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Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Lacey, Enid Annie, d. 6 Nov 1974, age: 64yrs, s/w James Lacey (husband), [JD]
Lacey, Ethel Annie, d. 7 Jun 1972, age: 79yrs, s/w William George Lacey, [JD]
Lacey, George Eli, d. 11 Jul 1982, age: 92yr, s/w Isabell M. Lacey, [JD]
Lacey, Isabell M., d. 7 Aug 1953, age: 59yr, s/w George Eli Lacey, [JD]
Lacey, James, d. 30 Jul 1991, age: 89yrs, s/w Enid Annie Lacey, [JD]
Lacey, John William, b. 26 Jan 1915, d. 3 Mar 1979, VX2309 Pte 2/33 Aust. Inf. Bn., [JD]
Lacey, William Arthur, d. 6 Feb 1967, age: 76yrs, s/w Ethel Annie Lacey, [JD]
Lack, Frederick William, d. 19 May 1944, age: 46yrs, [JD]
Laight, John Robert, d. 11 Nov 1946, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Lamont, Harry Alexander, d. 23 Dec 1943, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Lamont, Sarah Ethel, d. 26 Nov 1963, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Lawrence, Beverley Irene, d. 18 Jan 1947, age: 18mths , [JD]
Lawson, George, d. 7 May 1944, age: 57yrs, s/w Mabel Grace Lawson, [JD]
Lawson, Mabel Grace, d. 6 Jan 1944, age: 54yrs, s/w George Lawson, [JD]
Le Grand, Mary Jane, d. 15 Oct 1935, age: 65yrs, w/o S.R. Le Grand, m/o Annie, Sydney, Vera, Ena and Allan, [JD]
Le Grand, Sydney Robert, d. 13 Jul 1961, age: 92yrs, h/o Mary Jane, f/o Annie, Sydney, Vera, Ena, George and Allan, [JD]
Le Marchand, Doreen Rose, d. 5 Jan 1944, age: 40yrs, [JD]
Le Marchand, Ethel Mary E., d. 11 Jan 1945, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Le Marchand, George Jones, d. 5 Sep 1939, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Lea, Charles Kingdon, d. 29 Nov 1946, late AIF, s/w Winifred Lucy Lea, [JD]
Lea, Winifred Lucy, d. 11 Nov 1960, s/w Charles Kingdon Lea, [JD]
Leader, Charles, d. 13 Jul 1947, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Lergessner, Frederick, d. 19 Feb 1935, [JD]
Leschinski, Morris, d. 29 May 1947, age: 64yr, [ER]
Louden, Edward Veitch, d. 06 Sep 1957, age: 61yr, [ER]
Love, John, d. 23 Jun 1947, age: 18mths, [JD]
Love, John, d. 8 Apr 1947, age: 52yrs, [JD]
Low, George Shaw, d. 21 May 1937, [JD]
Lumsden, Alice Amy Leath, d. 17 Sep 1947, age: 80yr, [ER]
Luscombe, Garnet Lancelotte, b. 28 Aug 1922, d. 2 May 1980, [JN]
Luscombe, Leslie George, b. 3 Jun 1896, d. 20 Feb 1964, [JN]
Lythall, Joseph, d. 8 Mar 1935, s/w Leontine Lythall (wife), [JD]
Lythall, Leontine, d. 23 Oct 1941, s/w Joseph Lythall (husband), [JD]
Mabin, Isabella, d. 24 Oct 1944, age: 65yrs, [JD]
MacDonald, Daisy Marion, d. 27 Dec 1960, age: 70yr, [JD]
MacFarlane, Leura Emily, d. 16 Jun 1944, age: 61yrs, [JD]
Macgregor, Peter Balderston, d. 10 Apr 1936, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Macgregor, Peter Newton, d. 9 Feb 1938, age: 37yrs, h/o Margaret Macgregor, [JD]
Mallin, John, d. 2 Jul 1935, age: 33yrs, s/w John Mallin, [JD]
Mallin, John, d. 21 Dec 1944, age: 67yrs, s/w John Mallin, [JD]
Markwell, John Kindness, d. 20 Aug 1967, age: 62yrs, [JD]
Markwell, Percival H., d. 17 Jun 1954, age: 62yr, [JD]
Markwell, Robert, d. 28 Sep 1947, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Markwell,Walter James, d. 31 Mar 1948, age: 45yrs, late R.A.N., [JD]
Marley, Bertha A. V., d. 28 May 1947, s/w William Marley, [JD]
Marley, William, d. 16 Sep 1927, s/w Bertha A.V. Marley, [JD]
Marriott, Frederick George, d. 12 Jul 1949, age: 57yrs, [JD]
Marriott, Grace Jane, d. 23 Jun 1978, age: 84yrs, [JD]
Marriott, James, d. 3 Oct 1935, [JD]
Marriott, Sophia Margaret, d. 10 Jun 1938, [JD]
Marshall, Wendy Margaret, d. 18 Jan 1944, age: 22mths, [JD]
Martin, Anna, d. 1 Jul 1946, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Martin, Herbert D., d. 29 Jan 1944, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Martin, Hugh Alexander, d. 12 Jun 1942, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Martin, Mabel Dorothy, d. 6 Jul 1948, age: 48yrs, s/w Thomas Richard Martin, [JD]
Martin, Thomas Richard, d. 2 May 1973, age: 75yrs, s/w Mabel Dorothy Martin, [JD]
Massey, Estelle Myra B., d. 3 Apr 1950, age: 63yrs, s/w Frederick Ernest Massey, [JD]
Massey, Frederick Ernest, d. 20 Feb 1944, age: 60yrs, s/w Estelle Myra B. Massey, [JD]
Masterton, Esther, d. 22 Nov 1966, age: 52yr, s/w Melba Masterton (husband), [JD]
Masterton, James, d. 27 Dec 1956, age: 65yr, s/w Ruby Pearl Masterton (wife), [JD]
Masterton, John Noel, d. 14 Dec 1994, age: 49yr, [JD]
Masterton, Melba, d. 11 Feb 1968 age: 65yr, s/w Esther Masterton (wife), [JD]
Masterton, Merv C., d. 25 Dec 1966, age: 55yr, Cpl R.A.A.F, [JD]
Masterton, Ronald Moreton, b. 27 Mar 1922, d. 27 Apr 1986, [JD]
Masterton, Ruby Pearl, d. 26 Aug 1998, age: 98yr, s/w James Masterton, [JD]
Mathers, Phillip Alan, b. 20 Apr 1924, d. 6 Apr 2008, [JD]
Matthews, Charles Bertis, d. 19 Nov 1946, age: 52yrs, [JD]
Matthews, Martha, d. 5 Nov 1956, age: 86yrs, s/w Thomas Matthews, [JD]
Matthews, Thomas, d. 31 Dec 1934, age: 70yrs, s/w Martha Matthews, [JD]
Maxwell, Nancy, d. 16 Dec 1945, age: 36yrs, [JD]
May, Ellen, d. 5 Dec 1946, age: 58yrs, [JD]
Mayne, Clarence, d. 12 Jun 1938, age: 82yrs, [JD]
McBean, John, d. 29 May 1948, age: 85yrs , [JD]
McCann, Doris Isabel, d. 21 Sep 1944, age: 29yrs, [JD]
McCann, Peter Leonard, d. 10 Jun 1976, age: 72yrs, [JD]
McClure, James, d. 15 Sep 1948, age: 59yr, s/w, Matilda, [ER]
McClure, Matilda, d. 03 Jan 1975, age: 89yr, s/w, James [ER]
McEwen, Colin, d. 9 Nov 1943, age: 64yrs, [JD]
McGill, Gwendoline Rose, d. 18 Sep 1944, age: 20 minutes, [JD]
McGown, Adam, 23 Aug 1935, age: 60yrs, M.R.C.V.S., [JD]
McKay, Henry Robert, d. 05 Mar 1971, [ER]
McKay, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 08 Jun 1948, [ER]
McKenzie, Alexander, d. 7 Aug 1954, age: 95yrs, [JD]
McKinney, Matilda, d. 31 Oct 1946, age: 78yrs, [JD]
McLauchlan, Hugh, d. 8 Aug 1936, age: 67yrs, [JD]
McLaughlan, Lilian M.M., d. 12 Jul 1945, age: 71yrs, [JD]
McMahon, Ellen Beatrice, d. 15 Jun 1948, age: 75yrs , [JD]
McPherson, Christina Margaret, d. 18 Jun 1964, age: 80yr, [ER]
McPherson, Robert, d. 03 Mar 1948, age: 64yr, [ER]
McPhie, Mary, d. 4 May 1948, age: 64yrs, [JD]
McPie, Mary, d. 14 Sep 1947, [JD]
McWhor, Cleveland John, d. 29 May 1961, age: 72yr, [JD]
McWhor, Janet, d. 28 Nov 1938, age: 73yr, [JD]
McWhor, Percival Higgs, d. 21 May 1969, age: 74yr, [JD]
Meggs, Alwyn, d. 22 Oct 1947, age: 49yr, [ER]
Meiklejohn, Ellen G., d. 8 Sep 1936, [JD]
Menzies, Amelia Rose, d. 26 Apr 1947, age: 69yrs, [JD]
Miller, Nancy Jane, d. 4 Oct 1945, age: 73yrs, s/w William Miller (husband) , [JD]
Miller, William, d. 8 Jan 1944, age: 75yrs, s/w Nancy Jane Miller (wife), [JD]
Millingen, Jean, d. 5 Mar 1952, [JD]
Minnes, Ellen, d. 18 Jul 1947, age: 84yrs, [JD]
Moffat, Evelyn Malvina, d.15 Aug 1966, age: 84yrs , [JD]
Mohr, Katheryn Lorraine, d. 6 Nov 1946, age: 22yrs , [JD]
Monro, Ellen, d. 16 Apr 1968, age: 80yr, [ER]
Monro, Thomas Damiel, d. 18 Jan 1949, age: 64yr, [ER]
Morrow, John James, d. 7 Oct 1950, s/o Andrew Nicholas, rose garden, [YM]
Mortensen, Ferdinand Emil, d. 21 Apr 1990, age: 93yr, s/w Lucy Jane Mortensen, [JD]
Mortensen, Helen, d. Jun 1951, “Baby”, [JD]
Mortensen, Helena Clark, d. 24 Jan 1972, age: 81yr, [JD]
Mortensen, Henry G. S., d. 9 Sep 1968, age: 79yr, [JD]
Mortensen, Lewis (Keith), b. 25 Apr 1933, d. 27 May 2004, [JD]
Mortensen, Lucy Jane, d. 29 Sep 1983, age: 78yr, s/w Ferdinand Emil Mortensen, [JD]
Mortensen, Lydia May, d. 14 Jun 1981, age: 70yr, s/w William L. Mortensen (husband), [JD]
Mortensen, P. E. (Perc), d. 16 Jan 1965, [JD]
Mortensen, Viggo, d. 4 Jul 1956, age: 54yr, QX37409 2nd AIF, [JD]
Mortensen, William L., d. 4 Feb 1971, age: 65yr, s/w Lydia May Mortensen (wife), [JD]
Moss, Anna Morrison, d. 22 Dec 1944, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Mott, Olive Grace, d. 10 Mar 1947, age: 52yrs, [JD]
Mourilyan, William T, d. 08 Dec 1947, age: 64yr, [ER]
Muir, Clara, d. 27 Mar 1950, age: 89yr, [ER]
Muir, Douglas Matthew, d. 16 Dec 1937, age: 21yrs, [JD]
Muir, William, d. 17 Dec 1948, age: 89yr, [ER]
Munro, Uda, d. 04 Apr 1947, age: 70yr, [ER]
Munt, Charlotte, d. 9 Nov 1951, age: 78yrs, s/w Frederick John Munt, [JD]
Munt, Frederic John, d. 17 Nov 1947, age: 77yrs, s/w Charlotte Munt, [JD]
Murase, Lynette Margaret, d. 16 Jan 1944, age: 10days, [JD]
Murfin, Earnest, d. 07 Apr 1950, age: 62yr, [ER]
Murfin, Emma Ada, d. 02 Sep 1947, age: 65yr, [ER]
Murphy, Agnes Dunlop, d. 20 Apr 1948, age: 82yrs, s/w John Thomas Murphy, [JD]
Murphy, John Thomas, d. 6 Dec 1946, age: 82yrs, s/w Agnes Dunlop Murphy, [JD]
Murphy, Reginald George, b. 16/10/1904 Bris, d. 12/3/1955, [TM]
Murray, Josephine F. St. Clair, d. 27 Apr 1945, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Murray, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1946, age: 48yrs, [JD]
Narracott, Arthur Stewart, d. 24 Mar 1944, age: 56yrs, s/w Helena Matilda Narracott, [JD]
Narracott, Helena Matilda, d. 7 Feb 1958, age: 64yrs, s/w Arthur Stewart Narracott, [JD]
Neilen, Archie Henry, d. 02 Oct 1948, age: 62yr, [ER]
Neilen, Lucy Annie, d. 05 Jul 1977, age: 89yr, [ER]
Neilsen, Louise, d. 22 Jul 1945, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Nelson, Florence E., d. 18 Jun 1978, age: 74yrs, s/w William S.H. Nelson (husband), [JD]
Nelson, Peter August, d. 23 Sep 1958, age: 91yrs, [ER]
Nelson, Wilhelmina, d. 04 Jun 1947, age: 62yr, [ER]
Nichol, Archibald, d. 3 Mar 1944, age: 64yrs, s/w Mrs Eva Lucy Nichol, [JD]
Nichol, Eva Lucy, d. no dates, s/w Archibald Nichol, [JD]
Noble, Francis Mowbray, d. 02 Jun 1947, [ER]
Norris, Frank Harold, b. 10 Nov 1923, d. 18 Sep 1999, s/w Monica Clare Norris (wife), [JD]
Norris, John William, d. 1 Mar 1963, age: 44yrs, R.A.O.B., [JD]
Norris, Monica Clare, b. 16 Jan 1932, d. 5 May 1982, s/w Frank Harold Norris (husband), [JD]
Norris, Phyllis Jessie, d. 3 Jul 1947, age: 28yrs, [JD]
Nuttall, Alan George, d. 11 Jan 1944, age: 22yrs, [JD]
O’Caliaghan, Nellie, d. 09 Oct 1947, age: 52yr, [ER]
O’Caliaghan, Robert Edgar, d. 10 Jul 1938, age: 46yr, [ER]
Oglethorpe, Bartholomew, d. 05 Mar 1947, age: 58yr, [ER]
Oglethorpe, Rosaline, d. 18 Oct 1973, age: 82yr, [ER]
Olsen, Ernest Gothardt, d. 13 May 1944, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Olsen, May Abby, d. 09 Jun 1995, age: 64yr, [ER]
Orr, James, d. 31 Oct 1948, age: 74yr, [ER]
Orr, Louisa Mary, d. 03 Aug 1970, age: 94yr, [ER]
Paren, Sarah Ann, d. 14 Apr 1948, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Parsons, William Robert, d. 11 Oct 1946, age: 59yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Pascoe, Elizabeth F., d. 18 Oct 1946, age: 59yrs, [JD]
Patersen, Marie Bolette, d. 29 Nov 1955, age: 86yr, [ER]
Paterson, Fanny, d. 03 Jun 1953, age: 87yr, [ER]
Paterson, Joseph, d. 04 Aug 1947, age: 79yr, [ER]
Patterson, Mabel, d. 07 Dec 1961, age: 72yr, [ER]
Patterson, Edward William, d. 31 Jan 1949, age: 78yr, [ER]
Pattison, Agnes Mc. C., d. 17 Aug 1945, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Pattison, William, d. 29 Oct 1949, age: 69yrs, [JD]
Pearson, Alice Emily, d. 21 Sep 1947, age: 76yr, [ER]
Petersen, Lauritz, d. 01 May 1948, age: 83yr, [ER]
Phillips, Diana Mary, d. 18 Nov 1958, age: 81yrs, s/w John Phillips, [JD]
Phillips, John, d. 10 Jan 1947, age: 67yrs, s/w Diana Mary Phillips, [JD]
Phillips, Robert George, d. 24 Oct 1949, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Poll, Arthur Dix, d. 31 Jul 1955, age: 56yrs , [JD]
Poole, Phyllis Ruth, d. 6 Oct 1936, [JD]
Potts, Sylvia Lester, d. 4 Jun 1956, age: 70yrs, s/w Thomas Potts, [JD]
Potts, Thomas, d. 11 May 1947, age: 65yrs, s/w Sylvia Lester Potts, [JD]
Pound, Charles Joseph, d. 25 Sep 1946, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Prentice, Charles William, d. 17 Aug 1948, age: 86yrs, s/w Elizabeth Prentice, [JD]
Prentice, Elizabeth, d. 30 Jun 1957, age: 92yrs, s/w Charles William Prentice, [JD]
Price, Albert B., d. 30 Apr 1937, age: 27yrs, [JD]
Prideaux, Frederick F.R., d. 31 Aug 1947, age: 63yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Pritchard, Alice Eliza, d. 14 Feb 1953, age: 76yrs, s/w Charles Henry Pritchard (husband), [JD]
Pritchard, Charles Henry, d. 15 Jun 1947, age: 72yrs, s/w Alice Eliza Pritchard (wife), [JD]
Probert, Gertrude, d. 29 Jul 1968, age: 80yr, [ER]
Probert, Oswald, d. 28 Aug 1949, 59yr, [ER]
Purdie, Aileen Camilla, d. 29 Oct 1944, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Purdy, Charles John, d. 8 Feb 1944, age: 60yrs, s/w Louisa Purdy, [JD]
Purdy, Louisa, d. 26 May 1976, age: 90yrs, s/w Charles John Purdy, [JD]
Rackley, John Henry, d. 17 Mar 1944, age: 85yrs, s/w Mary Jane Rackley, [JD]
Rackley, Mary Jane, d. 20 May 1951, age: 87yrs, s/w John Henry Rackley, [JD]
Radcliffe, James Wilson, d. 20 Jul 1946, age: 90yrs, [JD]
Raven, Frederick, d. 24 Nov 1948, age: 62yr, [ER]
Raven, Rosie May, d. 22 May 1966, age: 76yrs, [ER]
Rayer, Joseph Pope, d. May 1935, age: 59yrs, s/w Louise Rayer (wife), [JD]
Rayer, Louise, d. Jul 1956, age: 76yrs, s/w Joseph Pope Rayer (husband), [JD]
Rayner, Adam James, d. 13 Nov 1944, age: 68yrs, s/w Annie Emmeline Rayner, [JD]
Rayner, Annie Emmeline, d. 4 Aug 1963, age: 91yrs, s/w Adam James Rayner, [JD]
Read, James Andrew, d. 15 Sep 1945, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Reay, Elizabeth, d. 19 Dec 1947, age: 83yr, [ER]
Redfern, Elsie, d. 04 Oct 1966, age: 78yr, [ER]
Redfern, Percy, d. 23 Apr 1948, age: 59yr, [ER]
Redsell, Albert William, b. 15 Oct 1981, d. 21 Feb 1949, age: 65yr, s/w, Rachel Redsell, in loving memory of my dear Husband and our Father, [ER]
Redsell, Rachel Mary Ann, b. 10 May 1882, d.02 Mar 1965, age: 83yr, s/w, Albert Redsell, His beloved Wife and our Mother, [ER]
Reedy, Margaret Johanna, d. 16 Jul 1948, age: 78yrs, [JD]
Reese, Ellen, d. 8 Dec 1947, age: 53yrs, [JD]
Rehren, Amy Esther Anne, d. 20 Nov 1954, age: 71yrs, s/w Henry Frederick Rehren (husband), [JD]
Rehren, Henry Frederick, d. 7 Nov 1943, age: 64yrs, s/w Amy Esther Anne Rehren (wife), [JD]
Renwick, Beryl Tudor “Billie”, d. 20 Oct 1935, age: 27yrs, [JD]
Richards, Florence Myrtle, d. 18 Dec 1946, age: 47yrs, [JD]
Richards, Walter H., d. 9 Nov 1946, age: 68yrs, [JD]
Richardson, Daisy Mabel, d. 11 Jun 1981, age: 89yrs, s/w David Harrison Richardson (husband), [JD]
Richardson, David Harrison, d. 13 Oct 1946, age: 65yrs, s/w Daisy Mabel Richardson (wife), [JD]
Richardson, Roy Fletcher, d. 1 Dec 1946, age: 28yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Rickman, Lillian, d. 9 Sep 1972, age: 82yrs, s/w Tom Rickman, [JD]
Rickman, Tom, d. 3 Jan 1944, age: 60yrs, s/w Lillian Rickman, [JD]
Ridley, Mary Annie Lucy, d. 29 May 1944, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Ridout, Jane, d. 11 Sep 1953, s/w William h. Ridout (husband), [JD]
Ridout, William H., d. 12 Sep 1947, age: 73yrs, s/w Jane Ridout (wife), [JD]
Robertson, Thos. Lavelle, d. 11 Mar 1946, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Robinson, Edward, d. 13 Apr 1947, age: 78yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Robinson, Rosanna, d. 15 Mar 1962, age: 91yrs, [JD]
Rode, Ada Mary, d. 10 Aug 1959, age: 90yrs, s/w Henry Rode, [JD]
Rode, Henry, d. 2 Dec 1934, age: 68yrs, s/w Ada Mary Rode, [JD]
Rodgers, John Bernard, d. 29 Jun 1950, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Roffey, Johnny, d. 11 Dec 1944, age: 18mths, [JD]
Rogers, Elizabeth Florence, d. 20 Sep 1970, age: 79yrs, s/w William Jesse Rogers, [JD]
Rogers, Laalette Louisa, d. 30 Mar 1947, age: 51yrs, [JD]
Rogers, William Jesse, d. 19 Feb 1944, age: 59yrs, s/w Elizabeth Florence Rogers, [JD]
Rossiter, Joan Mary, d. 29 Jul 1966 age: 29yr, [JD]
Rouse, Kathaline Bessie, d. 8 Feb 1945, age: 55yrs, s/w Keziah Jane Rouse, [JD]
Rouse, Keziah Jane, d. 29 Jun 1950, age: 63yrs, s/w Kathaline Bessie Rouse, [JD]
Rowlingson, Annie Maria, d. 1 Dec 1946, age: 66yrs, s/w Arthur G.R. Rowingson, [JD]
Rowlingson, Arthur G.R., d. 3 Aug 1962, age: 89yrs, s/w Annie Maria Rowingson, [JD]
Rowton, Helen Joycelyn, d. 27 Mar 1937, age: 15yrs, s/w John Rowton (father), both accidentally killed, [JD]
Rowton, John, d. 27 Mar 1937, age: 50yrs, s/w Helen Joycelyn Rowton (daughter), both accidentally killed, [JD]
Rudd, Agnes Henderson, d. 7 Jun 1937, age: 47yrs, [JD]
Russell, Viola Anne, d. 29 Mar 1935, age: 24yrs, w/o Arthur W. Russell, [JD]
Ryder, Adelaide Victoria, d. 21 May 1947, age: 95yrs, [JD]
Sales, Charlotte Ann, d. 11 Nov 1946, age: 88yrs, [JD]
Salisbury, Mathew Barker, d. 7 Mar 1948, age: 77yrs, [JD]
Sattler, Caroline L., cremated 4 Aug 1953, age: 91yrs, s/w John Sattler, [JD]
Sattler, John, cremated 11 Jul 1935, age: 80yrs, s/w Caroline L. Sattler, [JD]
Saunders, Allan Denis, d. 8 May 1944, age: 2 ½ mths, [JD]
Schofield, Alice T., d. 22 Jan 1948, [JD]
Schofield, Ernest L., d. 3 Nov 1946, age: 57yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Scott, Gregory Edgar, d. 31 Dec 1946, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Scott, Runa M., d. 18 May 1935, [JD]
Scott, Walter George, d. 19 Sep 1946, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Seef, Theodore Loeb, d. 28 Dec 1946, age: 82yrs, [JD]
Sharpe, Esme Grace, d. 10 Jan 1947, age: 24yrs, [JD]
Shaw, Edwin John, d. 30 Oct 1935, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Shaw, Hugh James Hamilton, d. 21 Nov 1947, age: 43yrs, [JD]
Shelford, Alfred George, d. 15 Mar 1947, age: 53yrs, [JD]
Shepherd, Christopher Thompson O, d. 25 Oct 1954, age:: 75yr, [EK]
Shield, Andrew Bruce Trow, b. 1 Dec 1886, d. 14 Sep 1951, [BS]
Shield, Elsie Johanna, b. 16 Nov 1896, d. 17 Nov 1951, [BS]
Shinnie, Emma Christina, d. 10 Apr 1937, [JD]
Shipley, Glen, d. 23 Nov 1947, age: 37yr, [ER]
Sinai, Adolph, d. 27 Jul 1963, age: 82yr, [JD]
Sinclair, Frances Anne, d. 3 Jun 1947, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Skerman, Annie, d. 14 Feb 1973, age: 86yr, s/w Charles James Skerman (husband), [JD]
Skerman, Annie, d. 7 Oct 1971, s/w Edmund Frederick Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, Charles James, d. 15 Mar 1968, age: 82yr, s/w Annie Skerman (wife), [JD]
Skerman, Edmund Frederick, d. 20 Jun 1958, s/w Annie Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, James Hope, d. 20 Jul 1982, age: 74yr, s/w Nancy Baker Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, John, d. 5 Dec 1953, age: 75yr, s/w Mary Morrison Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, Mary Morrison, d. 13 Apr 1956, age: 79yrs, s/w John Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, Nancy Baker, d. 19 Feb 1994, age: 83yr, s/w James Hope Skerman, [JD]
Skyring, Albert, d. 19 Mar 1959, age: 84yrs, [JD]
Skyring, Henry Stark, d. 20 Jul 1947 at “Wawoon”, Bundaberg, age: 75yrs, s/o Henry and Emily, s/w Rose May Skyring, [JD]
Skyring, Lily Rose, d. 9 Aug 1959, age: 82yrs, s/w Noel Skyring (son), [JD]
Skyring, Noel, d. no dates, age: 64yrs, s/w Lily Rose Skyring (mother), [JD]
Skyring, Rose May, d. 7 Dec 1951, age: 71yrs, s/w Henry Stark Skyring, [JD]
Skyring, Sarah Ellen, 17 Oct 1959, age: 90yrs, s/w Violet Emily Horton, [JD]
Smith, Catherine, d. 24 Jan 1952, [JD]
Smith, Frenceska Alexandra, d. 27 Dec 1948, age: 70yr, [ER]
Smith, Hannah, d. 8 Aug 1956, age: 80yrs, s/w Hugh Smith, [JD]
Smith, Harry Howard, d. 14 Jan 1948, age: 69yr, [ER]
Smith, Hugh, d. 28 Oct 1946, age: 74yrs, s/w Hannah Smith, [JD]
Smith, Ray, d. 24 Dec 1947, age: 37yr, [ER]
Speed-Andrews, Alice, d. 03 Dec 1970, age: 82yr, [ER]
Speed-Andrews, George Hunston, d. 06 Jun 1989, age: 77yr, [ER]
Speed-Andrews, John Charles, d. 03 Nov 1940, age: 53yr, [ER]
Speed-Andrews, Ronald Horace, d. 17 Mar 1949, age: 20yr, [ER]
Spence, Anne Louisa, d. 3 Apr 1947, age: 71yrs, [JD]
Spence, Joseph, d. 4 May 1940, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Spurgin, Alfred February, d. 24 Oct 1946, age: 70yrs , [JD]
Stables, William Cordukes, cremated 2 Aug 1935, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Stanton, Harold Victor, 7 Apr 1958, age: 36yrs, [JD]
Stark, Gustav Albert, d. 20 Apr 1948, age: 65yrs, h/o Mary, s/w Mary Dora Stark, [JD]
Stark, Mary Dora, d. 20 Aug 1954, age: 66yrs, s/w Gustav Albert Stark , [JD]
Stendrup, Charles Arthur, d. 13 Aug 1950, age: 75yrs, s/w Fanny Christine Stendrup, [JD]
Stendrup, Emma Amelia, d. 25 Feb 1959, age: 72yrs, w/o Vernon, m/o Val A. and Mirla, [JD]
Stendrup, Fanny Christine, d. 16 Jun 1947, age: 70yrs, s/w Charles Arthur Stendrup, [JD]
Stendrup, Mirla May, d. 24 Feb 1986, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Stendrup, Vernon Augustus, d. 8 Sep 1946, age: 63yrs, husband of Emma, [JD]
Stevens, Bessie, d. 16 Jul 1980, age: 78yrs, [JD]
Stevens, David Mackie, d. 26 May 1953, age: 57yrs, [JD]
Stevenson, William Leslie, d. 23 Apr 1944, age: 53yrs, [JD]
Stewart, Christina, d. 26 Jul 1964, age: 88yr, [ER]
Stewart, John Thomas, d. 03 Jun 1948, age: 83yr, [ER]
Stewart, Margaret, d. 25 Aug 1967, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Stonadge, Louisa Kate, d. 5 Oct 1945, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Storie, John, d. 8 May 1938, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Strain, Andrew, d. 30 Apr 1955, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Strain, Catherine E., d. 6 Dec 1951, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Strain, Thelma Constance, d. 8 Sep 1987, age: 83yr, s/w Walter Cecil Samuel Strain, [JD]
Strain, Walter Cecil Samuel, d. 3 Nov 1985, age: 82yr and 9 mths, s/w Thelma Constance Strain, [JD]
Stubbs, Clifford Cameron, d. 17 Dec 1946, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Sullivan, Michael W., d. 24 Jun 1938, s/w Olive Sullivan, [JD]
Sullivan, Olive, d. 27 Jan 1935, s/w Michael W. Sullivan, [JD]
Sutton, Horace George, d. 14 Aug 1948, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Svendsen, Rhoda, d. 17 Sep 1972, age: 79yrs, [JD]
Sweet, Leslie Walter John, d. 18 Apr 1944, age: 46yrs, s/w Olive Anna J. Sweet, [JD]
Sweet, Olive Anna J., d. 19 Aug 1956, age: 55yrs, s/w Leslie Walter John Sweet, [JD]
Swenson, Albert Frederick, d. 8 Sep 1946, age: 58yrs, [JD]
Szabo, Margaret Alice, d. 30 Apr 1965, age: 57yr, [JD]
Talbot, Agnes Mitchell, d. 28 Oct 1951, age: 81yr, [ER]
Talbot, John, d. 19 Mar 1949, age: 84yr, [ER]
Taylor, Ernest, d. 8 Jan 1949, age: 50yrs, [JD]
Teague, Ellen E.M., d. 3 Dec 1994, age: 85yrs, s/w James Teague (husband), [JD]
Teague, James, d. 2 Sep 1974, age: 70yrs, s/w Ellen E.M. Teague (wife), [JD]
Tearle, Edith Lydia, d. 1 May 1944, age: 66yrs, [JD]
Telfer, Elizabeth, d. 5 Nov 1947, age: 90yrs, s/w Robert Telfer (husband), [JD]
Telfer, Robert, d. 10 May 1947, age: 92yrs, s/w Elizabeth Telfer (wife), [JD]
Thompson, Edward L., d. 13 Apr 1947, age: 56yrs, Minister Presbyterian Church, Killarney, [JD]
Thomson, Alexander, d. 24 Nov 1946, age: 56yrs, s/w Florence Thomson (wife), [JD]
Thomson, Florence, d. 18 Jan 1961, age: 70yrs, s/w Alexander Thomson (husband), [JD]
Thomson, John, d. 14 Jul 1970, age: 87yrs, s/w Mary Forbes Thomson, “deeply mourned by their daughters, Bess, Grace and Dell”, [JD]
Thomson, Mary Forbes, d. 15 Jun 1936, age: 58yrs, s/w John Thomson, “deeply mourned by their daughters, Bess, Grace and Dell”, [JD]
Thorton, Dorothy, d. 6 Feb 1978, s/w Sydney Alfred Thorton, [JD]
Thorton, Sydney Alfred, d. 4 Dec 1934, s/w Dorothy Thorton, [JD]
Topper, Allen W., d. 22 Oct 1979, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Torr, George Thomas, d. 14 Jun 1947, age: 76yr, [ER]
Torr, Phyllis S, d. 06 Jun 1989, age: 88yr, [ER]
Towner, Alfred Cory, d. 9 Sep 1965, age: 64yrs, “The history of his country was a sacred heritage”, [JD]
Tozer, Caroline A, d. 02 Sep 1948, age: 72yr, [ER]
Tozer, Henry Alfred, d. 06 Oct 1951, age: 75yr, [ER]
Trenow, Edith Helen, d. 17 Jun 1947, age: 68yrs, [JD]
Trevan, William George, d. 30 Oct 1943, age: 51yrs, [JD]
Turner, Frank, d. 03 Oct 1947, age: 64yr, [ER]
Turner, Jessie Mary, d. 18 Jul 1983, age: 96yr, [ER]
Tutin, Sydney Boville, d. 28 Jul 1936, “late of Bundaberg”, [JD]
Valentine, Annabelle, d. 28 Feb 1944, age: 57yrs, [JD]
Vandyke, Eliza, d. 06 Aug 1948, age: 84yr, [ER]
Vigor, James, d. 16 Jun 1981, age: 92yrs, [JD]
Virgen, Charles William, d. 2 Jan 1937, age: 57yrs, [JD]
Walker, Arthur George E, d. 28 Apr 1949, age: 86yr, s/w, Lucy, [ER]
Walker, Lucy Elizabeth, d. 11 Jan 1959, age: 87yr, s/w, Arthur, [ER]
Wallace, Elizabeth, d. 12 Sep 1948, age: 62yr, [ER]
Wallace, James, d. 03 May 1969, age: 83yr, [ER]
Walpole, Ann, d. 26 Jun 1947, age: 83yr, [ER]
Walpole, Henry Rene, d. 27 Aug 1956, age: 94yr, [ER]
Ward, Blanche Ethel, d. 30 Sep 1965, age: 79yrs, s/w Charles Henry Ward, [JD]
Ward, Charles Henry, d. 1 Mar 1948, age: 70yrs, s/w Blanche Ethel Ward, [JD]
Ward, Eva, d. 1 Apr 1936, age: 68yrs, s/w Robert William Ward (husband), [JD]
Ward, Fanny, d. 7 Apr 1970, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Ward, Robert William, d. 1955, age: 82yrs, s/w Eva Ward (wife), [JD]
Warren, John George, d. 24 Jun 1946, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Warren, Mary Frances, d. 29 Apr 1947, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Warrington, Florence Ruth, d. 24 Feb 1938, age: 34yrs, [JD]
Watts, Vivian Withers, d. 7 Feb 1944, age: 56yrs , [JD]
Webb, Eliza, d. 10 May 1947, age: 71yrs, s/w Frederick Webb (husband), [JD]
Webb, Eva May, d. 5 Nov 1969, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Webb, Frederick, d. 22 Feb 1960, age: 99yrs, s/w Eliza Webb (wife), [JD]
Webber, Ellen, d. 28 Oct 1967, age: 93yr, [ER]
Webber, Harry William, d. 03 May 1947, age: 78yr, [ER]
Webster, Beatrice M., d. 25 Jan 1971, age: 73yrs, s/w Reginald G. Webster, [JD]
Webster, Reginald G., d. 16 Jan 1948, age: 50yrs, s/w Beatrice M. Webster, [JD]
Welham, David Frederick, d. 8 Aug 1974, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Westcott, Frederick John, d. 2 Jun 1947, age: 64yrs, [JD]
Whitaker, Eliza Sophia, d. 25 Mar 1947, age: 75yrs, [JD]
White, Agnes Laird, b. 9 Jan 1855 at Glasgow, d. 29 Jan 1937 at Brisbane, age: 82yrs, [JD]
White, Alfred Harry, d. 1 Jun 1961, age: 74yr, [JD]
White, Cynthia, d. 16 Jul 1975, age: 48yr, [JD]
White, Elizabeth, d. 2 Apr 1976, [JD]
White, William A, b. 8 May 1922, d. 20 Dec 1994, [JD]
Whitehead, Margaret S., d. 22 Apr 1947, eldest d/o James and Jessie Whitehead, Ipswich, [JD]
Wickham, Rev. Charles, d. 12 Jul 1947, age: 93yrs, [JD]
Wightman, James Johnston, d. 08 Apr 1971, age: 73yr, [ER]
Wigzell, Rose Caroline, d. 6 Sep 1996, age:: 86yr, [EK]
Wigzell, William James, d. 17 Feb 1986, h/o Rose Caroline Wigzell, [EK]
Wiles, Thomas, d. 21 Mar 1944, age: 49yrs, [JD]
Wilkinson, Sydney, d. 5 Sep 1947, age: 58yrs, [JD]
Williams, Harriet, d. 10 Mar 1968, age: 76yrs, s/w William Smith Williams, [JD]
Williams, William Smith, d. 22 Apr 1947, age: 56yrs, s/w Harriet Williams, [JD]
Williamson, Annie F, d. 12 Oct 1957, age: 87yr, [ER]
Williamson, Harry, d. 28 Feb 1949, age: 79yr, [ER]
Wilson, Annie I.A., d. 20 Nov 1946, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Wilson, Emily Mary, d. 22 Dec 1943, age: 62yrs, [JD]
Wilson, Emma, d. 11 Nov 1946, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Wilson, Florence, d. 14 Mar 1955, s/w Fred Wilson (husband), [JD]
Wilson, Fred, d. 22 Jan 1944, age: 76yrs, s/w Florence Wilson (wife), [JD]
Wilson, Herbert Brisbane, d. 6 Aug 1938, age: 54yrs, [JD]
Wilson, Marie Enid, d. 13 May 1972, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Wood, George Richard, d. 23 Mar 1947, age: 82yrs, [JD]
Wood, Thelma May, d. 24 Apr 1948, age: 23yrs, [JD]
Woodland, John Henry, d. 27 Nov 1946, age: 78yrs, [JD]
Wrigley, James, d. 17 Jul 1947. age: 88yr, [ER]
Wrigley, Jessie, d. 22 Apr 1953, age: 91yr, [ER]
Young, Frederick William Lin Too, d. 12 Jun 1985, age:: 94yr, [EK]
Young, Maria Charlotte, d. 1 Dec 1959, w/o Frederick William Lin Too Young, [EK]
Zeller, Frederick William, d. 20 Aug 1979, age: 81yr, [JD]
Zeller, Gordon, d. 12 Feb 1984, age: 77yrs, [JD]
Zeller, Morton William, d. 9 Oct 1959, age: 13yr, [JD]
Zeller, Susan Jane, b. 23 Dec 1903, d. 7 Jun 1999, age: 95yr, [JD]

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