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Mount Isa Historical Cemetery
Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia

It is beside Ryan Road and Deport Creek.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Nov 14, 2011. Total records = 49.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Bartley, Colin Frederick David, d. 24 Aug 1998, M, age: 55yr, [GH]
Barton, Alfred, d. 11 May 1998, M, age: 67yr, [GH]
Bee, Wilfred Alan, d. 30 May 1998, M, age: 69yr, [GH]
Bellchambers, Tyrone Vincent Neville, d. 28 Aug 1998, M, age: 5yr, [GH]
Bird, Joseph Albert, d. 29 Aug 1929, M, age: 16yr, [GH]
Bowman, George, d. 10 Sep 1998, M, age: 85yr, [GH]
Campbell, Douglas Charles, d. 12 Jul 1998, M, age: 75yr, [GH]
Clancy, James, d. 15 Jul 1929, M, age: 52yr, [GH]
Cleary, Elizabeth Joan, d. 16 Jul 1998, F, age: 66yr, [GH]
Dempsey, Elsie, d. 18 Jul 1998, F, age: 55yr, [GH]
Donaldson, Shelia Ann, d. 30 Aug 1998, F, age: 55yr, [GH]
Edmonds, Elinor May, no dates, F, age: 90yr, [GH]
Green, Harold Gordon, d. 17 Aug 1998, M, [GH]
Hill, Fanny, d. 10 Jun 1998, F, age: 100yr, [GH]
Hodgeson, Daphne May, d. 1 Sep 1998, F, age: 92yr, [GH]
Ivanov, Gabriel, d. 16 Sep 1998, M, [GH]
Johnson, Denise, d. 3 Oct 1998, F, age: 52yr, [GH]
Juhel, Richard Felix, d. 17 Nov 1998, M, age: 45yr, [GH]
Kelly, James Trevor, d. 11 Nov 1997, M, age: 66yr, Ashes place 1998, [GH]
Khol, Ronald, d. 30 Jun 1998, M, age: 60yr, [GH]
King, Roy James, d. 9 Oct 1998, M, age: 39yr, [GH]
Larchin, Henry Edward Charles, d. 2 Jul 1998, M, age: 70yr, [GH]
Logan, Grace, d. 12 Sep 1998, F, age: 66yr, [GH]
Marshell, Michael John, d. 30 Jun 1998, M, age: 42yr, [GH]
Martin, John Raymond, d. 20 Sep 1998, M, age: 54yr, [GH]
Mather, Alfred John, d. 13 Aug 1929, M, age: 3mo , [GH]
Maxwell, Charles Coull, d. 19 Jul 1998, M, [GH]
Newton Khol, Frederick George, d. 31 Jul 1929, M, age: 20yr, killed in mines, [GH]
Newton Khol, Valerie, d. 24 Jun 1998, F, age: 63yr, [GH]
Noonan, John James, d. 11 Oct 1929, M, age: 46yr, [GH]
Olsen, Marian Doris, d. 17 Nov 1998, F, age: 69yr, [GH]
Page, William Thomas, d. 30 Sep 1929, M, age: 53yr, [GH]
Passerini, Olindo, d. 19 Sep 1998, M, age: 67yr, [GH]
Rafferty, James, d. 1 Oct 1998, M, age: 71yr, [GH]
Sarmardin, David Ross, d. 6 Aug 1998, M, age: 23yr, [GH]
Sarmardin, Ross, d. 21 Sep 1998, M, age: 44yr, [GH]
Schliebs, Meryl Joyce, d. 12 Jul 1998, F, age: 68yr, [GH]
Sebastiani, Elio Franco, d. 26 Dec 1998, M, age: 69yr, [GH]
Semyraha , Jaqueline Loren Bacon, d. 3 Aug 1998, F, age: 52yr, [GH]
Spanner, Aaron Joseph, d. 28 Nov 1998, M, age: 2yr, [GH]
Summers, Donald, d. Edward 12 Jun 1998, M, age: 74yr, [GH]
Thomas, Miriam Rose, d. 29 Jun 1998, F, age: 82yr, [GH]
Thomson, Alfred, d. 30 Aug 1998, M, age: 88yr, [GH]
Treanor, Henry, d. 1 Nov 1926, M, age: 80yr, [GH]
Turner, Joan Christine, d. 4 Sep 1998, F, age: 49yr, [GH]
Warry, Stanley, d. 10 Aug 1998, M, [GH]
Webster, Dorothy, d. 31 May 1998, F, age: 82yr, [GH]
Wilson, Audrey Beryl, d. 9 Dec 1998, F, age: 76yr, [GH]
Yamaguchi, Arthur Anthony, d. 16 Nov 1998, M, [GH]

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