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Tewantin Cemetery
Noosa Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne, 5 Mar 2000 [jby53388@bigpond.net.au]. Total records = 1,663.

Tewantin Cemetery
Located in Noosa Shire, Queensland, Australia, on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast

Macfarlane, William James, d. 25-1-1990, Age/Birth:7/11/34
MacGregor, Ewan James, d. 11/9/97, Age/Birth:13-10-1959
Machin, Alfred John, d. 15-11-1954, Age/Birth:64
Machin, Timothy Mark, d. 12/3/95, Age/Birth:28-10-1960
Mackay, Colleen Doreen, d. 24-10-1965, Age/Birth:11
Mackay, Gavan, d. 5/2/99, Age/Birth:72
Mackay, Ruby Florence, d. 15-10-1998, Age/Birth:87
MacKenzie, Wendy Gloria L , d. 19-11-1990, Age/Birth:17-7-1933
Mackie, Violet Vera, d. 26-5-1993, Age/Birth:29-8-1903
MacMillan, Shannon James, d. 5/9/90, Age/Birth:30-3-1977
Madden, John, d. 14-4-1883, Age/Birth:34
Madsen, Albert Charles, d. 12/4/71, Age/Birth:81
Madsen, Ernest A.J., d. 19-7-1994, Age/Birth:82
Madsen, Mary E, d. 28-2-1983, Age/Birth:89
Maher, John Leo, d. 27-7-1978, Age/Birth:65
Major, Allan, d. 17-12-1994, Age/Birth:19-5-1903
Makepeace, Hannah, d. 27-4-1973, Age/Birth:13-4-1884
Male, Brooke Emily, d. 5/12/94, Age/Birth:SB
Male, Jean Margaret (Marion), d. 9/2/70, Age/Birth:42
Maltby, Sarah Ann, d. 23-9-1949, Age/Birth:49
Manion, Hugh Hamilton, d. 21-11-1994, Age/Birth:20-4-1909
Manion, Sarah Orford, d. 7/2/94, Age/Birth:11/2/10
Mann, Ann Eliza, d. 2-11-1882, Age/Birth:6
Mann, Thomas William, d. 18-9-1949, Age/Birth:80
Marley, John Alfred, d. 30-12-1993, Age/Birth:8/5/14
Marsden, Mona Nellie, d. 6/12/92, Age/Birth:16-10-1902
Marshall, H.E., d. 9/10/94, Age/Birth:82
Martin, Chas R, d. , Age/Birth:22
Martin, Daniel, d. 14-10-1921, Age/Birth:61
Martin, Marion 'June', d. 22-12-1997, Age/Birth:7/6/25
Martin, Mary Ann, d. 30-1-1943, Age/Birth:71
Martin, Minnie, d. 11/12/93, Age/Birth:8-7-1896
Martin, William John, d. 3/9/90, Age/Birth:24-9-1929
Massoud, Edith Howham, d. 7/4/63, Age/Birth:73
Massoud, Edna Lavinia, d. 24-9-1989, Age/Birth:23-3-1922
Massoud, Ellen Louisa, d. 7/2/69, Age/Birth:63
Massoud, George Joseph, d. 4/5/82, Age/Birth:80
Massoud, Ivan Joseph, d. 19-7-1970, Age/Birth:56
Massoud, Nowham, d. 24-2-1948, Age/Birth:69
Massoud, Pearl, d. 7/6/97, Age/Birth:14-12-1909
Massoud, Phillip Victor, d. 25-7-1978, Age/Birth:16-4-1920
Massoud, William Michael, d. 6/5/79, Age/Birth:72
Mather, Thomas, d. 16-2-1996, Age/Birth:2/3/20
Matthews, Colin Ramsay, d. 1992, Age/Birth:1913
Matthews, Olive Ethel, d. 1993, Age/Birth:1922
Matula, Leopold John, d. 16-4-1985, Age/Birth:22-5-1910
May, Dulcie, d. 2/7/92, Age/Birth:17-5-1920
Mayer, John Leo, d. 25-7-1978, Age/Birth:65
Mayers, Harold Walter, d. 26-2-1985, Age/Birth:24-4-1921
Mayes, Ethel Jane, d. 1984, Age/Birth:1916
Mayne, William, d. 15-10-1994, Age/Birth:72
McAllister, Christina, d. 3/5/97, Age/Birth:14-8-1909
McAndrew, Norman, d. 23-1-1984, Age/Birth:60
McAulay, Donald, d. 23-9-1974, Age/Birth:86
McCallum, James Edward, d. 6 Nov 1966, Age/Birth:76
McCann, Ronald C.G., d. 15-2-1996, Age/Birth:25-6-1913
McCarthy, Dulcie Jean, d. 20-1-1989, Age/Birth:25-7-1916
McCarthy, Janice Margaret, d. 20-1-1995, Age/Birth:5/12/1949
McConnell, Bruce, d. 7/11/83, Age/Birth:39
McConnell, Joseph, d. 2/7/65, Age/Birth:70
McConnell, Keith Davidson, d. 30-5-1969, Age/Birth:36
McCray, Jessie Cooper, d. 23-3-1994, Age/Birth:31-7-1901
McCulloch, Edward William, d. 29-12-1991, Age/Birth:74
McDonald, Brian Alexander, d. 17-11-1994, Age/Birth:65
McDonald, Catherine, d. 23-6-1881, Age/Birth:60
McDonald, Janet Pretoria, d. 23-7-1993, Age/Birth:1/6/00
McDonald, John Alexander, d. 14-8-1988, Age/Birth:81
McDonald, Margaret, d. 21-8-1904, Age/Birth:3
McDonald, Nancy Alice, d. 3/10/89, Age/Birth:21-1-1928
McDonald, Violet Gladys, d. 24-3-1996, Age/Birth:3/4/18
McEwan, Ian Hamilton, d. 29-12-1993, Age/Birth:16-4-1900
McEwan, Phillip Neil, d. 2/11/83, Age/Birth:32
McGeoch, Patricia Agnes, d. 16-4-1980, Age/Birth:1927
McGinley, Evelyn Maria, d. 10/5/96, Age/Birth:30-4-1910
McGrath, Allan C, d. 1994, Age/Birth:1960
McGrath, Maxwell James, d. 10/8/93, Age/Birth:2/6/28
McGregor, Alwyne Belle, d. 27-9-1977, Age/Birth:62
McGregor, Clyde, d. 10/3/82, Age/Birth:
McGregor, Ivy Eliza, d. 1980, Age/Birth:1899
McIlwaine, Paul Reid, d. 25-5-1974, Age/Birth:3
McIntosh, Agnes Fredericka, d. 16-9-1955, Age/Birth:
McIntosh, Allan George, d. 15-6-1993, Age/Birth:19-8-1919
McIntosh, Brenda Jennifer, d. 12/5/93, Age/Birth:20-2-1957
McIntyre, Kenneth Walter, d. 14-1-1996, Age/Birth:26-2-1917
McKenna, Christina (Dolly), d. 24-1-1981, Age/Birth:
McKenzie, John Allan, d. 28-4-1986, Age/Birth:74
McKie, Horace Keith, d. 16-4-1996, Age/Birth:25-10-1920
McKinnon, Eileen, d. 5/9/88, Age/Birth:79
McKinnon, Samuel, d. 14-5-1981, Age/Birth:76
McLaughlin, Mary Amy, d. 12/12/95, Age/Birth:22-6-1907
McLean, Alexander Allan, d. 19-5-1964, Age/Birth:85
McLean, Elizabeth, d. 9/9/68, Age/Birth:82
McLeary, Victor Alexander, d. 29-3-1978, Age/Birth:76
McMillan, Eric, d. 25-4-1994, Age/Birth:1/2/10
McNab, Doris, d. 1990, Age/Birth:1927
McVicker, Valda Ellen, d. 23-2-1992, Age/Birth:23-1-1929
McWhannell, John Lidwill, d. 8/12/94, Age/Birth:10/9/23
Megarity, Margaret, d. 20-9-1920, Age/Birth:59
Megarity, Robert, d. 29-12-1935, Age/Birth:84
Merritt, Gwendoline Clare, d. 16-2-1999, Age/Birth:66
Metcalf, Leslie Charles, d. 28-10-1992, Age/Birth:20-4-1911
Mickklesson, Hilda, d. 9/10/97, Age/Birth:77
Millard, Amy Alice Rachael, d. 9/11/96, Age/Birth:16-7-1916
Millard, Arthur Henry, d. 26-7-1988, Age/Birth:18-9-1921
Miller, Elizabeth, d. 2/9/58, Age/Birth:53
Miller, Elizabeth, d. 23-9-1988, Age/Birth:82
Miller, J. C, d. 25-8-1968, Age/Birth:75
Miller, Joseph Charles, d. 30-8-1973, Age/Birth:62
Miller, Mary Ellen, d. 14-3-1964, Age/Birth:78
Miller, William John, d. 24-2-1954, Age/Birth:72
Mills, Doris Thelma, d. 1/2/96, Age/Birth:24-4-1924
Mills, Gladys Elizabeth, d. 18-11-1981, Age/Birth:77
Mills, Reginald Percy, d. 11/10/81, Age/Birth:86
Milne, George Alexander, d. 3/1/83, Age/Birth:25-3-1914
Mitchell, Peter Alan, d. 22-2-1988, Age/Birth:27
Mitchelson, James Allan, d. 24-7-1998, Age/Birth:76
Mohr, Kathleen Patricia, d. 13-7-1996, Age/Birth:10/7/50
Molloy, Ethel, d. 1984, Age/Birth:90
Monks, Dorothy Ellen May, d. 21-10-1993, Age/Birth:24-3-1907
Monks, George, d. 7/4/29, Age/Birth:64
Monks, John, d. 4/11/14, Age/Birth:92
Monks, John George, d. 6/10/60, Age/Birth:68
Monks, Vivian George, d. 5/8/67, Age/Birth:55
Monsour, Michael Saleem, d. 8/1/51, Age/Birth:42
Moore, Mary Eliz Lottie, d. 10/9/43, Age/Birth:46
Moore, Reginald C, d. 7/12/81, Age/Birth:90
Moorehead, Florence Isobel, d. 16-5-1962, Age/Birth:60
Moorehead, Reginald Irwin, d. 30-10-1978, Age/Birth:80
Morgan, Doreen Noel (Kit), d. 20-5-1999, Age/Birth:92
Morgan, Harold Leslie, d. 14-12-1994, Age/Birth:10/12/05
Morgan, Herbert Clarence, d. 1/3/71, Age/Birth:62
Morgan, Mary Josephine, d. 21-5-1981, Age/Birth:68
Morgan, Olive Grace, d. 22-7-1994, Age/Birth:3/1/03
Morley, Robert Charles, d. 20-6-1993, Age/Birth:1/11/10
Morris, Roy, d. 6/5/85, Age/Birth:71
Morrison, Debbie Reed, d. 24-7-1992, Age/Birth:23
Morrison, Jeremy Maxwell, d. 25-9-1997, Age/Birth:17-2-1981
Morrissey, John, d. 2/12/97, Age/Birth:
Morrisson, Eva Joan, d. 1991, Age/Birth:1922
Morrow, Keith Bryson, d. 22-11-1995, Age/Birth:1/8/28
Mortenson, Herman, d. 24-2-1994, Age/Birth:7/6/06
Morton, Helen Ferguson, d. 27-3-1989, Age/Birth:69
Morton, Hugh Dykes, d. 10/11/83, Age/Birth:69
Moyle, Searle Edward, d. 23-5-1993, Age/Birth:31-10-1921
Muir, Charlotte Mary, d. 18-7-1983, Age/Birth:77
Muir, Lionel, d. 10/1/71, Age/Birth:65
Mullally, Gwendoline Rebecca, d. 27-6-1983, Age/Birth:22-6-1897
Mullally, Noel Richard, d. 6/7/70, Age/Birth:25-12-1890
Muller, Margaret Frances, d. 20-11-1990, Age/Birth:28-10-1904
Muller, Walter Frederick, d. 7/12/62, Age/Birth:66
Muller, William John, d. 25-2-1954, Age/Birth:72
Mullineaux, Charles Godfrey, d. 24-6-1989, Age/Birth:7/11/23
Munro, Albert 'Derby', d. 29-8-1989, Age/Birth:
Munro, Douglas (Darby), d. 2/9/99, Age/Birth:76
Munro, Lorna Clare, d. 23-5-1982, Age/Birth:5/4/23
Murphy, baby, d. 1-12-1880, Age/Birth:6m
Murphy, Brian Anthony, d. 22-8-1997, Age/Birth:2/9/39
Murphy, Desmond, d. 28-6-1996, Age/Birth:6/6/24
Murray, Alexander Monmuir, d. 2/6/80, Age/Birth:91
Mussig, Ada Mary, d. 4/6/87, Age/Birth:80
Narramore, Elizabeth Ann, d. 2/4/59, Age/Birth:11
Nather, Dennis Leslie, d. 11/6/98, Age/Birth:60
Neal, Clarissa R, d. 19-2-1996, Age/Birth:4/12/06
Neal, William T, d. 11/5/68, Age/Birth:2/4/04
Needham, Christina, d. 8/4/94, Age/Birth:86
Needham, Robert, d. 21-1-1966, Age/Birth:64
Nestor, Gwenda Olive, d. 13-12-1981, Age/Birth:27
Nevin, Alex, d. 25-8-1883, Age/Birth:2
New, Evelyn Jessie, d. 3/9/97, Age/Birth:86
Newell, Scott William, d. 17-1-1994, Age/Birth:25-6-1983
Newman, Frederick Charles, d. 2/7/93, Age/Birth:6-10--1917
Newton, George Henry, d. 1988, Age/Birth:1915
Niall, Paul Michael, d. 6/11/85, Age/Birth:46
Nicholas, William E, d. 16-11-1997, Age/Birth:30-10-1915
Nicholas, William Edward (Bill), d. 16-11-1997, Age/Birth:
Nicholls, Annie Elizabeth, d. 28-11-1941, Age/Birth:80
Nicholls, Charles, d. 7/11/82, Age/Birth:19-3-1904
Nicholls, Eliza Jane, d. 9-3-1890, Age/Birth:9m
Nicholls, George Thomas, d. 28-2-1967, Age/Birth:80
Nicholls, Robert, d. 21-5-1906, Age/Birth:50
Nicholls, Robert William, d. 20-5-1972, Age/Birth:79
Nicholson, Dorothy May, d. 29-9-1997, Age/Birth:2/11/27
Nicholson, Harold Leslie, d. 9/11/68, Age/Birth:23
Nicholson, Isobel Winifred, d. 1994, Age/Birth:1917
Nicholson, Lawrence Richard, d. 22-5-1987, Age/Birth:27-5-1914
Nicholson, Norma, d. 10/11/66, Age/Birth:53
Nicol, James McIntosh, d. 4/7/88, Age/Birth:80
Nicol, Laurie, d. 11/4/89, Age/Birth:83
Noel, David Owen, d. 14-11-1994, Age/Birth:10/8/53
Norton, Pauline Constance, d. 13-5-1995, Age/Birth:15-8-1921
O'Brien, Hazel Neva, d. 12/11/91, Age/Birth:18-11-1908
O'Callaghan, Christine, d. 24-8-1884, Age/Birth:22
O'Callaghan, Nellie, d. 5-4-1884, Age/Birth:2dys
O'Callaghan, William Alan, d. 3/11/97, Age/Birth:75
O'Connell, Ernest Albert, d. 8/12/48, Age/Birth:66
O'Connor, Pamela Rosemary, d. 7/9/99, Age/Birth:62
O'Donohue, Thomas Clive, d. 26-6-1995, Age/Birth:1/11/24
Offner, Russell William, d. 25-6-1999, Age/Birth:61
O'Flynn, Henry Leonard, d. 5/12/54, Age/Birth:62
Okines-Croker, Loumea Rose, d. 18-1-1999, Age/Birth:SB
Ollier, Herbert William John, d. 18-4-1994, Age/Birth:22-5-1920
Olsen, Hans Eric, d. 22-2-1993, Age/Birth:17-8-1925
Olsen, Madge Hamilton Jane, d. 11/12/93, Age/Birth:1/11/10
O'Neill, Claire Caroline, d. Feb-94, Age/Birth:87
O'Neill, Michael John, d. 25-1-1887, Age/Birth:49
Ongaro, Samantha, d. 1982, Age/Birth:1923
Orange, John Joseph, d. 7/12/94, Age/Birth:23-3-1919
Orme, Robert Joseph, d. 19-10-1987, Age/Birth:82
Osborne, George Albert, d. 20-2-1995, Age/Birth:2/11/27
Osborne, Isaac, d. 28-9-1993, Age/Birth: 1hr10m
Osborne, Joseph, d. 28-9-1993, Age/Birth: 1hr10m
Osborne, Sabrina Catherine, d. 1/9/92, Age/Birth:SB
Ostenfeld, Chris William, d. 1962, Age/Birth:1891
Ostenfeld, Lilian Mabel, d. 1957, Age/Birth:1891
O'Sullivan, William, d. 11/8/97, Age/Birth:7/8/25
Owens, Ian David, d. 19-1-1997, Age/Birth:20-2-1945
Oxenham, Mabel Mary, d. 27-9-1982, Age/Birth:61
Pacholski, Anneliese, d. 27-6-1997, Age/Birth:20-1-1913
Pacholski, Czeslaw (Chester), d. 10/1/91, Age/Birth:27-7-1914
Page, Alan John, d. 26-6-1914, Age/Birth:2y2m
Page, Edith May, d. 20-4-1980, Age/Birth:87
Page, Elizabeth Harriet, d. 11/10/45, Age/Birth:86
Page, George Davis, d. 25-6-1995, Age/Birth:80
Page, Herbert William, d. 15-10-1960, Age/Birth:80
Page, Horace John, d. 2/8/30, Age/Birth:76y10m
Page, Jack, d. 21-8-1991, Age/Birth:69
Page, Kenneth William, d. 24-4-1964, Age/Birth:16
Painter, Graham Kenneth, d. 19-5-1977, Age/Birth:24
Painter, Irene Dorothy, d. 7/7/78, Age/Birth:57
Painter, Leonard William Edward, d. 13-8-1983, Age/Birth:64
Palmer, Helena Alice, d. 10/3/90, Age/Birth:11/4/00
Palmer, Victor Henry, d. 4/9/90, Age/Birth:28-11-1904
Pargelly, George, d. 8/9/06, Age/Birth:62
Parker, Edward John, d. 4/7/97, Age/Birth:21-8-1927
Parkinson, Donald Reginald Victor, d. 6/7/77, Age/Birth:24-12-1925
Parnell, Laurrine, d. 21-10-1988, Age/Birth:90
Parry, Lewis Frederick, d. 10/6/79, Age/Birth:58
Parry, William Hugh, d. 1/5/86, Age/Birth:22-6-1909
Parsons, Betty (Nunns), d. 16-5-1995, Age/Birth:7/12/27
Pateman, David Richard, d. 26-6-1992, Age/Birth:17-9-1917
Pateman, Patricia Chappel, d. 24-6-1999, Age/Birth:70
Pateman, William James, d. 17-8-1980, Age/Birth:71
Paterson, Neville Ian, d. 23-10-1994, Age/Birth:25-8-1928
Patterson, Edward Urban, d. 22-10-1944, Age/Birth:88
Patterson, Eliza Ann, d. 28-12-1944, Age/Birth:78
Paulger, Florence, d. 1995, Age/Birth:1918
Paulger, George Nelson, d. 1991, Age/Birth:1918
Payne, Helen Jean, d. 11/3/77, Age/Birth:73
Payne, Patricia Jessie, d. 7/11/92, Age/Birth:22-1-1932
Peach, Tao Raina, d. 7/4/80, Age/Birth:21-1-1979
Peak, William, d. 23-5-1981, Age/Birth:78
Pearce, Cecil H, d. 30-5-1970, Age/Birth:67
Pearce, Keith Harold, d. 17-2-1973, Age/Birth:73
Pearson, Andrew James, d. , Age/Birth:84
Pearson, Sarah Esther, d. , Age/Birth:80
Peckover, Marguerite Therese, d. 12/1/96, Age/Birth:
Pedersen, Bertha Ellen, d. 22-10-1993, Age/Birth:5/8/01
Penhaligon, Wendy Lorna, d. 10/9/85, Age/Birth:
Penman, George Balfour, d. 20-10-1997, Age/Birth:2/8/25
Pennell, James Richard, d. 22-4-1992, Age/Birth:5/3/31
Pennell, John Basil, d. 11/7/98, Age/Birth:
Percival, Percy, d. 5/3/57, Age/Birth:76
Percival, Reginald Albert, d. 8/1/66, Age/Birth:60
Percival, Rosa Beatrice, d. 6/10/57, Age/Birth:78
Pert, J.F., d. 29-1-1983, Age/Birth:65
Peterson, Clara Ethel, d. 19-9-1971, Age/Birth:87
Peterson, Edward Ernest, d. 4/8/58, Age/Birth:84
Peterson, Ken, d. 3/12/85, Age/Birth:18-6-1925
Petherbridge, Ernest Robert, d. 20-11-1997, Age/Birth:78
Pettingill, Francis John, d. 23-9-1995, Age/Birth:30-7-1907
Petty, Barry Maxwell, d. 23-10-1996, Age/Birth:2/4/47
Petty, Beverley Anne, d. 23-5-1992, Age/Birth:2/5/47
Petty, Marie Clare May, d. 9/12/72, Age/Birth:54
Petty, Ronald Edward, d. 12/7/82, Age/Birth:67
Phillips, Keith Warren, d. 11/7/98, Age/Birth:
Pillow, Hampton, d. 7-4-1882, Age/Birth:75
Pitchless, Grace Ellen, d. 15-11-1974, Age/Birth:66
Pointon, Ada Mary, d. 19-4-1988, Age/Birth:96
Pointon, Archie, d. 4/1/42, Age/Birth:49
Pommer, Aldyth Hannah, d. 10/8/82, Age/Birth:78
Pope, Harold Albert, d. 1989, Age/Birth:1900
Pope, Kathleen, d. 12/7/94, Age/Birth:85
Pope, Leonard George, d. 9/4/70, Age/Birth:66
Pope, Leonard Thomas, d. 30-5-1940, Age/Birth:4y10m
Porter, Charles, d. 15-9-1981, Age/Birth:86
Porter, Kathleen Clara, d. 11/6/91, Age/Birth:29-10-1900
Potier, Mary Alice, d. 24-9-1993, Age/Birth:31-1-1913
Pott, Marianne, d. 10/2/97, Age/Birth:17-3-1932
Powell, Coleen Mary, d. 18-8-1997, Age/Birth:23-3-1945
Powell, George Vincent, d. 3/5/39, Age/Birth:24
Powell, Ivy Lillian, d. 21-10-1993, Age/Birth:30-10-1929
Powell, John D.G., d. 3/1/96, Age/Birth:10/4/28
Price, Ian Douglas, d. 6/4/96, Age/Birth:1/4/10
Price, J.S., d. 12/3/84, Age/Birth:74
Pridmore, Louisa Mary, d. 22-7-1983, Age/Birth:21-2-1892
Pring, Florence E, d. 29-11-1882, Age/Birth:12
Pringle, Ivy Grace, d. 18-3-1996, Age/Birth:18-4-1911
Prior, Constance Katherine, d. 31-7-1995, Age/Birth:5/10/22
Probert, Ernest Albert, d. 1989, Age/Birth:1900
Probert, Mabel Grace, d. 1982, Age/Birth:1902
Pryor, Frederick, d. 7/9/63, Age/Birth:76
Pugh, Margaret Susan, d. 23-5-1957, Age/Birth:95
Quillen, Alfred Wesley, d. 1986, Age/Birth:1906
Quillen, Dorothy Eleanor, d. 28-6-1972, Age/Birth:57
Rabi, Ferene, d. 22-10-1991, Age/Birth:88
Rabi, Julia, d. 3/11/94, Age/Birth:76
Radford, Jean, d. 30-8-1981, Age/Birth:64
Radford, Pauline Victoria, d. 3/8/78, Age/Birth:88
Rae, Richard Ivor, d. 1990, Age/Birth:1924
Rathbun, Joan Ellen, d. 15-12-1996, Age/Birth:14-6-1924
Raymond, Ivan Robert, d. 22-5-1978, Age/Birth:64
Read, May Honour, d. 15-5-1954, Age/Birth:77
Read, Richard Thomas, d. 16-9-1949, Age/Birth:77
Reason, Ivy Alice, d. 17-4-1996, Age/Birth:27-11-1901
Reason, Leonard, d. 28-12-1984, Age/Birth:6/4/01
Reedy, Freda Emily, d. 14-10-1993, Age/Birth:25-7-1914
Reedy, Hilton Robert, d. 15-3-1994, Age/Birth:4/7/21
Rees, Frederick Thomas, d. 24-7-1986, Age/Birth:75
Rees-Jones, M, d. 4/4/60, Age/Birth:34
Reid, Bill, d. 1/5/81, Age/Birth:73
Reid, Bonnie, d. 9/5/93, Age/Birth:78
Reid, Jack William, d. 1990, Age/Birth:1928
Reinglass, Lillian Iris, d. 8/12/58, Age/Birth:53
Reiser, Bertie, d. , Age/Birth:80
Reneley, Thomas, d. 9/1/60, Age/Birth:70
Renshaw, Alfred Garrett, d. 6/10/72, Age/Birth:82y10m
Renshaw, Alice Muriel, d. 6/12/85, Age/Birth:83
Renzow, Owen Ralph, d. 30-10-1997, Age/Birth:97
Renzow, Owen Ralph (Jim), d. 30-10-1997, Age/Birth:97
Rice, R.M., d. 1986, Age/Birth:1915
Rice, Walter Herbert, d. 17-1-1994, Age/Birth:1/6/11
Richards, Cecil John, d. 5/7/87, Age/Birth:63
Richards, Doris Rose Edna, d. 2/12/93, Age/Birth:5/3/19
Richards, Irene Mary, d. 5/10/85, Age/Birth:1/4/00
Richards, Ivan Harold, d. 7/10/78, Age/Birth:82
Richards, John, d. 13-1-1965, Age/Birth:78
Richards, Percival Thomas, d. 31-10-1990, Age/Birth:83
Richardson, Bertram Thomas, d. 1967, Age/Birth:1906
Richardson, Kathleen, d. 28-4-1978, Age/Birth:69
Richardson, Norman, d. 13-9-1962, Age/Birth:
Rickard, Gwendoline Noel, d. 11/12/94, Age/Birth:29-12-1905
Ricketson, Earle (Eb) Staniforth, d. 13-7-1994, Age/Birth:13-1-1994
Riddle, Rita Clarice, d. 26-10-1997, Age/Birth:24-4-1914
Riddle, Ronald, d. 8/11/92, Age/Birth:12/9/14
Riddle, Walter Lenard, d. 25-9-1997, Age/Birth:18-9-1926
Rigby, Gerald Alan, d. 6/9/99, Age/Birth:83
Rigby, Stanley James, d. 12/5/65, Age/Birth:49
Rigler, Una Gladys, d. 28-4-1997, Age/Birth:6/9/19
Riley, Leonard Jackson, d. 7/11/97, Age/Birth:4/8/12
Riley, Mona May, d. 22-1-1983, Age/Birth:27-4-1913
Ritchie, Frederick Henry, d. 27-7-1909, Age/Birth:67
Ritzau, Carl William, d. 16-7-1979, Age/Birth:73
Ritzau, Zena Claire, d. 12/7/80, Age/Birth:68
Robbins, William Briton, d. 11/9/77, Age/Birth:69
Roberts, Catherine Alice, d. 26-8-1989, Age/Birth:66
Roberts, Clifford Hamilton 'Tooty', d. 28-12-1986, Age/Birth:29-4-1924
Roberts, Geoffrey Michael, d. 3/2/93, Age/Birth:60
Roberts, George David, d. 30-11-1984, Age/Birth:
Roberts, Jill Elizabeth, d. 8/9/99, Age/Birth:56
Roberts, Wendy Gloria Lloyd, d. 19-11-1990, Age/Birth:17-7-1933
Robertson, David Ian (Ewan), d. 20-8-1988, Age/Birth:16-3-1915
Robertson, Francis Linden, d. 27-1-1995, Age/Birth:15-6-1927
Robertson, Ivy Ella, d. 18-8-1978, Age/Birth:17-1-1907
Robertson, Jessie May, d. 15-7-1985, Age/Birth:2/1/11
Robertson, John, d. 16-5-1978, Age/Birth:64
Robins, Edward, d. 18-10-1996, Age/Birth:20-5-1922
Robins, George Russell, d. 15-5-1992, Age/Birth:77
Robinson, Elizabeth, d. 20-9-1973, Age/Birth:93
Robinson, Sydney Ernest, d. 9/1/74, Age/Birth:91
Robinson, Vivian, d. 2/1/52, Age/Birth:1887
Rocks, John William Patrick, d. 17-11-1999, Age/Birth:66
Rodgers, Ernest, d. 3/2/67, Age/Birth:85
Rodnell, Leonard Carrick, d. 3/6/54, Age/Birth:68
Ronland, Ada Ellen, d. 16-7-1966, Age/Birth:67
Ronland, Arthur Nicholas, d. 28-12-1952, Age/Birth:55
Rooney, Isabella Faulkner, d. 2/4/91, Age/Birth:30-8-1909
Ross, Alan Francis, d. 2/6/12, Age/Birth:4y6m
Ross, B, d. 2/7/50, Age/Birth:
Ross, B.J.C., d. 20-6-1981, Age/Birth:67
Ross, Benjamin, d. 11/7/50, Age/Birth:68
Ross, Clarence, d. 18-5-1931, Age/Birth:88
Ross, Clarence William, d. 27-6-1968, Age/Birth:94
Ross, Daisy Jean, d. 18-12-1991, Age/Birth:91
Ross, Elizabeth, d. 10/11/42, Age/Birth:84
Ross, Emma, d. 18-7-1877, Age/Birth:
Ross, Evelyn Fanny, d. 21-11-1973, Age/Birth:69
Ross, Frances Myrtle, d. 8/7/71, Age/Birth:1903
Ross, James, d. 22-10-1990, Age/Birth:20-11-1922
Ross, James, d. 1962, Age/Birth:1908
Ross, Janet, d. 17-6-1949, Age/Birth:72
Ross, K, d. 17-11-1955, Age/Birth:
Ross, Phyllis T.F.K, d. 12/4/17, Age/Birth:
Ross, Richard John, d. 24-2-1986, Age/Birth:82
Ross, Ronald John, d. 26-7-1993, Age/Birth:49
Ross, Royce Albert, d. , Age/Birth:
Ross, Thomas John, d. 22-3-1964, Age/Birth:71
Ross, Violet, d. 16-3-1903, Age/Birth:1
Ross, William E.J., d. 3/2/55, Age/Birth:34
Ross, William John, d. 28-5-1975, Age/Birth:78
Rough, John (Jack) A, d. 1/12/95, Age/Birth:14-12-1916
Rowe, Peter Paul, d. 2/6/91, Age/Birth:23-12-1935
Rowe, Valentine Astrea, d. 15-1-1990, Age/Birth:11/9/04
Rowley, Tom, d. 7/1/60, Age/Birth:70
Rule, Brian Stephen, d. 23-1-1990, Age/Birth:25-3-1972
Rump, Peter Eldon, d. 13-2-1003, Age/Birth:27-11-1927
Rusan, Ivan, d. 2/5/86, Age/Birth:65
Rush, Harry Hunter, d. 5/5/97, Age/Birth:1/5/09
Rush, Iris Hilda, d. 8/10/92, Age/Birth:9/8/10
Russell, Austyn, d. 7/11/96, Age/Birth:4/7/96
Russell, Gregory Geoff, d. 7/11/96, Age/Birth:4/7/96
Rutherford, Richard, d. 30-12-1973, Age/Birth:27
Ryan, Eileen Mary, d. 19-8-1985, Age/Birth:30-12-1918
Ryan, Michael James, d. 26-5-1971, Age/Birth:16y7m
Ryan, William Patrick, d. 27-11-1996, Age/Birth:19-1-1913
Ryland, David Jonathan, d. 9/8/96, Age/Birth:20-6-1926
Ryland, Marjorie Isabel, d. 31-3-1988, Age/Birth:20-5-1927

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