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Watsonville Cemetery
Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Leighann Mansfield, Apr 12, 2008, last edited Apr 28, 2008 [leighannmansfield@bigpond.com]. Total records = 91.

Watsonville Cemetery is located 16km northwest of Herberton on the Petford Road, directly off the main highway to Irvinebank.

Watsonville was named after Alexander Watson, an old Palmer pioneer. The town of Watsonville was established in 1882. Prior names include 'Great Western' & 'Tinaroo" for the area. The Post Office existed from 1881 until 1963. Over the next 20 years the town boasted a population of approximately 250 people and dwindled to 10 in 1969.

Watsonville Cemetery is now owned and maintained by the Mareeba Shire Council, which is a part of the larger Tablelands Shire following the Shire amalgamations in March 2008.

I have transcribed this list from all visable headstones found when I visited and walked this cemetery in January 2007. I also compared these with a list provided me by the shire.

- Leighann Mansfield

Cemetery Records

Alexander, David, d. 04/01/1897, age: 34yr, no stone
Allen, Albertine G Christina, d. 20/10/1932, age: 80yr, no stone
Bell, Joseph William, d. 07/06/1883, age: 4mo, no stone
Bennett, Christina Mary, d. 24/09/1905, age: 31yr
Bennett, Frank, d. 24/09/1905, age: 9yr
Bradshaw, Margaret, d. 25/08/1898, age: 31yr, Qld BDM 28/08/1898, no stone
Carlson, James, d. 01/04/1908, age: 68yr, Qld BDM Carson no stone
Cleland, Willie H. "Bunny", d. 24/09/1897, age: 4yr
Condon, Thomas Albert, d. 27/12/1911, age: 7yr, no stone
Connelly, Anne, d. 18/09/1904, age: 84yr, no stone
Cosgrove, Bridget, d. 10/04/1907, age: 36yr
Davis, Henry, d. 08/01/1912, age: 73yr, no stone
Day, Albert James, d. 31/03/1926, age: 11yr, no stone
Day, Edwin Henry, d. 21/07/1928, age: 54yr
Day, Edwin, d. 19/02/1921, age: 82yr, no stone
Day, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 01/01/1905, age: 4yr
Day, George Ralph, d. 05/05/1908, age: 9mo, no stone
Day, Isabel, d. 14/12/1914, age: 2yr, no stone
Denny, Jessie Maria, d. 06/05/1891, age: 20yr, no stone
Donaldson, Fergus John, d. 26/11/1892, age: 6days, no stone
Donnelly, Annie Maria, d. 10/08/1894, age: 32yr
Ferguson, James, d. 13/11/1902, age: 31yr, not on list but headstone evident
Fox, Richard, d. 29/12/1919, age: 70yr, no stone
Gibbs, James, d. 20/07/1904, age: 60yr
Grace, Michael Joseph, d. 23/05/1921, age: 5hrs, no stone
Halpin, John, d. 27/01/1894, age: 57yr, no stone
Halpin, Phelip, d. 19/08/1900, age: 50yr, no stone
Hammond, Henry, d. 18/01/1914, age: 72yr, no stone
Hand, Edward Henry, d. 01/01/1888, age: 2yr, no stone
Hoskin, John Cornish, d. 08/01/1884, age: 27yr, no stone
Jack, James Graham, d. 07/04/1889, age: 60yr
Jack, Martha, d. 23/11/1897, age: 63yr, no stone
Kemp, David, d. 13/09/1942, age: 86yr, no stone
Kemp, Ebenezer, d. 15/10/1928, age: 40yr
Kemp, Henry Drower, d. 09/09/1936, age: 35yr, no stone
Kemp, Walter Roy, d. 28/08/1923, age: 9mo, no stone
Leinster, David, d. 16/08/1912, age: 76yr
Leinster, Kenneth, d. 13/10/1922, age: 1yr, no stone
Lesina, Charles, d. 31/01/1902, age: 59yr
Lesina, Vincent Bernard, d. 22/04/1899, age: 9mo, no stone
Lewis, William, d. 12/10/1911, age: 78yr, no stone
Martin, Charles J. William, d. 01/06/1934, age: 73yr, no stone
McCloskey, James, d. 19/10/1884, age: 41yr
McKenzie, George, d. 01/04/1892, age: 54yr
Monson, Petrea Marie, d. 09/02/1886, age: 7mo, no stone
Morris, Alfred, d. 27/03/1917, age: 65yr, aged 69 years on tombstone
Morris, Grace, d. 13/07/1930, age: 6yr
Morris, Kathleen, d. 21/04/1936, age: 72yr
Nettle , Thomas James, d. 25/01/1883, age: 11days, no stone
Nichol, Thomas James, d. 13/09/1888, age: 56yr, no stone
Pascoe, John Ralph, d. 04/12/1890, age: 73yr, no stone
Pedersen, Hans Christian Ludwig, d. 29/05/1889, age: 36yr, no stone
Pedersen, Johanna Christina, d. 23/02/1909, age: 27yr, no stone
Proctor, John, d. 18/03/1899, age: 52yr, no stone
Putt, John Robert, d. 13/12/1882, age: 6mo, no stone
Pyle, James George Henry, d. 18/03/1909, age: 58yr, no stone
Renton, Ellenor Barbara, d. 10/02/1903, age: 10hrs, no stone
Robinson, Mary Ann, d. 01/06/1902, age: 31yr
Robinson, Mary Jane, d. 31/01/1889, age: 2yr, no stone
Roos, Ellna, d. 16/08/1934, age: 83yr
Roos, James Victor, d. 19/01/1910, age: 5yr, no stone
Roos, Nils Svensen, d. 25/10/1909, age: 58yr, no stone
Roos, Oscar, d. 21/11/1915, age: 72yr, no stone
Ross, Clement, d. 25/05/1917, age: 3hrs, no stone
Routh, Alan Walter, d. 16/05/1908, age: 1yr, no stone
Routh, Frederick, d. 12/09/1929, age: 56yr, no stone
Rowlands, Ada, d. 07/07/1913, age: 54yr
Rowlands, Daniel, d. 02/07/1908, age: 63yr
Rowlands, George Alfred, d. 31/03/1917, age: 18yr, no stone
Rowlands, John Henry, d. 19/12/1898, age: 17yr, not on list but headstone evident
Rowlands, Kathleen, d. 14/01/1918, age: 2hrs, no stone
Sayers, Robert John "Little Bob", d. 21/09/2001, age: 69yr, not on list but headstone evident
Seaman, Beatrice Mary, d. 09/02/1909, age: 9mo,
Simpson, Catherine, d. 24/02/1886, age: 3yr, Qld BDM Death 27/02/1886, no stone
Sparks, Ellen Parry, d. 01/07/1889, age: 5mo, no stone
Stephens, Bridget, d. 16/11/1904, age: 47yr
Todd, Marguerita, d. 04/07/1912, age: 4hrs, no stone
Todd, Mary, d. 14/08/1910, age: 16hrs, no stone
Toy, James, d. 21/10/1903, age: 58hrs, Headstone is 58 years
Toy, Richard, d. 29/12/1919, age: 70hrs, no stone
Vandeleur, Eileen Bridget, d. 26 10 1895, age: 3mo, no stone
Vandeleur, James Patrick, d. 13/11/1898, age: 4mo, no stone
Vandeleur, Kathleen May, d. 11/08/1897, age: 9mo, no stone
Vandeleur, Patrick Joseph, d. 18/09/1897, age: 8yr
Vandeleur, Thomas Stanislaus, d. 25/07/1902, age: 8mo, no stone
Wessels, Elizabeth Emily, d. 27/05/1890, age: 2yr, no stone
Wessels, George Henry, d. 25/04/1896, age: 20yr, no stone
Wilesmith, Christina, d. 19/01/1909, age: 66yr
Wilesmith, George, d. 16/06/1919, age: 53yr
Wilesmith, Joseph, d. 13/09/1888, age: 45yr
Wilson, Edith Emma, d. 03/03/1911, age: 21yr

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