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Pioneer Cemetery
Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Greg Humphrey, Jan 21, 2003 [jagrdh5@bigpond.com.au]
Total records = 7.

It is beside Ryan Road and Deport Creek, in Mount Isa.

The reason why there might not be many more burials between 1923, when Mount Isa was established, and 1929 is that the closest hospital was in Cloncurry. Anybody injured in the mine were taken there.

There were two others Joseph Henry died 15th Apr 1931 and William Charles Parsons who died 2nd Feb 1928 who were killed in the mines but I am not sure where they are buried.

- Greg Humphrey

Bird, Joseph Albert, d. 29 Aug 1929, M, age: 16yr
Clancy, James, d. 15 Jul 1929, M, age: 52yr
Mather, Alfred John, d. 13 Aug 1929, M, age: 3mo
Newton Khol, Frederick George, d. 31 Jul 1929, M, age: 20yr, killed in mines
Noonan, John James, d. 11 Oct 1929, M, age: 46yr
Page, William Thomas, d. 30 Sep 1929, M, age: 53yr
Treanor, Henry, d. 1 Nov 1926, M, age: 80yr

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