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Mackay City Cemetery
Mackay City, Queensland, Australia

Cemetery Road
Mackay Qld AU
61(7) 4968 4444

Mackay Cemetery dates back to about 1862. It is managed by Mackay City Council.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Dec 01, 2006. Total records = 22.

Contributor's Index:

Byrne, Anne Stacy Catherine, bur. 18 Jun 1888, bur. No. 1227-1, RC, [DR]
Byrne, Catherine Mary, bur. 10 Dec 1982, bur. No. B4456-1, age: 65yr, RC, [DR]
Byrne, James, bur. 03 Jun 1951, bur. No. B1329-1, age: 76yr, RC, [DR]
Byrne, Lawrence Patric, bur. 17 Jun 1959, bur. No. B2620-1, age: 72yr, RC, [DR]
Byrne, Mary Ann, bur. 31 Jul 1928, bur. No. A1251-1, age: 71yr, RC, [DR]
Byrne, Mary, bur. 07 Feb 1973, age: 0 stillborn, [DR]
Byrne, Mary, bur. 20 Jun 1968, bur. No. B3455-1, age: 82yr, RC, [DR]
Curley, Agnes (Boyle/Dowling), bur. No. 4191A. Catholic Sec. 1 Line 16 Plot 66, 2nd w/o James Curley, [DR]
Curley, Catherine (Hollywood), bur. 8 Mar 1885, L-15 Plot 16, w/o James Kerley, [DR]
Curley, Edward (Ned), no dates, age: 31yr, bur. 25 May 1923, age: 31yr, train accident, s/o Agnes and James Curley, Catholic bur. No. A402-1, [DR]
Curley, Edward, b. 01 Aug 1855, s/o Patrick & Mary Connelly, SubSec. 11. L-13. Plot 36, age: 36. d. 26 Feb. 2884, [DR]
Curley, Gertrude, no dates, age: 7yr, bur. #2566, d/o Agnes (Boyle/Dowling) and James Curley, [DR]
Curley, James, b. Dundalk, bur. 26 Dec 1922, age: 73yr, Sec. 1 Sub Sec. 11, Catholic Plot 66, bur #A335-1 L-16, [DR]
Curley, James, no dates, age: 2yr, bur. #2395-1, s/o Agnes (Boyle/Dowling) and James Curley , [DR]
Curley, Winifrey/Winfired, bur: 08 Jul 1903, No. 2668-1, age: 7yr, d/o Agnes and James Curley, bur. #2668-1, [DR]
Hatfield, Alfred Ernest, d. Dec 26 1944, age: 77yr, father, bur. #4735A. L-4, [DR]
Hatfield, George Alfred, b. 1898, fell from horse. "One of the Last of the Pioneers of Koumala" , CofE. 3, bur. #1735B, L-16 Plot 41, [DR]
Hatfield, Minnie (Dunn), bur. 13 Feb 1964, age: 82yr, w/o William James Hatfield, bur. No. 3092B, L-16 Plot 1, stone hard to read, [DR]
Hatfield, William James, bur. 11 Apr 1940, age: 67yr, s/o Thomas & Mary Oliver Hatfield, [DR]
Hocken, Bernard Andrew, b. 23 May 1931, d. 31 Mar 1933, [JC]
Hocken, John Joseph, b. 19 Apr 1886, d. 27 Feb 1973, h/o Mabel (Marsh), [JC]
Hocken, Mabel Agnes, d. 31 Aug 1949, w/o John Joseph Hocken, [JC]

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