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Almaden Cemetery
Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Leighann Mansfield, Apr 12, 2008, last edited Apr 17, 2008 [leighannmansfield@bigpond.com]. Total records = 26.

Almaden is a small town approximately 100km west of Mareeba in Far North Queensland. Almaden is a railway siding on the "Savanahlander" which is the train travelling from Cairns west to Mt. Surprise and Forsayth. The cemetery is located on the Burke Development Road heading out of the main town area towards Chillagoe.

The oldest surviving headstone dates back to 1904 and the history is entwined in the Chillagoe and surrounding area history of mining. Explorers opened the area starting about 1845 and continuing till mining commenced in 1887.

Almaden Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Mareeba Shire Council, now part of the larger Tablelands Shire following the Shire amalgamations in March 2008.

I have transcribed this list from all visable headstones found when I walked the cemetery in early December 2007.

- Leighann Mansfield

Cemetery Records

Bradby, Joseph Nash, d. 11/13/1923, age: 48yr
Bradby, Sterling E., d. 12/21/1917, age: 45yr
Dickson, Marian Stuart, d. 12/18/1908, age: Infant
Dillon, Gertie, d. 12/29/1913, age: 28yr
Hargreaves, Alice Mary, d. 9/13/1967, age: 87yr
Hargreaves, Frank Armstrong, d. 2/12/1953, age: 77yr
Hargreaves, Roynon Francis, d. 9/15/1942, age: 42yr
Johns, Mary Ann, d. 9/13/1939, age: 80yr
Leonard, John William, d. 7/4/1937, age: 59yr
Leonard, Vida Emily, d. 8/21/1969, age: 83yr
McGinty, Grace Isabel, d. 5/21/1956, age: 36yr
Murison, Norma Agnes, d. 1/26/1909, age: 8mo 20d
O'Shea, Adeline "Sissy" Margaret, no dates
O'Shea, Annie Amelia, d. 7/29/1965
O'Shea, Frederick Henry, d. 7/6/1944, age: 40yr 6mo
O'Shea, James Henry, d. 9/30/1931, age: 61yr 7mo
O'Shea, James William, d. 10/18/1974, age: 67yr
Pont, May Edna, d. 4/19/1922, age: 4yr 11mo
Ryan, Frances J. M., d. 4/21/1922, age: 75yr
Ryan, Nellie, d. 3/29/1904, age: 25yr
Ryan, William P., d. 6/26/1962, age: 79yr
Scott, Christopher Marty, d. 1/21/1975, age: 2yr 9mo
Watkins, Fanney, d. 7/17/1908, age: 46yr
Wieland, Bridget, d. 1/8/1927, age: 70yr 10mo
Wieland, H. H., d. 3/20/1908, age: 57yr
Wieland, Hans Peter, d. 11/26/1939

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