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Mount Molloy Cemetery
Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Leighann Mansfield, Apr 12, 2008, last edited Jun 04, 2008 [leighannmansfield@bigpond.com]. Total records = 169.

Mount Molloy Cemetery is located 38km north of Mareeba on the Penninsula Development Road.

The discovery of copper in 1875 lead to the town of Mount Molly being established in April 1914. The mining company ceased operations in 1913 but the town still continues today.

Mareeba Shire council is the owner and maintainer of this cementery (now part of the Tablelands Council following Mar 2008 amalgamations.)

I transcribed this cemetery on a visit in Sep 2007, compiling both visable headstones and the supplied list of interments.

- Leighann Mansfield

Cemetery Records

Alston, Gordon James, b. 15/12/1905 Queensland, d. 06/03/1946, age: 40yr, Hotelier, Mt Carbine, bur. 07/03/1946
Alston, Joseph Gordon, b. 13/02/1951, d. 30/09/1986, age: 35yr, Anglican, bur. 03/10/1986, Plot-M30
Alston, Noelene Grace, b. c.1905, d. 07/08/1979, age: 74yr, Hotelier, National, Store, bur. 10/08/1979, Plot-M9
Alston, Norman Edward, b. 11/10/1935, d. 22/02/1984, age: 49yr, C. of E., Hotelier, National, bur. 27/02/1984, Plot-M18
Arnold, Bernard Douglas, b. 14/09/1920, d. 13/09/2003, age: 83yr, R.C., Butcher, bur. 16/09/2003, Plot-SP6
Arnold, Harold Marcus, b. 22/07/1919 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 16/08/1919, age: 23days, bur. 17/08/1919, no stone
Arnold, Margaret Jean, b. 15/12/1933, d. 30/10/1995, age: 61yr, Nat Hotel Assistant, bur. 02/11/1995, Plot-M41
Arnold, William Oswald, b. 09/08/1925, d. 09/12/1984, age: 59yr, R.C., bur. 13/12/1984, Plot-M21
Baker, Elsie, b. 31/08/1909, d. 16/09/1909, age: 17days, bur. 17/09/1909, no stone
Baker, Isabel Mabel, b. 26/04/1886 New Zealand, d. 10/03/1987, age: 100yr, Anglican, Housewife, bur. 13/03/1987, Plot-M33
Baker, Lily, b. 29/06/1890 Bundaberg, Qld., d. 05/07/1963, age: 73yr, Housewife, HS States Death 06/07/1964, bur. 06/07/1963
Baker, Mary Elizabeth, b. c.1857 Warnambool, Vic., d. 09/02/1931, age: 74yr, Pioneer, Font Hill, bur. ??/02/1931
Baker, Robert Eric, b. 05/03/1889 Font Hill Mt Molloy, d. 05/05/1979, age: 90yr, Uniting, Butcher, Pastoralist, bur. 08/06/1979, Plot-M8
Baker, Thomas Henry, b. 23/03/1886 Mitchell R., Qld, d. 24/02/1970, age: 83yr, Anglican, Drover, Sawmill Employee, HS States Birth 25/03/1886, bur. ??/02/1970
Baker, Thomas Henry, b. c.1850, d. 12/02/1936, age: 86yr, Pastoralist, Font Hill, HS States Death 14/06/1935, bur. 13/02/1936
Bradley, Charles William, b. c.1935, d. 18/03/1984, age: 49yr, bur. 22/03/1984, Plot-M19
Bransgrove, Dora, b. 03/07/1893, d. 06/10/1974, age: 81yr, Widow, bur. 06/10/1974
Bransgrove, George Pierce, b. c.1882, d. 06/05/1933, age: 51yr, bur. 06/05/1933
Butler, Sophia, b. 08/03/1898 Queensland, d. 02/11/1989, age: 91yr, Anglican, Dressmaker, bur. 06/11/1989, Plot-M39
Cain, Frederick Ralph, b. 09/04/1876 Gayndah, Qld., d. 02/07/1914, age: 38yr, bur. 03/07/1914, no stone
Cain, John, b. c. 1842 Sydney, N.S.W., d. 07/07/1915, age: 73yr, Labourer, bur. 07/07/1915, no stone
Cain, William James, b. 29/12/1867 Queensland, d. 17/06/1908, age: 40yr, Miner, bur. 19/06/1908
Campbell, Elizabeth, b. c.1861 Perth, Scotland, d. 22/07/1936, age: 75yr, Housewife, HS States Birth 23/03/1886, bur. ??/07/1936
Campbell, Neil, b. c.1882 Scotland, d. 23/03/1938, age: 76yr, Soldier(WW1), Carpenter, Miner, bur. ??/03/1938
Carter, Tiapan (Pan), b. c.1992, d. 23/04/1996, age: 4yr, J.W., bur. 26/04/1996, Plot-A-M21
Chapman, George Buck, b. c.1967, d. 03/04/1942, age: 75yr, Miner, Blacksmith, bur. 04/04/1942
Chapman, William John, b. 21/08/1890 Queensland, d. 10/04/1978, age: 87yr, Dairy Farmer, bur. 12/04/1978, Plot-M5
Chapman, William John, b. c.1926 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 09/04/1942, age: 16yr, bur. ??/04/1942, no stone
Chapman, Winifred Beatrice, b. 25/10/1903 Queensland, d. 18/09/1997, age: 83yr, Widow, bur. 21/09/1997, Plot-M5A
Clacherty, Arthur McQuhir, b. 11/10/1905 Queensland, d. 14/06/1980, age: 74yr, C. of E., bur. 18/06/1980, Plot-M14
Clacherty, Bernard Oswald, b. 22/07/1933, d. 08/10/1999, age: 66yr, Anglican, Railway Ganger, bur. 13/10/1999, Plot-SP5
Clacherty, Elizabeth, b. 06/06/1866 Munduberra, Qld, d. 26/10/1948, age: 82yr, Home Duties, bur. ??/10/1948
Clacherty, Henry Stafford, b. c.1928, d. 10/06/2007, age: 79yr, J.W., bur. 15/06/2007, Plot-SP7, no stone
Clacherty, James Henderson, b. 16/11/1894 Queensland, d. 11/12/1979, age: 85yr, C. of E., Sawmill Employee, Farmer, bur. 14/12/1979, Plot-M13, no stone
Clacherty, Robert Kirkpatrick, b. c.1857 Scotland, d. 21/07/1935, age: 78yr, Engineer, Farmer, Councillor, bur. ??/07/1935
Clacherty, Stafford John, b. 28/12/1898 Queensland, d. 19/06/1972, age: 73yr, Sawmill Employee, bur. 21/06/1972
Clacherty, Wilhelmina, b. 11/03/1900 The Springs, Mt Molloy, d. 23/04/1990, age: 90yr, Anglican, Widow, bur. 26/04/1990, Plot-M40
Clarke, Vyda Maria, b. c.1946, d. 24/05/1981, age: 35yr, Housewife, bur. 01/09/1981, Plot-M16A
Clarke, William Paul, b. c.1945, d. 24/05/1981, age: 36yr, C. of E., Farmer, bur. 01/09/1981, Plot-M16
Com Den, b. c.1837 Canton, China, d. 26/10/1914, age: 77yr, Gardener, Labourer, bur. 26/10/1914, no stone
Cotter, Christopher, d. 27/01/1943, age: bur. 28/01/1943, no stone
Cremin, William John, b. c.1889 IRELAND, d. 03/01/1917, age: 28yr, Police Constable, bur. 14/01/1917
Crothers, John William Bathe, b. 01/08/1916 Queensland, d. 08/03/1981, age: 64yr, C. of E., Timber Contractor, Councillor, bur. 11/03/1981, Plot-M15
Cubit, Frances Jean, b. 25/07/1936, d. 06/02/1996, age: 59yr, Pres., Housewife, bur. 08/02/1996, Plot-A18, no stone
Donnally, James Carlos Alan, d. 11/05/1908, age: yr, School Teacher, bur. 12/05/1908, no stone
Dunbar, Barbara, b. 04/09/1884, d. 17/12/1992, age: 108yr, Aborigine, bur. 23/12/1992, Plot-A8, no stone
Edwards, Elizabeth May, b. 04/09/1908 Queensland, d. 07/09/1908, age: 4days, bur. 08/09/1908, no stone
Edwards, Grace Marie, b. 30/04/1904, d. 30/04/1871, age: 67yr, Meth., Housewife, bur. 01/05/1971
Edwards, James Henry William, b. 19/10/1902 Queensland, d. 07/03/1986, age: 83yr, Selector, bur. 11/03/1986, Plot-M28, no stone
Emmerson, Ralph Anderson, b. 27/04/1904, d. 23/03/1996, age: 91yr, C. of E., Miner, Loco Driver, bur. 23/05/1996, Plot-A-M23
Evanson, Thorgren, d. 03/12/1907, age: bur. 05/12/1907, no stone
Ford, Patrick George, b. 27/02/1907, d. 11/11/1995, age: 88yr, Miner Mt. Spargeon, bur. 15/11/1995, Plot-A-M17
Gadd, Alton Rueben, b. c.1920, d. 15/05/1925, age: 5yr, bur. ??/05/1925, no stone
Gadd, Catherine, b. ??/??/1853 London, England, d. 24/01/1930, age: 77yr, Widow, bur. 25/01/1930, no stone
Gadd, Charles Christopher Joseph, b. 01/10/1889, d. 13/07/1929, age: 39yr, Labourer, bur. ??/07/1929, no stone
Gadd, Henry George Robert, b. c.1951 Sydney, N.S.W., d. 01/05/1922, age: 71yr, Miner, Selector/ Carter, bur. 02/05/1922, no stone
Gallagher, Winifred Margaret Ellen, b. 06/12/1945, d. 14/11/2001, age: 55yr, Housewife, bur. 19/11/2001, Plot-SP2
George, Joy Ann, b. ??/??/1948, d. 15/06/1994, age: 45yr, bur. 18/06/1994, Plot-M14A
Geraghty, Herbert Joseph, b. ??/05/1936 Mareeba, Qld, d. 08/08/1936, age: 3mo, bur. ??/08/1936
Geraghty, Herbert Joseph, b. 01/07/1895 Queensland, d. 07/06/1977, age: 81yr, R.C., Selector, Storekeeper, HS States Birth 05/07/1895 & Death 17/06/1977, bur. 10/06/1977, Plot-M4
Geraghty, Honorah, b. 11/108/1914 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 29/03/1916, age: 19mo, bur. 29/03/1916
Geraghty, James, b. c.1848 Hawthorn, Vic., d. 17/12/1914, age: 66yr, Farmer, bur. 18/12/1914
Geraghty, Margaret, b. 17/10/1904 Cairns, Qld., d. 20/04/1936, age: 31yr, Homeduties, bur. ??/04/1936
Geraghty, Sarah Agnes, b. 22/07/1901 Queensland, d. 09/06/1942, age: 50yr, bur. ??/06/1942
Geraghty, Sarah, b. c.1869 Palmer, Qld, d. 28/02/1948, age: 79yr, Widow, bur. ??/02/1948, no stone
Gibbon, Wilfred Harrold, b. 22/02/1889 Swinton, Eng, d. ??/06/1981, age: 92yr, Soldier(WW1), bur. 30/06/1981, Plot-M17, no stone
Gray, Christina Henrietta, b. 27/06/1881 Kingsborough, Qld, d. 30/04/1969, age: 87yr, C. of E., Pioneer, HS states death as 01/05/1969 Aged 88 years, bur. 02/05/1969
Gray, Peter, b. c.1905, d. 12/08/1889, age: 84yr, R.C., bur. 14/08/1889, Plot-MM2, no stone
Gray, Walter Edward Laurence, b. 05/12/1875 Springs, Mba, Qld., d. 26/09/1951, age: 75yr, Sawmill Employee, HS states age 77 years, bur. ??/09/1951
Green, James Benton (Ben), b. 25/01/1915, d. 18/06/1999, age: 84yr, C. of E., Sawmill Employee, bur. 22/06/1999, Plot-A29
Groves, Archie, d. Pre 1937, Aboriginal Timber Worker, no stone
Hanley, William, b. c.1857, d. 24/09/1911, age: 54yr, Plumber, bur. 24/09/1911, no stone
Hanna, Norman Thomas Stanton, b. 20/09/1914 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 12/11/1915, age: 1yr, bur. 12/11/1915, no stone
Hare, John Colin (Jack), b. c.1932, d. 08/12/1933, age: 1yr, bur. 08/12/1933, no stone
Higgs, Edith May, b. 23/09/1903 Queensland, d. 19/10/1878, age: 75yr, C. of E. HS states Death 18/10/1878, bur. 24/10/1978, Plot-M6
Hill, George, b. c.1839 DevonshIre, Eng, d. 28/09/1916, age: 77yr, Pastoralist, JP, Butcher, bur. 29/09/1916, no stone
Hill, Margaret Joan, b. 07/06/1921, d. 05/09/2000, age: 79yr, Bookkeeper, bur. 07/09/2000, Plot-A31
Hogan, Neville Joseph, b. c. 1838, d. 28/06/1999, age: 61yr, bur. 02/07/1999, Plot-A30, no stone
Horan, Terrance, b. 19/11/1885 Thornborough, Qld., d. 22/02/1914, age: 29yr, Labourer, bur. 23/02/1914, no stone
Hosking, Rosemary Anna, b. 04/12/1978, d. 01/05/1985, age: 6yr, bur. 03/05/1985, Plot-M23, Cup,
Jenkins, Ernest Walter, b. c.1924 Moraba, Qld., d. 30/06/1969, age: 45yr, Labourer, bur. ??/06/1969, no stone
Jenkins, Leslie John, b. 13/07/1914 Queensland, d. 26/11/1958, age: 44yr, bur. 27/11/1958
Jenkins, Millicent Gladys Lillian, b. 12/02/1892 Laura, Qld, d. 23/03/1943, age: 51yr, Domestic duties, bur. ??/03/1943
Jenkins, Robert William Joseph, b. 29/12/1911 Queensland, d. 06/01/1986, age: 74yr, Meth., bur. 09/01/1986, Plot-M26
Jenkins, Sonya Elizabeth, b. 19/11/1962, d. 12/11/1987, age: 24yr, Uniting, Housewife, bur. 17/11/1987, Plot-M35
Jenkins, William Arthur, b. 18/11/1886 Queensland, d. 09/11/1941, age: 55yr, Selector, Farmer, bur. 10/11/1941
Johnson, Annie mary, b. c.1850 Drummock, Ire, d. 18/10/1914, age: 64yr, Home Duties, bur. 19/10/1914, no stone
Johnson, Isabella Jemima, b. 06/06/2004, d. 03/08/2006, age: 2yr, bur. 08/08/2006, Plot-MM61, no stone
Jordison, John William, b. 22/03/1910 YorkshIre, Eng, d. 13/09/1992, age: 82yr, Dairy Farmer, bur. 16/09/1992, Plot-A-M7
Justice, Harry Edward (Peter), b. 01/11/1933, d. 13/09/1997, age: 63yr, Anglican, Wharfie, Historian, bur. 16/09/1997, Plot-A-M26
Keddie, Dianne Margaret, b. c.1907, d. 19/05/1979, age: 72yr, C. of E., Housewife, bur. 22/05/1979, Plot-M7, no stone
Ladbury, Peter Bertram, b. 03/03/????, d. 27/11/1993, age: , Uniting, bur. 09/12/1993, Plot-A-M13, no stone
Laing, James, b. c.1860 Edinburgh, SCOT, d. 16/02/1909, age: 49yr, Engine Driver, bur. 17/02/1909
Lawford, Charles Ernest, b. 08/08/1930, d. 07/07/2002, age: 71yr, Uniting, Baker, bur. 10/07/2002, Plot-B2, no stone
Lee Sing, b. c.1849 Canton, China, d. 13/12/1911, age: 62yr, Chinese Gardener, bur. 13/12/1911, no stone
Lee, Elicia Mary, b. 19/07/1910 Queensland, d. 03/04/1942, age: 31yr, bur. 03/04/1942, no stone
Lee, Thomas, b. c.1852 Galway, Ire, d. 14/11/1916, age: 64yr, Teamster, Bridge Contractor, bur. 14/11/1916, no stone
Lee, William Henry, b. 07/12/1879, d. 27/05/1938, age: 58yr, Teamster, Sawmill Employee, bur. 28/05/1938, no stone
Little, Agnes Pansy (Pearlie), b. 10/08/1912 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 13/12/1994, age: 82yr, Anglican, Housewife, bur. 15/12/1994, Plot-A-M16, no stone
Little, Francis Calder, b. 14/07/1904 Lockyear Valley, Qld., d. 17/07/2000, age: 96yr, C. of E., Timber Cutter, Truck Driver, bur. 20/07/2000, Plot-A15, no stone
Lonergan, James, b. c.1833 Tipperary, Ire, d. 07/11/1910, age: 77yr, Miner, bur. 08/11/1910, no stone
Ludlow, Katherine May, b. 25/04/1908 Queensland, d. 16/06/1908, age: 7wksyr, bur. 16/06/1908, no stone
Madigan, Arthur Edward, b. 22/08/1920, d. 20/06/2005, age: 84yr, Aboriginal Stockman, Railway, bur. 28/06/2005, Plot-B5, no stone
Malouney, George Curtis, b. 30/04/1899 Queensland, d. 25/08/1987, age: 88yr, Anglican, bur. 26/08/1997, Plot-M34
Marr, Alexander Jamie, b. 25/05/1931, d. 05/11/2001, age: 70yr, Anglican, bur. 09/11/2001, Plot-M3A
Marr, Lorna May Dawn, b. 20/12/1937, d. 21/10/1989, age: 51yr, Housewife, bur. 25/10/1989, Plot-A-M4
McDonagh, Bernard, b. 14/08/1906 Queensland, d. 27/10/1907, age: 5mo, R.C., bur. 28/01/1907, no stone
McDonagh, Bernard, b. c.1864 Duncastle, Ire, d. 11/11/1935, age: 71yr, R.C., Baker & Store, Farmer, bur. ??/11/1935
McDonagh, Bridget, b. c.1871, d. 10/03/1936, age: 65yr, R.C., Storekeeper, Baker, bur. 11/03/1936
McGill, Thelma Lily, b. c.1920, d. 05/11/1927, age: 7yr, bur. ??/11/1927
McIntosh, William, d. 17/10/1907, Teamster, bur. 17/10/1907, no stone
McKerlie, Donald, b. 02/01/1922 Renmark, S.A., d. 11/11/1998, age: 76yr, Uniting, Soldier (WW2), Labourer, bur. 20/11/1998, Plot-A28
McKerlie, Mary Winifred, b. 17/11/1930, d. 23/02/2004, age: 73yr, Uniting, Widow, bur. 01/02/2004, Plot-A27, no stone
McNamara, Francis Augustine, b. 23/04/1890 Queensland, d. 22/08/2974, age: 84yr, R.C., Soldier (WW1), bur. 26/08/1974
McNamara, Patrick Joseph, d. 27/01/1939, Selector, Miner, Soldier (WW1), HS states Death ??/03/1939, bur. ??/01/1939
Morgan, David Edward Francis, b. 29/06/1920 Sale, Vic., d. 20/04/1986, age: 65yr, Soldier (WW2), HS states death aged 60, bur. 23/04/1986, Plot-M29
Mulligan, James Venture (Bapt), b. 31/01/1836 Co. Down, Ire, d. 24/08/1907, age: 71yr, C of Ire, Explorer, Prospector, bur. 24/08/1907
Nixon, Elijah, b. 23/09/1982, d. 31/12/1986, age: 4yr, bur. 03/01/1987, Plot-M32, no stone
O'Bierne, Elizabeth, d. 30/05/1937, age: bur. 30/05/1937, no stone
O'Brien, Charles, d. 08/05/1907, Cobb & Co Coach Change Prop, bur. 09/05/1907, no stone
Owens, Thomas Coulter, b. c.1843 Dendalk, Ire, d. 14/08/1918, age: 75yr, Miner, bur. 15/08/1918, no stone
Pashen, Barbara Hazel, b. 06/03/1929, d. 01/04/2002, age: 73yr, Uniting, bur. 04/04/2002, Plot-A33
Pashen, Lloyd James, b. 25/09/1979, d. 06/10/1979, age: 11days, C. of E., bur. 12/10/1979, Plot-M10
Pashen, Louisa Rose, b. 12/11/1909, d. 24/02/2005, age: 95yr, Anglican, bur. 02/03/2005, Plot-M38, no stone
Pashen, Reginald Charles, b. 31/07/1900 Queensland, d. 12/07/1989, age: 89yr, Bullock Teamster, Selector, HS states Death as 21/07/1989, bur. 14/07/1989, Plot-M37
Pashen, Unnamed Male, b. (SB), d. 22/08/1976, age: SB, bur. 24/08/1976, Plot-M3
Payne, Stephen Henry, b. c. 1876 Wagga Wagga N.S.W., d. 28/12/1950, age: 74yr, Selector, Dairy Farmer, bur. ??/12/1950
Pedrazzini, Michael John, b. 17/09/1878 Rosewood, Qld., d. 14/10/1950, age: 72yr, School Teacher, bur. 14/10/1950
Perrott, Adam George, b. C.1860 Singleton, N.S.W., d. 21/09/1914, age: 54yr, Miner, bur. 22/09/1914
Perry-Keene, Roger, b. 21/08/1918 London, ENG, d. 08/10/1993, age: 75yr, bur. 12/10/1993, Plot-A11
Petersen, James Alexander, b. 16/12/1915 Queensland, d. 01/04/1933, age: 17yr, bur. 02/04/1933
Petersen, Ronald Peter, b. ??/??/1928, d. 21/07/1993, age: 75yr, bur. 22/07/1993, Plot-B4
Pilcher, Gottfried Johan (Fritz), b. ??/??/1932, d. 25/08/1997, age: 65yr, Stationhand, bur. 29/08/1997, Plot-A-M25
Pili, Aurora Jah, b. 07/06/1942, d. 30/04/1992, age: 50yr, R.C., bur. ??/05/1992
Prowse, Shane Michael, b. ??/??/1969, d. 03/05/1992, age: 33yr, bur. 09/05/1992, Plot-A34
Rawnsley, Warren Adrian, b. 27/05/1952, d. 22/06/1996, age: 44yr, Sugar Mill Employee, bur. 25/06/1996, Plot-A-M24
Reece, Albert Thomas, b. 13/09/1893 Wyeema, Qld., d. 06/09/1958, age: 65yr, Soldier (WW1), Postmaster, bur. ??/09/1958
Reece, Doretta Amelia, b. 04/03/1906, d. 18/11/2000, age: 94yr, Anglican, Postmistress 1958-75, bur. 22/11/2000, Plot-M45
Rennie, Wayne Robert, b. 09/02/1977, d. 29/01/1996, age: 18yr, bur. 05/02/1996, Plot-M44
Ross, Donald Daniel (Danny), b. 28/06/1905 Temora, N.S.W., d. 21/02/1981, age: 76yr, Pres., Soldier (WW2), bur. 24/02/1981, Plot-M12
Ross, Edith, b. c.1895, d. 08/07/1980, age: 84yr, C. of E., Housewife, bur. 10/07/1980, Plot-M11
Ruttiman, Arthur, b. 04/04/1910 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 04/04/1910, age: 3hrsyr, bur. 04/04/1910, no stone
Saint, Constance Veronica, b. c.1920 Queensland, d. 06/03/1928, age: 7yr, Stockman, Sawyer, bur. ??/03/1928, no stone
Santowski, Henry John (Bill), b. 12/08/1917 Queensland, d. 16/10/1986, age: 69yr, Sawmill Employee, HS States Birth 04/10/1919, bur. 18/10/1986, Plot-M31, no stone
Santowski, Robin Francis (Bub), b. 03/10/1919 Queensland, d. 24/11/1985, age: 66yr, bur. 27/11/1985, Plot-M25
Severo, Idelphonso, b. c.1932, d. 02/05/1992, age: 61yr, bur. 02/05/1992, Plot-M5A, no stone
Sides, Ferdinand Leahy (Bunny), b. 12/09/1915 Gympie, Qld., d. 30/11/2002, age: 87yr, Meth., Soldier (WW2), Dairy Farmer, HS states Birth 01/09/1915, bur. 05/12/2002, Plot-B3
Sides, John Alfred Leahy, b. c.1885, d. 04/04/1974, age: 88yr, Meth., Soldier (WW1), School Teacher, bur. 08/05/1974
Smith, Arthur Stanley, b. c.1924, d. 02/01/1993, age: 69yr, bur. 07/01/1993, Plot-M9A
Sorensen, Alexander, b. 06/12/1887 Queensland, d. 27/12/1964, age: 77yr, Bullock Teamster, Timbergetter, bur. 28/12/1964
Sorensen, Frederick, b. 08/07/1890 Queensland, d. 07/08/1976, age: 86yr, C. of E., bur. 11/08/1976, Plot-M2
Speed, James, b. 27/07/1906 Queensland, d. 23/09/1906, age: 2mo, #First Burial#, bur. 24/09/1906, no stone
Swindley, George Charles, b. 14/12/1898 Queensland, d. 27/07/1972, age: 73yr, R.C., Sawmill Employee, bur. 28/07/1972
Swindley, Yvonne Kay, b. c.1956 Mareeba, Qld, d. 02/02/1970, age: 14yr, bur. ??/02/1970
Thomas, Evan, b. c.1862 Testering, WALES, d. 31/01/1912, age: 50yr, Engineer, bur. 01/02/1912, no stone
Vains, Alice Olive, d. 25/04/1945, age: , Housewife, bur. 26/04/1945
Vains, Eric Vician (Denny), b. 26/06/1921 Mareeba, Qld, d. 25/11/1974, age: 53yr, R.C., Sawmill Employee, bur. 27/11/1974
Vains, Frederick Charles, b. 29/09/1910 Mt. Molloy, Qld, d. 21/08/1969, age: 58yr, Railway, Fettler, HS states birth 20/09/1910, bur. ??/08/1969
Vains, Frederick Charles, b. c.1887, d. 17/01/1946, age: 59yr, Timber, Railway, bur. ??/01/1946
Vains, Marjorie Jane Ann, b. 18/03/1918 Queensland, d. 17/09/1985, age: 67yr, Housewife, bur. 19/09/1985, Plot-M24
Vains, Phyllis Norma, b. 26/08/1916, d. 06/07/2001, age: 84yr, R.C., Librarian, Housewife, bur. 10/07/2001, Plot-SP1
Wessels, Douglas Hume, b. c.1922, d. 10/08/1975, age: 53yr, C. of E. HS states age as 52, bur. 13/08/1975, Plot-M1
Wessels, Douglas Thomas Alexander, b. 06/01/1948, d. 21/11/1987, age: 39yr, Anglican HS states Birth as 06/01/1942, bur. 26/11/1987, Plot-M36
Wessels, Sophia Doretta Ellen, b. c.1925, d. 13/07/1999, age: 74yr, Anglican, Widow, bur. 16/07/1999, Plot-SP4, no stone
West, George Campbell, b. 25/11/1915 Queensland, d. 17/12/1937, age: 22yr, Sawmill Employee, bur. 17/12/1937, no stone
West, Ivy Mary, d. 17/12/1937, age: bur. 17/12/1937, no stone
West, Neil Joseph, b. 11/04/1919 Queensland, d. 17/12/1937, age: 18yr, bur. 17/12/1937, no stone
West, William George, b. c.1876, d. 01/05/1924, age: 48yr, Farmer, bur. ??/05/1924
Williams, John Michael, b. 17/07/1924, d. 17/04/1996, age: 71yr, Submariner, Aviator, bur. 22/04/1996, Plot-M20A

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