ann, d. 15 Dec 1962, age: 78yrs, s/w Joseph King
Kirby, John Francis, b. 1869, d. 1954
Laird, David, d. 31 Jul 1920, age: 87yrs, s/w Hilda Elizabeth Laird
Laird, Hilda Elizabeth, d. 23 Oct 1918, age: 16 1/2yrs, d/o J & M Laird, s/w David Laird
Laird, Hilda Jean, d. 5 Oct 1936, age: 10yrs, d/o J R & M E Laird
Laird, James David, d. 14 Jul 1954, age: 84yrs, s/w Mary Eva Laird
Laird, John Alexander, no dates, 11wks, s/o D & J Laird, s/w James Tyler
Laird, John Robert, d. 12 May 1956, age: 81yrs, s/w Margaret Elizabeth Laird
Laird, Margaret Elizabeth, d. 16 Jan 1968, age: 82yrs, s/w John Robert Laird
Laird, Mary Eva, d. 24 Aug 1952, age: 71yrs, s/w James David Laird
Lamb, Albert James, d. 25 May 1978, age: 75yrs, s/w Beatrice Margaret Lamb
Lamb, Amelia Jane, d. 25 Feb 1968, age: 61yrs
Lamb, Arthur Francis, d. 12 Oct 1954, age: 92yrs
Lamb, Beatrice Margaret, d. 5 Sep 1976, age: 70yrs, s/w Albert James Lamb
Lamb, Cuthbert, d. 8 Sep 1954, age: 92yrs
Lamb, Dina Isabella, d. 22 Sep 1974, age: 85yrs
Lamb, Edna May, d. 10 Dec 1902, age: 3mths, s/w Harold Lamb
Lamb, Emma, d. 10 Jun 1956, age: 83yrs, s/w Thomas Lamb
Lamb, George Arthur, d. 14 May 1990, age: 66yrs
Lamb, Harold, d. 16 Nov 1904, age: 6wks, s/w Edna May Lamb
Lamb, Ida Elizabeth Jane, d. 27 Nov 1954, age: 75yrs, s/w James Lamb
Lamb, James, d. 25 Nov 1942, age: 65yrs, s/w Ida Elizabeth Jane Lamb
Lamb, Jessie, d. 24 Mar 1918, age: 19yrs, d/o William and M A Lamb, s/w Frank Wright, Anna Maria Wright
Lamb, Mary Ann, d. 12 Apr 1950, age: 89yrs
Lamb, Mary Elizabeth, d. 5 Jul 1903, age: 39yrs, w/o Cuthbert Lamb, s/w Mary Jones
Lamb, Maxwell Rowland, b. 28 Sep 1905, d. 24 Feb 1988
Lamb, Myrtle Annie, d. 19 Apr 1971, age: 71yrs
Lamb, Percy, d. 13 Apr 1966, age: 57yrs
Lamb, Robert Charles, d. 16 Jun 1935, age: 46yrs
Lamb, Susannah, d. 12 Dec 1923, age: 86yrs, w/o Thomas Lamb, s/w Thomas Lamb
Lamb, Thomas, d. 21 Feb 1902, age: 74yrs, h/o Susannah Lamb, s/w Susannah Lamb
Lamb, Thomas, d. 4 Mar 1954, age: 85yrs, s/w Emma Lamb
Lamb, William, d. 20 Nov 1953, age: 93yrs
Lambert, Allan, no dates, QX36352 Private, 2/10 Aust Infantry Battalion
Lambert, Amelia, d. 20 May 1961, age: 35yrs, s/w Gordon Lambert
Lambert, Frank, d. 24 Sep 1994, age: 72yrs, QX40449 Private, 2/10 AI BTN
Lambert, Gordon, d. 11 Jun 1987, age: 61yrs, s/w Amelia Lambert
Lambert, Ivy Jane, d. 29 Oct 1981, age: 78yrs, s/w Mark Lambert
Lambert, Mark, d. 22 May 1962, age: 68yrs, s/w Ivy Jane Lambert
Lambert, Sandra Lee, d. 7 Oct 1962, age: 6wks
Large, John, d. 13 Oct 1927 Killarney, age: 80yrs
Latham, Stella May, d. 27 Aug 1997, age: 83yrs
Lingard, Clarence Godfrey, no dates, s/o R & M Lingard
Lingard, George Thomas, d. 8 Jun 1952, age: 37yrs
Lingard, George, d. 25 Jan 1955, age: 74yrs
Lingard, Martha, d. 29 Jul 1960, age: 75yrs, s/w Robert Lingard
Lingard, Robert, d. 16 Sep 1964, age: 79yrs, s/w Martha Lingard
Loy, ?, d. ?, s/w Everall Henry Loy
Loy, Annie Jane, d. 9 Sep 1934, age: 55yrs
Loy, Everall Henry, d. 5 Nov 1957, age: 59yrs, s/w ? Loy
Lucas, Hazel, no dates
Luck, Annie A, d. 9 Sep 1922, age: 23yrs 8mths
Luck, Eliza Ann, d. 26 Jan 1947, age: 75yrs, s/w John Edward Luck
Luck, John Edward, d. 29 Aug 1929, age: 63yrs, s/w Eliza Ann Luck
Lyons, John Henry (Joey), d. 17 Apr 2000, age: 58yrs
Lyons, John Henry, d. 24 Sep 1984, age: 77yrs
Lyons, Mary Catherine, d. 5 Aug 1969, age: 58yrs
Mackay, Henry, d. 23 Jan 1990, age: 90yrs, h/o May Mackay, s/w May Eveline Mackay
Mackay, Laurie, d. 10 Feb 2000, age: 61yrs, h/o Vivian
Mackay, May Eveline, d. 15 Sep 1996, age: 93yrs, w/o Henry Mackay, s/w Henry Mackay
MacKenzie, Leonie Noad (Pat), b. 3 Sep 1926, d. 4 Nov 1997
Madsen, Christina, d. 25 Aug 1934, age: 62yrs, s/w Mads Madsen
Madsen, Colin C, d. 16 Oct 1967, age: 36yrs
Madsen, Mads, d. 22 Jan 1931, age: 61yrs, s/w Christina Madsen
Magarry, Bertie Edward, d. 13 Feb 1899, s/w Thomas Magarry, Jane Magarry, William Thomas Magarry, Emily Ethel Magarry
Magarry, Elsie, d. 27 Jul 1995, age: 85yrs, s/w Ruben Wilfred Magarry
Magarry, Emily Ethel, d. 29 Mar 1891, s/w Thomas Magarry, Jane Magarry, William Thomas Magarry, Bertie Edward Magarry
Magarry, Ernest James, d. 3 Sep 1888, age: 3wks 3days, s/o William John, s/w William John Magarry
Magarry, Jane, d. 29 Aug 1941, age: 73yrs, w/o Thomas, s/w Thomas Magarry, William Thomas Magarry, Bertie Edward Magarry, Emily Ethel Magarry
Magarry, Ronald Bert, d. 10 Apr 1987, age: 45yrs
Magarry, Ruben Wilfred, d. 5 Sep 1972, age: 65yrs, s/w Elsie Magarry
Magarry, Thomas, d. 26 Jul 1937, age: 75yrs, s/w Jane Magarry, William Thomas Magarry, Bertie Edward Magarry, Emily Ethel Magarry
Magarry, Wilfred John, d. 12 Dec 1953, age: 22yrs, s/w William Robert Magarry
Magarry, William John, d. 11 Jan 1897, age: 39yrs 5mths 4days, h/o Isabella Jane Magarry, s/w Ernest James Magarry
Magarry, William Robert, d. 25 Apr 1955, age: 18yrs, Drowned, s/w Wilfred John Magarry
Magarry, William Thomas, d. 23 Mar 1918, age: 31yrs, s/w Thomas Magarry, Jane Magarry, Bertie Edward Magarry, Emily Ethel Magarry
Magick, Edward Robert, d. 6 May 1901, age: 36yrs, s/w Marie Hansen, Emma Hansen
Mahoney, Annie Elizabeth, b. 1 Apr 1902, d. 31 Dec 1971
Mahoney, Catherine, d. 4 Mar 1979, age: 91yrs
Mahoney, Denis Patrick, b. 13 Jun 1895, d. 2 Apr 1980
Marshall, J R, d. 21 Jul 1953, Private, New Zealand Expeditionary Forces
Mathie, Jean (Murdoch), b. Jun 1914, d. Oct 2000, s/w Malcolm Costello Mathie
Mathie, Malcolm Costello, b. Jul 1915, d. Sep 1990, AIF Badge, Mason Symbol, s/w Jean Mathie
Mauromatis, George T, d. 29 Mar 1942, age: 60yrs
Mawhirt, George, d. 10 Jul 1930, age: 88yrs 9mths, s/w Lavinia Mawhirt
Mawhirt, Lavinia, b. Co Armagh Ireland, d. 9 May 1925, age: 87yrs, w/o George Mawhirt, s/w George Mawhirt
McArthur, Ethel Martha, d. 24 Apr 1960, age: 75yrs, s/w John McArthur
McArthur, Ian Peter, b. 20 Apr 1914, d. 11 Jul 1993
McArthur, John, d. 10 Oct 1946, age: 72yrs, s/w Ethel Martha McArthur
McArthur, Norman David, d. 18 Oct 1999, age: 81yrs
McDonald, Alice Wood, b. 8 Apr 1892, d. 6 Jan 1976
McDonald, Leonie, d. 1 May 1962, age: 3days
McDonald, William Frazer, b. 6 Jul 1889, d. 18 Oct 1951, !st AIF
McGuire, Charles E, d. 17 Aug 1966, age: 81yrs 11mths
McGuire, Charles Ernest, d. 17 Jan 1982, age: 57yrs, B3587 Able Seaman, Royal Australian Naval Reserve
McGuire, Esther Dianna, d. 17 Sep 1972, age: 86yrs 7mths
McInnes, Roderick, d. 9 May 1929, age: 88yrs 5mths
McIntosh, Alexander, d. 24 Apr 1951, age: 78yrs, s/w Elizabeth A McIntosh
McIntosh, Charles William, d. 19 Jul 1930, age: 61yrs
McIntosh, Charles, d. 26 Sep 1904, age: 72yrs, h/o Charlotte McIntosh, s/w Charlotte McIntosh
McIntosh, Charlotte, d. 24 Apr 1917, age: 78yrs, w/o Charles, s/w Charles McIntosh
McIntosh, Elizabeth A, d. 2 Nov 1955, age: 79yrs, s/w Alexander McIntosh
McIntosh, Hubert John Charles, d. 13 Sep 1940, age: 48yrs, Mason Symbol
McLachlan, Flora Isabel, d. 16 Jul 1929, age: 61yrs
McMillan, Ronald W, d. 15 Apr 1968, age: 60yrs, s/w Sally McMillan
McMillan, Sally, d. 22 Dec 1996, age: 85yrs, w/o Ron, s/w Ronald W McMillan
Medhurst, C R, d. 1916 England, Private, s/w H J Medhurst
Medhurst, George R, d. 9 Oct 1964, age: 75yrs
Medhurst, H J, d. 1917, Private, KIA, s/w C R Medhurst
Medhurst, Nancy A, b. 1867, d. 1943, s/w Roland R Medhurst
Medhurst, Roland R, b. 1870, d. 1933, s/w Nancy A Medhurst
Meekin, William Daniel, d. 21 Sep 1997, age: 78yrs, AIF Badge
Meston, Francis Crystal, d. 25 Dec 1930, age: 101yrs
Mills, Mary Cecilia, d. 16 Sep 1962, age: 84yrs
Milward, Matthew Edgar, d. 22 Apr 1937, age: 68yrs, s/w Rachel Milward
Milward, Rachel, d. 15 Nov 1945, age: 71yrs, s/w Matthew Edgar Milward
Milward, William, d. 27 Jul 1908, age: 78yrs
Minnage, Jessie Cowan, d. 1 Jan 1940, age: 73yrs, s/w Norah Annie Minnage, John William Minnage
Minnage, John William, d. 4 Aug 1931, age: 75yrs, s/w Norah Annie Minnage, Jessie Cowan Minnage
Minnage, Norah Annie, b. 15 Mar 1899, d. 19 Dec 1987, s/w Jessie Cowan Minnage, John William Minnageq
Mitchell, Dorothy May, d. 9 May 1994, age: 57yrs
Moffitt, Mary E C, b. 1876, d. 1924
Mogridge, Edith, d. 31 Jul 1962, age: 75yrs, s/w Florence Esther Grayson
Moon, Walter, d. 9 Feb 1945, age: 65yrs
Mooney, Clara, d. 20 Aug 1995, age: 95yrs, s/w Patrick Hastings Mooney
Mooney, Lawrence David, d. 19 Jun 1958, age: 29yrs, h/o Patti
Mooney, Mervyn James, b. 16 Sep 1930, d. 27 Dec 1942, age: 12yrs 3mths
Mooney, Patrick Hastings, d. 20 Apr 1960, age: 59yrs, s/w Clara Mooney
Moran, George, b. 1876, d. 1952
Morgan, Alfred John, d. 3 Oct 1924, age: 46yrs, s/w Jessie Morgan
Morgan, Alfred, d. 18 Apr 1930, age: 77yrs, s/w Emma Morgan
Morgan, Eliza Jane, d. 3 Jul 1967, age: 73yrs, w/o William Thomas, s/w William Thomas Morgan
Morgan, Emma, d. 25 Mar 1929, age: 74yrs, s/w Alfred Morgan
Morgan, Florence Emily, b. 30 Jul 1881, d. 7 Jun 1898, s/w Harold Thomas Morgan, Jessie Beatrice Morgan
Morgan, Harold Thomas, b. 12 Aug 1892, d. 23 Jan 1893, s/w Jessie Beatrice Morgan, Florence Emily Morgan
Morgan, Jessie Beatrice, b. 22 Aug 1879, d. 6 Jun 1898, s/w Harold Thomas Morgan, Florence Emily Morgan
Morgan, Jessie, d. 4 Mar 1954, age: 76yrs, w/o Alfred John, s/w Alfred John Morgan
Morgan, William Thomas, d. 15 Sep 1947, age: 53yrs, s/w Eliza Jane Morgan
Morris, Beryl Lee, d. 16 Jan 1985, age: 17yrs
Morris, Clyde Alexander, d. 29 Sep 1976, age: 69yrs
Morris, George, b. 1928, d. 1929, s/w Beatrice Mahala Brown, Jack Morris
Morris, Gordon James, d. 13 Feb 1927, age: 24yrs, s/w Marion Sylvia Morris
Morris, Jack, b. 1927, d. 1928, s/w Beatrice Mahala Brown, George Morris
Morris, James, b. 1877, d. 1965
Morris, Marion Sylvia (Marie), d. 1 Mar 1924, age: 11yrs, s/w Gordon James Morris
Morris, Martha Jane, d. 18 Aug 1957, age: 79yrws
Morris, Mary Jane, d. 17 Jun 1916, age: 39yrs, w/o H W Morris
Morris, Wallace Wilson, b. 28 Sep 1918, d. 29 Feb 1996
Morris, William John, d. 2 Oct 1944, age: 66yrs
Morris, William Kenneth, d. 10 Aug 1980?, age: 70yrs
Morris, William, d. 17 Jan 1909, age: 2yrs
Moylan, Loris Desmond, d. 7 Nov 1923, s/w Sybil Myra Moylan
Moylan, Sybil Myra, d. 12 Jan 1929, s/w Loris Desmond Moylan
Mulcahy, Clare Marion (Bub), d. 14 Nov 1921, age: 11yrs 1mth
Mullins, Martin, no dates, Infant, s/w Patrick Mullins, Patrick John Mullins
Mullins, Patrick John, no dates, Infant, s/w Patrick Mullins, Martin Mullins
Mullins, Patrick, d. 17 Jun 1926, age: 77yrs, s/w Patrick John Mullins, Martin Mullins
Murphy, Catherine, d. 23 Jul 1907, age: 59yrs, s/w John Murphy
Murphy, Granville William, d. 27 Nov 1986, age: 76yrs, s/w Jean Murphy
Murphy, J, d. 20 Apr 1920, 5 Field Ambulance
Murphy, Jean (McArthur), d. 6 Jun 1996, age: 85yrs, s/w Granville William Murphy
Murphy, John, d. 29 Sep 1893, age: 52yrs, s/w Catherine Murphy
Murphy, William Andrew, d. 17 Jan 1949, age: 77yrs
Mutch, Florence Grace, d. 26 May 1924, age: 51yrs, s/w George Leslie Mutch
Mutch, George Leslie, d. 23 Jul 1941, age: 77yrs, s/w Florence Grace Mutch
Mutch, George Marischal, d. 29 Nov 1940, age: 29yrs
Mutch, Ila Muriel, b. 2 Aug 1908, d. 20 Sep 1980, s/w Villiers Bushby Mutch
Mutch, Margaret Herd, b. 25 Oct 1825 Sorn, Rayne, d. 4 Sep 1908 Tannymorel, , s/w William Mutch
Mutch, Villiers Butch, b. 27 Jan 1908, d. 23 Jun 1987, s/w Ila Muriel Mutch
Mutch, William, b. 12 May 1811 Rayne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. 12 Dec 1893, s/w Margaret Herd Mutch
Neden, Ernest Daniel, d. 16 Mar 1952, s/w Ronald William Neden, Minnie Neden
Neden, Isaac Thomas, d. 7 Sep 1961
Neden, Minnie, d. 12 Jun 1951, s/w Ronald William Neden, Ernest Daniel Neden
Neden, Ronald William, d. 7 Jun 1944, age: 23yrs, s/w Minnie Neden, Ernest Daniel Neden
Neill, Dorothy, no dates, 37yrs, w/o W H Neill, s/w Elizabeth Bradford, James Bradford, Clare Bradford, Noel Bradford, Cecil Bradford
Neill, Mary M, d. 14 Mar 1938, age: 48yrs
Neill, William Leslie, d. 18 Aug 1958, age: 60yrs
Nelson, Alfred Ludwig, d. 13 Jul 1951, age: 66yrs
Nelson, Charles, d. 13 Aug 1938, age: 54yrs, h/o Ivy Sophia (Int Hervey Bay), s/w Ronald Ray Nelson
Nelson, Charles, d. 4 Sep 1923, age: 61yrs
Nelson, Hannah, d. 16 Jun 1951, age: 88yrs
Nelson, J V, d. 9 Sep 1940, age: 20yrs, QX5729 Private, Infantry
Nelson, Ronald Ray, d. 16 Sep 1956, age: 29yrs, s/w Charles Nelson
O'Donnell, Dennis Harold, d. 25 Jun 1960, age: 85yrs
Olsen, Eleanor Dawn, d. 13 Aug 1945, age: 2yrs 11mths
Olsen, Glenice Merle, d. 24 Apr 1994, age: 78yrs, s/w Harold Adolphus Olsen
Olsen, Harold Adolphus, d. 1 Mar 1999, age: 85yrs, s/w Glenice Merle Olsen
Osterman, Alfred George, d. 13 May 1918 Flanders, age: 25yrs, KIA, s/w Alfred George Osterman, Benjamin Hoffman
Osterman, Alfred George, d. 9 Feb 1928, age: 64yrs, s/w Alfred George Osterman, Benjamin Hoffman
Ottosen, Christian, d. 11 May 1918, age: 49yrs, h/o Elizabeth Ottosen
Ottosen, Elizabeth, d. 26 Feb 1951, age: 77yrs
Page, Carol Margaret, d. 7 Jun 1955, age: 5yrs, s/w Ella May Bloomfield, Aileen May Domjohn
Pascoe, Dorothy, d. 15 Oct 1910, age: 6yrs
Pascoe, William John, d. 19 Sep 1954, age: 76yrs
Paterson, Ellen, b. 1873, d. 1946
Paterson, Florence, b. 15 Jun 1911, d. 28 Mar 1994
Paterson, Geoffrey David, b. 5 Aug 1947, d. 2 Jun 1985
Paterson, Mary Elizabeth, d. 16 Oct 1989, age: 84yrs
Paterson, Robert Tristam, b. 26 Jan 1910, d. 30 Sep 1984
Paterson, Robert, b. 1857, d. 1940
Patterson, Alma J Doreen, d. 14 Jul 1989, age: 79yrs, s/w Louis Levy Patterson
Patterson, Andrew, d. 13 May 1922, age: 71yrs, s/w Charlotte Clarke Patterson, Charles Gilbert McGregor Patterson
Patterson, Charles Gilbert McGregor, d. 21 Aug 1924, age: 35yrs, s/w Andrew Patterson, Charlotte Clarke Patterson
Patterson, Charlotte Clarke, d. 4 Sep 1935, age: 66yrs, s/w Andrew Patterson, Charles Gilbert McGregor Patterson
Patterson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 23 Nov 1936, age: 49yrs
Patterson, Louis Levy, d. 24 Aug 1961, age: 63yrs, s/w Alma J Doreen Patterson
Paul, R J S, d. 4 Sep 1971, age: 64yrs, NX60549 Gunner, 2/12 Field Regiment RAA
Perrin, Gustav T, d. 2 Mar 1949, age: 81yrs
Peters, Beatrice Mary, d. 30 Jan 1940 Cremated Brisbane
Peters, Beresford, b. Mar 1890, d. Oct 1967
Peters, Cuthbert Edward, d. 20 Jan 1939, age: 42yrs
Peters, John Shaw, d. 4 Nov 1960, age: 73yrs, s/w William John Peters
Peters, John, d. 25 Sep 1937, age: 81yrs
Peters, Lawrence John, d. 30 Jun 1951, age: 22yrs
Peters, Lily R A, b. Oct 1890, d. Sep 1965
Peters, Marcus Henry, d. 15 Nov 1968, age: 77yrs, s/w Matilda Stella Peters, William Henry Peters
Peters, Matilda Stella, d. 1 Sep 1972, age: 71yrs, s/w Marcus Henry Peters, William Henry Peters
Peters, Oliver, d. 13 Jul 1968, age: 79yrs
Peters, Ronald Dudley, b. 18 Sep 1921, d. 2 Dec 1994, h/o Lillian
Peters, Rowland Francis, d. 10 Feb 1978, age: 80yrs
Peters, Susan, d. 27 Sep 1937, age: 80yrs
Peters, William Henry, d. 5 Jul 1973, age: 48yrs, s/w Marcus Henry Peters, Matilda Stella Peters
Peters, William John, d. 12 Dec 1960, age: 79yrs, s/w John Shaw Peters
Phillips, Alfred J, d. 6 May 1937, age: 39yrs
Pow, Arthur James Kong, d. 15 Jun 1960, age: 64yrs
Pow, Henry Kong, d. 25 Mar 1931, age: 59yrs, s/w Jane Kong Pow
Pow, Jane Kong, d. 1 Aug 1952, age: 84yrs, w/o Henry, s/w Henry Kong Pow
Pow, Margaret Kong, d. 13 Feb 1920, age: 78yrs, s/w Florence Jane Hing
Pullen, Bernard J, d. 7 May 1969, age: 36yrs
Pullen, C B (Ben), d. 24 Mar 1943, age: 26yrs, QX7283, s/w Dagmar Pearl Pullen, Gloria Eunice Pullen, W N Pullen, William Norman Pullen, Peter Ponsford Pullen
Pullen, Clive James, d. 29 May 1966, age: 48yrs
Pullen, Dagmar Pearl, d. 2 Jan 1932, age: 38yrs, s/w Gloria Eunice Pullen, C B Pullen, W N Pullen, William Norman Pullen, Peter Ponsford Pullen
Pullen, Gloria Eunice, d. 23 Feb 1923, age: 17mths, s/w Dagmar Pearl Pullen, C B Pullen, W N Pullen, William Norman Pullen, Peter Ponsford Pullen
Pullen, James Mervyn, b. 10 Oct 1902, d. 7 Nov 1980, s/w Sarah Jane Pullen
Pullen, James William, d. 8 Jul 1940, age: 80yrs, s/w Mary Eva Pullen
Pullen, Mary Eva, d. 9 Oct 1945, age: 84yrs, s/w James William Pullen
Pullen, Patricia Anne, d. 26 Oct 1962, age: 8mths
Pullen, Peter Ponsford, d. 1995, age: 67yrs, s/w Dagmar Pearl Pullen, Gloria Eunice Pullen, C B Pullen, W N Pullen, William Norman Pullen
Pullen, Sarah Jane, b. 12 Jan 1902, d. 21 Nov 1989, s/w James Mervyn Pullen
Pullen, W N (Bill), d. 20 Oct 1943 New Guinea, age: 19yrs, KIA, QX51616, s/w Dagmar Pearl Pullen, Gloria Eunice Pullen, C B Pullen, William Norman Pullen, Peter Ponsford Pullen
Pullen, William Norman, d. 26 Jan 1968, age: 76yrs, s/w Dagmar Pearl Pullen, Gloria Eunice Pullen, C B Pullen, W N Pullen, Peter Ponsford Pullen
Ragh, Albert William, b. 1894, d. 1960, Sgt 917, 42 Batt 1st AIF
Ragh, Arnold Albert, d. 21 May 1998, age: 71yrs
Ragh, Christina, d. 5 Nov 1895, age: 18 1/2yrs, w/o Fred Ragh, s/w William Joseph Ragh, Frederick Rudolph Ragh
Ragh, Clarence Edward, d. 6 Sep 1952, age: 56yrs, 42 Batt AIF
Ragh, Elsie Olive, b. 1892, d. 1977
Ragh, Ethel May, d. 19 Jun 1953, age: 38yrs, s/w William Ragh
Ragh, Frederick Rudolph, d. 12 May 1935, age: 68yrs, s/w Christina Ragh, William Joseph Ragh
Ragh, Herman Charles, d. 4 Aug 1952, age: 82yrs, s/w Sarah Eva Ragh
Ragh, Sarah Eva, d. 26 Mar 1951, age: 79yrs, s/w Herman Charles Ragh
Ragh, William Joseph, d. 11 Sep 1909, age: 9mths, s/o Fred & Cecilia Ragh, s/w Christina Ragh, Frederick Rudolph Ragh
Ragh, William, d. 30 Sep 1977, age: 62yrs, s/w Ethel May Ragh
Rankin, Lowana Jade, d. 28 Oct 1967, age: 1hour
Ratcliffe, Mary Ellen (Pearly), d. 10 Feb 1981, age: 71yrs
Ratcliffe, William Charles (Bill), d. 7 Dec 1969, age: 79yrs
Reibelt, Eliza, d. 14 Oct 1926, age: 71yrs
Reibelt, Henry, d. 21 Jul 1934, age: 85yrs
Reibelt, Muriel V, d. 1 May 1967, s/w Robert C Reibelt
Reibelt, Robert C, d. 13 May 1970, s/w Muriel V Reibelt
Reid, Mary Flint, no dates, w/o Thomas Reid
Reis, A G, d. 10 May 1998, age: 77yrs, h/o Lil, Q104072 Craftsman, Corps of Elec & Mech Engineers
Reis, Ada, d. 27 Feb 1979, age: 74yrs
Reis, Alfred (Herbie), d. 17 Aug 1994, age: 76yrs
Reis, Colin Edward, d. 27 Jun 1940, age: 15yrs
Reis, Graham John, d. 30 Oct 1954, age: 10days
Reis, Lily Mabel, d. 16 Jun 1971, age: 50yrs
Reis, Mary Ellen, d. 5 Jan 1961, age: 79yrs
Reis, Peter Eric, d. 30 Jun 1978, age: 17yrs
Reis, William Aaron, d. 26 Sep 1981, age: 80yrs
Riddick, Jean, no dates
Rimes, Harold Archibald Maurice, d. 11 Jun 1998, age: 89yrs
Roberts, Arthur John Augustus, d. 5 Jul 1941, age: 55yrs
Robinson, David, b. 1872, d. 1956, age: 78yrs
Roser, Catherine, d. 3 May 1906, s/w Frank Roser
Roser, Frank, d. 24 Apr 1916, s/w Catherine Roser
Saunders, Mary Ellen, d. 27 Jun 1937, age: 46yrs
Schreiweis, Emily, d. 17 May 1946, age: 63yrs, s/w John F Schreiweis
Schreiweis, John F, d. 30 Oct 1935, age: 60yrs, s/w Emily Schreiweis
Schubert, Imelda Maree, d. 3 Feb 1993, age: 86yrs
Schulz, Carl H A, d. 6 Aug 1968, age: 82yrs, s/w Margaret Schulz
Schulz, Margaret, d. 14 Dec 1964, age: 84yrs, s/w Carl H A Schulz
Schusser, Elizabeth, b. 14 Feb 1833, d. 19 Jul 1908, w/o John
Schusser, John, d. 1 Mar 1911 Killarney
Schutt, Hedwig Sophia Christina, b. 27 May 1876, d. 27 May 1946
Schutt, Otto C F, b. 1871, d. 1932
Seymour, Laurence Wayne, no dates, Infant
Seymour, Robyn Averill, d. 20 Apr 1948, age: 2yrs
Sheehan, Grace C, d. 23 Mar 1932, s/w William J Sheehan, Michael F Sheehan, Patrick L Sheehan
Sheehan, Michael F, d. 29 Jan 1931, s/w Grace C Sheehan, William J Sheehan, Patrick L Sheehan
Sheehan, Patrick L, d. 9 Nov 1942 New Guinea, KIA, s/w Grace C Sheehan, William J Sheehan, Michael F Sheehan
Sheehan, William J, d. 25 Jul 1943, s/w Grace C Sheehan, Michael F Sheehan, Patrick L Sheehan
Shepherd, Albert James, d. 10 Jul 1890, age: 12yrs, s/w William John Shepherd, Ann Shepherd
Shepherd, Ann, d. 4 Sep 19?, age: 53yrs, s/w William John Shepherd, Albert James Shepherd
Shepherd, William John, d. 23 Aug 190?, age: 64yrs, s/w Ann Shepherd, Albert James Shepherd
Smith, Beryl Inez, d. 14 Dec 1975, age: 75yrs, s/w Oswald Henry Smith
Smith, Florence Ada, d. 24 Nov 1957, age: 87yrs
Smith, Max Howard, b. 24 Mar 1964 Killarney, d. 7 Feb 1995 Killarney, age: 30yrs, s/o Barry & Margaret Smith
Smith, Oswald Henry, d. 22 May 1955, age: 57yrs, s/w Beryl Inez Smith
Smith, William Leonard, d. 23 Jun 1970, age: 87yrs
Spreadborough, Eliza, d. 10 Sep 1953, s/w Octavius Spreadborough
Spreadborough, Helga Margretha, d. 8 Feb 1991, age: 92yrs
Spreadborough, Irwin W, d. 6 Dec 1961, age: 77yrs
Spreadborough, John Grayson, d. 1 Sep 1961, age: 81yrs
Spreadborough, Octavius, d. 15 Feb 1945, s/w Eliza Spreadborough
Spreadborough, R J, d. 13 Sep 1938, age: 72yrs, 1781 Driver 42 Battalion
Startin, Annie Adelaide, d. 15 Nov 1952, age: 86yrs, s/w George Clement Startin
Startin, George Clement, d. 14 Jan 1947, age: 88yrs, s/w Annie Adelaide Startin
Sullivan, Amelia Irene, d. 11 Nov 1987, age: 90yrs, s/w Phillip Thomas Sullivan
Sullivan, Jack W, d. 9 Feb 2000, age: 77yrs, h/o Joan, QX30324 Private, Army Amenities Service
Sullivan, Phillip Thomas, d. 28 Oct 1958, age: 64yrs, s/w Amelia Irene Sullivan
Tannock, Ann, d. 2 Oct 1911, age: 73yrs, s/w James Tannock
Tannock, James, d. Dec 1886, age: 68yrs, s/w Ann Tannock
Thompson, Billie, d. 11 Feb 1946, age: 1mth, s/o W T Thompson
Thompson, J D, d. 3 Aug 1942, age: 28yrs, QX18199 Private, 2/9 AIF
Thorley, Joshua, no dates
Tierney, Elizabeth, b. Anaghorish, Co Derry, Ireland, d. 6 Mar 1967, age: 95yrs
Tierney, Martin, b. Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland, d. 21 Jun 1944, age: 84yrs
Timms, Harold John, b. 21 Mar 1921, d. 26 Dec 1987
Townroe, Claude Alexander, d. 24 Sep 1962, age: 58yrs
Townroe, Ellen Catherine, d. 10 Mar 1944, age: 68yrs 11mths
Tranter, Emily, b. 1855, d. 1942, s/w Joseph Elijah Tranter, Ernest Harold Tranter, Mona Tranter, Maria Maude Tranter
Tranter, Ernest Harold, b. 1894, d. 1968, s/w Joseph Elijah Tranter, Emily Tranter, Mona Tranter, Maria Maude Tranter
Tranter, Joseph Elijah, b. 1861, d. 1942, s/w Emily Tranter, Ernest Harold Tranter, Mona Tranter, Maria Maude Tranter
Tranter, Laurence Simpson, b. 1918, d. 21 Mar 1997, age: 79yrs
Tranter, Maria Maude, b. 1892, d. 1973, s/w Joseph Elijah Tranter, Emily Tranter, Ernest Harold Tranter, Mona Tranter
Tranter, Mona, b. 1898, d. 1974, s/w Joseph Elijah Tranter, Emily Tranter, Ernest Harold Tranter, Maria Maude Tranter
Tranter, Neville Graham, d. 22 Feb 1941, age: 1yr 5mths
Tranter, William Joseph, d. 13 Oct 1979, age: 48yrs
Trotter, Baby, d. 23 Jun 1957, s/o Verner & Nancy, s/w Stillborn Trotter
Trotter, Stillborn, no dates, s/w Baby Trotter
Tyler, Florence Ethel, d. 10 May 1970, age: 82yrs, s/w William James Tyler
Tyler, James, no dates, s/o M & R Tyler, s/w John Alexander Laird
Tyler, Margaret Adel, b. 29 Oct 1904, d. 14 May 1990
Tyler, Neth MacLeod, d. 12 Aug 1939, age: 2yrs 3mths
Tyler, Richard James (Dick), b. 24 Feb 1906, d. 30 Dec 1994
Tyler, William James, d. 9 Dec 1961, age: 80yrs, s/w Florence Ethel Tyler
Unknown, Topsy, b. 11 Sep 1917, d. 17 Jun 1972
Vardon, George Little, b. 1876, d. 1942
Vogel, John, d. 25 May 1934, age: 27yrs
Volk, Nolene Ann, d. 9 Apr 1967, age: 11wks
Wagner, Arthur Leslie, d. 2 Aug 1933, age: 31yrs
Wagner, Arthur Owen Charles, d. 8 Jun 1954, age: 17yrs, s/w Dorothy Elizabeth Hannah Wagner, Owen David Wagner
Wagner, Dorothy Elizabeth Hannah, d. 6 Nov 1994, age: 82yrs, s/w Owen David Wagner, Arthur Owen Charles Wagner
Wagner, Lilian Adale, d. 10 Aug 1946, age: 41yrs
Wagner, Owen David, d. 20 Aug 1983, age: 83yrs, s/w Dorothy Elizabeth Hannah Wagner, Arthur Owen Charles Wagner
Walker, Matilde Bertha, d. 2 Jan 1959, age: 81yrs
Walker, William John Craig, d. 6 Nov 1922, age: 3yrs 11mths, s/o Arthur A & Florence Walker
Wallace, Lancelot Hilton, d. 3 Aug 1941, age: 42yrs
Walmsley, Dickson, d. 6 Jul 1957, age: 50yrs
Ware, Ivy Pearl, d. 27 Dec 1965, age: 64yrs
Ware, William J, d. 30 Nov 1951, age: 55yrs
Warren, Jessie Smith, d. 16 Sep 1954, age: 60yrs
Warren, John, b. 1852, d. 1946, s/w Mary Ann Warren
Warren, Mary Ann, b. 1855, d. 1933, s/w John Warren
Waterson, Colin James, d. 8 Oct 1994 Darwin, age: 42yrs
Watson, Dorothea Mary, d. 31 Jan 1977, age: 81yrs, s/w James Lester Watson
Watson, Douglas James, d. 21 Sep 1979, age: 53yrs, QX63002 Private, 65th Aust Inf Batt AIF
Watson, George William, d. 7 Jun 1933, age: 46yrs, h/o Marjorie Watson
Watson, Gordon, b. 16 Jul 1888, d. 11 Oct 1982
Watson, James Lester, d. 8 Aug 1959, age: 55yrs, s/w Dorothea Mary Watson
Watson, James William, d. 23 Dec 1952, age: 89yrs, s/w Mary Ann Watson
Watson, Janet, d. 12 Oct 1893, age: 62yrs, w/o John Watson
Watson, Mary Ann, d. 22 Jun 1952, age: 82yrs, s/w James William Watson
Watt, Baby, no dates
Watts, Annie Louisa, d. 21 Aug 1946, age: 64yrs, s/w Thomas George Watts
Watts, Beresford, d. 10 Apr 1924, age: 7yrs 9mths, s/o Thomas & Annie Watts
Watts, Bertha, d. 1955
Watts, Caroline, d. 23 May 1937, age: 79yrs, w/o Henry, s/w Henry Spackman Watts
Watts, Daniel James, d. 30 Jan 1943, age: 77yrs
Watts, Dulcie M, no dates, 61yrs
Watts, Henry Spackman, d. 6 Nov 1920, age: 70yrs, s/w Caroline Watts
Watts, Herbert, d. 4 Jan 1954, age: 42yrs, s/w Jean Harriet Emma Watts
Watts, Jean Harriet Emma, d. 27 Apr 1980, age: 65yrs, s/w Herbert Watts
Watts, Keith, d. 1 Aug 1948, age: 37yrs
Watts, Lydia Caroline, d. 13 Apr 1968, age: 86yrs, s/w Willie Watts
Watts, Richard, b. 29 May 1913, d. 1 May 1995
Watts, Thomas George, d. 15 Mar 1944, age: 63yrs, s/w Annie Louisa Watts
Watts, Thomas Lindsay, b. 1911, d. 1962
Watts, Willie, d. 5 May 1943, age: 65yrs, s/w Lydia Caroline Watts
Weir, Margaret, d. 1 May 1948
Wells, Rose Ann, d. 29 Nov 1935, age: 73yrs, w/o J T Wells
White, David, d. 4 May 1930, age: 71yrs, s/w Jane White
White, Gordon, b. 1902, d. 1943, s/w Stanley White, Jean White
White, Jane, d. 3 Aug 1946, age: 81yrs, s/w David White
White, Jean, b. 190?, d. 1971, s/w Stanley White, Gordon White
White, Stanley, b. 1895, d. 1934, s/w Gordon White, Jean White
White, William Desmond, d. 23 Apr 1923, age: 2mths
Whittle, Charles Stephen, d. 2 Mar 1947, age: 62yrs
Whittle, William Joseph, d. 4 Sep 1993, age: 76yrs, QX42417 Private
Whitworth, George Alfred, d. 22 May 1946, age: 53yrs
Will, Edith, d. 19 Jul 1912, age: 42yrs, w/o Frederick J Will
Williams, Alice, d. 3 Nov 1919, age: 33yrs, s/w James Williams
Williams, David, b. 17 Jul 1872, d. 24 Dec 1945, h/o Louisa Sophia, s/w Louisa Sophia Williams
Williams, Elizabeth, d. 5 Sep 1946
Williams, Ivy, d. 9 Dec 1898, age: 9wks
Williams, James, d. 10 Dec 1925, age: 43yrs, h/o Alice, s/w Alice Williams
Williams, Joseph Bertram, b. 9 Oct 1920, d. 2 Mar 1947, s/w David & Louisa
Williams, Louisa Sophia, b. 22 Mar 1876, d. 26 Aug 1953, w/o David, s/w David Williams
Williams, W G, d. 26 Sep 1954, age: 57yrs, 3463 Private, 49 Battalion
Wilson, Arthur Frederick, d. 24 Mar 1926, age: 2yrs 2 mths, s/o Frederick & Hilda Wilson
Wilson, Norman, d. 28 Feb 1930 Killarney
Wright, Anna Maria, d. 14 Aug 1920, age: 80yrs, w/o Frank, s/w Frank Wright, Jessie Lamb
Wright, Annie Florence, d. 4 Mar 1968, age: 80yrs, s/w Sydney Charles Wright
Wright, Frank, d. 13 Jul 1903, age: 63yrs, s/w Anna Maria Wright, Jessie Lamb
Wright, Sydney Charles, d. 4 Aug 1956, age: 78yrs, s/w Annie Florence Wright
Wyton, Barbara, d. 3 Oct 1896, age: 64yrs
Young, Dorothy May, d. 28 Sep 1942, age: 11mths
Young, Edgar Norman Arthur, d. 11 Apr 1966
Young, Leslie William Robert, b. 18 Jun 1909, d. 3 Dec 1996, s/w Thelma Beatrice Young
Young, Roseanna, d. 21 Jun 1961, age: 80yrs, s/w Samuel Young
Young, Samuel, d. 8 Dec 1961, age: 82yrs, s/w Roseanna Young
Young, Thelma Beatrice, d. 11 Apr 1959, age: 49yrs, s/w Leslie William Robert Young

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