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Albany Creek Cemetery
Pine Rivers Shire, Queensland, Australia

albany creek cemetery, queensland sign
albany creek cemetery, queensland

GPS: -27.350317, 152.967782

Faheys Road East & Old Northern Rd
Albany Creek, QLD 4035
(07) 3480 6666

Contributed by Judith Dickson, May 03, 2008, last edited Aug 31, 2019
[judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au].Total records = 257.

Albany Creek cemetery is located at the corner of the Old Northern Road and Faheys Road East, Albany Creek.

This cemetery is one of the 5 cemeteries operated by the Pine Shire Council (which has now amalgamated with Caboolture and Redcliffe into the Moreton Bay Regional Council). The cemetery has many historic graves of local pioneers, more recent monuments as well as lawn cemetery areas, garden placements, family rock placements and a columbarium wall.

While the first burial was that of George Edwards Draper in February 1873, the cemetery was not officially gazetted until 6 March 1873. Unfortunately many of the earliest burials were unmarked and their precise locations unknown. Trusteeship of the Cemetery was passed to the Pine Shire Council in 1973.

The following is a transcription done by me of all visible and legible headstones as at May 2008.

- Judith Dickson

Cemetery Records

Allen-Ankins, Carol Gwendoline, d. 8 Sep 2001, aged 73yrs
Anderson, John Roger, d. 20 May 1991, aged 69yrs
Asnicar, Luigi, d. 27 Oct 1990, aged 52yrs, (photo)
Baker, Allen Michael, d. 17 Jun 1996, aged 77yrs
Baker-Steele, Norma Irene, b. 4 Jan 1921, d. 18 Feb 2007
Barns, Edward Charles, b. 19 Dec 1888, d. 23 Jul 1970, s/w Nancie Barns
Barns, Nancie (nee Roberts), b. 14 Apr 1900, d. 20 Jun 1998, s/w Edward Charles Barns
Battaglene, Patricia Anne, d. 2 Sep 2005, aged 69yrs
Baxendell, Dominique Maree, b. 26 Jul 1988, d. 20 May 2000, aged 11yrs 10mths, (photo)
Belesky, Margaret Jean, d. 27 Mar 2001, aged 69yrs, (photo)
Bellet, Irene Moya, d. 29 Apr 2003, aged 68yrs
Bellingham, Allan James, b. 24 Aug 1917, d. 10 Jan 2004
Bong, Ann, d. 12 Jan 1982, aged 62yrs, s/w Fuk Sen Bong
Bong, Fuk Sen, d. 28 Apr 1995, aged 36yrs, s/w Ann Bong
Booth, John Spenser, d. 6 Oct 1958, aged 67yrs, s/w Theodora Helen Booth (wife)
Booth, Theodora Helen Booth, d. 3 May 1994, aged 98yrs, s/w John Spenser Booth
Braiding, Garry Colin, b. 18 Jan 1965, d. 7 Aug 2003
Brennan, Lorna Rae, d. 12 May 2004, aged 62yrs
Brown, Benjamin David, d. 12 Jan 2004, aged 81yrs
Cain, Edward, d. 17 Dec 1899, aged 64yrs, s/w Mary Cain (wife)
Cain, Mary, d. 29 Jun 1913, aged 89yrs, s/w Edward Cain (husband)(A plaque placed by her descendants states-"Mary McQueeney Cash Cain , b. 1832 Leitrim Ireland, d. 1913 at Cash's Crossing, 18 year old Mary with her first husband James Cash, pioneered Albany Creek in 1850, they settled at Cash's Crossing on the South Pine River")
Campbell, Gladys Rose, d. 26 Dec 1990, aged 81yrs
Campbell, Robyn Margaret, d. 30 Oct 2000, aged 43yrs 11mths, (photo)
Chapman, Daphne Rose (nee Cook), b. 28 Aug 1924, d. 25 Aug 2006, aged 81yrs (photo)
Colegrove, Dorothy Butter, d. 27 Dec 1988, aged 76yrs, s/w Abraham Kol
Coleman, Susan Clark (nee Godbold), d. 13 Jan 1996, aged 93yrs
Cook, Sarah, d. 4 Feb 1978, aged 74yrs, widow of Capt. John Cook of Stourport England, s/w Frank Powell Eaton (grandson)
Cosgrove, Ronald John, b. 24 Dec 1949, d. 5 Oct 2004, aged 54yrs, youngest s/o John and Esme, b/o Richard and Robyn.
Craig, Romona, d. 16 Apr 2006, aged 74yrs
Crawford, A.G. "George", d. 13 Sep 2000, aged 63yrs
Cremin, Shauna Maree, b. 8 Apr 1954, d. 13 Jun 2002, (photo)
Cullen, Moya Clare, d. 17 Jul 1990, aged 52yrs
Curtis, Essie Jane, d. 25 Oct 1961, aged 45yrs, s/w Herbert Frank Curtis (husband)
Curtis, Herbert Frank, d. 3 Sep 1987, aged 84yrs, s/w Essie Jane Curtis (wife)
Cuthbert, Alma Edna, d. 9 Jan 1993, aged 84yrs, s/w Herbert James Cuthbert
Cuthbert, Annie Elizabeth, d. 18 Dec 1979, aged 84yrs, s/w Stephen James Cuthbert
Cuthbert, Herbert James, d. 13 Jun 1973, aged 68yrs, s/w Alma Edna Cuthbert
Cuthbert, Stephen James, d. 23 Dec 1952, aged 74yrs, s/w Annie Elizabeth Cuthbert
Dalton, Maurice Joseph, d. 13 Jul 2001, aged 72yrs
Davis, Dynes, d. 27 May 1935, aged 75yrs, s/w Margaret Teresa Davis and Thomas Davis
Davis, Joseph Henry, d. 4 Aug 1943, aged 93yrs, s/w Susannah Davis
Davis, Margaret Teresa, d. 27 Nov 1908, aged 47yrs, s/w Dynes Davis and Thomas Davis
Davis, Susannah, d. 11 Mar 1938, aged 83yrs, s/w Joseph Henry Davis
Davis, Thomas, d. 24 Apr 1896, aged 1yr, s/w Dynes Davis and Margaret Teresa Davis
Demchenko, Leonid Andrevich "Ron", b. 1 Apr 1937, d. 28 Oct 2001, aged 64yrs
Dendle, Constance Mary, d. 30 Apr 1998, aged 80yrs
Denham, Lyndall, b. 29 Mar 1961, d. 29 Aug 2004, died tragically in a motor accident
Doris, John "Ian", b. Airdrie Scotland, d. 22 Oct 2001, aged 54yrs, (photo)
Draper, Annie Cecelia, d. 25 Mar 1952, aged 75yrs, s/w Thomas Alexander Draper (husband)
Draper, Beresford Alexander, d. 23 Aug 1999, aged 84yrs, 11mths
Draper, Cecelia Winifred, d. 18 Jul 1990, aged 85yrs
Draper, Doris Maud, d. 31 Aug 2007, aged 94yrs, s/w Reginald Stephen Draper (husband)
Draper, Elizabeth, d. 21 Oct 1918, aged 76yrs, s/w Jacob Draper, Margaret Emily Fogg, Beatrice Margaret Fogg and Ann Robinson
Draper, George Edwards, d. 27 Nov 1938, aged 71yrs, s/w Jessie Draper (wife) and Pte Leonard Draper
Draper, George Edwards, d. 9 Feb 1873, aged 39yrs
Draper, Jacob, d. 12 May 1913, aged 72yrs, s/w Elizabeth Draper, Margaret Emily Fogg, Beatrice Margaret Fogg and Ann Robinson
Draper, Jessie, d. 16 May 1933, aged 64yrs, s/w George Edwards Draper (husband) and Pte Leonard Draper
Draper, Leonard Pte., d. 18 Sep 1918, aged 23, killed in action in France, s/w George Edwards Draper and Jessie Draper
Draper, Mary Ellen (nee Hipwood), d. 1 Apr 2000, aged 95yrs, s/w Oswald Yates Draper (husband)
Draper, Minnie Margaret, d. 1 Jul 1993, aged 75yrs
Draper, Oswald Yates, d. 8 Apr 1995, aged 93yrs, s/w Mary Ellen Draper (wife)
Draper, Reginald Stephen, d. 20 Sep 1989, aged 77yrs, s/w Doris Maud Draper (wife)
Draper, Thomas Alexander, d. 13 Mar 1961, aged 90yrs, s/w Annie Cecelia Draper (wife)
Dwyer, Daisy Grace, d. 22 Nov 2000, aged 85yrs
Eaton, Ann, d. 22 Mar 1878, aged 73yrs, s/w William Eaton (husband)
Eaton, Charles Frederick, d. 4 Sep 1954, aged 84yrs, s/w Eliza Ann Eaton (wife)
Eaton, Eliza Ann, d. 11 Dec 1942, aged 59yrs, s/w Charles Frederick Eaton (husband)
Eaton, Elizabeth, d. 18 Mar 1917, aged 88yrs, s/w George Eaton (husband)
Eaton, Frank Edward, d. 21 May 1941, aged 30yrs, s/o Charles Frederick and Eliza Ann Eaton
Eaton, Frank Powell, d. 23 Mar 1875, aged 11yrs, s/o George and Elizabeth Eaton, s/w Sarah Cook (grandmother)
Eaton, George, d. 15 Jan 1899, aged 64yrs, s/w Elizabeth Eaton (wife)
Eaton, William, d. 3 Jun 1878, aged 72yrs, s/w Ann Eaton (wife)
Evans, Clive, d. 16 Feb 1996, aged 59yrs
Ewart, Mervyn William, d. 16 Nov 1994, aged 72yrs
Fabian, Terence Charles, 10 Jun 2003, aged 16yrs, "taken from us suddenly"
Farmer, Lyn, d. 1 Jan 2005, aged 52yrs
Ferguson, William H. "Bill", d. 5 Jun 1999, aged 72yrs, Able Seaman, Australian Merchant Navy
Filewood, Edward Peter, b. 15 Apr 1923, d. 9 Apr 2000, aged 76 yrs
Fischle, Olive May, b. 3 Mar 1941, d. 24 May 2004
Fitzgerald, Michael Joseph, d. 5 Nov 2006, aged 69yrs
Flynn, Thelma Mai, b. 2 Oct 1915, d. 30 Oct 1999, s/w William Traynor Flynn
Flynn, William Traynor, b. 31 Jul 1909, d. 20 Jun 1999, s/w Thelma Mai Flynn
Fogg, Beatrice Margaret, d. 13 Jun 1903, "lived 20 days", s/w Margaret Emily Fogg, Jacob Draper, Elizabeth Draper and Ann Robinson
Fogg, Margaret Emily, d. 26 May 1903 (nee Draper), aged 26yrs, s/w Jacob Draper, Elizabeth Draper, Beatrice Margaret Fogg and Ann Robinson
Foley, J.J., temporary marker
Gardner, John Paul, d. 27 Aug 2000, aged 20yrs, "who was taken from us suddenly"
George, Lynette Jean, d. 8 Mar 1989, aged 41yrs
Gillham, Michael Daniel, d. 4 Dec 2006, aged 44yrs (photo)
Gorsuch, Rose Agnes, d. 27 Apr 1996, aged 91yrs
Gould, Henry Keith, d. 13 Mar 2002, aged 75yrs
Grace, M, temporary marker
Grace, Vincent Henry, d. 22 Feb 1998, aged 75yrs
Gray, James William "Bill", d. 27 May 1996, aged 85yrs, s/w Sylvia Edna Gray
Gray, Sylvia Edward, d. 3 Apr 2007, aged 86yrs, s/w James William Gary
Green, John, d. 17 Oct 1995, aged 78yrs, s/w Margaret Anne Green
Green, Margaret Anne, d. 31 Aug 1995, aged 81yrs, s/w John Green
Greensill, Douglas, d. 14 Apr 1955, aged 73yrs
Greensill, Elizabeth Annie, b. 31 Jan 1934, d. 1 Apr 1934, aged 2mths, "our dear sister"
Greensill, Frederick, d. 25 Jun 1919, aged 83yrs, s/w Matilda Greensill (wife)
Greensill, Herbert H., no dates, s/w John Greensill and Victor Greensill
Greensill, John, no dates, s/w Victor Greensill and Herbert H. Greensill
Greensill, Matilda, d. 11 Aug 1927, aged 89yrs, s/w Frederick Greensill (husband)
Greensill, Robert John Frederick "Bob", b. 4 Jan 1930, d. 6 Jun 2003, aged 73yrs, s/o Doug and Alice Greensill (Col)
Greensill, Victor, no dates, s/w John Greensill and Herbert H. Greensill
Greensill, Winifred "Win", b. 24 Nov 1933, d. 24 Mar 1998, w/o Frederick Victor Greensill (husband)
Hahnefeld, Alfons, b. 13 Sep 1932, d. 2 Mar 2001
Hansen, Christian, d. 10 Sep 1905, aged 55yrs, s/w Margaret Ann Hansen (wife)
Hansen, Joseph James, d. 11 or 17 Dec ???, aged 20yrs, (surname now missing presumed Hansen), s/w Robert Dynes Hansen
Hansen, Margaret Ann, d. 1 Sep 1947, aged 86yrs, s/w Christian Hansen (husband)
Hansen, Nell, d. 24 Jan 1948, aged 48yrs, "our dear sister"
Hansen, Robert Dynes, d. 6 Apr 1945, aged 55yrs, s/w Joseph James ??
Hare, Elizabeth, d. 12 Jul 1884, aged 1yr 10mths
Harris, Kathleen Nell "Kathy", d. 18 May 2007, aged 60yrs
Hart, Charles Frederick, d. 29 Aug 1897, aged 52yrs, s/w Eliza Hart (wife)
Hart, Eliza, d. 2 May 1934, aged 91yrs, s/w Charles Frederick Hart (husband)
Hart, Elizabeth Catherine, d. 25 Apr 1976, aged 94yrs
Hart, George Frederick, d. 17 Apr 1954, aged 73yrs, s/w Mary Edith Hart (wife)
Hart, Henry, d. 9 Oct 1958, aged 83yrs
Hart, Mary Edith, 21 Mar 1954, aged 68yrs, s/w George Frederick Hart (husband)
Higginson, Christopher John, d. 12 Jun 2002, aged 51yrs
Hill, Sarah Anne, (very worn)
Hooker, Arthur Maxwell, d. 4 Jun 1992, aged 60yrs
Horan, Craig William, d. 19 Feb 1992, aged 11yrs, (photo)
Hunter, John James, d. 8 Oct 1991, aged 59yrs
Hutchinson, Kevin Robert, b. 22 Nov 1934, d. 17 Jun 2005, (photo)
Johnson, James Henry "Jim", b. 18 Dec 1910, at London, d. 1 Jul 1992, s/w Rita Josephine Johnson (wife, married 19 Dec 1936)
Johnson, James Henry, d. 1 Jul 1993, aged 82yrs, s/w Rita J. Johnson
Johnson, Rita J., d. 18 Feb 1989, aged 75yrs, s/w James Henry Johnson
Johnson, Rita Josephine (nee Aylward), b. 7 Aug 1914 at Brisbane, d. 17 Feb 1989, s/w James Henry Johnson (husband, married 19 Dec 1936)
Johnson, Stewart, d. 13 Apr 1991, aged 21yrs
Johnston, John Francis "Frank", d. 18 Jul 1999, aged 75yrs
Jones, Ernest James, d. 11 Sep 2006, aged 90yrs, s/w Esther Winnifred Jones
Jones, Esther Winnifred, d. 22 May 2004, aged 84yrs, s/w Ernest James Jones
Jones, Vincent William Francis, d. 13 May 2005, aged 93yrs
Jutila, Joyce Mary, d. 9 Jun 2002, aged 78yrs
Kellett, Geoffrey A., d. 6 Apr 1991, aged 52yrs
Kelly, John Denis, d. 23 Nov 2004, aged 80yrs
Kennedy, Doreen May Lilian (nee Lovell), b. 1 Oct 1943 at London, d. 27 Dec 1999
Kitts, Alice Ellen, d. 26 Jul 1998, aged 85yrs
Knight, Caroline (nee Pertile), b. 6 Nov 1947, d. 11 Oct 2004
Kol, Abraham (formerly Theron Colegrove), d. 25 Apr 1992, aged 78yrs, s/w Dorothy Butter Colegrove
Kremzow, Charles William, d. 12 Mar 1904 (in infancy), s/w Mary Louisa Lemke and stillborn Kremzow
Kremzow, stillborn, laid to rest May 1907, stillborn s/o Mr and Mrs W. Kremzow, s/w Charles William Kremzow and Mary Louisa Lemke
Kremzow, William, d. 10 Jul 1879, aged 37yrs
Kuykens, Jelle "Henry", d. 3 Sep 2002, aged 66yrs, s/w Margaret Kuykens
Kuykens, Margaret, d. 5 Aug 1994, aged 58yrs, s/w Jelle Kuykens
Lane, Kenneth, b. 1933, d. 1999
Lapp, Marcus, d. 19 May 2000, aged 25yrs
Laracy, Eileen Mary, d. 30 Oct 1990, aged 85yrs
Lee, Karen Pauline, d. 14 Dec 1990, aged 21yrs
Lee, Michelle Pauline Una, d. 6 Sep 2003, aged 52yrs
Lee, Richard Joseph "Ridway", d. 5 Feb 1984, aged 32yrs
Leitch, Stephen Yates, d. 21 Nov 1974
Lemke, Isabella, d. 25 Mar 1951, aged 60yrs, s/w Rudolph Henry Lemke
Lemke, Mary Louisa, d. 18 Oct 1883, aged 16 weeks, s/w Charles William Kremzow
Lemke, Rudolph Henry, d. 20 Nov 1965, aged 76yrs, s/w Isabella Lemke
Lemke, Wilhelmina Caroline, d. 12 May 1955, aged 70yrs
Lemke, Wilhelmine Caroline Justine, d. 14 Dec 1940, aged 87yrs, "our dear mother"
Lemke, William Henry, d. 2 Apr 1954, aged 37yrs
Lemke, William, d. 30 Oct 1929, aged 76yrs
Lewis, Andrew William, d. 12 Sep 1991, aged 6yrs
Lewis, R.J., temporary marker
MacKenzie, William, d. 28 Apr 2002, aged 84yrs, (photo)
Magnay, Evet Cyril, d. 5 Jan 1992, aged 80yrs, s/w May Victoria Jean Magnay
Magnay, May Victoria Jean, d. 7 Sep 2000, aged 73yrs, s/w Evet Cyril Magnay
Mander, L.G., d. 7 Sep 1994, aged 71yrs, Able Seaman B3181, Royal Australian Naval Reserve, h/o Hazel
Marston, Helena Maree, d. tragically 16 Aug 1998, aged 19yrs, s/w Simon W. Rumsey
Martin, Robert Maurice Cyril, d. 19 Nov 1995, aged 83yrs
McArthur, Archibald, d. 24 May 1992, aged 90yrs, s/w Margaret McArthur
McArthur, Margaret, d. 20 Dec 1988, aged 74yrs, s/w Archibald McArthur
McCausland, Clorine Mary Maude, b. 13 Jun 1931, d. 7 Feb 2001
Meltzinitu, Eleni, d. 25 Sep 1989, aged 93yrs
Mole, Flora Martha, d. 14 Oct 1890, aged 11wks
Mole, Malcolm Edward, b. 8 Sep 1939, d. 22 Dec 1970
Mole, Reginald Charles, d. 13 Jan 2007, aged 75yrs
Mole, Salah Seth, d. 29 Apr 1950, aged 83yrs, s/w Tamson Eliza Mole (wife)
Mole, Samuel, d. 28 Sep 1905, aged 67yrs, s/w Sarah Ann Mole
Mole, Sarah Ann, d. 15 Aug 1922, aged 74yrs, s/w Samuel Mole
Mole, Tamson Eliza, d. 26 Nov 1943, aged 70yrs, s/w Salah Seth Mole (husband)
Mountford, Edith Harrington, d. 11 Mar 1871, aged 2yrs 3mths
Mumme, G.A., temporary marker
Murphy, Christopher Campbell, d. 21 Dec 2000, aged 73yrs
Newman, L.E., d. 18 Oct 2001, aged 85yrs, Pte NX8444, Army Service Corps, (photo)
Nicolle, Darrin Brice, d. 14 Aug 1989, aged 20yrs
Niinimäki, Simon Juhani, b. 13 Dec 1947, d. 7 Feb 2002
Nock, Rosemary (nee Chapman), b. 21 Sep 1954, d. 2 Jul 2001, (photo)
Nolan, Joseph Patrick, d. 28 May 1991, aged 61yrs
O'Brien, Kevin, d. 30 Sep 1988, aged 76yrs 10mths
O'Keefe, Brian Patrick, b. 14 May 1932, d. 17 Jul 2007
O'Keeffe, Peter Vincent, d. 12 Nov 2000, in his 51st year
Oliver, William E., d. 18 Apr 1979, aged 83yrs
Onions, Elizabeth Catherine, d. 19 Jun 2003, aged 74yrs
Palmer, Shirley T.L. (nee Dhu), b. 20 Mar 1929, d. 29 Jan 2001
Pertile, Gino "James", d. 1 Mar 2000, aged 77yrs
Peto, A, temporary marker
Petralia, Antonio, d. 20 Apr 1994, aged 93yrs
Petralia, Salvatore, d. 9 May 1991, aged 89yrs
Pillay, Ranee, b. 1933, d. 2003, (assumed surname), d/o Ardy Pillay, (photo)
Plekker, Hendricus Marie "Henk", d. 7 Nov 2005, aged 82yrs, (photo)
Polinski, Gregory Stewart, d. 2 Jul 1998, aged 48yrs
Poole, Bridget, d. 29 Nov 1990, aged 102yrs
Potter, Brian Reginald Harold, d. 4 Dec 2002, aged 58yrs
Potter, Wayne Robert, d. 16 Sep 1988, aged 17yrs
Purssell, Gertrude, d. 30 Apr 1992, aged 91yrs
Rahman, V.K. Fazal, d. 1 Jul 2002, aged 76yrs, (photo)
Riley, Peter Alan, d. 28 Jan 2003, aged 32yrs, "taken suddenly"
Robertson, Bruce James, d. 2 Jul 2002, aged 62yrs, Australian Military Forces Badge
Robinson, Ann, d. 4 May 1925, aged 89yrs, s/w Jacob Draper, Elizabeth Draper, Margaret Emily Fogg and Beatrice Margaret Fogg
Roiter, Claudia Alex, d. 8 Sep 2000, aged 9mths
Rollinson, Gavin William, d. 13 May 1994, aged 44yrs
Rowe, John Matthew, d. 12 Oct 1970, aged 82yrs, s/w Margaret Ann Rowe (wife)
Rowe, Margaret Ann, d. 25 Feb 1956, aged 70yrs, s/w John Matthew Rowe (husband)
Rumsey, Simon W., d. 16 Aug 1998, aged 20yrs, s/w Helena Maree Marston
Ryan, Mervyn Thomas, b. 13 Aug 1934, d. 9 Sep 2003 (Col)
Schokman, Kenneth Charles Anton "Ken", b. 15 Jul 1926, d. 24 Nov 2005, Lions International Symbol
Schwede, Alan William, b. 14 Aug 1929, d. 10 Feb 2002, aged 72yrs
Seeney, Matthew Ashton "Matt", b. 11 Jun 1976, d. tragically taken 24 May 2001, aged 24yrs, (photo)
Shaw, Charlotte, d. 20 Jul 1957, aged 71yrs, s/w William Shaw (husband)
Shaw, Thelma Maud, b. 25 Oct 1920, d. 20 Oct 2000
Shaw, William, d. 1 May 1961, aged 75yrs, s/w Charlotte Shaw
Sheehan, Linda, d. 7 Aug 2005, aged 56yrs
Shepherd, Graeme Peter, b. 18 Nov 1943, d. 5 Jun 2003, (photo)
Shinners, Matthew William "Wockey", b. 23 Mar 1977, d. tragically on 10 Mar 2000, aged 22yrs
Sims, Lorraine Frances, b. 16 Feb 1944, d. 20 Feb 2004, aged 59yrs
Sitarz, J., d. 4 Aug 2005, aged 60yrs, 187116 Corporal 8 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Sitarz, Stella Glenda, d. 26 Aug 2004, aged 59yrs
Sophios, Victor James, d. 31 Aug 2000, aged 53yrs
Spann, William John, d. 12 Oct 1988, aged 63yrs
Sproul, Shane William, b. 10 Nov 1969, d. 30 Dec 1999, "died in a car crash"
Stanton, Annie Theresa (nee Greensill), b. 26 Dec 1914, d. 7 Jun 1995, aged 80yrs, s/w Robert Alexander Stanton
Stanton, Robert Alexander "Alex", b. 12 Apr 1910, d. 10 Sep 2004, aged 94yrs, s/w Annie Theresa Stanton
Stewart, Elaine Ann, d. 12 Mar 1988, aged 49yrs 11mths
Stimpson, Nigel John, d. 1 Aug 1998, aged 22yrs
Strickland, Harry Thomas, b. 17 Aug 2001, d. 31 Jan 2002, aged 5mths 14 days, (photo)
Tafe, Amos Jessie, d. 6 Apr 1991
Tanner, Christopher Noel, b. 25 Feb 1984, d. 18 Jul 1995, aged 11yrs 4mths, s/w Melissa May Tanner
Tanner, Melissa May, b. 1 Sep 1986, d. 18 Jul 1995, aged 8yrs 10mths, s/w Christopher Noel Tanner
Teevan, Leslie Colin, d. 26 Mar 2006, aged 89yrs
Thomas, Johnnie H., d. 21 Nov 1996, aged 48yrs
Tiernan, Fiona Elizabeth Clare, d. 31 Jul 2007, aged 40yrs
Toye, Nicole Frances, d. 26 Dec 2002, aged 69yrs
Vickery, Cecil Robert, d. no dates
Voogt, John P.F.A., d. 2 Feb 2003, aged 75yrs
Waite, William Des, d. 27 Oct 1993, aged 63yrs
West, Beryl Jean (nee Leitch), d. 28 Feb 1998, aged 74yrs, s/w Charles Daniel West
West, Charles Daniel, d. 21 Aug 2000, aged 83yrs, s/w Beryl Jean West
Westmore, Noel Thomas, d. 12 Mar 2000, aged 73yrs
Wheatley, Winifred, d. 22 Sep 1990, aged 77yrs
White, Douglas, b. 15 Jul 1938, d. 22 Aug 2002, (photo)
Wilkinson-MacPherson, Edna May, d. 23 Nov 1994, aged 80yrs
Wood, Joseph Alfred, b. 1 May 1912, d. 21 Aug 1996, s/w Reba Emily Wood
Wood, Reba Emily, b. 2 Apr 1912, d. 15 Apr 2005, s/w Joseph Alfred Wood
Wright, Alfred J., d. 13 Oct 1990, aged 83yrs, s/w Mary Wright
Wright, Allan Foster, d. 19 Nov 2005, aged 92yrs
Wright, Mary, d. 6 Dec 1999, aged 92yrs, s/w Alfred J. Wright
Young, Jill Veronica, b. 16 Dec 1937, d. 24 Oct 2003
Zahner, Peter William, b. 25 May 1956, d. 7 Feb 2002

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