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Koorboora Cemetery
Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Leighann Mansfield, Apr 12, 2008, last edited May 05, 2008 [leighannmansfield@bigpond.com]. Total records = 25.

Koorboora is a deserted town on the Burke Development Road approximately 88km west of Mareeba and the cemetery is located approximately 500mts off the main highway.

The aboriginal meaning of Koorboora is 'barren place'. The township of Koorboora was established in 1889 to service nearby tin and wolfram mines. From 300 to 500 people lived here from 1884 to 1943.

Mareeba Shire council is the owner and maintainer of this cementery (now part of the Tablelands Council following Mar 2008 amalgamations.)

This transcription incorporates visable headstones and the burial list supplied by the Mareeba Shire. I transcribed the cemetery in early December, 2007 following a visit to this area.

- Leighann Mansfield

Cemetery Records

Althaus, William Henry, d. 26/02/1911, age: 5mo, no stone
Althouse, Kathleen Elizabeth, d. 26/06/1903, age: 3 hrs, Althaus, no stone
Arbonin, William Taylor, d. 27/12/1901, age: 39yr, Arbouin, no stone
Brian, John, d. 15/04/1906, age: 48yr, BDM states O'Brien, no stone
Cameron, Eugenie Mary, d. 30/03/1916, age: 6yr, not on BDM, no stone
Cameron, James McIlwraith, d. 01/12/1912, age: 4mo
Collins, Cecelia Emily, d. 02/06/1911, age: 56yr,
Fairclough, Luke, d. 03/09/1913, age: 26yr, , no stone
Hutchings, William E.P.J, d. 10/06/1908, not on Board list
Judge, Joseph Edward, d. 14/09/1918, age: 68, no stone
Keogh, Michael Thomas, d. 01/12/1906, age: 7mo, no stone
Kogier, Jane Joyce, d. 27/08/1910, age: 2yr, Kogler on H/S
Kootoofa, Charles Victor, d. 18/01/1906, age: 3yr, no stone
Larsen, George, d. 05/03/1910, age: 35yr, no stone
Lewis, Stephen, d. 14/12/1907, age: 81yr, no stone
McCullogh, Patrick, d. 18/02/1902, age: 60yr, no stone
O'Brien, Catherine, d. 25/12/1905, age: 46yr, 48yr on H/S
O'Brien, John Joseph, d. 31/01/1915, age: 33yr, no stone
O'Brien, John, d. 04/04/1906, age: 52yr, not on Board list
Pelling, Henry, d. 21/07/1910, age: 59yr, no stone
Phillips, Stanley Vincent, d. 19/10/1908, age: 5yr, no stone
Ray, Dorothy May, d. 07/06/1919, age: 3mo, no stone
Ross, William, d. 19/04/1904, age: 40yr, no stone
Thorn, James, d. 10/02/1907, age: 39yr, no stone
Wooley, Edith Annie, d. 14/10/1908, age: 13mo, no stone

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