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McKinlay Cemetery
McKinlay Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Anonymous, Feb 17, 2003. Total records = 51.

To reach the cemetery directions will need to be checked at the Pub, the major landmark in town.

This cemetery is in McKinlay where there is no street, just a town name. Located 104 km south east of Cloncurry on the Matilda Highway.

McKinlay Cemetery is managed by the McKinlay Shire Council. To write to the Council, the address is Chief Executive Officer, McKinlay Shire Council, PO Box 177, Julia Creek Q 4823.

These cemetery inscriptions were read in 2001.

bur. = buried
d. = died

Cemetery Records

Absolon, Elizabeth Jane, d. 10th Oct 1936, age: 77yr, bur. 11th Oct 1936
Absolon, George Richard, d. 20th May 1912, age: 67yr, bur. 21st May 1912
Absolon, William John Richardson, d. 7th Oct 1907, age: 6mth, bur. 10th Oct 1907
Absolon, William John, d. 19th Nov 1957, age: 71yr, bur. 20th Nov 1957
Ah Cook, J, d. 17th Jan 1901, age: 49yr, bur. 18th Jan 1901
Allen, Margaret, d. 30th Aug 1930, age: 4 hrs, bur. 30th Aug 1930
Allison, Alice Clare, d. 11th Nov 1916, age: 1mth, bur. 11th Nov 1916
Allison, Jeanie, d. 17th Dec 1957, age: 87yr, bur. 17th Dec 1957
Allison, William Martindale, d. 1st Sep 1953, age: 88yr, bur. 2nd Sep 1953
Benson, Charles, d. 27th Feb 1914, age: 48yr, bur. 27th Feb 1914
Blackall, George, d. 6th Sep 1913, age: 58yr, bur. 6th Sep 1913
Brown, Keith Colstoun Wade, d. 19th Sep 1953, age: 69yr, bur. 20th Sep 1953
Brydon, William John, d. 1st Mar 1932, age: 73yr, bur. 1st Mar 1932
Burton, Nelly, d. 16th Dec 1944, age: 65 yr, bur. 1944, Nelly originally buried in J.C. but moved in 1945 at request of sister Mrs E Palmer
Cavanagh, Robert, d. 7th Oct 1957, age: 74yr, bur. 8th Oct 1957
Chyles, Edward, d. 23rd Sep 1899, age: 30yr, bur. 24th Sep 1899
Clark, Sequron Duncan, d. 21st Aug 1900, age: 29yr, bur. 23rd Aug 1900
Cummins, Ernest George James, d. 18th Dec 1919, age: 3mo, bur. 18th Dec 1919
Dawson, Justin Fox, d. 2nd Jun 1943, age: 61yr, bur. 3rd Jun 1943
Diaksov, George, d. 6th Oct 1893, age: 67yr, bur. 6th Oct 1893
Foster, William Digger, d. 5th Dec 1924, age: 1hr, bur. 5th Dec 1924
Gillick, John James, d. 10th Feb 1936, age: 53yr, bur. 11th Feb 1936
Hardy, Charles, d. 21st Sep 1928, age: 50yr, bur. 22nd Sep 1928
Hardy, Edna Leila, d. 26th Oct 1923, age: 1yr, bur. 26th Oct 1923
Hardy, Ruby Gertrude, d. 23rd May 1943, age: 57yr, bur. 24th May 1943
Hoesles, Frederick, d. 5th Mar 1904, age: 54yr, bur. 6th Mar 1904
Horton, Lucinda, d. 29th Feb 1932, age: 83yr, bur. 29th Feb 1932
Horton, William Digger, d. 1st Sep 1923, age: 70yr, bur. 2nd Sep 1923
Ivall, Edward, d. 30th Apr 1919, age: 80yr, bur. 1st May 1919
Landers, John, d. 9th Nov 1920, age: 62yr, bur. 10th Nov 1920
Linson, William, d. 15th Nov 1913, age: 52yr, bur. 15th Nov 1913
Loftus, Albert George Neil, d. 8th Mar 1909, age: 34yr, bur. 8th Mar 1909
Lucas, Robin Michael, d. 20th Sep 1942, age: 3mo, bur. 21st Sep 1942
Matthews, David Frederick, d. 16th Jan 1933, age: 78yr, bur. 16th Jan 1933
Murphy, Lawrence, d. 10th Apr 1900, age: 14yr, bur. 11th Apr 1900
Murray, John, d. 21st Jan 1918, age: 37yr, bur. 21st Jan 1918
O'Malley, George Vincent, d. 1st May 1939, age: 43yr, bur. 2nd May 1939
Palmer, Wallace Edgar, d. 5th Jul 1935, age: 60yr, bur. 5th Jul 1935
Portous, Robert, d. 5th Sep 1919, age: 56yr, bur. 5th Sep 1919
Roberts, Daniel, d. 13th May 1889, age: 41yr, bur. 15th May 1889
Roxburgh, Annie Sarah, d. 14th Oct 1948, age: 63yr, bur. 17th Oct 1948
Simpson, Lionel George, d. 1961, age: 73yr, bur. 1961
Sinclair, William, d. 12th Jul 1899, age: 18yr, bur. 13th Jul 1899
Solomon, Henery James, d. 22nd Oct 1915, age: 46yr, bur. 23rd Oct 1915
Sook, Lon, d. 11th Mar 1901, age: 49yr, bur. 11th Mar 1901, aka Ah Sam
Stubbings, Elizabeth Annie, d. 8th Aug 1953, age: 83yr, bur. 9th Aug 1953
Stubbings, James Richard, d. 10th Oct 1931, age: 68yr, bur. 11th Oct 1931
Swift, Elizabeth Bonny Neade, d. 28th Oct 1889, age: 49yr, bur. 28th Oct 1889
Tracy, Mary Ann, d. 3rd Jul 1936, age: 66yr, bur. 4th Jul 1936
Turner, William Thomas, d. 4th Mar 1894, age: 2mth 21da, bur. 4th Mar 1894
Wilkinson, William Edward, d. 24th Apr 1895, age: 1yr 4mth, bur. 24th Apr 1895

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