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Charleville Cemetery
Charleville, Murweh Shire, Queensland, Australia

Charleville, in Murweh Shire, Queensland, on the junction of Route 54 and 71, is about 700km west of Brisbane. It is flat, dry, thirsty country. The rare floods are caused by heavy rains in the mountains upstream. Its river, the Warrego rises in the Carnarvon gorge. I wonder if anyone still transports the prize merino rams in the mercedes, [JB]

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 169.

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Cemetery Records

Bryan, Minnie Salina, d. 2-2-1901, Age:4, [JB]
Bryant, Alexander William, d. 12-1-1899, Age:18mths, [JB]
Bryant, Patrick John, d. 1-1-1910, Age:42, [JB]
Buchanan, Ada, d. 14-5-1930, Age:48, [JB]
Buckbury, James Herbert, d. 15-2-1911, Age:3wks, [JB]
Buckbury, Leslie Charles, d. 16-2-1911, Age:3wks, [JB]
Buckland, Florence, d. 19-5-1911, Age:1, [JB]
Burcher, Henry Ernest, d. 19-1-1914, Age:22, [JB]
Burdock, Herman, d. 6-7-1915, Age:20, [JB]
Burgess, John Henry, d. 11-10-1910, Age:55, [JB]
Burglar, George, d. 11-11-1919, Age:36, [JB]
Burne, Edward Merideth, d. 29-1-1919, Age:16, [JB]
Burnes, Anna Jane, d. 4-4-1933, Age:62, [JB]
Burnes, Michael, d. 17-1-1907, Age:66, [JB]
Burnes, Thomas, d. 9-8-1925, Age:54, [JB]
Burnett, John Neil, d. 31-1-1910, Age:9wks, [JB]
Burns, Norman, d. 19-8-1921, Age:8, [JB]
Burns, Richard, d. 25-4-1931, Age:73, [JB]
Burns, William, d. 4-9-1916, Age:30, [JB]
Burton, Harold, d. 15-10-1933, Age:15, [JB]
Burton (Bruton), Cath M, d. 8-8-1915, Age:45, [JB]
Bushell, George, d. 14-3-1914, Age:36, [JB]
Butler, Ann, d. 27-12-1933, Age:29, [JB]
Butler, Gertrude Mary, d. 31-8-1926, Age:32, [JB]
Butler, John, d. 5-11-1926, Age:71, [JB]
Butler, John Alexander, d. 8-11-1915, Age:9mths, [JB]
Byrne, Christopher Peter, d. 10-7-1970, Age:4hrs, [JB]
Byrne, Clara, d. 21-8-1935, Age:SB, [JB]
Byrne, Ellen Bridget Mary, d. 5-9-1973, Age:60, [JB]
Byrne, Ellen Elsie May, d. 3-9-1935, Age:27, [JB]
Byrne, Grace Mary, d. 8-8-1926, Age:35, [JB]
Byrne, James, d. 2-9-1896, Age:SB, [JB]
Byrne, Joan Marie, d. 29-1-1939, Age:8hrs, [JB]
Byrne, Joseph Owen, d. 11-5-1951, Age:65, [JB]
Byrne, Margaret, d. 5-9-1928, Age:60, [JB]
Byrne, Martin, d. 17-8-1929, Age:72, [JB]
Byrne, Matthew, d. 6-2-1926, Age:58, [JB]
Byrne, Patrick James, d. 19-6-1996, Age:90, [JB]
Byrne, William Henry, d. 1-11-1996, Age:81, [JB]
Cahalene, Reginald Francis, d. 15-6-1932, Age:25, [JB]
Cahill, John, d. 8-3-1900, Age:72, [JB]
Cain, Charles, d. 9-8-1918, Age:76, [JB]
Cain, Edward, d. 20-4-1934, Age:65, [JB]
Calcino, Albert Morven, d. 22-2-1937, Age:43, [JB]
Calcino, Charles Vivian, d. 10-12-1932, Age:20, [JB]
Callaghan, William, d. 28-7-1918, Age:43, [JB]
Cameron, Catherine Marey, d. 30-1-1926, Age:69, [JB]
Cameron, Donald, d. 29-4-1908, Age:56, [JB]
Cameron, Dugald John, d. 16-8-1935, Age:53, [JB]
Cameron, James, d. 22-6-1925, Age:65, [JB]
Cameron, Robert, d. 5-2-1938, Age:79, [JB]
Campbell, Alexander Donald, d. 4-1-1930, Age:34, [JB]
Campbell, David Joseph, d. 13-4-1928, Age:1y5m, [JB]
Campbell, Donald D, d. 5-1-1924, Age:38, [JB]
Faithfull, Arthur Jonathan Augustus, d. Charleville 10th May 1954, b. Bristol, England 9th Aug 1899, official war photographer, [JB]
Green, John Richard,
b. 12 Apr 1883, d. 11 Apr 1890, [CH]
Heinemann, Alice, b. 22 Sep 1885, d. 14 Feb 1961, wife of Charles, [CH]
Heinemann, Charles Fredrick, b. 2 Sep 1883, d. 30 Mar 1963, [CH]
Kavanagh, Betty, d. 13-11-1938, Age:6, [JB]
Keane, Patrick, d. 10-2-1918, Age:73, [JB]
Keating, William, d. 9-2-1915, Age:68, [JB]
Keen, Elizabeth, d. 19-10-1906, Age:0, [JB]
Keene, Ralph, d. 13-2-1907, Age:27, [JB]
Kelly, Agnes Patricia, d. 20-2-1918, Age:76, [JB]
Kelly, Daniel, d. 14-4-1918, Age:23, [JB]
Kelly, Ellen, d. 21-4-1932, Age:0, [JB]
Kelly, Gilbert Francis, d. 27-4-1900, Age:10m, [JB]
Kelly, John, d. 29-10-1920, Age:61, [JB]
Kelly, John, d. 24-4-1926, Age:SB, [JB]
Kelly, John Joseph Michael, d. 27-2-1926, Age:29, [JB]
Kelly, John Patrick, d. 8-5-1936, Age:60, [JB]
Kelly, John Thomas William, d. 3-12-1922, Age:30, [JB]
Kelly, Kevin, d. 1-5-1928, Age:0, [JB]
Kelly, Mary Elizabeth, d. 15-1-1939, Age:70, [JB]
Kelly, May Florence, d. 12-3-1939, Age:40, [JB]
Kelly, Patrick, d. 1-12-1938, Age:83, [JB]
Kelly, Patrick Andrew, d. 15-10-1923, Age:SB, [JB]
Kemp, Frank, d. 24-2-1919, Age:60, [JB]
Kemp, William, d. 7-2-1932, Age:78, [JB]
Kenafake, Patrick Joseph, d. 22-2-1899, Age:6m, [JB]
Kendall, James, d. 1-4-1931, Age:75, [JB]
Kennedy, Charles, d. 4-1-1906, Age:45, [JB]
Kennedy, James, d. 7-1-1918, Age:75, [JB]
Kennedy, Thomas, d. 28-2-1938, Age:72, [JB]
Kenny, Daniel Birkenshaw, d. 15-2-1904, Age:21, [JB]
Kenny, John, d. 27-8-1929, Age:62, [JB]
Kerr, Annie, d. 14-12-1911, Age:25, [JB]
Kevin, Roger, d. 22-1-1896, Age:SB, [JB]
Kierney, Patrick, d. 4-5-1914, Age:55, [JB]
Kilpatrick, Robert, d. 8-6-1914, Age:61, [JB]
King, Arthur Stanley, d. 5-2-1960, Age:64, [JB]
King, David William, d. 23-7-1959, Age:28, [JB]
King, Ethel Violet Evelyn, d. 5-7-1899, Age:5y8m, [JB]
King, George, d. 8-3-1926, Age:50, [JB]
King, Herbert Frederick Maxwell, d. 2-4-1990, Age:79, [JB]
King, Herbert Thomas, d. 6-12-1902, Age:4wks, [JB]
King, James, d. 27-5-1928, Age:SB, [JB]
King, Jane Amelia, d. 30-9-1957, Age:88, [JB]
King, John Richard, d. 10-3-1973, Age:73, [JB]
King, John William, d. 26-3-1913, Age:25, [JB]
King, Thomas William, d. 30-10-1925, Age:75, [JB]
King, Thomas William, d. 28-2-1913, Age:23, [JB]
King, William Morris, d. 27-8-1970, Age:97, [JB]
King, William Thomas John, d. 2-12-1977, Age:54, [JB]
Kirkby, Vivian, d. 5-3-1920, Age:2, [JB]
Klass, Edward Roy Trevalyn, d. 1-2-1910, Age:9m, [JB]
Klassen, John, d. 13-4-1938, Age:73, [JB]
Knight, Thomas, d. 19-4-1912, Age:29, [JB]
Kratz, Herbert Ralph, d. 12-11-1914, Age:52, [JB]
Kratzman, Amy Ida, d. 17-6-1926, Age:7, [JB]
Kuchler, Phillip James, d. 2-9-1913, Age:47, [JB]
Lamb, Vernon Waghorn, d. 30-6-1928, Age:32, [JB]
Lambert, Thomas, d. 26-3-1896, Age:1, [JB]
Lamond, James, d. Feb 1931, Age:0, [JB]
Lane, Violet, d. 31-5-1932, Age:3dys, [JB]
Lang, Bertie Edgar, d. 3-5-1896, Age:13mths, [JB]
Langford, Albert Thomas, d. 19-7-1928, Age:38, [JB]
Langford, Percival Robert, d. 25-8-1926, Age:2dys, [JB]
Larkins, Elizabeth , d. 25-3-1913, Age:18, [JB]
Larkins, Thomas, d. 30-7-1928, Age:70, [JB]
Latham, Ernest, d. 27-3-1896, Age:20, [JB]
Lauder, John, d. 5-9-1935, Age:62, [JB]
Lavercombe, Richard, d. 24-5-1896, Age:0, [JB]
Lavery, Norah, d. 26-1-1923, Age:23, [JB]
Lavin, Owen , d. 9-4-1899, Age:41, [JB]
Lawrence, Mathew, d. 30-11-1896, Age:0, [JB]
Lawson, Margaret, d. 17-3-1897, Age:3wks, [JB]
Leadbetter, Pansy Maud, d. 7-8-1897, Age:3, [JB]
Leamey, William Hiram, d. 25-8-1925, Age:54, [JB]
Lee, Colin, d. 19-2-1924, Age:9, [JB]
Lee, Walter James, d. 1-9-1938, Age:21, [JB]
Lee, William , d. 28-12-1934, Age:50, [JB]
Leighton, Minna, d. 28-9-1904, Age:29, [JB]
Leis, John Patrick, d. 4-2-1927, Age:36, [JB]
Lemmon, Catherine Elizabeth, d. 26-6-1931, Age:81, [JB]
Lemmon, John Henry, d. 23-3-1923, Age:76, [JB]
Lemmon, John Thomas, d. 18-11-1928, Age:22, [JB]
Lemmon, Mary Charlotte, d. 23-11-1928, Age:33, [JB]
Lemon, Florence, d. 5-5-1903, Age:9, [JB]
Lewis, Catherine Elsie Marg, d. 20-1-1904, Age:4m, [JB]
Lewis, Edmund Charles, d. 25-5-1935, Age:2y5m, [JB]
Lewis, Edmund John, d. 5-10-1935, Age:35, [JB]
Lewis, John T, d. 17-6-1919, Age:61, [JB]
Lewis, Madge Ruth, d. 6-5-1906, Age:1, [JB]
Lewis, Selina, d. 5-8-1904, Age:32, [JB]
Lewis, Thomas Grahme, d. 27-4-1938, Age:5, [JB]
McWha, Margaret Ellen, d. 7-6-1997, Age:85, [JB]
Morris, James Thomas, d. 29-6-1999, Age:82, [JB]
Mulder, Mary, b. 1956 Vict., d. 5 Oct 1911, bur. 7 Oct 1911, wife of Thomas Mulder, [MM]
Mulder, Thomas, b. 1842 USA, d. 31 May 1922, bur. 31 May 1922, husband of Mary, [MM]
Newby, Annie Clare, b. 1888, d. 14 May 1979, [CH]
Newby, Eva Isobel Green, b. 13 Apr 1913, d. 12 Aug 1982, [CH]
Newby, Gillian June Amos, b. 1 Aug 1991, d. no date, [CH]
Newby, John William, b. 12 May 1906, d. 9 Jun 1968, s/w his wife Eva Isobel, [CH]
Newby, John William, b. 1864, d. 8 Apr 1948, s/w his wife Annie Clare, [CH]
Newby, Kevin John, b. 27 Mar 1929, d. 20 Sep 1999, s/w his wife Gillian, [CH]
O`Sullivan, Eva Green, b. 16 Mar 1881, d. 10 Jun 1969, [CH]
O`Sullivan, Timothy James, b. 12 Jul 1873, d. 23 Jan 1931, s/w his wife Eva Green, [CH]
Radnedge, Arthur, b. 29 Apr 1887, d. 28 Jun 1947, [CH]
Radnedge, Edward, b. 22 Jul 1896, d. 23 Jul 1896, [CH]
Radnedge, Eliza Angus, b. 1886, d. 20 Jan 1970, [CH]
Radnedge, Gertrude, b. 7 Feb 1899, d. 22 Feb 1899, [CH]
Radnedge, James, b. 11 Jun 1895, d. 19 Jun 1895, [CH]
Radnedge, John, b. 31 Oct 1848, d. 25 Jun 1932, s/w his wife Matilda, [CH]
Radnedge, Matilda Caroline Allport, b. 8 Feb 1856, d. 17 Nov 1936, [CH]
Radnedge, Samuel, b. 3 Feb 1894, d. 25 Apr 1894, [CH]
Radnedge, Walter, b. 13 Jul 1891, d. 5 Jul 1971, s/w his wife Eliza Angus, [CH]
Roche, Margaret Jane, b. 4 Jul 1887, d. 10 Sep 1937, [CH]
Stapleton, Blanche Wilhelmina, d. 10-6-1997, Age:77, [JB]

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