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Allora General Cemetery
Warwick Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Karyn Findlay [stephenb@hypermax.net.au].

Naish, William, d. 11 May 1918, age: 80yrs
Neal, Ivy Jane, d. 17 Jul 1991, age: 83yrs
Neal, William John Thomas, d. 28 Feb 1962, age: 64yrs
Neale, Alice Kater, d. 12 Jan 1896, age: 72yrs, w/o Thomas Neale, s/w Thomas Neale
Neale, Alice, d. 11 Aug 1957, age: 75yrs, s/w William John Thomas Neale
Neale, Howard, d. 3 Aug 1936, age: 8yrs
Neale, Mary Ann, no dates, age: 87yrs
Neale, Mary Jane, d. 30 Nov 1950, age: 79yrs
Neale, Robert, no dates, age: 92yrs
Neale, Samuel Henry, d. 11 Feb 1852, age: 84yrs
Neale, Thomas, d. 3 May 1917, age: 68yrs, h/o Mary
Neale, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1903, age: 83yrs, s/w Alice Kater Neale
Neale, William John Thomas, d. 16 Dec 1953, age: 77yrs, s/w Alice Neale
Newport, Freda Katherine, d. 8 Sep 1933, s/w Margaret P Newport
Newport, John Wesley, d. 12 Aug 1951, age: 75yrs
Newport, Margaret P, d. 30 Jun 1941, age: 53yrs, s/w Freda Katherine Newport
Neylan, Daniel, d. 26 Sep 1882, age: 46yrs
Neylan, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 22 Aug 1926, age: 77yrs
Nicholls, Andrew David, d. 10 May 1988, age: 12yrs
Nicholls, Bertram H, d. 5 May 1994, age: 87yrs, s/w Kathleen M V Nicholls
Nicholls, Kathleen M V, d. 8 Jun 1972, age: 61yrs, s/w Bertram H Nicholls
Nielsen, Andrew Bernhardt, d. 27 Aug 1970, age: 62yrs, s/w Lillian May Nielsen
Nielsen, Edith, b. 1879, d. 1930
Nielsen, Lillian May, d. 21 Jul 1949, age: 34yrs, s/w Andrew Bernhardt Nielsen
Nolan, John, d. 23 Jan 1981, age: 65yrs
Norris, Colin Leslie, d. 16 May 1997, age: 65yrs
Nutt, George Frederick William, d. 10 May 1884, age: 15yrs ?mths
O'Brien, Ellen, d. 24 Jan 1999, age: 96yrs
O'Brien, Owen Benjamin, b. 30 Nov 1927, d. 1 Jul 2002
O'Callaghan, Bridget Annie, d. 18 May 1887, age: 3 1/2yrs, s/w Mary Kate O'Callaghan
O'Callaghan, Hanorah, b. 1849, d. 1939
O'Callaghan, Mary Kate, d. 28 May 1901, age: 26yrs, d/o J & M O'Callaghan, s/w Bridget Annie O'Callaghan
O'Callaghan, Mary, d. 28 Oct 1905, age: 15yrs
O'Connor, Bessie, d. 19 Sep 1936, w/o M O'Connor
O'Dea, John Kevin, b. 21 Aug 1909, d. 27 Jun 1991
O'Dea, John, d. 30 Sep 1919, age: 83yrs
O'Dea, Mary, d. 25 Nov 1955
O'Dea, Mary, d. 5 Oct 1954, age: 71yrs, s/w Patrick O'Dea
O'Dea, Matthew Joseph, d. 28 Nov 1919, age: 71yrs
O'Dea, Patrick, d. 30 Sep 1972, age: 91yrs, s/w Mary O'Dea
O'Dwyer, Liza, d. 28 Feb 1910, age: 71yrs, w/o Richard O'Dwyer, s/w Richard O'Dwyer
O'Dwyer, Richard, d. 5 Jan 1898, age: 16yrs
O'Dwyer, Richard, d. 9 Mar 1919, age: 86yrs, s/w Liza O'Dwyer
Ogilvie, Isabella, b. 1850, d. 1925, age: 75yrs
O'Leary, Arthur, b. 1861, d. 1931, s/w Eliza O'Leary
O'Leary, Daniel Stephen, d. 26 Feb 1975, age: 69yrs, s/w Mary Ellen O'Leary
O'Leary, Eliza, b. 1869, d. 1932, s/w Arthur O'Leary
O'Leary, Mary Ellen, d. 29 Jan 1966, age: 63yrs, s/w Daniel Stephen O'Leary
O'Neill, Alice Josephine, d. 10 Oct 1928, age: 50yrs, s/w Garrett Denis O'Neill
O'Neill, Bridget, d. 26 Sep 1922, age: 91yrs, s/w Patrick O'Neill
O'Neill, Bridget, d. 6 Aug 1929, age: 74yrs, s/w Timothy O'Neill
O'Neill, Bryan, d. 23 Sep 1913, age: 76yrs, s/w Katie Powell
O'Neill, Garrett Denis, d. 10 Mar 1953, age: 80yrs, s/w Alice Josephine O'Neill
O'Neill, Patrick, b. 18 Aug 1888, d. 31 Jul 1898, s/o Timothy & Bridget O'Neill
O'Neill, Patrick, d. 26 Mar 1953, age: 47yrs
O'Neill, Patrick, d. 27 Aug 1903 Brisbane, age: 65yrs, s/w Bridget O'Neill
O'Neill, Timothy, d. 5 Aug 1934, age: 94yrs, s/w Bridget O'Neill
O'Rourke, Elizabeth Mary, d. 18 Jun 1973, age: 63yrs
O'Sullivan, Hannah, d. 16 May 1922, w/o Timothy, s/w Timothy O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan, Timothy, d. 12 Dec 1915 Allora, age: 77yrs, s/w Hannah O'Sullivan
Overland, Alice Mary, d. 9 Jul 2000, age: 95yrs
Pacholke, Annie May, b. 3 May 1890, d. 16 Apr 1900
Pacholke, Annie, b. 9 Sep 1859, d. 29 Oct 1933, s/w August Ferdinand Pacholke
Pacholke, August Ferdinand, b. 19 Sep 1858, d. 7 Aug 1940, s/w Annie Pacholke
Pacholke, Caroline, b. 1864, d. 1943, s/w Gottlieb Pacholke
Pacholke, Charles Rowland, b. 21 Feb 1902, d. 2 Jan 1978
Pacholke, Ethel, d. 8 Aug 1967, age: 76yrs, s/w John Henry Pacholke
Pacholke, Florrie, d. 8 Jun 1957, age: 63yrs, s/w Henry John Pacholke
Pacholke, Gottlieb John, b. 1863, d. 1945, s/w Caroline Pacholke
Pacholke, Henry John, d. 1 Aug 1960, age: 76yrs, s/w Florrie Pacholke
Pacholke, John Henry, d. 11 Jun 1961, age: 72yrs, s/w Ethel Pacholke
Pacholke, Julia Theresa, d. 20 Dec 1952, age: 66yrs
Pain, Francis Godfrey, d. 27 Mar 1897, age: 6yrs 10mths, s/o Francis and Jessie Pain
Parker, Rainald, d. 14 Apr 1923, age: 28yrs
Pascoe, Ailsa Lilly (Tossie), d. 8 Nov 1995, age: 78yrs, s/w Hamilton James Pascoe
Pascoe, Charles Albert, d. 15 Mar 1958, age: 77yrs, s/w Emily Frances Mary Pascoe
Pascoe, Charles Albert, d. 24 Oct 1975, age: 60yrs
Pascoe, Emily Francis Mary, d. 20 Sep 1976, age: 90yrs, s/w Charles Albert Pascoe
Pascoe, Hamilton James, d. 27 Aug 1980, age: 63yrs, h/o Ailsa, s/w Ailsa Lilly Pascoe
Paterson, Richard Simpson, b. 14 Nov 1922, d. 2 Nov 1973
Paton, Mary, d. 30 May 1963, age: 85yrs
Patterson, Andrew Thomas, d. 25 Nov 1967, age: 81yrs, s/w Eliza Patterson
Patterson, Eliza, d. 20 Jun 1972, age: 80yrs, s/w Andrew Thomas Patterson
Patterson, James Stanton Moore, d. 17 Aug 1917, age: 35yrs
Paulsen, Paul Jocum, b. 14 Feb 1854, Jutland, Denmark, d. 31 Oct 1900 Allora, age:
Payne, William Edward, b. 13 Jun 1928, d. 7 Jun 2000
Perrin, Jane, d. 25 Jul 1938, age: 73yrs, s/w Sidney Perrin
Perrin, Sidney, d. 9 Jun 1938, age: 82yrs, s/w Jane Perrin
Peters, Amelia Susan, d. 14 Sep 1960, age: 76yrs, s/w Phillip Edward Peters
Peters, Edward Charles, d. 8 Jul 1972, age: 54yrs
Peters, Phillip Edward, d. 30 Apr ?, age: 92yrs, s/w Amelia Susan Peters
Pettigrew, Alexander Easton, d. 9 Jan 1955, age: 60yrs
Phelan, Denis, d. 27 Jul 1944, s/w Vera Phelan
Phelan, Elizabeth, d. 19 Aug 1912, Woodlaven, age: 54yrs, s/w Martin Phelan
Phelan, Gert, d. 9 Nov 1921, s/w Lea Phelan, James Edward Phelan
Phelan, James Edward, d. 1 Aug 1978, s/w Gert Phelan, Lea Phelan
Phelan, John Denis, d. 22 Mar 1957, age: 67yrs
Phelan, Kathleen, d. 19 Jul 1978, s/w Martin Patrick
Phelan, Lea, d. 23 Oct 1936, s/w Gert Phelan, James Edward Phelan
Phelan, Margaret, d. 04 Nov 1966, age: 100yrs
Phelan, Martin Patrick, d. 09 Oct 1972, s/w Kathleen Phelan
Phelan, Martin, d. 01 Jun 1935, Woodlaven, age: 83yrs, s/w Elizabeth Phelan
Phelan, Michael Kevin, d. 01 Dec 1951, age: 50yrs
Phelan, Michael, d. 04 Apr 1927
Phelan, Vera, d. 10 Apr 1958, s/w Denis Phelan
Picken, George, b. 1860, d. 1930
Pitkin, M R, d. 08 Aug 1999, age: 82yrs, h/o Frances, Q 103140 Private 26 Infantry Battalion
Powell, Charles Bernard, d. 13 Jan 1952, age: 75yrs, s/w Mary Ann Powell
Powell, Jemima J, b. 29 Mar 1881, d. 04 Jan 1926, s/w Joseph Powell
Powell, Joseph, b. 07 Sep 1867, d. 11 Oct 1961, s/w Jemima J Powell
Powell, Katie, d. 23 Jan 1916, age: 31yrs, s/w Bryan O'Neill
Powell, Mary Ann, d. 15 Feb 1939, age: 65yrs, s/w Charles Bernard Powell
Pugh, Edward, d. 18 Apr 1888, age: 16yrs & 3mths, s/o Edward & Jane Pugh
Pugh, Edward, d. 27 Mar 1902, age: 75yrs, s/w Jane Pugh
Pugh, Jane, d. 03 Sep 1894, age: 62yrs, s/w Edward Pugh
Quinlan, Betty Mavis, d. 21 Nov 1998, age: 66yrs
Quinlan, William James, d. 14 Sep 1960, age: 57yrs
Rebetzke, Mary, b. 1883, d. 1966, s/w William Rebetzke
Rebetzke, William, b. 1876, d. 1943, s/w Mary Rebetzke
Reid, Charlotte Hannah, d. 05 Dec 1920, age: 65yrs, w/o John Reid
Reid, Clara Ellen, d. 11 Aug 1962, age: 80yrs, s/w Peter Reid, David Joseph Reid
Reid, David Joseph, d. 18 May 1952, age: 47yrs, s/w Clara Ellen Reid, Peter Reid
Reid, E M, no dates
Reid, H, no dates
Reid, John, d. 18 Nov 1933, age: 77yrs, s/w Maria Annie Reid
Reid, L C, no dates
Reid, Maria Annie, d. 29 Jan 1962, age: 83yrs, s/w John Reid
Reid, Peter, d. 01 Apr 1964, age: 91yrs, s/w Clara Ellen Reid, David Joseph Reid
Reid, S F, no dates
Reisenleidt, Barry Wilfred, b. 1948, d. 1995, h/o Roslyn
Remilton, Philip, d. 13 May 1974, age: 65yrs
Reppel, Catherine C, d. 25 Mar 1962, age: 83yrs
Reppel, Clarence Cecil, d. 23 Jul 1980, age: 69yrs, h/o Ailsa
Reppel, Genardine, d. 26 Jan 1931, age: 20yrs, s/w Kathleen Reppel
Reppel, H, d. 22 Apr 1914, age: 72yrs
Reppel, Henry, d. 28 Nov 1940, age: 64yrs
Reppel, Kathleen, d. 15 May 1992, age: 79yrs, s/w Genardine Reppel
Reppel, Maria, d. 29 Dec 1911, age: 65yrs
Richardson, William, d. 16 Dec 1900, age: 48yrs
Rickert, Andrew, d. 17 Mar 1915, age: 56yrs
Rickert, Andrew, d. 28 Mar 1896, age: 79yrs
Rickert, Barbara, d. 18 Oct 1904, age: 15yrs 8mths, d/o Andrew and Anna Rickert
Rickert, Emily, d. 15 Mar 1953, age: 66yrs, s/w Sydney Rickert
Rickert, Eva Elizabeth, d. 28 Oct 1978, age: 82yrs, s/w George Rickert
Rickert, Frankie, b. 30 Sep 1891, d. 30 Sep 1893, s/o M & E Rickert
Rickert, George, d. 31 Aug 1941, age: 54yrs, s/w Eva Elizabeth Rickert
Rickert, Sydney, d. 10 Jan 1953, age: 59yrs, s/w Emily Rickert
Rippingale, Mary, d. 12 Apr 1890, age: 69yrs, w/o Robert, s/w Robert John Rippengale
Rippingale, Pamela May, d. 5 Jun 1975, age: 68yrs
Rippingale, Robert John, d. 3 Jun 1894, age: 75yrs, s/w Mary Rippengale
Rix, Colin Reginald, b. 4 May 1938, d. 2 May 1993
Roberts, Ada Catherine, d. 10 Jun 1954, age: 64yrs
Roberts, Elizabeth Jane, d. 20 Nov 1885, age: 53yrs, w/o John Spry Roberts
Robertson, Alfred Loftus, d. 1 May 1944, age: 59yrs, s/w Mary Rose Robertson
Robertson, Arthur, d. 29 Oct 1942 Alamien, age: 25yrs
Robertson, Mary Rose, d. 25 Oct 1965, age: 83yrs, s/w Alfred Loftus Robertson
Robinson, Lizzie, d. 12 Aug 1918, age: 36yrs
Rooney, Mary, d. 1 Jul 1910, age: 77yrs, s/w William John Rooney
Rooney, William John, d. 8 Sep 1905, age: 68yrs, s/w Mary Rooney
Ryan, Barry Joseph, d. 27 Nov 1961, age: 27yrs
Ryan, Catherine Julia, b. 1 Aug 1905, d. 19 Jun 1994, s/w William Joseph Ryan
Ryan, Catherine, d. 7 Nov 1957, age: 87yrs, s/w Denis Ryan
Ryan, Denis, d. 18 Feb 1941, age: 44yrs, s/w Mary Ryan
Ryan, Denis, d. 18 Feb 1953, age: 79yrs, s/w Catherine Ryan
Ryan, Denis, d. 29 Jul 1937, age: 90yrs, s/w Eliza Jane Ryan
Ryan, Eliza Jane, d. 20 Jul 1936, age: 71yrs, s/w Denis Ryan
Ryan, John, d. 25 Sep 1890, age: 39yrs
Ryan, Mary (McMahon), b. 5 Oct 1908, d. 14 May 2002, w/o Denis, s/w Denis Ryan
Ryan, Mary Ann, b. 1869, d. 1945, s/w Michael Ryan
Ryan, Michael, b. 1849, d. 1941, s/w Mary Ann Ryan
Ryan, Thomas James, d. 23 May 1976, age: 87yrs
Ryan, William Joseph, b. 27 Jun 1904, d. 4 Jul 1995, s/w Catherine Julia Ryan
Rynne, Francis, no dates, s/w Johannah Rynne
Rynne, James Joseph, d. 15 Aug 1972, age: 67yrs, s/w James Rynne, Mary Elizabeth Rynne
Rynne, James, d. 14 Feb 1945, age: 74yrs, s/w James Joseph Rynne, Mary Elizabeth Rynne
Rynne, Johannah, no dates, s/w Francis Rynne
Rynne, Joseph Boniface, no dates, age: 14mths, s/o James and Mary Rynne
Rynne, Mary Elizabeth, d. 21 Oct 1959, age: 84yrs, s/w James Rynne, James Joseph Rynne
Rynne, William Joseph, d. 23 Jan 1913, age: 22yrs
Saric, Ljubinka, d. 14 Jan 1996, age: 79yrs
Saric, Nedeljko (Ned), b. 25 Mar 1917, d. 9 Dec 1991
Schirmer, Herbert Heinrich, d. 14 Jun 1957, age: 48yrs
Schleigher, Dorothy (Ellwood), b. 1922, d. 1997
Schriek, Magdalena, d. 13 Dec 1871, age: 61yrs, w/o Peter Schriek
Schriek, Patrick J, d. 7 Aug 1948, age: 63yrs
Schriek, Peter Francis, d. Feb 1901, age: ?yrs
Schriek, Peter Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1998, age: 85yrs
Schriek, Peter, d. 25 Feb 1900, age: 89yrs
Sexton, Peter, d. 22 Aug 1907, age: 71yrs
Shannon, Elizabeth Jane, d. 28 Dec 1965, age: 88yrs, s/w Samuel David Shannon
Shannon, Ethel Mary, no dates, Died in infancy, s/w Verina Shannon
Shannon, George Robert, d. 14 Mar 1966, age: 79yrs
Shannon, George Telford, b. 1915, d. 1979
Shannon, Georgina Abigail, d. 30 Jun 2001, age: 89yrs
Shannon, James, d. 15 Jul 1887, age: 76yrs, s/w Margaret Shannon
Shannon, James, d. 19 Aug 1914, age: 74yrs
Shannon, John Geck (Mick), d. 7 Sep 1994, age: 71yrs
Shannon, John, d. 7 Aug 1949, age: 7yrs, s/w Louisa Catherine Shannon
Shannon, Louisa Catherine, d. 8 Jul 1967, age: 88yrs, s/w John Shannon
Shannon, Margaret, d. 12 Jul 1888, age: 75yrs, s/w James Shannon
Shannon, Samuel David, d. 12 Jun 1962, age: 82yrs, s/w Elizabeth Jane Shannon
Shannon, Verina, d. 10 Oct 1922, age: 36yrs, s/w Ethel Mary Shannon
Sharpe, Arthur William, b. 1894, d. 1907, s/w Joseph Geoffrey Sharpe, Beryl Sharpe, Grace Sharpe
Sharpe, Beryl, d. 28 Oct 1969, age: 70yrs, Sister, s/w Arthur William Sharpe, Joseph Geoffrey Sharpe, Grace Sharpe
Sharpe, Brian Tansley, b. 1910, d. 1927, s/w Joseph Tansley Sharpe
Sharpe, Grace, b. 1871, d. 1934, s/w Arthur William Sharpe, Joseph Geoffrey Sharpe, Beryl Sharpe
Sharpe, Joseph Geoffrey, b. 1904, d. 1912, s/w Arthur William Sharpe, Beryl Sharpe, Grace Sharpe
Sharpe, Joseph Tansley, b. 1862, d. 1919, s/w Brian Tansley Sharpe
Shearing, Edith Joan, b. 30 Aug 1910, d. 29 Nov 1998, age: 88yrs, w/o Llewellyn Akers Shearing, s/w Llewellyn Akers Shearing
Shearing, Llewellyn Akers, b. 30 Nov 1909, d. 23 Jun 1996, age: 86yrs, h/o Edith Joan Shearing, s/w Edith Joan Shearing
Shields, James, d. 16 Aug 1944, age: 84yrs
Shooter, Charles George, b. 1861, d. 1942, s/w Leila Evelyn Shooter
Shooter, Frances Gertrude, d. 18 Aug 1940, age: 17yrs
Shooter, Francis Stanley, d. 17 Jan 1966, age: 67yrs
Shooter, Ian Francis, no dates, s/o CW & MJ Shooter
Shooter, Leila Evelyn, d. 21 Aug 1955, age: 86yrs, s/w Charles George Shooter
Shooter, Leslie Perse, d. 23 Sep 1984, age: 83yrs
Shooter, Rhoda Gertrude, d. 21 Mar 1963, age: 62yrs
Shuttlewood, Lucy Mary, b. 1867, d. 1916
Siddans, Benjamin, d. 28 May 1934, age: 51yrs, s/w Ruth Siddans
Siddans, Eunice Beverley, d. 16 Jan 1965
Siddans, Ruth, d. 7 Jan 1972, age: 87yrs, s/w Benjamin Siddans
Siebenhausen, Albert David, b. 1872, d. 1951, s/w Hannah Blanch Siebenhausen, Clinton Gregory Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Annie, d. 9 Jul 1969, age: 32yrs, s/w Charles Christian Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Charles Christian, d. 23 Oct 1943, age: 80yrs, s/w Annie Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Charles Edward, d. 25 Nov 1974, age: 65yrs, s/w Doris Alice Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Clinton Gregory, d. 1916, Killed in Action, 25 Batt A.I.F., s/w Albert David Siebenhausen, Hannah Blanch Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Daryll Francis, d. 2 Oct 1943, age: 3days
Siebenhausen, Doris Alice, d. 30 Aug 1950, age: 40yrs, s/w Charles Edward Siebenhausen
Siebenhausen, Hannah Blanch, b. 1876, d. 1912, s/w Albert David Siebenhausen, Clinton Gregory Siebenhausen
Sinclair, Donna Kerree Mason, d. 22 May 1995, age: 33yrs
Sinton, Ada Florence (Flo), d. 3 Mar 1978, age: 84yrs, s/w Rolland Griffen Sinton
Sinton, Rolland Griffen, d. 19 Oct 1974, age: 84yrs, 287 Lieutenant, 2nd Lighthorse Regiment, s/w Ada Florence Sinton
Sinton, Trevor William, b. 13 Jun 1952, d. 11 Feb 2000, age: 47yrs
Skettos, Archondia, b. 1912, d. 1993, age: 81yrs, s/w George Skettos
Skettos, George, b. 1906, d. 1984, age: 78yrs, s/w Archondia Skettos
Slatter, Elsie May, no dates, age: 23yrs, s/w Sarah Winifred Slatter, William Walter Slater
Slatter, Emma, no dates, s/w Thomas Slatter
Slatter, Ethel Florence, b. 1920, d. 1925, s/w Richard James Slatter
Slatter, Frederick James, b. 1880, d. 1944, s/w Mary Alice Slatter
Slatter, Henry Herbert (Casey), d. 6 Apr 1995
Slatter, Henry, d. 26 Jul 1959, age: 81yrs
Slatter, Mary Alice, b. 1887, d. 1973, s/w Frederick James Slatter
Slatter, Mary Ellen, d. 21 Oct 1972, age: 74yrs
Slatter, Richard James, b. 1924, d. 1925, s/w Ethel Florence Slatter
Slatter, Sarah Winifred, d. 27 Sep 1917, age: 32yrs, s/w William Walter Slatter, Elsie May Slatter
Slatter, Sydney Charles, d. 14 Nov 1967, age: 73yrs
Slatter, Thomas, no dates, s/w Emma Slatter
Slatter, William Walter, d. 24 Jan 1914, age: 9mths, s/w Sarah Winifred Slatter, Elsie May Slatter
Smith, A M, no dates, age: 86yrs, s/w H Smith
Smith, Anna Maria, b. 6 May 1861 Warwick, d. 20 Aug 1935, s/w James Smith, April Moncrieffe Smith, Maud Lilian Smith
Smith, Anne Margaret, d. 6 Dec 1972, age: 60yrs, s/w William Smith
Smith, April Moncrieffe, b. 18 Apr 1902, d. 5 Jan 1903, s/w James Smith, Anna Maria Smith, Maud Lilian Smith
Smith, Arthur, d. 24 Nov 1947, age: 58yrs, s/w Mary Louisa Smith
Smith, Augustus L, b. 1895, d. 1949, s/w Edith Ellen Smith
Smith, Charles Ambrose, b. 1901, d. 1977
Smith, Charles, b. 1869, d. 1946, s/w Emma Smith, Albert Winterflood, Ida Grace Winterflood
Smith, Edith Ellen, b. 1907, d. 1994, w/o Augustus, s/w Augustus L Smith
Smith, Eleanor Jane, d. 13 Jul 1926, age: 69yrs, s/w William Smith, Hamilton Smith
Smith, Emma, b. 1863, d. 1939, s/w Charles Smith, Albert Winterflood, Ida Grace Winterflood
Smith, Eva Hardwick, d. 5 Jun 1995, age: 89yrs
Smith, Evelyn Frances, d. Oct 1944, s/w Henry Smith
Smith, Evelyn Maud, b. 15 Sep 1914, d. 25 Dec 1992
Smith, H, d. 7 Oct 1919, age: 84yrs, s/w A M Smith
Smith, Hamilton, d. 16 Apr 1894, age: 7yrs, s/w Eleanor Jane Smith, William Smith
Smith, Harold Victor, b. 12 May 1909, d. 15 Jun 1988
Smith, Henry Alfred, d. 18 Mar 1915, age: 48yrs 11mths, s/w Lucy Ann Smith
Smith, Henry, d. 4 Apr 1952, s/w Evelyn Frances Smith
Smith, Ivy Emma, b. 1908, d. 1985
Smith, James, b. 27 Dec 1859 Warwick, d. 15 Feb 1926, s/w Anna Maria Smith, April Moncrieffe Smith, Maud Lilian Smith
Smith, Lindsay Robert, b. 11 Aug 1948, d. 21 Jan 1992
Smith, Lucy Ann, d. 20 Feb 1957, age: 85yrs 8mths, s/w Henry Alfred Smith
Smith, Mary Louisa (Molly), d. 2 Dec 1973, age: 79yrs, s/w Arthur Smith
Smith, Maud Lilian, d. 2 Sep 1968, age: 84yrs, s/w James Smith, Anna Maria Smith, April Moncrieffe Smith
Smith, Oliver, b. 6 Apr 1911, d. 20 May 1993
Smith, Ormsby, d. 1941, age: 1day, s/w Rodney Smith
Smith, Patricia Marie, d. 6 Jun 2002, age: 73yrs
Smith, Philip, b. 3 Oct 1880, d. 4 Mar 1894, s/o Henry & Ann M Smith
Smith, Rodney, d. 1936, age: 1mth, s/w Ormsby Smith
Smith, Victor Alexander, b. 25 Aug 1913, d. 15 Feb 1994, age: 80yrs
Smith, William, d. 26 Oct 1944, age: 90yrs, s/w Eleanor Jane Smith, Hamilton Smith
Smith, William, d. 5 Aug 1972, age: 63yrs, s/w Anne Margaret Smith
Smith, Willie, d. 9 Jan 1902, age: 3yrs, s/o H & E Smith
Sparksman, Annie Wigton, b. 1911, d. 1996, s/w John Sparksman
Sparksman, Annie, d. 7 Apr 1950, age: 70yrs, s/w Edward Sparksman
Sparksman, Edward, d. 17 Apr 1911, age: 76yrs
Sparksman, Edward, d. 3 Aug 1986, age: 83yrs, h/o Lydia, s/w Lydia Mary Sparksman
Sparksman, Edward, d. 7 Mar 1920, age: 45yrs, s/w Annie Sparksman
Sparksman, John, b. 1881, d. 1967, s/w Annie Wigton Sparksman
Sparksman, Lucy Grace, b. 1839, d. 1929
Sparksman, Lydia Mary, d. 16 Jul 1992, age: 88yrs, w/o Edward, s/w Edward Sparksman
Sprott, Agnes D, d. 22 Mar 1963, age: 93yrs, s/w James Sprott
Sprott, James, d. 10 Jan 1936, age: 68yrs, s/w Agnes D Sprott
Sprott, Mary Margaret, d. 23 Aug 1934, age: 30yrs, w/o James Sprott
Stallman, Annie, b. 4 Sep 1859, d. 29 Jun 1926, s/w August Stallman, Ethel Lillian Stallman, Robert James Stallman
Stallman, August, b. 13 May 1863, d. 25 May 1943, s/w Annie Stallman, Ethel Lillian Stallman, Robert James Stallman
Stallman, Christian, d. 29 Jul 1898, age: 65yrs, s/w Sophie Stallman, Mathilda Augusta Stallman, Ellen Wilhelmine Stallman
Stallman, Ellen Wilhelmine, d. 6 Jun 1886, age: 4yrs, s/w Sophie Stallman, hristian Stallman, Mathilda Augusta Stallman
Stallman, Ethel Lillian, b. 7 Oct 1898, d. 12 Oct 1898, s/w August Stallman, Annie Stallman, Robert James Stallman
Stallman, Mathilda Augusta, d. 2 Apr 1899, age: 19yrs, s/w Sophie Stallman, Christian Stallman, Ellen Wilhelmine Stallman
Stallman, Robert James, b. 24 Jun 1911, d. 13 Feb 1987, s/w August Stallman, Annie Stallman, Ethel Lillian Stallman
Stallman, Sophie, d. 22 May 1878, age: 45yrs, s/w Christian Stallman, Matilda Augusta Stallman, Ellen Wilhelmine Stallman
Stansfield, Walter John, d. 28 Oct 1999, age: 65yrs
Stay, Albert James, d. 22 Apr 1950, age: 73yrs
Stay, Catherine, d. 8 Dec 1927, age: 82yrs, w/o Joseph Stay, s/w Joseph Stay, Ernest John Stay
Stay, Clarice Maud, d. 12 Jan 1968, age: 53yrs
Stay, Colin Archie, d. 9 Jun 1960, age: 59yrs, s/w Minnie Eve
Stay, Elsie Marian Jane, d. 12 May 1958, age: 68yrs
Stay, Ernest John, d. 8 Aug 1918 Villers Bretteneaux Frances, K.I.A. Corporal B Company 26 Batt A.I.F., s/w Joseph Stay, Catherine Stay
Stay, Henry W, d. 22 Dec 1953, age: 81yrs, s/w Mary Ann Stay
Stay, Joseph, d. 7 Nov 1912, age: 74yrs, s/w Catherine Stay, Ernest John Stay
Stay, Mary Ann, d. 29 Jul 1952, age: 80yrs, s/w Henry W Stay
Stay, Minnie Eve, d. 8 Feb 2002, age: 101yrs, s/w Colin Archie Stay
Stay, Rita Josephine, d. 26 Jan 1999, age: 75yrs
Sternbeck, Corienne Mary, d. 15 Apr 1998, age: 54yrs
Stewart, Clara, d. 29 Mar 1966, age: 82yrs, s/w Francis Henry Stewart
Stewart, Francis Henry, d. 5 Apr 1952, age: 71yrs, s/w Clara Stewart
Sullivan, Catherine Francis, b. 1880, d. 1942, s/w Daniel Patrick Sullivan
Sullivan, Daniel Patrick, b. 1867, d. 1953, s/w Catherine Francis Sullivan
Sullivan, Ellen Margaret, d. 16 Dec 1988, age: 74yrs, s/w Owen Edward Sullivan
Sullivan, Jeremiah, d. 12 Jan 1904 Warwick, age: 37yrs, s/o Timothy and Hannah Sullivan, h/o Margaret
Sullivan, Margaret, d. 8 Sep 1941, age: 72yrs
Sullivan, Owen Edward, d. 22 Mar 1992, age: 79yrs, s/w Ellen Margaret Sullivan
Summerville, Clare V, no dates, age: 64yrs
Summerville, Eva Jessie, d. 7 Aug 1967, age: 86yrs, s/w Percy Howard Summerville
Summerville, Kathleen Jean, d. 27 Mar 1965, age: 44yrs
Summerville, Neil Howard, d. 29 Aug 1972, age: 18yrs
Summerville, Percy Howard, d. 23 Aug 1977, age: 56yrs
Summerville, Percy Howard, d. 26 May 1969, age: 82yrs, s/w Eva Jessie Summerville
Summerville, Ross Kent, d. 5 Aug 1991, age: 44yrs
Svenson, E, d. 11 Aug 1939, age: 73yrs
Tebbett, Bridget, d. 17 Feb 1886, age: 75yrs, w/o William Tebbett, s/w William Tebbett
Tebbett, William, d. 4 Jun 1883, age: 67yrs, s/w Bridget Tebbett
Telford, Andrew, d. 24 Oct 1952, age: 78yrs, s/w Sarah E Telford, Sid Telford
Telford, Annie, d. 29 Sep 1920, age: 57yrs
Telford, Archie, d. 6 May 1981, age: 67yrs
Telford, Elizabeth Jane, d. 15 Nov 1994, age: 95yrs 5mths 8days
Telford, Ethel Maud, b. 1 Apr 1905, d. ? Jul 1973, age: 68yrs
Telford, Francis A, d. 23 Oct 1965, age: 53yrs
Telford, John, b. 1860, d. 1940
Telford, Robert, d. 10 Mar 1934, age: 70yrs
Telford, Sarah E, d. 3 May 1957, age: 84yrs, s/w Andrew Telford, Sid Telford
Telford, Sid, d. 29 Dec 1942 New Guinea, age: 32yrs, K.I.A. 2/9 Battalion 2nd A.I.F., s/w Sarah E Telford, Andrew Telford
Telford, Thomas Scott, b. 17 Nov 1895, d. 18 Apr 1963, age: 68yrs
Thompson, Ann, d. 17 May 1925, age: 67yrs
Thompson, Athol, b. 25 May 1907, d. 2 Apr 1993, h/o Margaret
Thompson, Bridget, d. 24 May 1930, age: 94yrs, w/o Richard Thompson, s/w Richard Thompson
Thompson, Frances, d. 4 Nov 1867, age: 18yrs, s/w Frances Farrington
Thompson, Margaret Ann (Margot), b. 12 Jan 1908, d. 15 Sep 1990
Thompson, Mary, d. 26 Dec 1917, age: 85yrs, w/o Samuel Thompson, s/w Samuel Thompson
Thompson, Richard, d. 8 Dec 1914, age: 77yrs, s/w Brigid Thompson
Thompson, Samuel, d. 4 May 1910, age: 73yrs, s/w Mary Thompson
Tickle, Caroline Sarah, d. 29 Jul 1934, age: 64yrs, s/w John William Tickle
Tickle, Caroline, d. 14 May 1938, age: 97yrs, w/o George Tickle, s/w George Tickle
Tickle, George Richard, b. 1869, d. 1945, s/w Mary Ann Tickle
Tickle, George, d. 25 Aug 1905, age: 63yrs, s/w Caroline Tickle
Tickle, Herbert B, d. 6 Apr 1904, age: 27yrs
Tickle, John William, d. 26 Aug 1959, age: 92yrs, s/w Caroline Sarah Tickle
Tickle, Mark Thomas, d. 2 Mar 1981, age: 93yrs, s/w Mary Ethel Daisy Tickle
Tickle, Mary Ann, b. 1868, d. 1959, s/w George Richard Tickle
Tickle, Mary Ethel Daisy, d. 2 Oct 1933, age: 43yrs, s/w Mark Thomas Tickle
Tickle, William Arthur, d. 23 Nov 1950, age: 23yrs
Turner, Gladys Fay, d. 5 Jan 1997
Turner, John, d. 24 Jan 1933, age: 73yrs
Turner, Richard William, d. 12 Oct 1979
Twine, Harry, d. 9 Aug 1933, age: 37yrs
Uhle, Annie Lilian, d. 31 Mar 1979, age: 74yrs, s/w John Barr
Van Wyk, Phillip J, d. 10 Feb 2000, age: 61yrs
Volker, Elizabeth Rose, d. 17 Sep 1973, age: 67yrs
Wagner, Gary Reginald, d. 15 Nov 1962, age: 5yrs
Wagner, Julie-Ann, d. 7 May 1964, age: 5days
Waldron, Annie, d. 27 Jul 1924, age: 67yrs
Waldron, Annie, d. 4 Sep 1957, age: 79yrs
Waldron, Edward, d. 27 Mar 1921
Waldron, Emma Grace, b. 9 Jul 1906, d. 25 Nov 1995, age: 89yrs
Waldron, Ernest Benjamin, d. 18 Oct 1987, age: 76yrs
Wall, Dorothy May, d. 3 Mar 1998, age: 86yrs
Ward, Ann Eliza, b. 1813, d. 1899
Warfield, Catherine, d. 10 Jun 1914 Hendon, age: 84yrs, w/o T Warfield
Warrener, Norma, d. 5 Aug 1979, age: 83yrs, s/w Sydney Warrener
Warrener, Sydney, d. 27 Jul 1978, age: 92yrs, s/w Norma Warrener
Weatherley, Daniel, d. 16 Aug 1930, age: 73yrs, s/w Josephine Weatherley
Weatherley, Ellen W, d. 13 Feb 1947, age: 67yrs
Weatherley, Ethel C, d. 16 Aug 1950, age: 67yrs
Weatherley, John, d. 15 Jun 1934, age: 80yrs, s/w Margaret Weatherley
Weatherley, Josephine, d. 4 Dec 1953, age: 66yrs, S/w Daniel Weatherley
Weatherley, Margaret, d. 9 Dec 1941, age: 90yrs, s/w John Weatherley
Webb, Emma Hawkins, d. 1 Jan 1969, age: 83yrs
Webb, George, d. 28 Feb 1916, s/w Martha Webb
Webb, Martha, no dates, s/w George Webb
Webb, William George, d. 25 Mar 1955
Weber, Christina, d. 2 Jun 1896, age: 66yrs, s/w Frederick Weber
Weber, Frederick, d. 9 May 1877, age: 44yrs, s/w Christina Weber
Weber, Henry, d. 16 Nov 1923, age: 55yrs
Weber, Iris Huxley, d. 4 Apr 1905, age: 6mths
Wedgwood, Geoffrey Vidal Allen, b. 21.2.1911, Hoylake, Eng, d. 30 Aug 1986
Weier, Darren John Hicks, b. 7 Apr 1966, d. 4 Nov 1978
Weier, Gilbert Andrew, d. 3 Sep 1987, age: 59yrs
Weier, Gustav Herman, d. 22 Mar 1958, age: 60yrs, s/w Hulda Weier
Weier, Hulda, d. 28 Mar 1987, age: 86yrs, s/w Gustav Herman Weier
Weier, Leonard Gustav, d. 31 May 1996, age: 75yrs
Weier, Stanley Hermann, b. 28 Aug 1922, d. 19 Jul 1972, s/w Stephen Bruce Stanley Weier
Weier, Stephen Bruce Stanley, b. 8 Jul 1970, d. 17 Mar 1997, s/w Stanley Hermann Weier
Weynand, Frances, d. 5 Jun 1897, age: 44yrs, w/o Henry Weynand
Weynand, Mary Jane, b. 23 Jul 1891, d. 6 Feb 1893, d/o Henry and Frances
White, Christiana Catherine, b. 1863, d. 1946, s/w Edward Joseph White
White, Constance Mary, d. 22 Dec 1997, age: 83yrs
White, Edward Joseph, b. 1863, d. 1949, s/w Christiana Catherine White
White, Joseph Edward, d. 8 Apr 1965, age: 71yrs
Whitney, Barbara Ward, d. 12 Feb 1953, age: 14yrs
Whittey, James Francis, b. 24 Dec 1901, d. 6 Sep 1990
Whittley, Phyllis, d. 2 Feb 1999, age: 88yrs
Whitton, Florence Kathleen, d. 4 Feb 1977, age: 78yrs
Whitton, Joseph Samuel, d. 16 Feb 1966
Wiedman, Kieran Joseph, b. 1927, d. 1993, h/o Eileen
Willett, Agnes, d. 11 Sep 1961, age: 82yrs, s/w Rachel Margaret Willett, James John Willett
Willett, Eliza Jane, d. 5 Nov 1926, age: 71yrs, s/w Robert Brown, David Brown
Willett, Elsie Maud, d. 18 July 1950, age: 57yrs, s/w Sidney Willett
Willett, Ernest Charles, d. 14 Mar 1909, age: 1yr 10mths
Willett, George, d. 13 Jun 1918, age: 83yrs, s/w Margaret Willett
Willett, Gordon Arthur, d. 4 May 1996, age: 84yrs
Willett, Hannah Matilda, b. 6 Jul 1994, d. 15 Aug 1998, age: 4yrs, d/o Brian & Lesley
Willett, Ivy Doreen, d. 27 May 2000, age: 84yrs
Willett, James John, d. 13 Jul 1951, age: 77yrs, s/w Rachel Margaret Willett, Agnes Willett
Willett, Margaret Alice, d. 15 Aug 1933, age: 58yrs
Willett, Margaret, d. 4 Nov 1895, w/o George, s/w George Willett
Willett, Rachel Margaret, d. 10 Feb 1944, age: 40yrs, s/w James John Willett, Agnes Willett
Willett, Sidney Charles, d. 30 Nov 1951, age: 32yrs
Willett, Sidney, d. 15 Dec 1975, age: 85yrs, s/w Elsie Maud Willett
Williams, Madge, d. 5 Apr 1918, age: 21yrs, s/w Rowland Williams, Sarah Louisa Williams
Williams, Rowland, d. 5 Jan 1904, s/w Sarah Louisa Williams, Madge Williams
Williams, Sarah Louisa, d. 1 Jan 1935, age: 70yrs, s/w Rowland Williams, Madge Williams
Wilmington, Alma, d. 31 Dec 1924
Wilson, Bertha, d. 30 Nov 1896, age: 17yrs, s/w James Wilson
Wilson, Betty, d. 20 Mar 1917, age: 78yrs
Wilson, Carolyn Rose, d. 6 Oct 1997, age: 46yrs, w/o Keith
Wilson, Ellen Barrett, d. 23 Aug 1961, age: 78yrs, s/w Richard Wilson
Wilson, Frederick, d. 21 Oct 1950, age: 54yrs
Wilson, Glennis Amy, b. 24 Jan 1940, d. 31 Mar 1943, age: 3yrs 2mths, s/w Margaret May Wilson
Wilson, Harriet Hilda, d. 10 Jan 1972, age: 73yrs, w/o Frederick Wilson
Wilson, James, d. 23 Jun 1903, age: 65yrs, s/w Bertha Wilson
Wilson, K E, d. 5 Sep 1988, age: 64yrs, QX57122, Private, 2/5 Infantry Battalion
Wilson, Margaret May, b. 24 Jan 1940, d. 26 Jan 1940, age: 2 days, s/w Glennis Amy Wilson
Wilson, Richard, d. 4 Oct 1957, age: 81yrs, s/w Ellen Barrett Wilson
Winterflood, Albert, no dates, h/o Gay, s/w Emma Smith, Charles Smith, Ida Grace Winterflood
Winterflood, Ida Grace, d. 28.10.1979, age: 80yrs, s/w Emma Smith, Charles Smith, Albert Winterflood
Withnall, Doris, d. 1 Dec 1954, age: 59yrs, s/w Ralph Collis Withnall
Withnall, Eric Spencer, d. 19 Jan 1915, age: 25yrs
Withnall, Ralph Collis, d. 27 Mar 1959, age: 74yrs, s/w Doris Withnall
Wright, Agnes Christian, d. 19 Sep 1887, age: 2yrs 3mths, d/o Stephen & Agnes
Wright, Dick, d. 18 May 1998, age: 85yrs
Wright, Dorothy W, d. 15 Oct 1915, age: 81yrs, s/w John Wright
Wright, George Harvey, d. 20 May 1923, age: 52yrs, h/o Margaret
Wright, Henry F, b. 1870, d. 1933, s/w Rachael Wright
Wright, John, d. 8 Feb 1895, age: 69yrs, s/w Dorothy W Wright
Wright, Mabel, d. 5 Jun 1982, age: 96yrs, s/w Percy Edward Wright
Wright, Mary Anne, b. 1885, d. 1953, s/w Santon Easterley Wright
Wright, Mary, d. 3 Oct 1927, age: 82yrs
Wright, Percy Edward (Dick), d. 4 Aug 1945, age: 66yrs, s/w Mabel Wright
Wright, Rachael, d. 21 Aug 1877, age: 87yrs, s/w Henry F Wright
Wright, Santon Easterley, b. 1875, d. 1943, s/w Mary Anne Wright
Wright, Thomas Wilson, b. 1868, d. 1935
Young, Paul Terence, d. 14 May 2001, age: 49yrs
Zbierski, Harold William Maxwell, d. 29 Jan 1990, age: 72yrs, SX512941, 1st Base Ord Co, 2nd A.I.F.
Zeller, Anthony James, b. 7 Jun 1925, d. 1 Dec 1993

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