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Drayton-Toowoomba Cemetery
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Anzac Ave & South St
Toowoomba 4350, Qld

The Cemetery Clerk is happy to answer any queries about the cemetery and its services and is available Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 9am to 4:45pm on 4634 2430. It is looked after by the Toowoomba Shire Council

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Apr 07, 2007. Total records = 147.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Borton, George Keppel, d. 16 Jul 1914, age: 53yr, Sacred to the beloved memory of, [TS]
Borton, Sophia Matilda, d. 28 Jul 1890, age: 57yr, Sacred to the beloved memory of, [TS]
Bourne, Lt. Ralph Fielding, d. 1 May 1967, age: 74yr, [TS]
Brennan, Henry Adam, d. 13 Aug 1894, aged 39yrs, [JD]
Brown, Ethel K., d. 30 Jul 1968, aged 88 yrs, s/w Frederick Lewis Skerman and Allen Keith Skerman, [JD]
Bunning, James, d. 15 Feb 1867, aged 34yrs, "who was accidentally killed", [JD]
Clarke, Bridget, d. 05 Dec 1902, w/o 1st Michael Edward Foley, 2nd Sylla Beni Clarke, [LF]
Coles, James C., d. 15 Jan 1866, aged 32yrs, [JD]
Corr, Mary, d. 20 Apr 1902, relict of the late Francis Corr of N.S.W, [JD]
Curran, John, d. 4 Apr 1911, age: 56yr, [TS]
Curran, Mary, d. 15 Sep 1928, age: 78yr, [TS]
Curran, Patrick, d. 19 Nov 1888, age: 32yr, [TS]
Dettrick, A, no dates, s/w M. Dettrick, [JD]
Dettrick, M, no dates, s/w A. Dettrick, [JD]
Dickson, Agnes Boswell, d. 14 Oct 1926, aged 87 yrs, s/w husband George A. Dickson, [JD]
Dickson, Charles Frederick, d. 8 Jun 1919, aged 43yrs, no headstone located, [JD]
Dickson, George A., d 15 Feb 1913, age 79 yrs, s/w wife Agnes Boswell, [JD]
Dickson, Mary, d. 22 Feb 1902 at Toowoomba, age 60 yrs, "widow of the late Sir James Dickson" (NB: second wife), [JD]
Dickson, Sybil, d. age 10 m., "daughter of Jessie and the late F. D. Dickson", s/w George and Agnes Dickson, [JD]
Doyle, Anne, d. 9 Mar 1906, aged 75yrs, s/w Michael Doyle and Winifred Mary Knaggs, [JD]
Doyle, Michael, d. 2 May 1885, aged 57yrs, native of Acton Co. Armagh, s/w Anne Doyle and Winifred Mary Knaggs, [JD]
Droughton, Agnes Elizabeth, d. 23 Oct 1882, aged 1yr, s/w Anne Elizabeth Droughton, William Charles Droughton and William Droughton, [JD]
Droughton, Anne Elizabeth, d. 11 Sep 1873, aged 2 ½ yrs, d/o C. and A Droughton, s/w William Charles Droughton, William Droughton and Agnes Elizabeth Droughton, [JD]
Droughton, William Charles, d. 7 Apr 1878, aged 1½ yrs, s/w Anne Elizabeth Droughton, William Droughton and Agnes Elizabeth Droughton, [JD]
Droughton, William, d. 9 Jan 1879, aged 2wks, s/w Anne Elizabeth Droughton, William Charles Droughton and Agnes Elizabeth Droughton , [JD]
Edwards, Annie, d. 8 May 1892, aged 56yrs. w/o James Edwards, [JD]
Erbacher, Christina, d. 11 Jan 1945, aged 76 yrs, s/w Mary, William and Leonard Erbacher, [JD]
Erbacher, Leonard, d. 11 May 1931, aged 68 yrs, s/w Mary, William and Christina Erbacher, [JD]
Erbacher, Mary, d. 15 Aug 1860, aged 13 mths, s/w William, Leonard and Christina Erbacher, [JD]
Erbacher, William, d. 26 Jan 1927, aged 18 yrs, s/w Mary, William, Leonard and Christina, [JD]
Fiechtner, Catherine (?) Charlotte, d. 21 Aug 1913 ?, [TS]
Fiechtner, Phillip David, d. 2 Sep 1940, age: 67yr, The face we loved it now lies low, the fond true heart is still, the hand that always helped us on, now lies in deaths cold chill, [TS]
Galton, Charles, d. 16 Oct 1866, aged 27yrs, second s/o James and Mary Ann Galton of Dorsetshire England, [JD]
Garthe, Gerald Edward, d. 3 May 1981, aged 77yrs s/w Thelma Ernstina Garthe, [JD]
Garthe, Thelma Ernstina, d. 30 Jun 1975, aged 63yrs, s/w Gerald Edward Garthe, [JD]
Geizer, William, d. 12 Jan 1882 at Drayton, aged 49yrs, "of Pittsworth", [JD]
Glendinning, Rosa Persse, b. 7 Jun 1876, d. 3 Aug 1955, [JD]
Glendinning, Rosa Persse, d. 24 Jan 1916, aged 74yrs, w/o W.S. Glendinning, [JD]
Greenwood, Florance Jane (Luscombe), b. 29 Aug 1876, d. 6 Jan 1956, w/o James, [JN]
Greenwood, James Cecil, b. 1877, d. 4 Jan 1969, [JN]
Grogan, Michael, d. 31 Aug 1873, aged 39yrs, a native of Ballyhaness County Mayo Ireland, erected by Ellen Grogan (wife), [JD]
Hamill, Bridget, d. 6 Jul 1941, age: 64 (?)yr, [TS]
Hamill, Robert, d. 17 Jul 1943, age: 67 (?)yr, [TS]
Harris, Alice, d. 18 Nov 1966, [TS]
Harris, Eliza Hannah Sarah, d. 2 May 1867, aged 3yrs 4mths , [JD]
Hill, Alfred James, d. 2 May 1861, aged 37yrs, a native of Harley Worcestershire England, [JD]
Hills, John, d. 29 Sep 1843 Eton Vale House, age: 24yr, Stockman speared by the blacks Sep 15, 1843, [TS]
Ireland, Hannah, d. 13 Nov 1924, aged 56yrs, s/w Mary MacDiarmid (mother), [JD]
Jones, Monika Mary, d. 1 Jun 1925, age: 4yr, [TS]
Jubb, Annie Elizabeth, d. 8 Sep 1968, aged 84yrs, [JD]
Jubb, E. St. Vincent, b. 1875, d. 1937, [JD]
Jubb, Henry, d. 6 Apr 1886, aged 46yrs, s/w Robert J.V. Jubb and Marian Venters Jubb, [JD]
Jubb, Marian Venters, d. 7 May 1888, aged 25yrs, s/w Henry Jubb and Robert J.V. Jubb, [JD]
Jubb, Robert J.V., d. 7 Feb 1867, aged 1yr 9mths, s/w Henry Jubb and Marian Venters Jubb, [JD]
Jubb, Sydney Herbert, d. 1 Sep 1925, aged 52yrs, [JD]
Kearney, Johannah, d. 3 Oct 1898, age: 58yr, Dearly beloved wife of Michael Kearney, May her soul rest in peace, [TS]
Kearney, Michael, d. 10 Nov 1920, age: 90yr, [TS]
Kemp, Alice Grace, d. 25 Oct 1974, aged 80yrs, [JD]
King, George, b. 9 Sep 1880, d. 4 Dec 1880, s/w Elizabeth Virgen and John Henry Virgen, [JD]
Knaggs, Winifred Mary, d. 16 Jul 1964, aged 83yrs, s/w Michael Doyle and Anne Doyle, [JD]
Lacey, Annie, d. 18 Dec 1968, aged 93yrs, s/w William Lacey (husband), [JD]
Lacey, Gladys Ruth Mary, d. 18 Dec 1972, [JD]
Lacey, William, d. 24 Oct 1946, aged 74yrs, s/w Annie Lacey (wife), [JD]
Loveday, Joseph Neville, b. 23 Feb 1856 on the Dawson River Queensland, d. 11 Jul 1883 at Spring Creek, s/w Thomas Loveday, [JD]
Loveday, Thomas, d. 19 Nov 1879, aged 73yrs, native of ?? Essex England, s/w Joseph Neville Loveday, [JD]
Luscombe, Fannie, b. 28 Mar 1902, d. 21 Apr 1964, sis/o William, [JN]
Luscombe, William Lancelotte, b. 17 Dec 1872, d. 18 Apr 1949, [JN]
MacDiarmid, Mary, b. 1844 at Mary Port Cumberland England, d. 2? Sep 1917, aged 71yrs, [JD]
Mackintosh, Donald, no dates, [TS]
Malcolm, Pearlie Hunter, b. Dec 1892, d. 28 May 1952, "Chorister, Ann St Presbyterian Church", "devoted wife and mother", [JD]
Marshall, Sarah Jane, d. 25 Aug 1889, aged 57yrs, s/w William Francis Marshall, [JD]
Marshall, William Francis, d. 23 Jan 1865, aged 42yrs, s/w Sarah Jane Marshall (wife), [JD]
Mathieson, Constance Etta, d. 3 Jan 1986 at Sydney, aged 62 yrs, w/o Rev. Cyril George Mathieson, M.A. (Memorial plaque on Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
McCleverty, George, d. 13 Jul 1915, aged 68yrs, "buried by his sister Mrs. R.F. Walker", [JD]
McCleverty, George, d. 14 Jul 1897, aged 73yrs, s/w Mary McCleverty (wife) and William Edward McCleverty (son), [JD]
McCleverty, Mary, d. 24 Aug 1898, aged 76yrs, s/w George McCleverty and William Edward McCleverty, [JD]
McCleverty, William Edward, d. 2 Dec 1864, aged 5yrs 6mths, s/w George McCleverty (father) and Mary McCleverty (mother), [JD]
McColdrick, Arthur John, d. 20 Aug 1930, Father, [TS]
McColdrick, Ella, no dates, [TS]
McColdrick, Joseph S., d. 23 Aug 1953, [TS]
McColdrick, Kathleen, d. 9 Feb 1942, [TS]
McColdrick, Louise Mary, d. 3 Jul 1931, Mother, [TS]
McColdrick, Rev. William, no dates, [TS]
McGrath, Mary, d. 7 May 1913, age: 72yr, [TS]
Michael, Anthony J, d. 15 Oct 1935, age: 65yr, [TS]
Michael, Helena, d. 25 May 1933 (?), s/w Anthony J. Michael, [TS]
Moore, Arthur, d. 12 Feb 1938, aged 83 yrs, s/w Josephine Moore (wife) and Ciss and Arthur Moore (children), [JD]
Moore, Arthur, d. no date, aged 5 mths, s/w Arthur and Josephine Moore (parents) and Ciss Moore (sister), [JD]
Moore, Charlotte Jeffers, d. 3 Dec 1927, aged 82yrs, "our dear mother", [JD]
Moore, Ciss, d. no date, aged 4 mths, s/w Arthur and Josephine Moore (parents) and Arthur Moore (brother), [JD]
Moore, Ida Gertrude, b. 1896, d. 1944, s/w William Patrick Moore, [JD]
Moore, Josephine, d. 23 Aug 1948, aged 80 yrs, s/w Arthur Moore (husband) and Ciss and Arthur Moore (children), [JD]
Moore, William Patrick, d. 18 May 1951, s/w Ida Gertrude Moore, [JD]
Morgan, Allan Michael, d. 11 Jun 1921, age: 3yr, [TS]
Morris, Elizabeth, b. unable to read, d. 15 Aug 1911, aged 75yrs, s/w Jeremiah Morris, [JD]
Morris, Jeremiah, d. 5 Sep 1880, aged 47yrs, native of Newbry, Co. Armagh, Ireland, s/w Elizabeth Morris, [JD]
Poulton, Albert Ernest, b. 25 Dec 1884, d. 1 Feb 1886, [ES]
Poulton, Annie, d. 8 Sep 1921, age: 72yr, [ES]
Poulton, Burton Alfred, b. 10 Oct 1878, d. 9 Jun 1960, [ES]
Poulton, Burton John, b. 7 Sep 1874, d. 5 Nov 1875, [ES]
Poulton, Charles, b. 25 Sep 1870, d. 22 Feb 1910, age: 33yr 3mo, [ES]
Poulton, Grace Maria, b. 17 Feb 1883, d. 9 Sep 1895, [ES]
Poulton, Grace Maria, b. 3 Nov 1880, d. 4 Feb 1881, [ES]
Poulton, Henry Gray, d. 25 Feb 1953, age: 80yr, [ES]
Poulton, Henry William, d. 22 Jan 1914, age: 68yr, [ES]
Poulton, Herbert Ernest, b. 6 Nov 1886, d. 7 Jan 1887, [ES]
Poulton, Louisa Jane, d. 25 Apr 1935, age: 61yr, [ES]
Prentice, Gladys Elizabeth, b 5 Mar 1917, d. 23 Jul 2003, aged 86yrs, s/w Richard Grenville Prentice (husband), [JD]
Prentice, Richard Grenville, b. 8 Nov 1911, d. 28 Nov 1988, aged 77yrs, s/w Gladys Elizabeth Prentice (wife), [JD]
Prentice, Sophia Margaret, d. 18 Aug 1977, aged 91yrs, [JD]
Purtill, Briget, d. 07 Dec 1872, age: 7mo, [TS]
Purtill, Michael, d. 07 Feb 1881, age: 45yr, [TS]
Purtill, Norah Mary, d. 1 Aug 1912, age: 41yr, [TS]
Roche, Horace F.S., d. 31 Oct 1954, [TS]
Schmidt, Wilhelm, d. 27 Oct 1904, age: 69yr, with his beloved wife, [TS]
Schmidt, Wilhemina, d. 27 Aug 1905, age: 69yr, [TS]
Skerman, Alice, d. 1 Nov 1976, aged 66 yrs, s/w Rev. Cliff Skerman (Plaque on Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
Skerman, Allen Keith, d. 9 Jun 1992, aged 74 yrs, s/w Frederick Lewis Skerman and Ethel K. Brown, [JD]
Skerman, Cliff (Rev.), d. 17 Aug 1983, aged 73 yrs, s/w Alice Skerman, (Plaque on Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
Skerman, Etta M., d. 7 Jan 1965, aged 83 yrs, s/w Frederick John Skerman (husband) and Mabel Alice Skerman (Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
Skerman, Frederick John, d. 8 May 1961, aged 89 yrs, s/w Etta M. Skerman (wife) and Mabel Alice Skerman (Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
Skerman, Frederick Lewis, d. 29 Aug 1993, aged 85 yrs, s/w Allen Keith Skerman and Ethel K. Brown, [JD]
Skerman, Mabel Alice, d. 29 Aug 1989, aged 82 yrs, s/w Frederick John and Mary M. Skerman (Skerman Family Grave), [JD]
Skerman, W. S., d. 2 Sep 1964, aged 67yrs, 946 Lance Corporal, 41 Battalion, "missed by wife Noela and Mildred", [JD]
Strain, Duncan, d 19 Apr 1964, age 63 yrs, s/w wife Eliza Strain, [JD]
Strain, Eliza M. M., d. 9 Jul 1974, age 67 yrs, s/w husband Duncan Strain, [JD]
Strain, Gabriel, d. 27 Jun 1964, age 102 yrs, s/w wife Jessie Ann Strain, [JD]
Strain, Jessie Ann, d. 1 Jun 1948 age 75 yrs, s/w husband Gabriel Strain, [JD]
Tanna, Joseph, d. 25 Jul 1920, age: 75yr, May he rest in peace, [TS]
Virgen, Elizabeth, b. 16 Mar 1894, d. 10 Apr 1896, s/w John Henry Virgen and George King, [JD]
Virgen, John Henry, b. 25 Dec 1891, d. 24 Oct 1894, s/w Elizabeth Virgen and George King, [JD]
Virgen, John, d. 8 May 1923, aged 61yrs, with plaque to George Virgin, [JD]
Virgen, Mary Ann, d. 30 Sep 1904, aged 64yrs, native of Summersetshire England, s/w Simeon John Virgen (husband), [JD]
Virgen, Percy Edward, b. 7 Jul 1896, d. 22 Nov 1956, [JD]
Virgen, Simeon John, d. 19 Oct 1902, aged 63yrs and 8mths, native of Summersetshire England, s/w Mary Ann Virgen (wife), [JD]
Virgin, George, 22 Dec 1866, d. 2 Jul 1869, plaque on grave of John Virgen (difference in spelling of surname as per plaque), [JD]
Willis, Beryl, d. 27 Aug 1918, aged 12hrs, s/w Margaret Willis and William Willis, [JD]
Willis, Margaret, b. 31 Oct 1860 at Dungannon Ireland, d. 8 Feb 1935, aged 74yrs, w/o William Willis, s/w Beryl Willis (grandchild) and William Willis, [JD]
Willis, William, d. 8 Sep 1941, aged 80yrs, s/w Margaret Willis and Beryl Willis, [JD]
Wockner, Charlotte Edith, d. 12 Jul 1921, aged 79yrs, [JD]
Wockner, Christian, d. 2 Sep 1918, aged 80yrs, [JD]
Wockner, Frederick, d. 3 Apr 1937, aged 73yrs, s/w Louisa Wockner (wife), [JD]
Wockner, Louisa, d. 16 Feb 1942, aged 76yrs, s/w Frederick Wockner (husband), [JD]
Wonderley, Joseph, b. Stockport, Cheshire England, d. 08 Jan 1883, age: 47yr, [TS]
Wonderley, Sarah, b. Brighton, Sussex England, d. 11 Jun 1899, age: 61yr, [TS]
Worst, August J, b. 1872, d. 20 Apr 1905, [TS]
Worst, Jean K, b. 1874, d. 20 Apr 1905, [TS]

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