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Maryborough Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

O'Brien, Florence Emily, d. 26-7-1998, Age:83
O'Connor, Albert Cecil, d. 18-12-1916, b. 27-4-1887
O'Connor, Alice Jane, d. 3/3/55, b. 10-4-1887
O'Connor, David Watkins, d. 19-8-1887, Age:39
O'Connor, Elijah David, d. 21-8-1895, Age:6y6m
Oehm, Alfred Bertram, d. 17-9-1944, Age:66
Oehm, Cecil Leslie, d. 18-8-1983, Age:69
Oehm, Lily, d. 24-10-1943, Age:53
Ogden, Darryl Charles, d. 26-7-1969, Age:6
Ogden, Ethel May, d. 8/12/68, Age:75
Ogden, Frances Mary, d. 1978, b. 1907
Ogden, Matilda, d. 20-1-1913, Age:46
Ogden, T.J., d. 24-10-1939
Ogden, Thomas, d. 5/3/39, Age:71
Olds, Ivy Maud, d. 6/1/79, Age:81
Olds, William, d. 30-1-1977, Age:86
Olson, Ida C, d. 20-6-1899, Age:24
Ott, Henry, d. 14-5-1947, Age:83
Pailthorpe, Alfred Prince, d. 23-07-1919, Age:8m
Pailthorpe, Arthur, d. 12/11/63, Age:78
Pailthorpe, Dorothy Mary, d. 2/1/46, Age:30y7m
Pailthorpe, Eleanor Jean, d. 23-06-1987, Age:50
Pailthorpe, Elizabeth Ernestine C, d. 26-07-1969, Age:76y11m
Pailthorpe, Rose, d. 6/5/75, Age:75
Pailthorpe, stillborn, d. 9/11/63
Pailthorpe, Wendy, d. 29-01-1952, Age:21hrs
Parke, Catherine, d. 5/3/19, Age:70
Parke, Effie S, d. 31-1-1951, Age:60
Parke, John, d. 11/11/13, Age:69
Partridge, Stanley Gordon, d. 31-1-2000, Age:72
Payne, Eileen, d. 27-4-1985
Pearson, Andrew, d. 30-1-1976, Age:89
Pearson, Marion Elizabeth, d. 20-5-1958, Age:58
Pioch, Ada Dora, d. 9/7/00, Age:3dys
Pioch, Alfred Hector C, d. 21-10-1965, b. 27-9-1903
Pioch, August Hermann, d. 10/3/37, Age:76
Pioch, Augusta, d. 11-5-1896, Age:1m15dys
Pioch, Carolina, d. 4/9/00, Age:84
Pioch, Elfreda Charlotte, d. 24-10-1938, Age:64
Pioch, Elizabeth, d. 7/3/51, b. 1868
Pioch, Emma Martha, d. 30-6-1899, Age:5dys
Pioch, Eva May, d. 6/1/11, b. 14-10-1910
Pioch, Eveline Elizabeth, d. 16-8-1966, b. 8-12-1891
Pioch, Ferdinand Friedrich, d. 5-7-1892, Age:52
Pioch, Frank Theodore, d. 30-10-1948, Age:64
Pioch, Franz Hermann, d. 16-10-1947, b. 1866
Pioch, Franz Hermann Carl, d. 13-9-1972, b. 20-6-1888
Pioch, Frederick August Hermann, d. 13-6-1928, Age:37
Pioch, Grace Elizabeth, d. 27-4-1982, Age:80
Pioch, Gustina, d. 1-12-1895, Age:32hrs
Pioch, Henry Charles, d. 20-9-1989, Age:21dys
Pioch, Hermine Johanna, d. 2/1/31, Age:70
Pioch, Keith George, d. 20-10-1971, Age:47
Pioch, Rosina Jane Agatha, d. 14-7-1980, b. 1897
Pioch, Wilhelm Carl, d. 10/11/10, Age:24
Pioch, Wilhelmine Henriette, d. 20-4-1909, Age:67
Pioch, William Charles, d. 10/3/04, b. 6/1/04
Pioch, William Henry J, d. 24-9-1970, b. 28-12-1893
Popp, Alfred Charles, d. 11/11/76, Age:60
Popp, Carl A, d. 8/8/32, b. 25-1-1867
Popp, Colin Eric, d. 14-6-1984, Age:59
Popp, Helen Mary, d. 14-1-1967, Age:82
Popp, Ivy C, no dates, Age:2mths
Popp, John Henry, d. 31-1-1945, Age:63
Popp, Phoebe Miriam, d. 27-2-1976, Age:86
Popp, Phyllis, d. 4/12/33, Age:24
Popp, Priscilla Alice, d. 13-6-1926, b. 10-11-1865
Popp, Ruth Ethel, d. 28-11-1976, Age:84
Poulsen, Edna Marie, d. 6/4/76, Age:78
Poulsen, Hans Lassen, d. 13-9-1940, Age:80
Poulsen, Susan, d. 17-3-1934, Age:69
Powell, Alice, d. Apr 1878, Age:3
Powell, Charlotte, d. 19-2-1878, Age:85
Powell, James Stephen, d. 30-9-1873, Age:25
Price, Martha Ann, d. 7/1/07, Age:54
Prickett, George Frederick, d. 25-9-1976, Age:86
Prickett, Margaret Wilson, d. 20-11-1950, Age:69
Proctor, Annie, d. 16-10-1952, Age:84
Proctor, William, d. 14-6-1949, Age:89
Rayner, Ann, d. 6/2/83, Age:93
Rayner, Anna, d. 10/6/39, Age:69
Rayner, Aubrey C.A., d. 24-9-1984, b. 1907
Rayner, Beatrice Edith Maud, d. 2/9/72, Age:79
Rayner, Benjamin Bell, d. 3/2/32, Age:72
Rayner, Edwin James, d. 24-7-1974, Age:56
Rayner, Edwin James, d. 15-10-1971, Age:74
Rayner, George Albert, d. 24-10-1978, Age:86
Rayner, Mary Valentine Jane, d. 12/12/90, Age:86
Rehder, Bernard Maxwell, d. 28-11-1979, Age:79
Rehder, Ellen Charlotte, d. 11/2/63, Age:92y8m
Rehder, Joseph Bernard, d. 6/3/57, Age:84
Rendall, David Munro, d. 1950, b. 1863
Rendall, Jane Ann, d. 1952, b. 1869
Rhodes, Charles Cooper, d. 1942, b. 1879
Rhodes, Sarah Jane, d. 1969, b. 1882
Richards, Arthur Alfred, d. 2/10/50
Richards, Catherine Jane, d. 21-6-1942
Richards, Charles Richard Dormer, d. 2/11/41, b. 19-4-1867
Richards, Margaret Catherine, d. 13-10-1905
Richards, Solomon George, d. 25-2-1911, b. 25-9-1822
Richardson, John Gilbert, d. 20-5-1938
Rieck, Alice Julia, d. 23-11-1922, Age:39
Rieck, Victor S, d. 25-2-1929, Age:15
Robbins, Frederick, d. 3/1/36, Age:64
Robbins, Henrietta, d. 15-7-1948, Age:76
Roberts, Ada Beatrice, d. 2/5/27
Roberts, George Illidge, d. 12/10/38
Roberts, Harriet, d. 3/12/33, Age:92
Roberts, John, d. 13-8-1934, Age:80
Roberts, Joseph Swain Onslow, d. 8/3/49, Age:74
Roberts, Mary Beatrice, d. 12-2-1869, Age:15mths
Roberts, Sarah Palmer, d. 2/4/32, Age:68
Roberts, William Herbert, d. 18-6-1875, Age:6
Roberts, William S, d. 28-5-1883, Age:2y9m
Roberts, William Swain, d. 8-11-1880, Age:49
Robertson, Andrew William, d. 29-3-1949, aged 47
Robertson, James, d. 7-7-1895, Age:35
Robertson, Jessie, d. 16-7-1928, Age:71
Robertson, Jessie, d. 1-11-1896, Age:7
Robinson, Allan, d. 13-10-1935, Age:75
Robinson, Sid, d. 18-10-1939
Robinson, Thomas, d. 14-4-1940
Rockemer, Alfred, d. 15-1-1988, Age:81
Rockemer, Annette Maud, d. 8/12/35, Age:35
Rockemer, Christian William, d. 17-6-1960, Age:66
Rockemer, Ernest, d. 4/9/78, Age:74
Rockemer, George Ernest, d. 30-10-1982, Age:82
Rockemer, Gertrude, d. 28-6-1988, Age:90
Rockemer, Isabelle Margaret, d. 12/2/90, Age:71
Rockemer, Jonathan Ian, d. 21-4-1989, Age:18mths
Rockemer, Margaretha Emily, d. 3/1/70, Age:73
Rockemer, William Arthur, d. 26-9-1983, Age:86
Rosin, Auguste Ernestine Emile, d. 6/9/70, Age:87
Rosin, Friedrich August, d. 6/5/49, Age:54
Rosin, Herman, d. 15-1-1955, Age:73
Rosin, Louise Charlotte, d. 22-2-1920, Age:19y10m
Rosin, Madge Rennie, d. 9/8/65, Age:61
Rosin, Mary Irene, d. 20-8-1913, Age:4y9m
Rosin, May, d. 20-8-1913, Age:4yr9m
Rosin, Neville, d. 21-1-1935, Age:6mths
Rudolph, Fergus Alfred, d. 2/5/75, Age:66
Ryland, Annie Lee, d. 4-6-1892, Age:30
Ryland, Annie Maria, d. 2/3/53, Age:83
Ryland, Beatrice Maud, d. 4/1/04, Age:6.5mths
Ryland, Cecil John, d. 5/5/53, Age:47
Ryland, George, d. 30-5-1888, Age:84
Ryland, Jonathan Joseph, d. 18-8-1918, Age:54
Ryland, Leslie William, d. 20-9-1989, Age:58
Ryland, Lizzie, d. 19-2-1891, Age:26
Ryland, Norman L, d. 13-11-1974, Age:72
Ryland, Rachael, d. 12/9/07, Age:79
Ryland, William Jonathan, d. 18-11-1959, Age:61
Sakrzewski, August F, d. 16-1-1946, Age:87
Sakrzewski, Augusta, d. 30-8-1940, Age:76y9m
Sakrzewski, Carl, d. 7/10/05
Sakrzewski, Carl Ferdinand, d. 10-9-1899, Age:24
Sakrzewski, Otto Franz Albert, d. 16-11-1903, b. 11/8/03
Scales, George Richard, d. 24-1-1997
Scheffler, August, d. 18-6-1906, Age:75
Scheffler, August E, d. 20-7-1958, Age:98
Scheffler, Carl August, d. 5/9/74, Age:88
Scheffler, Maria, d. 3/7/50, Age:88
Scheffler, Minnie Martine, d. 7/7/72, Age:84
Scheikowski, Anna, d. 8/9/54, Age:93
Scheikowski, David Michael, d. 23-4-1959, Age:71
Scheikowski, Franz, d. 30-12-1929, Age:72
Scheikowski, Ivy Theresa, d. 27-7-1980, Age:81
Schmidke, William Charles, d. 19-4-1968, Age:84
Schmidt, Anna Marie, d. 11/3/57, Age:84
Schmidt, Bernhard Gottfried, d. 18-9-1975, Age:61
Schmidt, Carl August, d. 30-10-1935, Age:64y2m
Schmidt, Carl August, d. 2/6/54, Age:48
Schmidt, Eliza, d. 22-7-1943, Age:85y11m
Schmidt, Florence Emma, d. 7/8/42, Age:46
Schmidt, Fritz Alfred Henry, d. 4/1/29, Age:18y10m
Schmidt, Gustav Adolf, d. 17-10-1889, b. 12-7-1889
Schmidt, James Edward, d. 3-2-1895, Age:5y2m
Schmidt, Julius Samuel, d. 26-2-1911, b. 19-3-1855
Schmidt, Lena Marie, d. 19-6-1973, Age:76
Schmidt, Louise, d. 28-10-1907, Age:63y6m
Schmidt, Mary B, d. 31-3-1989, Age:89
Schmidt, Peter Nielsen, d. 14-12-1925, 74y10m
Schmidt, Robert James, d. 4/10/76, Age:78
Schmidt, Samuel, d. 21-2-1969
Schmidt, Sydney, d. 14-7-1967, Age:70
Schmidt, Wilhelm, d. 18-7-1910, Age:67
Schmidt, Wilhelm Carl, d. 23-2-1918, Age:69
Schmidt, Wilhelm Carl, d. 25-4-1960, Age:65
Schmidt, Wilhelmine, d. 7/11/22, b. 9-8-1851
Schmit, Anna, d. 14-2-1923, Age:71
Schmit, August, d. 8/12/10, Age:63
Schmitke, Edward, d. 10/12/43, Age:83
Schmitke, Kenneth Vincent, d. 3/10/33, Age:19
Schmitke, Margret Porteus, d. 19-4-1956, Age:79
Schneider, Martin, d. 30-4-1951, b. 17-12-1884
Schonrock, Adeline Auguste, d. 17-9-1941, Age:73
Schonrock, Adolf, d. 18-2-1894, Age:68
Schonrock, Adolf August H, d. 2/7/33, Age:64
Schonrock, Adolf Carl Frederick, d. 17-10-1954, Age:56
Schonrock, Albert Adolf, d. 13-9-1948, b. 14-6-1872
Schonrock, Albert Rudolph, d. 13-5-1968, Age:73
Schonrock, Annie Marie, d. 9/7/53, Age:47
Schonrock, Arthur Wilhelm Adolf, d. 20-3-1958, Age:56
Schonrock, August Wilhelm, d. 19-1-1955, Age:59
Schonrock, Carl Herman, d. 22-1-1981, Age:74
Schonrock, Caroline, d. 10/10/22, Age:86
Schonrock, Christina Auguste, d. 7/10/59, Age:84
Schonrock, Dave Ferdinand, d. 5/4/58, Age:49
Schonrock, Dorothea Louise Isabella, d. 16-8-1904, Age:4y10wks
Schonrock, Dorothea W.T., d. 4/1/44, b. 1-10-1866
Schonrock, Fay Lorraine, d. 13-5-1953, Age:7y9m
Schonrock, Frank Henry Carl, d. 21-7-1980
Schonrock, Hilda Maria, d. 21-6-1956, Age:59
Schonrock, Joan, d. 28-6-1966, b. 3/8/15
Schonrock, Joyce, d. 20-6-1979, Age:60
Schonrock, Marie Theresa, d. 18-4-1975, Age:47
Schonrock, Rose, d. 17-6-1982, Age:77
Schonrock, Rosebud Deliah, d. 19-9-1993, Age:84
Schonrock, Rudolph Adolf W, d. 31-3-1944, b. 28-9-1865
Schonrock, Rudolph Adolf W, d. 14-8-1968, Age:71
Schonrock, Wilhelm August, d. 20-1-1955, Age:59
Schops, H.C.R., d. Feb-51, Age:61
Schroter, Carl, d. 1/7/15, Age:79
Schroter, Margaretta E, d. 4/3/12, Age:69
Schultz, Albert, d. 1/9/56, Age:81
Schultz, Albert Edward, d. 6/3/90, Age:83
Schultz, Albert Hermann, d. 28-11-1974, Age:46
Schultz, Alda Amelia, d. 10/10/75, Age:69
Schultz, Alex Edgar, d. 12/1/69, Age:84
Schultz, Alma, d. 15-3-1891, Age:2y2m
Schultz, Andres, d. 7/5/15, Age:83
Schultz, Ane Maria, d. 1/9/20, Age:90y5m
Schultz, Anna, d. 21-11-1927, Age:81
Schultz, August, d. 6-6-1877, Age:9
Schultz, Augusta, d. 26-8-1896, Age:68
Schultz, Carl Johann Herman, d. 7/8/46, Age:'61
Schultz, Charles, d. 13-11-1913, Age:1
Schultz, Christian, d. 25-10-1946, Age:86
Schultz, Cissy, d. 8/5/28, Age:28
Schultz, Doris, d. 29-1-1927, Age:18
Schultz, Ellen Louisa, d. 23-8-1954, Age:46
Schultz, Ernest Stanley, d. 8/10/68, Age:64
Schultz, Ernst Carl Wilhelm, d. 15-2-1879, Age:1
Schultz, Eva Mabel, d. 20-4-1964, Age:63
Schultz, Ferdinand, d. 22-2-1900, b. 9-1-1856
Schultz, Ferdinand Peter, d. 4/10/88, Age:83
Schultz, Florence Ruby, d. 10/7/64, Age:66
Schultz, Frank Norman, d. 10/2/07, Age:4
Schultz, Frederick, d. 19-12-1950, Age:77
Schultz, Gotfried, d. 8/1/02, Age:58
Schultz, Harry, d. 12/4/07, Age:1hr
Schultz, Heinrich, d. 8/7/08, Age:72
Schultz, Johanna Martha, d. 1/4/68, Age:87
Schultz, John, d. 22-6-1983, Age:65
Schultz, Leslie, d. 30-1-1914, Age:14
Schultz, Louisa, d. 12/3/52, Age:82
Schultz, Louisa May, d. 16-5-1960, Age:80
Schultz, Lucille Ferneli, d. 20-3-1989, Age:77
Schultz, Maria Louise, d. 8-6-1888, Age:17dys
Schultz, Martha, d. 14-11-1895, Age:9wks
Schultz, Martha Anna, d. 15-1-1902, Age:57
Schultz, Mervyn John, d. 4/9/61, Age:8
Schultz, Phyllis May, d. 14-12-1943, Age:12y10m
Schultz, Ronald Adolf, d. 30-12-1924, b. 13-6-1921
Schultz, Stella, d. 3/8/79, Age:76
Schultz, Wilhelm Herman, d. 22-8-1985, Age:105
Schultz, Wilhelmine H, d. 11-8-1890, Age:2
Schultz, William, d. 3/6/32, Age:39
Schultz, William Henry, d. 24-12-1956, Age:44
Schulz, Carl, d. 9/12/18, Age:75
Schulz, Carl, d. 9/12/18, Age:75
Schulz, Caroline, d. 10/6/19, Age:72
Schulz, Caroline, d. 10/6/19, Age:72
Scott, George Thompson, d. 23-8-1947, Age:64
Scott, Isabella, d. 11/7/43, Age:58
Scott, Lydia, d. 7/6/61, Age:63
Scott, Neville John, d. 2/11/55, Age:18
Scott, Vivian John, d. 2/7/77, Age:62
Scott, Walter Lawson, d. 11/7/59, Age:70
Scougall, Alice Myrah, d. 21-7-1966, Age:81
Scougall, Richard Walter, d. 14-1-1946, Age:37
Scougall, Walter Richard, d. 31-7-1939, Age:59
Seagers, George, d. 1944, b. 1873
Seddon, John, d. 30-7-1958, b. 20-3-1900
Seddon, Muriel Isabel, d. , b. 21-9-1904
Sengstock, Albert, d. 29-6-1948, Age:86
Sengstock, Annie, d. 9/11/48, Age:71
Sengstock, Carl, d. 27-8-1940, 88y11m
Sengstock, Colin Stanley, d. 28-11-1941, Age:7mths
Sengstock, Edmund Thomas, d. 10/5/57, Age:48
Sengstock, Elvie May, d. 11/5/55
Sengstock, Emilie, d. 1/8/48, b. 15-7-1855
Sengstock, George Albert, d. 20-8-1979
Sengstock, H.J., d. 5/7/36
Sengstock, Ian Wayne, d. 5/8/81
Sengstock, Johann Carl, d. 11/12/18, Age:70y1m
Sengstock, Louisa, d. 24-2-1907, Age:76
Sengstock, Margaret Josephine, d. 8/6/86
Sengstock, Minnie, d. 5/10/12, Age:23
Sengstock, Otto A.H., d. 18-7-1984, b. 12/5/03
Sengstock, Richard Frank, d. 3/11/23, Age:7wks
Sengstock, Wilhelm Gottfried, d. 3/2/82, b. 5-3-1895
Sewell, Henry, d. 25-5-1948, aged 88
Sewell, John, d. 25-6-1916, Age:31
Sexton, Herbert Daniel, d. 21-2-1982, Age:95
Seyde, Ivy, d. 5/8/61, Age:81
Seyde, Wallace Dunbar, d. 13-7-1959, Age:78
Shepherd, John Frederick, d. 24-4-1963, Age:82
Shepherd, Margaret Dempster, d. 19-6-1949, Age:66
Short, Kevin Roy, d. 15-10-1988, Age:38
Sim, Alexander, d. 4-9-1945, aged 79
Sim, Alexander, 24-2-1901, aged 80
Sim, Evelyn Maud, d. 10/3/25, Age:36
Sim, James, d. 30-1-1918, Age:75
Sim, James, d. 24-1-1915, b. 24-8-1879
Sim, Jane, d. 4/8/1923
Sim, Maggie McKerrow, d. 5-7-1877, b. 23-10-1867
Sim, Margaret McKerrow, d. 25-6-1923, Age:54
Sim, Walter, d. 13-3-1915, Age:44
Simpson, Marianne Pearl, d. 25-2-1887, Age:15mths
Sinclair, Alfred Prescott, d. 17-9-1966, Age:72
Sinclair, Annie M, d. 25-12-1935, Age:79
Sinclair, Charles, d. 2/4/41, Age:84
Sinclair, Letitia, d. 28-11-1961, Age:65
Slater, Francis, d. 10/2/29
Slater, Frederick Augustus, d. 5-12-1876, Age:34
Slater, Louisa, d. 11/10/56, Age:68
Slocomb, Walter James, d. 17-1-1997, Age:90
Snellgrove, Barbara Jean, d. 25-8-1927, Age:4y4m
Spence, Jane, d. 26-10-1927
St Ledger, Nora, d. 21-9-1950, Age:75
St Ledger, William John, d. 20-1-1951
Stacey, Herbert, d. 11/1/40, Age:38
Stafford, James Malcolm, d. 4/4/00, b. 25-6-1858
Stafford, Jessamine Mary, d. 4/12/25, Age:25
Stafford, Sgt James Mclean, d. 5/4/18
Staib, Colin Allan, d. 2/4/46, Age:5y11m
Staib, Daniel Frederick, d. 9/1/70, Age:85
Staib, Delia, d. 9/6/19, Age:1
Staib, Elsebeth Louise, d. 25-1-1946, Age:66
Staib, Ernest Carl, d. 16-5-1953, Age:76
Staib, Ferdinand, d. 28-5-1949, Age:63
Staib, Fredericka, d. 16-11-1981, Age:91
Staib, Geoffrey Hardie, d. 26-7-1984, b. 18-9-1927
Staib, George Henry, d. 21-3-1959, Age:87
Staib, Kate Elizabeth, d. 16-11-1951
Staib, Mabel Florence, d. 20-1-1997, Age:90
Staib, Margaret, d. 10/8/61, Age:74
Staib, Margaret Nora, d. 1/5/46, Age:48
Staib, Mervyn, d. 1/5/41, Age:20mths
Stott, James W.F., d. 12/8/50
Suter, Ireleen Alwisheous Mary, d. 9/6/45, b. 9/7/10
Suter, Lawrence Albert August, d. 18-6-1979, b. 1/8/10
Sutherland, Louisa Kate, d. 22-11-1901, Age:46
Taylor, Eliza, d. 23-2-1948, Age:66
Taylor, William George, d. 15-2-1954, Age:72
Tedford, John Benjamin, d. 13-5-1950
Thefs, C.F.W., d. 10-4-1889, Age:76
Thefs, Charlotte, d. 27-6-1912, Age:91
Thefs, Ernestina Eva, d. 19-1-1936, Age:76
Thefs, Karl F.W., d. 13-7-1926, Age:87y6m
Thomas, Eliza Jane, d. 4/8/02, Age:30
Thomas, Florence Ethel, d. 24-2-1985, Age:79
Thomas, Thomas Henry, d. 15-11-1980, Age:71
Thompson, Elizabeth, d. 2/4/00, Age:70
Thompson, William, d. 28-10-1887, b. 19-7-1822
Thomsen, Bodil Kirstine, d. 13-9-1935, Age:87
Thomsen, Edward A.W., d. 1-11-1875, Age:2
Thomsen, Hans Jorgen, d. 13-7-1922, Age:81
Thomsen, Ludwig B, d. 8/1/11, Age:61
Thomsen, Maggie, d. 23-6-1960, Age:77
Thomsen, Maria, d. 22-6-1917, Age:70
Thomsen, Theodore J, d. 17-6-1916, Age:2mths
Thomsen, Thomas, d. 3-12-1876, Age:55
Thomsen, Thomas, d. 17-12-1931, Age:51
Thomsen, Thomas Henry, d. 30-12-1957, b. 13-5-1917
Thurecht, Charles James, d. 13-6-1972, Age:82
Thurecht, Elizabeth, d. 23-11-1897, b. 22-4-1822
Thurecht, Elizabeth, d. 12/12/03, Age:75
Thurecht, Nicholas, d. 24-11-1897, b. 12-7-1817
Thurecht, Sarah, d. 23-4-1960
Trussell, Ethel Maude, d. 27-7-1967, Age:55
Trussell, John, d. 23-4-1949, Age:82y11m
Trussell, Mabel Florence, d. 21-8-1971, Age:63
Upton, Lillian Maude, d. 3/8/49, Age:83
Vollmerhausen, Albert, d. 18-11-1961, Age:61
Vollmerhausen, Birther Kjerstine, d. 19-8-1989, Age:96
Vollmerhausen, Conrad Wilhelm, d. 11/11/42, Age:52
Vollmerhausen, Margaret Anna, d. 20-9-1995, Age:89
Voss, Alice Elizabeth Theresa, d. 14-10-1975, Age:87
Voss, Bertha Elizabeth, d. 4/9/54, Age:73
Voss, Heinrich Wilhelm Carl, d. 3/8/70, Age:92
Wagner, Florence Mabel, d. 12/4/99, Age:91
Walker, George Henry, d. 17-9-1918, Age:68
Walker, Herbert Alexander, d. 16-7-1901, Age:17
Walker, Ivy Rebecca, d. 5/1/98
Walker, John, d. 1/2/40
Walker, Margaret, d. 25-2-1929
Walker, Margaret Eleanor, d. 26-2-1971, b. 9-5-1883
Walker, Mary Ann, d. 23-3-1933, Age:73
Walker, Pte H.N.B. (KIA), d. 25-4-1918, Age:32
Walsh, Mary, d. 24-10-1942, Age:83
Ward, Eric Colin, d. 11/12/99, Age:74
Warry, Lydia Isabel Rose, d. 7/10/67, Age:81
Warry, Peggy June, d. Jun-31, Age:5
Warry, Richard Symes, d. 27-10-1960, Age:74
Wason, David James, d. 22-5-1924, Age:11mths
Wason, Edward Thomas, d. 26-12-1972, Age:86
Wason, Emily Cecilia, d. 26-5-1979, Age:92
Wason, James, d. 26-3-1916, Age:69
Wason, Margaret, d. 8/11/53, Age:90
Waters, Nola Merle, d. 20-12-1995, b. 17-7-1925
Wells, Elizabeth, d. 18-9-1921
Wells, James, d. 21-5-1932, Age:59
Wells, William, d. 2-5-1877, Age:49
White, Ellen, d. 18-4-1941, Age:83
White, Godfrey F, d. 1/4/02, Age:72
White, Mary, d. 12-9-1879, Age:62
White, Mary Ann, d. 3-4-1898, Age:60
White, Wilfred, d. 19-11-1924, Age:6mths
White, William, d. 26-2-1887, Age:75
White, William, d. 1917, Age:inf
White, William Henry, d. 31-3-1922, Age:59
Whittaker, Anny Jane, d. 4/11/50, Age:73
Whittaker, George Hamilton, d. 14-4-1962, Age:83
Whittaker, Samuel Andrew, d. 24-12-1991, Age:78
Wieland, Lawrence, d. 12/1/51, Age:39
Williams, Agnes, d. 29-2-1936, Age:75
Williams, George Alfred, d. 2/1/51, Age:77
Williams, Isaac, d. 15-11-1938, Age:86
Williams, Maude, d. 2/3/61, Age:82
Williamson, John Duncan, d. 10/4/39
Wilson, Annie Haughton, d. 24-3-1969, Age:83
Wilson, Dennis Raymond, d. 11/1/97, Age:46
Wilson, James Lawton Herbert, d. 9/11/38, Age:63
Wilson, Jane, d. 3-6-1883, Age:18
Wilson, Jane, d. 29-11-1890, Age:10mths
Wilson, Margaret, d. 7-7-1898, Age:72
Wilson, Thomas, d. 20-5-1878, Age:53
Yarker, Catherine, d. 29-4-1936, Age:64
Yarker, James, d. 23-1-1941, Age:73
Young, Albert James, d. 14-9-1938, Age:50
Young, Alice Annie, d. 30-8-1944, Age:78
Young, Eliza Hepburn, d. 13-2-1912
Young, James, d. 2/9/01, b. 1843
Young, John, d. 25-8-1920
Young, William, d. 26-1-1880, Age:48
Young, William John, d. 15-5-1902, Age:35
Zebrovius, Melville Fred, d. 14-6-1999, Age:70
Zeulch, Ethel May, d. 11/9/47, Age:57
Zeulch, Percy, d. 28-6-1952, Age:64

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